she looks great tbh


Listen, these two fucking destroyed me, now they’re a tree and I’m sobbing.


diego luna appreciation weekdecember 27 (diego + alice braga w/ surprise gael)

people that inspired in my in my journey, diego luna was special, because it was the first film i did abroad and he was such a strong actor in the sense of young, but with so much knowledge because he was an actor since he was a kid. - alice braga, interview magazine

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VS is casting early this year, do you think Bella will have to go to casting again and do the show... I kept saying since last that Bella doesn't vsfs since last year but since her hf career isn't really doing that well she needs this to keep her relevance

I don’t know, honestly. She’s not as popular as Gigi and Kendall are, even Gigi managed to gain over 20 million followers between one VS show and the next and I don’t see Bella blowing up and bringing in that kind of publicity. Even her appearance in that “sisters segment” during the last show was like 90% Gigi and she didn’t do well in the actual show and bring in energy and the VS vibe the way Kendall and (especially) Gigi can. I can’t see VS calling her directly and booking her without auditions the way they do for Kendall and Gigi but I don’t think she’d skip going to the auditions. I do feel like they may be hesitant to use her and she’d be more secretive about going if she does just in case. Even last year she was untagging herself from fan photos she took at VS HQ so no one would see until she knew she got in. So, it wasn’t something she was sure about even at call backs.

I feel like it could go either way. She’s still way more popular than other models but she didn’t do good at all and it feels like she’s getting less hype this year than last in fashion, especially hf like you say. She does need more commercial work but I think VS is too much for her unless she cut back and try to be fun and young at work which I still don’t see her being capable of doing. I don’t think she’d turn down the job if she was offered and skip auditions and VS is still hounding its way for publicity so I don’t see why they wouldn’t still want to use her even if she wasn’t good at the end of the day. 

Hello Kitty’s face Has changed over the years, but I do not think she’s getting plastic s*rgery (though I would not be against that). I think she’s growing into herself! and tbh she looks great as is, but especially for someone who has to deal w the pressure of being an International Superstar