she looks like all my other sims


Nicole softly: Daddy. What do you think about secrets?

Nico frowns: Secrets?

Nicole nods: Yes. Secrets. Is it ever okay to tell a secret it, reveal it to someone when you promised not to?

Nico: Hmmm. If it’s a secret that can get someone in trouble…then I’d say it’s okay to reveal it. But you have to be very careful in making that decision.

Nicole quietly: I have a secret I want to share with you. Please keep this secret in your heart if I tell you, Daddy!

Nico: I can’t promise that, Nicole. So if you tell me, keep that in mind.

Nicole: Well…okay…*lowers her voice even more*  Allie came to see me! She took me for ice cream! Just me and her! And she blew bubbles with me and she even bought me a bear! No one knows, not my Mommy, not no one. Allie told me not to tell. Only now I’m telling you!

Nico looks at his daughter’s happy little face. He was unable to hide his shock and wonder.

Nico confused: *whispers*  Allie?

Nicole giggles: *whispers*  Yes, Allie!  We’re friends now, just like you hoped! But now we have to all see each other in secret, you, me and Allie, okay?

Nico smiles: No, Nicole. We can all see each other with no secrets. No more secrets, ever again.

“I thought we were happy. We had two kids. She was a great mom. But three or four years into our marriage, she started playing that Sims game online. You can be anyone in that game. She could be the perfect wife or whatever. She was always on that computer. Then she started playing this other game where you can marry, date, and screw people. All of it is fake, but people actually develop feelings for each other. In real life these guys are probably 450 lbs. but online they look like Superman. There was actually one guy that she called ‘her Superman.’ He even started mailing Superman trinkets to the house. She wouldn’t quit. I even tried to break her cellphone with my hand. I just wanted her to live her life with us. But we weren’t enough for her.”

When you try to build and aren’t really feeling it….

So you decide to go outside your normal color/decor scheme…..

And now I’m like “WTF?  Am I designing for Morticia Adams?”

It works for Thania because she’s a vampire but that’s not the sim who will live here.  

Back to the drawing board (I like the layout though so all isn’t lost and I wish the bay window seats weren’t so small!  Who has bay windows that small?  It looks weird to me….ramble ramble….)  

But hey….not too bad for free-styling a build!

And in other news, my lighthouse I built for the WB island looks great in BB!

Little exterior wall color/texture change and I got to use the new roof!

SimSelf Tag.

I was tagged by these 3 awesome people that i remember and probably more that i forgot bc i suck buuuuut thank you for tagging me @thefoxandhersimblr @tangandzing @sugarinesssims <3

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Favorite season - autumn… Can it be autumn the whole year?

favorite books/author - Harry Potter, American Gods, The reader, east of eden, great gatsby, to kill a mockingbird, the other boelyn girl.. ok i’ll stop coz i could be here all day.

favorite song - umm do you actually expect me to pick? today my fave song is sucker for you - matt terry 

favorite food and drink - rice? i know its boring but i love rice.. with like a really nice chicken curry. - Fanta.. i love fanta. 

dogs or cats - Dogs <3

i tag.. @soleilsim @neopixiesims @stephanine-sims @josiesimblr @fatpandasims and anyone else who wants to do this! <3


Saying goodbyes.

“I can’t believe my little girl is off to her senior prom. Time sure does fly.” Mortimer said with a smile. “You look so pretty, Cassie. Have fun tonight.”

“Thanks, dad.”

Bella, overhearing their conversation, felt a rush of guilt. She hadn’t raised Cassandra. She felt very out of place.

“And mom? Thank you.” Cassandra said suddenly, wrapping her mother in a hug.

“For what?” Bella asked.

“For coming back. For being there for me the other day. I know it’s been hard for you to adjust to all of this, but I think I need you now more than ever. So thank you again.”

And with that, Bella’s guilt slowly started to disappear.

Something different - Not a fan fiction but a story based around

Ever since our end of year exams had finished, I had gone back to doing what I love best - dating fictional characters. It had been so long since I checked the apps that I had completely missed all of the new stories out as a result of me turning off my notifications in case of distractions. For the first time in a while, I opened one of the apps and next thing I know I’ve downloaded a new app and compiled a list of the characters I wanted with the price. Coming to a hefty total, I dipped into my savings with enough to buy a set of iTunes gift vouchers. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere so close by that I can walk to get them so I decided to use this opportunity to have a day out with my friends. It was only me, Angelina and Lee that decided to go out since the others were busy but I was excited to spend the day with my two best friends.
After a little bit of shopping and wondering shops, playing a very dangerous game of ‘guess the price’ while shopping in River Island, I finally got to a shop where they sold gift vouchers. Ange knew a lot more about my virtual haven that Lee did but the first question she had to ask was,
“Does your boyfriend know about this?” That was a big, fat no.
“Are you insane? I still can’t believe I have a boyfriend given my past relationship experience. I sure as hell won’t bring this up and drive him off when he sees the folder of otome apps on my phone.” I’ve been particularly careful to hide my phone from Kyle in case he sees the apps, the screenshots, my tumblr, wattpad or even my notes section where I’m writing fan fiction. Ever since I asked him out and he said yes, I swore I would never let him find out about this for obvious reasons. Of course, Ange decided to be my friend and not tell him but also decided to be a biatch and use it against me. How often I’ve heard,
“Please could you buy me something when you get your lunch?”
“Go get it yourself.”
“Shall I tell Kyle that you spent £25 on an iTunes gift voucher for a dating sim?”
“… Would you like a brownie or a flapjack?”
“Brownie please!” She’ll chime with the sickliest of smiles. Even still, she will listen to my emotional outbursts or ask whether lovestruck have released a new lesbian yet. Her favourite so far is Aurora James.
Lee on the other hand barely knows anything about it. All that he knows is from disputes he’s settled between me and Ange when we show him characters and ask whether they are good looking or not. Genuinely. Most of the time they are.
I tried to be subtle when buying my vouchers along with a drink but Lee caught me at the till.
“Two vouchers? That’s a lot. Are they for someone’s birthday?”
“No, they’re just for me. I want to make purchases on my iPad.”
“What are you spending so much on?” This time Ange butts into the conversation.
“You know when we show you those guys and ask for your opinion? It’s for that.” He just looked at me like, 'WTF?’
“How much do you spend on those games?”
“Not much. It’s like £3.99 which is good when you think about how expensive other books are.”
“Still that’s a lot of money. If it were me I would have bought a new wardrobe or loads of makeup.”
“Well, that’s you. You know I don’t like makeup and I’ve got enough clothes so buying more just seems pointless to me. I’d rather save up all of my money and spend it whenever instead of splurging it as soon as I get it. You choose makeup and-” Just then, Ange cuts me off.
“-And you choose fictional characters.”
“Exactly!” Then comes the dreaded question.
“Does Kyle know about it?”
“What do you think?”
“Tell him. He has to know.”
“No, he doesn’t.” Why is everyone so persistent about me telling my boyfriend that I play romance sims?
“Why not?”
“Cause it’s just SO cool that I’m sure he would fall deeper in love with me.” My voice drips with sarcasm.
“Just be honest. If he really loves you, he wouldn’t care.” I don’t think they realise how much I cherish my boyfriend that I don’t want to do anything to jeopardise our relationship. Kyle is one of the coolest guys I know. He’s really popular for being so easy to talk to. We’ve been friends for a while although I was never as close to him as other people are. I convinced him to come to one of my shows - Rock of Ages - and he loved it so much saying how much fun it must be to be a part of our group. Knowing how he would be accepted immediately since he’s an amazing dancer, I convinced him to join. Of course he was accepted and we started spending more time together until I finally grew a pair and told him how I felt. I’ve grown up on the belief that you don’t ask for something, you don’t get so I thought at least they would know about my feelings and there might have been a possibility that they would say yes. Honestly, I was expecting a no which usually happened followed by them making fun of me; just shows they were the wrong people to catch feelings for. I had a good feeling that Kyle wouldn’t tease me and that he would let me down gently. Turns out he thought I was sweet and wanted to try going out. He thought if you reject love, you’ll probably never find it. Turns out we’re both philosophical. I didn’t want to lose him. He’s WAY out of my league. Just imagine a pro dancer, amazing actor, smart, friendly, sports beast going out with an otaku introvert who spends their free time playing otome games. Yeah… enough said.
Once I bought my vouchers, we had Greggs pasties for lunch and went to our secret hang out on this building roof with a car park that no one ever goes. Getting home after six, I started making my purchases.

Our group decided to go out again and I managed to buy and read all of the stories I wanted to. Ange is usually more interested and asks what I spent my money on which results in me babbling as if I was on five energy drinks.
“Well, I bought all of Toma season one from irresistible, Rikiya’s season 3 from school affairs, all of the My Mr Jealousy stories from scandal along with Chiaki’s season 3 from our two bedroom. My heart can’t take it. Chiaki got jealous because this photographer proposed to the MC but Chiaki has really low self esteem because of his childhood. Toma is a cheeky bugger but I absolutely love him. They gave each other nicknames like neophyte and Todd because he acts like a toddler. I feel that he’s the most realistic character because they show his passion for his work instead of just the MC-”
“You on about those games again?” Lee interrupts.
“Yeah. They’re soooo good!”
“I’m gonna tell Kyle you play them.”
“You know what, Lee, I know you won’t because you’re all introverts. Who’s going to tell him when none of you have had a proper conversation with him? That’s what I thought. You won’t tell him.” I should have thought about that ages ago when I told Ange. She’s especially shy when it comes to talking to new people. I remember when we first met, she was quiet until she found out I watched black butler and our friendship took off. There’s no way they will tell Kyle.

A few days later, there was another story I wanted to read so I was doing so in the living room while my mum popped out to get some shopping. While I was smiling at my phone in my dream world, I was interrupted by a knock on my window. The last person I expected to see was there - Kyle! Usually he calls if he wants to come over but this time, he’s just come and he looks a little fidgety. Locking my phone, I put it down and answer the door. Kyle just immediately starts talking.
“Sorry, Babe. I know I call usually but Lee just texted me saying you were cheating on me with someone called Todd. I trust you, it’s just, I never talk to Lee so to hear that from him, I freaked out a little. I trust you, really, but whose Todd?” Lee! You didn’t!
“No no no no no! You don’t have to worry about Todd.” Geez, that came out wrong. “What I mean is he isn’t what you think.”
“Can I see your phone? It would just make me feel better if I see your messages and it’s just a friendship.” Now I’ve made him doubt me… It’s about time I’m honest and told him, even if he doesn’t like me afterwards. I take his hand and lead him into the living room. Picking up my phone, I go into the app and give it to Kyle.
“This is Todd. I’m not cheating on you; it’s just a game.” I point to Toma and select a random chapter as I start tapping the screen. I can’t even look him in the eye, I’m so embarrassed. This is harder than I thought. Kyle just keeps tapping and reading while his expression remains unreadable. For the first time in what feels like hours which is only minutes, he makes an affirming sound and speaks.
“Hm. So that’s it. That’s alright then.” Jesus, I didn’t even know I was holding my breath until I let it go.
“I started playing them about three years ago so before we were going out I want to specify. I just carried on playing since I kind of invested so much time on them.”
“Them? How many are there?” I press the home button which takes him to the folder full of them. Some with particularly embarrassing pictures.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Kyle, but for obvious reasons I couldn’t.”
“Why not? It’s cute. I didn’t know you were into this.” Did… did he just… what? My face feels ridiculously warm. I bet it’s completely red right now.
“You don’t mind?”
“No. I’d prefer this than to find out you’re cheating on me.”
“You’re too amazing. I would never cheat on you.” One of the things I love about Kyle the most is when he’s cool and collected, if you give him a compliment he starts grinning like a child while aww-ing with thank yous. His smile makes me weak. It’s like it’s my kryptonite.
Giving my phone back to me, I put it in my pocket and Kyle treads forward a little to wrap his arms around me. Despite going out for a few months, we’re still a little shy doing stuff like this. I didn’t think I would find a guy at my age who wouldn’t be like other guys our age, who just love the attention in a relationship. It really seems like he loves me personally. I would have never guessed that he would also accept my hobbies as a part of me. Especially one with other guys in my life, even if they are all fictional.

Sim Download : Krysta Vil

Krysta arrived on Oasis Springs not long ago and was so fascinated by the humans that he wants to socialize with them as much as possible! And she got well known for her gluttony and her peculiar style, because she rarely uses her disguise. She also wants to have a piece of everyone in her house, so she swipes what she can.

This is a little gift for all of you who like my aliens 💜 I did it with no mods whatsoever (I took out my mod folder, I felt…dirty) and you only need Get To Work to have her! I didn’t use any other pack! 

Feel free to change her clothes as pleased, but don’t touch her physical appearance! If you do, what’s the fun of downloading someone else’s sim?

Tag me if you put her in your game so I can see and love it forever!!

Gallery ID: Lunnarise // Download tray files

FAIR WARNING! Krysta with you defaults might look different, if you are curious about how she looks with my defaults you can peep under the cut!

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Anastasia!  What are you doing in the city all by yourself?  Something tells me that your parents (Evi and Dragus) would not be happy!

Then I spotted grandpa Dom and uncle Stefano (Dragus’s dad and twin brother) and we can just pretend that she is there with them, lol.

Go with it, Stefano, and stop giving me that look lol.

If you’d like to read the Runaways Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

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Edit to add back in the image that f**cking tumbler decided to delete….**&*^*^


So Harlow started her first day of school on Tuesday, and this morning I already get a call from the school nurse saying that she has a temperature and needs to come home. I JUST got to my work meeting and had to leave to get her. I don’t mind getting my kids anytime, just wish parents wouldn’t send their kids to school of their sick so they pass time to all the others. Harlow has a temp of 99.2 and has gone down some since. Looks like its going to be bed, fluids and cartoons for her, and yes I still make her open her mouth to show that she swallowed her medicine lol.


As she waited for her sister, Emma headed over to the desk with the spell books on them. “Is this your grimoire?”

“Well, Kayne doesn’t have one.”

“Smartass.” But a smile tugged at her lips.

“At home that’d be a valid question. It could be from any of 6 people…not to mention all our friends who could’ve left it there too.” Ibis explained. “It’s a good thing most of us enchant them so we can locate them easily.”

She glanced up at him before going back to the book. “That’s a lot of witches. Back home, it’s just me.”

“Really? How did you end up with magic then? Normally there’s a close relative like a parent.”

“My dad is mixed.” She didn’t look up as she tried to think of other things to talk about besides her family history. She definitely doesn’t want a vampire like him knowing about Siobhan.


Dear diary!

Tomorrow I’m getting a new sister. Her name is Glade and she is my age. My parents said they wanted me to have a sibling I can play with so I’m not so alone! But I’m not really alone. I have a lot of friends with me at all times. You know that, I’ve told you before about all of them in my head and how they are and what they look like and where they live. So I’m a bit scared. I hope she’s not like the other kids who think I’m weird talking about people who don’t exist all the time. I hope she likes me. And I hope my parents won’t think she’s a better daughter than I am.

Connie xo


I’m so addicted to making my own poses, you guys!  lol. I like to make conversation poses since I’m a story teller more than anything else, and I mainly like to create scenes with Sims simply talking. I don’t like the in game animations, and it’s kind of hard to create conversation scenes with Look Book poses lol ( don’t get me wrong, I love me a good Look Book pose). Anyway, this scene is one friend telling her other friends she found out her man is cheating, and these are all the different reactions, lol.

Runaways Legacy Outtakes

Look at these good children doing their homework all on their own (don’t let them fool you, they’re little hellions).

Evi is feeling all her children growing up.  She recently became an adult and has morphed into a hug monster.  She’s nonstop hugging them, they don’t seem to mind since they follow her around (as does Dragus).

If you’d like to read the Runaways Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

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Good Afternoon world ✨ 

I got back from the doctors like a few hours ago so I could get some advice and information on how I can help myself not faint and be all good 😂 Found out the other day that I’m Anemic… which is just shitty. But hey; it’s whatever I  suppose; Cant let that hold me back.

In other news i was feeling like a 90s hot momma so let me just leave these right here 😂🙈 But is life certi?

Been on repeat all day 🌊

anonymous asked:

Isla looks just like Cleo (at least, from my perspective). Is it just me? I was looking at your icon and her next to each other and noticed some (possibly nonexistent) similarities!

really?? i guess it’s probably because my sims are very similar looking!! but she is the daughter of two townies generated by the mc command center. all i did was makeover her hehe :-)

It’s really messed up how time is not linear or even particularly relevant inside the Framework. Isn’t all just code? It’s an illusion. Three days or four weeks might pass within while hours or days pass in reality. 

And all these false memories never actually happened in real-time. They were just pre-written by algorithms and the omniscient narrator aka A.I.D.A. the author. And then these false memories of a life that never happened were instantaneously uploaded into the Framework and synced with the consciousness of agents who then had to take over.

I have been thinking about this a lot, and I think I’ve tried to hint upon it in some of my posts… but not really very clearly… I was just alluding to it. 

Then I was re-reading some of @agl03​′s posts, and really realized what she was really saying. (I swear sometimes we are on the same wavelength and other times we’re in different solar systems…). Anyway she likes to look at them as sims. Which is a good perspective. But I thought I’d offer another explanation, since the concept is a bit tricky, but good. (All this to say that I’m not trying to steal anyone’s ideas just that great minds think alike and good ideas feed off each other)

I like to think of the A.I.D.A. as the author. 

She says this world is all algorithms… in other words, she wants the story to play out naturally so she lets certain things run their course. Phil’s a teacher, fine. But she also knows what end she wants to achieve. Using Fitz for her purposes (*gag*). So when something doesn’t work, she edits the manuscript and lets the effects of the change ripple through the narrative until it brings about the finale. 

If it suits her, she can throw in a plot twist or write in something into the character’s background (e.g. ”he remembered when he was a child and his father used to tell him to buck up…”) That one event that was never actually shown in the story may change the character’s behavior and it’s new info for the reader, but the character supposedly had this knowledge the whole time– To the character it’s just history.

Now then. the main characters in her book have become real. Because she put living consciousness into them…

I’m going to pick a book I read where I hated almost all of the characters. So… Gone With The Wind. Imagine Scarlett O’Hara wakes up halfway through the book and realizes she doesn’t have be the witch the author wrote her to be. But it’s still all she knows. She’s still defined by the author, but Margret Mitchell is no longer in control of her so she can decided not to marry Rhett or decide to be a better wife to him or she can go disguise herself as a boy and fight in the Civil War for the Union…. not likely unless someone else in the story gives her the idea. 

no-richie-shes-not-hot  asked:

How do you make such pretty sims?? Even with really great cc, mine all look like potatoes :(

I’m sure your sims look great! I think the key parts of my sims are their skin overlays and lashes! I use folie a deux and oh so smooth together. For the lashes i use these ones! I also use these eyes.

I usually use the first face preset and then change the eyes to have none of the default ea lashes, then i just edit the face to my liking! If you need any other tips, feel free to message me!


anonymous asked:

hey! would you ever consider putting up your autumn save file sim for dl? or just like any tbh they're all so cute

soo i got a few similar asks and i really appreciate you like herr, her name is pia btw!! but (and im sorryy) im not into uploading new sims right now, it takes plenty of energy and time from me lmao why am i such a struggler anyway !!! she also has personal cc that i edited based on other ppl cc -which means i would need to make a less cc-ed version of her and uh lemme live ..
for other of my sims you can look through my sim dowloads tag if you wanna!! 💖