she looks really good in red

Autism resources red flags

I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of things that are red flags when looking for autism-related resources. This is mostly for my mom, so she knows how to tell when something isn’t going to be helpful, but I thought it was probably a good idea in general.

If you have any suggestions for things to add, let me know and I’ll add them here.

Red flags (in no particular order):

  • “Autism parent”, “Autism mom”, etc
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Everything is in primary colours and looks like it was made for children
  • Everything is talking about young (white, cis, male) children
  • “People with Autism” (instead of “Autistics” or “Autistic people”)
  • “High functioning” and “Low functioning” (or anything implying that some people are ‘really autistic’ and should be pitied/ignored, and others are ‘barely autistic’ and therefore respectable/really people)
  • Autism Speaks
  • “People with autism are so inspiring!”, “Autistic children are gifts/treasures/etc”
  • Nothing written/said/contributed by actual autistic people; no connection with/input from the autistic community itself

I do design for a company’s internal website. My point of contact is their communications coordinator, who often ends up changing my designs, stating afterwards that we “created them together.” She is adamant about always having her input included.

Client: I saw your design, and I really love it – I just made some minor changes. What do you think about them?

She replaced all the different brand colours around the website with red – and only red. I was not a fan.

Me: It looks good… but do you see how now the contrast between those two elements is really low? What if we change this red with another color?

I change it to the one I used in my original design.

Client: Yeah, it looks much better now!

Me: And do you see this font here?

I proceed to reverse all of her changes, under the guise of “discovering solutions”. After 40 minutes, we back to my original design.

Client: You see? Now it looks MUCH better! What would you do without me?

Get 40 minutes of my life back.

Peggy Carter: *wears a blue dress*

Me: wow that color looks really good on her

Peggy Carter: *wears a red dress*

Me: wow that color looks really good on her

Peggy Carter: *wears a purple dress*

Me: wow that color looks really good on her.

Peggy Carter: *wears a green dress*

Me: wow that color looks really good on her

Peggy Carter: *wears a pink dress*

Me: wow that color looks really good on her.


A very subtle Korrasami moment, but one that I think is really beautiful. When Raiko thanks Korra for taking down the “Red Lotus terrorists,” we can all tell that’s the opposite of what she needed to hear, which is why she slumps down. But what does Asami do? She looks down at her girl to check on her, and upon seeing Korra’s reaction, kindly (but decisively) dismisses Raiko and attempts to separate Korra from that.

The animators kill me, because it looks like Asami isn’t great with kids in the caps, but yet her reaction to Ikki and Meelo is just happiness that they’re there for Korra and that it’s something that’ll lift Korra’s spirits a little bit.

Then, with Lin, Asami gives her a very appreciative look, as Lin is helping them get up the steps without bringing too much attention to Korra’s physical state.

If my analysis is right, Asami knows fully well that she’s in love with Korra during this scene, but never once thought to “burden” Korra with that emotion. It was always about her being there to support Korra’s emotional state, and her selfless reactions to everything, coupled with how tuned-in to Korra’s thoughts Asami seems to be, is a depiction of true love.



Buffer fest red carpet was lit 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I waited in the rain and cold for 3 hours XD Nicole looked so good in her dress and Annie makes me weep in her presence as always. I got to say happy advanced birthday to Elise and gave her macarons :3 I asked Elise if I could take a selfie with her and Natasha thought I only meant Elise so she started walking away but Elise was like “No come here! Be in the picture!” So she begged her to come d: thank god Elise did that bc I wasn’t about to beg Natasha to come back LMAO

Nicole also taught me how to selfie properly <3

Life After Death: Are Those Really Zombies?

“Aw, gross.” Duplica commented as she fired the head off an undead with her sniper rifle.

“Princess, switch to something silent, we can’t attract more zombies.” Joann commented, pulling her bow back, red dust crystal glowing.

She fired, burning several zombies.

“I hope Angel, Varric, and Noah are getting something good to bring back to the base, we have food, but some more would be nice.” Duplica replied, changing weapons over to Joann’s bow.

“Yeah, I hope so as well.”

Duplica looked over to Ainsley.

“I would prefer you to stay back, though if they get to close you’ve got us, right?” She asked, she knew a bite could get through aura, maybe not Jen’s though.

“Do you have a gun of any kind?”

clintasha headcanon that the first time anyone sees clint cry is when someone clint knew from the circus dies and he goes to the funeral without telling any of the other avengers (he feels stupid for still being so attached to that old life. maybe the guy who died wasn’t even a good guy or a friend or whatever, but he’s still upset and still goes)

and he’s standing in the graveyard, all in black, which is weird for him when he’s in his civilian getup (all-black is Natasha’s schtick), when he sees a familiar shock of red hair at his shoulder. and he’s not really surprised because it’s Nat and of course she knows and he’s a shit liar anyway.

then he looks into the crowd of mourners to see all of them standing a respectful distance away: banner, for once looking the most at-ease of all of them, because he’s always been the most civilian. tony’s got his arm around a stoic but red-eyed pepper. steve and bucky are doing their best to be inconspicuous and there’s not a shield or metal arm to be seen, and clint’s grateful. thor’s - the big blonde goof - is sniffling into a hankerchief unabashedly because he never understood the point in trying not to cry.

at first clint is mad that they’re imposing, but then natasha slips her hand into his and then he’s crying like a child and she pulls him into a hug that lasts long enough for him to pull himself back together, whispering “you don’t go to funerals without your family. idiot.”


 I thought she was so beautiful, and then she came up to me and said “Hey ______. =)” I choked up and said, “…hi. =)” Then I waved my hand compulsively and I felt really embarrassed. Because of that, my cheeks went so red that they itched and went numb. She just looked in my eyes and smiled, then she asked me how I’m enjoying myself. I stammered out “Fine. It’s good!” Then she said, “that’s good,” and she just stood in front of me, keeping eye contact and smiling throughout. I could barely stand on my own two feet at this point because I was trembling so hard. 

Awkward Ladrien

There’s not enough awkward Ladrien floating around in fanworks tbh. There’s not enough: 

  • Ladybug attempting to do the Spiderman kiss to Adrien only to lose her grip and land on his head. 
  • Adrien trying desperately to channel his Chat and flirt with Ladybug only to blurt out “YOU LOOK GOOD IN SPOTS” before running away
  • Ladybug turning red as a tomato if Adrien plucks up the courage to plant a kiss on her cheek
  • “Ladybug you’re really the cat’s meow…WAIT SHI-” 
  • Ladybug attempting to swing through Adrien’s open window only to smack against the wall when she sees him coming out of the bathroom in a robe
  • Going on undercover dates in three trench coats and dark glasses so no one notices them. 
  • Any and all awkward!Ladrien stuff because this is the dorkiest corner of the love square
Give Me Love | Davanna


David kept fidgeting as he drove he and his girlfriend towards the location of her cousin’s wedding. He wasn’t nervous or anything, he was just uncomfortable in a suit. He never wore suits, ever. He didn’t even own one until she convinced him to get one for the wedding. He didn’t even want to go in the first place, but she negotiated a good bargain so he ended up giving in. Not only did he not like family events that weren’t his, he also wasn’t really into weddings. Mainly because the topic of ‘marriage’ didn’t appeal to him at all, in fact he thought it was kind of dumb. But then again, he also thought that way of relationships, yet here he was smack dab in the middle of one that he was 100% happy in. 

He kept looking at himself in the rearview mirror everytime they hit a red light, mainly because he was so salty about his hair. He had it his usual way when he first got to Anna’s place, but no, she convinced him to do it her way. He almost didn’t like how much of an effect she had on him, but she always wagered something really good to get him to agree. She knew him well enough to know what would get him to say yes to something he didn’t want to do. It was like a secret super power she was given and he wasn’t entirely okay with it, even though he did get pretty good incentives. “Babe, you can’t give me the direction after I fucking pass the street! Now we gotta wait for your phone to reroute,” he groaned, already annoyed at how uncomfortable he felt in the suit so the fact that they had missed the turn to the place didn’t help. 

How I see white women talking about black men...

They all sit around the table. It’s book club day. Their reading an urban erotic novel. Janice clears her throat. “This was a good read wasn’t it ladies?” Everybody murmurs, agreeing. Rebecca fans herself. “It was so steamy. Especially when Antwon has sex with Mariah in the storage closet. I can just imagine his strong chocolate muscles *fans red face*”

“Oh Rebecca you dirty slut! But really. I can just image his chocolate body all over me. God.” Janice says. Catherine looks guilty. Janice catches on. “Catherine , what are you hiding from us?” She says.

Catherine puts down her tea and crises her hands. “Well . After I read the book. I went out ….. And I got me one.” She hides her face. Rebecca gasps. “You got a black guy !? You dirty dog you? How was it?” She says.

Catherine sighs. “The sex was amazing. I felt like I was being man handled by a big strong gorilla. His name was Tyrone. We’re meeting up again tonight.” She says.

Janice is jealous. “Ugh. Where can I get one?” She says. Rebecca shrugs. “You can get them anywhere. Just get a fake butt. Cold fusion extensions. Some lip injections and wear urban clothes to make it seem like you’re not really apart of the white community. Oh and listen to future. But make sure he has money so you can get pregnant and take all his money and if that doesn’t work just accuse him of rape and sue him.”

*the end*
So in Love! The Secrets of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' Red-Hot Romanc

“When she was on tour last year, he really missed her and it wasn’t easy,” says a Harris source. 

But the duo have remained supportive of each other, and “Calvin often gushes about how proud he is of Taylor,” says the source. “He is very supportive of her career and he appreciates how supportive Taylor is of his." 

Adds a Swift insider: "She’s super happy with Calvin. Everything looks to be really good between them." 

Liz’s Mysterious Father

We know there is a chance that Katarina did have an affair with Red. But let’s look at evidence that maybe it was not Red whom she had the affair with after all. Let’s start with this quote from Katarina’s journal:

“Look at me. In love with a man I was sent to seduce and betray. An American. Raymond wants me to run, take Masha and disappear with him, but how can I do that to her?”

First remember that throughout her journal Katarina had talked about Raymond. They were obviously very close. So the quote above is very odd. Why did she suddenly switch from using Raymond to saying “An American”? And then Immediately switch back to talking about Raymond? There doesn’t really seem to be a good reason to do this, unless “An American” is not Red, but someone else entirely. Of course this in itself is not enough evidence. But I want to explore this idea further.

Let’s start by looking at the Cape May episode. Red and Katarina made a great team are were very close, no question. But I saw no signs that Red was in love with her and zero signs that they had an affair. He lay next to her to keep her warm after pulling her out of the freezing ocean but so would anyone trying to help out a friend. They did not have any warm touching scenes together except at the end where Katarina touched Red’s face when she told him he did save her through Masha. And Red did not touch her back which is unusual for him as he is a very touchy-feely type of guy, especially with someone he was intimate with.

Even more importantly, remember what Katarina told Red about her biggest regret about Masha’s father:

“It’s not that he died. It’s not even the way he died. It’s in the things I said to him… just before he died.” 

So clearly Katarina believes Masha’s father is dead.

Let’s look at further evidence. Red told Liz that Kirk believes he is Liz’s father and that he needs her biological cells to help combat his disease. Sounds to me like Red does not think Kirk is Liz’s father. And we know that Red is not Liz’s father. He has made that very clear with her. And frankly so have the TBL writers / producers in their tweets, etc. So that is a non-starter for me.

And the most important clue for me is what Red said to Liz at the end of Episode 01 x 22:

“Lizzie look at me.  I’m telling you with no uncertainty, your father is dead.  He died in that fire.”

And then what Daniel Cerone posted about what Red said about Liz’s father dying in the fire:

So both Red and Katarina think that Masha’s father died in the fire that night. Kirk is obviously not dead and yes he could have survived the fire unbeknownst to Red. But again, now knowing Kirk is alive Red still implied to Liz that Kirk only believes he is Masha’s father.

Also remember what Kirk told Liz about Red, whom he assumed was the American that Katarina was having the affair with:

“For a time, I thought maybe he was the father, but I have proof that he’s not.” 

So yes, Kirk has proof that Red is not Masha’s father. He didn’t say he has proof that he is Masha’s father. We only know that Red is not. 

So what do we know now? Red is not Liz’s father. Liz’s biological father is dead according to Red. Which means Kirk is not Liz’s father either. Katarina had an affair and fell in love with “An American”. According to Red Liz knowing who her father really was would put her in danger. Remember this quote from Episode 01 x 22 where Red discusses killing Sam:

“But I did it to keep you from learning the name of your real father, to protect you. And you must understand – having done that, I’m certainly not going to tell you who he was now. “ 

My conclusion is that there is a mystery person out there who was Lizzie’s biological father. And this American must have been very powerful. And again there is something special about Liz which is why Red protects her so fiercely.

Thanks for reading!