she looks much calmer than me when i watch her

[INTERVIEW] MAMAMOO Solar and Moonbyul for CéCi Magazine (December Issue)

“Your fans may like this when they see it.“ Solar and Moonbyul were shy about the unfamiliar style. Their exchanges of ‘disses’ and compliments were so fun that l wanted to live stream it.

CéCi: Looking back at 2017, how would each of you explain your year?

Moonbyul: My life motto is ‘don’t have regrets’, and I tried really hard this year. When I was younger, both my parents worked, so I grew up with my grandparents. I took them both on a short trip, and it was really nice. After pushing it back, it was a dream that I finally fulfilled. My grandmother and grandfather enjoyed it, so it’s remained in my heart for a long time.

Solar: 'Let’s do better next year‘. We released an album, had a concert, and did lots of promotions and received a lot of love. But overall, it feels like there’s something missing. Even during the concert, I wasn‘t in my best condition, so I didn’t sing well enough to be satisfied. I couldn’t pay much attention to my parents with the excuse that I’m busy, and I wasn‘t able to look after my dog, that I’ve had for a long time, when she was sick. Whether it’s work or family, I want to take better care of them.

CéCi: Then what’s the most memorable moment, enjoyable day for you?

Moonbyul: Our fanclub inauguration ceremony (*the picnic fan meet). Communicating with our fans and letting them hear our music was really fun. Them cheering enthusiastically and being happy honestly makes me want to have an inauguration ceremony every month. (laughs)

Solar: Having a concert was my dream since I was a trainee before even debuting. That dream came true last year, and MAMAMOO had a concert this year as well. Whenever I stand on stage, it feels like I’m alive, it‘s thrilling and I’m really happy.

CéCi: What’s fun for you two outside of work?

Moonbyul: Solar unnie is the funniest to me. She’s a really fascinating person. An hour before she’s about to go out, she’ll stand in front of the closet trying on clothes. Then, she’ll start doing all these dances and ask, ‘How does this look?‘ and then change into something else. She’ll show idol group dances and even sexy dances. (laughs) If you watch her from behind, you wonder how she has so much energy/excitement, and it‘s interesting and funny. Even when I’m tired, if I look at her, I get energized. It’s like watching a 'Solar Show’.

Solar: If both of us were overflowing with energy, it would be chaotic. But Byulie is calmer than me, so the balance is right. Honestly, when I went to school, I didn’t have any worries or concerns. I was always happy, didn’t have any troubles, and didn’t even understand why people worried. While everyone else is in a serious situation, I would even laugh by myself. But I’m not that tactless anymore. (laughs) As I get older, I started getting things to worry about.

CéCi: Do you think your humor, that’s funny no matter how much you see it, will shine some day?

Solar: It did! During our fanclub inauguration ceremony, each of the members did a truth game. During Wheein’s turn to ask questions, the comment I made was really funny. Make sure you search for the video. (laughs) I was so satisfied with my pad in it, that I laughed by myself watching it in the car.

Moonbyul: I received a question from a fan at one of our fan meetings, asking, 'Byulie unnie, show us a healthy pose’. I wondered how I would show it, and I did a pose by flexing every part of my body, and they really liked it. I even got the nickname 'healthy Byulie’.

CéCi: What are three things that help you be happy again when you’re having a hard time?

Solar: Moonbyul, the stage, and the people I love, I think it‘s those three things. The people I love are my family and members, and our fans. Moonbyul still takes up 1 out of the 3. (laughs)

Moonbyul: Your answer has a soul in it, right? (laughs) When I’m having a hard time, I actually don’t tell my family- Instead, I call Solar unnie. Even if I don‘t say anything, just being together is healing for me.

CéCi: Lastly, please give an ending comment on how to end the year well.

Solar & Moonbyul: It’s an honor for both of us to meet the readers. Our official promotions are over, so we didn’t have that many schedules, but I think our fans like that too, so we’re looking forward to it. We hope you end your year well, and let‘s meet with a better appearance.

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So Much

A/N - Hi everyone, here is a fic for Wonder Woman!! Sorry it took so long, but I wanted it to be really good for you guys! Thank you @tickletober2017for putting on this event: the days work out so well!! I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 1,292

           “Are you trying to hide?” Two large eyes spied the spy, Steve Trevor. He took a step back, stumbling from the doorway. He had not been watching her as she read, he had not been admiring her beautiful physique, the little twitch of the lips as she read something amusing, the darting of the dark eyes as they skimmed through paragraphs. “You are not a very good spy.”

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