she looks horrified

Random thought on the latest Steven Universe

Garnet, who is a fusion, thought that Steven was a fusion.
Amethyst, who shape shifts a lot, thought that Steven was just Rose Quartz shape shifting.
Pearl thought Rose Quartz couldn’t reform because she was trapped…
I also remember how horrified she looked when she realized Lapis was trapped in the mirror she gave to Steven.
…was Pearl trapped in an object at some point?


During one of the LIVE scenes of EastEnders, Jo (Tanya) mixed up her line to Laurie (Jane) by accidentally referring to Ian as ‘Adam’ - played by the actor. “How’s Adam?” trended on twitter after the scene. 
@dollyjoyner You never answered me @LauriebrettX how is @AdamWoodyatt ?… #leastyouknowitslive #gutted 
@AdamWoodyatt @dollyjoyner Thanks for asking, I’m fine.
@LauriebrettX @dollyjoyner @AdamWoodyatt should have said- you been drinking Tan?? Love you Jo,you’re the best . And The nation loved it xx

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Hi. I need help, im not sure how to show these two emotions during writing so could you give me any example? A) the old lady screamed. B) the girl is feeling sad. It would mean a lot thank you in advance 😭


Make sure to use my examples as inspiration and not for your writing.

A) The old woman, shrieked, clutching her chest as her heart threatened to pound right out of it. As she looked on, horrified at the scene before her, she noticed her hands were shaking as her mind tried to catch up, to process the grisly details of what had to have been the most terrifying moment of her very long life.

B) The girl folded her legs to her chest where she sat on the cold stone steps. She dropped her head onto her denim clad knees and cried, soundlessly, but for the gasps that slipped from her mouth. Her chest hurt and she felt as though she were about to shatter into a million pieces as she wept, but she could not stop the flow of the tears, as much as she tried. Wave after wave of thick, heavy sobs shoved their way from her core, where the hurt was festering like an open wound. It felt like hours before the tears ceased, leaving an empty, aching place inside of her.

Hope this was helpful!


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So I read your smut in the room with my grand parents on my phone, and I mouth when I read, and I forgot my grandma knows how to read lips. ... She looked horrified. FML.

OMG I LAUGHED MY LIFE XD Thank god my parents can’t read my lips when I write XD

TIFU by switching seats on an airplane

I am sitting in the aisle seat.

Just got my drink from the flight attendant. They roll off to the next section.

Lady in the other aisle seat, single mom, infant child.

Has been talking about how hard this traveling is to see the father Etc etc etc…

She opens the child’s bottle.

That was packaged on the ground.

We are at 30,000 or more.

It is pressurized.

It leaps out, in an warm spray.

Like the first gallon of water from a garden hose in the middle of the summer.

Ankle, hip, elbow, drink, shoulder, ear canal, and hair.

Drenched in warm milk.


As my brain processes this the lady looks horrified.

She immediately starts apologizing and producing napkins and baby wipes to assist in drying and sanitizing my self.

All I could muster is “don’t worry about it”

I knew that all I could do at this point is make her feel worse. But that wouldn’t make me feel better or change my situation.

I just have to ask her though.

“Is that breast milk?”

Sheepishly she confirmed my worry.

I have to follow up that awkward question with an important, personal medical question… “Any thing I need to worry about? STDs, etc…”

She assures me that she is perfectly healthy and still so very sorry. Offers to buy me a shot on the plane.

I tell her to please continue to not worry about it. I travel a lot. So much so that my favorite flights are the ones I can’t remember.

That this flight however. I will remember forever.

I am dried off now.

The flight attendant replaced my drink.

The baby is fed and asleep.

I am laughing about it in my head because, this isn’t my assigned seat. I switched with a young lady that wanted to sit with her wife.

Which reminds me, no good deed goes unpunished.

TL;DR: switching seats to help a married-couplelesbians sit next to each other put me in the firing line of roughly half a baby bottle of recently harvested female breast milk, which i briefly thought could make me patient zero for ghona-sypha-herpa-aids.

look, at the end of the day, you will be alone with yourself and perhaps potentially some deity, the nature of which we have not be able to fully ascertain.

just admit that you are scared and small and full of hope, viscera, and other non-useful things, mostly invented to excuse your own fallibility and inconsistencies, and this makes you exactly the same as the trillions of humans who came before, and all the ones who will come after.

and at the end of that day, you’re going to sit down with that deity, who may or may not exist, and for whom sitting down may or may not be an actual option (metaphysics is quiet on the subject, re: sitting) and at that appointed time, when you have to put your heart, or soul, or what have you on that objective scale

I’m just saying, I really hope there’s 10% for participation.

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Hello this is not a spoiler, as it covers info you hit already but I'd say Kanaya's crying upset is less for the auspistice thing and more bc she wished to be hearts with Vriska (you can see it in the gif where the quadrants are all shifting around before the john and karkat page).

i also did wonder about that when she looked horrified but i wasnt sure if she had wanted to be flush with tavros or her

Chapter 4 had been posted!

Here’s a little excerpt of the chapter.

“No…” She gasped, shaking her head, her knees threatening to give out.

Loki paused his instruction to the crew members of the jet like a director giving instructions to a movie set, looking over to her. He still had that insane grin on his face she recognized every time he was about to do something impeccably radical.

“I can’t do this,” She muttered.

“Oh, but you will,” Loki replied, taking hold of her wrist.

She squirmed, using her other arm to slap him across the face. She looked horrified at her hand before he took hold of that as well, as if her hand acted autonomously from the rest of her body. The world seemed to pause as they both stared at each other. Though she managed to cause his head to turn by the brute force of her slap, his translucent skin hardly reddened and he hardly reacted with any pain. Her hand most likely burned more than his face did.


Root’s look here. The most polite killer.

And it’s full Root from here on out. Also, how did I not notice the ladder was yellow?!

This show and it’s breadcrumbs!

The way the music drops as the first strains of Root’s music starts to sound, especially as Zoe gets closer to the truth.

Zoe dismantling ‘Caroline Turing’s’ fake life is fun to watch.

And then Root kills Alicia Corwin (boo!) actually finishing what Harold refrained from doing a few years ago.

We finally get full force Root. And we finally meet the real Root through mirrors, first seeing her shoot Alicia and then here as she joins Harold in the car.

Her hair’s down and she’s reveling in a well executed plan.

(When she’s not emotionally involved, Root really was quite the planner but boy put Shaw into the equation and she’s leaps before she looks– no seriously, how horrified would season 1 Root be if she met season 5!Root?)

This was such a great introduction to Root and showed how formidable and clever she was– this is why the Voice will only ever be a poor imitation Root. Heck, down to his reveal, its a rip-off of Root’s playbook.

If Harold went to Root about the Voice instead of Elias, I bet Root would’ve sussed out who the Voice was. Also, mildly annoyed that someone’s cribbing her style. Even if she retired that years ago.

I guess, to Root’s credit back in season 1 and 2, she never really put a kid in danger or caused mass casualties when she and Harold first met.

Also, Root saying: “I thought she’d never shut-up.” is really funny considering how much Root loves to talk. 

Awww, Harold.

His first traumatic experience with Root. Harold, that surprised WTF feeling never really goes away.

I haven’t talked about Carter and Fusco because I was focused on Root– but can I just say, I MISS THE COMPETENT POLICE WORK. I bet Fusco misses it a lot too. Like Look at Carter being all competent and awesome.

And then look at John Riley.

Ghost!Carter is laughing really hard somewhere.


Wonder Girls’ Sunmi gets adorably mortified over her tipsy performance

Wonder Girls member Sunmi delighted fans with her adorable reaction at a recent fan signing.

Recently, a video was uploaded on a YouTube channel that showed a fan signing that took place in Seoul. In the video, fans reveal to Sunmi that a video that showed Wonder Girls doing a tipsy performance of “Why So Lonely” had been released.

Earlier, Dingo Music had released the video of their fun performance that took place in a restaurant that showed the members taking shots of soju and singing enthusiastically to their hit song. The girls perform energetically, with Yubin drumming along with her chopsticks and Sunmi taking sips of the stew in between her lines.

When Sunmi hears that the video is out, she lets out a cute yelp as she grabs the side of her face and shakes her head. The fans laugh as they ask her how much she drank. She looks horrified as she covers her mouth and says she didn’t drink that much.

credit: soompi

Coming out:

I didn’t come out. My teachers heard me talking to a friend and sent me to the nurse. I was forced to confess my sexuality and was then completely not taken seriously. Then I was banned from the girls changing room until “my phase was over”

It was not a phase

My sister came out the other day. My dad said she was too young to decide her sexuality and when she argued that if she was straight then it wouldn’t be a problem, he yelled at her and said she’d been “influenced by the media” before sending her to her room.

It was not influenced.

My stepbrother came out as bisexual to his mother, and she looked horrified - so much so that he said so himself that it was probably a phase and that he’d been more attracted to girls. She said that it would be best if he “focused on girls and his work”, as it was probably just a phase.

It was not the truth.

Kids should not be guilt-tripped in to staying in the closet. Parents and other people trying to suppress children isn’t right, no child or adult or any other person should be forced to stay in the closet. The fact that these were people we’re meant to admire and look up to, was completely disappointing to us and to them. This isn’t right. Don’t ever make somebody feel guilty for being gay you piece of shit.

It was a mistake

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Hey I was wondering if I could have a Draco imagine where y/n and him are dating but they’re in a massive fight and the reader slaps him across the face, and she looks so horrified at herself and she doesn’t stop apologising even though Draco doesn’t care and tries to calm her down but then she runs out of the room crying and tries to ignore Draco but then after a few days he tries to talk to her and its all really cute in the end? Sorry for all the detail:$

—– it’s all cool love.. I’ll try my best to put in all of it ❤️——

I looked down at watch. It was 20 after and Draco was late. Again. I got up frustrated. This was the third time he has blown me off this month and I’m getting worried. ‘Was he not interested in me anymore? Have I become boring? Maybe it’s not me. It’s him’ Theses thoughts flooded my brain. My vision got blurry and I bumped into some.
“ I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking where I was-” I hurried to apologize but I looked up to see Draco. He looked flustered.
“ oh y/n I’m so sorry.” Draco started. I pushed pasted him not saying another word.
“Y/n…” Draco mumbled. He ran to catch up with me.
“This is the last time Draco.” I stopped and looked at him.
“ y/n.. Snape held me up. It wasn’t my fault.” He pushed his hair back and looked around.
“You said that last week.” My voice began to break. He was just on repeat.
“ y/n it was just one time.. Baby I swear.” He placed his hand on my cheek.
“ No Draco. It’s never gonna be 'just one time ’. It’s never been just one time. It’s constant.” Tears brimmed my eyelids, just a blink away from bawling. I walked around him and tried to breathe. Are we over?
“Y/n stop walking away.. Calm down for once.” He scoffed. I stopped and looked back furiously. He wasn’t looking at me. I stomped towards him, all of the hate boiling up inside me. I raised my hand, slapping him across the face.
“Oh my god. I’m so sorry.” Draco’s head was down, his hands holding his face in pain.
“No I deserved that.” His voice was raspy.
“No no no you didn’t. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t of hit you.” I covered my mouth in astonishment. I couldn’t of slapped him.
“ y/n it’s fine I swear. I was being bloody stupid.” He looked up, a hand red hand print across his cheek. I saw it and coughed. I had to get out of there. I spun around and ran.
“ How could I hit him..” I hit myself in the head.
“I’m so fucking stupid.” I ran into the castle, trying to find my way around the students to the Slytherin dorms. Soon I got to them, out of breath. I walked into my shared room landing onto my bed. I began to cry.
A faint knock echoed the room. I quieted hoping who ever that was would leave.
“Babe I know you are in there..Please let me in.” Draco’s voice was soft. I got up and opened the door just a crack before going back on top of my bed. My back faced the door. I felt the bed lower as Draco sat behind me.
“Y/n please don’t beat yourself up about this. It was my fault, I was being disrespectful to you and I deserved what I got.” He rubbed my arm slowly. It felt nice and I missed his touch. I looked over at him desperately needing to hold him.He smiled and kissed my cheek. I quickly wrapped my arms around him. He laid back, me on top of him.
“I love you.” I whispered into his chest.
“ I love you more.” He kissed the top of my head holding me close.

A/N: omg how cute. This was fun to write.. Though it wasn’t my best, it wasn’t my worst.

My request box is open as I’ve written all that has been sitting in there for days. Haha sorry. 😔 but alas. Im back on the writing train and I need a ticket.. Send me in some stuff cutie pies.

It’s always annoyed me how when Elphaba doubts in herself about the way she looks Glinda is horrified and tried with all her might to get Elphie to see how gorgeous she truly is and says “Miss Elphaba look at you. You’re beautiful” and refuses to let Elphaba believe that but with Fiyero when Elphie states that she wishes she could be beautiful for him and he shouldn’t lie to her all he says is “It’s not lying, it’s looking at things another way” as if he doesn’t see her as the gorgeous person that she is and not “Elphaba you ARE beautiful, you’re stunningly perfect just the way that you are”.

Why is it that Glinda has so much love and devotion to Elphaba but Fiyero can’t even say that she’s beautiful?