she looks like this lady who used to babysit me

#223 Who would've thought (Phil only)

“And that’s me at the lady who used to baby sit me’s house, back when we lived in Rossendale,” you pointed to a picture in a photo album.

“Hey, that kind of looks like my sitting room from where I used to live,” he pointed out, getting closer to the picture. “Oh my gosh, I think that’s my house!”

“No way. Did your mom used to babysit? I was too young to remember the lady’s face.”

“Yes, she did! That’s so crazy! No lie, I swear I remember playing with you. I probably remember better because I’m older,” he deducted.

“I can’t believe that your mom used to baby sit me! We used to be friends! Who would’ve imagined that I would move away from you, all the way down to Norwich, and then end back up together with you?” You laughed.

“Mum did always say that I was particularly interested in you,” he stuck his tongue out.

i remember this lady who used to babysit me sometimes straight up told me that she could see the devil in ash ketchum. “even though he looks like he’s a good guy, you can see the evil in his eyes" 

i was like 8 years old