she looks like a goddess


She wore a robe of linen dyed gold, she wore gold about her neck and on her wrists, while her springing red hair was trapped by a circle of gold. She looked like a goddess.
— Bernard Cornwell, Enemy of God  

Oh nothing, just Santana being a radiant goddess. 

heterosexual pairing: *gets married, has really nice wedding vows, has breakfast in bed and gets into a cute little debate over a cute little thing*

writers: so from now on, this is the central couple of the show, let’s give them more screen time than the other actually interesting plots

veronica lodge: *supports betty in every possible way, looks at betty like she’s a goddess, flies in cupcakes and buys betty roses just to apologize, surpasses betty’s other potential love interests by calling betty her “destiny” and throws in “the rest of my life”, ensures that betty gets whatever she wants from life*

betty cooper: *looks at veronica with so much love, invites veronica to the one place she feels most at home, makes veronica jealous, stands up for veronica, defends veronica to her judgmental mother, goes out of her way to help veronica*

riverdale writers: we’re writing this off as best friends or possible worst enemies just to keep things interesting for the fans but for sure this is 100% platonic