she looks like that meme omg

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If it's not too much trouble, may I request Momo Hinamori for no. 10 on the Palette Challenge?

omg i am so not used to draw Momo qwq;;; I hope she looks like Momo and you like her!! (It was difficult for me but also fun to draw her, so thank you so much for the request, any time again!!)

I love the academy days ♥♥♥

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all i can think of is America's next top model n Maria steppin on everyone's game (and i guess the "girl look how fucking orange you look" meme between hamilton and jefferson)


honestly tho all the boys think they are hot shit™ and then eliza comes in with this smol chub girl like here’s your new co-worker!!!! be nice!!!!

and fuck man she’s got the nicest skin tone and the best curves and the prettiest lips she easily makes best model in like two days

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for the "send me a character" meme: franziska!

-First Impression: 

omg i was really looking forward to seeing her cuz they like build her up so when i saw her i was “goddamn she’s a badass bitch”

-Impression Now:

goddamn she’S A BADASS BITCH

-Favorite Moment: 

i’ve never loved anyone more in my life in that moment

-Idea for a Story: 

i would kill for more fic about her interpol antics with lang seriously they’re my #1 BROTP

-Unpopular Opinion: 

ok maybe this isn’t unpopular but it’s discoursey? but idk i see some fanfic where people like treat her more like a gag character like larry or completely act like she’s just a cold-hearted bitch who underwent no character development in the trilogy and i HATE it

-Favorite Relationship: 

her and miles edgeworth mean so much to me! they’re the only ones that can really understand each other bc of their upbringing and their (sibling!!!) love for each other’s like really complicated but they’re both v protective and always there to support each other and deny it right after

-Favorite Headcanon: 

i love the fanon that she just keeps on keeping on in interpol and kicks some major criminal ass and her hair keeps getting shorter and shorter while she gets hotter and hotter and presumably gayer and gayer

Dr Who Question Meme Thing-y

@goingtothetardis tagged me in this and, well…I’m not procrastinating! Who said I was??? *Looks around shiftily*

Classic or New: Oh gosh, a tough one right off the bat! So I grew up watching classic Who because my parents liked it (esp. Tom Baker era), so I do love it, but RTD era New Who is amazing (esp season 1- OMG!)

Fav Doctor: NINE! There can be no question for me, it’s NINE! He’s my all time favourite Doctor. My favourite classic Doctor is Four (especially as I grew up on his series) but Nine is my all-time favourite of any and all Doctors.

Part of it is probably the actor who played him (I LOVE Chris Eccleston beyond description) but he was so raw, so wounded and yet he could be so compassionate and very aware of the significance of each and every person. I cried when he regenerated.

Worst Doctor: I don’t know that I’d say worst Doctor, exactly, but my least favourite new Who Doctor was 11. Like @goingtothetardis, I think he was just so very poorly written and Moffat turned him into something the Doctor is not. I quite like Matt Smith as an actor, but his tenure as the Doctor wasn’t really something I enjoyed (which is not at all his fault). Maybe if he’d had a better script I’d have liked him more.

Also, much as i LOVE John Hurt, I felt like the whole War Doctor thing didn’t sit right with me. The plot was just so inconsistent with literally most of the new Who series at that point and, yeah. Didn’t go in for that, really.

From classic Who, I’d have to say seven was my least favourite. He had this whole passive-aggressive thing going on, and he was actually quite, well, manipulative in some ways. Didn’t care for that so much.

Fav Companion: Rose. Then Donna. And then Jack! <3 I love how each of these characters had such a low, set idea of themselves and through travelling with the Doctor, they realise their own potential and then fulfil it. Rose the uneducated Estate shopgirl that existed but didn’t live, Donna the loud-mouth unremarkable temp, Jack the sneaky conman… they all grew and evolved into these marvellous people, but even more important, they recognised their own worth, and I LOVED it. THAT’S what Doctor Who is about.

Worst Companion: Well, to be honest I reaaaaaallly don’t like River Song. The way her character was written made her pretty unappealing to me. I mean, she was obsessive and creepy about the Doctor (and frankly he wasn’t very nice to her either- 11 totally used her feelings to manipulative him). Plus she encouraged him to violence, which is a departure from the other companions who usually kept him in check, kept him accountable in some way. So yeah, not my fav. 

Didn’t care for Clara, Amy and Rory as they were written, although that’s a script thing. I like some of the versions I’ve stumbled across in fanfic though.

Top 5 Episodes: Five? You want me to pick ONLY FIVE? Well, fine then. You realise most of this is going to be season 1, of course?

  • Rose – Yep. I’m with @goingtothetardis on this one. I actually initially held out watching new Who for a while after it came out because I was scared it would somehow not live up to the happy memories I had as a child of classic who (esp. 4). Then I watched this episode (on a plane of all things), mainly because of CE, and fell in love with the Doctor and Rose. Honestly, Nine had me at “Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life!” Quirky, funny, poignant- this episode just got me.
  • The End of the World – I love this SO much because for the first time, we get to see a bit behind the mask of this Doctor. Maniacal, seemingly happy and go-lucky Nine shows a wounded, hurting lonely man underneath, and we get to see it all through Rose’s eyes. And her reaction, despite the danger is just PERFECT. “There’s me.” Just GAH.
  • Dalek - OMG CE was PHENOMENAL here. The wounded Doctor unexpectedly confronts the creatures that cost him everything, and his pain and his reaction is so…visceral. And Rose just blew me away in this episode. Even though she’s essentially at death’s door, the one thing she’s worried about is the Doctor blaming himself. The way they interact, the way Rose’s compassion accidentally rejuvenates the Dalek but ultimately turns it into something else…oh i could rave about this all day.
  • The Idiot’s Lantern – I love this episode. The Doctor and Rose work SO well together here, and his reaction when she she’s taken by the wire…oh it’s fabulous. DT was SO spot on. And their reunion…now THAT is the stuff of legends.
  • The Unicorn and the Wasp – I LOVE this episode. the Doctor and Donna had an amazing vibe and they worked so well together, and you really saw that here. PLUS AGATHA CHRISTIE! I LOVE AGATHA CHRISTIE!!!! Best of both worlds!

Any DVDs: I have it all from iTunes, so, no.

Fav Moment:  I have a lot…but a few would be when Rose runs into the TARDIS for the first time, the basement in Cardiff- I’m so glad I met you-, WW3/Aliens of London - I could save the world but lose you-, when they make up after their fight in 1987, after the Sycorax are defeated and they hesitantly and nervously and adorably agree to travel together again…and the stolen earth, when the Doctor and Rose finally see each other again (BEFORE THAT STUPID DALEK SHOWS UP AND RUINS MY MOMENT DAMMIT).

Scariest Moment: Hmmm…I have a few. Top two probably the kid with the gas mask in the Doctor Dances/the Empty Child ( I STILL can’t hear ‘are you my mummy’ without cringing), and the creepy psychic alien thing on Midnight. That was CREEEEPY.

Saddest Moment: Too many! I’m going to say Doomsday, and the goodbye on Bad Wolf Bay which may or may not make me cry (but BP got reeeeeallly upset filming that so at least I’m in good company), obviously, but also when Pete is saying goodbye to Rose in Father’s Day before he goes out to die. Oh, my heart. That hurt so much. 

Nine’s regeneration. I actually CRIED ON A PLANE watching that (yes I watched the of whole series 1 on a plane to Europe) and the steward walked past and saw me crying and asked if I was OK, and I told him why and he got teary too. Turns out he was a fan.He did give me chocolate though.

And also JE- when the Doctor just leaves Rose there after everything and wouldn’t even say it (owwwww) and also Donna. OMG Donna. The look on her face haunts me as she sees him coming towards her.

Missing Episode you want: I’d love to see some of Rose’s dimension hopping adventures running into previous versions of the Doctor (like, er maybe, I dunno, NINE? Lol. But any would be good).

OK, I’m going to tag the following lovely people:

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What happened to you? | Part 2

Please go read PART ONE of you haven’t already.

“Well, then just stay out of my life.” You say before turning around to walk out his door.

You heard him call your name but you didn’t care, you were tired of running back to him like everything was okay, you were done with him and his attitude. You couldn’t do it anymore.

Few weeks later….
Justin has been calling and texting you non-stop but you never answered, you were thinking of changing your number but you didn’t want to exaggerate the problem. He went to your house a couple of times but he never made it past security, plus you would never go out until he left.
You also heard that after a couple days later, Sofia and Justin broke up. You wanted to march down to his house and rub it in his face that you were right and that you told him so but you didn’t want to be mean.

You look in the mirror as you were finishing the last minute touches to your makeup. You were getting ready for Kylie’s birthday party.

At the party….
“Kylie, where are we going?” You say annoyed trying to catch up as Kylie dragged you right behind her. She didn’t answer, as she lead you to her balcony. “W-what is going o-” you say before coming to face with….Justin.

You felt your throat dry up, you felt you anger and sadness rise up to your chest. You didn’t say anything as you chose to walk away. Kylie and Justin yell your name but you kept walking. Kylie finally catches up and tries to stop you from leaving.
“Kylie you know I don’t want to talk to him…” You say as you try to escape from your best friends grip. When did Kylie get so strong? You thought to yourself. “Can you please let go?” You plead, hoping she would let go but she didn’t.

“No” she says as she looks at Justin then at you. She sighs before continuing, “Y/N you know I love you but this has to stop, and you know that?” You turn to see Justin staring down at his shoes and you knew that he wasn’t going to leave until you spoke to him.

You silently groan before glaring at Kylie. “I swear I’m going to kill you later….” You whisper causing her to laugh. “I’ll save you some cake!” She says smiling before running away. You roll your eyes smiling, suddenly your expression changes once you realized Justin was still here.

“Y/N…” Justin says as he walks up to you slowly.
“Look, you said some things and I said some things…lets just leave it at that.” You say a bit harshly but you didn’t care he had it coming.
“I’m sorry, but you were just pissing me off and it came off like that but I didn’t mean it in that way…” He says, you finally look at him and the expression on his face was hurt and guilt.

“Justin that’s not what I’m upset about…” You say, as your felt your tears peak at the corners of you eyes. He looks at you confused as he waits for you to continue. “It’s the fact that I don’t know even know who you are anymore.” You say as you felt your tears hit your cheeks. Just looking at him made you miss him, you wanted to walk right up to him and hug him but you knew that wouldn’t change anything.

“What are you talking about?” He asks confused.
“You haven’t been yourself lately and you know as hell that I’m right. What happened to the guy that I met years ago…what happened to my best friend?” You say desperately, you couldn’t fight your emotions anymore.

Justin looks at you hurt and says, “I’m still here, I’ve never changed.”
You look at him not convinced. “Are you sure about that? Well, I’m here trying to help you, give you advice but you’re pushing me away just like the rest. You’re beliebers they love you so much that it pushes them to be overprotective but that’s only because the love you…they really do.” You say whispering the last part.
“I know they do and I love them just as much but there are limits in a relationship that not all of us can agree on…” He says, and he did have a point.

“Justin, I’m not saying everything’s your fault….you have a point and I’m always going to be on your side but cancelling meet an greets, no hugs, no pictures now no social media…what more can you take from them?” You say and you felt like what you were arguing was useless.

“It’s not forever…I just need some space. Is that not allowed?!” He yells causing you to go silent.
After a few seconds, you look up at him. “Did you even love her? Sofia?” You ask, curious on what he was going to say.

He looks away hesitant, “Y-yeah…I guess.” He says but it didn’t sound convincing.
“Can I tell you my opinion?” You ask as he looks at you and slowly nods. “You didn’t love her. You just couldn’t stand the fact of being alone. Justin these girls aren’t going to make you happy, they’re aren’t going to erase the heartbreak or the bad times…and you know that.” You say, he looked away, clearly avoiding eye contact.

“Then what the hell am I suppose to do? Sit there like a puppy and wait for the right girl, and next thing you know we break up…look I don’t want to go through the that again.” He yells as he whispers the last sentence. As you observed him more you could tell his eyes were glossy…he was hurt.

“I know you don’t…but Jay this isn’t you.” You say truthfully, remembering all the years you’ve been with him.
“Well it is now, and if they can’t accept that then it’s their loss!” He says angrily as he places his hands on the railing of the balcony, looking towards the ocean view.

You walk up to him, as you touch his arm. “Look at me..” You whisper but he doesn’t because he was tearing and you knew he hated people see him cry. “I know you’re hurting, but you need to understand that things get better. I don’t know when but they will. Just like your beliebers I’ve always been here, through your proudest moments to your worst but through all that I still see the Justin that I’ve fallen in love with…” You say truthfully.

“Wait…You’re inlove with me?” Justin says turning towards you, shocked. You mentally slap yourself as you didn’t realize you’ve said too much.

“Uh uhm-” you say choked up from embarrassment as you tried to find the words to say.
“You’re in love with me…” Justin says smiling wide as he slowly puts his arms around your waist. He raises one hand towards your cheek, before leaning in.
“Justin…stop” you say quickly before pulling away from his embrace.

“What’s wrong?” He asks confused, as he looks at you.
“If you’re just going to use me until the next girl, just stop.” You whisper, trying not your best to keep your tears in. Justin looks at you shocked, as he walks up to you gently grabbing me your hands.
“I’m not going to use you Y/N, I could never hurt you. You’re one of the people that I would never ever think of hurting.” He says and you could tell he was telling the truth.
“Look you’re right…about everything. I haven’t been myself ever since Selena and I split but lately I realized it wasn’t heartbreak that changed my attitude but anger. I was so bitter that I used that against everyone, my beliebers and…you. I felt overwhelmed by the pressure, by the media not realizing that I was pushing those who believed in me and who really do love and care for me…and I’m sorry.” He says sniffling, he wasn’t crying but you could tell he was sincere. “No girl has cared for me as much as you do, never once did you leave my side or turn your back on me when the rest of the world was, I should have known that it was you all along…” He says as he places his arms on your waist again, as his thin caresses your lower back.

You look at him before cracking a smile. “Damn it I should have betted on this…”
“Fuck you!” Justin says jokingly as he laughs. Right there, you saw the real Justin, when he laughed it’s as if you went back in time. He was back.

“Just kidding!” You say laughing aswell before looking at him seriously. “I love you…but promise me just to be yourself and to slowly let your beliebers back in…I know it’s not going to be easy but it would really make them happy.” You say, you knew how much the beliebers cared for Justin and you could relate to them because you saw yourself in them.

“Promise.” He nods before continuing. “I do owe them…for everything they’ve done for me. Damn…I feel like a shitty role model.” He says causing you to laugh. “At the moment…you kind of are.”
“Ouch” Justin says pretending to be hurt, this is what you missed and you hope it stays like that. Justin looks at you before grabbing your cheek, as he leans in.

Kylie opens the balcony door holding a plate of cake before smiling. “Looks like she got her cake already.” She says as she chuckles before closing the door.

He hasn’t changed, he’s just acting differently give him some time and he’ll come back. I know we all miss him but let’s give him the one thing he’s been wanting.


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👫 [ omg yes please <333 ]

—「 」; | Send A 👫  & I’ll Write Four Headcanons I Have About Our Muse’s Relationship… Meme | ACCEPTING |

        — Sahar doesn't mind that Ace likes to keep her company sometimes when he isn’t busy. He tends to be quiet because he’s asleep most of the time. Sahar usually puts his head on her lap, to make sure he is comfortable. 

        — Both of them like to go looking for cats together whenever they are docked on an island. Sahar tends to be more into the cats then Ace, but she enjoys him tagging along. 

        — Seeing as both of them love food, I can see them attempting to both try all kinds of different types of food. There is an even a small competition between them to see who can finish the most food. Ace ALWAYS wins, much to Sahar displeasure. 

        — Sahar blames herself completely for Ace’s death. It’s not something that I pushed on her for the sake of angst, but because of her love for him. He was someone who kind and polite to her from the moment they met to the moment he died. She was frozen the moment she saw the hole in his chest. Despite all her years of medical training and knowing that it was much too late for her to save him, she still thought she failed him. Sahar loses herself after his death. She’s not the same person she was, almost a former shell of herself. She became cynical and bitter. 

        ***— Sahar and Ace totally stalk Marco. 

My Friends First Thoughts About WWE Wrestlers

Dean Ambrose: 

  • Is that Ed Sheerean after a shower? 

Seth Rollins: 

  • Looks like Jesus on steroids. 
  • Pocket sized bear. 
  • The annoying kid in math class. 

Roman Reigns: 

  •  he just a big teddy bear on steroids? 
  • DADDY.

Shane O’Mac:



  • When you the only emo in the family. 
  • Someone must have took her Hot Topic Hot Cash because she’s salty.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn: 

  • Why do they look like they should be in an indy band?

AJ Styles: 

  • Billy Ray Cyrus but buff. 
  • Embodiement of the Daves Matthew Band. 
  • When Billy Cyrus goes Emo. 

Sami Zayn: 

  • Zayn Malik?? 
  • Nascar meets drunk meets meets Irish meets kid

Kevin Owens: 

  • Poor dad that got pulled in to this for a joke but stayed because he’s poor and needs to support his kids.


  • Enthusiastic Kentucky dad

John Laurinitius: 

  • Smoke much? 
  • Ken doll that aged and smoked too much

Enzo Amore: 

  • What is this??
  •  w h a t?? 
  • DJ from Jersey. 
  • Looks like what LSD does to you. 

Big Cass: 

  • those white dudes at our school that get corn rows and pretend that they go to the gym.
  • Is his dick named Big Cass or??

The Vaudvillians: 

  • Hipsters
  • spend their mornings at organic farms
  • Totally Gay

Gallows and Anderson: 


John Cena




Renee Young: 

  • Dean doesn’t deserve her

Becky Lynch: 

  • I love her. 
  • Look her hair! 
  • She a beaut



Baron Corbin: 

  • SATAN! 
  • Retired army general mixed with hormonal teen. 
  • Lives in the woods. 

Zack Ryder: 

  • Daddy. 
  • Flashy Pants



Dana Brooke: 

  • She thick I love her

Sasha Banks: 


Wyatt Family: 

  • I don’t want it. It needs to stop.
  • What the fuck is this hillbilly shit?

Bray Wyatt: 

  • Danny Warsnop really let himself go

The New Day: 

  • Make that booty pop! 
  • Are they high?


  • *unintelligible noises*


  • Actually a bear

Titus O’Neil: 

  • Look at that booty pop

Chris Jericho: 

  • Up and coming country star. 

@jtrohman: My daughter turned 1 last week. A pretty major deal for me. I helped to keep a human happy, healthy and alive for a year. Looks like I’m not too bad. Here’s to many more kiddo!


Diabolik Lovers According to My Male Friend

(Original idea by diabolikotakuippikiokami)

Shu: Eh.. Wow He’s like, “fuck you” Pretty much

Reiji: He’s kinda like, “Oh look at me I’m lively as fuck” That’s not how he is at all Welp, you know..

Ayato: He reminds me of Tom (Another one of my friends) What does that even mean… So he’s an asshole *both of us* ohohooOOO

Kanato: Jesus, I love him he is God What.. do you even- Yep His fuckin Teddy bear is the shit

Laito: Eugh… Fedora man? Eh… That’s all you got? Yep, nothing else

Subaru: Why is he a car? Omg.. Is he a car? NO HOW DOES HE ACT? Brum.. I hate you

Ruki: Does he like cars? No? What does that even mean? He reminds me of Toby when he died his hair black (That’s his brother) Ok… He’s like “HA, I’m the best” Accurate

Kou: “HA, I’m attractive fuck you” Well he is an idol and really likes cats so- OMG NOW HES MY FAVOURITE

Yuma: “Guh, why the fuck am I so tall what a pain in the ass” HA welp yeah.. He’s like Tom on his man period HA HE SO IS

Azusa: What the fuck is he wearing on his head Its a barrett Looks like a purple pancake and he looks like he’s going to kill everyone…with his purple pancake *slaps face* Jesus christ

Carla: Oh Jesus fucking christ they look like serial killers LMAOOO true as He looks like Sephiroth OH MY GOD HE DOES

Shin: Why does he have an eyepatch over his glasses? OMG YES THATS WHAT ADMIN R SAYS ALL THE TIME Good shit..

Cordelia: “HMPH” Wow.. Mhm she’s a whore right? YAAS DING DING DING

Beatrix: Isn’t she a bitch WOAH..actually yeah I mean you’re not wrong

Christa: She looks like she’s about to start singing ‘Let it Go’ Get the fuck out

Karlheinz: Oh jeez…Um.. Same I don’t like his face HAHA WHAT He’s like the dad right? Yeah Yeah that’s why I don’t like his face

Richter: Kinda like, if someone was standing in front of him it would be a potential meme wHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN I HAVE SPOKEN

Yui: OH ITS THE MAIN CHARACTER GIRL W-What do you think about her? What the fuck was my first reaction to her she looks like a psychopath like could you imagine her with a knife whAT? She has seen some shit Well you’re not wrong…

Lazy Morning | CH

Pairing: Calum x Y/N
Word Count: 1298
A/N: This is so drabbly, but it’s kinda cute. I’m kinda in love with this. It kinda hurts my heart.

It was a day off for the band, which meant that you and Calum had free reign to do whatever and go wherever. A whole day, all to yourselves, something that didn’t happen often. The only thing was, whenever he did get a day off, you typically didn’t do anything. 

You woke up that morning to Calum’s soft kisses on your neck, his arms tightening around your waist as he pulled you closer to him. “Mm, morning, baby.” He mumbled into your skin. One glance at him and you can see his eyes still closed as he gets all comfy with his arms around you and his head on your shoulder.

You turned in his arms, a genuine smile on your face as you nuzzled your head into his neck. “What did you want to do today, bear?” You asked softly, touching the soft skin of his cheek with your fingers. The nickname had stuck ever since you’d referred to Calum as a cuddly teddy bear. It always made him smile, like he was doing now. His eyes opened to meet yours, turning his head ever so slightly to kiss your fingertips.

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the signs as the last thing they've said to me

Aries: of course I’ve killed a man with my bare hands, what else would I do for fun?
Taurus: okay bye love you! *watches me walk inside from car to make sure I’m safe*
Cancer: wait no please don’t hang up I’m sorry
Leo: *was complaining about hating their zodiac stereotype*
Virgo: wait, what do you…MEME? *hysterical laughter*
Libra: one sec I’ll find a majestic pigeon meme
Scorpio: the Starbucks barista LOOKS LIKE FUCKING LUKE HEMMINGS OMG
Sagittarius: I don’t need friends *flips me off while sticking tongue out*
Capricorn: A 96%? wow that’s pretty fucking pathetic
Aquarius: friiiiiiiiisky dreams fella!
Pisces: if you unsave my mine craft I will burn down your bedroom

i had a dream that there was this old lady like 60 yrs old and she made a tumblr and became like the new meme and everyone reblogged her posts bc she was so pure… her url was jingle (like jingle bells). in the dream she followed me back and i was like “omg i cant believe im mutuals with jingle” but then i woke up.

when i first woke up i realized jingle and i weren’t mutuals and that made me sad and it took me a few seconds to realize jingle isn’t real. also the url jingle is one of those deleted urls that looks like it’s not taken but actually is

Bernie Sanders supporters: Hillary Clinton is so embarrassing? She tries sooooo hard to be relatable… all those “hip” memes. smdh

Bernie Sanders supporters: #FeelTheBern !! :) BERN DOWN FOR WHAT!?!?! tbh bernie sanders looks like the kind of person that would pet a random dog, or leave a tip or eat bae’s ass and pussy? such an adorable cute old man :) omg guys look at this :)))