she looks like jack frost

So hey, this fic is for @derolo who mentioned offhand in the Discord that she never received a fic for the Perc’ahlia vacation because the person she prompted flaked out. I got a little offended at the idea that anybody could participate in a fic exchange and get absolutely nothing in return so I asked for her prompts and told her I’d fill one myself. Among others, one of the prompts was “Boxing Ring” so here we are, in Kima and Allura’s Platinum Paladin Gym.

Vex doesn’t see him come in, mostly because she’s busy taking swings at her brother and backing him into a corner.

Vax is grinning at her around his mouthpiece like the asshole he is, blocking her punches right up until she sweeps his feet out from under him. The look on his face as he goes down is priceless. From outside the ring, Vex can hear Grog laughing as Vax picks himself up.

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