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The one who could see me (Jack Frost x reader)

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Jack was in the village trying to find someone to talk to. Someone to help him. But there was none who would. Who would here his pleas to see him. Screams of agony. Pain filled tears that ran down his pale cheeks. In that time he wondered is anyone feeling the emptiness he is feeling right now. The pain that breaks him. The confusion that spins in his head. The feeling of being lost. The loneliness of being a shadow. The sadness of your world crashing down right in front of your eyes. There was. Oh there was who felt every emotion he felt then. A girl. A girl who recently lost her best friend Jackson Overland. (y/n)(y/l/n) was the girl that felt pain, emptiness, confusion, being lost, loneliness, sadness. It was like her only sun ray died out. Her lucky star fell from the cold night sky. The name that used to bring a smile to her face, now brought salty tears down her rosy cheeks and screams of pure agony to her.
Right now she broke. She sprinted out of her house. Her name being called by people she knew, but she didn’t look back. They didn’t mean anything to her anymore. They were empty voices of nothingness. She wished for her name to be called out by him. By Jack. Her best friend, her crush. She ran away from the town that brought her the once happy now painful memories. Not looking back she ran towards the forest, where she and Jack used to hang out. He they first met. First laughed. Saw the stars together. Their happy place, because they knew they could always find each other there, in the mystery forest.
Jack was still trying to get someone to notice him, when he saw people moving out of the way for a girl. Jack moved as well, out of pure instinct. But he saw tears fall from her eyes that she desperately tried to cover.
“Miss!” He called out to her.
But of course she couldn’t hear him. No one could hear him. So he did the only thing he could at that moment. He ran after her. She was someone who felt his pain. Someone he wanted to help. Someone he wanted to see smiling. To hear her laugh. To see a twinkle in her tear stained eyes.
He soon discovered that she was a fast runner. But did he give up? Oh, no, he was only more determent to help her. He  stopped for a moment. He looked around. There were no footsteps in the snow. No indication she ran someplace. Jack strained his ears only to be met with silence of the forest. He stayed still. Then he heard it. Silent sobs in the silent twilight.
Though it was silent Jack managed to hear the whimper. Following it he was lead to a hill with one lonely tree standing mighty, but showing its age. Jack came closer. The soft whimpers became wails. In that moment the young man spotted a (y/h) head attached to a shivering body. He walked to her as if she was some wild animal. Taking soft and cautious steps to the girl. 
The moon beamed on her shaking form. It caught the females attention. She looked up. A star caught her eye. A blue shimmering star. A nova that was icy blue and looked like frost. She smiled a teary smile rose to her face. She remembered that beauty.
(y/n) and Jackson or Jack were on the dwarf hill, as the young boy called it, holding hands and gazing at the stars.
“Look, Jack, that one looks like frost” She pointed at the very same star that she saw.
“How about we call it ‘The (y/n) star’” He asked turning his head in her direction.
“That’s stupid” The girl giggled.
“You found it, so it has to be named by your name” Jack retorts, his brown eyes sparkling.
“That’s even more stupid. Just because I found it doesn’t mean it be my name” The girl muttered.
“So you have a better name?” The teen challenged.
“What is it?”
“'The Frost star’” The girl smiled looking at the blue light.
“Yeah, you'r right. It does sound better” Jack aggred.
That brought more tears to the girl. Still looking at the star she started humming a familiar tune. Silently whispering the words to herself in cold weather.
“The cold weather is nipping at my nose
But fear not, it’s only Jack Frost.
Let me make a snowball
And take the win 
From the winter king.
Let us run
To the pond of fun”
Jack looked at her suprised. She knew of him? But how come she can’t see him. He shook of the feeling. Sitting down hext to her he gave her a side hug.
“He was wonderful, always so full of happiness. He was my light. My best friend. I loved him more than anything” Jack looked down at her, could she him?
“Jackson Overland” She giggled at the name.
“I was in love with him” She smiled, eyes still strained on 'The Frost star’.
She became paler by the minute, her skin whiter than snow, her eyes becoming dull and lifeless, her hair begining to grow white because of the snowflakes, her breath ragged.
She looked up at the frosted boy, directly into his frozen eyes.
“Thank you, Jack for coming back” She whispered, head falling onto his shoulder.
“You can see me?” He asks suprised.
The girl nodded her head, weak and frail.
“What’s your name, miss” He asked.
“(Y/N)(Y/L/N)” The girl answered not suprised, it wasn’t her Jack. He looked like an angel to her in the cold.
“What’s your’s”
“Jack Frost”
“I told Jack you were real” She smiled.
“But no one knows of me" 
"That’s because I created you”
At this point in time Jack noticed the girl being paler than snow.
“(y/n), you'r freezing” Jack said worriedly “You'r going to die”
“I think of death as eternal sleep. A deep slumber you will never awaken” She smiled one last smile at the moon than at her new friend.
Closing her and releasing one last puff of air, she went to eternal slumber. Jack hugged her body tightly and made some frost flowers appear next to her. The winter king turned around and flew away, smiling a bit at the girl who did not fear death. The girl that could see him. The one who created him.
Unknown to him the girls chest glowed, making her be reborn into the spirit world as (y/n)(y/l/n) soon to be guardian of imagination and love.

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So hey, this fic is for @derolo who mentioned offhand in the Discord that she never received a fic for the Perc’ahlia vacation because the person she prompted flaked out. I got a little offended at the idea that anybody could participate in a fic exchange and get absolutely nothing in return so I asked for her prompts and told her I’d fill one myself. Among others, one of the prompts was “Boxing Ring” so here we are, in Kima and Allura’s Platinum Paladin Gym.

Vex doesn’t see him come in, mostly because she’s busy taking swings at her brother and backing him into a corner.

Vax is grinning at her around his mouthpiece like the asshole he is, blocking her punches right up until she sweeps his feet out from under him. The look on his face as he goes down is priceless. From outside the ring, Vex can hear Grog laughing as Vax picks himself up.

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