she looks like she did 12 years ago

Imagine taking a case in your home town

This post is Triggering! I am warning you all now that please don’t read if you are easily triggered. (Lots of death, suicide and just shitty mom)

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The roar of the impala under you was the only thing keeping you grounded as you rolled down the open black strip of tar with the man you loved and his younger brother. Your head leaned against the window as the millions of trees passed you by, each one bringing you closer to your own personal hell…

“Babe.” the sound of Dean’s voice echoed through the hall as Dean approached your shared room where you had currently been laying down, your eyes glued to the illuminated screen of the small internet portal you held in your hands, “Babe you gotta get dressed, and pack a bag.”

“Why?” You whined as you looked at him, fully comfortable in the memory foam that was swallowing you up. A smile etched onto his face as he looked at you with complete love in his eyes. 

“Cause we gotta case, four officers dead in a small town in Georgia, looks like a ghost. We figured we would go check it out.”

“Oh.” The realization hitting you as though it was a 18 wheeler going far too fast.

“Didn’t you say you had family in Georgia, maybe we can stop and say…”

“I think my mother is far too busy to accommodate a visit from her daughter, who has not become a lawyer like her brother or a environmentalist like her other sister.” You interrupted, knowing that your mother never was a huge fan of yours, and you doubted she would take a visit from you and the boys as a pleasant occurrence. 

“Okay, well meet me at Baby in 15,” He instructed, as you nodded in reply, before quickly turning your attention back to the article you were scanning for familiar names, the same article Dean and Sam had just gotten your next case from.

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“Well here we are.” Dean said pleasantly as he carefully pulled the impala into the parking space outside the police station, the memories flooding back to you as the purring of the engine died away. 

“So we have the fake Id…..” you failed to hear the rest of the sentence however by the slamming of your own door, your legs carrying you into the building, as Dean watched your hips sway. It took several seconds for both men to establish which fake FBI ids to use, and then they let themselves into the building. Dean’s eyes already sweeping over the layout, however they soon caught an interruption when they noticed your back. You were seated on the desk of one of the elder officers, who seemed to be smiling up at you as he chattered away. In your hand they could both see that you were holding a picture frame, as though you had previously been looking at it. 

“Hey, did [Y/N] ever tell you where exactly in Georgia she grew up?” Sam whispered as the sound of your own laughter filled the air. 

“No, but I have a feeling we just found out.” Dean replied as he started towards you, and the older gentleman, who was clearly the one in charge.

“Excuse me, we were looking for Chief Gebel?” Sam asked another officer, who looked as though he was in his mid thirties, and an ex football player. 

“Yeah, he is right over there. HEY CHIEF, Feds are here.” He snapped quickly as the attention of both you and Gebel’s was drawn towards the sound of the man.

“Thank you Eric. Tell me [Y/N] , how long ya in town for?” 

“Oh depends on how fast these two get the case closed.” You replied with a smile as you pointed toward the Winchesters.

“Well make sure ‘fore ya go ya come around again. It ain’t been the same since…”

“It was nice to see ya Ernie and I am real sorry again about Herman.” You smiled at the boys before politely hopping from the desk and escorted yourself to the front door, where you sat your ass on the park bench you and the previous chief used to eat ice cream on when you were a child.

Dean’s POV  

“Agents, it is mighty nice of you both to come down here.” Officer Gebel smiled at us both after the swing door of the office shut behind [Y/N].

“Of course sir, we are sorry to interrupt your visit, was she your daughter?” Sam asked as I looked the man up and down, she never mentioned her parents, so who knew if this old guy could be her dad, he looked like he could be dad age.

“[Y/N] isn’t my daughter, her pa used to be the old chief here, however something went terribly wrong on a case, we were working it together. He, ummmm,” Gebel’s started to tear up a bit, and after a sniffle he continued, “sorry, you see Hank used to be my best friend, the girl might as well be my own, it really hit her hard when her daddy died. Even harder when her mother acted like nothing happened. She left when she was 17, and she never looked back, not even when her sister passed away.”

“I am so sorry to hear about your loss, well if you….”

“You mind telling me how her sister died?” I asked, Sam glaring at me, as though to tell me not to prey, that if my girlfriend wanted to tell me about it she would have. 

“Well ya see, when her dad died the children took it pretty hard, each child processed it differently. For [Y/N] it was dreamin’ of leaving, for her brother Grant it was signing up for the army, and for Kathleen, well she went from a popular cheerleader to an outcast, stopped talking to her friends. The only people she really spoke to were [Y/N] and Grant. Grant was 18 when it happened, the girls were both still in high school, Grant was gone for maybe a year or so when the letter came. Mary was devastated, first her divorce was becoming public, then her husband died in the line of duty, then her son. It was shortly after the funeral for him that [y/N] left town. She left a note saying she was never coming back, said she was tired of living in a cursed family. About three months later, Mary came home to Kathleen died in the parlor. Suicide, hung herself from the ceiling fan, remember having to take the body down myself. We tried to reach out to [Y/N], tell her about the funeral, but she never responded. Her mother became cold after that, and is now the mayor of the town, best mayor we have ever had actually.”

“Oh… Well do you think…”

“Excuse me Agent Anka, but the case.” Sam snapped, stopping me from my futhur investigation into [y/n]’s past.

“Sorry Agent Stevens, So tell me…” And as I asked about the case, my mind still lingered on the lie [Y/N] was living in.

y/n’s POV

You had found yourself wandering from the bench, and standing outside the stone steps of the town hall, your eyes looking at the windows which were all open, and the curtains billowed out of the openings. You soon found yourself walking up the steps and taking a deep breath before you opened the door and was greeted by the silence of the front office.

“Welcome to the Senoia town hall, if you would like to meet with the mayor…. OH MY GOSH [Y/N]!” the tall blonde behind the front desk greeted as she looked at you, her eyes widening at the site, as you sighed.

“Oh hey Heather.” You said unexcited as she stood up and started around the desk, wrapping her arms around you as you lightly tapped her covered arm.

“How have you been bestie? I feel like it has been….”

“12 years… yeah cause it has been.”

“Well I can see you have changed, what happened to the captain of the cheer squad who used to be so cheery?” Heather pouted as you looked at her in annoyane.

“Why did I even stop here, I remember the way up.” You huffed as you started towards the stair, stopping only for a second to snap, “And she died 13 years ago.”

The doors were still the same, and felt the same as you pushed them open revealing the office of an OCD official. Every paper was neatly piled, and sorted into color piles. the cabinets all were labeled alphabetically, and the room looked as though it was fully polished and cleaned several moments earlier, and the neurotic woman who was this insanely organized was standing with her back to the door, chattering away on her phone, as she examined her perfectly manicured nails in the sunlight. The hints of grey now visible in her  hair, and her thin frame covered in a bright yellow pant suit. Her voice flowed in the air as it reached your ears, “Give me a second Sherry I think the airhead just came in with my low fat, soy, latte with two pumps of cream, and a dash of that addicting vanilla flavoring.”

When she turned you could see the fake youth in her face, her skin pulled on her face, exposing her high cheekbones, and the slight crows feet forming at her made up eyes, her lips were thin and cracking, however still were covered in a sicking shade of pink, which matched the overuse of blush on her face. At the sight of you in the door her eyes widened, and her hand went to the small bump in her suit “I have to call you back Sherry, my runaway has finally come begging for money.”

“Begging for your money is the last thing I want.” You snapped as she hung up and looked at you, her shock turning into disgust as she glared you up and down.

“Well I can think of no other reason you would be standing before me, unless to tell me you are finally dying too.”

“Now why would I ever give you the satisfaction of hearing that?” You laughed as you shut the door behind you.

“Well for your information…”

“I know you are married to Eric, the same Eric who was Grant’s best friend. Tell me how are the kids?”

“How did you…”

“Ernie told me, so did Eric, since the first thing out of his mouth was, hey look guys my stepkid is here. So that was it, Daddy died, then your children either die or leave and you decide that instead of grieving like a normal widow, or looking for your daughter, you replace us all, like we were nothing to you. You really are shallow.”

“Is that why you came, after 12 years you finally wanted to see that I made something of my life unlike you, who judging by that outfit is unemployeed and probably living under a bridge somewhere.”

You started to chuckle, “Yeah Mary, whatever helps you sleep at night. I just hope that Eric is happy with that cobwebbed thing. Wonder if he is scared seeing how the first police academy boy you slept with Andrew is dead, along with Officer Nelson, Herman, and Charlies. Tell me if Grant was still alive and knew you were cheating on Dad with all his friends who were going to be police with him you think….”


“Well at least he wasn’t a whore like you!” And with that you swung the door open again and slammed it behind you, and as you marched yourself down the stairs, you came face to face with two agents of the FBI.

“I’ll be in the car.” You growled as you stormed past.

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“So when were you planning on telling us that this is the town you grew up in?” Sam asked that night as you all sat in the motel room, Sam on the couch with his eyes glued to the screen of the laptop, Dean sat at the table looking over files of the victims. and you were laying on the bed, staring at the yellowing ceiling as you drew a short breath.

“I knew you two would find out sooner or later, specially after we went in the police station.”

“And you were planning on telling us that your mom ran the whole town, or that your dad….”

“How do you know about my father and mother?” You asked, your body going from the laying down position to sitting up and looking at Dean, whose face was reddening at the sound of the springs. 

“Well your mom and you share…”

“She has a different last name, it is Fanzine, like the deputy down at the station, you know the football looking one. So I will ask you again, how did you know my mother runs the town and my father was the old chief.”

Dean was silent for a few minutes, you could see the lie forming in his brain as he processed the words he should say, however Sam was far quicker at responding, “Dean asked Ernie about it, however Ernie was not one who needed much convincing, seeing how he wasn’t even prompted at first to tell us. After that he…”

“Yeah Ernie is like that, well what do you want to know?”

“About the case or about you?” Dean asked as you looked at him, and saw the loving, protective nature pouring from them.


“Well what do you think about the case, the only theme I can find with the victims are that they were all roughly the same age, and had the same occupation. Did you know them?”

“Andrew Livingstone, Nelson Remington, Herman Grebel, and Charlies Greenbert were best friends, their close friend group also consisted of two other boys, Eric Fanzine, and Grant [Y/L/N]. All of them wanted to join the Senoia police force and work under my dad, and Herman’s uncle. They all were just punks, played minor pranks here or there, went fishing, hunted, were just boys.” 

“Other then the friendship can you think of something else that linked them?” Sam asked as you took another deep breath.

“I am sure Ernie mentioned the failing of the marriage when he was oversharing our family history. Well the marriage was failing because of my mother, whom I am sure you met already and saw her true form.”

“Yeah, I can see why you never mentioned her before.” Dean added as you smiled slightly

“Yes well she hides a whole lot of bitch under those pantsuits. She also however hides a cougar magnet. The marriage failing was no one’s fault but my whore mother’s. She was having an affair with Andrew Livingstone. Twice a week they would hook up in this hotel, in room 55B. It had been happening for almost a year, and while my father didn’t want my mother’s name to be slandered, since she was preparing to run for mayor again, we all knew about the affair. That was the start of what lead Grant to wanting to leave, the thought of this happening scarred him and ruined the very friend group he clung to. Dad dying was the second thing, and the big push. After that the remaining members of the group join the academy and were not doing well enough to join the force here, since the standards were set so high by the previous mayor. So to join the force they each slept with the current mayor of the time, hoping she would grant them entrance. It worked and with a strong referral from my mother, they got in. It was also during this time that Grant got killed in battle and when attending the funeral of her own son she arrived on the arm of his best friend, whom she was sleeping with. However no one knew of the relations between the group and the mayor except for the two girls who were forced to listen to it, seeing how the sex occurred in the bed her and my father shared. That is the main reason I left,I was tired of it, and soon so was Kathleen. She was the only one who had my number when I left. She said Mom was marrying Eric and she couldn’t live with the thought of her and Eric marrying so soon after everything, and the date of the wedding was set for the day my father died. I told her to come meet me, and I would take her away, but my message was too late, and was replied with, “I hope you are happy shank, cause your only sister is dead. NEVER show your face here again.” 

“Woah.” Was all either of the men before you could say, the tears running down your eyes as you wiped them away.

“Yeah. My family was one shitshow.” You giggled as Dean stood up and sat next to you, taking your frame in his arms as he pulled you close.

“I see now why you lied about them, I am so sorry.”

“It is fine. But I don’t know how this link could help. I mean the only thing I could think of was a ghost….”

“Wait, why did you think Ghost, we were thinking….”

“Did you guys not feel how cold the entire building was, it felt like the whole heating system was broken, even though it said it was 75 degrees in the room. Also before I left for the town hall, I did a sweep and the EMF was going nuts around the whole perimeter, and in the doorway.”

“You my love are a saint.” Dean said, kissing your temple as you smiled, and watched Dean go back to the files at the table, where he sat for a while more before the phone went into a frenzy. 

“Agent Stevens speaking.” Sam replied as he looked at you again, as you watched in wonder as his eyes widened.

“We will get there in a second, DON’T touch anything till both I and my partner arrive.” He emphasized before he closed the phone and looked at the two of you, “Eric Fanzine is dead.”

“I wanna go see.” you replied, as both boys leapt into action, both reaching for the FBI suit jackets as you rose as well, pulling your duffle out to collect the pencil skirt and button down you always wore when playing the female FBI role. 

“No, I think…”

“Well if I go with you, then I have an alliby that the police will believe, I can just say I was with you two, helping research the case, since I am an….”

“And when they decide to look up the fact that you aren’t a Feb, and then take you in for this, since I am assuming that is what you think will happen, then we all are screwed. So please princess, stay here.” Dean whispered as he leaned over to kiss you, before leaving out the door with Sam, as you pouted slightly, and laid down on the creaky mattress.

Dean POV

When the boys returned it was early morning, and you were curled up on the bed, the sunrise rays slowly dancing on your face. I slowly walked to the side of bed she was facing and lifted my hand to brush the hair from the front of her face. She smiled slightly as she hummed in her sleep. 

“So tell me Dean, what the fuck was that back there?” Sammy snapped as he threw the jacket onto the couch before flopping down onto the other bed, and looked at me.

“Sammy I am sorry, but I couldn’t just let them talk shit about my girlfriend like that.”

“Oh thank God you two are here. I accidentally left my wife’s Tupperware here, and I was coming back to get it. That is when I walked in and I…. I don’t know what I saw.” Gebel rambled as Sam and I entered the station, which was covered in police tape and investigators. 

“Well can you try to word it as best as you can?” Sam asked as I took my time looking at the desk that Eric had been seated at earlier, which was decorated with a few photographs, one of a little girl with big blue eyes, one of him and [Y/N]’s mother, and another of a group of football players, one who looked as though he could be the male version of [y/n]. 

“Well I thought…. I saw Hank.” He shakily whispered as his face paled, my head turning towards him, “Like with his hand in his torso.”

“Well that sounds….”

“OH MY ERICBOO!” A high pitch scream came from the doorway, the source dressed in silk pajamas, and a pair of sneakers as she raced towards the body. Gebel quickly reached out and stopped her from racing into the scene as my teeth tightened. 

“My Husband!” She wailed as she crumbled in Gebel’s embrace

“I am so sorry Mary. Eric was a good kid, everyone….”

“Where is my daughter, I demand she be brought in for questioning!”

“Excuse me ma’am but why would your’s and Eric’s child be guilty, for one is not even born yet and the other is 4.”

“Not them, my other ungrateful child, who hated my husband and was jealous of my success.”

“And why would she be jealous of you. You just look like a miserable old woman who only got a young husband because you promised him mind blowing sex probably and a young looking hag.” I barked as she looked at me with reddened eyes.

“How DARE YOU! I am GRIEVING!” Mary snapped as she placed a hand upon her stomach, “Oh My darling Eric.”

“You can’t believe the [Y/N] would have done something like this. This is awful, and…”

“I want to know where she is! I want her…”

“She was with me!.” I yelled, the woman and officer glaring at me as I sighed, “I am her husband, and when I told her that I was taking a case here, she wanted to come and visit her hometown, maybe show me the sights. We were keeping it a secret from you all because she didn’t want to boast that she married an agent. At the time the murder occurred we were having sexual intercourse, we are trying for a baby. My partner can confirm this, since we were making him sit in the car at the time of the act.” 

“You and my daughter…. are married.” Mary asked, her face in shock as she looked at him blankly.

“Yes. Now Chief Gebel, if you can please escort Mrs. Fanzine home so we can work.” Sam instructed as he slowly took her out of the room and into an meeting office, as I left the station. 

“Well I suggest that you go to bed, and hope that you didn’t throw the whole case.”

“Yeah but Sammy, it makes sense doesn’t it, I mean all the victims were involved with [Y/N]’s mom, and Gebel said he saw her ex husband, who was a cop. What if…”

“Dean, we will talk about it later, right now, I just want an hour of sleep.” Sam yawned as he turned away, my feet carrying me to the empty side of the bed, where I laid next to [y/n], praying for her sake the killer wasn’t the ghost to her dead father.

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Part 2

a few months ago,, I was talking on web cam with a woman,,, she saw a pair of black lace panties in the background and asked whose they were,, she knew i’m not married and don’t have a girlfriend so I said they were mine and I admitted sometimes I like to dress up in bra and panties . she told me to strip on cam and put them on,,,I blushed , but did what she told me to do,,,when I was naked I looked back at the screen and saw that her 12 year old  son and daughter were behind her also watching me on the screen,, and they were all laughing… the girl was pinching her finger and thumb together and the boy was just pointing and laughing,,, I heard him say he’s just a kid and has a bigger cock than me… the woman told me to put the panties on and hop up and down so my titties bounced and shake my clit up  and  down while they watched,,,, as I was doing that I saw them all laughing and after a couple minutes of watching me and  taking  photos  with their  phones ,, they closed the camera

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Hey this is kind of an odd request, but I recently lost my cat of 12 years and I was wondering if the mun would ever be ok posting a pic of their babies?

Sorry to hear, anon! :c I know how it feels to lose your kitties, I hope you can one day find happiness again! I know I did when these two came into my life.

This is my fatso, we got her from an animal shelter 6 years ago. She lives with my grandpa. I like to take pictures up close of her so it looks like she’s taking selfies and they always look so funny lol I don’t usually let her sleep with me because she weights 6kg and tends to try to sleep on top of me (then wake everyone up at 4 am)

This is Lilly, she lives with my mom. She’s 5-6 and we got her 4 years ago. She’s the one who always walks all over me in the evenings and in the early mornings in bed (to cuddle) She’s more the type to pose for my pictures vs fatso lol. She either sleeps next to me or at the end of the bed.

They both didn’t have a good life before we got them but we’re now focusing on making up for their pasts. Lilly is afraid of any sudden movements or sudden noise, noise that is too loud (sadly hasn’t changed since we got her) and fatso is really prickly and lashes out quickly. Fatso has gotten into quite some accidents and we’re honestly surprised she still lives omg

They don’t live in the same house but every now and then we bring Lilly to my grandpa’s house, they don’t get along but mostly avoid each other. Ofc they prefer to eat each other’s food over their own…. smh.