she looks happy tho


Jesus Christ this fandom…“Normani’s 19th Birthday Edition”…Part 111/? 🎉💃🏻#⃣1⃣9⃣


lol is anybody else like dead bc of Sarah Weichel rn or

official ranking of every dolphin emoji on emojipedia

pretty and gentle. a good friend. but contributes to the inaccurate stereotype that bottlenose dolphins are blue. 7/10

im worried abt the proportions here, and again we see a blue bottlenose. the eyes are kind of soulless too. 4/10

despite it being kind of dull, i applaud microsoft for having accurate coloring on this baby. 6/10

this looks like the love child of a dolphin and a beluga. its still a cetacean, but it just looks uncomfortable. she does look happy tho. 3/10

she looks pretty and happy. its like they took the microsoft one and revamped her while still having the playful nature of the samsung one. 8/10

very minimalist, even more so than microsoft. there lacks some depth here. 3/10

besides the weird gradient, this looks authentic and playful. 7/10

we’re back to blue :( at least she’s got a nice shine and shade. and i know im almost done but i just realized none of these girls have blowholes. pls let them breathe :( 5/10

minimalist and blue, but still gets the point across. someone recolored htc’s probably bc they thought blue is prettier than grey. they’re wrong. 4/10

not a huge difference between this and twitter. in fact it also kind of just looks like someone flattened out apple’s. loses points for originality. 6/10

literally the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. she’s so fucking happy. im gonna cry. shes happy and shes getting up for air and shes blue but she fucking rocks it. 10000000/10

a friend. here she comes. shes smiling and shes shiny. shes also the most proportionately accurate out of all of them, not to mention the correct coloring. 9/10

im a piece of shit but im still gonna watch the next sherlock season

I’m a grown ass adult who cried over Tri. Also over a decade later and I’m still in Mimato hell, despite knowing how crack it might be is. Yup. Also hi, long time no post.

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I'm happy Shep is with a black girl but allot of ppl say Chanel is kinda out there or like a hoe. I hope she's in it for the long run with him. They look happy tho !!

Don’t believe everything people say