she looks glorious why would u give her less screen time

Since the start of Miraculous Season 1B, in less than two new episodes, Adrien has already:

Met Marinette’s extended family (meaning her uncle from Kung Food) and was kind and generous enough to help her out by being her translator for the day (This little tidbit I found interesting. In Kung Food, almost everyone was expecting Marinette to be the one to assist Adrien with his Chinese since it’s part of her heritage but it turned out to be the other way around. That’s a nice touch there from Hawkdaddy and the team)

Met Marinette’s parents (Both of whom already, almost automatically, seem to approve of him without the slightest bit of hesitation at all (I mean neither of them didn’t even seem the slightest bit bothered that a boy came to visit their daughter and spent the afternoon ALONE with her in her bedroom. Either Mari’s parents really trust her or…like Alya, they ship Adrinette as much as the next person and wanted to give their daughter the opportunity to spend some quality alone time with her crush/love interest. Well we all know who win Parents of the Year in this series).

Made physical contact with Marinette on several occasions (Hand touching, hand holding, almost kissing each other AGAIN, etc I lost count on the amount of time this happened in Episode 15 alone. Then again I was too busy squealing my heart out at all the cute shipper moments).

Been inside of her bedroom (Need I say more?)

Act as her knight in shining armor, gallantly protecting and saving her from perilous danger (both as himself and Chat Noir)


Okay, it is clear that these last two episodes have been one serious Adrinette shipping fest after the next and like Mc’Donalds’ Happy Meal, I AM LOVING IT! I sincerely hope they keep this up. After a whole half a season with little Adrien and Marinette moments, it’s refreshing to see scenes highlighting their growing relationship. It is definitely safe to say that their friendship has changed a lot since the beginning of the series. We’ve even seen changes with Marinette’s confidence when infront of Adrien.

Seems like only yesterday, I was yelling at my screen for this chile to buck up some lady balls and talk to Adrien. Now they’re actually starting to hang out ALONE together and it doesn’t seem as if Marinette is as nervous to talk to Adrien anymore. Yeah sure, she still has her stummering moments but…like I said, things have changed for the BETTER. 
Their bond is growing and other than Mari, I’m seeing a change in Adrien’s behaviour towards her too.

The fandom has noticed it and so have I. I think Adrien might have a little crushy-wushy on Marinette. Suuuuure his heart may belong to her superheroine other half but…Adrien, your Mari-feels are showing. I mean the classic reaching for the game controller at the same time and ‘accidentally’ touch each other scene alone sent my Adrinette alarms into hyper overdrive.

I mean I understand if Marinette would blush and look away awkwardly (we all know how she feels) but what pegs me is, why did Adrien do the same? One could call it just a simple embarrassing accident but…I would more expect him to look at Marinette kind of understandingly like ‘It’s okay, it was my bad’ kind of vibes, right? But instead, he looked away too with the SAME embarrassed expression as Marinette.

What intrigued me about this scene  is that Adrien mimicked the same kind of embarrassed awkwardness as Marinette. The kind of awkwardness that one specifically exhibits when in the presence of their crush or someone they have strong romantic feelings for. And what makes it even more interesting is that, again, we know the reason for Marinette’s reaction but…Adrien, why were YOU embarrassed?

The only thing that can answer that question is that Adrien is starting to develop romantic feelings for Marinette. He might not realize it now (and ooooh I cannot WAIT til the episode where he does because I bet it’ll be juicy) but it’s definitely starting. I can damn guarantee you that.

I’m REALLY hoping that this coming half of the season continues with the growing Adrinette friendship. 

I’m also grateful for the lack of Chloe intervention this episode. Thank goodness for that. To be honest, I was really annoyed with how Chloe once again used her sneaky underhanded ways to intentionally sabotage someone else and cause them to become akumatized (I’m still waiting on that Chloe redemption. Still waiting patiently).So is it wrong that I was pleased that there wasn’t much of her this episode? The last thing we needed was Chloe messing up Mari and Adrien’s chances to get to know each other more and essentially play together at the videogame tournament.
So yay for no EVIL CHLOE this episode, yes! Also, how cool is Adrienette’s school for sponsoring for their class to take part in the videogame tournament. 

That’s just plain awesome. Plus I loved how at the end of the episode, Marinette was willing to give up her spot in the tournament to allow Max to play instead. That was rather sweet of her, as expected from our kindhearted Marinette.
And how nice of Adrien to also do the same and give up his spot in the tournament so that Marinette can play with Max in his place. It’s quite crazily cute how much these two kids think alike.
This kind of ingenuity will come in handy once they become a couple. Uhmm…Which episode will that be again?

Anywhozzits I’ve said enough. Time for moi to skidaddle. But before I go, I’ll leave with one final note.
Mark my words my fellow miraculers. I sense more glorious Adrinette moments to come in the upcoming episodes so let’s brace our fragile shipping hearts for more beautiful moments between this cutie heroic couple ;u;

 ~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)