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— He had finally fallen asleep or so Ariel thought as she looked down at her beloved hunter. Her thumb stroked gently at him jawline slowly to sooth the man, just to give him some moments of peace for once. It had been only a few hours since he arrived with Jesus at Hilltop, she had come to be with Maggie after hearing about Abraham and Glenn being killed and Daryl taken by Negan. Ariel was beside herself about Daryl missing and had worried he was gone forever.

But the moment she had seen him walk through those gates made her burst into tears and hold him tightly. She had lost count at how many times they had been separated from each other and she was done with it. She was done with him being taken from her, she had to many taken from her and she would not let Daryl be taken from her again.

“I’ll protect you,….no matter what. Negan can do anything to me but he will not take you again.”

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So, after lurking here for months, I decided to make a CaptainSwan-centric account so I can post all of my smutty fanfiction and join in with my fellow shipmates.  This seemed like the perfect first post.   A thank you to my fellow perverted CSers, especially the “shushettes,” and the Lieutenant Jones bulge and Hook blowjob gifs they’ve made, for totally inspiring this silly little piece of filth, because no matter how one feels about staring at Colin, I think we can all agree that HOOK would be just fine with EMMA checking him out and staring at his crotch. (Also, I’ve decided the power of the “shush” goes both ways.) also on more under the cut cause, yeah, smut ahoy! Show Me What You’ve GotRated: M

Emma didn’t know if curiosity actually killed the cat but she was sure that it was nearly killing the savior.

It had been four days since she’d seen Hook climbing out of the water and onto his ship while driving by the docks on patrol. The fact that he was shirtless was the first thing she’d noticed, and she couldn’t help but appreciate the lean muscles of his broad shoulders and chest, or the dusting of dark hair that unconsciously led her eyes lower. The scars and tattoos that littered his skin did nothing to take away from his rugged attractiveness and she’d expected him to be in good shape, but good lord, she was definitely not disappointed. It was only after a moment that she realized he was wearing an old pair of white cotton pants instead of his usual leather. Soaked with seawater from his swim, they clung to his frame like a second skin, hanging dangerously low on his hips, and revealing two indisputable truths:

Captain Hook did not wear underwear.

And Captain Hook was packing.

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