she looks so comfy and warm what a little pumpkin :3

Nightstuck. Joker x Reader x Harley

A/n : ignore the name ^^“ I’m was listening to Mendum - Nightstuck and couldn’t think of a better tittle. Yeah sorry ….. Listen to the song though , it’s really good

Warning : killing mentioned, swearing

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Reader x Harley Quinn

Plot : the reader was abused her intire life and when she’s out in the cold Harley finds you and takes you with her and J .


Being a orphan in Gotham city and also being a killer was hard .

You had to do it . You were abused ever since you were 6 . There was no more space for cuts on your wrists . It was a horrible life . You couldn’t take it anymore.

So when the time was right , at the age of 13 you used your father’s gun to shoot him and your mother . You still had the gun with you. After your revenge you simply left and you were targeted as missing. You didn’t care anymore .

You were free .


Ever the murder you were of on the streets. That’s about 3 months now . It was dark, raining and you were starving. You wanted a home . But who the hell would like a killer as their kid .

That’s right.

No one.

You sat on the ground near some club . You were tired , cold and wanted a home . A real home . You hugged your kneed tightly to your chest. You were about to pass out when you hear a woman’s voice "Puddin look !! It’s a little kid !!” She screamed as she ran to you “Heya little one , need a home ? ” you bearly opened your eyes to see her .

She had a big smile on her face . She had blonde hair in pigtails , each one was a different colour, one was red and the other was blue . Same with her eye makeup , and she had a bold red lipstick on her lips .

You slightly nodded as she picked you up . You placed your head on her shoulder “Puddin come on ! Can we keep her ?! She looks so alone and she has a gun with her !” She said taking it out of your pocket. You looked at the man she was taking to . Oh no . You were in front of The Joker himself.

You were in deep trouble now .

He can kill you simply if he doesn’t like you . You are screwed. He looks at your poor state. It was as if he was looking in to your soul . But you were so tired you started to pass out again. Before everything went black you heard him say “Of course we can ! She’s the girl whis missing and wanted for murder!!”

You woke up in a warm comfy bed .

You opened your eyes to see the blonde lady again. “Oh Puddin the little one is up . Hi there , names Harley ” she smiled at you . You took a moment to remember what happened “(Y/n)” you say quietly.

She suddenly hugs you “don’t worry baby , your in good hands now” she smiled again as Joker walked to her “easy Harley , you don’t want to kill the kid ” he smirked “w-why am I here …. and still alive ” you ask looking at him .

He simply chuckled at you “you are an interesting kid there and Harley wanted to keep you so it’s killing two birds with one stone ” he explained.

And that how you survived.

Harley was all over you , saying your the perfect kid for them . Sure … I mean you were now with psychopaths . How bad can it get . It turns out it only gets better . Joker actually took a liking to you . You were a smart little brat that’s for sure . You often went with J on his “business meetings” .

Sure you were fucked up .

They were too .

Why complain .

You actually enjoyed living with them . Harley turned out to be a breath mother to you . Always with “her little pumpkin ” . You liked the attention. And Joker . He was the best father figure no matter how odd it sounds. He taught you everything. From killing to mentally abusing and a lot more .

Sure you were fucked up.

Very fucked up.

But you liked it this way now .

Because the two of them taught you how to actually have fun .