she looks so amazing i can't even

Rearranged by Jaded/@operaticspacetrash

Jyn Erso lies awake in bed and thinks of all the little girls all over the world who dream of being a princess like her. She wishes she could tell them the truth about it–of the way it traps her like a bird in a cage–about how, even when the prince is as handsome and dashing as Cassian Andor is, it isn’t a fairy tale with a guaranteed happy ending, not when you are forced to get married and you don’t know each other at all.

Arranged Royal Marriage AU.

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can you Believe that alris is the cutest thing that has ever existed and i’m crying?

@quizzikemen is wonderful and kind and amazing and talented and i will never stop worshipping her. never

I am literally amazed by the animation on that character short. It’s improved even just in the time since volume 4 ended. That short was so spectacular, Weiss has never looked so gorgeous before. If this is what volume 5 is going to look and be like, this is going to be the best volume yet

#okay so here’s the thing about this scene #this isn’t an attempt to ‘get back’ at jack #elizabeth swann is amazing at reading people and reading situations #which is why she made it so far and became such a great pirate #she sees that there’s an understanding between will and jack #you can see it in the way she looks between jack and wil#and keeps her eyes on will as she’s making the proposal #jack wants to stab the heart and she knows it #hence why she tells barbossa 'we have to give jack a chance’ (via @hangtherules)

thank GOD someone reblogged that gifset and added these tags bc it was seriously getting on my nerves!!!!!!! (the amount of self-will i had not to reblog it and add my thoughts) because seriously!!!!! what is this new trend of trying to associate everything elizabeth did with will??????? i mean in that scene she’s CLEARLY making the deal so jack can stab the heart?????? how can someone REDUCE elizabeth’s intelligence and motivations to some pity revenge?????? LMAO what even!!!!!!!!!


I flailed so fricken hard when Jove sent this over. She told us she was doing something RMWT for Pocky Day, and both Kel and I assumed it would be a doodle or two like she was doing for requests over on her blog. We had NO idea it would be something this amazing. Which just goes to show that you should never, ever underestimate how incredible and awesome and lovely Jove is. God damn. This comic is so cute. Just look at those total dorks and their blushing. I absolutely adore this comic, gosh.


P.S. Jove says “Happy Pocky Day, Everyone!”

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • what she really means: debra fucking deserved better what the fuck. she was the sun and the moon, and everything good in this world and look what they did to her. her life was so hard, and she didn't even get to enjoy the rest of it. not to mention she didn't even get a proper burial, where she could have been honored for how amazing a human being she was. i have cried for five days straight. i can't do this anymore.

I have an eternal dog/dog owner crush on this professor who brings her border collie to work everyday. They commute to campus together by walking, and toss a frisbee now and then all the way there. The dog is always off-leash, always beautifully connected with the professor, always hovering within a small radius of her, and doesn’t acknowledge anyone else or anything else unless approached. Every time I see them, they strike a gorgeous silhouette of wordless connection.

Goals. Just…goals.

i was out w anna today n she asked me abt dan and !!!!!! she’s so like naively optimistic (if that makes sense??) she asked me if id spoken to him and like she thinks me n him can be frnds again like how we were in high school n stuff BUT WE CANTTTTTTT

Amy Acker is amazing like she just seems so nice, always smiling and giggling and looking awkwardly cute in interviews, and then she starts acting and BOOM she just becomes that awesome borderline hacker / killer or demon from another era or cold villain or super smart student and I just wow I am in awe

Eisuke's POV...
  • MC: *wears new dress*
  • Eisuke: *thinking* She looks amazing. I can't even believe that she's mine. She's stunning in that dress; she looks like the brightest part of a starry sky. Everything about her is just absolute perfection, and that smile of hers is so contagious. She is honestly the light of my life...
  • MC: Sooo?...
  • Eisuke: It will do, I guess.
How are you?
  • <b> Me:</b> I'm fine<p><b>What I mean:</b> Who is Halsey and why are we blessed with her existence? She is openly bi and offten speaks about the ghost music video and how the media veiws it and her new album is S O good oh my gosh I haven't stopped listening to it since it came out and the music from the album influenced me so much and she looks beautiful in the New Americana music video and the story of Badlands is so creative and unique and her and Josh Dun are friend goals and she was probably p!atd's biggest fan she ships Ryden which is 100% amazing and she's my role model and O H M Y G O D she kissed a fan so that she would be their first kiss she is so sweet I can't even I can't even I can't even I can't<p>

hi so i just woke up whoops because i hadn’t slept at all since yesterday night / the day before something like that bUT THAT ISN’T IMPORTANT.

MY LITTLE SISTER IS ABSOLUTELY STELLAR. She’s only 9 years old, but last night we were supposed to hang out a bit before she went to bed for school, and like, take a super nice hot relaxing epsom salt bath together. Welp, unfortunately for me I blacked out cold like a rock somehow before I could even get in (and enjoy a delicious dessert I had made for the both of us). 

I woke up just now with a blanket over me and a note left on my laptop screen. She wrote it because she knew that I would be wondering what the heckie happened last night, and she hoped I read the letter. She had already been in the tub and when she got out, she saw that I was sleeping. She put all the candles and stuff BACK in it’s rightful places, took all the things like food and water and brought that downstairs, charged my laptop because I forgot I disconnected it, and covered me with a blanket because I looked cold. I just. I am BLOWN AWAY by her absolute kindness and intelligence.

Sam, you are hands down, one of the most amazing baby sisters in the universe and gosh, I am so blessed and fortunate to have you as my sister. <3

In which Bask went to London to see Jesse Eisenberg!

Okay, I really just wanna scream I don’t even know how to write this because I wanna make it readable too, guess I’ll just do something in between redable and OMG.

Soo: I flew from Sweden and went to London over the weekend to see The Spoils with Jesse Eisenberg! The play was TOTALLY AMAZING! I mean it when I say it’s the best damn play I’ve been to. I just got all sucked into the plot and oh god Jesse’s performance and character was just 100% amazing and to get to see him act live in front of me was just so fascinating and perfect! His voice and body language and aaaaah everything was totally spot on!! I didn’t want it to end. Okay, okay ALL OMG after the epicness and feels of this play. Me and my friend went to the Stage door, hoping them all would come out since my friend is all Kunal and Alfie trash too! And aaaaah god such nervous and all omggg. We got an amazing spot at the front, and aaah it didn’t even take like 5 mins until Jesse came out quickly followed by Alfie and Kunal! OMGGG. So Jesse just came closer to us and we all OMG inside and he was the most adorable and cute and signed all the stuff and then it was our turn aaah, he said thank you so much for coming and looked up at us and signed my pic and then my friends one and aaaah I you know I what did I even say I guess I said thank you so much!! And my friend said the play was amazing and I don’t even know did I say that too!? I should have but you know IT’S HARD TO BRAIN FUNCTION WHEN JESSE stands in front of you in his cute hat and backpack with green bicycle helmet. Aaaah. And then my friend got Alfies and Kunal’s autographs too so she went all OMG too, more than she already was lol.

Okaay, and then we walked away after the stage door all oMG and walked around trafalgar square in heaven of happiness for a bit and then suddenly I just hear Jesse’s voice beside me so suddenly I just walk so close side by side with him for some meters, with some other cast members. And I just omigosh inside again, and well yeah they just walked past us away somewhere in the dawn lol but awsm. And my friend didn’t realize at first so after i just like omg he just walked here beside mee!?!? And then she saw them when they had pasted us.

Man that was hard to write not all in caps lock lol. I’M JUST BEEN ALL SMILING SINCE AND OMG AND JESSE IS SO AMAZING I can’t believe I got to see him and even meet him and aaaah look at the amazing pic he signed, it’s so beautiful! I’m gonna frame that and put it on my wall ♥.
AAAH HAPPY ♥♥♥ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

A little doodle I did based off of @stfuadachi‘s Sans cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love. His voice is amazing! Check it out. ANYWAY, I am huge Soriel trash, so when I heard @doodles-floodles sing a duet with him, I lost my shit. Headcanon her singing voice as Toriel (even though I know she wasn’t singing as Toriel). Nevertheless, I heard a lot of great duets, and I have been listening to this song on repeat. So, thank you for blessing us with your amazing voice.

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I want clexa to be out somewhere and this girl runs up to them and starts freaking out and is just all "omg I can't believe it's you! Can you please take a picture with me?!" Lexa's chest is all puffed out and she's looking so smug until the girl shoves her phone into her chest, signaling for her to take a picture of her and Clarke because Clarke is her favorite artist.

Omg lmao this is great. Lexa would deflate but then she’d puff up even prouder bc that crowd is gathering around her /wife/. Clarke looks so amazed and happy and carefree and proud, nothing like the fragile person she was in HS. Lexa snaps a pic for herself because it makes her that happy.

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(i hope its not too much uvu) Could you please do Akashi and s/o in their wedding night? How he reacts when he sees her walking down the aisle and how the celebration goes. (Bonus if GoM participate— whos best man, ring bearer, etc)

There was noise filling up the room from the people who had gathered for the special occasion. To Akashi’s left, his family and friends all sat, talking amongst each other as they all settled into their specified seats. To his right, his fiancé’s family and friends sat, doing pretty much the same. Every so often, some people would talk across the small walkway that divided them, making small talk with people they didn’t know but hoped to get to be acquainted with better. His eyes scanned the crowd, taking in the faces of the many guests he and his fiancé had invited to the wedding.

In the second and third rows on his side of the chapel, a plethora of Akashi’s former teammates sat. Though he couldn’t quite hear what they were saying from where he stood, he could already tell the antics that were going on around his former teammates and friends.

His former teammates from Teiko sat it the second row, taking up all the seats there. Aomine had grown restless sitting in the chapel and had resorted to leaning back and closing his eyes for a few minutes, much to Momoi’s chagrin as she quietly tried to convince him to wake up. Beside the two, Kuroko was minding his own business, patient as ever for the ceremony to begin. Kise was making small talk with the people around him, trying his best to avert the attention away from himself—something which Akashi was grateful he did—and back toward the wedding. Murasakibara was fidgeting in his seat, a habit Akashi had learned to recognize when the purple giant became antsy for a snack or two.

In the third row, Akashi’s former teammates from Rakuzan sat right in the middle, surrounded by other people who were invited. Nebuya and Hayama had started to grow just as restless as Aomine, but instead of responding with a nap, they had become a tad rowdy. Akashi was thankful that Mibuchi was there to reign them in when needed. The empty seat beside the three told Akashi that, unfortunately, Mayuzumi couldn’t make it to the event.

Taking his eyes away from his friends, he shifted them toward the clock on the far wall. With a heavy sigh, he noted that it was already ten minutes past when the wedding ceremony should have begun.

“Akashi.” The heavy hand on his shoulder had him turning toward his best man, Midorima. Though the bespectacled man didn’t say anything further, his eyes held the sort of hope that Akashi needed. She would be arriving.

And just like that, the sound of instruments being played and a heavy door creaking open sounded through the room, the signature Wedding March filling the air. Everyone stood and Akashi found himself fixing his posture, standing a little straighter as he looked toward the now open door to the chapel. His heart nearly stopped at what he saw.

She was beautiful, her wedding gown trailing behind her in flowing ribbons of lace and satin as she stepped slowly toward the altar. Fitting to her form, he thought the dress was the perfect accent to her already stunning figure. For a brief moment, his eyes flickered toward her two young cousins in front and behind her, their flower girl and ring bearer, before his gaze was immediately pulled back toward her. He wanted to slow down time, watch her every movement, and take in every detail just so he could forever etch this moment into his memories. Despite the heavenly smile on her face which was framed by her primped hair, Akashi could tell by the slight quiver of the bouquet in her hands that she was nervous. Perhaps just as nervous as he was.

“Fashionably late,” he mutters as she joins him at the altar, though the gentle smile on his face and the mirth dancing in his eyes gives away his true emotions.

“I might have had a little bit of stage fright,” she responded, smiling just as gently. Standing next to Akashi and looking into his eyes—eyes filled with so much love for her—she could already feel most of her nerves fading away. “It’s not easy standing not easy standing next to someone as amazing as you. Especially not with a man like your father sitting close by.”

Not even bothering to glance at his aforementioned father, Akashi takes his fiancé by the hands. “But you’re here now.” Thumb gently rubbing her knuckles, he says, “And I’m so glad you finally are.”

“Me too, Seijuurou.”

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Uhm so you're like a big role model of mine because not only is your style amazing but because you're so confident in your art ;; I wish I was like that. I can't even show my own sister my drawings because I'm so worried that she won't like them or whatever((tho I did post my drawing of a human Septiceye Sam once)) do you stay so confident all the time? Pl s help

WOaH. DO I LOOK CONFIDENT? (✿´◉◞⊖◟◉`✿)

no bc i don’t feel it like dis. i have fun with mah art. True. But there is no confidence behind that . The confidence u perceive, It’s only ur point of view. I just personally feel like shiet haha.

ヾ(゚Θ゚ )ヾ Also,i’m sure your sister will love ur art! 

But If u r afraid to show it to your family. At least, show it to us.

Confidence doesn’t come by itself . i feel personally moar proud of somethin’ when ppl approves it. //cough cough S&P // 

 That’s waht i love with this community. Nobirdie will neveh neveh judge u. So feel free to share anythin’ ! ヾ(๑ ³ㅿ³)ノ

There will always be somewahn that will like ur art kyote anon. Believe meh bc i believe in u. //wink wonk//

I wish u all dah best! Keep practicin’ and i’m sure wahn day u’ll feel confident enough to show ur art to ur family/friends or anybirdie else !( ^u^)

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Okay so imagine Clint and Natasha being known criminals and during a job Natasha gets really really hurt and Clint freaks out because she's the only one who that's ever been there for him his entire life so he goes to a hospital and kidnaps Bruce who is a doctor working there at gunpoint cause they would have been arrested if they go in there normally and when she's all healed she tells Clint to kill Bruce cause he's a witness but he can't bring himself to do it so they just keep him hostage

OKAY SO THAT’S AMAZING, basically Bruce would be very calm, and very kind, even though they’re both well known criminals, and Clint would find him really unsettling at first, because he’s all serene as he helps heal Tasha up, and Clint’s always like ‘Why are you so calm, I have a gun, I will use it’ and Bruce just looks at him in that scary-calm kinda way ‘I know that, so freaking out won’t help me, will it?’

But also Bruce would be very nice, asking questions while he worked and assuring Clint he didn’t care who they were, it was his job to help, and Clint’s like ‘This guy is weird, but he seems like a cool dude, so I’ll be nice to him’ and when Natasha tells him to kill him Bruce still doesn’t freak out, just sighs like he thought it was coming and Clint’s just like ‘ohno I can’t do this’ and he insists it’s best they have someone like Bruce with them; a hostage for any cop encounters, and a doctor for anymore skirmishes like the last one, and Natasha agrees, and they drag a quiet, calm doctor Bruce with them across country as they go on robbing sprees and the like. They would be the weirdest band of bandets basically.