she looks like lupita to me

do y’all see this? do y’all really see this shit?? i’m out, i’m fucking done. i physically cannot handle this beauty. this shit coulda straight up blinded the ancient world. lupita out here looking like she’s asgardian. she looks like God spent three extra hours on her. she looks like a work of art. she looks painted. i can’t deal with this. i’m gonna tell future generations about this woman and this photoshoot and they’ll think i made her up, that’s how gorgeous this is and she is. i’m so fucking mad how is she not the protagonist and/or love interest in every movie ever??? how???? can cameras not accurately display this wonder and majesty???? we put a man on the moon but if we can’t have lupita play aphrodite or a space queen or storm or a lovable quirky romcom character then what’s the fucking point of anything??? we might as well delete the fucking earth. the entire earth. all of it. except for her.

One woman at FOX’s party assumed I was Serayah. “Is that Taylor Swift’s friend, the one from Empire?” I heard her say when she thought I was out of earshot. Her companion confirmed that, yes, indeed I was. Later, I overheard someone guessing that I was “one of the stars from the slave movie at Sundance.” I can only assume she was mistaking me for Aja Naomi-King in Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation. Later I was ID-ed as Lupita Nyong'o (Black Panther), Danai Gurira (Black Panther), and Jessica Williams (The Daily Show).

I don’t look like any of these women. The only thing I have in common with any of them is that we’re all black. Hell, we’re not even all the same shades of black.

The casual racism of thinking all black people “look alike” is sadly nothing new — but what I was experiencing at Comic-Con was a trend. One I couldn’t figure out how to explain until I started my trip back across the country to New York, once again easily blending into the crowds. That’s when I realized it’s easy to blend in when no one unconsciously tries to justify why I’m somewhere in the first place.

The parties I attended weren’t for actors (the “talent”) only. Guests also included producers, screenwriters, publicists, film critics, and any other number of people in the entertainment industry (plus fans who managed to score invites). In other words, one doesn’t walk in assuming that every person there is some sort of celebrity. In fact, the friends I did the party circuit with — three white men and one white woman — weren’t mistaken for talent at all. Nor should they have been, given that none of them resemble any celebrity that I can think of. At Con events, they were just faces in a crowd, the faces people expected to see.

—  This is the second comic-con where I’ve been complimented for Jessica Williams’ work by random white folks. Problem? I’m not her. I wrote about the phenomenon and what it says about media diversity for Cosmo

On her success, despite an agent telling her that her skin was “too dark for African television”:

“I grew up with a very limited mirror of myself. I watched a lot of TV, but the people on it were always light skinned. And now I have a platform that takes me into people’s houses and onto the pages of their magazines.” – Lupita Nyong’o

On looking to the inspiring people she works with to get started on her future as an artist:

“I want to write, I want to direct, I want to produce—I want to inhabit what I think it means to fully be an artist. I always wanted to do that, but I didn’t think I had the tools. Now I look at Viola [Davis] and I look at Nate [Parker] and I look at Shonda [Rhimes] and it’s like, You just do it. You just begin, you know?"  – Aja Naomi King

I hate when people say “ black women are ugly” and people AUTOMATICALLY point out Beyonce

like yes, beyonce is pretty, and yes , she is black

but shes also hella light skinned/ mixed looking and thats the reason why alot of people find her attractive ( lets be honest)

like can we start pointing out people like kelly rowland and lupita nyongo and serena and venus williams?

or like amber riley and gaboruey sibide and lauryn hill?

like can we stop making thin light skinned women with flowy hair the face of black beauty ?


A boy from our school tweeted this along with a slew of comments on natural hair and In response, all of us curly girls are wearing our hair natural to school Monday, and people who do not have curls, and curling they’re hair. It just saddens me to think some people have to publish to everyone else how that don’t like the look of my natural hair type. If you don’t like curly hair, keep it to yourself. Think of all the beautiful well known women who wear curls and their natural hair , Solange, Lupita, youngbabybella, lordemusic, taylorswift when she was younger, FKA twigs, & many more. The picture of my natural hair on the top is just as beautiful as it is straightened on the bottom. Everyones natural hair is so amazing and beautiful, do not let anyone tell you differently. No one should ever try to make others feel bad about our hair.


When I was like 10 and my sister was about five, I convinced her that she was going to jail because she used a bad word. The doorbell happened to ring, and I told her it was the police. I made her pack her bags. She was crying, and then I said to her, “I forgive you, and I’m gonna tell the cop to go away.” Then, of course, she loved me. It was terrible—she still remembers it. I had a sordid sense of humor.