she looks at him a lot in the video


I’m really liking the latest update!

For those that are confused

Natalie tweeted a congratulations to Morgan for winning BBOTT, which led her fans to get mad at her and led into a debate about feminism. Then Natalie tweeted something like “Go Trump!” which at first made a lot of people think she was hacked, but now it has been up for an hour so people are beginning to think it was a “troll” to get people talking. And James over here posted a video of Jason calling him a “famewhore” who only cares about attention, which makes it look like James tweeted that stuff from Natalie’s account to get attention. And then the “Zhive” (Zaulie stans) created #NatalieIsOverParty which is trending and Natalie is getting dragged through the mud right now and this is all just a mess.

The Seven + Nico and Reyna YouTube Channels

•Percy would be just the one to talk about weird encounters he has throughout his week
•He’ll talk about the lady who started hitting him with an umbrella on the street
•or the time a duck chasing him for no fucking reason
•Annabeth would be a crash course bitch
•she would be talking about how to do like fucking pinned squares and math
•he would try to do stupid expieremwnt a and just fail miserably
•his channel would be called ScienceDogSparky
•oh shit
•she would do monster face tutorials
•and she would look scary as hell and be the best bitch for Halloween ever
•Frank Zhang
•this guy would so be all about doing WORKOUT VIDEOS
•Hazel would be all about talking about art tutorials.
•just art in general
•"How to pick up all da ladies" and he would be like a sweetheart doing it
•He is the new Thomas Sanders basically
•Reyna would have a cooking channel
•She is the next Bitchin Kitchen
•"Alright guys so today I’m making some Caesar salad and what we are gonna do is" *stabs a bottle of Caesar dressing* “TOTALLY JUST STAB CAESAR”
•And he would be like
•But he gets scared really damn easily falling out of his chair or screaming and cowering on his chair looking at the screen eyes wide
•Will making appearances
•looking at Nico like he’s insane when he’s screams totally unfazed by the horror


•Octavian with a fucking SEWING CHANNEL

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Love the video of Jen listing Josh's annoying habits! And the look on Liam's face when she says she will tell her brothers Josh touched her inappropriately is so FUNNY. Like, of course he touches you 😉 And you touch him

Show me another promotional tour that included three kisses between the two leads or even them playfully bickering on camera. There are none. What we saw was genuine. It was how two people act together who know each other very well, who trust each other, spend a lot of time together and genuinely like each other very very much.  

We miss seeing them together and we’re not the only ones. 

My sister was watching the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy and she said she saw a comment of a theory about the videos that make a lot of sense
The funeral is Troye’s, not the father’s.
That’s why nobody responds to Troye’s presence except his former boyfriend. That’s why it’s implied he commits suicide at the end, to be with Troye. That’s why the new girlfriend gives him such a weird look when she finds the two of them.
And this would make sense. It flashes back to memories with the two as kids, as lovers, memories with the father… Because he blames himself and his father for Troye’s death.

I was tagged by @androgynoustyles to answer the 10 Harrie questions. You gotta answer them all and tag 10 Harries💕💕

 Favorite Look: His shoulders was so fucking broad I wanted to dIE

Favorite Tweet: “She’s sweet like tupelo honey, she’s alright.”
Favorite Interview: Every mitam interview 
Favorite Stage Moment: When him and Liam were speaking french
Favorite Hair Style:

Favorite Family Member: Anne she’s sweet❤
Favorite 1D Bromance: Big dick squad!! (Lirry)
Favorite Celebrity + Harry: Ed and Harold 
Favorite Tattoo: Butterfly 😍
Favorite Quote: “One day I’d like to meet your mouth”
Favorite Instagram Post: “Sometimes the King Is a woman.”
Favorite Music Video: SMG (they all had a lot of fun except zayn)
Favorite Another Man pic: 

Now answer:
Your name: Yarrie 💋 
Your Age:16 (almost 17)
Where you live: Detroit 
Have you ever saw Harry live? Any special moment?: Yes he told everyone to hug and say we love each other.
What’s your favorite thing on Harry?: Shoulders yall know this💦
What is your favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on 1D album?: You expect me to pick??
What is the song that reminds you the most of Harry?: You’re the reason by Victoria justice shshssh
What is the movie that reminds you the most of Harry?: I don’t warch tv that often :/ 
For how long you’ve been a Harrie?: It’ll be 5 years this year :))
Where you were when Dunkirk first trailer came out?: in the bathroom nsjsjsj
What do you expect for HS1?: Hoping some collabs from my baby Bruno I heard he was working with him. Also a “little black dress” type of vibe bc of the screams and guitar and also “70’S british rock” I’ll love whatever he puts out though bc I wov him.
What are your tags for Harry on tumblr?: Daddy Lessons 😩
Who is your favorite Harry blog?

If Harry could read this now, what would you say?: Your hair is very fluffy and I love you sir ❤❤

I tag @harrydaze @harryandlana @legendharrystyles @legend-waitforit-harry @wholeheartedlylove @lilacjules @highlightstyles @harrystylesgotmefuckedup and all my other Harrie babies 💕💕

overwatch au where everything is exactly the same except its set in 2016 so hang outs with the current skt starcraft and league squad and like the SKT manager lets her take over the skt twitter a lot to interact with international fans

she posts selfies and random team candids like “hey twitter heres a gift for u guys…. a rare photo of innovatoin in his natural habitat” and theres a shaky pic of innovation staring blanky ahead slurping instant noodles

and then she takes a video of her crashing the skt league office down the hall and being like “LOOKS WHOS HERE GUYS… ITS FAAAAAAKER say hi sanghyeok!!!” and spins the camera towards him so he can greet the fans and then turns the camera back to her and in a stage whisper she’s like “he won’t admit it but he lost to me 1v1 once in league nyohohoho” and theres a muffled sound of faker saying “hey ive beaten you in starcraft why dont you tell your viewers that?” in korean

i know kr teams dont do the NA gaming house tours that often/ever (i know theres 1 SKT office tour vid somewhere…) but…. i want dva to host one of those with the skt gaming office and be everyone’s cool, popular, annoying younger sister

I’m just gonna say this: why is everyone mentioning Onision? Just why generally? What about other YouTubers? Why can’t people say “Zoella”? She’s nice. What about Phil. He’s a cool guy. Pewdiepie, ever heard of him? […] ‘Look at [Onision’s] videos’ no, I- okay, okay, am I gonna do this right now? I don’t like people, and it’s fine, and it’s- this is okay, and I’m not a hater, I really just don’t want to be controversial ever. Or make anybody feel sad. But, I feel like recently, a lot of people have felt like me and Phil are very popular. And they like to just talk about us to get attention from you guys. You know? And I feel like they’re using you to get attention and money for themselves, and that makes me feel bad because we love you very dearly and we appreciate you and we think that you’re kind so we don’t like anybody being exploited. So I- personally, it’s a pet peeve of mine where people just kind of are professional fans of other people to kind of leach off the fanboys but- don’t be mad. Don’t be mad. You know, if I wasn’t a big YouTuber, and I was irrelevant, would anybody care about me? That’s the question.
—  Dan Howell, September 13th 2016

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Joy has openly stated that she does not want to make money off Onision's wrong doing, it's a moral thing for her. She wants to bring commentary and awareness to situations, she talks about what to look out for with people like onision, yes she makes a lot of videos but she has a lot to say, she's not just bashing him like some other youtubers. She brings ups her points and does what she seems worthy, I think we need to remember there are plenty of other YouTubers who also do this as well

Missions & Babies

Steve Rogers:

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Steve was going undercover on a mission for about a week and sadly had to leave today. You knew that it was going to be hard for him considering you had a baby not too long ago and she was his little girl. Steve spent all morning playing with Charlotte and making sure to take lots of photos so that he could look at them while he was gone. He also made you promise to send him pictures and videos of her throughout the week so that he didn’t feel like he was missing out on everything.


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Thor was leaving for a mission and would be gone for a few days making you upset as he would be leaving both you and your 6 month old baby named Thor Jr. at the tower. He knew you two would be safe but you were worried he wouldn’t be. You stood outside with your baby and watched as Thor turned to leave but not before giving the two of you his breath-taking smile and a nod as his way of promising a safe return.

Pietro & Wanda Maximoff:

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You had just given to birth to your twins and you were staying with your older twin siblings Pietro and Wanda also known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch at the tower. They thought it was best that you stay with them seeing as the father of the babies isn’t around anymore and you could be a target because of your relation with them. You said goodbye to the two of them as you held your babies making them give their aunt and uncle little waves. It caused laughs from both Pietro and Wanda before they got on the quinjet and left.


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You were out with Bucky and your daughter Grace just getting some groceries when he was informed of a mission that he had to go on. He had to be ready in 2 hours which sadly meant your day trip as a little family was over. You could tell that Bucky was frustrated about having to leave the two of you but he also knew that you would understand the situation at hand. The three of you quickly made your way to the fruit stand to buy some plums before you had to watch him leave on the quinjet with the rest of the avenger.

A/N: I won’t be doing one for Peter Parker (Tom Holland version) because he is a kid/teen in the movies and it just seems weird to write that as a fellow teen haha

Trivia #1

~Lev Haiba absolutely loves plants, and his ultimate dream is to own a Venus fly trap!

It’s common knowledge that Lev is a walking human disaster. He’s knocked down more things than Hinata cares to keep a track of, and he’s very fidgety, courtesy excess nervous energy. Yachi, being the angel that she is, decides to look up activities that Lev can channel his energy into, and while Yoga is another tragedy in the making, gardening actually helps a lot. Lev loves every plant Yachi brings over, and he earnestly researches how best to care for them, which products to use, how much water is sufficient etc. He often talks to his plants too; Hinata’s heard him through the bedroom door while passing by, but he thinks he’s making a video. Lev’s plants are very healthy because of all the love and work he puts into growing them.

He finds out about Venus fly traps while researching fertilisers for another plant one night, and it’s been his dream ever since. He wants to get one and keep it by the door, and he wants it to rid their house of any bugs that dare to stay there. Yachi attempts to explain to him that the plant probably doesn’t work the way he thinks it does (which is certainly because of all the cartoons he watches) but Lev’s adamant. He wants that Venus fly trap bad.

MacCready and Alcohol (inspired by that video where he’s trying to bum a drink off the settlement bartender)

• Has an incredibly high tolerance for alcohol, as he’s been drinking since he was very young. It takes a lot to get him drunk.
• Shamelessly uses this to his advantage by challenging everyone to drinking contests (except Cait because she’d probably win).
• His favourite drinks are the ridiculous-looking cocktails that will completely fuck you up. The sort that mix six different kinds of hard liquor with fruit juice and come with a mini umbrella.
• Seriously though, a “Dirty Warhead” sounds like an even more deadly version of an Adios Motherfucker. It’d even be the same shade of blue because of the Nuka-Cola Quantum.
• Buzzed, he becomes very warm and outgoing. The bitterness recedes a lot, and he’s more willing to let people see him being a dork.
• When you finally get him drunk, he is the happiest, sappiest “I love you, maaaaan” drunk ever. Drunk MacCready laughs at all your bad jokes. He makes terrible puns. He tells a lot of embarrassing, “remember that time…” stories. He will agree to anything under the sun. And then he goes and passes out on your bed for 12 hours.
• He’s also a very flirty drunk, and friend-flirts with everyone.
• MacCready does not get hangovers (the bastard), and is infuriatingly refreshed after he’s slept it off.

What we saw this Saturday while Gillian was signing autographs

We were really close to Gillian during the autograph signing This Sat. Apart from getting her answer when we asked why she didn’t get up and find David we saw some interesting stuff

We saw there was something written on her t-shirt but we couldn’t read it because she had a jacket on. We asked her and she said “I’m with schmoopie”. (I think this was also caught on video, let me look for it)

She kept asking a guy that was beside her all the time (I think he was an assistant) where David was. A LOT.

We saw/heard some: “Where the fuck is David?” “Is he there yet? (Every time the crowd was heard screaming, I thought she supposed it was him coming out)” “let me text him” “he’s here?” Like A LOT

She had two cellphones an iPhone 6 and an older iPhone, she took photos of the autograph lines and the people around. The signal was poor so she also asked this assistant to go out to get the messages sent (she was supposedly texting David because it was after she said she was gonna text him and grabbed her phone) but he finally didn’t do it so I guess she could send the messages. She picked up her phone a couple of times between autographs 😍

When David arrived and she knew, she took off her jacket and we finally saw the “I’m with schmoopie” t-shirt. She kept moving and looking through the curtain for David and the rest is caught on video!!!

She was so happy and smiling and all since she began the signing but it just got bigger when David arrived… There’s definitely something there.

That’s our experience @kahlomivida & @aliciaelr @ Chicago comic con

@whitelightwhite-heat yea look the whole “this old video contains a woman saying she had underaged sex with bowie 40 years ago so anyone whos sad about him dying is evil” and “prince might have slept with a 17 year old once” shit was mad dumb but like… chuck berry straight up raped a lot of kids


This person was there to witness the black girl that got into it with the white guy who has dreads.

For those who can’t read the text:

“LETS BE FUCKING CLEAR about the San Fransisco State video. I WAS HERE FOR WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE THE VIDEO WAS TAKEN. He called her a bitch after she tried to give him a flier so she went to talk to him about his dreads and not to call her a bitch (naturally). The video was taken halfway through the exchange and mussed a lot and was taken out of context with a misleading title to criminalize this woman.”

Ya’ll went STRAIGHT to bashing this black woman for defending herself WITHOUT looking for a source or context. It helps to actually do some research for once. People are calling this woman a “shea butter bitch” without even knowing why or how the dispute even got started.

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Not really sure if your still doing reaction but can you do BTS reaction to watching the Nicki Minaj Anaconda music video whenever you have time

I’m still doing reactions!! Everything is open because I’m semi-hiatus and I’ll probably get to it sooner or later. Hope this is okay, if not just message me and I’ll change it ASAP!

Rap Monster: “Slay it.” Namjoon would be enjoying the whole thing. He’d like the beat of the song, and since he can understand the words he’d probably be mimicking the oh my god, look at her butt part for like a month.

Originally posted by rookieking

Jin: “Those outfits look uncomfortable to wear…” He would be amazed by how she even wore those outfits without looking remotely uncomfortable once. Nicki has a lot of self control to be wearing literal chains on her breasts…Jin knew that.

Originally posted by lion-prince

Suga: “Look at how many views the video got.” Totally uninterested and wondering why you showed him in the first place, Yoongi would only be amazed by the views the video got. He’d probably end up watching her other videos to take notes.

Originally posted by sugagifs

J-hope: “Should I really be watching this with you in the room?” He’d definitely be pretending not to be interested, when in reality he’d enjoy the whole lay out of the video and maybe even try to dance like Nicki after the video ended…Don’t put it past him and his history of dancing to other girl groups.

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Jimin: “Does my butt look as nice as hers?” No way. Jimin would be expecting a yes obviously, but in reality he knew he could never compare to a queen like her. He’d find it pretty hilarious if you said yes just because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Originally posted by vminv

V: “Drake is a lucky guy!” Taehyung would be hysterical about the Drake part, especially when Nicki walked away and he looked star struck. Even if Drake and Nicki share a (few) label(s), Taehyung would understand how he felt like the least important person in a room when Nicki was there.

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Jungkook: “How do girls dance so well in high heels?” He’d be amazed by how she could even walk in them with so much ease! Much like Jin, Jungkook would only be thankful he didn’t have to wear such outfits and shoes in MV’s and on stage.

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What do you think of Kurt x Jubilee? I think they would have the sweetest, cutest relationship quq She would do his hair and pick out clothes for him and listen to music with him and show him music videos and teach him all about pop culture and dance with him quq And I love when she gently grabs his tail when he starts to curiously wander quq Her subtle ways of looking out for him are so cute

Oh man, I love Kurt x Jubilee! They are so adorable! That little tail tug gives me life lol. But Kurt is one of those characters that I ship with a lot of people like Ororo or Wanda. ( Kurt x Wanda more so cause Logan x Ororo is an OTP of mine lol)
But I am not opposed to Kurt x Jubilee because that is pretty pure.

Last night I was too distracted by the fact that Jesus is gonna die to really appreciate Nick. Now before anyone yells at me, I don’t appreciate the fact that he punched Jesus but a) Jesus was punching him too…they got into a fist fight, boys do that a lot. And b) I don’t believe he aimed for Jesus’s face intending to seriously hurt him. But before all that. He only left his house because Mariana was missing. He went looking for her and then when he found her he sat and talked to her and never once tried to hurt her even when she said things he didn’t like. And before that, Jesus had told him that Mariana didn’t want to be with him, he was visibly upset, but then what did he do? He went to his room and played video games. It’s clearly looking like Nick actually got help and is doing much better and I will be so pissed if the show doesn’t just leave him as getting better (which I know will probably not happen if Jesus gets seriously hurt because Nick will feel guilty) but can we just have one positive thing happen on this show? Please

[★TRENDING] Story of a boy falling in love with a girl’s fangirling antics goes viral:

A story of a guy falling in love with a girl after seeing her fangirl behavior, posted by the guy himself, has gone viral.

On June 9th, a guy posted the story of him chasing after a girl on a Facebook page dedicated to posting interesting stories about one’s girlfriend. He revealed that he had liked the girl for quite some time, but because she had a lot of pursuers due to her good looks, he felt insecure and did not want to make a move.

However, everything changed when he helped his sister download a video of popular group Super Junior. The girl saw and immediately asked him whether he was an ELF. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to talk to her, the guy lied and said he was.

Then the guy realized the girl was not the quiet type that he imagined her to be. The girl asked him for his thoughts on the Eunhae “couple” (Donghae and Eunhyuk), fangirled over how handsome Donghae is, and cried upon seeing Donghae and Eunhyuk in concert. She even went as far as to say that she will wait for Donghae when he enters the military, and will follow Super Junior forever.

Despite this, the guy was not turned off by the girl’s antics. In fact, he helped her buy tickets to the concert which was sold out within a short amount of time, quietly wiped her tears away when she cried at the concert, and reminded her of the fan chants during Donghae and Eunhyuk’s performances.

At the end of the concert, the girl ended up confessing to the guy. In the Facebook post, the guy admitted, “I thought about it for a bit, and realized that she was actually not my ideal type. However, after knowing the real her, I became attracted to her…I think I’ve fallen in love with the girl who has been so serious in and never gave up on following Super Junior in the past five years.”

At the end of the post, the guy joked to his now-girlfriend, “Can you put more photos of the two of us on your phone? I’m not greedy, it would be nice to have at least 1/3 as many photos of us as there are of Donghae…”

Upon reading the story, netizens commented, “Being the boyfriend of a fangirl means you need to be prepared that her idol will always have a bigger place in her heart,” “Tell us when you two get married. ELFs will prepare fan chants for you,” and “At least an idol’s merchandise are cheaper than brand name handbags.” 


#20 (Sammy Wilk)

Requested: “Go fuck one of your skanks ”

Every time Sammy wanted to make a new video we went through the same. He always asked for a lot of girls that used just a little dress or small skirts. I told him plenty times how I felt about this and he always had a special look for me and after he just kissed me.

One of the girls was someone tall and confident. She was wearing only a small dress but she looked good. When she entered everyone was silent but she made a weird laugh and everyone loved it. Sam looked so interested in her. I thought she would be the winner but he had seen more girls like that before her.

For him right now I was just the girl he was dating that is in the corner. No one would treat me like this, no one. I’ve always had asked him why I couldn’t be the one that appears on his videos, with the one he would be remembered for… The only thing he did was laughing and we had make up sex. It wasn’t something that every girl wanted but it happened.

Everyone started clapping and cheering, she was the one. She got closer to Sammy and kissed him so closed to the lips. I’m not mad. I’m not jealous. I’m in control. She hugged him and she looked at me on some angry way. I hate her. Everyone said goodbye and I got out of the room. Bitch. How could she do that, how could she agree with it.

I took my stuff and arrived home, were the only one who was waiting for me was our little dog. I changed clothes and watched a movie until I heard someone’s keys.

“Babe, what happened? Why you didn’t told me you were leaving?” He said sitting beside me grabbing some popcorn. I ignored him and turned off the TV. I went to the bathroom and start taking my clothes off. “Babe-” he started saying while getting to the room. “What are you doing here? You should be with that girl. Come on, Go fuck one of your skanks I’m pretty sure that they’re better enough to be on my boyfriend’s music video” I said and Sam got closer and he hugged me. I was in the middle of our room, half naked and my boyfriend was hugging me.

“Look at me, no one else, not even those skanks are going to be better than you. You’re gorgeous, and so perfect. I’m so fortunate that I have you… And if I don’t want you to be in my video it’s not because you’re not pretty enough or something else, it’s just because I don’t want everyone to see what’s only mine. But you know what? It’s time for the world to see how lucky I am of having you. So, Y/n would you like to be on my next music video?” He said smiling “Yes, Sammy” I answered and hug him again.

“So, is this the part where you start kissing me until we both make out until we get tired and you rest on my chest while I observe how beautiful you are?” He said standing there just giving me the cutest smile ever…