she looks like she just found a unicorn

She's Not You [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which she acts completely normal.


(Y/N) (L/N) liked Jughead Jones. That was a fact.

Jughead Jones liked Betty Cooper. That was also a fact.

Another (very) known fact was that Betty Cooper liked Archie Andrews, yet Archie liked Valerie Brown.

It was a huge mess and there was no way to fix it.


“Are you ever going to tell him you like him?”

(Y/N) looked up from her book to see Kevin Keller and Veronica Lodge slide into the booth she was sitting in. “No.”

“But why?” complained Veronica. She was the biggest (Y/N)/Jughead shipper there was.

“Because he likes Betty,” (Y/N) replied smoothly. “I’m not gonna waste my time.”

“Oh c’mon,” Kevin exclaimed. “That boy is taken with you, he just hasn’t realized it yet.”

“And he probably never will. I’m completely happy just being friends with him Keller, I’m not going to jeopardize that friendship because of my feelings.”

“Whatever (Y/N),” Veronica scoffed. “But he’s going to find out sooner or later.”

The trio of friends turned to the door when they heard the jingling of a bell, alerting the patrons in Pop’s that someone had entered. Jughead looked around the diner, his eyes settling on the (H/C) girl and making his way over.

“Hey guys,” he greeted. “What are we talking about?”

“Oh nothing,” Veronica said.

“Yeah, we were just leaving,” Kevin added as they both got up from their seats.  “Remember what we talked about (Y/N/N)!”

You simply nodded as you waved at them, too engrossed in your book to notice the looks they exchanged with each other.

“So, what were you talking about?” Jughead asked as he sat next to you.

(Y/N) looked up at him and gave him a smile, “Don’t worry about it.”


Jughead couldn’t help but worry. He was too curious for his own good, everybody knew that. He wanted to know what his best friend had been talking about with Veronica and Kevin before he had arrived, but she wasn’t telling.

He followed her around for the whole week, bugging and begging her to tell him. She’d always laugh and give him a ridiculous response.

“We were talking about how my cat got diabetes.”

“Veronica was telling me that Reggie is actually very gay for Chuck.”

“Kevin and Veronica were trying to convince me to go skinny dipping in the river with them.”

Jughead was pretty tired of her excuses.


Later that week, Jughead had managed to corner Veronica in the hallway and was pestering her trying to figure out the topic of the conversation Pop’s.

“Fine!” Veronica cried out in exasperation. Noticing that (Y/N) was rounding the corner and approaching them, the Lodge girl quickly came up with a plan. Pushing Jughead into an empty classroom next to them, she motioned for him to stay put. Curious, Jughead decided to listen to her and watched as (Y/N) was stopped by Veronica.

“So (Y/N), I assume you’re on your way to meet Jughead at Pop’s?” Veronica had a sly smile on her face.

“Of course not,” (Y/N) replied. “Why follow my daily schedule when I can be spontaneous.”

Noticing the heavy sarcasm in her tone, Veronica gave her an irritated look. “Well little Miss Sarcasm, sorry for asking.”

The (H/C) haired girl flashed a smile at Veronica, “Where else would I be going Ronnie?”

Jughead smiled at his best friends words. It was indeed a daily ritual to sit at Pop’s until closing time every day, just enjoying each others company as they drank some milkshakes.

“So have you thought about what we told you?”

Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts by Veronica’s question. ‘What is she talking about?’ he though to himself.

“Yeah, I have actually,” he heard (Y/N) reply. “I’m not doing it.”

“You have to,” Veronica said.

“No Ronnie, I am not telling my best friend that I like him!”

Jughead felt his breathing stop. (Y/N) liked him? His (Y/N)? He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice (Y/N) and Veronica walking away. He quickly gathered his thoughts and rushed off to Pop’s, determined to get some answers from his best friend.

“You’re late,” (Y/N) said, not looking up from her book as Jughead approached her booth.

“Yeah, I got caught up with some stuff for the Blue & Gold. Betty needed my help,” Jughead mentally cursed himself for his shitty excuse. (Y/N) simply looked up at him over her book, raising an eyebrow at him, before going back to her story.

Jughead didn’t know what to do. He wanted to ask her about what she had said to Veronica back at school but he couldn’t seem to find the words to speak.

“You alright there Juggie?” (Y/N) asked. “You seem very conflicted.”

“Do you like me?” Jughead blurted out. He mentally face palmed. ‘Way to be subtle’ he mentally reprimanded himself.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened briefly before going back to her book. “Dammit Ronnie,” she muttered under her breath.

“So it’s true?” Jughead asked nervously.

“Yeah,” (Y/N) replied nonchalantly, still reading.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I really am, but I like Betty,” Jughead’s voice almost trailed off at the end as he braced himself for her reaction. He didn’t know what she’d do. He was expecting anger, sadness, a melancholic response. He got none of those.

“Ok,” the girl simply replied. Jughead’s head shot up.

“I’m sorry (Y/N/N), I truly am.”

(Y/N) finally looked up at him, setting her book down after she marked her page.

“Why?” she questioned. Jughead looked at her in confusion.

“Why are you sorry Juggie?” she said. “I knew you liked Betty. That’s why I didn’t say anything”

“Yeah but, it’s just that you like me, and I uh- I feel really bad and uh…” Jughead stumbled over his words, not knowing how to reply.

His best friend leaned back in her seat and chuckled. “Juggie. You have no reason to be sorry. We can’t control our feelings. I like you, you like Betty, that’s the way it is. We can’t change it.”

“Yeah, but I feel kind of shitty,” Jughead breathed.

“Don’t,” his best friend replied. “Just because you don’t like me back doesn’t mean we’re not friends Jug. You’re my best friend, and our friendship is more important than some stupid feelings.”

And with those words, Jughead felt reassured as they ordered their milkshakes, drinking the night away, knowing that their friendship wasn’t ruined.


“You have to come along guys!” Veronica exclaimed. “Last time it was only me, Josie, Kevin, and Reggie but we all need a stress reliever.”

It was a Friday, and Veronica was trying to get her friends to go clubbing with her. Reluctantly, and with a lot of encouragement, they all agreed. Even Jughead.

It was eight at night when they all stepped into the club. Veronica, fearless and confident, dragged Josie and Kevin off to dance,with Archie tagging along. (Y/N) chose to sit down for awhile and Jughead and Betty joined her. (Y/N) felt really out of place as Betty and Jughead struck up a conversation and she decided to wander around. Just as she got up, she bumped into Reggie (who she had forgotten was there to be honest) and stumbled. She felt hands wrap around her waist as she put her hands out to steady herself.

“Whoa there,” Reggie said, smirking. “Don’t go falling for me (Y/N)”

(Y/N) couldn’t help but groan and chuckle at his lame pick-up line. Her and Reggie had once been friends, best friends actually, up until high school. He had instantly become popular and she hadn’t. They had simply grown apart.

“I had honestly forgotten you had come,” the girl stated.

“You wound me (Y/N/N),” Reggie smiled, placing a hand upon his heart. “And here I was thinking that you loved me.”

“Yea yea, long time no see huh?” the girl replied.

“Yeah,” Reggie muttered awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I miss our friendship and I’m honestly sorry that we stopped talking.”

“Buy me a milkshake and you’ll be forgiven,” (Y/N) told him.

“Deal,” Reggie said. “Let’s go.”

“What? Now?”

“Yea, we have a lot of catching up to do.”


“Jug, why is (Y/N) leaving with Reggie?” Betty questioned.

Snapping his head to look for his best friend, Jughead immediately stood up and walked over to the pair that was making their way out of the club.

“(Y/N/N)!” Jughead called out. The pair stopped and turned around. “Where are you going?”

“Oh, Reggie here is gonna buy me milkshakes,” (Y/N) answered happily.

“Uh, I believe I said one  milkshake,” Reggie said in a teasing tone, bumping his shoulder against the girl’s.

“Uh, I believe I never said how many milkshakes you owe me,” (Y/N) shot back in an equally teasing tone. Jughead looked back and forth between them, an uneasy feeling creeping up on him.

“Yeah, okay,” he mumbled. “See you around I guess.”

(Y/N) frowned slightly at his response before being pulled away by Reggie, the smile reappearing on her face. Jughead made his way back to Betty.


“…and then we also have to start working on next week’s spread,” Betty said as Jughead glanced at the club’s entrance.

“And I also kissed Veronica at cheer tryouts,” Betty said, trying to get Jughead’s attention.

“Uh huh,” Jughead replied absentmindedly, still looking at the entrance.

“And I also found a unicorn and named it Sparkles. He’s currently in my attic.”

“Yeah, that sounds great Betty.”

“Jughead!” Betty shouted. He turned to her, nearly knocking over his drink.

“Go after her Juggie,” Betty said. “I know you’re worried.”

“It’s just…its Reggie,” Jughead started. “I don’t know why she left with him.”

“Well, they are friends,” Betty replied. “Go Jughead. We all know you like her. Go after her.”

Jughead looked at her in surprise. “You think I like her?”

“Jug,” she said. “I know you like her. We all do.”

“But I like you,” he mumbled, surprised when Betty giggled.

“That’s sweet Jug, really, but come on, you really don’t like her? She’s in love with you y’know. She always has been.”

“I know…” Jughead trailed off.

“Go talk to her,” Betty encouraged,

Jughead left the club.


As he approached Pop’s, Jughead couldn’t feel the small pang of jealously that he felt as he saw (Y/N) sitting at their usual booth with Reggie, as they both drank a milkshake. He watched as she tilted her head back, laughing as Reggie told her a story, gesticulating wildly with his hands.

He couldn’t help but think over Betty’s words. Yes, he always did think that (Y/N) was beautiful, and yes, he always did love receiving a hug from her. But that was normal with best friends…right?

But as he stood outside, watching (Y/N) sitting at their booth with Reggie Mantle, he couldn’t help but agree with Betty. He definitely felt something for his best friend. He always had, he had just ignored those feelings. He wouldn’t have left Betty if he didn’t feel something for (Y/N).

He watched as (Y/N)’s gaze traveled to the window, spotting him and instantly smiling at him. Reggie’s eyes followed soon after and he got up/ Jughead watched as he gave (Y/N) a quick hug and paid for their milkshakes before leaving the diner.

“Don’t fuck this up freak,” Reggie muttered as he passed Jughead. Reggie was right, Jughead couldn’t mess any of this up.

He made his way inside and took his usual seat next to (Y/n).

“What are you doing here Jug? You were having such a nice time at the club with Betty!” the (H/C) girl exclaimed.

Gathering up all the courage he had, Jughead quietly replied, “But she’s not you.”

(Y/N) froze before looking up at Jughead. “What?”

“She’s not you (Y/N),” Jughead continued, feeling confident. He had nothing to lose and he knew that she liked him back. “Betty’s great and all, but she’s not you. You’re the one that’s always been there for me. You helped me after my dad went off the rails and mom left with Jellybean. You were there to support me when I began my novel and you were there for me when the drive-in closed down. You offered me a place to stay when I had nothing. It’s always been you (Y/N),I just never thought that we could be anything more than friends.”

(Y/N) threw her head back and laughed. “Oh Juggie. Of course I’ve always been there for you. You’re my best friend. I love you.”

“Go out with me? Please,” Jughead awaited her reply.

Smiling up at him, (Y/N) replied, “This can be our first date Jug.”

Jughead smiled at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into him. And they spent their night there, like they usually did, just talking and sharing milkshakes. Only now, things had changed. They were happy, and it was quite obvious to anyone who saw them sitting together, exchanging shy kisses as the night dragged on.

“I love you too (Y/N/N).”


I really needed to write this and I’m sorry. Time Waster pt. 5 will be up by the weekend (I swear) and all requests will be done by the end of this week too (probably) sorry about the delays!! Science competitions are pretty brutal.

Hope y’all enjoy and also, asks and requests are open. Feel free to message me if you want to be added to my tag list~

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Chilly after a few years visits his old work place, C&C’s cake and coffee, cherry happily let’s him in, glad to offer him a part time job again

Java chomp was really excited to see him, strange she usually grumpy, chilly soon found out one of java’s new habits , nomming ponies she likes, looks like he spending the day back as flank fat , not that chilly minds , he just hopes when he comes back he can be her seat sometime ~

Okay, I got some episode parallels in mind:

Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons – Now that Dipper finally has his sister back, he’s super excited to play his favorite game ever with her. But when he explains how DD&MD is played, Mabel’s response is something along the lines of “uuuugh….um, I think I hear a six-headed space monster breaking in or something…why don’t you play with one of the kids and I’ll catch up later?” Dipper is disappointed, but when he finds out Ford loves DD&MD (but never has anyone to play it with) the two of them bond over the game.

Meanwhile, Stan is curious about his mysterious Grauntie Mabel and sneaks out into the woods after her to see what she’s working on. He finds that far from being the stuffy academic he’d expected, Mabel is silly and wild and lots of fun to be around. Happy to have a cute little nephew to play with (and a little flattered by how obvious it is that he thinks she’s Super Cool,) Mabel shows off some of the weird gadgets and magical artifacts she brought back from the alternate dimensions she was traveling in. It’s while they’re playing with some of these artifacts that Mabel and Stan accidentally bring the characters from their siblings’ DD&MD game to life. The four of them have to work together as a family to defeat Probabilator and send him back to his own dimension.

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March Madness HiJack Week Day 3: Hogwarts AU

HOO~KAY. So. I made a point of sitting down and watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone today so that I could write this and somewhat know a little tiny bit what I was doing. Sort of. Hopefully it makes sense and isn’t too bad. XD;

Note: A polynya is an open area of water surrounded by sea ice. :)

By Senashenta

Hiccup was a Ravenclaw but pretty much everyone thought he should have been sorted into Hufflepuff instead. Sure, he was smart and decently talented with spells and potions, but really, most people tended to look on him as relatively soft and useless. It didn’t help that he was Muggle Born, either.

It was his first year at Hogwarts and while he was enjoying it to a certain extent, he hadn’t made any real friends. One of the girls from Hufflepuff, Rapunzel, was nice to him, would say hi or wave at him in the hallway when they crossed paths, but she was kind to everyone so he wasn’t sure it actually counted.

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unexpected tester | 1974 | coven

Second year certainly started better than her first year. Connie wasn’t as miserable as she had been her entire first year. Her roommates seemed to have gotten used to her. She was aware of how different she was from the rest. For a start, she wasn’t british. Connie was born and raised in New Orleans, so she was american and had a funny accent. She was also used to performing magic in a different way, she always struggled with her wand and found it quite inconvenient, so most of the time it was up in her hair, holding her messy bun. Her mother always performed wandless magic and even taught her a few tricks for when she was at Hogwarts and could practice. So far she hadn’t been too successful, but she knew she was too young to achieve those things. And if that wasn’t enough, her father was ridiculously famous. The Rolling Stone magazine had named him one of the most successful musicians of the past decade, making him even more famous just because of that.

Once she finished her homework, she decided to go to the kitchens. It’s been a while since she had cooked anything and she remembered how much Mr. Hagrid had liked her biscuits, perhaps she could bake him some more. So there she was, throwing flour to the table before she proceeded to stretch the dough. She was immersed in her own thoughts, singing quietly as she took an unicorn shaped mold.

Connie looked up, wanting to reach for her glass of milk but instead she found a boy around her age staring at her. She immediately shut up and cleared out her throat, looking quite flustered. “Uh… hi” she said awkwardly.


My first request and it’s kinda angsty … why are you doing this to me anonieeee?? This took me soooooo long to finish! I had a really hard time thinking about the members that wouldn’t be happy and my heart got crushed, I hope you are happy anon ;~; Also for some reason Tumblr hates me and didn’t want to upload anything

XIUMIN *went after her and found her crying alone* Babe? I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I will apologise as many times as I have to but let’s go home for now. It’s not good for you to be out here in your condition 

LUHAN *thinking that he is an ass and he should run after her*

KRIS (bonus) *she wouldn’t stand a chance running from Kris. Before she even got out the door he would have her in his arms apologizing and saying that he wants to be there for her and his child

SUHO *already forgot about the fight and is making a list of the things they will need when the baby comes*

LAY *let’s face it, yixing is an angel so i truly think that the unicorn would be delighted to be a dad

BAEKHYUN *he would explain to her that he is not ready to be a father just yet but he still wants to be with her* (well you can’t have everything bacon!)

CHEN “What did she just say? Did she say pregnant?Shit! Jongdae you idiot!” *he would grab his jacket and go after her forgeting about the fact that he’s not wearing any shoes*

CHANYEOL *chanyeol would also go look for her and when he found her he would be like* “Jagiiiiiiiii!! Forgive meee! I don’t want our baby to hate meeee!”

D.O *kyungsoo would wait for her to come back after she calmed down* “Don’t run of like that again you idiot”

TAO *tao would be a crying mess because he wouldn’t know what to do* “I-i love her, but I’m not ready yet. I’m sorry baby”

KAI “Should I g-go after her? B-but I don’t want this”

SEHUN *the brat would be gone before she even got home, he wouldn’t be able to face her, so he chose the easy way out* (i’m sorry sehuna!)

Okay, I chose the maknae line for this and I based it on the fact that they are too young to be dads just yet. I honestly think though that if anything like this happened they wouldn’t be little shits (or at least I hope so)

Can we talk about Emma’s house in the underworld?

We saw that in the underworld, both Emma’s parents’ apartment and Emma’s house were waiting for them. But what struck me was Emma’s, because it had all of her toys, the crib and her unicorns mobile; whereas Snowing’s had everything covered up in white sheets, like an abandoned place, so to me it read like they were moving out— moving on. It wasn’t like the place was going to be occupied, quite the contrary, because a look in Emma’s house tells a different story: everything is visible, dirty, scattered, and just plain depressing.

I found it so painful because it means Emma hasn’t fully moved on from being an “orphan.” If she were to die at this point in her life, her unfinished business would still be having a family. She still feels like an orphan, otherwise there wouldn’t have been all her stuff from the childhood she didn’t get to live. 



Everything in Emma’s house reflects her unfinished business: her family. But it’s not about Henry and the life that could not be with Neal (or Hook); it’s about her own lost infancy. She has healed her wounds with the son she gave up, but the wounds of her childhood are still hurting her. And I still believe she must feel *something* about her parents having had another child because they wanted to know what it felt like to raise one.  Except for Emma there is no way she can recover her lost childhood. At least she could recover her parenthood with Henry. I believe the “fake, happy memories (3x11)” of baby Henry, made up (to one point) for having missed on raising him.

Why oh why you hurt us like this?! 

Snow and Charming have moved on, but Emma’s still an orphan in her heart.

When will she truly feel at home? 

“dang it’s cold up here.”

“shut up summer, we get it.”

“no, nymeria, i don’t think you get it.  it’s like really cold.”

“it’s snowing down here too.”

“snow.  that’s nice.  you call that a snow storm?  i couldn’t feel my paws this morning?  and at least you’ve got company.  i miss having a pack.”

“you’ve got–”

“yeah i know, i’ve got humans.  i miss–”

“your human didn’t throw rocks at you, ok?  so shut up and enjoy yourself and your real winter or whatever the fuck you want to say, ok?”

“when did you get all alpha?”

“when i was the bitch queen of the riverlands.  are you the bitch queen of the north?”

“i’m the prince of the green.”

“fight me.”

“you’re just angry.  you’re as bad as shaggy.”

“i am not as bad as shaggy.”

“why is nymeria as bad as me?  i’m not bad.  also unicorns are delicious.”

“shaggy we’re having a private conversation here.”

“having it very loudly.”

“haha very funny ghost.”

“will you two shut up we’re–”

“sniping.  look i know you both have been very frustrated since lady and grey wind, but is there any need to make this worse?”

“to be fair, nymeria’s been bad since–”


“arya decided she didn’t want her anymore.”

“arya does too want me.  i know she does.”

“yeah? then why hasn’t she found you?”

“shut up.”

“and does she randomly come into your head sometimes?”

“yeah.  she does.”


“who are you calling a liar?  eating unicorns shaggy?”

“that’s what they call them up here.”

those are giant goats, ok?  and i should know.  i eat lots of goats.”

“that doesn’t make me a liar.  that makes society a liar.”

“and you subscribe to it like a sheep.  i declare shaggy super not the alpha when we all get back together.”




“i’m just saying, look at my resume.  i have the most pack leadership experience, ok?  biggest pack ever in the riverlands.”

“still don’t know shit about winter, though.”

“ghost, whose side are you on?”

“well, since i’m very clearly not going to be the alpha, i figured i’d at least keep everyone honest.  especially since as long as jon’s hanging out in the back of my head, he’s kind of invaded my conscience.  he says hi by the way.”

“tell him bran says hi.”

“i will, thank you summer.”

“does arya say hi, nymeria?”

“sure she does.”

“i still don’t think that she’s ever been in your head.”

“oh yeah?  how come…how come sometimes i think i’m across the sea?  and there are lots of cats and dead fish?”

“arya is not across the sea.”

“oh yeah?  wanna stake your bid for alpha on that, summer?”

“you know what?  fine.  i’ll stake my bid for alpha on that, nymeria.”

“haha sucker.  just you wait.”

Whispered Stories
Wide green eyes peer around the around the door entrance taking in all the masks and fossils that line the walls, along with tribal vases and artefacts that are placed around the office.

Waves of jet black swaying as the little head moves to take in everything. It’s the first thing Maura Isles notices and then her hazel eyes lock on green before the little heads pops out of view. Confusion washes over Maura as she stands but stops mid-way as the little girls steps into to full view and smiles. The little girls dressed in faded skinny jeans with a bulky Boston PD hoodie on and bright purple chucks, Maura can’t help but stare at how beautiful she is. Her dark complexion and jet black hair, dimples to die for and the most beautiful green eyes she’s ever seen.

“Hello.” Maura says smiling at the little face.

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