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The Locket | Draco Malfoy

Requested by anon.

Summary: “Draco x reader. Draco buys the reader a locket for their first anniversary. But when pansy finds it she can’t help but try it on. But Draco finds out.”

February was coming to an end when Draco Malfoy found himself standing on the middle of the main Street of Hogsmeade all alone. Usually, he would’ve told his friends to come along; even better, he would’ve taken his girlfriend, (Y/N), out on a date. But given the events that were due on next month, he had to visit the village with no one but his soul.

On March was going to be his one year anniversary with (Y/N), and he was determined to get her the best gift he could possibly find. He knew that if he told any of his guy friends to help him find the perfect gift for the girl, they would be no use and only waste his time joking around. And as for girls, he could only tell Pansy Parkinson, who was envious and annoying at alarming rates.

Sighing, Draco entered Gladrags Wizardwear. It was, by far, his best option. He had considered buying (Y/N) a book, or candy from Honeyukes, but those seemed to be gifts too lousy for an anniversary. At least here, he could find her a pretty piece of clothing to take back.

Draco looked around the shop, finding dresses that changed color to socks that screamed when they got too smelly. Searching for something to buy, he walked until the jewelry section and stopped dead on his tracks. There, glowing fancily on a showcase was a beautiful golden locket with a small diamond embedded in the very center. In a matter of seconds, the locket was stuffed carefully away in a small box and in the blond boy’s pocket.

A group of Slytherins were sitting in the common room, all admiring a beautiful golden locket in a small gift box at the center of the table.

“Wow, (Y/N) is going to love it,” said Blaise Zabini, making Draco smile smugly.

“How much?” asked Theodore Nott.

“Twenty-five galleons” Draco said, and Theodore raised his eyebrows.

“I didn’t know you could find such good stuff at Gladrags Wizardwear.”

“Not to mention expensive,” Blaise said, taking a close look at the diamond. He then proceeded to put the lid on; the ribbon automatically re-doing itself.

“Boys,” said a girl, Pansy Parkinson, as she sat in the armchair “Pucey told me that you need to go to Quidditch practice.” she told Draco. He sighed and stood up.

“Right, see you later then –Zabini, return the gift to my room.”

And with that, Draco left. Pansy was sparked with a bit of curiosity, and as she chatted with Blaise and Theodore, she couldn’t take her eyes off the box lying on the table. Soon enough, Balise and Theodore were off to their dormitories, and Pansy realized that the small gift box was left behind. In a blink of an eye, she grabbed the box and stuffed it in her robes, standing up and headed to the Prefect’s bathroom.

Pansy undid the white ribbon on the gift box and took the lid off, staring in awe at the beautiful locket sitting under her nose. She carefully took it on her slim fingers and held it up, taking in every single detail of the piece of jewelry. Not wanting to waste so much time, she quickly placed it around her neck, admiring the way it looked so classy over her collarbones.

Pansy kept admiring the beauty of the locket on the mirror, as well as hers; it seemed as the necklace, somehow, transferred its beauty to the owner once it was worn. Sighing, she reluctantly took it off and placed it once again inside its box, tying the white ribbon.

In a matter of minutes, she was now entering the common room and sitting once again in the arm chair. Just a couple seconds after, the Quidditch team entered, Draco clutching his broomstick and looking tired.

“Oh, Draco,” she called, standing up and fetching the box inside her robes “Blaise left the box here so I figured I would take it so no one else could,” she handed back the box to the boy, who kept staring at it with furrowed eyebrows.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“You used it, didn’t you?” Draco accused angrily. Pansy’s eyes widened.

“What? No, I –I didn’t…”

“Don’t lie,” he spat, a few Slytherins across the room stared at him. He shoved the box in her face “Look at this ugly ribbon –you made it yourself, didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

He grunted “The ribbon does itself again until the gift is used! Once it’s out of its box, you have to do it by hand!”

“Okay –I took it out, but it was just to-”

Before Pansy could finish, Draco had pushed her out of his way and made his way to the boy’s dormitories. He stopped at the middle, and turning back, he snarled.

“Don’t touch things that aren’t yours, Parkinson.”

My ocs (*゚ー゚)ゞ

Welcome Home

This is my first James x MC fic. It was inspired by this post from @pixelsbichoice and the ensuing conversation with @keltic-moon.

James and MC (Eliza) find a way around her dorm problems. 

Book: The Sophomore 

Pairing: James x MC

This is NSWF after the break. 

“You know, I have a pretty nice apartment,” James says casually.

Eliza looks up at James and sighs, “Yes, you do, but now really isn’t the time to brag about it.”  

They’re walking back to Abbie and Tyler’s apartment. After hearing her cockroach horror story, her friends had quickly offered her their couch for as long as she needed.

James takes Eliza’s hand and pulls her to a stop.

“I’m not bragging,” he says with a smile. “What I’m saying is I have a nice apartment and maybe you could…” 

“Move in?” Eliza gapes at him. “Isn’t that a bit fast?”

“In case I haven’t said it recently enough, I love you, Eliza. I can’t think of anything better than sharing my hearth and home with you.” He places a soft kiss on her forehead and Eliza feels tears prickling at her eyes.

“Well,” she says, biting her lip, “it is a very nice hearth.”

James laughs and tucks her short brown hair behind her ear. “So, is that a yes?”

“You’d really be okay with living together?”


“Then, let’s do this.”


When the weekend rolls around, James drives his car to Hartfeld and together they bring Eliza’s belongings back to the apartment.

In the early evening, Eliza tries to incorporate her things into the luxurious apartment, but gets frustrated when she can’t seem to get it just right.

“My stuff looks so childish in this classy place,” she says, frowning at her kitschy picture frames with pictures her family and friends on the mantle and her well-worn blanket tossed over the back of the couch.

“I disagree,” James says coming to stand beside her in the living room. “It’s tangible evidence that the most amazing woman in the world has agreed to live with me. In fact, I like seeing your things here almost as much as I like seeing you here.”

James smiles down at her tenderly and Eliza reaches up to hug him. James kisses the top of her head and holds her.

“I know this wasn’t the plan, James, but thank you for rescuing me. You’re my knight in” she considers him with a smile, “a really, really jacket. Did I tell you how much I like your new look?”

James beams at her and kisses her again. “You have, in fact. Perhaps later, you could show me?”

Eliza laughs, “I think I can handle that.”

“How’s this plan for the rest of tonight?” James asks. “I’m going to go get us some takeout. You take a long bath and then we’ll spend the rest of the weekend enjoying our apartment.”

“That sounds perfect.”


Eliza does just as James suggests and luxuriates in the deep soaker tub for a long time. When she finishes, she pulls on her fuzzy purple bathrobe and twists her wet hair into a loose bun. Padding out on bare feet, her jaw drops as she enters the living area.

James has outdone himself. The living room and kitchen are bathed in soft candlelight flickering from dozens of candles. The table is set for two complete with a beautiful bouquet of peach and pink roses. Soft classical music drifts from the stereo. James stands beside the table pouring a glass of red wine.

“I’m feeling seriously underdressed,” Eliza interrupts him.

James turns and smiles at her. “On the contrary, you’ve never looked more lovely.”

“You’re such a flatter,” Eliza chides him teasingly as she walks over and takes the glass of wine he offers.

“I only speak the truth of my heart,” James says earnestly, lifting her hand to his lips. Eliza feels a thrill go through her. He’s so much more than she ever imagined she’d have and he loves her. Times like this, it’s almost overwhelming. Eliza looks down at the table and gasps.

“James! Just when I think you can’t be any sweeter.”

Sitting on the table beside the bouquet is a small chocolate cake with the words Welcome Home scrawled across the top in frosting.

“You like it?” James asks.

“I love it!”

She lays her hand on James’ chest and kisses him. 

“Thank you opening your home to me.”

“It’s our home, Eliza, and I hope it will be for a very, very long time.” 


They enjoy dinner together, talking about nothing and everything, laughing as they play footsie beneath the table. While James begins to clean up, Eliza goes to stand beside the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Northbridge. She watches the lights twinkle across the skyline and the cars drive to and fro across the city far below.

James walks up and wraps his arms around her. Eliza leans back into his warm embrace as James kisses her cheek.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Eliza,” he says softly, “I think I’ve waited my whole life for someone like you, a relationship like this. I know things haven’t been easy, especially last spring, but I think we’re stronger and better for it.”

“I think so too, James. I love you so much.”

James kisses her neck and Eliza’s head lolls back, sighing at the sensation. James slips a hand into her robe and fondles her breast gently.

“James….” Eliza says, shivering at his touch..

“Yes, my love?” he asks as he slides her bathrobe down and kisses his way across her shoulders.

“Should we take this to the bedroom?”

“Oh, I think I like the view from here,” James murmurs. He brings his mouth to her ear and breaths hotly, “don’t you?”

Eliza looks out at the cityscape. The windows are so large and clear she feels like she could fall into the city if it weren’t for the glass. A flush of adrenaline from the perceived danger floods her and Eliza and nods.

“Yes, I like the view here too,” she says, voice trembling with desire.


James tugs her bathrobe off, letting it fall to the floor. His warm hand glides down her stomach and lower. Eliza moans as his fingers delve between her legs. She leans back against James, letting him hold her up as he continues moving his fingers, slowly and then quickly, alternating his movements until Eliza is gasping and shaking. She comes with a wanton cry, back arching. She slumps forward against the window and tries to catch her breath.

Behind her, she can hear James undressing. She starts to turn to face him, but he stops her.

“No, stay just like that,” he says huskily. He tugs her hips back and Eliza feels him pressed against her entrance.

“James, please,” she pants, desperate to feel him inside her.  

“Hang on, Lizzie. Brace yourself on the window.”  

Shaking, Eliza does as he asks and places her hands on the cool glass. After a moment, James pushes into her.

“Oh, god, you feel so good, James” she moans at the feeling of him filling her up, hard and hot. She pushes back against him and James groans out her name.

Gripping her waist tightly, James begins thrusting deeply into her over and over and Eliza gasps as her vision of the city lights blurs as she nears the edge of climax.

Suddenly, James slides out of her and Eliza cries out at the loss.

“James…please, please,” she begs.

He spins her around and lifts her easily, pinning her to the cold glass. Eliza screams at the sensation. The scream turns into a strangled gasp as James enters her again. He thrusts up into her and they move as one, ebbing and flowing like the ocean tide, until they come together, Eliza nearly sobbing in James’s arms.

Breathing heavily, James looks up at her. His face is sweaty with exertion, but his eyes are soft with love and affection for her.

“Welcome home, Lizzie.”

[…]Kendall’s musings that the queen ‘would have known how to show her haughtiness to the undersized lad from Yorkshire’ and that she viewed him and his brother ‘only as rivals of her family for the favors of her lord’ are pure fantasy; no source suggests that the queen or her relatives treated the young Gloucester with disrespect. The Woodvilles were no threat to his power and influence in the north, nor is there any evidence that they drove a wedge between Gloucester and the king. Two members of the family, Edward Woodville and the Marquis of Dorset, served under him in Scotland, and the former was made knight banneret at Gloucester’s hands. Just a few weeks before his arrest, Anthony Woodville named Richard as arbitrator of a dispute. In 1469, the queen had appointed Gloucester steward of certain of her states. None of Edward IV’s deathbed worries centred around Gloucester’s getting on with the Woodvilles. Though it is common for Richard’s modern-day admirers to claim that Gloucester would have been eliminated by the Woodvilles if they had been given the chance, there is in reality no reason to believe that had Rivers and his entourage been allowed to bring Edward V to London undisturbed, they and Gloucester could not have cooperated during a royal minority. That there might have been some friction is inevitable, but it need not have been fatal.

With the dearth of any convincing evidence that the Woodvilles were plotting against Gloucester - and the fact that Rivers[Anthony Woodville] and the others were never given a proper trial, where such evidence could have been presented, is suggestive in itself - we are left with several alternatives. One is that Gloucester genuinely believed that there was a plot against him, which is not impossible given the histerical tone of his later propaganda. Another is that Gloucester was determined to have no rivals for power in his role as protector and was prepared to take whatever drastic measures were required to achieve his goal. Yet another is that Gloucester had already decided to seize the throne.

—  Susan Higginbotham - The Woodvilles: The Wars of the Roses and England’s Most Infamous Family.

so i thought what mrs. mercy would wear when she’s not on her overwatch duty, there go casual and evening looks 

anonymous asked:

tbh Kelly's hair has never looked as good as it does at the moment. PERFECT. seriously last night look was amazing. She's so sexy, classy and beautiful. i love how confident she is and how she doesn't give a fuck about other people's opinion. as she said to that hater who called her fat: she's fucking awesome. nothing less than that! proud to have her as my idol and role model. you rock KC, keep doing what you do!

While I thought her hair looked super good last night, our favorite will always be brunette kelly! we miss it so much!

but to the rest of your statement 

First Date - Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Just anything light and happy with Derek he’s gone through so much lol maybe like a first date or a anniversary

Word Count: 2,331

Author’s Note: I have a small ‘hearts-in-my-eyes’ crush on my pharmacist. Needless to say, he inspired this imagine. I hope y’all like it!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by theairyoubreathe-ishauntingme1

They say being patient is the best thing to do when it comes to love, because the greatest things happen to those who wait. Except, how long should one wait? A couple of days? A few weeks? Several months or years?

Derek Hale never had the patience for anything and he wasn’t one to play games when it came to women. If he liked a girl, he marched right over and asked her out. Plain and simple. Except, when it came to Y/N, he felt like he was a teenage boy in high school again. His heart racing, palms sweating, and suddenly forgetting how to talk. 

In his eyes, she was everything he was looking for in a woman. She was absolutely stunning, which constantly left Derek breathless every time he saw her. Her emerald eyes were like looking into a galaxy, something he could look into for hours and get lost in. Her wavy brown hair flowed down to her lower back so elegantly. Derek always imagined playing with her hair, twisting a strand between his index finger and thumb, running his fingers through her hair as they cuddled, and rubbing small circles as he cradled her head when he kissed her. 

As beautiful as she was, what really attracted Derek was her confidence and intelligence. With those three characteristics, she’s everything Derek had been looking for.

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Mistakes PART TWO
“You don’t even give a shit. Here I am shattered. You make me feel crazy, you make me feel like it’s my fault. But I know it’s not.” You sighed.

“Isabelle.” Neymar said running towards you.

“Let me live your presence is suffocating me.” You spat slamming the door.

You had been ignoring this big lump in your throat. That lump was blocking all the words you could’ve said to Neymar instead of you crying yourself away. It wasn’t even the fact that you had just broken up, but that Bruna was still in his life. You quickly walked to catch a taxi back to your apartment.

“Isabelle wait please.” Neymar yelled opening the door.

“What is there to wait for? More damage to my heart?” You sighed wiping your tears.

“You don’t have to leave, we can fix this monstrosity.” He whimpered.

“Miss the traffic is bad please get in.” The taxi man prompter pulling near the side.

You quickly got in and slammed the door yet. You could see neymar standing near the door like a lost puppy. But weren’t you just as lost? You turned to face away.

“Miss are you okay?” He taxi driver asked.

“Y-yeah sr.” You sighed.

“Thank you Sr.” You thanked handing him the money.

You walked off into your apartment complex. It was going to be a lonely night, or maybe a lonely year. Since you no longer had a significant other. Neymar, the person who loved you no longer took love seriously. He instead chose to play it as a game. The cheating game.

“Already 8 pm.” You sighed looking at your phone.

Yes, 8 pm was late for you. You had to get up at 5 am to go meet with clients at the firm. Many divorce cases flew in and out of your work. You opened the door to your apartment and walked in solemnly.

“Thankfully I wasn’t married to him.” You sighed to yourself.

You thought to yourself, if you and Neymar were actually married, you’d already be filing a divorce now. All because her cheated on you. You slumped yourself on the sofa and began tearing again. How could you be so stupid? How could you not sense that Neymar wasn’t the one after all. Your stupidity led you to this sad scene you were in. Crying over someone who didn’t give a single shot about you.

“Forget this.” You sighed sharing your head.

You got up and decided to get ready for bed. You weren’t going to let a stupid little breakup drown you in your own sorrows. Especially over someone who didn’t deserve any of your tears. Especially Neymar.
You head the alarm ring and buzz aloud. It read 5:00 am. You quickly swatted the button to shut it up. You woke up and made your way to the bathroom. As you looked yourself in the mirror. Black mascara stained your cheeks, and your tight pencil skirt seemed crinkly. Your soft, luscious, brown hair remedy puffy from all angles. You were so heart broke. Last night, that you didn’t have the motivation to do so. You sighed at sight. One person did this to you. One person caused you to cry and mourn over something so stupid.

“Don’t cry an forget him, you’re better than this.” Your voice played in your head.

You quickly took a shower and wore some classy work attire. You finished curling your hair and applying some appropriate makeup. You weren’t going to let what happened last night.
“Isabelle you look so classy and chic today.” Cassandra commented. She was a lawyer from the immigration sector. The firm you worked at was big, and had many different cases and lawyers.

“Thanks I sure hope so.” You laughed nervously.

“See you at lunch break, today it’ll be that fancy restaurant across the street.” She winked.

“See you Cassandra.” You smiled patting her shoulder.

You walked into the elevator to head to your office. The inside of the elevator was all mirrored. So your reflection stood right before your eyes. You looked yourself in the mirror and hallucinated a Neymar standing next to you. You remembered when he’s sometimes come with you to work to just hang with you alone in your office. But that wouldn’t be happening anymore. The Elevator clicked open and and you walked out to your office. You could already here the area buzzing with tears and cursing from the soon to be divorce clients.

“You cheated on me, and we have children!” A lady spat at her husband.

“Let’s settle this like civilized beings please.” One of the lawyers explained.

You continued walking to your office ignoring all the chaos. The divorce cases of your job was always the nastiest thing to say. Especially since most of the time it was the men who caused the divorce. You struggled with opening the door.

“Shit open already.” You cursed.

You fidgeted the key around until the door finally opened.

“Having trouble there?” A Janitor asked curving his brow.

“Nope I’m good.” You sighed quickly closing the door behind you.

“Roses?” You said to yourself shocked.

You quickly walked to your desk viewing the big bouquet of sweet florals. You took a small huff and the smell of innocent love filled your nose.

“Who could this be?” You asked.

You examined the bowyer searching for any small tag. You notice a card was on your desk. You pockets it up and began reading.

“Meu Amour Isabelle,

Sometimes, there are simply no words that can adequately express the depth of a person’s feelings that are plagued by regret, guilt and sadness for a wrong done. This is my predicament now for hurting you so badly when you trusted me so.

A thousand "I’m sorry” I’m willing to say but I know it can’t undo what has been done and it won’t ease the pain in your heart. Instead, let me write this to let you know that I regretted my actions and cheating on you is certainly an unforgivable mistake. I totally deserve all the anger and resentment from you for what I have put you through.

However, it also pains me to see you suffering as a result of my misbehavior. Guilt burns in my heart thinking of all the hurt that you must have felt because of my recklessness. Each time that I think of you, I get angry with myself because I can imagine all the bitter tears you must have shed when you learned of my indiscretion.

I’m feeling like this because I know there is still love for you glowing in my heart. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have cared one bit and moved on. But I don’t want this relationship to end simply because I still care deeply about you and love you with all my heart. I truly want you to be happy again with me still being a part of your life.

Well, a mistake is a mistake. I know I don’t have the right to ask anything from you when I have foolishly betrayed your trust in me. But if you can find it in your heart to forgive me and give me another opportunity to prove to you how much I love you, I will be very, very relieved indeed. For that would mean, I still have the chance to love and cherish you. And a chance to make your future a happier one with more laughter and less tears.

Lastly, I just want to say that I have faith in my love for you. I have faith that we will overcome the odds and make our relationship even better than before. Give me another chance and I have faith that, one day, we will look back at this and be glad that we didn’t walk away from each other.

Loving you always,

-Neymar Jr.

After reading these words of sweet endearment all of your anger had diffused away. You felt life a weight had been lifter from your heart. The beats were finally swift and no longer out of tune. Neymar still loved you. He took accountably for what he had done. He realized that his mistake was one not to be done in the first place. He realized that a thousands “I’m sorry” would never make up for what he had done. You felt the need to go back to him and reassure him you accepted his apology. You quickly called the receptionist telling her you had an emergency to take care of.

“hello, yes I’d like to take work off early in response to an emergency.” Your voice explained.

“Alright I’ll have that indicated in the system, thank you.

You shut the phone and quickly walked out closing your office. The elevator took forever and you impatiently clicked the button waiting for it appear, as if it would make it come any faster.


You finally arrived at Neymar’s house. After you parked the car in his driveway you walked to the door. You attempted to knock the door and pulled your hand away.

Do it.Your voice ordered.

You knocked at the door and waited a bit. You tapped your heels pavement waiting for Neymar to answer. The door clicked open and Neymar stood before your eyes.

"Isabelle?” He smiled wiping his face.

“Nice to see you too.” You whispered shyly.

“Come in.” He motioned.

You walked in and couldn’t help but notice Neymar walking while continuously wiping his face. He seemed to sniff too.

“Neymar?” You asked sitting next to him.

“Yes?” He laughed with a whimper.

“Have you been crying?” You asked already knowing the answer was yes.

“I cried to makeup for the tears you splashed out yesterday. I knew you were in pain the whole day after what I had done. From the moment you turned away in the taxi, that’s when I knew I screwed up.” He sighed.

“You don’t need to cry anymore, now that I’m here and forgive you, everything is okay now.” You whispered caressing his cheek and wiping away the tears.

Neymar let out a weak gleam, but you know he meant more. He grasped your hand as you caressed his temples. You looked over your shoulder and grabbed some tissue to dry his hazel eyes.

“Funny that I’d imagine this would be the other way around.” You teased.

“No, it should be this way, I’m the one who hurt you. Let me take the blame.” He smiled.

“The roses and the letter, they were quite the apology.” You smiled.

“And I wish I could apologize more. I wish the words I spoke now only meant a million "I’m sorry”. He explained.

“Babe, that’s enough I understand your sorry.” You chuckled. Neymar truly cared about you, and was regretful about the whole incident yesterday.

“Wait here meu amour.” He smiled kissing your cheek.

“Gladly.” You replied sweetly.

You looked around the place you once called home. It would be three years today as your anniversary with Neymar. You were glad to make up for what happened yesterday. You two never officially stated that you would get back together, but you figured by the apologizing and sweet gestures that it had already been obvious.

“Isabelle.” He cooed.

“I’m listening babe.” You laughed.

“After what happened yesterday I finally realized that you were the best thing that has ever happened to me. Meeting you was the most prominent thing that happened in my life aside from my career. You are the one I want to be with. You are the one I love. I don’t wan’t you Isabelle. I need you.

You placed your hands on your mouth and noticed Neymar kneeling down on one foot.

"Isabelle will you marry me?” He smiled with bright eyes.

“Meu amour, yes… Yes!” You cried holding your hand out. Neymar slid the diamond beauty in your dainty little finger.

“I’m proud to call you my fiancé now.” He laughed holding out his hands.

You quickly compressed yourself against him and felt his arms secure you.

“All I wanna be, all I ever wanna be is somebody to you.” You said to Neymar.

“Now your not just somebody to me, you’re my world meu amour, obrigada for everything, for your presence, and for your love. I have learned from my mistakes.” He kissed you passionately.

wonderful you came by [part 6]

Summary: Caitlin’s a no-nonsense science major. Barry’s the quintessential charming star athlete. When they’re paired off and forced to interact in class, Caitlin is determined to resist his charms, but Barry’s also pretty determined to get under her skin… It all boils down to a battle between head and heart, and Caitlin’s not one to give in to her heart so easily. [College AU]

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, or read on

Notes: So… This is late again… (Hides) I’m really sorry, I was stuck and I put this off for way too long. Thank you though for sticking with me despite that. Without further ado, here is the non-date. Hope you enjoy!

Rating: T


Caitlin briefly entertained the absurd notion that she had just discovered the eighth wonder of the world in the form of Barry Allen’s forearms.

She’d seen many pairs of forearms before, and she’d certainly seen more than just Barry Allen’s forearms (especially in that track suit—mother of all things holy, someone should outlaw those), but there was something undeniably appealing about the way he’d rolled up the long sleeves of his red polo to his elbows, so that only his tanned, well-muscled forearms were exposed. It certainly didn’t help that he was also wearing black slacks and a pair of shiny dark-brown Oxfords, and he looked so dashing and effortlessly classy that she was feeling a bit flushed and faint and legitimately worried for her sanity because damn, suddenly all those disgustingly trite phrases like having butterflies in one’s stomach and melting into a puddle of goo made sense even if empirically speaking she never experienced swallowing butterflies or being in temperatures so high that her skin would melt off her bones…

She also tried not to look at, well, his… gluteal muscles, but it was very hard not to, especially because he’d tucked in his shirt, and his slacks fitted him well. Too well. Criminally well. It was as if he’d donned those pants specifically to taunt her to tou—hover above his backside.

Bleeding Felicity. She bet she’d never even notice it if she hadn’t given her that bleeding dare—

“I’ll translate that look for you,” Jax said to Cisco in a stage whisper, as they were securing their bikes in front of the restaurant Oliver had picked (and, because it was Oliver, it just had to be one of the pricier ones in the area). “‘Hot damn, Barry Allen is looking so damn fine’—”

Cisco snickered and added, “‘Good lawd, I didn’t know forearms could be sexual but Barry Allen’s just makes me so naughty’—”

“‘Whew, I need some air and a few seconds to get my ovaries together’—”

Caitlin shut them up with withering glares.

“Sorry,” Jax sniggered, not sounding sorry at all. “Come on, Cait, lighten up. Breathe. Barry’s real fine, no homo, but you’re looking pretty fine yourself.”

“I’m breathing normally,” Caitlin said.

Her remark was ignored. “You got this,” Cisco nodded solemnly, patting her on the back.

“And we got your back,” Jax grinned.

But when they stepped in front of the restaurant, Cisco and Jax quickly monopolised Oliver’s attention (“Mi amigo Oliver!” “Broliver!” “Olibruh!” “Olibae, my bae of the day!”) while Felicity tried to mitigate the damage of having such embarrassments for friends (“Oh god, I knew it was a mistake to let them come, I’m so sorry, Oliver”), leaving Caitlin to fend for herself.

“Hey,” she heard him say, and flinched when he nudged her so she would turn to acknowledge him.

She did so reluctantly, and came face-to-face with his wolfish grin.

“Well,” he drawled, giving her a discreet head-to-toe sweep that sent all the heat rushing to her face, had her biting her lip and hoping, rather stupidly, that he liked what he saw—“you’re looking quite aesthetically pleasing.”

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Kendall Jenner's Style Thumbnail

Kendall is the queen of casual outfits. She can make basics look so classy and cool. Luckily, it’s extremely simple to achieve her looks. Here’s how:

Top: any loose, baggy shirts, especially off-the-shoulder (check out the basic section at Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, Brandy Melville and Victoria’s Secret)*

Bottom: any tight fitting pair of pants to balance out the loose top and accentuate your legs (she even wear leggings in some outfits)

Shoes: anything that is comfortable. Kendall rarely wears sandals, however, mostly Converse and boots.

Bags: black leather, regular-sized bags. I have never seen her with cross-body bags.

Most importantly: be confident! 

*You can find these at Forever 21, also, but I wouldn’t recommend it considering the quality there.

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Just a few days ago, pictures surfaced of this fat and on the verge of obesity tranny looking bitch Marilyn Monroe copies Miley’s iconic red lips and beautiful portrait when Miley did it first for Vogue magazine. Did Marilyn ever cover Vogue Magazine? Did Marylin Monroe ever win a Teen Choice Award? A Peoples Choice Award? A Grammy? No.

This regular shopper at the Copy Miley Mart blantantly plagiarizes Miley once again but sadly, she looks like a cheap hooker. Miley obviously looks so classy and is classier than Marylin’s whore ass sleeping with our President’s black ass behind Michelle’s ass. 

Miley Cyrus is so influential, classy, an amazing role model, twerker and sets a good example to black people as to how to act. She’s helping America by moving forward with Black History Month and it makes me so proud to be a fan of hers, she’s honestly amazing we are truly blessed to be graced with this angel without wings Miley Ray Cyrus.