she looks pretty good, considering she's been dead for like 22 years

Victoria On Film - 5 Screen Portrayals of Queen Victoria In The Last Few Decades

With the development of film production in the last few decades, the film industry has increasingly had the ability and skill to capture and retell stories, to be of easy access to anyone. From comedic to factual, here are my top 5 portrayals of Queen Victoria from film and television.

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, 1988 - Miriam Margolyes

Oh Albert, You Naughty German Sausage!

The only time the popular Blackadder series of the 80s visited the Victorian period was in the 1988 Christmas special Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. Here Victoria is portrayed hilariously as big, bubbly and buxom by Miriam Margolyes (known for her role as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films) who, accompanied by an enthusiastic and stereotypically-German Prince Albert (played by Jim Broadbent) head out onto the streets of London on their ‘Annual Christmas Adventure’.

On their adventure they go incognito to reward ‘the virtuous and the good’, which includes Ebenezer Blackadder who, until that day, had been the ‘kindest and loveliest man in England’. Not recognising them, he insults the disguised couple, and when he notices the resemblance to the Royal family, he berates them too. Only after they leave does Blackadder ironically learn of their true identities and how he missed out on his reward. As usual with satirised versions of history, it isn’t a very historically accurate portrayal. However, as a comedy piece with a historical basis, it is hilariously funny. This piece can be found on Netflix and usually on YouTube.

Her Majesty, Mrs Brown, 1997 - Judi Dench

It Is Not For Any Of The Queen’s Subjects To Presume To Tell Her Majesty When And Where She Should Come Out Of Mourning!

The fairly forgotten film Mrs Brown of 1997 retells the story of Queen Victoria and her relationship with John Brown, her Highland Servant. The film begins in 1863, two years since the death of Prince Albert, and Victoria (played by the legendary Dame Judi Dench) remains in seclusion at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. It is here that John Brown (played by the equal legend that is Billy Connolly), one of the Queens outdoor servants, arrives from Balmoral Castle with the Queens pony after being sent for in the hope the Queen might ride out in the grounds. Although bumpy at first, Victoria and John soon become firm friends, and Brown is given the official title of ‘The Queen’s Highland Servant’.

Throughout the course of the film the ongoing issue of the ‘inappropriacy‘ of Victoria’s relationship with John Brown becomes more urgent, in addition to her increasing pressure to return to public life and mental conflict of her loyalty to the dead Prince Albert. However, she finds peace with herself and continues her employment and friendship with John Brown. The film ends in around 1883 with  John’s death of pneumonia, depicted as being caught after chasing an intruder to the royal household.

I find Mrs Brown as a whole a incredibly accurate portrayal, from capturing Victoria’s character to getting the facts right (something many portrayals lose due to creative licence), even the use of Osborne House in filming. However, it is still a film, not a back-to-books docudrama. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone interested in Queen Victoria but it is a little obscure to find, so have a look about eBay and Amazon. If you want to know more about John Brown and his relationship with Queen Victoria, I have a post on my blog titled After Albert - Victoria’s Second Love, John Brown, which you can check out if you want. In addition, later this year (what I consider to be a sequel although it isn’t) comes Victoria And Abdul, based around the later relationship of Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, an Indian Muslim attendant to Victoria in her last years. Judi Dench reprises her role as the Queen, as well as the beautiful Osborne House, so keep an eye out.

Doctor Who, 2006 - Pauline Collins

I Am Quite Used To Staring Down The Barrel Of A Gun.

In science fiction, historical accuracy typically isn’t the primary focus, and with Doctor Who I don’t blame them. The gun-totting Queen (played by Pauline Collins) seen in the Season 2 episode Tooth And Claw is faced with ninja-like monks and an alien werewolf in the Scottish Highlands. She meets the 10th incarnation of the time-travelling Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler by chance whilst travelling to Balmoral in 1879. However, she plans to spend the night at the ‘Torchwood Estate’ nearby, supposedly favoured by the deceased Prince Albert, and is accompanied by Rose and the Doctor. Unbeknown to her, the house had been taken over by monks in disguise as servants who harbour a man in the basement who is a werewolf,  in the hope of infecting the Queen and creating an ‘Empire of the Wolf’.

The trap is soon realised, and the Doctor tries to escape with his group, before discovering how to kill the wolf by combining the mysterious telescope in the house and the Queens Koh-I-Noor diamond (which actually existed) to create a concentrated light. As they recover from killing the wolf the Queen finds a cut from the chaos that she claims is a splinter, although the Doctor later reveals he thinks she was bitten by the wolf and that the Haemophilia she passed down through her family was in fact the infection of a werewolf. I find this portrayal a little Stereotyped and full of unnecessary historical exposition, but is generally quite interesting to watch and see her portrayed as a badass. This episode can be found on pretty much any video streaming site, such as Netflix and Amazon.

The Young Victoria, 2009 - Emily Blunt

I Wear The Crown! And If There Will Be Mistakes Then They Will Be My Mistakes!

The Young Victoria of 2009 was probably the beginning of the current spark of interest in the youth of Queen Victoria (you’ll notice toward the end of the list only are we seeing young portrayals). This film covers the life of Victoria from around the age of 16 to 22, arguably the most eventful and important years of her life. The film begins with a very brief retelling of Victoria’s life up until her coming to the throne, then throws you into the conflict of the royal family in around 1835. Victoria (portrayed beautifully by Emily Blunt) is shown at odds with her mother and Sir John Conroy whilst allied with her governess Letzen, Aunt Adelaide and Uncle William, as well as becoming acquainted with Lord Melbourne. Victoria also meets her cousins for the first time, Ernest and, more well known, Albert (played by the dashing Rupert Friend).

The film then follows Victoria’s rise  to the throne and release as she finds freedom and independence from her mother and Conroy, and an opportunity to become better acquainted with Albert. However, her struggle soon begins, with real events such as the Bedchamber Scandal and rumours surrounding her relationship with Melbourne play out. From her recovery of these issues, the rest of the film follows Prince Albert’s relationship with Victoria; their marriage, Victoria’s subsequent pregnancy and Albert preventing Victoria’s assassination-whilst getting shot himself. The film ends with Albert recovering well and the baby being born,  then a brief version of what happened in real life afterwards. Although some changes were made to timeline, such as Albert being present and the coronation and then getting wounded during the assassination attempt (when the Queen attended a private screening she wasn’t very pleased with these), I find this film a good portrayal of the real young Victoria and certainly captures Victoria’s struggles and relationships in her early days. This film will always hold a place in my heart (I know it practically word for word) because it was what sparked my interest in Queen Victoria. Its definitely worth a watch, and although it cannot be found on Netflix it is on Amazon.

Victoria, 2016 - Jenna Coleman

She Doesn’t Have A Name, She Is Doll 123.

Last year Victoria hit our screens with Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman in the staring role. As popular as it is, however, I found it difficult to watch. If your looking for historical accuracy, this probably isn’t the show for you. Victoria series one has so far covered Victoria’s life from the age of 18 to 22, and a second series is being filmed right now.

It begins right at the point of Victoria becoming Queen, dropping you into the midst of Victoria’s battle with her mother and John Conroy. It then follows her through the early days as Queen and visits the bedchamber scandal, leaning more toward the controversial death of Lady Flora Hastings. Victoria also meets and befriends Lord Melbourne. Their relationship is portrayed as being a romantically inclined one, some much to the point of Victoria proposing - although he declines. Victoria then is forced to negotiate around marriage suggestions, especially those surrounding her cousin Albert (played by Tom Hughes), who she detests - until she sees him, for the first time in years. From here their relationship develops to the point of proposal and marriage, including a curious subplot where Victoria attempts to ward off pregnancy. She fails, however, and the series ends happily with the birth of a daughter. In addition to following Victoria’s life the show also follows members of the Queen’s household, similar to Downton Abbey, and includes people like Miss Skerrett and Charles Francatelli (who were real people, although many other characters below stairs were not). 

 Personally, its not my cup of tea and I could pick it over all day, from costumes and characters to dates and sets. However to be fair, the show does follow a basic historical time timeline and I feel that Jenna Coleman does capture Victoria’s spirit and character. Victoria can be found on Amazon.

TVD 2x08 Review!

1. It does not make sense that Damon would be who Caroline tells the Tyler story to. 1. He is her abuser who tried to kill her literally 6 episodes ago. 2. Considering his reaction to her being turned, telling him about Tyler is like writing Tyler’s death sentence and she’s supposed to be protecting him. DETAILS, TVD. WHERE IS STEFAN.

2. And Damon legit grabs Caroline by the front and tells her not to be Tyler’s friend. Damon apologists can say that Damon was looking out for Caroline by telling her not to be Tyler’s friend all they want, but Damon raped Caroline, tried to kill her twice, bodily threw on beds and shit and his response now is to grab her up and tell her not to do something?

3. Paul is looking really good in this outfit.

4. I find it so strange that Lauren Cohan’s British accent always sounded fake to me and she’s in fact British.

5. “Everything she says is a lie! How did I know she was going to go spouting out the truth?” When did Katherine actually lie though? Like she pretended to be Elena to fuck with your heads, yes, but other than that, when did she lie, Damon? Or lie to you, at least.

6. “Who’s Elijah?” “He’s your worst nightmare.” Is he though? Is he really?

7. Is no one wondering what the hell these kids are doing in an empty classroom? It’s the middle of the DAY.

8. Tyler is legit pretty chill over the fact that he killed someone.

9. “The elephant in the room let’s out a mighty roar” do elephants roar?

10. Stefan is actually unbelievably mature and Damon is ridiculous.

11. I love how they make Bonnie take out the grimoire but don’t actually have her read from the grimoire when shes doing a spell.

12. It makes literally no sense that Trevor and Rose would untie Elena and let her roam especially since the last time they took their yes off of a Petrova doppelganger she hung herself and became a vampire and put them in this mess.

13. “It’s a weakness and I don’t want certain people to know that.” “By certain people you mean Damon” legit they would’ve killed him by now. It would be so interesting if there was a form of vampire government that Damon actually worked for and Stefan had to stop the group from killing Damon because if they did it would start, like, Open Season on humans.

14. Jeremy, why would you feel alone though?

15. I do love how Bonnie’s note just HAPPENS to end up on the couch.

16. I love Damon’s face when Stefan tells him he’s drinking from Elena. Like oh shit. They’re, like, in love… YEAH.

17. “I wonder if Elena would be so quick to open her veins to that guy” I mean she saw him, Damon, she saw him be a Ripper.

18. The problem with Elijah killing Trevor is that I don’t really know who he is right now to care that he’s dead, it’s just this random dude who kidnapped Elena who died. OK? And? Rose’s reaction is also really muted for someone who has been loyal to one person for 500 years.

19. How did Rose even find Elena again?

20. Lmao Daniel’s accent gets weird when he starts taunting Stefan and Damon.

21. This is another moment where being with Stefan enables agency. Elena gets to throw a vervain launcher at Elijah and feels safe doing so with Stefan having her back.

22. I want to know what that drive home was like. Did Stefan and Elena sit in the front or did Damon drive and Elena and Stefan sat in the back?

23. I just find it SO telling that every time Stefan does something mature or does something to save Damon’s life, his response is to hit on Elena. Stefan is apologizing, owning up to his mistakes, saying how he just needed his brother so Damon’s like, true, hey Elena let me say I love you and compel you to forget because my brother is not trash and then like a few episodes later I’m totally going to disrespect your boundaries again.

24. Seriously, though, Tyler goes through way more growth than Damon ever did because Tyler’s just like yo, I’m scared and then he starts to get defensive because he admitted that he was scared but he admits it and when Caroline hugs him he realizes it’s OK to be scared AND he apologizes for being the way he was when he pressed her to admit she was supernatural without having to be coerced.

25. All I’m saying is this:

She looks flat out scared in both situations.

26. How would Rose not realize that Elijah wouldn’t be dead?

Thanks for reading!

What People Don't Understand About "Cluke"

I would like to make the 100% clear to anyone before reading this mini-rant that IN NO WAY DO I SHIP CLEMENTINE AS AN 11-YEAR-OLD with Luke. Pedophilia is messed up to the millionth degree. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t ship it in 6-7 years when Clem is a young adult and old enough to a) be in a relationship and b) make mature decisions on her own. Because at that point, I would completely ship it.

Let’s start at the beginning with your concerns. A very good place to start:

Concern #1: Why are people even considering this ship? What caused this ship to even set sail?

This was a pretty easy one. Luke and Clem had a pretty great relationship from the get-go. A strong brother-sister bond. Luke seems to really respect her as a member of the group and not just a dumb little girl. He is the only one of Clem’s new group to do this, and that got many to take notice. Whether it’s a brOTP or a ship, people love this relationship because it’s genuine and the two seem to suit each other in a non-pervy, natural way. The dialogue flows, the fun is there, and let’s be honest, we all sort of have a crush on Luke, so that’s a factor for us playing as Clem. 

We see the potential. We like the relationship. Age becomes a non-issue after your teenage years in the ZA. So do we think it’s possible for this friendship to go further after a couple of years? Well, why not? Everything for a strong relationship is in development.

Concern #2: How about that age gap?

Firstly, even in the world today, age really doesn’t play much of a role in relationships once two people are consenting adults. People “click” based on their opinions and maturity levels, and Clem’s maturity is off the charts. From my personal life, my aunt and uncle are 22 years apart and very much in love. Age has never been a problem for them. They have two gorgeous kids and just work together.

I could see a similar situation with Luke and Clem who just seem to get each other. Although the ship is strictly platonic now, it would be unreasonable to think that nothing at all would crop up between them in the future. In the Zombie Apoc, age matters EVEN LESS. At max, Luke might be 15-16 years older than Clem, but in a world where happiness is rare and choices for partners are limited, people in the same groups can’t help considering each other. Clem is a strong young lady, and one day when she’s older, partnering up with someone who fits that personality type wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

Concern #3: Wouldn’t it be pretty nasty if Luke wanted to hook up with a kid?

Of course it would! But the Cluke shippers (at least the rational ones) are hoping for a relationship between Clem and Luke in the future, NOT CURRENTLY. Those who want a relationship NOW are SICK IN THE HEADS, to put it mildly. 

Luke has no *shudders* attraction to Clementine right now. None. NONE PEOPLE. He loves her because he wants to look after her and finds her to be a really cool kid with a good head on her shoulders. I’m pretty sure if Cluke ever happened in a reasonable way, Clem would have to be nearing her twenties. I’m sure Luke would feel pretty uncomfortable about his feelings at first and Clem might have to initiate. But it would be a slow-burn sort of thing. Something that grew out of respect and admiration, not after, what I like to call, “the other half of Tumblr” lust or sexual urges…

The two of them are both too level-headed and rational to ever do anything “flingy”. If it happened, it would be a partnership. They’d look out for each other. Sort of like a ZA marriage of sorts. The group would be in on it and grow to accept it. It’s a new world order, and sometimes, love happens whether you see it coming or not.

Concern #4: Still! It’s pretty weird ending up dating someone you knew when they were a kid!

Yeah. I think Luke would kind of struggle with this, I can’t lie. He’s a level-headed person, like I said above. Even considering a relationship with Clem at any point would probably make him feel like a huge perv and put him into massive denial. He’d insist she was like his sister and nothing was going on, even if there was obvious chemistry, because that’s just his character. You can’t write Luke to be a pervy, childish pedo, because it doesn’t line up with what we know about him up to this point. Luke would probably really beat himself up over even the mildest attraction and try to put it completely out of his mind.

Clem, on the other hand, might be more able to move past this because of the time she’s growing up in. Whether she ever had crushes on him as a girl, as a young adult, Clem wouldn’t be as reluctant to consider the possibility. To her, Luke hasn’t changed at all, she’s just learned to love him more and maybe in different ways.

Concern #5: Luke’s probably not gonna last the season.

Don’t remind me. I love him too much.


These two have some growing-up to do together before one can even consider this a potential relationship. Most of what the Cluke shippers hope for is a good story and a lot of character development at the moment, and a relationship in a few years when Clem’s an adult. It’s not impossible. It’s not unreasonable. Things happen. Luke’s an awesome guy. Clem’s an awesome girl. I personally think they could be pretty happy together some day, as unlikely as it is that Luke lives to see that day. He’s a really nice guy with all the right stuff, and normally that means he has to die. I’m hoping that this time I’m wrong, but this is twd. No one’s ever really safe.

Cluke shippers see the potential for a great partnership on so many levels. It’s not as pervy as you might think. It could happen very naturally with time and age. Just like real life, people come together for all different reasons in all different circumstances. 

And most importantly, don’t hate on Luke. Poor guy doesn’t even have the first clue what us crazy fans have been scheming about. Appreciate him at face value! Telltale made him an awesome character. Hope this helps explain things!

Zombie Ethics

summary: Zombie AU with a twist… ft. lots of terrible innuendo (the brother-in-arms of Mindreader Sex)

genre: humour, kinda-smut, angst
wc: 9.8k (ish)
warnings: the gore you’d expect from a zombie au (blood/cannibalism), alcohol, sorta non-con

I lean back on the furs in the wardrobe, steadying my breathing.
‘Although, just in case… It’s quite cosy in here. Wanna make the most of our final hours?’
‘Well, it’s not gonna matter if we don’t use condoms at this point is it.’

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #108

VM 2x11 Donut Run

Stray thoughts

1) VM did the elevators thing way better than Grey’s Anatomy okay? let me have this please

2) There’s not a single thing that I don’t love about this whole exchange. (Okay, I stand corrected, I don’t love one thing: Logan’s first line.)

LOGAN:  Hi ho.
VERONICA: What did you say?
LOGAN: Oh, your uniform. Hi-ho, it’s off to work you go.
VERONICA: I guess that makes me Snow White.
LOGAN: You must be on your way up to see Mopey.
VERONICA: How’s he doing, Sleazy?
LOGAN: Wouldn’t know, he doesn’t come out of his room. Old Italian ladies don’t grieve like this. Boy, he must’ve really loved Meg.
VERONICA: Well, then there’s that other thing. You know, he can’t see his baby.
LOGAN: A baby? How’d that happen?

Here’s why I love it. Veronica keeps trying to one-up Logan in this snark battle while trying to defend Duncan, but in the end, Duncan is way beyond defending at this point. And Veronica just knows it (even if they’re trying to pull off a charade.) But the thing I love the most is that Veronica thinks this snark-off is about Logan trying to put her down, but actually he’s just trying to list all the shady things Duncan has done and how much of a crappy boyfriend he’s been to Veronica. And in the end, Veronica has no arguments to defend him because deep down she knows Logan’s right. 

That being said, in a show that is basically about mysteries, the fact that she keeps trying to defend Duncan and make excuses for him when he has time and again shit all over her might be the biggest mystery of them all.

3) “Time to fake the Donut.” The truest line ever spoken in this show.

4) So why exactly did they put up a show for Logan? I know that the next day we learn Logan has told Dick all about this but it’s not like he didn’t already suspect something happened between Kendall and Duncan (he hinted at it right in front of Veronica in 2x07) becAUSE IT FUCKING DID. I don’t care that the writers decided to drop that plot and turn it into a decoy: KENDALL HERSELF MENTIONED SHE HAD BEEN IN DUNCAN’S BED WHEN NO ONE WAS AROUND BUT DUNCAN AND HE DIDN’T FUCKING DENY IT. So it happened. It’s there, it’s canon. 

Moreoever, what was the point of this scene and having Logan see it and then spilling the beans to Dick if they were going to do the whole public break-up thing in front of the whole school? (Logan could’ve confirmed everything Veronica was talking about without having Kendall showering at Duncan’s)

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Valkyrie Part 7: Distant Memories

A/N: You can find all the other parts here. I know I’m dealing this love story a little bit slowly, but trust me, with this chapter we are getting a lot closer! :) 

Plot summary: Lydia confronts a desperate Stiles about his feelings for Y/N. Y/N has a little involuntary meeting with Theo that becomes pretty intense as they talk about distant memories. (maybe a little kissing? who knows. ;))

Persons involved: Reader, Stiles, Lydia, Theo (and Parrish)

Originally posted by sevgisonsuz

Stiles sits at his desk in his shady office and stares at the drawing in his hands for the one hundredth time. It’s the picture of a woman. To be more exact: of the woman who killed the werewolf and tried to kill Liam. Stiles was quite impressed when Y/N had been able to describe her so well and accurately. Lydia added a few things and now he has this impression of a beautiful woman in front of him that he has never seen before. That is not to be found in any archive he has access to. That doesn’t seem to exist at all.

He sighs heavily and lets the picture sink onto the desk, making Lydia look up from her laptop. She frowns at him slightly, wearing her typical suspicious expression.

“What?”, she asks demandingly.

“Nothing…”, Stiles mumbles. “It’s just…I hate this senseless searching for answers. Seriously, sometimes I just want to burn this stupid bestiary.”

“It helped us figuring out what Y/N is”, she retorts.

“Yes, after two sleepless nights! And it didn’t give us answers, only more questions.”

Lydia puts the paper aside and glares at him with a hint of annoyance in her green eyes. “You are not still mistrusting her, are you?”

“No…I mean…not really. Like I said to Scott, I just have a weird feeling about her”, he reasons defensively.

Lydia can’t keep herself from rolling her eyes. “Maybe that feeling has nothing to do with her supernatural powers.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Perhaps that she’s a beautiful girl who is obviously fascinating you? You love trouble and complication, Stiles, and the way you met her promised to be the ultimate complication.”

“Oh, come on!”, he exclaims, rubbing his fingers over his tired eyes. “Not you too.”

“So Scott also got it? I have to congratulate him”, Lydia says with a small smile that develops into a full grin at Stiles’ desperate expression. “You haven’t been seriously involved with someone since Malia, Stiles. It’s not a crime to be attracted to somebody.”

“I am not attracted to Y/N!”

“Whatever”, she just waves off, turning her focus back on studying the bestiary. However, she does feel a little bit triumphant. Lydia just loves when a theory of hers turns out to be true.

Stiles on the other hand observes her absent-mindedly. A thousand thoughts keep on rushing through his head and he can’t even really name them which ends in confusion, distress and desperation. Suddenly the office seems awfully small and stuffy to him. He definitely needs some space to get his head free.

“I’m gonna get some fresh air”, he announces abruptly, gets up and leaves the room before Lydia has any opportunity to react. A few curious glances from his colleagues follow him through the station and he’s glad to escape them as he steps into the sun. There he sinks down on the nearby bench, pushes out a deep sigh and buries his face in his hands.

He hates having no concrete direction in a case. Right now he’s tempted to call his dad for advice but he got promoted to work a calm job in Washington and Stiles prefers to leave him out of the supernatural chaos. And for Y/N…all he knows is that she’s confusing him. If that’s bad or good…he can’t tell yet. But he really hopes that Lydia is wrong about him loving complications, although his relationship with Malia certainly fell under that category.

“Stiles, are you alright?”, a voice suddenly rips him out of his depressing thoughts and makes him look up. It’s a frowning Parrish who carries files in his hands.

“Yeah…sure…what’s up?”, he retorts hurriedly.

Jordan sits down next to him and pulls out a specific paper.

“Those are the test results from the dead body”, he explains. “Apparently our victim was 23 years old and could be identified as Thomas Riggson from Sacramento.”

“I guess she likes her victims young and fresh. Do we know why he came to Beacon Hills?”

“No. No relatives or friends live around here. He rented the apartment for two months but was unemployed.”

Stiles considers this for a moment. “In fact that doesn’t help us at all. Let’s find out what that weird bitch is.”

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

Working out. The ultimate stress reducer to you, at least sometimes. Pushing your body to the limit calms your nerves. Maybe because it gives you a feeling of preparing yourself for battle, of getting yourself fit for combat. Maybe because it’s impossible to think about complex stuff when you are panting and sweating on the treadmill. Or just a combination of both things.

In the end, after an hour of torturing yourself, you step into the shower of the small gym and let the water run over your body with closed eyes. You really need to thank Parrish for lending you the keys to this private work out paradise. Nobody came to watch or disturb you. You have been alone the whole time, able to concentrate only on yourself and you definitely needed that. As you place your feet onto the cold tiles afterwards, you already feel much better, more focused and less confused.

You rub your hair dry, take on some clothes and return into the gym to stuff your other towel into your bag. As you close it, you suddenly hear a noise in your back and whirl around.

So much for being alone. You have no idea how he found you here but maybe he just followed you all along. Now he stands there, Theo Raeken, looking all relaxed and as if you agreed to have this meeting. You grip on the bag tightens and the line of your lips hardens.

“Oh, so now you are showing up instead of writing cryptic threats?”, you ask him coldly.

A gentle smile brushes his lips that just makes you angrier.

“Well, it seems like written words don’t really make an impression on you”, he shrugs off. “And I have to admit that it confuses me. You’ve never seemed to be the type of Valkyrie that searches for a pack.”

“I didn’t search for one, I found it”, you hiss. “We obviously didn’t know each other as well as we thought we did. I never believed that you would go back to be your murdering self but now you are working with a woman who tried to kill a 22 year old boy.”

He doesn’t even deny it. His expression doesn’t change a tiny little bit.

“I have my reasons”, he claims.

You snort. “There are no reasons to do something like that!”

“The Y/N that I knew never really cared who lived or died. Death has been a constant companion of hers.”

“And then she saw them die again. And again. And again. All kinds of people. Even kids. And believe it or not, unlike you I do have a heart. It took a toll on me.”

Theo raises his eyebrows, slightly astonished and definitely curious. He takes a step towards you and you would like to draw back but there is no space. He stops only inches from you, looking down right into your eyes, but you stand your ground, although your whole body tenses.

“Is that why you help Scott’s pack and endure Stiles’ insults? Because you want to be a hero now?”, he asks you derisively, his breath brushing your cheek.

You glare at him. “I don’t want to be a hero. But I rather save people than see them die or even kill them. And that seems to be what they do. They save people.”

“You don’t know them like I do. They are full of flaws”, he claims.

“I am too. And maybe they have changed. Like I have. You need to stop believing that you’re above everyone, Theo.”

He considers this for a moment, biting his lower lip and frowning. Then his eyes wander back to your face and scan it intensely. You feel uncomfortable under his gaze but you don’t allow yourself to show that. It’s weird how things change. A few years in the past you enjoyed those glances from him, even longed for them. As you did when he touched you. This distant memory keeps you from pushing his hand away as he raises it to put a strain of your hair behind your ear.

“You never had to change for me. I liked you as you were”, he says softly.

You press your lips together and stare at him. It’s so hard to tell when he’s sincere and when he’s just playing you.

“Those times are over.”

“They never had to be.”

“Yes, they did”, you mumble.

How the hell has he accomplished that you feel sad about this all of a sudden?! That you think about those calm, cosy nights in your tiny New York flat that you already forgot about? He cups your face and you are unable to do anything about it.

“I miss them. We have been pretty good.”

Theo gives you a small smile and comes closer at the same moment. By now you can feel the heat his body radiates. You swallow hard, trying to concentrate.

“And now you want to kill me because I befriended Scott.” It only comes out as a whisper. He knows he has won.

“I don’t want to do that. I want to do this.

This means leaning forward, burying his hands in your hair and pressing his warm and soft lips on yours. It feels so familiar, so melancholic. You know you should pull away, maybe even be scared of him but you just can’t. You absorb this act of affection that you are yearning for so much. Instead of punching him, you return the kiss, place your hands on his neck and pull him closer. It becomes more feverish, heavier. His hands wander to your hips and grab them longingly, his lips open. You feel a soft moan escaping your mouth and suddenly your brain is practically dead. All that you can think of are his lips on yours, your intertwined tongues and your hunger.

Until another thought enters your mind. Stiles. The image in your head that this could be him. His body that you press yourself against, his passion rolling over you.

This irritates you so much that you stop all of a sudden and step away from Theo, breathing heavily and eyes widened. What the hell is going on with you?! Why would you imagine something like that? Your heart is racing, you are just not exactly sure why.

Theo on the other hand displays a mix of disappointment and annoyance. He probably expected to achieve a little bit more with you.

“What?”, he asks you, almost challenging, and letting his relaxed mask fall for the first time today.

You are still thoroughly confused. Stiles’ face is haunting you and the guilty feelings wash over you as you realize what you’ve done.

“I…I need to go now”, you mumble, grabbing your bag and literally running to the door.

“You need to make a decision, Y/N! Leave this city, stay with me or have me as an enemy. Your choice”, he calls after you.

Right now you just want to get away from him.

–> Part 8 

First part of a  bit of a primer on book-specific stuff for people coming into the fandom through the musical and wondering who the heck all these extra characters are! 

The biggest chunk of characters who don’t really get explained in the musical are probably Les Amis de l’ABC, aka The Barricade Boys. (Heck, some of them don’t even SHOW UP in the musical, sorry, Bahorel!) . While they don’t get the MOST page time, they ARE around for about half the novel (and four years of in-story time), majorly involved with the barricade plot, and, because it’s Les Mis, just LOADED with symbolism as a group and individually (I’m not gonna get too much into the symbolism here because seriously I’ve been talking about the book for years now and that is a neverending conversation.) 

While this is a very brief and somewhat tongue-in-cheek summation, all of the info here is book- accurate and/or backed up with research, and I can point out the references if needed!  (and standard disclaimer: this is meant to fill in blanks and give some basic info, not be comprehensive or tell people what to do in fanwork!) 

So, under the cut, Les Amis de l’ABC! (the name is a pun, because ABC sounds like “abaisse”, the abased, so: friends of the abased):

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Great Expectations

A horrifically late birthday present for the amazing, beautiful, talented (h)ANJ (cinnamoncoffeecharms)! LOVE YOU TO DEATH. Thanks for putting up with my procrastinating self.

(also thanks to ravenclue for the idea!)


Lily sits beside James under a starry summer sky, silently slipping her fingers into his weathered hand. She squeezes gently, once, a contented smile settling on her lips. 

“It’s nice here,” she says.


James glances down at her. Long shadows cover her face, and her facial expressions are hard to tell. James, though, knows.

They have been dating for two months, but it feels like he’s known her forever. He still glances over at her sometimes, just to make sure that she’s really with him, after so many years of secretly obsessing over her. He’s a lucky git.

He reaches over with his free hand to tuck a stray stand of hair behind Lily’s ear, and she smiles. Looking up at the sky again, Lily slowly leans back until she is lying flat on the ground. With a gently tug on their joined hands, James follows her, shuffling closer as he stretches his limbs out. James marvels at the warmth of her, just there, lying still beside him. Her bare shoulder touches James’s arm, but she doesn’t move away. 

James takes a deep breath, holds it, and lets it out. He tries again, holding the silence out as long as possible, before he bursts out,

“I love you.”

Silence. Lily stiffens beside him.

James holds his breath, not daring to move, waiting. 

After what seems like an eternity and a half, Lily turns to him. She lets go of his hand, instead letting her other hand trail up his arm until it reaches his shoulder. James doesn’t think he can face her, so he starts counting the stars.

“Hey,” Lily whispers.

21, 22, 23…

“Hey,” she tries again.

27, 28, 29…

James sighs, and turns to her. Her emerald eyes search his in the darkness, before crinkling in that Lily way of hers.

“I love you too.”

She reaches up to touch his cold cheek, running her fingers along the edge of his jaw. He turns his face into her hand, pressing a kiss to the inside of her palm.

James doesn’t remember ever being so happy.



“I am going to burn you,” Lily says calmly, adjusting her foot on the point of the roof, “If we make it off here alive.”

James and Lily are hanging off a window ledge on the Astronomy tower at three in the morning, having badly messed up a prank. Fireworks litter the ground, a long way below them, and James isn’t confident that they won’t be next. Lily has managed to put her right foot on the very tip of the roof below, but James has only his Quidditch-trained arms to have faith in. 

 It was a nice two months being Lily’s boyfriend, James thinks. If they’re lucky, he’ll look back on it with some fondness as Lily runs off with some Transfiguration-prodigy git who won’t be putting her in near-death situations in the early hours of some bloody morning. If they aren’t so lucky, they’ll both die, whereupon Lily will find some attractive dead git to run off with, who also won’t put her into life-threatening positions because, well, they’d be dead.

“Fair enough,” James replies. He tries to edge his grip along the ledge to try and support Lily, letting one hand go to reach out to her.

“Save it,” Lily snaps. James pulls his arm back. “I’m not letting go just yet.”

James shuffles back to his original place, cringing as his foot whacks against something sticking out of the wall. His ankle is probably going to be bruised tomorrow. If he lives to see tomorrow. He laughs to himself. Bloody hell.

“James!” Lily hisses. James tries to turn his head to her, but then decides it isn’t a good idea as the wood above him gives an ominous creak. 


“Put your foot on that brick, test it for strength, and get yourself back up on that window frame.”

James lets out a breath. “You’re brilliant.”

“I know.”

“And modest.”


James creeps his right foot along the wall, pausing when it hits the object. Gingerly, he places his foot on it, shuffling along the wall until he can place a considerable amount of his weight on it. It shifts, just a little, but holds. Here goes. With a heave, James hoists himself up on the window frame. It doesn’t open, but this is better than nothing.

He reaches down, grabbing Lily by the arms. In a single motion, he pulls her up with a grunt to seat her next to him. 

“Now what?”

“I guess we wait to get caught. Or fall and die.”

Lily snorts, leaning back against the window. She watches the skies as silence envelops them.

“The stars are pretty,” Lily comments after a moment.

James sucks in a breath. “Yeah.”

“It’s a shame we’ll never see it again.”

“Yeah.” James laughs quietly. Lily’s frowning lips turn up at the corners.

She shuffles closer to James, pressing her bare arm against his for warmth. James hesitantly smiles down at her, but she is looking out over the forest in the distance. 

“It was a good life,” she continues. “I had fun. I traveled Europe with my family. I made some nice friends. I gave up on Petunia. I’d have loved to have lived to see her marry that cow, though.”

The window ledge creaks under them.

“I made Head Boy. I have three brothers to mourn me. I got you to hold my hand.”

Lily rolls her eyes, crossing her legs. The ledge tilts forwards, ever so slightly.

“Lucky you got that done before you landed us in this mess.”

James blanches. She snorts.

“I’m not joking. I think this thing’s going to give out on us.” Lily looks down, then up at James, an almost amused smirk playing on her pale face. James shifts his weight, and hearing the wood protest, takes a breath.

“Look, Lily. I just… I wanted…” He closed his eyes. “I lov-“

“Don’t you dare,” she interrupts, “say something you wouldn’t say to me if we weren’t going to die and if you hadn’t gotten us into this mess.”

There’s a silence, then James opens his eyes.

“I love you, Lily Evans.”

Another silence.

“I’ll consider it,” Lily says finally, “But it will work in your favour if you get us off here without any broken bones.”


A broomstick appears out of nowhere, and James barely has time to catch it as it zooms at his crotch. A grinning Sirius pops up from under the roof below, straddling one himself.

Lily rolls her eyes. “Was that sorry attempt what I think it was?”

“It sounded better in my head,” Sirius admits with a shrug. He holds out a jacket to Lily, who pulls it over her shoulders as James mounts his broom. James holds out a hand to Lily, who ignores it as she swings her leg over behind him. 

As they fly off under the starry sky, debating how to get back inside the building without being skinned alive by McGonagall, Lily leans forward.

“I love you too,” she whispers, tightening her grip around his waist as the broom, surprised, drops.

Righting it again, James smiles. He doesn’t remember ever being so happy.

28 Thoughts on 7x08

If you haven’t guessed yet, I write these thoughts in real time ;) Here we go.

1. These flashforwards are not intriguing or suspenseful. The fact that Lily set a trap for Stefan but got Damon instead means absolutely nothing to me.

2. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that Enzo is in on Damon and Stefan’s plan and Caroline is … where? AND VALERIE IS THERE TOO.

3. What is WITH the show and making pancakes for breakfast now? Could it not have just been left at a Bamon thing?

4. Oh look mute Beau and his subtle facial expressions. I can’t even.

5. Julian is Klaus, I don’t care what anyone says. His demeanour is EXACTLY like Klaus’.

6. LOL at Matt asking Caroline if she wants to “cut class today” Julie, give it up. We done know that these people do not actually go to college. They would all be on academic probation by now. Stop trying to slip in some logical detail because it’s illogical to do so since it doesn’t belong in the illogical world you’ve created.

7. Matt knows Caroline is pregnant before Stefan does. Excellent.

8. Caroline is WAY too calm about being pregnant with twins who aren’t hers. “On the one hand I know how much this means to Alaric bu on the other hand, I have no idea what it means for m” ARE YOU SERIOUS? You can make her freak out and cry and go into hysterics, you can make her go through a myriad of emotions, she just found out she was pregnant through no will of her own! LIKE COME ON.

9. Oh yes let’s have Enzo stalk Lily but have him become Bonnie’s love interest for absolutely no reason at all. Also where is Bonnie? We’ve seen Stefan and Damon and Matt and Caroline and Enzo and Lily and Julian and Mary-Louise and Beau and Nora but NO BONNIE?

10. Remember when TVD had good music that went with scenes? What the fuck happened?

11. I don’t even understand why Enzo would have romantic feelings for Lily, they clearly have a maternal-son relationship. Like stop it.

12. I don’t care for Enzo at all but he looks at Lily with longing and with yearning and every time he’s looked at Bonnie (in previous episodes because SHE ISN’T HERE) it’s been with … mild curiosity and smug disinterest.

13. Teehee Stefan looks hella hot in his grey sweater and jeans. *sigh* It wouldn’t be one of my posts if I didn’t take a second to appreciate the chiselled handsomeness that is Paul Wesley.

14. When he opens the door and says “Oh, hi” to Caroline, I thought it was cute because of the way he smiled at her but it was awkward because i feels as if Caroline is not his girlfriend (despite the many times they make each character say “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”) because there’s distance there and she seems like a stranger or a crush or like they haven’t had sex and turned off their humanity together and gone through comforting each other through the death of two loved ones (Liz and Elena — even though Elena isn’t dead). Basically, it’s awkward.

15. Yeah, I am not a Damon fan or an Ian Somerhalder fan (like at all) but I give credit when credit is due and Damon looked pretty good in that red (maroon?) shirt. But Damon calling Caroline “Stefan’s distraction machine” makes me -_- for two reasons. The first being, is no one going to talk about the way Damon objectifies women? Especially Caroline who he raped (YES HE RAPED HER) 2. But when has Caroline ever distracted Stefan? They are never in the same room together. We barely see them talk. They’re keeping each other out of one another’s lives. So … what? 

16. I don’t know why Caroline needed Valerie to come to her rescue, why couldn’t Caroline have just told Stefan she needed to talk to him alone?

17. So I know there’s supposed to be a phone call this episode in which Stefan makes up for how badly he reacted to the news that Caroline is pregnant but I’m sorry, this scene where he finds out … this is not Stefan. Even if Stefan is shocked and processing and terrified and resentful or whatever else about what’s happening, his first instinct would be to ask his girlfriend if she’s OK because that’s STEFAN. He always puts other’s feelings before his own. And even if he did have to go, he would be like “I have to go” *stares at her intently* and maybe an awkward kiss on the forehead as he gets up to go, like the scene CAN be awkward and affectionate at the sam time because that would be how Stefan would react! He and Caroline weren’t even touching in this scene, they do not come across as a couple!

18. See, they’re doing a good job showing the relationship between Julian and Nora/Mary-Louise so I can see why it would be hard for THOSE TWO to betray him (if it comes to that) but Julian and Lily are ridiculous.

19. Oh! Another shot of Beau. NOT SPEAKING. And staring at Julian and Lily because he has NO OTHER LIFE. I feel like they’re showing Beau as much as they are because Bonnie is clearly not in this episode and they want to fill some sort of diversity quota. Yeah, I said it. Because TVD and The CW is hella. anti-black.

20. Damon and Lily’s talk about how he got over how he abandoned her and how he’d leave her in he prison world to rot is pretty much exactly like his conversation/dynamic with Katherine. Like I’m bored.

21. Drunk Enzo spiralling because of Lily is like drunk Damon spiralling because of Katherine AND Elena.

22. Matt to Enzo “Damon didn’t want you, Lily didn’t want you, this town never wanted you, so why are you still here?” WAY TO SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS THAT ENZO AND BONNIE WILL ONLY EVER GET TOGETHER BECAUSE SHE IS HIS LAST RESORT.  I don’t know how Bonenzo fans can constantly defend this ship. It’s such a disrespectful dynamic for Bonnie. WHO ISN’T EVEN IN THIS DAMN EPISODE.

23. This is, like, the second time Enzo has been captured by “mystery commando” dudes. Also considering how much shit Matt takes, hearing how he’s useless and ineffectual … HOW HAS HE NOT SNAPPED? Enzo is standing there telling him how much he sucks and Matt has a gun in his hand. Even if the gun wouldn’t kill him, it would be interesting if you saw Matt snap and just empty his clip into Enzo’s chest because he’s tired of being ridiculed. Like give Matt some bite. Make him prove the others wrong. But JP and CD only seem to want characters to prove other characters wrong when it’s stuff like “he’s a monster with no redemption!” oh look he does redeeming things. BORING.

24. It is unbelievable how quickly everyone believes Valerie’s story. So. Unbelievable. One story and everyone is like Oh shit, Julian is a monster. That’s IT? Then Valerie could’ve done this AGES AGO.

25. I know they’re trying to forge a bond between Stefan and Lily by making her give him “motherly” advice but the shit she’s telling him to do “Tell her you love her, never forget what it must feel like for her” or whatever else, STEFAN WOULD KNOW THIS NATURALLY. That is why Stefan was an amazing boyfriend. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. He would’ve never had to have this conversation to be there for Elena. Or even Katherine.

26. So that phone call happened. I mean, it was aight. I just feel like Stefan would’ve said that the moment he found out about the twins so I just keep thinking, Do better, writers.

27. I so do not care that Lily stabbed herself and that she ends up coming back three years later or the twist that the werewolf venom tricks Damon into think it’s his mother when it’s mystery gun woman who wants Stefan.

28. Wow, this episode was just bad. Like so bad.



repierced  asked:

Let's say Netflix approached you for advice because they saw you owned a Pretty Little Liars blog and they were rebooting Pretty Little Liars after Free Form's finished with their show and perhaps films. They want a darker tone, more of a murder series then a teen series. If you had the chance to start PLL from fresh, who would you make A and what motive would you give? Also what changes would you make? Please answer, I'm really interested in this concept :)

Wowww this is such a good question! I’ve never answered anything like this before! 

To be honest it’s quite easy to answer though: NO HIGH SCHOOL.

I would’ve started season 1 from the age they’re at now in this time jump. Of course that would mean Aria would not have been Ezra’s student which is a major story line of the show, but that’s okay, I would put them in a work environment where it is still considered inappropriate to have that relationship.

I would start from them all being 22/23 because it’s the high school vibes that really have prevented this show from being bigger than what it is. Without getting into exact ages, I can image that the whole “ABC Family” thing and “16 year old girls” and “queen bee goes missing” and “mysterious anonymous stalker by text” is really what restricted the show to this younger audience. 

I would get rid of that all. 

I would have promos everywhere like “you won’t believe what happens in the final minute”, as opposed to a scene of a teenager sitting on a chair saying “#AliTellsAll, watch and tweet live with us!!”
How To Get Away With Murder did that above promo one of their finales, and wow, that final minute deserved to be emphasised in the promo trailer.

I would seriously just ‘go there’. I really feel like the writers hold back. Spencer was A for only one episode (because ABCF told Marlene no). Toby was A for only 12 episodes! No!! Ezra was revealed as possibly A but later was just writing a book. They start some amazing story lines and pull out before they can fully execute them. 

I wouldn’t be afraid to get the audience talking, even if it’s in a negative way like “why would Toby do that to Spencer!!!” Oh, he did it to protect her? How cliche. I would go full extreme like Toby legitimately fell in love with his step sister Jenna and he thought Spencer blinded her and he really needed revenge, and he never really loved her, until Jenna tells Toby that it was actually Alison who was behind the Jenna thing, but by then it’s too late because Spencer is in hospital because of a seriously dangerous stunt, end the finale with Spencer possibly dying before Toby can truly say sorry and “I love you”, then we come back in the premiere and Spencer is alive but A has taken Toby away, etc.

There’s sooooo many possibilities to make the show more mature, extreme, dark and mysterious! Also I would not have pulled out from the storylines where Byron is involved. That had sooooo much potentional; maybe he got her pregnant and killed her. Yes that’s extreme for 16 year old Alison and Byron who is a father in THIS show, but in my show Ali would be 24/25 and Byron would be divorced.

I seriously would make A be Alison. Not any of the other liars, I admit that is still too far and no matter what, the show should never go there. But Alison was so bitchy in her flashbacks when she was ‘dead’, so she has it in her. Why would Ali be A? All the girls were drunk that night and collectively, they all ‘killed’ her for her bitchy ways. And when I say bitchy ways, I don’t mean “I’ll tell Melissa you’re kissing Ian”. Step it up! Bitchy as in “I will tell the world you had sex with a cop and paid him to keep quiet”. That’s a bad example, but you know what I mean. These girls really wanted her dead. They got drunk, shit happened. They ‘hit’ her, and became A to get revenge. But of course, that’s just the beginning. It would stem off from there with twins, transgender secret children who are looking for Ali and think the liars killed her, etc.

I would add more swearing, too. The worst we’ve heard is bitch, and wow… in the finale they stepped it up when CeCe said bastard!!!

I would just give the audience what they want. Yes, have fillers, but make them sooooo interesting. Every episode, reveal something. And when I say reveal, I don’t mean ‘give an answer’ or else the show would be done by season 3. But reveal something in the sense of A sending a message that changes the game completely like A posting all over social media photos of the girls at Ali’s open grave. DO SOMETHING EXTREME! 

Make us legitimately feel like the girls are screwed. Check-mate. A needs to put them in a scenario almost every episode where they are so screwed and need all the luck in the world to get out of the mess. THAT would be entertaining, and if it’s done right, seriously… I would want a season 8.

I could write about this all day, as you can tell. There’s so many areas of this show I would love to change and it could literally be one of the best shows on television. The concept is there, but the excecution by Marlene and Freeform ain’t the best. They hold back. They restrict themselves from making it on par with HTGAWM. 

Overall, to sum it up in 5 words: I would make it super
sexy, scandalous, mature, suspenseful and mind-blowing.

The Dineen Question

In season one of Scorpion, we saw Walter and Megan’s parents via flashback, and by the first hiatus of season two, we’d met both of them.  Happy’s father was introduced in the first half of season one, and although her mother is dead, we were introduced to her via a videotape in the early second part of season two.  Sylvester’s father will make an appearance in the January 18th episode, “Son of a Gun.”  These appearances of parents that have a canon shaky (at best) relationship with their children brings to mind a question that some have been wondering for a while now.

Where are Ralph’s grandparents?

From the few mentions of Paige’s childhood, she seemed to be happy.  In Dominoes (1.12) she looked genuinely shocked and sad at the geniuses’ negative memories of Christmas.  Her reaction to a story of Happy’s about always being rejected by her foster families, and every other “that is so sad,” comment she’s made over the course of the series in response to a story about her coworker’s families gives every indication that her (Paige’s) childhood was a pleasant, memorable one.  

So what happened?

Something had to.

The simplest answer to this question is that they are dead.  Paige’s age has never been definitively stated, but Eddie is a 35 year old playing a 33 year old.  Elyes is a(n almost) 33 year old playing a 32 year old.  Camille is a 37 year old who played a(n about) 36 year old. Ari is playing his own age.  This isn’t Glee. Katharine is almost 32 and is definitely playing close to her own age.  We know Paige started college (for most that’s at 18) but didn’t finish (for most that’s at 22), since she mentioned in 1.18 that she wanted to “finish my degree” and in 2.11 that she was in a sorority.  Ralph is at least ten but probably (assuming her comment to Owen in Dominoes wasn’t rounding up) 11 at this point, which means Paige is at the youngest, 30, and at the oldest, 32.  It’s not impossible for someone in their early thirties to have already lost both her parents to old age, but it’s unlikely.  It’s more likely that if they are both dead, it wasn’t peaceful old age that took them.

And if they aren’t dead? If one or both of them are still alive?  Then there are a lot more questions.

Why didn’t Paige and Drew decide to settle near her parents?  Or why didn’t she go to them, either moving back in temporarily or just moving to the same city, once it became clear Drew wasn’t coming back?  She and Ralph got evicted when he was three – you don’t get evicted unless you miss rent, so if she couldn’t pay it, why didn’t she ask them for help?  Especially when not asking them for help could have left her child homeless, something that we know Paige would not do if she had a single other option.  Why has she never even mentioned them?  I don’t remember if Toby has any living parents, but we have gotten a decent taste of his tragic backstory and he’s mentioned his parents several times, even if to just make a point.

Why have they never come to visit?  We have seen Paige and Ralph through several Christmases at this point, at least one birthday for each of them (and probably two birthdays for Ralph if his stated age of 10 in Dominoes is correct, since we know he was 9 in the pilot).  Why has every excuse for Ralph’s absence either been “sitter” or “Drew” when it could be so easily mentioned that he was visiting “his grandparents?”  A passing mention of Paige’s parents wouldn’t necessarily need a storyline built around it, as the geniuses probably also assume that she’s on pretty good terms with them.  But there isn’t one single mention of them.

So what happened? How did this falling out - it’s entirely possible the show could try to convince us there was none but the evidence suggests otherwise - begin? Did they disapprove of her dropping out of college? Did they disapprove of Drew?  Did one of them have some secret life that came out and she didn’t want them around her child?  Is it something else entirely - are they in witness protection?  Are they living in poverty and can’t afford to travel (or provide their daughter and grandchild with financial assistence?) but it seems odd that Paige wouldn’t be trying to help them out now that she’s financially secure.  

While pride is a thing that exists (that might prevent Paige from asking for help when they got evicted or that might help poverty stricken Dineen parents from accepting help now), it seems strange that Paige and/or her parents wouldn’t swallow their pride for Ralph’s sake, if nothing else.  Paige let Drew back into Ralph’s life for the sake of her son, it’s unimaginable to think her pride would be enough to separate Ralph from his grandparents, and just as unfathomable that Paige would risk her three year old son being homeless rather than swallow any pride she might have and ask her parents for help.  And even if her parents couldn’t help them out financially, but would have if they could have, and even if they won’t accept financial assistance from their daughter now, how would that translate to them never even seeing Paige and Ralph now, seeing as the Dineens we know can afford to travel?  It just seems that some sort of tragedy, death or a bitter falling out, is why we haven’t met or heard from (or heard about) Paige’s mother or father in thirty five episodes thus far, especially when she 1. by all accounts and implications had a good childhood and 2. has made them grandparents.

It’s possible – even likely – that Paige’s backstory, while her origins and childhood may have been the picture of what most consider ideal, is just as tragic as any of the geniuses’.

The Reasons Why Camille O’Connell Is Not Dying

There have been a few fairly ridiculous rumors lately about how Cami is going to die this season, and yet I’ve seen some people in the fandom actually get worked up about it. Therefore, I decided to write a post with all of the main reasons why there is no way Camille O’Connell is getting written off the show at this point or even later on.

I sincerely hope this helps soothe your pretty little minds. Our girl is fine, fandom. Let’s all take a deep breath and let that sink in.

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #41

BTVS 2x17 Passion


Stray thoughts

1) So I didn’t expect this episode to affect me that much after having watched it A LOT of times, but it still does. BTVS knows how to break my heart into a million pieces every single time.

2) You know shit is about to get real when an episode starts with a “Previously on…”

3) Angelus might be one of the worst psychotic murderous villains in all television history, but he was quite the poet. I’m sure anyone who has watched this episode at least once still remembers the opening and closing voiceover.

Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl. It speaks to us, guides us. Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have?

Just brilliant.

4) See, Twilight? When a guy creeps into your bedroom in the middle of the night and watches you sleep, it’s not romantic! It’s creepy, disturbing, TERRIFYING!

This is not something that should be romanticized. This should be a huge warning sign!

5) I love when a show makes fun of itself.

Xander:  Excuse me, but have you ever heard of knocking?

Jonathon: We’re supposed to get some books. On Stalin. 

Xander:  Does this look like a Barnes & Noble?

Giles:  This is a school library, Xander.

Xander:  Since when?

6) Is this a thing that happens for real in American schools? Do teachers really get to choose one of their students as a sub without checking with the school authorities first? 

7) Giles’ face when Jenny reveals she’s in love with him, though.

8) Oh god, I just noticed this and it broke my heart.

Jenny: I just wanna be right with you. I don’t expect more. I just want so badly to make all this up to you.

Giles:  I understand. But I’m not the one you need to make it up to.

See, if Giles hand’t said that, then Jenny wouldn’t have tried to find a way to restore Angel’s soul so that he and Buffy could be together again and Angelus wouldn’t have tracked her down and then oh god Jenny would have lived. Do you think if Giles ever wondered if things might have been different had he been more forgiving of Jenny? If he hadn’t pushed her to mend fences with Buffy before they could be together again? This is just so sad.

9) “Don’t tell me. He’s changed. He’s not the same guy you fell for?” That’s the understatement of the century.

10) So Willow was feeding her fish but didn’t notice the lack of fish in the aquarium?

11) RIP Willow’s fish, though.

And I’m grateful she didn’t have a puppy, too. That’s something I couldn’t have stood to watch, just the thought of it gives me the creeps!

12) Buffy admitting she cares too much about Giles to prevent him from being happy because of her grudge is the most lovely thing she could’ve done.

13) “Oh, thank goodness. I actually had to talk my grandmother into switching cars with me last night.” Bless you, Cordy. I’m sure your grandma could’ve fended for herself against the vamps.

14) Oranges, am I right?

15) So this is what the restoration spell is about, in case you were wondering.

As the orb is round in nature, as the earth is round in nature and the heavens are round in nature, so is the soul. Return from whence you were banished, using this orb as your guide - penetrate every ounce of the flesh, every sinew of the body and every tissue of the heart. Make what lays before you more than the empty vessel that is animal, that is beast  - make it man as God created when he separated the firmament of the heavens from the earth. Come forth now, return, return. As the orb burns, let life burn. 

It’s kind of beautiful, isn’t it? 

16) Now, Angelus didn’t really need an invitation to enter a public school building, did he?

17) And then THE scene…

I know Buffy is often (wrongly, in my opinion) labeled a “horror” show, because vampires + monsters = horror, I guess. But it’s not that often that the show actually delivers scenes that can fall under that genre. This is one of those rare instances. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this episode, but I can still feel the dread and the tension and the suspense building up. I’m rooting for Jenny, I almost hope Jenny will make it out alive every time I watch this episode. And I’m still heartbroken every time she doesn’t. It’s a testament to the awesomeness of this show that after all these years I still get chills watching this scene, as if I’m not expecting what I know will happen. (btw, if by any chance you’ve seen recaps or video reactions to this episode by spoiler-free first-time viewers, send them my way because I really really want to vicariously experience the shock from someone else’s first viewing)

What makes this death scene even worse, if that’s even possible, is the fact that Angelus doesn’t even act like a vampire, he’s just a psychotic murderer. He doesn’t try to bite her or feed from her or turn her. He just gets in vamp face to further scare her, not that it was necessary. He’s in it for the thrill of the hunt, the chase, and the kill. He doesn’t even look back after he snaps her neck. It’s all so vicious and depraved. 


Willow:  Oh, yeah. It went fine. Well, it went fine until Angel showed up and told Buffy’s mom that he and Buffy had… Well, you know, that they had… you know. You do know, right?

Giles:  Oh, yes. Yes. Sorry.

Willow: Oh, good, ‘cause I just realized that being a ibrarian and all, you maybe didn’t know.

Oh, Willow, as if you hand’t fantasized about what this particular librarian would know about that

19) And for once, Joyce did quite a decent job at parenting.

Buffy: I can’t tell you everything.

Joyce:  How about anything? Buffy, you can shut me out of your life, I am pretty much used to that. But don’t expect me to ever stop caring about you, because it’s never gonna happen. I love you more than anything in the world.

It was about damn time, Joyce.

20) I may or may not have started crying right when I saw this.

The way Angelus set Giles up is so much worse that any kind of physical torture he could’ve possibly inflicted on him. Angelus rejoiced in inflicting and witnessing emotional torture and pain and that’s definitely one of the most horrifying things anyone can do. Angelus was the worst, you know?

21) Exhibit B.

22) Didn’t the cops search Giles’ house, though? Didn’t they notice the trunk full of deadly (medieval!) weapons? Didn’t they have any questions? Didn’t they consider for just a second that the boyfriend might be the killer?

23) OF COURSE Xander would pull the “I told you so” card at the worst possible time.

24) Giles beating up Angelus gives me life, just saying. Even if it was just for a few seconds.

25) Break my heart, why don’t you?


Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we’d know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank… Without passion, we’d be truly dead.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t kill him for you… for her… when I had the chance. I wasn’t ready. But I think I finally am. I can’t hold on to the past anymore. Angel has gone. Nothing’s ever gonna bring him back.

28) And the most unexpected plot twist in history: everything depends on the Scoobies finding a fucking floppy disk.

28) I think I need therapy after watching this episode. K, bye.