she looks caught lol


Twelisa/Hisalisa proximity.

One of my favorite things about the Stage Play is how Twelve and Lisa spend 90% of their time together holding hands or touching. There is so much emotion put into every one of these moments.

Did I tell you guys that I have an Ugly Christmas Sweater AU? It’s Christmastime all the time and everyone wears terrible Christmas sweaters at all times! It’s just a Bagginshield Family AU and it’s all fa la la la la and jingle bells 24/7! Bilbo made cookies, and he gave some to bby Frodo (either that or some fell from the plate and Frodo was able to catch them as they fell!), but it looks like Thorin keeps following him around (go figure.) wanting some cookies, while I’m assuming Bilbo is telling him he needs to wait. Fili and Kili live with Frodo and Bilbo and it looks like Tauriel is home for the holidays (…which I’m assuming happens like, every other day in this universe, lol!) and it looks like she caught Fili under the mistletoe, much to Kili’s surprise!  I personally haven’t seen too many Bagginshield Family AU’s with Kili and Fili in them so I wanted to add them here :) I got the idea for Fili and Kili’s situation from Dean and Aidan’s banter from The Hobbit Chronicles: The Art of War, hee hee! I don’t even know why Kili is making such a goofy face hahha! But by far Fili’s sweater is…probably the most ugliest of all hahahh! I originally was going to put Christmas Kiwi Birds on it for Deano reasons but when I was doodling them, because of his arm position, the kiwis just looked like random blobs. So I just randomly drew Christmas stuff!

Please ignore the scan, yet another terrible scan brought to you by my scanner…Merry Christmas, everyone, and may your Christmas Sweaters be merry and ugly! :D