she looks great for her age

I just woke up from the craziest dream. A friend and I were in Kohl’s trying on shirts and this girl our age came out of the fitting room in a pretty dress, and I told her she looked great. The girl looked surprised but pleased, and we started talking. The girl was like, “Sometimes I come into places like this with lots of mirrors so I don’t forget how I awesome I look." 

So my friend, the girl, and I walk through the store together, talking about random things, looking at jewelry (the girl found a pair of Vera Wang earrings and wistfully commented that they looked like dying stars and that her brother would love them) and socks. 

Meanwhile, we start to notice people around us are glued to their phones. One lady has her hand over her mouth in horror, tears streaming down her face. Kohl’s seems an awfully lot more empty than it had been. The girl brightly suggests we look in homewares. 

We go to the back of the store and start smelling all the Yankee Candles, and the girl is like, "People can be so creative. Vanilla lime? Genius! I’m going to miss this.” My friend asks if she’s going on a trip and the girl is nonchalant, like, “Things will be changing for me real soon and I’m not going to be able to enjoy things like candles anymore.” My friend wishes her all the best with whatever and I say we’ll buy her the candle so she has something to remember us by, and the girl is all, “You both are very kind. I won’t forget that, I promise." 

So we go to check out, but no one’s there. So we wait and wait, and then the girl shrugs, takes the candle and the Vera Wang earrings, and goes to leave. My friend and I are mortified, crying that she has to pay for them, and the girl is like, "I doubt they’ll mind,” as she leaves. Then my friend notices the store is completely empty and takes out her phone, which is blinking with dozens of missed calls, texts, and alerts. 

She opens one of the alerts and it takes her to a breaking news video. All over the world, there is chaos. Horrifying things are devouring people and destroying cities. A giant cube of sand with teeth and weird proboscises on every side is sucking up people in Rio, and a slow-moving slender titan made of clouds is walking through San Fransisco and leaving nothing in its wake. Off the coast of Japan, something is rising from the ocean but the video cuts out. 

Terrified, we run out of Kohl’s and find the girl standing at the curb. She’s staring at the sky over Route 1 as a giant, shifting mass of black mist descends. The girl turns to us, smiles, and says, “That’s my brother. Thank you for a lovely day of shopping. I’ll never forget it." 

Then the skin of her face and neck begins to crack and flake away, revealing fault lines of indescribable things underneath. My friend starts to weep. I manage to get out through chattering teeth that I hope her brother likes the earrings, and the girl–barely human now–smiles with the remnants of a million devoured suns and says, "You know, if everyone had been as nice as you two, we wouldn’t have come to this." 

And then she squared herself exponentially and swallowed everything up. 

It was awful.

I can’t imagine what they were asked to look like because here we have Emma knowing she’s just the most beautiful girl in the world, we have Daniel trying to look really serious but slightly suspicious and then we have Rupert being his cute self like

this makes no sense

it looks like an old cheesy band album cover

Tracklist of “Not Slytherin, Please”: 

1. The Boy Who Lived

2. Diagon Alley

3. Welcome To Hogwarts

4. Not Slytherin, Please 

5. Fame Isn’t Everything (ft. The Bravest Man)

6. 10 Points For Gryffindor (ft. Albus The Great)

7. We Could All Have Been Killed, Or Worse, Expelled (The Cleverest Witch Of Her Age’s Solo)

7. The Restricted Section

8. I Should Not Have Said That (ft. The Gamekeeper)

9. What’s Under My Turban (ft. MC Quirrell)

10. Wicked

11. Troll In The Dungeon

12. Quidditch

Bonus Tracks:

13. Norbert

14.  The Forbidden Forest

15. Trapdoor

16.  Two Faces

The Deluxe Edition includes: 

17. Weasley Is Our King

18. Saint Potter (ft. The Slytherin Prince)

19. One Day My Evil Plans Might Actually Work (Cover of The Dark Lord’s Single)

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Sorry for bad English. It’s not my native language
Some kind of my AU headcanon: 3 years after 686 chapter Rukia dies. She rebirth in Living World. She woke up in the hospital after the accident. She doesn’t remember a huge part of her life. She studies at school. Her age about 18 years. One day she meets Ichigo. He called her by name. She asked him if he knew her before, because she doesn’t remember. After that they often meets near the school. Somedays he told her about little shinigami with short hair and strong heart and about her adventure. She doesn’t believe in his histories but every time she listens to him with great interest. One day she cut her hair and come to Ichigo. She asked him “does she look like that shinigami” and smiles. He cries but smiles too. He still love her.

An aside: It has been suggested by the learned science fiction writer Isaac Asimov that the general western antipathy toward witches is at least partly to do with teeth and beards.  The hypothesis runs like this: until the advent of modern dentistry, people who lived to a great age tended to lose their teeth–to get gummy, in fact.  For the old widow, perhaps with no family to care for her, that added another problem.  She looked like a crone, with the lower part of the face dished in and the nose appearing to hook.  Of course, the same thing happened to the old men, but THEY could grow long white beards to hide the wrinkles behind, and looked as wise as an Old Testament prophet.  Wise wizard, wicked witch…what a difference a razor makes.
—  Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson, “The Folklore of Discworld”
Goblin’s age difference with Eun Tak

Age difference: This does not matter, I’ll tell you why. She’s 19 and he’s centuries old, so in reality even if she was like 5 years older it would not make a difference at all. 

Her maturity comes from her gift of seeing ghosts, losing her mother, having to live with her shitty family. Not to mention, when creating a show you have to look at who your target audience is going to be. Remember America’s Twilight? 

I honestly don’t see the issue. You can’t really compare age when the Goblin is so old… and a magical/mythical creature. 

I feel with people in general, men and women, as they get older, the sense of wonderment is lost versus when you’re in high school. I prefer her this way actually if she was much older they’d have a tougher time building their romance. Right now the reason it’s progressing is because she believes she’s the Goblin bride is shamelessly persistent about it. It’s cute, it’s very typical high schooler. 

Someone in their mid-twenties or thirties, might not approach the Goblin in such a way, maybe by that point she’d be too jaded. We can’t have 2 jaded main leads, it doesn’t work, there needs to be a giver and taker for the romance to move. Characters need to feed off each other. Character development works this way.

You also have to remember is that Eun Tak and Goblin are REALLY similar. All she wants is love and acceptance since losing her mother. All Goblin wants is to be free from the pain, and he keeps losing everyone he loves. Deep down he wants what she wants. 

The tone: Some people say the main character’s happiness, her high school-like innocence is taking from the dark feel of the fairytale-like Goblin drama. 

Okay, the reason this drama is so great is because there’s comedic value with the grim reaper and goblin, you get the dark side of things with the goblin’s fate and then you get a bit of romance from Eun Tak. It’s very dynamic which is what makes it a great drama. Multi-dimensional. 

The way she upsets the dark mood, or interrupts the flow is NEEDED and important to a drama that is very alive like this one. A drama that is mono-tone in character development and tone and scene is not very good in my opinion. 

Her character brings change since over 200 years of monotony for the Goblin. It’s supposed to feel different when she’s in the scene, that’s the whole point. Not to mention, she’s like a ray of sunshine in Goblin’s sad sad life. 


Don't worry Pharmercy shippers

The picture of Pharah having dinner with that random guy is not direct proof of Pharmercy being noncanon or sunk.

If you notice their clothing, it doesn’t look like that of people going on a romantic dinner. They look really casual. Even Pharah’s usually stoic self and harsh military discipline falters as she figuratively and literally Leta her hair down (it looks like it grew a little).

People pointed out she is wearing a ring, but it’s on her pinky finger, meaning nothing other than she wanted jewelry.

The guy has grey hair, typically men don’t get grey hair until 50+, which would be near her mother’s age. This leads to the possibility of it being Pharah’s dad, checking up on her.

And the Mercy and Genji letter thing? It takes days for letters to be sent across great distance, the implication of that shot is that’s what the heroes are doing right now, why they aren’t with Winston and who are they spending the holidays with. So unless Genji mastered the art of time travel, the letter Angela received is unrelated to Genji’s. And even if it was a letter from him… So? I get letters from friends and family too.

Keep on supporting it and keep telling blizzard what you want to see dear shippers.

Comics to Read, 1/4/17 - It’s a New Year and Here’s New Comics!

Time for a brand new year of comics. Perhaps it will help us deal with what is sure to be a frustrating year. There are few first issues this week so let’s go!

Marvel has found success with lighter fare starring some of their female characters such as Squirrel Girl and Patsy Walker and this book seems to fit in that trend. The new Wasp is introduced to things by some of her fellow Marvel ladies and it is a fun, optimistic book that embraces STEM (Science Bros move over!) A great all-ages adventure.

Ryan Choi is back with his own title and I couldn’t be happier. (Well I could but let’s not nitpick).

Did you get the first issue of Kate Hawkeye by the talented Kelly Thompson (and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend?). I loved it and am looking forward to this issue as well!

If you do like it and aren’t reading Thompson’s Jem series here’s your chance to double down!

I gave Batman a try under the new team but wasn’t sold. This cover by Stephanie Hans makes me want to give it a new try.

That’s it for me. What are reading that you love that you would recommend? Let me know.

Professor Scamander and the Horned Serpent – Chapter 3

Newt Scamander has agreed to teach briefly at Ilvermorny, following the school’s decision to allow him to lecture the students about magical creatures as an elective class. Here he meets a girl in her final year, who belongs to the scholarly house of Horned Serpent. She drives Newt crazy, and the two get into a lot of mischief behind the backs of both the students and staff.

Pairing: Next Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1084

Warnings: Large age gap between characters (Newt is around 30, reader is 18)

A/n: incoming smut in the next chapter!!!


You were reading peacefully, munching on a sandwich under the foliage of the great Snakewood tree. You looked up, watching as a bunch of first years were playing with an enchanted ball at the edge of the forest. As you scanned the surrounding area, back to the castle, your eyes landed on a tall figure in a familiar cobalt coat. You smiled softly as you noticed him walking your way.

“Hello (y/n).” He greeted brightly.

“Hello Newt.” You replied, placing your bookmark and closing your book.

“Reading my book, I see.” He sat down beside you.

“Wanted to get ahead of the readings for next lesson. I have an essay for Potions due on Wednesday, so I want to make sure I don’t have to worry about my other homework when I start it.”

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The stranger in white


Request: May I request a Doctor Who x reader? Where the reader comes from the 1920’s, and she runs into the Doctor while he’s trying to solve a mystery. Somehow she’s brought into it and later on he wants her to travel with him.

Warnings: none 

Originally posted by doctorsherlockwinchester25

   “New York,” The Doctor states matter of factually, twirling around a bit on the spot as he takes in the old city. He hums to himself, appreciating how great the city looked back in the day before he’s bustling off again, a bit too excited about this new mystery he was attempting to solve. Things from all over the world from a range of time periods were suddenly showing up in the newer age, leaving the normal world rather confused and scared. And who better than the doctor himself to solve this mystery. 

   He walked along the streets, admiring the sky and buildings, not really paying attention to anywhere he placed his feet, ultimately causing him to end up in this situation. He’d misplaced his foot, atop someone else’s foot, causing the both of them to trip and nearly fall. 

    “Oh!’ The doctor chirped, quickly taking a step back from the person he’s just ran into.  “I’m so sorry-” The Doctor stops short when the person he ran into stands up straight, brushing off and dust or dirt from their white shirt. Immediately the Doctor felt captivated, pulled in by whoever this stranger was. 

    “It’s really okay,” Their sweet voice pulls the doctor back into reality. “I guess I should watch where I’m going next time,” The give him a polite smile before they stoop over, collecting the books the Doctor hadn’t even realized they’d been carrying. He then too, stooped down to help collect the books. His hand stopped however, a few inches above one of them. 

     “Where did you get this book?” The doctor questions, holding up some leather bound book with the title ‘Lord of the Rings’ printed along it. As far as the Doctor could recollect Lord of the Rings wasn’t crafted until the mid 1950′s so what was it doing in the streets of New York 1922? 

    “I found it-” The person whispers as they reach out to grab it, their fingers nearly brushing along the Doctors. “Some old bookshop…why do you ask?” 

    “May I see the first page?” The Doctor avoids their question, smiling warmly at the stranger. Despite the strange look they were giving him they nodded, ever so careful handing the book back over. Without a moment to lose he flipped to the publishing page, searching for the date. 1954. “1954,” The Doctor whispers, humming thoughtfully. 

    “Excuse me?” The stranger cocks their head to the side, a confused little expression overtaking their features. 

    “This book,” The Doctor continues on, paying no mind to (Y/N)’s little expression, no matter how cute it was. “Was printed in 1954 and we’re in 1922, don’t you find that just a tad bit strange?” The stranger looks at him with wide eyes, sparkling with curiosity. 

    “Well, I suppose it is,” The stranger merely smiles, as if the words the Doctor spoke were completely normal. “Do you care to explain exactly how a book printed 32 years from now ended up in my hands?” The Doctor smiles a bit, as he hands the book back to the stranger, his interests having drifted elsewhere. 

     “Well, I could tell you-” He perks his head up, his eyes glinting with a mischievous kind of excitement. “Or I could show you,” 

From The Life and Times by Jewels5

“Sometimes, she thought that if she stepped off the Astronomy Tower, she would just float away.

He could not remember the last time he’d looked before taking a leap.

She believed in God.

He smoked too much.

She had her first kiss in a sun-soaked garden at the age of fifteen.

He lost his virginity to a girl named Sarah at the age of fifteen.

She wanted to write.

He wanted to play Quidditch.

She thought she was in love and disliked the fact.

He knew he was in love and positively hated it.

She smiled and laughed a great deal.

He did, too.

She was dramatic.

He was dynamic.

She was precise.

He was impulsive.

She excelled in diplomacy.

He excelled in diplomacy, but often resorted to throwing punches instead.

She served seven detentions in as many years.

He served seventy four.

She thought he was barking mad.

He thought she was positively insane.

Whatever else this may turn out to be, it is first and foremost a love story. It is the story of how a boy and a girl came to be- and then realize that they were- in love with one another. You see, it is probable that falling in love was the most important thing that they ever accomplished, and they accomplished a number of quite important things. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart can require time.”

One of the best introduction of the characters I’ve ever read.


kiefersouleaterevans  asked:

Uh, hello there Megane! So, I've recently just found out about you through marks video (sorry if that's a bad thing lol) But anyways, I really like the art style of it and although it does look similar to Konoira's art, I still say you both do great work and you and her shall both stand as great inspirational Artists for me to look up to. (Even though we are all the same age.) Anyways, I hope this gets to you and keep up the good work.

thanks MARK look what u did. 

(imma have a word with him on twitter after this)

ahh.. yes the “your art style is like konoira”

me and her are basically over it, we’re both tired about people keep shoving it to our faces abou us copying one another, but meh now we’re basically chill about it, i apologized of course for starting the “artstyle” war, she’s cool with it. we’ve moved on :)

Lemonade || 2

featuring: Bruce Wayne x OFC

word count: 491

warnings: none at the moment.  

author’s note: here’s part two of the series! thanks so much to everyone who has read/liked/reblogged part one, especially @cait-writes-stuff :) hope you guys enjoy! i’m thinking i’ll be uploading new parts every other day. 

previously: Pray You Catch Me

next: Don’t Hurt Yourself

It was nearly half past two in the morning. Rather than sleeping, Arielle Wayne found herself standing in the kitchen clutching her husband’s personal cell phone in her hands. She was leaning forward against the large island in the center of the room, her head hung low. Of course her husband was smart enough erase any evidence of his affair from his cell phone. After all, he was the great Batman. The call log and text messages had been wiped clean of any signs of one, Selina Kyle.

“I don’t know what’s worse, Alfred,” Arielle croaked out, sensing the presence of the aging butler entering the room, “looking jealous or crazy. I feel like I’ve been walked all over lately.”

Alfred couldn’t hold back his sigh as he saw the cell phone in the woman’s hands, “Maybe there’s something you’re missing.”

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Beautiful Monica Bellucci at The Los Cabos Film Festival

Monica Bellucci looking beautiful receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Closing Ceremony of Los Cabos Film Festivat in Los Cabos, Mexico. Despite her age she looks so beautiful receiving a very well deserved award. A great day for all her fans.

Find more Pics Below:

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Misako appreciation post

Misako is a character much of the fandom isn’t fond of, but there is some good in her!

- She dedicated many years of her life trying to prevent the battle between her husband and son, and actually found a way that was almost successful.

- She loves Lloyd and Lloyd loves her, look at them hugging!

- She was understanding when Lloyd was mad at her at first.

- She still cared about her husband even after he got consumed by evil.

- She talked to Lloyd a lot and comforted him after they were reunited, and was one of the only characters who didn’t seem to stress Lloyd out about the Final Battle.

- She has a great personality, she is smart and strong but also gentle and calm, and doesn’t have an overused ‘tough girl’ vibe

- She has a serene voice and is pretty despite her age.

- She didn’t get mad at Garmadon upon discovering he lied about the letter, and was much more forgiving than Wu was.

- Even though she’s strong she knows her limits and didn’t join in the fight between Pythor and Lloyd.

- She trusts in Lloyd and always gives him encouragement.

- She is helpful too all the ninja, such as when Nya was having relationship problems.

Can we think of some really good actresses to play fem!TFW who are the same age as the cast of supernatural? Dean is 37, Sam is 34, Cas is in a 42 year old vessel and Crowley is in a 52 year old vessel. 

I mean Amber Heard makes a great Deanna yeah, and I love all the gifsets of her as Dean, but she’s only 30 and if the show actually did do a genderbend episode, I would want the actresses to be the same age as the boys. 

Anyone have any suggestions for great actresses who are the right age to play TFW?

Nonopi Nopi !

Morning doodle with coffee. I’ve been meaning to draw this little lala for AGES now, just… because >>! 

When I first made my lalafell Nonovi Novi last February, I started seeing Nonopi float around along with @clovermemories‘ other characters! Clover actually made me miss Nenia a lot before I had a chance to throw Nenia in FFXIV (where she took Novi’s place ;; ).  

They’ve all been around for a lot longer than mine, but I always wondered how they’d get along!  

I’ll stop yammering, but @clovermemories has great characters and it’s always fun to go looking at her blog. (And omg, the amazing arts!? go look!) The Nonopi posts always give me a much needed laugh!  

Arranged Marriage (SEHUN, vampire AU)

Originally posted by lullabyun

“Please, mother, please don’t do this!” you cried holding onto your mother’s skirts as she pushed you through the town square. Your mother possessed a look of infinite grief, but stone hard determination mixed in one, with her hand clenching around your shirt while she pulled you to the one place you didn’t want to go.

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Homeworld Never Invented Music

While rewatching It Could Have Been Great I noticed something really strange about Peridot. When Steven is teaching her about music she’s completely baffled. It’s not like she doesn’t like or understand music, she doesn’t even seem to know what music is! Peridot may be a young gem, but she’s not that young. Do homeworld gems not have a concept of music?

Ruby and Sapphire sung to each other after defecting in The Answer, but Garnet implied in Love Letters that the time period we were shown was a lot longer than it looked. Since gems don’t age and consider millennia to be on the short side, this could have taken place over centuries. long enough to meet early humans

Looking back, the only Homeworld gem who ever even mentioned the idea of music was Jasper in Jail Break, when she slammed her fist against Sapphire’s cell and ordered her to stop singing. Granted, Jasper is always angry, but she’s already won at that point, doesn’t that seem like a real over-reaction?

It got me thinking, what if homeworld never invented music?

It may seem weird but plenty of ancient civilizations both real and fictional never invented basic thing. The Egyptians didn’t have wheels, the Greeks didn’t have the number 0, and even Homeworld doesn’t seem to have a concept of names.

In that case, many Gems might have first learned of music from humans! Gems like Rose might have seen music as a symbol of humanity’s beauty! It’s no wonder why Rose fell for a rock star, or why all the crystal gems are constantly singing! Hell, It even explains why Jasper was so mad at Sapphire for singing; music is the battle cry of the crystal gems and a symbol of everything they stand for!