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Ok, so I thought I would post Charli XCX today because she has a new video coming out but… my subconscious had other ideas.  I had what was frankly a terrible stress dream about Aly Michalka last night.  It was basically more awkward than even the most awkward situation you can imagine in the cringiest of cringe comedies.  Just a rough social situation that kept getting worse as bad news was dragged out and out.  And I am not sure why I had this dream about Aly Michalka but as I was looking for pictures I realized, oh yeah, she was at comic con and I am always grateful for more of her so she must have snuck in there somehow.  Thank god for Comic Con.  Like, she looks lovely every time and that’s because she’s one of those just amazingly beautiful human beings.  And I would say she gets more beautiful as she matures so it’s a shame that her fame seems to have gone in the opposite direction.  Well, at least she’s under Rob Thomas’ wing now, hopefully that means she will now forever be part of his regularly used group of actors and hey, those shows will never be hits but they’ll be good!  Or maybe she’ll be in the next Frozen.  There are so many possibilities.  Anyway, my uncomfortable, drawn out torturous dream just made me want to crawl into a hole and hide so it might seem strange she’s here now but I have gotten over it.  It’s been a few hours and the result now is that she is still on the brain and it’s like, man she’s pretty.  And I think I am giving her credit for being very gracious in the dream.  Like, she wasn’t to blame.  That’s a strange thing but you know, my whole thought process is a strange thing. Today I want to fuck Aly MIchalka.

If you aren’t sick to death of these, for “Earth is space Australia” please consider… the ocean.

Idk why but I’m super into the idea of humans going out and exploring the galaxy and becoming well-known interstellar travelers where Google Maps now has a Google Universe page and we’ve digitally recreated entire planets so that humans who can’t or don’t want to leave Earth can explore them in VR… but we still haven’t explored more than like a quarter of the ocean floor

And like some plucky alien marine biologist from a planet where the water never gets deeper than like 2000 meters is planning to study on Earth because holy shit have you seen how much WATER they have?? And her human friend asks what she wants to study and she replies “Oh, well, I’ve heard the deepest place in your ocean is over five times deeper than it is here, I’d love to find out if anything can still survive under such pressure and so far from sunlight.” And their human friend looks at them in sort of distressed admiration - “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” - and is just like,

“Oh, things can survive alright. Freakish things from the depths of hell.” And that’s how plucky little alien sits up all the night eye getting steadily wider while their human friend shows them pictures of things like the viperfish and the pelican eel and the blue ringed octopus and oh did I mention we’ve barely explored a fraction of the ocean so like we know there used to be this prehistoric shark that grew up to 20 feet long and was one of the biggest predators of all time but honestly “used to be” is an optimistic statement because that thing could still be lurking in the depths of the ocean and we just don’t know

Alternatively, hostile alien species arrives and claims our oceans because we aren’t using them, leaves screaming within a week

don’t get me wrong, i love seeing those court of dreams + instagram edits, they’re GORGEOUS and often really clever, but like, i want to draw attention to the fact that there is 0 percent chance, realistically, that each and every one of them would have a perfectly balanced Aesthetic grid going on

The Court of Dreams + Instagram, For Realsies:

Rhys: assorted things he finds pretty (tending towards the abstract; probably thinks he’s A Photographer but isn’t) with needlessly overdramatic, sweeping, vague statements about feelings or love or life’s journey attached to each one. lots of pictures of Feyre with GUSHING PARAGRAPHS about how much he adores her.

Az: his profile just says “mor made me do this.” has posted exactly one picture and it’s of a cool cloud or something.

Cassian: WORKOUT SELFIES. hashtags about illyrianLYFE and The Grind. candids of Nesta looking annoyed captioned with 80 thirsty emojis. occasional low-tier memes well past their expiration date poached from some third-hand site like ifunny. comments on everything everyone else posts.

Mor: actually pretty aesthetic. posts The Most out of everyone. the OOTD, ~brunch and mimosas with the girls!~, killer selfies, Sephora Shopping Haul, etc kind of trendy poster. Also in this AU she has a cat and posts a shitton of pictures of the cat, and also Azriel with the cat.

Elain: Lots of flowers, some selfies, mushy quotes about positivity and friendship, but also that friend who cannot shut the fuck up about her relationship. “Nesta, I have to unfollow Elain,” Cassian says blearily over breakfast while scrolling through his phone. “My entire feed right now is pictures of her and Lucien kissing. She’s got song quotes under each one. I can’t do this.”

Lucien: Doesn’t have instagram, but spends all his time getting into fights about politics and his opinions about movies on twitter.

Nesta: Infrequent poster. mostly pics of places she travels to. takes some selfies of dramatic makeup looks she’s trying, and never smiles in any of them. there are occasional videos of Cassian being goofy, though, and MAYBE that’s her giggling in the background but she’d deny it.

Feyre: Actually a normal internet human. Posts her art, ~aesthetic~ photos of her studio, occasional pictures of her out with friends. There is the rare cute picture of rhys, captioned with something like “i guess I love this idiot” in hilarious contrast to his ramblings about her. (There are no selfies. Feyre’s not good at selfies. Mor has tried to teach her how to Work The Angles but Feyre feels too weird taking pictures of herself.)

Amren: I can’t believe people think Amren would have any social media at all. She’s like a combination of Rosa from B99 and Ron Swanson: “You people already know too much about me.”

“Goddamit Blue…”

When I was gonna do a drawing for an ask I ended up really liking how young Yellow looked so decided to draw her instead.

This is for the gemlings AU and I have some few headcanons on how they grow and the main one is that even if a gemling grows similar to a baby human, they mature WAAAAAAY sooner than humans, like in this picture Yellow would be in her early/mid teens but has already royal duties and colony projects.

And Blue is asking her to fill in for her while she takes care of baby Pink, haha.


So I got a bad thought. What do aliens think about our music? What do they think about the “try not to sing” challenges? I know that whenever I hear music I IMMEDIATELY try to sing along, and I know I’m not the only one. I’ve also seen posts about what they think about us talking or making noises to communicate and I can just picture their confusion at our singing. “Oh don’t you dare look back just keep your eyes on me. I said your holding back. She said shut up and dance with me….” “Human-Susan… what are you doing? What are those noises? Are you in pain?” “Hey my voice does not sound like I’m dying” *cue silent treatment (which also confuses the alien)*

tbh… lapis the pizza delivery girl isn’t actually a bad episode concept?

picture it: lapis and peridot need money for something at the barn, but they feel like they can’t ask the cgs or greg for reasons. maybe they broke something and they’re embarrassed, maybe they want to be independent, whatever. peridot finds out that humans typically get money through “jobs”, and lapis decides that she’ll try and get a “job”.

this leads her to beach city, the obvious place to start looking, and she finds a poster in the window of fish stew pizza saying they’re looking for someone to do deliveries. lapis decides to apply for it since hey, delivering things can’t be too hard, right? and she DOES have her own transportation - flight - so that part of the requirements is already ticked off. the pizzas don’t even bat an eye at the idea of an alien doing their deliveries because they’re used to steven.

the general plot after that would be lapis getting to know the people of beach city and learning that she likes having something to do with her time. more specifically, she likes the relative isolation of deliveries. she can be alone with her thoughts while delivering and appreciate the strange planet she’s found herself on, everyone she interacts with while on the job is happy to see her, and she’s doing something genuinely productive! maybe also some pizza sisters & lapis friendship development (lapis would LOVE the cool kids let’s be real).

at the end of the episode, they have enough money to solve whatever problem it is they had at the start, but lapis decides to keep her job. she’s kind of taken a shine to beach city. and, well, she did steal their ocean. she might as well try to make up for it, and giving them pizza is a good way to start.

(additional punchline: peridot discovers etsy and starts selling meep morps on it as a way to raise the funds herself. her work is surprisingly popular and soon she’s got enough money to buy all kind of shiny new things for her to play with. lapis comes back to the barn to find peridot watching camp pining hearts on blu-ray with a hd tv and a vibrating gaming chair.)


It’s no common mistake that Taylor has had quite a connection with 5H for a long time now, apart from being the girls favorite at one point too. But it’s also no common mistake that she’s known for being “ the queen of PR games” in the music industry.

“They are the hunters, we are the foxes.” - Taylor

Our main focus though is something similar between Tay and Lauren.

 This is all observational based on recent discoveries. 

Also yes before anyone says anything,  I am aware that they come from different places inside of the music industry but Celebrity Culture makes no exceptions for anyone.

I know some harmonizers have beef against her for whatever reason it may be but stay with me this reaaaaallllly isn’t about beef.  Or is it?

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Art Museum

Summary: On your day off, you invite Bucky to an art museum. You’re sure he probably wants to spend his time doing something else besides looking at art, but you soon find that his definition of art might be a bit different than yours.

Word Count: 1,429.

A/N: Just another random idea that came in mind. Special thanks to @bovaria for being a doll and for previously reading this through. <3

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“I don’t think I could think of a single thing that’s more isolating than being famous. I think the hardest thing for me is that I love people so much and it is very hard to not be able to engage with people in a real and honest way. Because they either want something from me or they see me as something that I simply am not. I am not some goddess that dropped down from the sky to sing pop music, I am not some extra-incredible human person that needs to be told how wonderful they are all day and kissed. Truly, my purpose on this earth is to make people happy and heal people through music. To create fantasies that allow people to not just escape, but to see that there is the potential for magic in life. I’d love more than anything when I meet people, to just have a noraml exchange with them. More than just have my picture taken, or a selfie.” 

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not to sound like a student bullshitting for extra points in lit class, but: what if the purple mark on keith's knife being wrapped and hidden at first symbolizes keith himself having a hidden form

I’ll do you one better:

Pidge and Keith are matched across Voltron’s body (they’re the two arm pilots) and mirror each other in several significant narrative ways: the focus on lost family, isolation being a strong personal fear for both of them, are defensive people equipped with biting sarcasm who, once they feel safe around someone blossom into huge dorks who are inclined to rambling.

Both are small-statured, have limited defensive capabilities, and right at this point, their mom is kind of out-of-focus while we’ve seen slightly more of their dad. Both are motivated primarily in a search for answers.

In contrast, however, Pidge and Keith are kind of two halves of opposing forces: Pidge, master of means- hacking, infiltration, searches and algorithms- knows exactly who and what she’s looking for but is thwarted ultimately in terms of end- she has all of these effective nets and no idea where to cast them.

Conversely, Keith, master of ends- seems readily able to pinpoint and hone in on a singular goal- whether by impressive reflexes, determination, or what appears to be unknown magical intuition- and yet is completely stumped in terms of means- he has no awareness of his own methods or in fact that he’s doing something at all. Instinct called him to intercept the pod when it came down but literally not until he was staring Shiro in the face did he realize who he was saving or why this was important.

Something virtually never discussed on the idea of Keith having a hidden, alternative form is:

Pidge had a whole other identity that she initially hid from the team, which included a different appearance and name. This other side of her was different enough that when the team was initially exposed to it, they didn’t recognize her. (“Look, it’s a picture of his girlfriend,” anyone?)

If my theories about Keith are true- it’s not only likely he has another appearance as suggested by the whole purple hand incident but “Keith” is likely not his real name, since it’s a conventional human name, and very unlike any conventional galra name.

As I’ve mentioned, Pidge and Keith are very equal-and-opposite in how they operate, and it would push that theme even further if we have Pidge- who is freely aware of her other identity from the start, knows exactly how she’s managing it, hiding it, and potentially revealing it- and Keith who doesn’t know his other side is even there or in fact that he’s hiding anything until it smacks him in the face.

Other fun things here? During the purple hand incident, which, in this theory, would be our first glimpse of Keith’s real appearance- who did he immediately call for help but Pidge.


when you just debuted pt. 2 ; pt. 1

“when we go in here, don’t act like fools or i sw-”

“you swear what?” kookie cut namjoon off with a question that could’ve been answered if he let him finish.

“again, he doesn’t know.” taehyung said, holding in his urge to laugh.

“you don’t intimidate us, especially my old ass so stop trying to act tough.” jin added on.

namjoon nodded his head and flicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth. when he was salty, he made it obvious until someone apologized to him.

“stop acting bitter.” jimin said as he crept up beside him and tightly side hugged him.

“we’re sorry.” jungkook sarcastically mumbled.

namjoon stopped his act and walked away from the group and to the back doors of the building that inkigayo took place in. he entered and the boys followed.

the performance schedule was located across from where they were when they entered.

the maknae line didn’t waste any time to look for your name after greeting the staff and other groups.

“i found her name!” jungkook semi yelled, causing a few heads to turn and the boys to come over.

yoongi and hoseok knew exactly where you were but they didn’t let anyone else know because they knew that it would cause commotion.

while everyone else was busy fanboying at the sight of your name, yoonseok was busy staring at you.

you were getting your makeup and hair done. you even brought your own makeup and hair moisturizer/oil because you knew that these people wouldn’t fix you up (they would use a lighter shade/try to put chemicals in your hair) right.

yoonseok noticed you reaching into your bag to grab your products, how you pouted your lips when speaking in broken korean and how you often pulled up your clothing since it was a little too small.

they adored you.

yoongi replaced his blushing facial expression with a more cocky one and turned to hoseok. “i respect her but in all honesty, i’d marry her and hit that a thousand times.”

hobi chuckled and nodded in agreement. he bit down on his lip while eyeing you and spoke. “she is fine as hell in person…can i tell you something? man to man?”

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I'm autistic and my hearing is above the human level as well as my light sensitivity and sense of smell as well as all my other senses, so I'm basically like a doggo. Could a get a cute picture of Cloud because I know she gets my struggle, also give her a treat for me and I want proof I LOVE YOU CLOUD YOU LOOK LIKE A CUMULUS CLOUD. (White, fluffy and normally comes with sunshine)

you’re doing so well !!!! i am also autistic so…cloud can understand my struggles too. we struggle together…

Picture Perfect - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi o was wondering if you could do a dean x reader imagine where she’s like taking cute polaroids of him and he realises he loves you :)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1,682

Warnings: None, I guess.

A/N: Fluffy Dean. I feel like this is too simple and that that’s what gives it the charm I craved for. Let me know what you think! ;)


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“DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” She cheered, storming inside his room and jumping to his bed.

Dean groaned in response. He had been sleeping until then.

“Wake up, I found something great!” She insisted, trying to tickle him.

Dean extended an arm, wrapped it around her body and pushed her to be by his side.

“Dean!” She squealed and Dean covered her mouth with a heavy hand.

It was weird how his relationship with (Y/N) was.

Of course, they weren’t dating, but they weren’t friends like so neither. What he felt for Charlie was far too different from what he felt for (Y/N). There was obviously something more between them, but Dean wasn’t completely sure what it was.

At first he thought it was mere sexual attraction, but that got discarded when he realized he felt something else and away from his pants. Yes, she could turn him on with the simplest action, but there was also something more.

That’s when he thought he thought of her like a sister, but then on New Year’s Eve he felt the immense need of kissing her – without mentioning the many times he craved to have her physically and emotionally – so that too got discarded.

It ended up in him admitting he liked her. It wasn’t love, just a small need he had developed and that would end when he found the one. However, since he started feeling things for her, every other woman seemed to be less interesting, less beautiful and less funny.

Dean no longer dated anyone else, and he stopped having one night stands. He claimed that it was because he was too old to be fooling around with girls, and that the world needed him to focus, and many other excuses.

It’s not like he didn’t want to fully admit his feelings for (Y/N), but the exact opposite. Dean had grown fond of her – feelings or not – and he knew that if he ended up screwing things up because he confused friendship with love his whole relationship with (Y/N) would be affected. Therefore, he remained quiet about it until he was certain of his true feelings for her.

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I asked my mom what she thought about MM characters

Mom: An executive? She looks like an executive giving a speech about coffee. She’s very professional. And pretty. Very pretty.
Me: Would you date her?
: Oh, yes I would. She looks like she would treat me right.


Mom: Is that a guy? Why does he have long hair? He looks like a human rat.   Is he a model?
Me: He’s an actor. And be nice, he’s a good guy.
Mom: …He has a long tail in the back, but nice hair in the front. If he cuts the back, he’ll be better looking.


Mom: He looks like a tourist. Nice headphones. Is he your favorite one?
Me: No, he isn’t. Hold on. There’s another picture I want you to see. 

Mom: What the hell.
Me: He likes to cosplay.
Mom: …Isn’t that you’re in to, too?
Me: Mom, please.


Mom: A girl with purple eyes? Who wants purple eyes?
Me: What do you mean, they’re pretty!
Mom: She looks like she received bad news.
Me: That’s a boy, mamma.
Mom: Really? Ay, he looks like you when you stay up late.
Me: Mom, please.


Mom: He looks like he works in an office. Very well put together.
Me: *Blush blush* Yeah, he does look good~
Mom: Is he wearing a wig?
Mom: Then you will have bald children.

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Is it canon that Lena actually hates aliens? I've seen that tossed around in a couple of recaps and I never got the vibe that she hated aliens at all. Apprehensive of them and their potential powers, sure. But hating them seems strongly like other the other Luthors that she's trying to distance herself from. That and she doesn't want to be judged so how could she justify judging the entire alien population, excluding Supergirl?

Well let’s start off by tackling whether or not being “Apprehensive of them and their potential powers” is just common sense… or if it’s xenophobia.

Because I think you’re right about Lena not “hating” aliens, but she certainly fears them.

Now, the situation in the show was clearly intended as a direct parallel to the immigration narrative going on in the states currently, but it has complicated the politics of the show from it’s intended mirroring of reality, because forcing muslims to tell you their religion for ‘your protection’ is obviously wrong, but if they had powers?

And it’s true that many aliens have great abilities that humans do not have, that could easily hurt people. 

(Who knows what the percentage is, as most of the aliens we encounter on the show cause problems by necessity of the plot, but we know that aliens who can harm and who do harm exist.)

…But in America, people are also legally allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Someone could pull out a gun and kill you in a second. Or a knife. Another could be a black belt and easily able to over power you without a weapon. Maybe another knows ten ways to kill you right now because they’re obsessed with some edgy™ documentaries.

Who knows?

The people all around us have capabilities to harm us that we cannot see or know.

That, in reality, we rarely even think about.

But when it comes to people that look or behave differently from us it’s suddenly our biggest concern.

Essentially, there’s an issue when we start identifying those who have the capacity to harm us with those who are “other” than us.

Because Johnny Whiteman down the street owns a rifle and that’s his business but Xoun’gof’s skin turns purple and get’s spikey when he eats something he likes so we’re gonna have to know everything about that right away.

I mean… it’s pretty safe to assume that if you need a device that tells you when someone is an alien, that you think of aliens as dangerous. 

And that’s like… pretty xenophobic. 

“But Aliens are dangerous! They have all these fantastical destructive powers!”

But that’s not what makes someone dangerous

What makes someone dangerous is not only ability, but the want to do harm.

So an alien could easily blow up a mall.

Lena could, too, probably. With her money and intellect and the circles that she has connections to, she could easily pull it off.

But are we afraid that she’s going to do that? Nah.

If she met another human who theoretically had that same capability, would she fear them? Probably not.

But if she met an alien who had that capability…

It’s about trust. And when you specifically don’t trust those who are foreign, it’s xenophobic. 

And the only reason Lena wants to know and wants others to know who is an alien and who isn’t (as demonstrated by her creation of the alien detection device) is because she doesn’t trust aliens specifically.

So… that’s xenophobic. 

Plus, there are some other things shown in the way she talks about her alien detection device that suggests a very… other-ing view on aliens.

“Not truly one of them” suggests something different and darker than “has abilities humans don’t have.”

Pictured: Kara looking at a device that would reveal she “isn’t actually one of them.”

And after she successfully passes Lena’s Human™ test:

And I don’t know about you guys but to me this reads differently than “Golly gee, someone almost found out that I’m Supergirl!”

This feels like “Someone almost found out I’m different.

And it’s in response to Lena’s obvious belief that aliens are not only dangerous, but inherently not one of her kind.

Now, in the later couch scene, they bring it back around to just being about dangerous people and protecting yourself and drop the “not one of us” talk. And Kara is experiencing and giving into her own biases about other aliens at this point (which A. she Learns Is Wrong by the end of the episode and B. are based on her view of Daxamites, a view which turned out to be surprisingly valid considering they were literal slave owners…)

They also make it about Lena’s general distrust of people because of her experiences with Lex. 

But that doesn’t erase the shady language she used earlier, or the fact that she isn’t just acting like “some people are just bad”, she’s putting something out there specifically against aliens- even if Kara is in Empathy Mode™ and is trying to understand Lena’s point of view.

“But hating them seems strongly like other the other Luthors that she’s trying to distance herself from.”

This is very true. But at the beginning of the season, the only obvious Luthor Hate™ that Lena was trying to avoid was against the Supers.

In fact, when Lena tells Kara of the alien detection device, she goes as far as to say she’s doing it “for the good of the world”. 

So obviously she doesn’t see the issues with it (I mean, it literally could put aliens at physical risk because humans are scary and violent) or see how her view of aliens would then coincide with the rest of her family. 

And seeing as Lillian’s hatred of aliens surged when Superman imprisoned Lex and ‘drove him mad’ (gathered from Lillian mentioning what happened to Lex every time she did something evil against aliens), I wouldn’t be surprised if xenophobia was fairly new to the Luthors, or if it was just low-key enough for Lena to not realize what it was.

But weirdly luckily for Lena, Lillian got a lot more intense about her xenophobia.

Throughout the rest of the season, Lillian drew some very obvious lines between right and wrong regarding aliens.

Lillian became a danger to aliens, rather than the other way around. And Lillian’s knowledge of who was an alien (via the registry) was what allowed her to attack them.

Since Lena’s stance has been firmly against her mother at every turn, and since her mother’s actions mirror the ideas behind the device, it would follow that her evaluation of the alien detection device may have shifted.

But then there’s her reaction to Rhea being an alien, which was… not positive…

She read Rhea’s act of not revealing that she’s an alien to a virtual stranger as a betrayal which means she still thinks she has a right to the information and that she thinks the information is important for her to know.

But there’s also the factor of Lena feeling like she, personally needs to be trusted or they must think she’s like her mother, which Rhea ultimately played off of.

So because of Lena’s issues, it’s kind of like… a friend feeling betrayed that you didn’t tell them that you’re gay because they think that means you don’t trust them, vs someone expecting you to tell them that you’re gay when you first meet.

Neither are right, but the one is more a warped feeling of personal betrayal than a political view.

And when Lena realizes “oh, my mom would hate her for hiding that she’s an alien,” she reevaluates things.

Hell, she even calls Kara to ask her opinion, because she’s been shifting more and more to Kara’s worldview over the course of these months.

If Lillian where not to stray by the moral compass, then Kara is true north.

Now, by the end of it all, when Rhea turns out to have been lying to Lena, and when an alien race is threatening the planet, Lena still doesn’t side with her mother.

She sees these Daxamites as a specific threat and seeks to get rid of them, but she doesn’t denounce all aliens and knows even that there are non-evil Daxamites, Kara’s boyfriend.

So perhaps she’s working through any xenophobia her family trickled in as she grew up and overcoming even the more insidious and hidden parts of it. 

There’s a definite progression from the scene I picked apart above and the end of the season re: Lena’s relationship to aliens.

But there’s no way to know for sure until we again see how she views aliens she doesn’t know personally. Until we see if she thinks it’s more important to have humans know who is an alien than to keep aliens safe from persecution. Until we see how she reacts to Kara secretly being an alien.

Newcomers Pt 17

Creten gathered what was left of his belongings from his home that had been burned down during the battle for his small town. There was not much left but he was happy to find a few of his books were still in good order or were salvageable. The Humans had offered his father a temporary robotic arm that he refused probably still bitter about being defeated. In fact Creten was sad to be leaving at all, for the last few days he had been welcomed by them and they had answered his mountain of questions and seemed pleased to meet someone who was interested in their culture. He and the rest of the now refugees as the Humans called them were being sent to Geeda with the others, they were told that it was being used as a holding area for those caught up in this war.

Ruffling through the burned wreckage he found what he was sent to find, a picture of his mother, he snatched it and ran out to the street.

“Father I found it!”

“Ah good” he said taking and looking at it with a smile on his face, he ran his finger over her features as if he was scared he might forget them. He knew that she had gone west towards the capital and that was likely where the Humans were going next. He hoped like they had done here they would not kill anyone they did not have to.

“You guys ready?” asked one of the Humans that was helping them into the trucks.

“Yes, let us go”

Creten helped his father to his feet and the Human picked up the bags and followed them to one of the rear trucks. Just as his father got on Creten turned to the Human.

“Can I really not stay here? I want to stay and see everything”

Hopkins looked down at him smiling and handed him one of the bags.

“You are brave little one and you have a good head on your shoulders, but the front is no place for you. Your strength lies inside your mind and your people will need you once this war is over”

“Can I at least…” Creten looked at Hopkins pocket smiling and he pulled out a few sweets.

“There those are my last ones”

“Thank you”

Hopkins lifted him into the truck and he sat by his father.

“Take care all of you, there are clean beds and hot meals waiting for you in Geeda.

“What about those who defended it?” asked Creten’s father and Hopkins turned to him.

“I can’t say for anyone specific but there are many survivors” Hopkins banged the side of the truck and it began to pull away with Creten waving goodbye to the Humans they passed.

They rode for hours with the tracks of the truck kicking up dust and dirt behind them making the small town they had called home fade from view as if being erased.

Going past them heading the opposite way were Gal and Human infantry running on foot and vehicles carrying other supplies and to Creten’s joy a Bastion. Behind him a flap that separated the drivers from the occupants opened and a Human handed them some protein bars saying the journey will be longer than expected.

The reason was traffic, there were a lot of vehicles trying to get in Greeda through only a small number of gates, and not all were Human vehicles.

In the weeks since Greeda fell it became the place for refugees to go and be housed by the Humans who felt it their duty to help those caught up in the war. One thing they did not stop and even in fact they encouraged was the travelling of Benemar merchants. They would come and trade their goods with the refugees and Humans alike who paid them well. Soon other merchants were making their way into Human controlled territory to trade their goods.

It was nearly midnight when they arrived at one of Geeda’s recently repaired gates and they were stopped once more by Human guards that came and inspected the truck. Many feared this was the moment the Human would show their true colours and kill them but all the guards did was ask them their names and hand them ID bracelets.

They passed through the gate and into the city which was rather quiet as it was close to the middle of the night now and everyone had retired to bed, the truck suddenly stopped and they were asked to disembark.

There was a waiting waiting of them and once they had all exited the truck it left them in the middle of the street with this guard holding a clipboard watching them.

“Hello everyone my name is Lieutenant Rosev and I am the one in charge of this section of the city. This building behind me is your new home” he indicated the large housing block that could hold hundreds of families, small townsmen like them could only dream of living in one of these.

“They have all been checked and stocked with beds and basic living needs, the water is a bit dodgy but we are working on fixing it. Tomorrow food will be distributed from a centre down the road. So yeah, find a bed and fall in I guess, goodnight” he saluted then and walked off.

They all looked around a bit dumbfounded, these were supposed to be luxury apartments for only the highly rich or privileged Benemar and they were being given to them freely and without questions.

“I don’t know about you lot but I have no intention of freezing out here on the street” Creten’s father Malthos said heading inside. He had become the town elder since the last was killed during the battle and the town survivors looked to him for guidance. They slowly followed him inside.

The next morning Creten ran to the window having been woken by the sound of low flying aircraft, there were hundreds of fighters and bombers heading west and flying low. He watched excited and memorizing their strange shape and holding his ears at the loud booming sound they made when they passed overhead. His father was none to happy at being woken so abruptly and simply shouted at his son to go to this distribution centre the Humans had told them about to get food.

Creten did not need telling twice as he already had his boots on when his father called for him.

The streets were packed, you would have been forgiven for believing that the city never came under attack nor was under Human occupation. The streets were filled with Benemar, both survivors of the when the city fell and refugees from other such towns like his. Children played in the streets, merchants had set up stalls and adults chatted. He headed in the direction the Human had told them the centre was and on the way he passed a building that was once a gathering hall but had been turned into a walk in hospital by the Humans. He looked inside and saw Human doctors treating sick Benemar offering such services freely. Such services on Bento were hard to come by sometimes and even if one could find a healer the price of such treatment was extortionate. But the Humans asked for nothing and gave without question. They were not unobserved though, looking up he saw Gal, not a large number maybe half a dozen looking down and moving along the buildings slowly, there were a few Humans sitting on perches but they seemed more interested in chatting with each other than keeping an eye on them. He went on his way and found the food centre, naturally there was a long line as it was the morning and people were waiting for their morning meals. He hated waiting, he wanted to explore and talk to the Human soldiers who he saw every so often wandering around unarmed but completely at ease.

“Creten?” he heard someone call his name and looked around but could not see where it was coming from. “Creten!” he heard again louder and closer and he was suddenly seized from behind and spun to face this newcomer.

“Selan!” he shouted leaping into the arms of his big sister “You’re alive!”

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Um..our town fell, the Humans sent us here”

Selan’s face fell “Why didn’t you leave and go to the capital?”

“Mother did, father and me along with a number of others stayed and fought”

“You fought the Humans?” Selan said shocked at the thought of her baby brother even lifting a rifle let alone firing it.

“We lost as you can see but they did not mistreat us, most of the those who stayed survived”

“Father?” Selan said quickly.

“He is at home, or the home we have been given”

Selan let out a breathe of relief.

“Where is Jeqan and Kop?” Creten asked.

Selan’s face dropped and she shook her head “They died fighting to the last and with honour”

Creten grew angry, he hated that word honour for in his mind it was worthless and so many died for it. “They shouldn’t have died at all and we shouldn’t be fighting either”

Selan glared at him “They are the enemy” she hissed.

“Are they? They have been nothing but kind to me and father once they saw we were not warriors, like now I am in line to get food which they say they do not charge for”

Selan said nothing.

“How many long hours did we spend in the salt fields scratching at the dirt in the hopes we might eat something or find enough to sell?”

Selan was a bit taken back by this, Creten was usually so submissive and easily spoken down to but now he stood tall. He had a new confidence that she had not seen before.

Finally he arrived at the desk where a Human female greeted him.

“Bracelet please” she asked holding out her hand and Creten put his arm up with his ID bracelet on and it was scanned.

“I see you have your father is in the city with you” she said reading a screen “Do you want to collect for him as well?”

“Yes please”

“One meal or the entire day?”

“Um…the whole day please”

She disappeared behind a curtain for a few minutes and Creten turned back to his sister who had said nothing.

“Have you tried their food?” he asked.

She looked at him out the corner of her eye as if refusing to face him “It’s not bad” she finally said and the Human reappeared with three large bags.

“This is your morning meal, your afternoon meal and your evening meal. There are few sweets in there as well”

“Chocolate?” he asked excited and the Human smiled and nodded. “Yay”

“Yay?” Selan asked not familiar with this word.

“It’s a Human word it’s used as a small celebration for when something happens that they like”

“Oh” she said “Let’s go see father then”

Creten turned and led the way and Selan watched him go a few paces “Traitor” she whispered to herself before following.

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Okay, my heart burst from your latest update with love! You're amazing!!! I have a question, how do you think the aliens would behave if for some reason a human child were to be aboard?

I’m so sorry this took so long!

I’ve rewritten this passage like, fifteen times. I swear, nothing seems good to me.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

Human Josephine Lloyd was five earth years older than her younger brother, Human Fredrick. Human Fredrick mentioned she was one of three siblings he had, and many of the crew began to question him on his family. He simply told him that he had an older brother named Vladimir and a twin named Maximillian. Not many of the crew knew what a twin was, but they never asked.

Xylion was currently awaiting for Human Josephine to come on board the ship. Human Fredrick had invited her on to see the ship. He was told she was somewhat similar to Human Fredrick in looks, but other than that, he knew next to nothing about her.

Xylion of course knew what it was like to have brothers, but a sister? The only female in his family was his mother, but she was hardly around, so she didn’t count.

Captain Zellnor shared how he was the only boy in his family. His father had passed when he was young, so he was left to grow up with his seven sisters and mother.

Sil’keen, the young chef, mentioned that she had sisters and brothers. She said she often took care of her many younger siblings.

Datallion said he was not fortunate enough to have siblings, though everyone simply laughed at him when he said this.

Human Mason never mentioned any family, and Xylion was too nervous to ask him.

Human Isaac said he had two older brothers, but then quickly corrected himself to having a sister and one brother.

Human Jenny said she had an older sister, and a younger brother who was eight earth years younger than her.

Human Quinn mentioned how she had three older sisters and two younger brothers. Human Isaac jokingly asked his girlfriend was part of the LDS community, which she simply rolled her eyes and told him that she wasn’t, but was Christian. Xylion chose not to question them.

They were still discussing their family life when they heard a loud cry from somewhere. Everyone stopped talking to listen for any other noise. Before anyone could ask what had just happened, the sound of something running was heard, and then Xylion felt something grab onto his legs, rooting him in place. All he could do was cry out, fear chilling him to the bone. And, of course, he began to secrete mucus.

Before Xylion could begin attacking whatever was holding onto him, he saw Human Fredrick out of the corner of his eye. He bent down and began to scold what was holding onto him.

“Justin, how many times do I have to tell you not to run off from me or your mother? Especially on an alien ship?” His voice was stern, yet somewhat calm at the same time.

Xylion felt the grip release from around him. “But Uncle Freddie…”

Xylion looked for the thing that attacked him, but couldn’t see anything. That is, until he looked down. Standing there was a miniature human. They had the same light hair that he did, except their eyes were similar to Human Jenny’s. They reminded Xylion of his own coloring, actually.

The tiny human looked sad as he sat there, tracing the edge of his shoe all over the ground. Human Fredrick shook his head as he reached forward and picked up the small human. Human Fredrick looked to see the astonished looks of every other crew member- Xylion included- and gave a nervous smile.

“Uh, hey. This is my nephew, Justin. He’s my sister, Josephine’s, son.”

Xylion stared at the tiny human. Human Justin looked at him, his large eyes seeming to take in every part of him. Xylion felt the mucus he was secreting multiply tenfold.

The sound of clicking was heard, and a tall, female human appeared from the hallway. Her hair was a wavy blonde, and fell all around her body. Her chest, unlike the other females aboard the ship, was larger. She looked a lot like those pictures everyone had seen of female humans in something called magazines. Xylion was even more nervous now.

“Oh my, I am so sorry! My phone fell somewhere in the cabin, and I wasn’t paying attention! I hope Justin wasn’t causing any problems…” Her voice was like music to Xylion’s ears. At least, that’s what he had heard Human Isaac say when describing Human Quinn, so he assumed it was a good thing.

Xylion looked at everyone else, and swore he saw Human Jenny glaring at him, but when he looked again, she was smiling at Human Justin as he was given to his mother.

Captain Zellnor looked towards Human Fredrick. “What is the meaning of that small child?”

“Uh, well, see-” Xylion had never seen Human Fredrick so nervous before. Normally he was calm and collected, supplying intelligent facts and information for everyone, and occasionally setting someone right. He never stuttered, nor was he ever completely at a loss for words.

Human Josephine smiled sweetly. “I’m sorry for my younger brother. He has trouble talking, yeah?”

Xylion was now confused. Human Fredrick definitely wasn’t like that.

“Anyways, I’m sorry for me coming aboard, but I really wanted to see my little Freddie’s work place, and my little baby Justin wanted to see where his uncle worked, so I asked, and Freddie said it should be okay. It is alright, right?”

Captain Zellnor pondered this for a moment before nodding. “Yeah, I guess it’s alright.”

Human Josephine grinned. “Thank you! We’ll be out of your hair soon, I promise!”

For the next few hours, Xylion and the other crewmembers spent more time watching Human Justin than talking to Human Josephine. She spent most of her time talking to her brother, though Human Fredrick seemed less than thrilled through the whole thing.

Human Justin was an interesting little fellow. He was shy around many of the crewmembers, yet he seemed incredibly interested in Xylion. Of course, Xylion was also less than thrilled about this.

Human Justin was busy playing with Xylion’s gloves to help him when he was secreting mucus when he realized children were just as intriguing and smart as their adult versions.

“Xylion?” The young boy asked, looking up at him.

Xylion cringed as the pronunciation of his named, but didn’t correct the young boy. Prior attempts had failed. “Yes, Human Justin?”

The boy giggled. “You can call me Justin, Xylion.”

“Alright…Justin.” Xylion could almost feel his parent’s rage at his informality.

“Is Uncle Freddie happy here?”

Xylion was shocked at the sudden change in the boy’s mood. Just moments ago he had been laughing and talking animatedly about random little things that happened at his school. But now, he looked almost worried. But why would he question his Uncle’s happiness?

“Why do you ask, Hum- uh, Justin?”

Human Justin looked down at the gloves in his hands. “It’s just…Uncle Freddie never really…I mean, ever since Aubree…” The boy’s voice trailed off. Xylion looked down at the boy and saw his eyes were filled with what humans referred to as tears. He gulped, and blinked, the liquid dripping out of his eyes. “Ever since she died, he hasn’t been too happy.”

Xylion frowned, but then he remembered. Human Jenny had mentioned Human Fredrick was depressed ever since his girlfriend had been killed in a shooting on Earth. Was her name Aubree?

“You’re uncle has been happy here, Justin. Don’t worry about him.”

Human Justin shook his head. “He has raised me more than my own parents have. My mom usually works or hangs out at the bar, as she calls it. And my dad died before I was born, so I don’t even know him. Uncle Freddie was always there for me, but now he lives on this ship.”

“Your mother doesn’t care for you?”

“No, she loves me, but she’s never there. She is trying her best, but it isn’t going so well. Uncle Vlad and Uncle Max do their best too, but Uncle Vlad is busy in New York working with his company, and Uncle Max already has a family of his own. They can’t take me in.”

Xylion looked at the young boy. “How old are you, Justin?”

“I’m seven and a half, why?”

“You just seem very smart for such a young age.”

Human Justin grinned. “Uncle Freddie always told me that if I paid attention to school and everything around me, I could be just as smart as Einstein! Am I as smart as Einstein?”

Xylion had no idea who Einstein was, but he nodded. “I think so.”

Human Justin grinned, and Xylion noticed he was missing a tooth. He was slightly worried, but no one else seemed concerned, so he figured it was fine. “Thank you, Xylion!”

Xylion nodded. “No problem, Justin.”

Before long, Xylion found himself saying goodbye to Human Justin and Human Josephine. Human Fredrick wrapped his arms loosely around his sister, but with Human Justin, he scooped him up and spun him around. Human Justin laughed the whole way through before being squeezed by his uncle. Human Fredrick set him down, and whispered something in his ears.

The two said their goodbyes, and when Human Justin got to Xylion, he did something similar to what Human Fredrick had done. He wrapped his arms around Xylion and squeezed him. Xylion was confused, but when he looked up at the other humans for guidance, Human Jenny made the motion of wrapping her arms around herself, so Xylion wrapped his arms around Human Justin.

“Thank you, Xylion.” Human Justin whispered, squeezing him once more.

Xylion smiled at him as he let go of the small boy. Human Justin walked over to his uncle once more and said something that Xylion could barely hear.

Everyone waved goodbye as Human Fredrick led his family out of there.

And as their figures vanished, Xylion remembered the words Human Justin had whispered to his uncle.

“I love you, please stop.”

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I like this version of it. Sheds a little light on Fredrick’s past.

I am so sorry it took so long! These past weeks have been hectic. Between birthday parties, friend gatherings, schedule pick-ups for the new school year (stupid year long schedule, giving us only 6 weeks of summer vacation and 2 weeks for every other vacation), helping out in the library, sibling birthdays, the whole freaking package.

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Jeff Atkins - Request #3

Can u please do one where Jeff and the reader have a five year old daughter…you can come up with the rest. But also have it rly fluff

It was weird how life always found a way of working out. Looking back at your life since high school, there had been so many ups and downs. Between Jeff’s accident and recovery, to graduating college, losing jobs, and moving through a string of apartments. It was just this one long roller coaster ride that you weren’t sure you even had a say in. Things just happened and you went along with it.

Life had just passed before your eyes and you went with the motion until this very moment when realization hit. You were happily married. You owned a home. You both had good jobs.

And you had a beautiful 5 year old daughter, who just yesterday was an infant in your arms, and today she was going into her first day of school.

You and Jeff had taken the day off for the occasion. First thing in the morning, he went downstairs to make her favorite breakfast of waffles topped with a whipped cream and strawberries. “Daddy’s Waffle Mountain” as she liked to call it. Even though you made her breakfast every morning, Jeff’s cooking skills were reserved for Sunday brunch when he’d wake up earlier to make your favorite foods and set the table so the three of you could get the day started together.

While he made breakfast,  you got her ready for school. The last three weekends had been spent buying her “school” clothes and last night she’d made the decision to wear a pink dress with with flowers stitched into it. You fixed her hair so it was half-up, half-down with a white bow holding her natural curls as they came down to the middle of her back. Trying your hardest, you held back a tear as she slide her tiny feet into her white sandals, zipping them up before she grabbed her pink backpack and held it proudly.

You and Jeff had no experience with kids before her. Everything was a learning experience and as much advice as people gave you, there was no preparing for moments like this.

You grabbed the camera and took another picture of her before you two headed down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Daddy look!” She said as she spun around from him.

Jeff wiped his hands on the kitchen towel beside him, the look in his eyes mimicking yours as he watched our little human run into his arms. He lifted her up and the two spun around as he kissed her cheeks and made her giggle.

“You look beautiful, princessa.” He smiled, putting her down.

“Daddy’s Waffle Mountain?!” She got wide eyed and excited as she spotted the plate of food behind him.

“That’s right, just for you.” He laughed as he grabbed the plate, setting the the food on the table.

“YAY!” She clapped, dropping her backpack to run to the table.

You both laughed and you picked up the backpack, setting it on the kitchen island as Jeff put your plates on the table, pouring the three of you some orange juice.

“You excited, baby?” Jeff asked as you and him took a seat next to her.

She’d already gotten whipped cream all over her cheeks and you laughed, wiping it off with a napkin.

“Yes!” She nodded her head shoving another forkful of waffle in her mouth. “All my friends are there.”

“That’s right, sweetie.” You nodded, drinking from your orange juice.
“Sammy, Daisy, Mila. All going to be there.”

You were lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where everyone new each other. Your kids went to the same daycare and now they were all going to the same school.

“What are we going to do there?” She asked, eating one of the strawberries.

“Well, you’re going to learn about stuff.” Jeff answered, throwing an arm over the back of her chair. “You’re going to learn colors and shapes, you learn new games, and make new friends.”

You couldn’t help but snap another photo and she rolled her eyes at you.

“Moooom!” She whined.

“I know, I know.” I laughed, shrugging innocently. “ I can’t help it, you look so adorable.”

“Are you ready to go?” Jeff looked between us.

She nodded and you did two. Running to the counter, she grabbed her backpack and threw it over her shoulders.


With a deep breath you and Jeff looked at each other. She may have been ready, but neither of you were.

He smiled, placing hand on your waist to pull you in for a hug. “Come on.”

You nodded, grabbing your purse as the three of you headed out to the car. Strapping her in, you got in and Jeff drove you down the few short blocks to her school. Jeff and her sang her favorite song on the radio and she kicked her feet in excitement just like she did when she was a baby.

Once he pulled into a parking spot, you walked your daughter hand in hand to the courtyard where the rest of the parents and children were. As soon as she spotted her friends, she ran to her friends leaving you and Jeff alone.

You watched proudly as she interacted and wave high to other kids. You exchanged looks with a few other parents knowing they were all having the same feelings as you.

Jeff threw his arm around your shoulder, tucking you into his side as he pressed a kiss onto your temple.

“We did it babe. Look at her.”

“I know.” You smiled to fight back tears. “She’s grown up so fast.”

He chuckled, leaning his head over mine. “Yeah, but we did good.”

“Mrs. O’Conner’s class line up here!” One of the teachers called out over the crowd of screaming kids.

Your breath caught in your throat as you watched your daughter line up with the rest of the kids in her class. You watched as she giggled and held one of her friends hands. In a double-filed line, they began to walk inside the building.

You promised yourself you wouldn’t cry but it was hard not to.

Suddenly, you watched your daughter break away from the group and make a run for you and Jeff. You both kneeled to get on her level hoping she hadn’t changed her mind about wanting to go.

Instead she jumped into your arms, hugging you both tightly. You smiled and returned the hug, both of you pressing a kiss on her cheeks.

“Love you!” She said, before letting go and running back to her group.

“Love you to the moon.” You yelled after her before she disappeared behind the school doors.

Jeff smiled and you hugged him tightly. You had done good. As much as you feared parenting and as scared as you were when you first had her, you knew you’d been a good mom and Jeff had been a great father. Your little girl would be okay.

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I hope you like it!:)

so this is a picture of kaya & my beautiful friend laura. they are so look alike! also, laura is a sweet human being. she often got called bad names because people tell her that she just want to be like kaya. that’s not true… laura is a pure human being, totally amazing and funny, who’s really kind to everyone. i love laura seriously ❤️