she looks so badass and im ready

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My actual headcannon for Cutiepie before she was revealed. She got married to Brofist (of course), she is actually very cute but got so embarassed when someone said that, she often bake cute pies for the Logo Fam (lel no pun intended), is approximately Sam's height, is a badass woman, can beat 10 men continuesly (that slipped from my mind sorry), often hangs out with Sup and Toasty, play co-op games with Sam and Tim, and hates (in a good way) when Bro keeps flirting with her. Im sorry its long--

you see this woman?

even though she’s hot looking badass girl that’s ready to beat people up…

she’s actually like this.

so the way that u describe her is actually correct, except the part where she and brofist married & she’s bakes pies. (they’re just dating).