she looks like an adult cat here

So this crazy weird thing happened to me today

I was at work and I received a phone call from a girl just starting grade 8. She had a few questions but she wasn’t sure weather I could answer them. I let her know I’d do my best and asked her what they were. 

She proceeded to ask me a whole bunch of questions about how she could become a large animal veterinarian. We ended up having a 20 minute conversation about vet school how to get into vet school, who to shadow etc. 

Then she started asking about me. I told her that I was starting my third year of vet school next week and that I hoped to specialize in small animal internal medicine. All I could here was pure amazement, aspiration and how she wanted to be where I am right now. 

And it’s so incredibly weird to me that I’m in this kind of position. I remember being that little girl in grade 8 amazed at vet students and veterinarians, wishing that it would be me someday and now someone is looking at me like that… it’s absolutely bananas. 

I’m still shook that some random kid thinks I’m the cats meow. Particularly because I myself don’t think I’m that great. Like I’m just over here trying to fumble my way through vet school, adult life and balancing everything. 

I don’t know guys… maybe it’s because I’m currently going through a strange transition in my life right now. My birthday is coming up in a week, my best friend from high school just got married the other weekend. I don’t see myself as an adult. I feel like I’m just some kid still. I guess the reality of growing up is starting to sink in. I’ve always been a mature person for my age, but my age and my position in life is starting to catch up to to my maturity level… and it’s all a lot to take in I suppose. 

If anyone needs me I’ll just be over here reminiscing in the conversation I had with one random 8th grader that made me feel like I can get through the rest of vet school with my sanity in tact.  

prince of cats

chapter nine: for saints have hands

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im so sorry i started college and forgot to update this

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From: The Cat Guy
To: Marinette (the Neighbor)
     Do you want to meet up?
     Tomorrow at like 15?
     I’ll send you the location, I’ll be there anyway, feel free to show up or not, either is fine

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nemesis729  asked:

Can you please write more klaroline with Henrik? Like, Henrik gets distracted by a cute kitten and is found by Caroline. Caroline helps Henrik look for his older brother. Thank you!

Having yet another fight with her mom, Caroline had snuck away from the Council picnic. She was so not in the mood to suck up for the Miss Mystic votes she would need in the coming months. So, she ducked out to the lake, where she could hide below the ridge.

She had figured her mother or one of her friends would come looking for her. However, it wasn’t them who broke her peace of twenty minutes.


Turning, she saw a little boy toddle over the ridge, only for his face to crumple when he didn’t find the cat he had apparently been following. “Hello!” she called, just hoping he wouldn’t cry. Bonnie and Elena were the babysitters of the groups, not her. “Are you lost?”

“I saw a kitty,” he said helplessly. “Where it go?”

“I don’t know, sweetie.” Caroline watched in confusion as he ambled over to her and sat down. “Where are your grown-ups?”

He perked up a bit. “Nik!”

Sighing in relief, Caroline nodded. “Yes, Nik. Do you need help finding him?”

“Okay,” he said easily, standing when she did. He automatically grabbed her hand, startling her. “I’m Henrik.”

“Caroline,” she answered absently, making sure he didn’t topple down the hill as they walked to the party. “Do you like cats?”

“They’re furry. Nik likes dogs. Do you?”

She shrugged, scanning the crowd for any concerned adults looking for a missing child. “They’re okay, I guess.”


A surprisingly familiar face ran to meet them, and Klaus Mikaelson scooped up the little boy into his arms. “You were supposed to stay with Kol.”

“He’s with Bonnie, inside,” Caroline offered, remembering the awkward flirting ritual the two had fallen into yet again. “Henrik here was chasing a cat, over near the lake.”

Squeezing his brother a little more tightly, Klaus sighed. “Thanks for finding him. How have you been, Caroline?”

“Fine,” she answered quietly, still a little shell-shocked he knew her name. He had been a senior when she was a freshman, and her crush on Klaus Mikaelson had verged on mortifying back then. “I didn’t realize you were back in town.”

Klaus cleared his throat, apparently uncomfortable. “Art school wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” he admitted. “Mother let me move back home while I plan my next move. She actually pushed me to start subbing for some extra money.”

“At the high school?” Caroline winced at the squeak in her voice; he definitely heard, if his smirk meant anything. “I’m sure Rebekah will be happy to have you around.”

He snorted. “Not if I get to make judgments on the boys she’s hanging around,” he pointed out. “But I guess I’ll be seeing you. Thanks for catching this little one.” He cutely jostled the boy in his arms. “Say thank you, Henrik.”

“Thanks!” Henrik said, his chubby hand waving at her.

Caroline couldn’t help but smile back. “You’re welcome, Henrik.”

As they walked away, she found herself needing to cool off - and not from the heat. She always thought women were kidding about how attractive it was when a guy was good with kids…

mini-drabble night! HIT ME UP

Anyone is South Ontario looking to adopt?!

I’m looking for a needle in a haystack here I know, but I have a friend who’s parents are selling his ferret on him. As of the moment it’s looking like they will sell the little bun on kijiji, and I’m worried she will go to a less knowledgable or patient owner given that she is already 5 years old. 

From what I understand, little Cinnamon is basically a book for Suck101, as her owner put it. She is litter trained, and has been in the family since she was a kit, and is very sweet. 

She’s currently being fed Performatrin Cat Adult, and will benefit from a switch given her age, but does not seem to have any major health problems.

I sadly don’t drive myself, so if there is anyone near the London ON area who can give this little pouf the love she deserves please contact me asap!!

Bear - Tino Arteaga

Hey, Could you write a Tino Arteaga Imagine, Alan is upset about his girlfriend or something and you decide for you Tino Alan and Austin to go to a shelter to cheer up Alan, see all the kitties and Tino sees you all happy and glowing when You’re holding a kitten and he starts to think about getting you one but is nervous and talks to you Austin or someone about it and gives you a kitten for your 8 months anniversary and you call him bear after Tino since you call him Tino Bear! kinda long sorry!

Loved this request so was quick to complete it, I hope you like it, I find this so cute^-^ Written by Emma.

“Come on, Alan.” I whine, tugging his arm. “Y/N,” He mutters. “You know you wanna.” I say, nudging him. “Come on man, we’re excited to see some kitties!” Austin hops by the front door. “I don’t wanna go.” Alan groans. “Come on, Alan, for me?” I flutter my eyelashes at the ginger, tilting my head. “You’re the only kitten I wanna see.” Alan replies, half smirking. “Excuse me?” Tino says sarcastically, wrapping his arms around me from behind. “Alan, get up, kittens are waiting!” Austin yells. Walking over, he physically drags Alan out of his seat and pulls him in the direction of the front door. Alan moans, but doesn’t put up a fight.

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abcooper  asked:

Supercat, 55 please!! <3

things you said under your breath 

“You can’t!” Carter wails, actually stamping his foot. Cat hasn’t seen a tantrum on this scale in years. Nothing about this night is going the way she planned, and there’s a telltale pinch of a migraine at the base of her skull. “Mom, what are you thinking?”

“Carter,” Kara interrupts, but he cuts her dead with a look that Cat knows is entirely her own. There’s something to be said for genetics after all. 

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anonymous asked:

(same anon) Do you have any headcanons for Gavroche and Montparnasse? Apologies for asking twice in a row about these two!

  • Eponine sometimes leaves Gavroche to Montparnasse’s care when she didn’t manage to get a responsible adult to look after him. And Montparnasse is like:
  • “Wait you want me to babysit him?”
    “Oh Parnasse, you’re adorable. He’s here to babysit you. You’re all out of Get Out of Jail Free cards”
  • Gavroche often goes through Montparnasse’s closet like “Awful.” “Who even wears that?” “To quote the wise man: ‘no.’” “And the Lord said: Let there be ugliness”
  • Gavroche also puts on Montparnasse’s clothes to spite him and improvises a cat walk while Parnasse runs after him like “No! Take that off! It’s Jean-Paul Gauthiern you animal! You’ll ruin it with your sticky fingers!”
  • Other than that Montparnasse is quite protective of Gavroche, even though Gavroche hardly needs his help. “If anyone bothers you at school, you tell me, eh?” “What for? For you to comfort them after I kick their ass? How thoughtful of you.”
  • Gavroche tried wine for the first time thanks to Montparnasse. Let’s just say “Yikes” is an understatement
  • Montparnasse gives the best pedicures, come on. Gavroche could get great toes if only he STAYED PUT FOR MORE THAN 5 SECONDS
  • Typical “repeating everything the other is saying but with an annoying accent” game to irritate the other
  • Phil Coulson: Ward?
  • Grant Ward: Yes, sir?
  • Phil Coulson: Where's Simmons?
  • Grant Ward: She's right here!
  • Phil Coulson: That is a kitten
  • Phil Coulson: In a tiny sweater
  • Grant Ward: Sir, Simmons has like, five PhDs. You could be a little more respectful.
  • Phil Coulson: That is literally a kitten in a tiny sweater. Look at it. That's a cat. That is not Simmons.
  • Grant Ward:
  • Grant Ward:
  • Grant Ward: How does this keep happening?

quavuring  says: is it a cat? it looks like a cat.

i found this beautiful bright green girl/boy in my roses a couple weeks ago, and having recently found your blog, i decided to turn to you. i’m definitely a mantis newbie and i don’t know the first thing about sexing/identifying them, so i was hoping you could help me out— and maybe give me some tips on finding more in the future :>

Cat Lady Commentary: Lovely photo, and lovely cat!! What you have here is a beautiful, adult, female Stamomantis sp.! I love how she stands out against the rose, here! <3 Pretty little lady. 

 Finding cats is a lot like looking for random encounters in an rpg game. But you can increase your chances of finding one by looking in fields with tall grasses, and shrubs. Typically, cats like these will hang out in the tall treetops if they can, but when you search in an environment that lacks high trees, you’re more likely to find a mantis in a place that you can reach ‘em :D 
Sometimes, you gotta stare at a shrub for a long time before the silhouette of a mantis presents itself to you… Other times, they appear plain as day! 

I hope this helps! I look forward to seeing/hearing about more as you find them! :]

anonymous asked:

Kara's lost her powers for a few days due to a red sun blast, and instead of taking it easy, decides to let Carter teach her how to skateboard. Shortly after, Cat gets a call that her normally invulnerable girlfriend is in the ER getting her ankle x-rayed.

They had all been expecting it. For weeks scientists had been gushing about the upcoming solar flare. The DEO and its resident Kryptonian, however, were not so happy. They had no idea how it would not only affect Supergirl, but other aliens still out there. Well, as they had dreaded, it blew out Kara’s powers and made her like any other human. The DEO was expecting it to only last a few days but Kara still hated feeling powerless.

She was stuck getting a ride home from her sister and had to either get up early enough to carpool with Cat or take public transportation. Thankfully, her first full day without powers was a Saturday so she decided to stay home. Sometime after lunch, Carter came out of his room with two skateboards. “Hey mom, since you’re not doing anything, want me to teach you how to skateboard? Maybe you could use this to get around until your powers come back.”

Kara turned to face her son after muting the tv and eyed the boards. “Promise you won’t let me fall?”

Carter smiled brightly and nodded. “Promise!”

Cat’s phone rang as she sat at her office desk and sighed, picking it up. “What is it, Carter? I’m in the middle of something very important. Is it something your mother can help you with?”

“Mom, it’s Kara. She fell. She’s really hurt. Aunt Alex is driving us to the hospital.” Carter’s voice came through panicked and shaky, like he was crying.

Cat’s heart leapt into her throat, thinking that maybe Kara had thought she could fly again and fell of the balcony. She was about to ask him how bad it was until she heard another voice on the phone. “Cat, love, I’m fine. It’s just my ankle.” Kara’s voice was clearly filled with pain, but at least is was just the ankle. “Don’t get mad or angry, I’m going to okay.”

Cat let out a sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’ll meet you at the hospital.”

At the hospital, Cat easily found the room where Kara was and found her wife lying in a bed smiling, her ankle double its size and covered with an ice pack. “That looks painful.”

The hero nodded and sighed. “I’m sorry. Carter was trying to teach me how to skateboard and I fell.” She looked down at her busted body. “I hate being human.”

Carter was sitting in the corner, looking like he went ten rounds with Cat already despite them having barely talked. “Mom, I’m sorry. I promised I wouldn’t let you fall and I did.”

The younger woman looked over at her son and reached out her hand. “Hey, no blaming yourself. I’m the adult here, remember?” She narrowed her eyes when she heard Cat mutter something along the lines of ‘apparently not’. “Besides,” she turned her gaze back to the boy, “in a few days when my powers are back, I’ll be perfectly back to normal. Then maybe we can try again without fear of injury, hm?”

Carter looked up at both his moms and when he saw his human mom give a little shrug he smiled. “Okay. That sounds like a smart idea.”

Kara chuckled. “Yea, I have a few of them.”