she looks like she's up to no good... she's got this mischievous smirk on her face

Watchful Shadow

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @too-good-to-be-tru 

Hi! Can you do a Harry Hook x daughter of Peter Pan?

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N), daughter of Peter Pan goes to the Isle with Mal only to run into an old friend

Warning(s) - none

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Worse Than Nicotine

Prompt: “You’re the health-conscious med student and I’m the chain-smoking art student who’s also your barista and you leave me notes on smoking and lung health on your napkins and also a 20-page essay on lung cancer tucked under your saucer” AU. Where Sirius is the chain-smoking art student.

Word Count: About 5,500.

Warning(s): Smoking, sexual tension, kissing, motorcycle ride without all the gear. Don’t accept a ride from someone on a motorcycle unless they supply the proper gear and you’re wearing pants and a heavy jacket, preferably. Do some research before riding!

Note: Sort of a modern, college AU. This isn’t smut, but, I have to warn you, it does end up being smoking hot. Hah. Get it? Anyway, thank you @princesse-de-ravenclaw for reading this over!

To the barista with the pretty grey eyes,

Smoking can cause the lens of the eyes to fog up and the whites of the eyes to turn yellow. Don’t ruin their beauty. If not for yourself, then for those who have the pleasure of seeing them. ;)

Love, Y/N.

Sirius rolled his eyes, a slight chuckle escaping his lips as he pocketed yet another note from you. If you were to open a spare drawer in his flat, you would find a collection of tossed napkins with rushed scribbles littering the surface. Maybe one day Sirius would take your insistent advice, but right now, all he wanted was a drag.

“Another love letter from your favorite med student?”

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On Edge - Request

Requested by anon:  Can you make a heated sherlock imagine where he hasn’t had a case in a while but hasn’t been able to go to the drug dens or smoke because of Y/N so he takes out his frustration on her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (doesn’t have to be smut but it could be real HEATED)

Summary: Sherlock has no cases and John forbid him to smoke. (Y/N) continues to mock him about it, without telling him where his cigarettes are, which leads Sherlock to find other ways to take out his frustration and, at the same time, showing her what it’s like to be on edge.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: Smut - edging, fingering, teasing -, dominant!Sherlock

Word count: 2,447

A/N: This is the longest piece of smut I’ve written and it’s not even smut like so, wow. I hope you like this!


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Sherlock stomped from one side to the other of the flat.  He was frantically looking for that tiny carton box, hidden somewhere inside that messy labyrinth he had unconsciously created. She was sitting on the sofa, knowing exactly what he was doing but pretending to ignore it, although Sherlock had noticed that sly smirk formed on her red lips.

Not a case, not a single one, and that was his curse. He had saved everyone and gotten to be a big and famous detective, but what was the price of fame? Boredom, that was.

“I need them.” Sherlock begged. His back was turned to her, but he knew exactly how big and curved that mischievous grin on her face was.

“No.” She replied.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Sherlock finally turned to see her.

Her legs were crossed, one over the other, and her feet were pointing at him. The black high heels matched the black pencil skirt that failed to hide the soft skin from her thighs. Her hands were holding one of his old books, and her arms rested lazily over one of the arm-holders. A messy strand of hair had fell over her face, framing it so delicately it made Sherlock get distracted for a few milliseconds.

“John told me you were annoying when you were bored.” She said, “But I have to say it: You are fascinating.”

“I’m even better when I’m smoking.” Sherlock snapped. He lifted his chin, trying to look like the intimidating man from the newspapers rather than an anxious boy.

“Those things will kill you one day.” She leaned back on the couch, allowing her head to fall back on the pillow. Sherlock observed said movement as if it had been performed in slow motion.

How the lose strand bounced over her nose before falling back to the side. The way her eyes shut after her head touched the soft fabric, and that slight breeze of air her lips expelled. The way her chest rose up a bit after, inhaling once more. And her feet, one of them – the one from the leg crossed on top – still pointing at him. How her delicate hands left the book over her lap, calling his attention to focus yet again on her skin.

He was driving him insane.

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For @ohheylookitsyou…reader is Hotch’s niece as requested. Enjoy!

Y/N’s eyes widened as her jaw gaped as her uncle led her into the BAU. Aaron Hotchner glanced over his shoulder with a small smile. It had been forever since he had seen his niece. So, when she called and asked to visit, he was more than happy to allow it.

The niece slowly caught up to her uncle and latched onto his arm. Her awed gaze returned to Hotch’s smirking one.

“This place looks amazing,” she complimented, “This whole place is probably run on caffeine though.”
Hotch laughed as he nodded. “Let me introduce you to my team.”

Y/N nodded as he led her further into the room. The pair soon slowed down by a clump of desks. Prentiss, Morgan, and Reid glanced up. Having seen Hotch approach, Rossi left his office and made his way down.

“Y/N, these are agents Emily Prentiss and Derek Morgan. This is Dr. Spencer Reid. Everybody, this is my niece, Y/N.”
“I highly doubt that,” Rossi teased holding out his hand. “David Rossi.”
She shook his hand. “Not to sound like a groupie, but I’ve read your work. As well as yours, Dr. Reid.”
Morgan quirked a brow. “Really? I don’t suppose you understood any of it.”
Y/N smirked. “All of it, actually. He explained the content quite well.”

Hotch smirked at a blushing Reid. He stood up and held out his hand. Y/N shook it.

“I-I appreciate the compliment.”

Y/N smiled sweetly at the doctor.

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Turn On’s (Pjo/Hoo)

Gets turned on when Annabeth completely destroys people at competitions
Loves it when she gets this super concentrated look on her face
Can hardly control himself when she’s all bundled up in his sweatshirts
Or how messy her hair gets in the mornings

Turned on by Percy’s raspy voice in the mornings
When he rolls his long sleeves up to the elbow because hot damn look at those forearms
Loves it when he sings rock and roll and his voice gets gravelly
When his eyes get a mischievous glint and he smirks

Turned on by Jason in the rain when water runs down his jaw line. She just wants to kiss him.
He’s super hot when he wears light pink colors and salmon colors
That one time he wore skinny jeans
When he smiled all goofy like

When Piper gets irritated and sasses people
Her evil battle laugh is a huge turn on
The way she just so casually flirts and it’s a lot dirtier than originally perceived
He loves it when he can get her to blush

(To much of a gentleman to ever actually get turned on)
But he does love when Hazel’s hair gets extra poofy when it’s humid
The way her tongue sticks out slightly when she’s drawing
How she’s typically nice and passive but can and will handle herself if necessary
Her never ending determination

When Frank traces the lines of her SPQR tattoo on her arm (it’s very sweet he does it all the time)
When he stands up for the under dog
How he’s very good with little demigods
Totally adores it when he shifts into different animals to cheer her up

When Will jams out to music and thinks no one is watching at all
Huge turn on when Will gets super excited about things and he smiles so big his tongue sticks out between his teeth (Nico just wants to kiss him)
For some reason Nico thinks it’s awesome when Will wears excessively ridiculous onsie pajamas

When Nico smiles or laughs he literally melts
When Nico grows his hair out and wears it in a small ponytail or bun
How Nico likes it when Will scratches his back (Nico resembles a cat tbh)
Huge turn on when one day Nico got pranked by the Aphrodite cabin and woke up with eyeliner on, (his eyes were so intense Will almost died he was so gorgeous)

When Calypso gets her hands dirty gardening because messy hands are always acceptable with him since his are always messy too.
When she curses in Ancient Greek because “woah she’s hot when she’s angry”
When Calypso tries to kick some person’s ass
Or lastly when she sings

Turned on when Leo has like grease smudges on his face or something
When he slicks his hair back
When he flirts but she pretends not to like it
When he gets that impish grin and rambunctious laugh

Reyna’s glare when she’s being all authoritative with other people
When she works out it’s definitely a sight to see
Her laugh is absolutely amazing and Reyna is actually a bit of a flirt?
When Reyna stole Thalia’s leather jacket once the poor girl almost died from Reyna’s hotness levels

Thalia’s freckles are literally just so cute?
How the girl is always confident and that one time Reyna watched her play a soccer match (hot damn)
However Reyna’s ultimate weakness is a constant battle because Thalia always wears black skinny jeans and it’s so hard not to stare or touch

That is all. I love my otps.

Loki Imagine - Dirty Dreams

Loki’s P.O.V.

At night, it was usually very quiet. Everyone else was asleep, expect me. Being on Midgard wasn’t what I had actually wanted but here I was, almost forced to stay because of my brother Thor. He and his little avenger friends had a secret mission, which left me tagging along unwillingly. At least I got some sort of a room, which I was in now. It was small. There was a big bed, a nightstand and a few books.

It was really late but I kept hearing whimpers. They were distracting my reading so I got up to check whatever it was. Hopefully they wouldn’t nag their heads off tomorrow since I left my room. I wasn’t a pet tho, so I assumed I got some freedom here.

Quietly, I opened the door which led me to a hallway. It was dark, the white curtains covered the windows and no lights were on. Then I listened. First I heard absolutely nothing. As I thought it was simply my mind, I heard it again. It came from the room on the opposite of mine, Y/N’s room. She was a spy, for all that I knew. Actually, Y/N was the only decent human here who treated me nicely.

Was she crying?

I walked behind her door and knocked gently, hopefully not waking anyone else up. Night time was great because I didn’t have to interact with some of those gormless muppets. She didn’t seem to react on the knock. So I listened closely, quite honestly not expecting anything special. 

‘‘Loki’‘ my name left her lips softly and I thought I heard it wrong. Had I done something? This filled me with confusion so I opened the door and walked in, expecting to see a human woman crying into a pillow, her H/C hair messy and eyes bloodshot. Instead, I found her perfectly asleep in her bed, the sheets a little messy. She shifted her position so she was laying on her stomach and her hand squeezed the sheet. 

Obviously she wasn’t crying. If she would’ve been quiet, I wouldn’t have stayed. But she did mention my name so I was also intrigued. Did I frighten her? Was she having a nightmare as well?

I wasn’t sure what was going through her mind but there was only one way to find out, magic. Casually I walked over and then sat on the edge of her bed. It was a little bit smaller than mine, which was surprising. But her room was bigger and it smelled like redwine and perfume. 

As I sat down, I looked at her hair and focused, closing my eyes as well. Not too long after I caught onto her dreams and they played before my eyes. There were no murderous monsters chasing her, no blood covered rooms or ghosts in her dreams, oh no.

Y/N’s dreams were much dirtier. I could see a candlelit, fancy bedroom. Y/N was on the bed, above a man and she was riding him. She was moaning loudly and it seemed quite intimate. It took me about two seconds to make sense of this all. 

My eyes opened and her dream vanished from a sight. A mischievous smirk appeared on my face along with a chuckle. She was dreaming the dirtiest of dreams about me. I was both surprised and honored. 

‘‘What..are you doing?’‘ I heard a sleepy voice, making me look back at Y/N: She had woken up now and she had noticed me. Y/N  turned on her back and then looked out the window, noticing it was still night. This would be fun.

‘‘Oh, I couldn’t sleep and then I heard interesting sounds coming from your room, darling. I just came to check if everything was fine’‘ I shrugged and kept my smirk plastered on, happy that I knew what I now knew. Y/N’s cheeks seemed to heat up a little bit. 

‘‘Did you have sweet dreams?’‘ I asked her and then took a look at her body, finding it hard not to. Y/N was a beautiful woman, undeniably. She was wearing a black nightgown and a golden necklace around her neck. ‘‘I-I don’t-’‘ Y/N got flustered which I liked. I could keep questioning her a bit, since this was more interesting than the midgardian book I was reading.

‘‘I assume you like candle lights’‘ I added and that put it all together for her. Y/N’s pretty eyes widened and she nearly gasped. We had talked a lot during the few weeks we had been here and I had never seen her this flustered, shy and even embarrassed. She was quite cute like this, lost for words.

‘‘Did you look into my dream?’‘ She whisper-yelled at me and threw her blanket away from her. ‘‘Maybe I did, love’‘ I answered quickly, causing her to throw a pillow at me. As I put the pillow away, I noticed that Y/N was standing in front of me. Did I piss her off? Oops.

‘‘Loki! You..urgh- that’ unfair!’‘ She stomped her foot on the floor. That was a sign for me to stand up as well. ‘‘Well a little magic here and there never hurt anyone’‘ I let out a light laugh. Y/N couldn’t even look me in the eye. ‘‘But- Damn.. this is awkward’‘ Y/N breathed out quietly. At least she wasn’t yelling so that was good.

‘‘It doesn’t have to be awkward’‘ I replied quickly, causing her to tense up. ‘‘Loki..’‘ She said my name almost happily until she looked angry again. ‘‘You idiot! You’re just playing around’‘ She hissed and raised her arms up in the air. I was quick to see what she did so I grabbed her wrists and pulled her closer.

‘‘Remember who you’re talking to, kitten’‘ I reminded her with a darker voice, making her look at me. Her eyes were filled with a dozen emotions, shame being quite evident. But there was also lust in there. ‘‘Loki, what are you doing?’‘ She asked me shyly and eyed my hands that held her wrists. I studied her closely and noticed how easily submissive she was. 

‘‘Whatever do you mean?’‘I teased her and turned us around so I could make her sit down on the bed. She barely put up a fight as I controlled her movements. Perfect. ‘‘Are you going to make fun of my dream?’‘ Y/N asked me and it made her look away. She was quite flustered now. Something about her made me feel different. I didn’t want to make fun of her dream.

I actually quite enjoyed her dream.

I let go of her wrists and then I grabbed her jaw, making her look at me. Our eyes met and I noticed how she slowly started affecting me, making me want to do all kinds of things to her delicate body.  ‘’Oh I won’t make fun of it dear. I got other things in mind but it’s up to you whether you want it or not’’ I let her know a little of my plans. My other hand touched her bare knee and I traced my finger on her skin, drawing goosebumps.

Y/N gulped but she didn’t back off either. ‘’And based on your exclusive dreams..’’ I spoke up again, now letting my fingers touch her thigh. Y/N separated her legs a little bit, almost magically so I could get better access. ‘’ wouldn’t mind it one bit’’ I finished what I was saying, hoping for a positive reaction. 

Only now it came true to me how much I desired someone to touch and someone to be touched by. These past few weeks had been so long and boring and all along this woman slowly woke up my sexual dreams. Now it was pretty obvious she felt the same.

I let my palm rest on her thigh and I waited for her reaction. Y/N smiled and then nodded, looking at me very intensely. ‘’I won’t mind’’ She answered. Suddenly she grabbed my hair and pulled me in bed so I was on top of her smaller frame. Our lips met and that was the beginning of a blissful night. Also, neither one of us cared about being quiet anymore, because for that moment it was just her and me.

Imagine Jensen, your costar, trying to show you that he has feelings for you while interacting with fans that ship you but only ends up embarrassing you.

“What?” Jensen frowned, walking closer to the fan who approached him as well “It’s a what?” he asked with a tilt of his head.

She giggled, showing him the photo “Fanart! It’s called fanart!” she handing him the photos as he examined them with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah and that’s (Y/s/n).” she answered with a grin “A couple different photos, most of them are AUs.”

“They’re what?” he raised an eyebrow “I love how I keep asking about everything, yes I’m an old man I know both my hearing and knowledge on these stuff sucks!”

“It stands for Alternative Universe.” she giggled “And uhm they were all made by fans too, oh this one’s my favorite. This one is set in Supernatural and it just shows that you are and OTP, it had gone viral on tumblr when the creator uploaded it!” she said excited and Jensen chuckled softly.

“Man you are talented, I gotta say, but next time I better bring a google translator because damn too many terms and- oh oh!” his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised suggestively as a smirk formed on his lips.

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Hell No | Sweet Pea x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Female!Reader

Words: 1243

Warning(s): Jealousy, Fluff, maybe some violence?

Description: Even after the fight between the Bulldogs and Serpents, Sweet Pea isn’t going to let some Northsider take you from him. And this is a fight he’s sure to win

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Extra Credit (Part 2)

Here’s part 2, Sorry it took so long! I’m going to try to update more often. Also thanks to everyone that liked and commented on the first part!!! I was kinda nervous posting a teacher AU and you all were amazing. Last thing before I shut up, Thanks to @richietoaster who’s basically the whole reason I’m writing this!!

Part 1

Okay, Enjoy!

As it turned out, Bev was the absolute worst person to go to.

Richie had marched right into her office after his first class, not even bothering to knock and threw himself dramatically on to the small couch in the corner of the room.

Bev, who was all too used to Richie’s antics, barely looked up from her laptop as Richie stormed in and began ranting about one of his students.

Richie finished explaining why this Kaspbrak kid was going to be the death of him and frantically waved a page filled with neat loopy handwriting, in front of her face. She took the page from him and grazed over it, stopping to read the small note at the bottom.

She sighed before reaching up and closing her laptop, turning to fully face him now.

“Is he legal?” Bev asked, her lip turning upwards at the corner at the look Richie was giving her. He had stood from the couch and was gaping open-mouthed at her, his eyebrows raised above the rims of his glasses.

“Bev that is not what I need to be thinking about right now, he is by the way, but I need someone to tell me this is a bad idea not encourage it.” Richie rambled as he paced in front of her desk.

“No, if you wanted someone to tell you that, you would have gone to Stan. But you didn’t. you came to me.” Her head moved as he continued to walk back in forth in front of her, leaning forward to rest her chin on her hand.

“I CAN’T TELL STAN. HE WOULD KILL ME.” Richie yelled throwing his hand in the air for added emphasis.

As much as he hated to admit it, she was completely right. Stan was definitely the metaphorical ‘angel’ of their little group, At least compare to Bev. If he really wanted “responsible” advice he would have gone to him, told him what was going on, listen to the twenty-minute lecture he would get and then do whatever Stan told him to do about the situation. But honestly, he knew deep down that that wasn’t was he wanted.  

“Stan wouldn’t kill you. he’d give you an earful, but he wouldn’t kill you. Besides it’s not like you’re actually planning on doing anything with him.” she finished with a small laugh that quickly died when she saw the way Richie sheepishly look down at the floor.

He stopped pacing and slumped down on the couch again, running his hand over his face.

“I’m a terrible person.” He muttered into his palm. Bev stood from her chair and rounded her desk, lightly sitting next to him and wrapping her arm around his shoulder.

“No, you’re not. Anyways you said he was legal, so I don’t even really see that big of a problem with it. And he’s obviously really into you. I say go for it!” she smiled when he looked over at her.

“Bev you’re not supposed to sleep with students, that’s like, the first thing they tell you.”

“Yeah, but it still happens all the time.”


“No, we are not spending our lunch break whining in my office. There’s a change of plans if you just came here to bitch. You’re taking me out for something to eat, let’s go.” Bev stood from the couch and pulled Richie up with her. He willingly let himself be pulled up and laughed when she pulled her bight polka dot jacket on and stood waiting by the door.


Richie took her to a diner nearby that they both really liked and with some convincing, gave a very detailed description of Eddie and went more in depth then he had in the quick rant early about what was going on.


The beginning of the semester had been as normal as the last two. The number of students taking Film Studies had doubled over the two years since Richie had taken over from the 70-year-old dinosaur that had been teaching it previously and Richie took a lot of pride in that, frequently bragged about it to Stan.

He started the first class how he had the year before. Sitting among the rows of students as the beginning of class rolled around. It was something he had done the year before in an attempt to maybe get to know a few of his students without the authority pretense. It had worked well the first time so what could possibly go wrong this time?

The students had started to talk with each other about 5 minutes after the class was supposed to start.

Most asking if maybe the Prof had messed up the date and time, a few random conversations were muttered around the room, but Richie leaned forward to listen to the one going on in front of him.

Two girls were sitting close together in the front row talking fairly quiet.

“I heard the prof’s really young.” one of them whispers enthusiastically.

“I heard he’s really hot.” the other replied, raising in her seat, looking towards the little window in the door.

The boy sitting beside them scoffed and turned from the girls towards the boy on his other side. Richie couldn’t see his face and by the way his head moved he assumed he was rolling his eye’s.

“Have you ever had a teacher that was actually hot and not just ‘teacher hot’.” the boy said in a voice so low Richie had to lean forward a little more to hear him.

“’Te-teacher hot’?“ the boy beside him laughed with a slight stutter. He was taller, with medium auburn hair. The one sitting right in front of Richie leaned further away from the two girls and fully turned to face the taller one.

Richie could make out his profile and geez it was a nice one. He had lightly tanned skin and a dust of freckles that ran across his nose, which crinkled slightly when he joined the other boy in laughter.

“You know, like hot for a teacher but on a larger scale, not really that hot.” Freckles said, louder than before.

“I don’t know, that psy-psychology teacher we had last ye-year was quite a looker.”  

Richie let out a small laugh. He knew exactly which teacher they were talking about. She was a 50-year-old who looked like she had come right out a Tim Burton movie. Normally Richie would have been all about that but this particular lady happened to be one of the biggest bitches Richie had ever met.

The two turned at the sound of Richie’s laugh with raised eyebrows.

The side profile of Freckles didn’t do the front justice. His dark brown eye’s were striking against his youngish looking features. He raised his eyebrow further as he looked Richie over, almost like he was analyzing him.

“Come on, That’s hardly fair. You can’t compare every teacher to Ms. Monroe.” Richie smirked down at Freckles as the taller one laughed. “I’m sure there’s a few good looking teachers somewhere.” He finished, cocking up his eyebrow and leaning forward on his hands.

Freckles scooted his chair back slightly, resting his arm a few inches away from Richie’s and looking him up and down, a lot slower this time. From the corner of his eye, Richie saw the taller boy let out a little laugh and turn around to face the front of the room.

“I’m sure there is somewhere. But I’m more sure that there’s better-looking students even closer.” He leaned closer to Richie and looked up at him from under his long eyelashes, whispering the last part.

Richie’s eyes widened as he cleared his throat and pushed his seat away from the table in front of him. that had escalated a lot quicker then he had thought it would. Panicking slightly, he stood from his seat and cleared his throat even louder.

“I think it’s about time we got class started, don’t you guys.” Richie walked to the front of the class and picked up a dry erase marker, using it to messily write his name on the whiteboard.

“I’m Mr. Tozier, and welcome to Film Studies.”

Richie took a minute to take in the expressions of the students. Focusing especially on the front row.

The two girls that had been talking in the front were staring at each other, mouth open and faces bright red. The tall boy had looked extremely shocked and then he dropped his face into his arm, and Richie could hear a faint muffled laughing.

Freckles had watched him walk to the front of the room, brow furrowed and lips apart slightly in confusion. When Richie and him made eye contact, Richie offered a sympatric smile and expected him to maybe blush or stutter or do something that hinted that he was even somewhat embarrassed to have been blatantly flirting with his prof. 

He was definitely not expecting the look he got.

The boy’s mouth closed and sprouted into a small smirk. He looked almost like he was accepting a challenge. Richie didn’t give himself enough time to analyze the look. Insisting on getting the class started, he broke eye contact and reached over to his desk and grabbed the syllabus to hand out.


“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. so you started it?” Bev asked enthusiastically. She had been excitedly listening to Richie’s story while they shared a milkshake in the old style diner.

“I did not! I was joking around!” Richie defended, pulling the milkshake closer to him to take a long sip.

“well, obviously he didn’t take it that way.”

“Yeah obviously.”


Over the next couple of weeks, Richie learned just how serious Eddie was about completing challenges, even ones that he gave himself.  

The first class he had done nothing but stare at Richie. Which wouldn’t have been that weird considering he was technically supposed to be paying attention to Richie but something about the way his eye’s lingered was definitely different from the rest of the students.

The class ended and Richie noticed the way freckles waited until they had locked eyes before standing and heading for the door, putting way more sway in his hips then necessary. It was also the first time Richie had noticed the shorts™. They were way shorter then Richie had ever seen on a university-aged boy, and he couldn’t take his eye’s off of them.

His eyes did snap up when he saw that the ridiculously exaggerated sway had stopped at the door and Freckles was looking over his shoulder at Richie with one of the most mischievous looks Richie had ever seen.

As soon as all of the students had left the room Richie immediately opened his laptop and went through his student roster. He found out his name was Edward Kaspbrak and he was basically a straight A student.


“So you stalked him?” Bev asked as she waited at the door to the diner for Richie to catch up to her.

“I did not! I just wanted a name to put to the-“

“Ass?” Bev interrupted, pulling the passenger door open of Richie’s truck.

“Face” Richie finished shaking his head as he joined her in the car. “You know, I think it’s you’re fault I’m so fucked up. you’re a bad influence.

“Oh please, Stan’s told me stories from when you guys were younger, you didn’t need any help being fucked up.”

Richie flipped her off as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“Okay, so this kid stares at you and makes flirty eye’s and wears slightly inappropriate length shorts. That’s what I’m getting so far. I’m pretty positive students have done that to you before.” Bev lolled her head to the side as she reached into the console and pulled out a half-empty pack of cigarettes and lit one.

“It’s more than that. And please stop calling him a kid. It’s weird enough already.” Richie stretched out and took the cigarette from her fingers as she blew smoke out of the window. “He’s relentless. He’s always biting his lips or sucking on the end of pens or leaving notes on the assignments he hands in. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“Well, maybe you should try talking to him? Also, you’re showing me those other notes this weekend.” Bev laughed as Richie shook his head.

Richie agreed with hum and reached up to turn the radio up.

“Oh, and I talked to Stan this morning and he said he’s down for going out tonight. Maybe that will be a good time you tell him about your little student crush.” Bev laughed again as he put her hand on top of Richie’s and turned the music even louder.

The noise Richie made to that was a lot less agreeable.

So some notes. there’s a reference in here from Sweeny Todd, in case you were wondering what Richie was talking about with the “Ms. Monroe” thing.

Also fun fact. the teacher pretending to be a student is a real thing that I had a teacher do during my first year of university.


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Sleepover-Sirius Black Imagine

Request: helloo i was wondering if you could do a sirius x reader where everyone knows they love each other but they don’t admit it & for some reason one day all the marauders are sleeping in the girls dorm (like a sleepover lol) but its v cold and they don’t have enough blankets, sirius and reader have to share and they wake up cuddled up to each other and just fluff?? 

Warnings: none

Requests are always open, hope you enjoy! xo

Sirius and Y/N had been in love since they first laid eyes on each other. The two were attached at the hip and seldom seen apart; in rare cases when they weren’t together, they were utterly miserable. Everyone knew they were in love-well, except them.

“Face it Padfoot, you’re in love with Y/N,” James said, smirking as he watched his best friend shoot daggers at the boy talking to her across the common room. 

“Shut it, no I’m not. She’s my best friend, I have to look out for her,” Sirius replied, clenching his jaw as the boy stepped closer to her.

“We’re her friends too, but you don’t see us getting angry just because some bloke is talking to her, Sirius,” Remus chided.

“I’m not angry,” he snapped.

“No, just jealous,” James chuckled, earning a pillow to the face.

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anonymous asked:

alex walking into kara's apartment one morning and seeing lena standing in the kitchen making pancakes in one of kara's shirts and like... boyshorts and hearing kara yell from the other room "lee pleeeeease you promised you'd put chocolate chips in them"

i rly love this idea and i’d have just published the ask but i ended up thinking abt the whole scene and i’m Sorry, i couldn’t control myself…. so yeah, this is the result:

they started sleeping over at each other’s homes maybe two months after they started being friends. after lena had one too many drinks during game night, kara insisted it’d be safer if lena slept over and just wait home the other day, after she got better from the sure hangover she’d have.

after that, the sleepovers turned into a weekly occurrence, sometimes two or three times a week, sometimes more, but almost none of them were an accident like the first time

they grow comfortable in each other places, making it their own home in little ways. they’ve learned their way around each other’s kitchen, know where every piece of clothing is, have spare toothbrushes and clothes and their own drawers.

and now, two weeks into their now official but still secret relationship - “i- it’s not that i’m ashamed or want to hide it, i swear! i just- i mean, would it be okay if we kept this to ourselves for just a little bit?” -, they’re as happy and as comfortable as they could be

it’s on a bright wednesday morning that reality catches up to them in the most unexpected way, however

they’re still in bed, breaths synchronized and limbs tangled. kara wakes up earlier, as is the usual, and spends some time admiring lena while she sleeps. she is always caught off guard, heart beating louder and breath catching in her throat, when she sees how beautiful, how mesmerizing, lena is, especially in the morning, bathed in sunlight and face truly peaceful

she can’t stop herself from trailing her fingers over the lines of her face, down to a sharp jawline and stopping them at lena’s shoulder. she smiles to herself when lena shifts in place and opens one eye, squinting at her and grumbling that it’s too early

she shifts a bit closer so she can press their lips together and her smile widens when lena hums her appreciation

lena tries to kiss her again when she breaks the first kiss, but kara only laughs and starts to get up, ignoring how lena huffs

“come on, grumpy, you promised you’d make me breakfast as a reward” she says, getting up and looking for her clothes. she hears lena’s heart start to beat louder and, sure enough, she looks over her shoulder to see lena’s eyes firmly fixed on her bare back

“i was clearly preoccupied with something else at the time, otherwise i’d have promised you brunch. i wasn’t planning on getting out of this bed until much later” she does her almost wink then, and kara can’t stop her giggles from escaping when she sees it

“unfortunately for you, i have an early day at work, but you can come back to bed once i’m gone” she smiles when lena huffs again and out right beams when lena sighs fondly, mumbling an ‘only you, kara’ under her breath as she gets up to look for clothes

it’s kara’s heart that accelerates when she sees lena slip into one of kara’s white button up and a pair of supergirl boyshorts

she wrinkles her nose when she sees lena mischievous expression and outright rolls eyes when lena asks “have you changed your mind yet” but can’t resist smiling when lena presses a kiss to her check and tells her to get ready that she’ll start making breakfast

“pancakes!” kara yells once lena is already in the kitchen and lena just hums while she starts getting the necessary ingredients

some time later, she hears the door open and she assumes it’s just her girlfriend - and thinking about kara as her girlfriend still makes her giddy, gives her a warm feeling inside - going to get the mail downstairs and give the neighbor good morning

she smirks to herself and takes the chance to add blueberries to the pancakes but kara’s whine of “lee, pleeeeease! you promised you’d put chocolate chips in them!” comes from somewhere in the apartment

and lena laughs and turns, her reply of “and you promised you wouldn’t use your superpower-” dying in her throat when she sees alex danvers, her girlfriend’s sister, standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face

“and i’m not using them! i just know -” comes kara’s voice from behind her, and she assumes it’s at this point she sees her sister standing there, because she finishes her sentence with a soft “you”

the three of them stand there, alex looking at them in shock, lena with wide eyes and trying not to squirm and kara, who is blessedly silent until “a-alex! hi! i- um, what are you doing here? not that i’m not glad you’re here, because i am! i just wasn’t expecting you! not that that’s a bad thing, of course, because you can always come here” and she keeps rambling

lena and alex share this look, an exasperated but completely fond look, and both of them freeze in place when they realize it happened

alex is the first to recover, looking at kara until the blonde stops rambling, then clears her throat and shoot the blonde a pointed look when she says “kara, is there something you wish to tell me?”

lena comes over to kara’s side then, taking her hand and giving it a soft squeeze when kara takes a deep breath, shoots lena a soft but apologetic look and blurts “lee and i have been dating for two weeks and i’m sorry i didn’t tell you before but i just wanted to keep this between us for sometime and i’m so sorry” in one single breath

both of them tense while they wait for alex’s answer, that comes in the form of the brunette closing her eyes and exhaling softly

“two weeks you say?” she opens her eyes and sees both of them nodding, and she closes her eyes again and scowls, “fuck i can’t believe i own lucy twenty bucks because of this”

Imagine Dean meeting your parents while you spend the weekend in your old home and realizing he wants to have a family with you.

“De-Dean” a whimper left your lips even if you meant to say it in a completely different way “Dean please, we- we can’t. Not again.” a small whine left your lips when his lips actually detached from the skin of your neck even if that was the exact thing you were asking him.

“Sweetheart, are you really telling me you don’t want it?” he said with a smirk, looking up at you through his eyelashes before he kissed back your collarbone and you let a small groan, mixing with a moan when his lips started trailing down.

“Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to.” you whined softly, still arching your back upwards to press yourself closer to him “But D, you- you know we-” you gasped softly when you felt him bite you, his face inching closer to your chest as his hands worked one on the bra and the other on your panties, which by the way were the only things you were wearing. Not for long, though.

“We can’t do it now.” you said with a moan and he pulled away, looking down at you “My parents are gonna hear us.” you bit your lip.

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Flowers for my sister

A/N: So when I was in Jr/Sr high they had fundraisers where for a dollar someone could buy you a rose & have it sent to on Valentine’s day. Throughout the day people would go into the classroom & pass out the flowers. They had notes on it with who it was from & whatever message they wanted. So I’m sitting here going “what fic should I write for Valentine’s day & this popped into my head.” Reader is Dean’s twin. The ending is kinda rushed but that’s because it’s bedtime but I wanted to post this on actual Valentine’s Day. Enjoy my loves.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by queerevens

Originally posted by wincester-oops

You nearly collapsed as you set your lunch tray down at the same table that Dean was already sitting at. Dean quirked an eyebrow at you, “What’s up with you?” He questioned. You ignored him by pretending to be very interested in the disgusting lunch that was in front of you. “Aye,” Dean said while kicking your leg under the table.

“What?” You hissed at him.

“What’s going on? Why are you all, moody?” He asked.

“Nothing. Just drop it, okay?” You replied before taking a bite out of the lunch the school provided for you.

“It’s not nothing if you’re acting like a-” Dean began but was interrupted by Sam rushing over to the table.

“Y/N are you okay?” Sam asked, out of breath from running, “I heard what happened and ran ove-”

“I’m fine Sam. Just drop it. Both of you. Okay?” You told them.

“Sam. Spill. Now.” Dean demanded.

“Sam, you open your mouth and you’re gonna regret it.” You replied.

Sam looked between you and Dean; you were both his older siblings, both of you were his heroes, normally he did what you asked, but this time he couldn’t.

“It’s Valentine’s day right? So these guys-” Sam started.

“Seriously Sam. Drop. It.” You hissed at him.

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You’re Nuts Dude (Tom Holland x Reader)

Note(s): Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while dolls! I’ve been camping so there’s not much time >.<  I think this is the longest imagine I’ve written so far! Hope you enjoy it dolls x

Warning(s): nothing, just major fluff and feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelsssssssss

Summary: Remember that girl? Who didnt believe Tom was Spidey? Yeah? Well she sure as hell does now.

Tom sighed as he slammed his temporary locker shut before slinging his backpack over his shoulder and stalking off. He couldn’t wait for this day to be over,  it would be his last time setting foot in this school. The last time he’d be publicly embarrassed in front of at least thirty science wiz kids. He’d finally be free.

It had been a joke when he suggested to Marvel that he spend sometime in a High School, since he was British and had no clue how High Schools worked. Apparently Marvel thought that it would be a good idea and so three weeks  later the British actor found himself outside the Bronx School of Science with a fake name,a  backpack and a pencil case.

His time at the school hadn’t been a complete nightmare. There was this one girl, who coincidentally was in all of the classes Tom had to attend. She had these, mesmerising (eye colour) eyes that complimented her soft (skin colour) skin, along with a smile that could light up an entire room. She was incredibly sweet and so smart that Tom would’ve been lying if he said that it wasn’t a turn on. Tom had remembered her name to be (Y/N) and he’d heard that she’d been practically guaranteed a place at Harvard University in the future.

The bell rung above the young actors head, signalling  the final period of the day. With a huff Tom made his way to class, praying that  time would pass quickly.

Tom couldn’t help himself from staring she was just so… beautiful. He was transfixed with the way  she bit her bottom lip as she concentrated on solving the equation written out on the board. The way her hair would fall over her face as she worked, and how she would constantly have to brush behind her ears to prevent the luscious (hair colour) locks from obstructing her vision.

God, she was perfect.

Tom rested his face in the palms of his hands, his elbows resting on the desk for support. He gazed at her dreamily, wondering what’d be like to kiss those pretty pink lips, he bet they were soft and tasted of vanilla. He wondered what it’d be like to spend a Sunday afternoon with her, cuddling up in tons of blankets. He wondered-

“Mr Wilson, are you with us?”

At first Tom didn’t respond, still not used to being called by his fake name.  The professor standing at the head of the classroom called out again, attempting to gain Tom’s attention. All the while is brown hues were kept trained on her. “Sam Wilson?”

It wasn’t until she had turned her head to stare at Tom curiously that he realised he was been called. Sam Wilson. How ironic, marvel seriously couldn’t think of a better fake name.  He swore Anthony Mackey hated him anyways. Tom shook his head quickly, breaking out of his reverie and turning his attention to the teacher. “Ah-uh-um…y-yes sir?” Tom replied with a stammer, crumbling under the pressure of her intrigued gaze.

(Y/N) had her head turned to face the boy, an eyebrow quirked with interest. A smirk played at her pink lips as she eyed Tom, a mischievous glint in her       (eye colour) eyes. “Do you know the answer Mr Wilson?”

Tom’s head immediately snapped in the direction of the teacher’s voice, he glanced down at his worksheet only to see it completely blank. Damn physics. Damn (Y/N) for being so god damn attractive. And distracting. He looked back up at the teacher and shook his head with a blush, feeling 30 pairs of eyes trained on him. “Maybe if he stopped staring at (L/N) like that, he’d actually be able to get something right!”  A kid called out, sending the class intro streams of laughter.

Tom bowed his head, slightly embarrassed. Out of his peripheral vision, he could see the (hair coloured) girl, turn away from him to flip off the other student. “Why don’t you shut up Alexander?” She snapped fiercely. “Let him stare! At least he knows he’s good enough to get some”.

The class was sent into fits of laughter, as Alexander ducked his head. (Y/N) turned back to look at Tom, a grin gracing her supple lips as she winked at him, he only nodded sheepishly in response before her attention was stolen by the teacher, who was attempting to silence the class.

After a few minutes of the teacher blabbing on about half-lives and the life cycle of a star, (Y/N) turned to face the British boy sitting next to her, doodling in his notebook. “Hey man” she called out, gaining Tom’s attention, their eyes met and she could see that Tom’s brown hues had a hit of nervousness in them. “What’s your deal?”

Tom’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. This was the first time that she had talked to him directly and being the stupid teenage boy he was, Tom desperately wanted her to like him. He could make up some kind of lie? But then that would totally backfire on him since he’s a terrible liar. He could also tell the truth? I mean who wouldn’t find playing spiderman awesome? Not to mention the fact that honesty is the best policy.

“You wanna know what my secret is?” Tom blurted out before his brain could catch up. The girl beside him, only nodded. The boy sighed, before looking her directly in the eye. “I’m Spiderman”


“My name isn’t Sam Wilson, it’s actually Tom Holland” the boy continued, in hopes of impressing the intelligent girl beside him. He quickly dropped the fake American accent to continue. “I’m British and I’ve been sent here undercover by Marvel for the past 3 days”

(Y/N) eyed him with a curious look before bursting out into fits of giggles, Tom watched her incredulously. She sure was gorgeous when she laughed, the way her smile reached her eyes where they would crinkle at the corner and- But she didn’t believe him?

“You’re-ha-so…funny!” The girl said between hushed giggles, leaning on the palm of her hand, smiling at Tom. He shook his head, a blush rising on his cheeks as the bell rung, signalling the end of class. (Y/N) briefly looked up, before leaning over her desk to wink at Tom.

She stood, picking up her bag and packing away her belongings before slinging the bag over her shoulder. Tom mimicked her actions, now standing opposite her awkwardly. “You’re a great lab partner” she said, grinning at him.

“T-thanks”. Tom stuttered “you are too”

She smiled, looking down at her feet. With a blush she looked up at Tom, moving to walk out of the class room as it cleared up. “I hope you have a nice weekend, ‘Tom Holland” she whispered sweetly, air quoting ‘Tom Holland’. “I’ll see ya on Monday? Yeah?”

Tom smiled at her sadly. “Yeah Monday…”

(Y/N) smiled as she stepped off the plane in Atlanta. The warm breeze, weaved its way through her lose (hair coloured) locks, causing it to gently sway in the breeze. She happily hopped down the steps , excited at the thought of exploring the state.

It was to be (Y/N)’s first time in Atlanta and she would be visiting her favourite person in the whole world. Her cousin, Laura Harrier.

(Y/N) and Laura had been extremely close since they were young, they did everything together and were practically like sisters. Although there were a good  six years between the two girls, they were almost identically alike.

The girl patiently waited for her luggage at the conveyer belt, her mind absently drifting of all the things she could do and explore in Atlanta. Her flower patterned suitcase went round the conveyer belt around at least five times before it was taken off by someone near by.

“I believe this belongs to you madam” the voice called out, grasping hold of the girl’s attention. (Y/N) turned, her (hair colour) locks bouncing as she did so. As she did, she was met with the beaming and radiant face of her cousin, Laura. The two girls squealed as they pulled each other on for a long and comforting hug. When they pulled away, Laura held her younger cousin at arms length, before giving her a twirl, causing the young girl’s sun dress to spin around with her.

“Laura!” (Y/N) chirped, quickly hugging her cousin again. “It’s so good to see you! I missed you so much!”

The older brunette, held her cousin at arms length, admiring her features. “I’ve missed you too! Look at how much you’ve grown!” Laura gushed, smiling down at her shorter relative. (Y/N) pouted playfully, softly smacking Laura on her arm.

“You make me sound like a baby” (Y/N) whined in a playful manner. Laura laughed at her, a mischievous glint in her brown doe eyes.

“That’s because you are a baby

“I’m only six years younger than you”

Laura smirked, wiggling her eyebrows teasingly. “Exactly”

The pair begun to walk out of the airport, sunglasses pulled down over their eyes avoid the paparazzi. They managed to make their way to Laura’s sleek black car, where her driver loaded in the luggage and opened the door for the pair. “So I was thinking-” the twenty seven year old actress begun. “That we grab a bite to eat at this adorable little corner cafe downtown before we drop your bags off at the hotel and-”

“Sounds like you’ve got this all planned out” the (hair colour) girl grinned, an eyebrow quirked at her cousin. Laura rolled her eyes in response, before digging in her purse as her phone rung. She gave (Y/N) an apologetic smile, before answering the call with a hushed whisper. The younger cousin let out a hushed laugh, looking out the window as she did so, admiring the streets of the state she’d never been to before. The sun reflected of the roofs of cars, creating a glare with an array of colours. The sky was as clear as day, only small fragments of clouds dotting the pale blue abyss or disappearing into small wisps of white.

“Sorry about that” Laura’s voice pulled the younger girl out of her thoughts . “Tom managed to mess up a scene at the studio and they want me to come in to shoot it again”

Wait?” (Y/N) called out in shock, causing the driver to hit the breaks.  The pair of cousins were launched forward by the force, almost colliding with the backs of the chairs. “Scene? as in movie scene?

Laura laughed, slapping her cousin on the leg. “Well duh? I’m an actress! Silly!”

“I know that!” (Y/N) exclaimed, an expression of shock displayed on her soft features. “But you got a new role! Congratulations girl!”

The older brunette blushed bashfully, smiling a bit. The driver revved up the engine, moving along with the traffic and making a left for the studios. “I was going to surprise you, since you’re such a big marvel fan…”

Laura trailed off, winking at her cousin. (Y/N)’s jaw dropped, her (eye colour) doe eyes widening. This only meant one thing. “You’re in a Marvel movie?!”

It took all of the young woman’s will power not to scream in the car. All the while her older cousin and best friend sat there grinning. The younger cousin waved her hands about excitedly, having been a fan of the comics all her life and having a cousin in the newest movie was a big deal to her. She was proud of her cousin and was so excited to see how she would perform. Although (Y/N) was never really into the movies, she’d definitely be seeing this one in support of her elder cousin. “Yes! This is crazy right?” Laura gushed, grasping her cousin’s hands.

“So crazy!” (Y/N) grinned. “This is all so exciting!”

“Just wait until you meet the cast” the twenty-seven year old actress stated, absentmindedly, leaning over to point the driver in the right direction.

“The cast?!”

Let’s just say, (Y/N) almost deafened Laura and the driver.

After dropping off (Y/N)’s luggage at Laura’s trailer, the pair headed over to the lunch trailer to grab something to eat. The two cousins made their way up the steps together, Laura was chatting excitedly about the friends she had made a few months into shooting whilst her younger cousin absentmindedly day dreamed. She was about to meet the cast of a marvel movie. Right on the other side of the door could be stars like Robert Downey junior, or even Chris Evans!

They made their way through the door, opening it up to find an arguing  group of actors and actresses roughly their age. “One hundred percent Gryffindor student!” A male voice called out, as if his opinion wasn’t obvious enough. “I mean who’s gonna go 'Yeah I wanna be in Hufflepuff!’”

“A lot of people actually” a female voice interjected. “Eddie Redmayne in fact.”

(Y/N) rolled your eyes at the conversation. Any Harry Potter fan would know that Hufflepuff was J.K Rowling’s favourite house.  She looked to Laura who was already shaking her head with a knowing look. “I know what you’re thinking, and honestly they’re not that bad. Not everyone is a Harry Potter nerd like you” the older woman chuckled. (Y/N) grinned, taking hold of her cousin’s hand before heading further into the trailer. The pair headed straight for the snack table, gaining the attention of the cast.

“Hey guys!” Laura chirped, causing heads to turn in her direction. Three pairs of eyes connected with the two cousins.

Laura!” The group chorused, attacking her with hugs.

“What are you doing back here girl?” A voice she recognised to be Zendaya’s, questioned. “I thought you had the rest of the day off.

I did“ Laura giggled, with a smirk, her gaze drifting lazily over to a brunette haired male. “But someone, managed to mess up a scene. So I had to come back”

Of course” Zendaya laughed, her hair bouncing around as she playfully shook her head. Her brown eyes shifted to the figure standing behind the twenty-seven year old. “And who’s this cutie?”

At this point everyone had gathered by the table. Laura stepped aside, revealing her cousin to her friends. “Everyone, this is my younger cousin, (Y/N)”  Laura babbled sweetly. “She’s visiting from the Bronx!”

“Hey everyone” she whispered shyly.

As soon as the name was uttered, Tom’s eyes flickered up. That was a  name he hadn’t heard for years. He was certain that he’d misheard his co-star. As far as he was concerned, he’d seen the last of that girl after his time in high school. One of Tom’s biggest regrets was not giving her his number. If he had a pound for every time he’d thought of her, he’d be filthy rich, or even more.

The British actor swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched Laura and her  younger cousin make rounds, meeting everyone. She’d already met Zendaya, and was now talking with Jacob. 'This couldn’t be her, no way.’ He thought, it was highly unlikely, it was virtually impossible, it was-

You?!” She shrieked, her (eye colour) doe eyes widening as she dropped her bag. Tom’s mouth dropped open. It really was her.

(Y/N) (L/N). The girl he constantly thought about for the last 3 years. All the while, the three remaining actors eyed the pair curiously.

“Do you two…know each other?” Jacob asked. A small blush rose on Tom’s cheeks as he tried to make eye contact with the girl opposite him. He noticed how her eyebrows were still raised in shock and how her eyes shined with recognition.

“Yeah…” (Y/N) spoke cautiously, reaching down to pick up her bag, sadness etched into her voice “Sam went to my high school for about three days, he disappeared and I never saw him again.”

Zendaya, Laura and Jacob eyed each other weirdly, before looking back at the confused pair. “Sam?” Zendaya laughed. “That’s Tom sweet cheeks”

Tom grimaced, as (Y/N)’s expression twisted from one of shock to one of confusion. The atmosphere was tense, you could cut the tension with a knife in there. A small, pink blush dusted her cheeks, as she tried to piece together the situation. “But I-but-he-we”

So this was the girl Tom talked about in his interviews” Jacob teased with a wink. “The pretty girl who didn’t believe he was Spidey, the one who called him crazy?”

Laura looked at (Y/N), shocked. “You’re that girl?”

(Y/N) stood opposite Tom, blushing hard. She had no idea what was going on, or how to wrap her head around the situation. Sam was Tom. Tom was Sam. There was no Sam. The cute nerdy boy from her physics class was Tom Holland. The Tom Holland. An actor.

Before anyone had a chance to speak, a stage hand came in to ask for the young actors. Laura was needed in hair and makeup so she could re-shoot her scene. Zendaya and Jacob were also needed as they had a couple lines in the scene. Tom had to reshoot his part a bit later as he had to put on the suit.

“Make sure she doesn’t die!” Laura called out as she left, causing both Jacob and Zendaya  to laugh out loud. They soon exited , leaving Tom and (Y/N) alone. Since it was a nice day out, Tom offered to take the younger girl on a tour of the sets. They explored the prop rooms and costume areas, they also talked about the movie. Tom did is best to make sure he didn’t tell (Y/N) any spoilers. He loved seeing how her eyes lit up as they walked between sets and admired different props. He loved the way her small fingers trailed over the costumes carefully, as if she was afraid to damage them.

Suddenly, the weather changed from sunny to dark and dreary. The grey clouds chucking down buckets of rain. The pair growing cold and soaked, ran quickly back to Tom’s trailer to seek shelter. Once inside, they shed their jackets that clung to their skin and Tom quickly changed his shirt (not that (Y/N) minded, she liked the way Tom’s abs looked). He timidly offered (Y/N) a spare shirt of his own and was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

The girl stepped out of the cramped space, her now wet clothes folded into a neat pile as she let Tom’s white shirt flow over her body. Her bare feet padded over the carpeted floor, as she made her way to Tom’s leather couch on the far side of his trailer.

He was scrolling through his phone, replying to fan’s tweets and liking Instagram fan art. He barely noticed (Y/N) sitting down beside him. She drew her knees up to her chest, resting her arms on them before propping her chin up. The       (skin toned) girl coughed lightly, capturing Tom’s attention.

“So, Monday huh?” She whispered, with a light chuckle, remembering their last conversation. At this point, Tom had slipped his phone into his back pocket.


They both laughed, it was almost as if they were reliving the conversation. There was a silence that swept over the pair, the only sounds coming from the rain beating on the roof of the trailer. “You know, I didn’t think I’d ever see you again” Tom spoke after a little while. (Y/N) looked up at him, taking in his soaked and adorable appearance. The way his hair fell over his soft brown eyes. God he was cute.

She let out a small laugh. “Don’t you think I should be the one saying that?” Tom let a small smile grace his lips as she talked. “I mean, I was looking forward to seeing you that next Monday, I came back to find out you had gone, gotta say, I was heart broken. Mr Wilson

Tom laughed at his fake name, before shifting fully to face her . “I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye”

“You better be sorry” (Y/N) scolded playfully, slyly grinning at the young actor. “I had just worked up the courage to ask you out, I really liked you, y'know?”

It was Tom’s turn to be surprised, he couldn’t believe the girl he was crushing on liked him back. “Y-y-yo-you liked me?” He stuttered, his hand reaching to rub the back of his neck . (Y/N) nodded bashfully, smiling at Tom.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice the way you stared at me, I thought it was cute!”

Tom couldn’t help but hide his face in a pillow, when (Y/N) laughed at his cuteness he chucked the cushion at her, hitting her square in the face. She squealed, trying to push herself away from him as the British boy launched himself at her, his fingers attacking her sides.

“Puh-pah-please Tom!” She begged between breathless giggles as he tickled her some more. Eventually, when her laughs turned to wheezes, Tom ceased his tickling. It was only then that they realised the position they were in, her back was to the sofa and Tom was laying between her legs, their faces pressed close and his hands by her sides.

(Y/N) looked Tom directly in the eyes, admiring the little flecks of black in his brown hues. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice that you were actually Tom Holland”

Tom smiled gently. “And I can’t believe I didn’t ask you  out sooner”

(Y/N) noticed how the air in the room had become scarce, and how hot her body felt pressed up beneath Tom’s. She thought back to how hard she’d been crushing on him during her senior year and how much she’d thought about letting him get away. Even after all these years, her feelings for him were still strong. She let her (eye colour) hues flick between his own and his lips.

At the same time, Tom thought about all the months he regretted not trying to stay in contact, he thought about all the times he wished she could’ve been his. And here she was, wrapped up in his arms, close to him. Before the British actor could even process what he was doing, his eyes had fluttered closed and he was pressing his lips to hers.

The kiss was sweet and full of so many unspoken emotions. The girls soft lips melded perfectly with Tom’s as they captured one another. (Y/N) let her small hands travel to the nape of the boy’s neck, her fingers twisting in the small hairs that resided there. The British actor snaked his hands around her waist, pulling her closer. The bare skin of her smooth thighs creating a burn on his arms as he lifted her. When they pulled away, (Y/N)’s eyes were still closed. Tom grinned, pressing a small kiss to her nose, causing her to open them. She smiled up at him.

“Wow” she breathed, causing the man above her to nod in agreement. “I guess we better thank Marvel, for sending you to my school or otherwise this wouldn’t have happened”

Tom gave the girl in his arms a toothy smile as she lazily gazed up at  him, her soft fingers tracing patterns on the bare skin of his arms. “And I guess I have a new story to tell in my interviews”

“You do?”  She smirked. “What’s it about?”

“It’s about how I get the girl that didn’t believe me and how head over heels I am for her” Tom murmured, leaning in for another kiss. (Y/N) sighed, contented.

“Is that your way of asking me out Mr Holland?” (Y/N) teased causing the actor to roll his eyes.

“And  what if it was? What would you say?”

The young girl pretended to ponder for a second, before leaning up to Tom’s ear. “I’d say, 'you’re nuts dude’” she whispered “do you know what I’d say next?”

“What would you say next?” The brunette boy whispered back, leaning down, so that their lips were almost touching.

“I’d say…hell yes”

A Beautiful Lie

2,500 Followers Drabble 

Prompt: “Why does everyone think we’re dating?!“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @bringmesomepie56

“Hey Grandma!” Jensen lays his gorgeous, green eyes on his favorite person in the whole world (other than you) at a family get together. He makes a beeline towards her with his best friend close behind.

“There’s my handsome grandson!” Grandma Betty greets with a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“How’s my adopted grandson?” Betty boasts hugging Jared as best as she can, considering he’s a giant.

“I’m doing awesome! It’s good to see everyone.” Jared answers cheerfully plopping down on a chair at the kitchen table.

Jensen is extremely relieved to be home in Austin, sure he loves his career but the constant travel takes a toll after a while. His mind, body and soul can only take so much wear and tear.

Thankful that the show is on a tiny break, he raced to his parents house to visit with family and friends. It’s always the one place where he can completely be himself…or so he thought.

“Where’s the third musketeer? She better be coming!” Betty wonders sassily, she’s always been a bit of a spitfire.

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Taste The Sweet (Grayson Smut)

Summary: You’re a Youtuber, hanging around the H&M tent at Coachella. Grayson is your biggest fan.
Word Count: 2,861
Warnings: Fingering.
A/N: Thank you to the anon who sent this idea in! This is all your idea, I’m just writing it out. I didn’t want to post the request because it contains “spoilers” but this imagine is basically what the anon requested. Hope you like this one! (title from Don’t Be So Shy by Imany)

“Turn your head a little to the side…” The photographer gestured with her hand, cocking her head to the left so you smiled and complied. “Perfect. Now smile.”

The flash went off a few times as she snapped her photos, and you tried to stay still and let her do the work but you were feeling too excited. Earlier today you had arrived in Palm Springs, ready to head over to the festival and show off your outfit that you had spent three weeks planning beforehand.

You didn’t know how you had gotten so lucky. One minute you had been uploading your pictures on instagram and it had blown up, gaining over a hundred thousand followers the first few months. By the time you had reached five hundred thousand, you had started up a Youtube channel, and a year later you had gained over two million on your channel and been invited to numerous events. Coachella being one of them.

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He’s Mine

A/N: This was written for @buckthegrump‘s Pick Your Poison writing challenge. My prompt was “I’ve never seen you act like that before.”  It’s in bold in the story.  As always, enjoy!

Summary:  You are more than willing to step in and help when Bucky receives unwanted advances from some woman.  It’s definitely not because you have feelings for him.  Oh, no.  You’re just that good of a friend…

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

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Straight Outta Surgery

Warnings: surgery (not in detail), high Shawn, fluff (u should know this by now

Summary: Shawn’s high after his surgery, and, in Aaliyah’s wise words, it’s very interesting.

Word count: 750+

A/N: if you read this and you like the fic, send me an anonymous confession of anything (i mainly put this here to see if anyone reads the stuff before the fic, so if u do, send me stufffff)

Also, Shawn had that nose surgery a while ago? Yes, this is it.

Beta: @hazeleyedcat (this girl is seriously the only thing keeping me sane)


“Mrs. Mendes?” A doctor came into the waiting room, clipboard in his hand and stethoscope around his neck.

“That’s me.” You smiled, standing up.

“Your husband is out of surgery now. You can wait inside with him until the nurses give you his medication.” The doctor nodded for you two to follow him. 

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Fandom: Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Requested by: @partylikeits1899

“Hey hey hey since I loved that other Steve imagine so much i’m gonna request another one. Okay so maybe an imagine where Jonathan or Billy flirts with you and he gets protective/jealous thanks :)))))))) (ly babe)”

A/N: yeet i love my boi + i’m not that proud of this yikes (also i’m sorry this was so delayed ksjkajsk i hate myself)

Warnings: Billy?? lmao

Word count: 1081

“Nance- you can’t be serious.” You questioned over the phone, while holding up the outfit she had bought for you that day.

You see, Your best friend, Nancy Wheeler, set up a bet.  Well, I wouldn’t call it a bet, maybe a challenge, but nonetheless, you lost. Meaning, you had to do something she ordered. And what had she ordered? A makeover. Just for a day, and you were hating it.

What sounded like a giggle came from the other line, before your best friend’s voice was to be heard again.

“Y/N- you’ll look great okay? I picked it out for a reason.”

“And what reason is that?”

“…Steve would like it on you.”

Steve Harrington, your boyfriend of 3 months, was Nancy’s reason of buying this outfit. Lovely.

“Nance- are you serious!? I can’t just turn up to school in this! It’s so-different!” You complained, while holding up the outfit in front of the mirror. This was so not you.

“You’ll look great, I promise.”

“Yeah right.”

A groan came from the other line.

“Just put it on, it’s not a big deal.” Nancy pushed.

“Fine.” You agreed, collapsing on your bed in exhaustion. “Only for tomorrow.”

What you didn’t know though, was all the trouble you’d have to deal with the next day.

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