she looks so cute i just

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Oh gosh. Okay. Hnnnngg imma tell u a lil story. So I had a dream about Sans and the others having a sleepover at my place. And HOLY CRAP Sans looked like ur style (like how u draw Sans)! Alphys brought a shrink gun (like in cartoons XD) and wanted to test it out. But she kinda forgot to warn me and the others that it has a bounce effect so I would be thrown in le air. When Alphys shrunk me I started falling and Sans Caught me in his hands. I just thought it was so cute cuz he was in ur style! :3

twas cute so i drew it with shitty water colours  (my pen like….exploded on me it was bad, hence the ink everywhere)

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re: Tenten Touka ask; Tenten as a descendant of Touka would be amazing! Like Tenten is constantly looking for and trying new weapons looking for one that fits her, but nothing quite does (not that that stops her from mastering it, like hell is she going to let a weapon beat her). Then she gets her hands on a naginata and something just clicks. Suddenly Neji is very concerned because his only sane teammate is suddenly gai/lee levels of obsessed with her new weapon and oh god why me. Gai is proud.


Ahh, that would be so cute! And scary. Because Tenten with a 2 meter weapon and an infatuation? Wow. I sure as hell hope no one insults her or her team anywhere close to where she can hear it. 

Me Rewatching ML: Copycat

Poor Marinette just can’t catch a break about her being nervous in front of Adrien. Even more so it’s something that she can’t help. 

Wait, she’s using Alya’s phone. Alya has Adrien’s number, but Adrien doesn’t recognize the number. So Alya has Adrien’s number but he doesn’t have hers. Did he just give it to her and forgot? Did Nino give Alya Adrien’s number without revealing it? 

That was mean Alya, she was not ready! XD I probably would’ve cancelled the call right then and there and throw pillows. 

Aw so cute hunched up in her chair, looking so small. 

I love her faces. 


Alya is the one that plants the idea of stealing Adrien’s phone in Marinette’s mind. 

I think that the calendar is more for Marinette herself; because she is forgetful, does take up a lot of projects and responsibilities, and can get easily scrambled. It makes sense that she would have a calendar like that to help her stay on top of stuff, for the most part. And she does hope for opportunities to hang out with her crush, it would be easiest to do if she knows and can work around his schedule.  And with his schedule coming out pretty planned out, makes sense that it takes up most of the calendar, while most of Marinette’s schedule is whimsy in comparison. 

And I bet Nino was the one to provide it to her. He would know since he and Adrien do want to hang out and he can work around Adrien’s schedule. And Nino is up for helping Marinette with her crush. 

Adrien missed a call from Nino. 

Aw he called his dad. 

And yep, he doesn’t know that’s Alya’s number. Adrien doesn’t have her number recorded. 

These girls and their priorities. Ladyblog more important to Alya, LB more important to Tikki, and Marinette wants to save herself from embarrassment. I can get Marinette’s most. 

12, Tikki’s floating in the open right beside Marinette’s head. 

“I’m in charge.” Oh please, you can dream cat son. 

And I see Marinette is often viewed as the worst jealous; I say that goes to Chat. Just a mere mention of this guy speaking in awe of LB and cat son won’t have it. 

There he go, throwing Theo so much shade. 

13, Tikki is still hanging out in the open, bright against Marinette’s hair. 

Poor Theo, just wanted to see his crush, and only an autograph. 

Cat son is not amused. 

There he goes, lying with a big smile on his face looking so damn pleased with himself. I want to see more of this flawed Adrien giving into petty selfishness. Look at that smug smile. Cat son has no regrets. 

Marinette, I am very curious about how you’re so good at sneaking around and stealing stuff. If you didn’t have such a good heart, you would be the ultimate thief. Speaking of which, still in canon, Mari is more of thief than Adrien. Where are all thief!Marinette fics?!

That smile as he slips back into the dressing room, he is still so satisfied with himself for getting rid of a rival. 

Adrien doesn’t notice that his locker was unlocked. 

I wonder if Adrien brings up Plagg trying to eat the tv remote, which is why Plagg instantly defends against eating the cell. 

There’s everyone, so excited to see “Chat”; Chat Noir is loved. 


Adrien is deeply offended that someone else makes cat puns. 

Gorilla has a lot of patience. 

BOOOOOOOOP. I missed the boop. 

Marinette has so much trust in Chat. She doesn’t believe he stole the painting at all. My heart is full now. 

LB is not pleased. 

“I’ll leave it to the experts.” HAH.

OOOOOOOOOOH. Plagg called him out on his jealousy!

Theo makes a very clever cat. 

HM is so done with this cat fight. 

Copycat does have a really cute lovesick smile. Look at him, I want to pet his head. 

I wonder if this come and bite Adrien in the ass again. “Have I ever lied to you Bugaboo?” No, but you did tell a lie about her, and Marinette hates lies about her. And if I remember, she doesn’t know that you did lie. If this comes back Adrien, you are in trouble.  

LADYBUG STOP PUTTING YOURSELF IN SUPER RISKY SITUATIONS. You’re going to stress us all out. This is the 2nd time you got lucky. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT CATACLYSM DOES TO THE LIVING.

Ooooooh. Chat was so ready to throw that punch, hard it enough that he flew into a wall. 


Hiss. Copycat hisses. Chat Noir is capable of hissing. 

Copycat might be before the webep that Marinette reveals her suspicion that Chat has a crush on her with her statement of figuring out which Chat was in love with her. Copycat she doesn’t appear to be aware of his crush. 

And has indirectly rejected Chat, with cat son acknowledging that both he and Theo were crushed by their crush. 

Marinette does know Theo, or at least is familiar with him since she calls him by his first name, even though it was never mentioned to her. 

Gorilla gave Chat Noir a look for hopping onto the car. 

ADRIEN GLANCES TOWARDS MARINETTE, despite it being Alya who called out to them and should have his full attention. He gives Marinette a glance. 


Adrien is confused by happy Marinette. 

Last night I was cuddling with my mom (bc I love her and I’m still like 5 sometimes) and she looked at me and just started telling me about how cute and beautiful I am and I was so, so shocked I had to ask “do you really thnk that?” and she was like “yeah of course I do” and its been a day but I’m still thinking about it because it was so unexpected and I just…..ksjdlak

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You and your girl look really cute together ❤️

Hah thanks except she just ended things with me because “our personalities are too similar”. This is why I don’t like sharing personal info on here bc I get so excited and it doesn’t end up working out…. so yeah. Fuck me right

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Hii! Is it okay if I asked for a childhood friend scenario with Hinata? Like reader went to Shoyo's house to study and spend time with him. Hinata's mom comes in and starts talking about how when they were younger Hinata promised that he was going to kiss (y/n) when they got to highschool, (hinata then urges his mom to leave the room) and they realize they're in highschool now so welp~ and fluffy embarrassed little first years. Thank you!! 💖 akmi

Aw I haven’t written anything for Hinata in such a long time and this request is so cute! I can’t resist! o(〃^▽^〃)o  - Hope

Hinata Shoyo x Fem!Reader

“I just can’t get this one problem right!” She exclaimed and Hinata looked up from his own ‘studies’. Hinata was a bit taken aback from the girls outburst of frustration yet he wondered what question she was even on. “I just, I can’t get it.” (Y/N) mutters, her voice now much quieter than before.

“Which one maybe I can help.” Hinata suggests and moves to her side of the table and looks at he work. He did know this question actually which made him swell with pride, because he was actually going to be able to help his friend. “Yeah, I had trouble with those kinds of problems at first too, but Yachi-chan helped me out and gave me a really useful trick to help me remember.” Hinata smiled and (Y/N) couldn’t help but smile as well. 

As Hinata tried to explain it his word choice wasn’t exactly the best. It was all in his own terminology. You would think that after spending so much time with him (Y/N) would be familiar with his wording yet that just wasn’t the case. “Sho I don’t have a clue about what you’re saying.” She says and he huffs. 

“Well I’m just explaining it to you how-.” He was cut off by his mother walking into the room. 

“Dinner is done shoyo.” His mother trailled off as she glanced over at you. A smile spread on her face, one that was similar to Shoyo’s. All of the Hinata’s had such warm smiles that just couldn’t help but make others smile too. “(Y/N), it’s been awhile how’ve you been?” She asks and the girl shrugs. 

“Just wanting to pass exams is all.” (Y/N) smiles back and Shoyo’s mother nods. 

“Well it is always good to take a break to you know. Remember when you were young and you would try and get Shoyo to stay in his seat for even the shortest amount of time. He never could.” 

“Mom.” Shoyo whines and (Y/N) giggles.

“He still can’t, volleyball always on the brain.” She teases giving the boy beside her a light shove and smile. Hinata’s heart almosts bursts at her jester, it was so soft yet it made him just want to embrace her. Yet maybe not as soon as he expected.

“Seeing you two together just reminds me of when you guys were little, always going on and on about each other.” She went on and the both of you blushed. “Don’t pretend like you didn’t, your mother told me the kinds of things you said (Y/N). And Sho didn’t you say how badly you wanted to kiss (Y/N) once you got to high school. You two are so easily embarrassed.” She laughed as (Y/N)’s eyes widened. 

“Wait what?” She said confused about Hinata's’ mother’s last statement. 

“Mom, well be right out for dinner can you leave please!” Hinata exclaims and his mother rolls her eyes and leaves closing the door behind her. “I said that when we were in grade school, I was never going to do it!” He yelled in (Y/N)’s face. She was feeling bold and she didn’t know exactly why in that moment.

“Why don’t you?” She asked and Shoyo’s eyes widened. Did she really want him to kiss her, they would be each other’s first kiss. “Do it.” She said and Hinata was quick to tug on (Y/N)’s shirt sloppily bringing their lips together.

It wasn’t good, yet it wasn’t bad either. They wanted to deepen it, attempt to make out, yet neither teen knew how. So they sat there Shoyo’s hands clutched onto (Y/N)’s shirt while (Y/N) put her hands on either side of his face. 

Hinata was the one to pull away first, he could have gone on but by the means of it (Y/N) was slightly panting. Which really just made Hinata want to kiss her again. She of course, wanted to kiss him more too but she began to crave a much deeper kiss. Both teen’s faces were flushed with red while they pulled away from each other.

It was silent for a bit but it wasn’t at all awkward. “Do you want to go out with me?” Shoyo asks and Y/N) looked over at him slightly surprised. “Don’t look at me like that! I-I don’t know, I really liked doing that with you and I want to do it more. Kissing you I mean, well not just kissing but other things couples do too, I guess am I making any kind of sen-.” (Y/N) cuts him off.

“Perfect sense. I would like to go out with you.” She says a light laugh leaving her mouth and Hinata beams. “I guess we’re dating now Sho.”

− blackpink reaction to getting shipped together ❁.

– this was also requested by someone on my wattpad (.rickyrolling)

– ❁ = fluff


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she was on v live chatting around with some blinks when she noticed a lot of comments saying that you and jennie would look cute together and some saying that they are waiting for this ship to become real making jennie shy but happy at the same time.

“ you think so ? aww thank you ! ”


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she was on after school club with the girls and the questions and tweets started to poop on the screen, a tweet from a fan showed on the screen it says ’ are you and [name] dating ? bcs i ship you too so hard !! “ she laughed and smiled shaking her head ’ no ’ but eric kept on asking why.

” i wouldn’t mind dating her, but for now we are just close friends “

” for now ? “


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when one of the members showed her a lot of pictures and fanarts of you too she couldn’t stop smiling she liked you lots and to see that people shipped you too was like a bonus to encourage her to ask you out it even made her even more happier.

“ this one is so cute it looks realistic too ! i should use it as my lock screen ! ”


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her phone is full of pictures of you too and so is yours, she always seems to post selcas of you too which caused more rumors about you too dating and once she was asked if she’s dating you or not she would reply with honesty.

“ no sadly, but i would definitely date her ”


Ohhhh my gods guys I just had a super adorable flutterdash dream.

What happened is that Fluttershy had a huge crush on Rainbow and wants to spend more time with her, but she keeps being sent on missions with the other ponies. After she finishes with Starlight she goes to a river where Rainbow is looking for a tunnel and she helps figure out the riddle. My dream ended there but it was so cute and Fluttershy even had a song that I can’t for the life of me remember.

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Hi! Are Boyoung and Hyungsik dating each other? I watched some bloopers of them and I think they look realy cute together

hello, anonymous! judging from the korean and international netizen’s comments + both of boyoung & hyungsik’s interviews – I don’t think they are. I thought they were too, juging by their close chemistry in the bloopers… but then I read hyungsik’s interview and it all suddenly made more sense lol. I’m just going to post a summary of what he said / she said here

Park Hyung Sik talked about the many overly sweet lines he had to say in the drama. “There were so many lines that were a little too romantic. But I think Ahn Min Hyuk’s personality is very truthful, so saying those lines were true to his character.” The actor also revealed how the director of the drama was able to bring out Park Hyung Sik’s chemistry with Park Bo Young. Our director doesn’t like to say ‘cut.’ Often times, I would do exactly what was in the script, but our director wouldn’t cut the scene, so I kept going and making up lines. There was one time when the audio director actually thought Park Bo Young and I were dating because of the lines we had improvised,” he said.

In a recent interview, actress Park Bo Young confessed that she has had her eye on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” co-star Park Hyung Sik since his early idol days. “I’ve been watching Park Hyung Sik since his ZE:A days. I know all of their title songs and even got tested on their songs by Park Hyung Sik,” she said with a laugh, “We would even play ZE:A songs on set and Hyung Sik would dance the choreography to their songs.”

Park Bo Young also talked about working with younger actors through “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and said, “Park Hyung Sik has a lot of aegyo (cuteness) while Ji Soo, perhaps because he has an older sister, was really good at taking care of others. Ji Soo continued to use a formal tone with me until the very end; however, Park Hyung Sik, talked to me informally right away and said ‘Bong Soon-ah, have you eaten yet?’ They are charming in completely opposite ways.” Regarding Park Hyung Sik’s signature sweet gaze that partially caused many to believe that the two co-stars were dating, Park Bo Young responded, “I wasn’t the only one Park Hyung Sik looked at like that. He even looks at the male actors like that. He’s just an individual who naturally has a sweet gaze. If he only looked at me like that, I definitely would have swooned but he even looks at the director like that.

overall, I personally think that they both like each other, but maybe nothing more than friendship ?? however, it might blossom into something more in the future.. seeing how the couple is still popular and is highly talked about. my gut is telling me that we’ll be seeing more of them.

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Top five underrated Faith moments on BtVS :)

hmmmm underrated. i feel like most faith moments have been discussed but let me see: 

1) how she’s just so calm and amazing in season 7 like wow

2) how she goes to jail because buffy wanted her to. and stays in. das true love right there. but it was good for her. she’s so strong!

3) how she looks so cute n little in early season 3….(….this counts okay)

4) all her interactions with the fang gang, especially fred and lorne

5) this isn’t underrated but when she comes over to buffy’s on christmas…………………..i die every time

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Just gotta say that ily. You and lotta are just wonderful and her goofy antics make me so happy. 10/10 dog owner 🐶 dya ever just stop and think what she must think when she looks at you? Like she's so happy she must just be like !!!! Human you are favourite and love you bork bork sit pretty for pets. Yes, I am secretly a dog whisperer I can tell that from her eyes in your pictures.

Aww this is so cute thank you, though im sure all she thinks is “binch where the hotdogs at”

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


Ghostbusters + times Erin’s blue eyes looked especially b l u e

I am so lucky to do a Breath of the Wild collab with the amazingly stupendous AndrenaRae !!! They look so good I’m just speechless.
_(:3 」∠)_ Thank you my friend for this and for all of your phenomenal support. ♡ ( I drew Link and she drew Sidon!)