she looks absolutely stunning and adorable

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so in that BEAUTIFUL Anne edit you made for boleynqueens, would you happen to have a link to that gorgeous cosplay you used? I'd love to put it on my blog, she looks stunning!

By juliettudor. Isn’t it just decadent? If I’m being frank, I’m not very keen on many Anne cosplays for one reason or another (I’m just very particular on her I’m ngl) but this is one of the few I absolutely adore! She also has Elizabethan and Renaissance ones.

Her Three Handsome Boys

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Suit shopping, happiness, fluffffff!!!

Word Count: 542

Summary: Y/n takes the boys suit shopping.

A/N: Ok, more fluff for this series, cos I just wanna!! Hope u like it!!

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

Y/n sat in the chair, waiting for him to come out.

She could feel her heart pounding, the thought of seeing him making her happier than she should’ve been.

Then again, of course she’d be giddy.

Who wouldn’t be right now?

“Come on! It doesn’t take this long to get dressed!”

Y/n heard the deep chuckling coming from in the dressing room.

“That why it takes you almost an hour to get ready?”

She rolled her eyes, even if he couldn’t see her.

But he did have a point.

Ever since they’d began actually going out into the town and not just staying cooped up in the cabin, John had been taking her on a lot of dates.

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Okay but listen, MC being super self conscious of her glasses with the RFA and V

Glasses are so cute though~
-After after endings- 
Small note! So when I tag things as -After after endings- That now includes V! I don’t think his after ending is out yet, but it just means his part will take place with what happened after his “Good ending”. But that’s now going to become normal so I’m not going to post it as V route spoilers anymore >.<
I’ll make a seperate post saying this, but this is the first request that’ll do that!
~Mod L 

♡ After his accident with Unknown, he has glasses too! 
♡ So you guys could get matching glasses?
♡ You two totally get matching glasses 
♡ He absolutely adores you in your glasses and loves that they match 
♡ He’s hoping that by having glasses just like you you don’t feel quite so weird about it 
♡ Once his eyes are healed and he doesn’t need them anymore, he pops out the lenses so he can still wear the frames
♡ He’ll wear them whenever he goes out with you so you so you don’t feel like it’s quite as weird 
♡ He keeps all this up until you feel more comfortable in your glasses
♡ But even after that he’ll wear them sometimes for fun 

♡ He has an old pair of fake glasses for a play he was in when he first started acting
♡ They’re huge 
♡ He’ll put them on to be silly around you
♡ “Come on babe, if I can look this handsome in these, you can still be stunning in yours~” 
♡ They’re pretty ugly glasses 
♡ You start to appreciate yours a bit more that they’re not quite as dorky as the ones he had to wear 
♡ But regardless he still tells you about how you look absolutely gorgeous in yours
♡ He actually prefers you when you’re wearing them because he thinks they make you look adorably nerdy 

♡ After she quit working for Jumin she never touched her glasses again, so she understood the distaste for them 
♡ But you need your glasses, and she thinks you look rather cute in them
♡ She never had much of a choice of the frames and colors, so to help you feel a bit better she takes you to buy another pair in a new style 
♡ When you two were going through and you were trying on different pairs the two of you couldn’t help but put on the goofiest ones you could find 
♡ To stay polite you two were trying not to burst out in laughter in the store 
♡ It got really close a few times 
♡ After seeing yourself in so many different pairs you decided you didn’t look that bad in your actual pair after all 
♡ Jaehee was ecstatic to hear you say that, and always tried to remember to tell you how beautiful you looked in them 

♡ He thought you looked stunning in your glasses, but understood if you didn’t like them 
♡ He offered to get you any other pair you’d want 
♡ Or contacts? 
♡ Laser eye surgery? 
♡ He’ll do it for you 
♡ When you seemed adverse to any of those options, he realized he just needed to help you love the way you were now instead of trying to change it 
♡ So every night, he just told you about how beautiful he found you 
♡ All he wanted was to you to see what he saw in you, and wanted you to be nothing less than perfectly happy with yourself 

♡ When he learned that you felt self conscious in your glasses, he knew exactly what to do 
♡ He got you a pair that looked exactly like his 
♡ You told him he looks cute, so if you looked a bit more like him you’d find yourself cute? That’s how it works right? 
♡ Alternatively he gets himself a pair that looks exactly like yours 
♡ Initially he didn’t tell you he did that, and so he hid your actual glasses and wore your replica 
♡ You thought he was wearing yours and was so confused when you put them on and you couldn’t see? 
♡ And then he gave you the ones that look like his and when you put them on you could see? But they weren’t yours? 
♡ The pranks never die 
♡ He couldn’t help but have fun with it, but when he told you what he did he did genuinely tell you that he loved you in your glasses 
♡ He just loved you in general, and thought the glasses was just the cherry on top 

♡ His eyes didn’t heal perfectly so he had a pair of reading glasses 
♡ He didn’t often have the need to wear them, but he could if he needed to 
♡ When he found out that you were self conscious of your glasses is when he showed you he had glasses too 
♡ He looked absolutely adorable in his, and you fell right in love with them 
♡ “This feeling of loving my glasses? That’s how I feel about you~” 
♡ Even if they’re just on the top of his head he tries to wear them out more 
♡ They didn’t look like yours at all, but he still liked to say you two were matching when he was wearing them 
♡ When he got the courage to try painting again, the first thing he did was a portrait of you 
♡ He was completely entranced by you, and only hoped that you could see the beauty he did 
♡ He never showed that painting to anyone, only keeping it in your guys’ home and let you decide if you wanted to keep it dear to you two or to show the world


Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Hi! I’m the anon from earlier who asked about a second part to Stammers.. I’m probably being annoying but can you maybe do an imagine where the reader and Sirius are really close friends, then by the time the Yule Ball comes around the reader doesn’t have a date, and when she/he shows up, Sirius confesses his feelings? Just a lot of fluff in general? It’s okay if you don’t want to or anything.

Originally posted by nellaey

Y/N wrenches her eyes away from the girl laying her head on Sirius’ shoulder and turns towards Lily’s exasperated face. “What?”

“I’ve been calling your name for five minutes, Y/N,” Lily says, visibly annoyed. “Have you bought your dress for the ball yet?”

“Um… no, not yet.” Y/N’s eyes, seemingly moving of their own accord, focus on the couch again. “I’m not even sure if I want to go.”

The reaction that Y/N gets from those words is staggering. “You can’t just not go to the biggest dance of the year!”

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Distractions pt 10

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader x Jimin 

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3547

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

It was late by the time you got back to your dorms, but in your hands were bags full of groceries. After you and Jimin sobered up a bit, you two said farewell and parted ways for the night at the Han River. You decided to go along with his advice. Yoongi needed help and you still cared for him. Even if you weren’t together romantically anymore, it didn’t mean you had to stop caring. 

Yoongi was a stubborn one when he got sick. From the times he became ill during high school, you could vividly remember his extra grumpiness and attitude…especially when it came to food. He practically transformed into Gordon Ramsay taste testing food pulled from the dumpster while yelling at the garbage man for throwing away such worthless scraps of trash that they weren’t even worth being thrown in the garbage. Long story short: Yoongi was extremely picky and if he didn’t like something, he wouldn’t eat it. 

Well, he did always eat one thing: rice porridge. Now it sounds like there isn’t anything too fancy about rice porridge. Everyone and practically almost anyone can make it…but why was it special enough to get Yoongi’s taste buds’ attention? It wasn’t just any rice porridge that you always made for him, it was your family’s secret recipe rice porridge. You remembered how Yoongi’s older brother would always give you a phone call to come over and make some of it whenever Yoongi caught a cold because he refused to eat anything else. Even when he broke his shoulder, the only thing he’d eat was your rice porridge 

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Vernon/OFC: Jealousy is pretty ugly, but you’re just pretty

Genre: university!AU, fluff/romance/humor

Word Count: 4206

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua, Jeonghan 

@svthansols: bff!Vernon, “I swear I didn’t see anything!”/“I won’t tell anyone. I swear.”/“What if I kissed you right now?”

She sipped furiously at her iced green tea, the sharp tang of lemon assaulting her tongue, but she paid no mind.

“Are you back on Earth yet, or,” Joshua trailed off lightly, twirling idly at the plastic straw of his thai milk tea.

“Depends, has Earth finally created a pathway to heaven?” she exhaled, nibbling at the edge of her straw. “Because that girl is practically a Goddess.”

In the middle of the student center entrance, stood Vernon and yet another girl. Not that she was counting (two in the past week) but this new one was so frustratingly good looking, coupled by the fact that he was so frustratingly good looking as well. Together they were incredibly beautiful. She had meticulously dyed ash blonde hair, with her roots freshly treated and her style had that lowkey “City Swag” vibe Vernon was crazy about. In other words, the perfect girl.

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home: requested!

hey anon!!! i hope you like it!!

Originally posted by vikingshistory

it had been so, so long. so long since he had touched your skin, so long since he had seen your breathtaking smile, your beautiful (e/c) eyes, kissed your soft lips.

so long since he had seen you.

harald finehair loved raiding. he loved the way the warm ocean air grazed his skin, loved the way the cold water splashed up and rocked the boat side to side.

he loved discovering new things, new lands, finding adventure in the most unlikely places.

but, he didn’t love it as much as he loved you.

you’re his everything, always have been and always will. you two had met long, long ago as children, but you two never realized the love you had between you until you had gotten older.

harald treated you as a goddess, laying his life on the line for you no matter what time or day. he placed you before everyone and everything else.

you were his queen, his woman, his wife and his everything.

and now, you were pregnant with your first born.

harald was ecstatic when he found out that you were with child. of course though, after you had told him, he hadn’t let you out of his sight once.

the day his brother and bjorn had come to him asking him to raid, he declined immediately.

that is, until you stepped in.

you had begged him, and begged him to go. but how could he? you were so close to birth, he didn’t want to miss the birth of his first born.

but you seen the way his eyes glittered when they mentioned the word raiding several times in their conversation . you’d feel to bad for making him stay.

and that just made him love you even more. and that made it all the more harder to convince him to leave.

and finally, after about two weeks, you had convinced him to go.

though it had taken three hours to get him on the boat, nine passionate kisses and almost a million belly rubs, but you got him on there.

but harald could barely focus on the amazing journey ahead of him, all he could think about was you and your child waiting for him at home.

and now, after many months, he was coming home.

his heart was racing, he was so anxious to see you. he couldn’t wait to see you and your tummy swollen as you waited on the doc for him.

but one part in his mind wondered…if you had already had your child….alone.

that little thought caused a deep sadness within him. you had been near the end of your pregnancy when he had left, but he had only been gone for a month. and you weren’t even nine months when he had left!. surely you’d still be big and swollen.


but all those thoughts drifted away when he spotted the shores of kattegat.

he sighed with great relief and leaned against the mass. he could finally see the people up ahead, waving frantically to welcome home the men.

as they neared closer and closer to shore, haralds eyes shined with excitement at the thought if seeing you, waving for him, ready to be scooped up into his arms.

but when they finally anchored down their ship, harald was slightly disappointed.

you weren’t there waiting for him.

he looked from left to right, trying to spot your lovely (h/c) locks in the crowd,

but he couldn’t see you anywhere.

he paid no mind to the men behind him as he jumped off of the boat and on to the dock and frantically scrambled through the people.

he ignored the people grunts of annoyance and angry huffs as he shoved them away to look for his woman.

he looked around wildly for your form in the heavy crowd, but then, he spotted something.

(h/c) hair, shining to the left. it had to be you.

he rushed over, knocking a few people out of the way in the process. finally, he reached his goal.

“love, i-” haralds words trailed off as he turned the woman around and found that she wasn’t you. in fact, she was nothing at all like you.

but then again, harald couldn’t compare a single woman to you.

the woman gave harald a strange look and went to walk away, until he stopped her again.

“please, do you happen to know where my wife is?, (y/n)?” he asked, giving the woman a pleading look.

she thought for a moment, she let harald down when she shrugged.

“i’m sorry, i do not know. last i seen her was…about three weeks ago in the dining hall. she went and laid down, said she wasn’t feeling well”. 

and with that, the woman walked away.

this new piece of information startled harald. you were a strong woman, took battle wounds like it was nothing, no sickness could ever bring you down.

even during morning sickness, you’d take it and buckle down. 

so this, this scared harald. it shook him to his very core. he felt a sick feeling shake his gut and heavy heart.

you had to be safe, and the baby, you just had to be.

he then broke out into a run, and ran as fast as he could to your shared home.

his heart was racing, his whole body shaking, his forehead breaking out \into a cold sweat, his mind thinking up the worst thoughts possible.

what if you had lost the child?, what if you had gotten fatally ill?…………………

what if you weren’t there at all when he showed up?.

he didn’t want to admit this to himself, but he could feel the tears slowly creeping into his eyes.

they burned the faster he ran, along with his already aching knees.

he had to find you both, and make sure you both were safe and sound.

the fear got closer and closer as he approached the house.

everything around it seemed to be….dead.

no signs of life or movement were present in or around it. haralds chest was tightening, his throat closing. he could feel his shaky hand reach for the door, his heart thudding harshly against his chest.

finally, he pushed the door open.

and what he seen, made him fall to the floor with a loud thud.

there you lay in your bed, eyes fluttering open sleepily, holding a small white blanket in your arms close to your chest.

you were safe, the both of you were safe.

harald looked up and silently thanked every god he knew of, muttering thank you’s and thanking the gods.

“harald?, you’re home” you whispered, a large smile overtaking your features. harald felt his heart leap back to life, seeing as it had stopped just as he opened the door.

seeing his expression, your smile vanished and was replaced with one of concern.

“my love?, what is wrong?” you asked quietly, adjusting in the bed.

harald stood and swallowed thickly, blinking away more unshed tears.

“nothing, my wife. nothing is wrong” harald said, his voice much weaker than he had intended it to be.

he went to say more, but the small little whimpers coming from the blanket caused his attention to fly from you and to it.

this made your wonderful smile return.

“come, come sit”. this little command made his feet move automatically. he still was reeling from the fact that you two were okay.

he sat down beside you in the bed, sitting by your left and looking at the blanket.

you then started to gently unwrap it.

and when you were finished, harald let out a small gasp.

the child…your child..was absolutely beautiful.

your eyes, his lips, your cheeks, his nose, your hair color, his complexion. perfectly blended between the two of you.

for a moment, harald said nothing. he stared down at the beautiful child, whose fingers were wrapped so tightly around your finger.

his eyes were glowing with love and adoration towards the baby.

“she-she’s beautiful” he muttered, eyes never not once leaving the girls face.

you smiled lovingly and looked to your precious daughter.

“she’s absolutely perfect. here” you said, as you gently moved haralds arms out and placed your daughter into his large and open hands.

he was stunned silent at the feel of his first born laying so peacefully in his arms.

“m-my love?, how old is she?. she doesn’t look more than-”.

“eight hours old” you spoke gently. he looked from the child and looked at you with deep sadness.

“i am so sorry, my love. i should never have-”

“stop. harald, you seem to forget that it was i who wanted you to go. i wanted you to be with your brother and find new lands. all i cared about was your safety”.

 your words brought him some peace, but he would never forgive himself for missing the birth of his first child.

he decided to speak about this another time when you felt well enough, you had just given birth hours earlier of course.

the little girl raised a small fist and gripped his large finger in her tiny fist, giving it a few squeezes here and there.

this action warmed his heart. he knew this little girl would be the death of him, he never thought he could love anything close to you, but all of that drifted away as he held his baby daughter for the first time.

“have you named her?” he whispered, smiling widely as she started to suck on her other hand, her little eyes trying to open already.

“no, not yet. i was trying to think of a few names, but none had come to mind” you said, resting your head on his shoulder. he thought about it for a moment, he didn’t want to tell you, but he had been considering a name for many, many months now.

“what about Agneta?” he said aloud. the name sounded so right as he looked a her.

you hummed and looked down at your daughter, smiling widely.

“Agneta. that’s beautiful” you whispered.

“just like her” he finished. you looked to him and kissed his lips softly, earning a quiet groan from him. he had missed you so, so much.

“i love you, harald” you whispered lovingly against his mouth. he kissed your cheek softly and whispered.

“and i love you, (y/n)”. and as soon as the word left his mouth, the baby made a noise, a sweet innocent noise that caused the both of you to smile.

“and we love you, Agneta . more than anything in this world” harald had whispered, pressing his lips against the little girls head, slowly rocking her back and forth from his seat on the bed.

hours later, halfdan had made his way to your home, in hopes of seeing his new niece and brother and sister in law.

he pushed the door open and went to call out for his brother, until he looked over to the bed.

there harald, you, and the baby lay together. your head resting his shoulder, haralds head resting on yours, and the baby pressed against haralds chest securely, both of your arms wrapped around her as a little woven blanket.

halfdan smiled at the sweet scene that lay before him and slowly backed out of the house, shutting the door silently and turned back towards the hall to drink to congratulate his brother.

harald opened his eyes and stared down at his family, tugging the both of them closer, as if they’d fly away form him at any moment.

he kissed his babies head, then yours and whispered.

“i love you both so much, no one will ever know”. of course no one answered, and that just made the moment even more peaceful. he smiled and leaned back even more, shutting his eyes and slipping into nirvana as he held his family close.

his family.

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Please tell Lacy she looks absolutely stunning, and (if she doesn't mind) maybe ruffle her hair from me? (I'm not asking for a drawing, just imagine doing it because it would be adorable)

me: Lacy you look absolutely stunning *ruffles her hair*

Lacy: *closes her eyes* that feels nice. also thank you babe I love you

me: that wasn’t from me an anon told me to say that

Lacy: *opens her eyes* TELL THEM THANK YOU! also do you think I’m stunning too? ;)

me: yes :)

Lacy: :) *makes a heart with her hands*


THREE NEW STILLS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 RELEASED BY LOS ANGELES TIMES Dany looks absolutely amazing, when I first saw Emilia filming in this dress I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of it but seeing it upclose with the V-Neck she seems to be wearing a lot this season, the scales in the shoulders, the red threaded through the dress. It’s absolutely stunning and I want her now to wear this dress for much more than one scene. I’ve also always preferred her hair down but her hair looks gorgeous here more like it did in S1 Dothraki yet feminine and finally the proper colour she’s meant to have. I’m a big fan of Sansa’s dress here, it looks very elegant and regal like she combined the northern and southern style together. Adore the twin Direwolves that all the Stark’s seem to wearing when they reach Winterfell that she probably makes for them all. She’s also has a similar ring and chain that she had in The Vale aka Dark Sansa. The only thing is I wish they had done something more intricate with her hair, as she’s is a leadership role now I think her hair should be matching that. I think it would make the whole look feel more complete and take attention away from the wig. Arya I’m guessing at the Inn she sees Hot Pie and perhaps Ed Sheeran. This one isn’t as good as quality of a pic but it’s good to see Arya from another angle with her Ned Stark hair.


The Breath of the Wild cutscenes are absolutely stunning. Like idk about you guys but to me the cutscenes add such a realness to the characters. Like I could watch them over and over again because I can’t get over how much emotion each character has. I ADORE Zelda in the cutscenes, she seems to be so alive to me. Even Link acts more lively, his expressions, little sounds and the way he looks at Zelda in some cutscenes? Sign me the fuck up.

I love the cutscenes in Breath of the Wild

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Headcanons about batboys and outfits in which they like to see their s/o? I hope my idea is clear enough ;) Btw lovely blog

Thank you, flower!


• Honestly does not care

• But really loves seeing you in sundresses

• Also thinks you look adorable in sweatpants and a hoodie

• Can’t keep his eyes off you

• Whenever you wear sundresses in public he gets really affectionate

• Holds your hand the whole time and keeps giving you forehead kisses

• Likes the way the skirt of the dress spins a little when you move



• He really loves oversized sweaters and jeans

• He thinks you’re absolutely adorable

• Especially the sweater paws

• But also really loves giving you his leather jacket when it’s cold

• Always holds your hand when she has sweater paws

• Lots of hugs when you have his leather jacket on



• Tim really likes seeing you in the fancy ballroom dresses for galas

• Thinks you look absolutely stunning

• He likes the way the skirt sweeps across the floor when you dance or walk

• Loves having you on his arm during galas

• He’s so proud to show you off

• Lowkey brags to the guests about you



• Actually thinks you look best in your vigilante outfit

• But for civilian clothes he really loves seeing you when you dress up for dates with him

• He buys you nice dresses and clothes and leaves them for you with little notes attached

• Insists on doing it even when you say it’s not necessary

• He likes the color green on you

• He also likes red

• I wonder why

• Loves seeing you in nice sweaters

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karlee i'm such a doorknob that i haven't followed you yet WHOOPS TIME 2 CHANGE THAT. anyways i'm actually a lil bit obsessed with your writing and if i could get number 32 for junhui that would be gr8. thanks!!

  • ↳ hanahaki  au
  • ◇ pairing: jun | reader
  • ◇ genre: 
  • ◇ word count: 1,398
  • ◇ disclaimer: I do not own the hanahaki disease concept.

Originally posted by kittykatkwon

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes after vomiting wasn’t at all what she had expected, what was once simply Jonquil flowers taunting her they were now covered with blood, as suffering from it was enough it was going to kill her.  She remembered rolling her eyes when one of her friends told her about the disease scoffing that it wasn’t really a thing and that her friend had just skipped a week of school because she felt like it, oh how irony worked. The next week when she realized she was hopelessly in love with her very best friend. She realized it when he was up on stage kissing another girl for a show, it was then that she realized she wanted everything with him. She wanted the hand holding and making out somewhere in the university library, she wanted to wake up next to him after a night of making love, she wanted him and it was fucking terrifying.

She slowly got up from squatting on her knees and made her way to the sink, she eyed her appearance, her once pinned back locks now frazzled with sweat and her once perfected winged liner smudged from the tears that fell. She washed her hands and made sure to leave no trace of flowers anywhere where her best friend could find, she wasn’t going to confess to him, being his friend was simply enough.  She also knew that this was killing her and she was letting it, for getting the surgery to remove them and remove her feelings for the boy outside the bathroom door was unacceptable.

“Are you feeling okay?” She jumped when she was met with his body after shutting the door, she was expecting him to still be sitting on the couch in the living room where their textbooks lay and some random anime play in the background; she should have known he would’ve been outside the locked bathroom door when she stopped laughing at one of his jokes and nearly broke down the door as she lost the contents once settled in her stomach.

“I’m fine Junhui, it was probably a bad batch” she whispered her throat lingered with petals causing a tickle to induce her to coughing. He simply nodded his head and wrapped an arm around her waist.

She couldn’t help but think of telling him right then and there as they cuddled on his couch and cracked more jokes as they studied, if anything she’s read about this was also true wouldn’t she peal of the Band-Aid sooner than allow herself to die? But then if he didn’t like her back wouldn’t she die anyway? She looked up from the crook of his neck and saw him completely enchanted by the movie on the tv, she had forgotten he had even put the movie in. She loved him when he was bare faced, his skin showing the results of wearing stage make-up for the shows he was a part of, she loved how his skin showed off his dedication to being an actor, he was one of the very best on their campus, she was positive he was going to end up going to Hollywood one day and she hoped that she would be there with him. His coffee colored locks parted down the middle, she remembers when he snapped his new color to her when she was in the library with Wonwoo. Their close friend Mingyu had colored and cut it due to Jun’s request and it was then that she decided there was absolutely nothing more ethereal than Wen Junhui.  

She slowly got out of his embrace and cleaned up her trash making sure to return the room how she entered it, completely clean but still with a Junhui touch. She was crashing in his apartment due to her dorm being pre-occupied with lust from her roommate and a willing and completely eager Seungcheol, that same friend who told her about the disease had confessed and her feelings were reciprocated and nothing was going to stop them from proving it to one another. It made her absolutely sick.

She grabbed her keys and made her way back to the sleeping boy and dipped her head to his cheek where she lingered a bit before pecking him goodbye.

The next morning and another night of flowers later they finally met up again, he was with his dance team now and the members adored her.

“You look like shit noona,” Minghao said as he greeted her with a hug

“Wow thanks Minghao you sure do know how to make a girl feel stunning” she retorted as she playfully punched him in the shoulder after they separated.

“In all seriousness what happened? Did you and Jun finally confess to one another and you two had a laugh because of how idiotic this whole thing was?” she was stunned at the sophomore dance majors exclamation as if she forgot how the boys talked, it meant a chance with him but she couldn’t help but assume he was teasing her, knowing very well that she was sick, sick and afraid of unrequited love.

Meanwhile across the studio Jun and Soonyoung watched the two playfully interact, Soonyoung couldn’t help but look at his friend in disappointment.

“You should tell her you know”

“Oh yes, I should say I’m completely and utterly in love with you and I’m fucking terrified you don’t feel the same!”

“What’s wrong with confessing?”

“Rejection and three years of friendship down the drain”

“You know what’s not worth it?” Soonyoung spoke quietly, startling Jun from the contrast of the conversation beforehand

“What is it?”

“Losing her altogether, Seungcheol texted me earlier during class and said Rose found her kneeled over in the rest room coughing up flowers, she has the disease, she loves someone and doesn’t realize he loves her just as much”

“She could love anyone, she’s close with Jeonghan for all we know it’s him”

“Junhui get your head out of your ass and confess!”

Soonyoung pushed the male towards where she was still talking with Minghao and an eager freshman who went by the name Dino.

“Hao, Chan can I steal her for a minute?” she stopped explaining her disease when he pulled her by her arm, as if she was going to be scolded.

“Listen, Hosh said something and I need to know okay so don’t lie to me” she simply nodded, her head down as if she were counting the scratches that littered the wooden floor.

“Are you spitting up bloodied flowers?”

“Who told you” her voice was now small, she wrapped her arms around her body as if she were now naked in front of him, she suddenly felt insecure, yes she was puking up her feelings but he didn’t need to know about it, she was taking care of it well she was.

“I am”


“Junhui don’t bullshit me you know why” she responded finally looking up from the ground and looking straight into his gorgeous honey eyes. His eyes were painted with so much concern and a look she couldn’t decipher.

“Tell me a secret”

I’m in love with you and I’m terrified, I’m terrified you don’t love me back and I’m going to die by the power of Jonquil flowers taunting me and tearing me apart”

“What if I told you I loved you back? I loved you just as much and I’m also terrified I’m going to lose you?”

“You do?”

“I’ve loved you since the first day of class, you walked in with a know it all attitude and you had the guts to talk back to me when I assumed I had it all figured out, how could I not love you”

He was suddenly closer now, she noted how his body was nearly pressing up against hers, his leg between her thighs, If she were to kiss him now she could. His lips were up against her ear and if she turned just slightly she could meet him halfway.

As if he read her mind he wrapped a strong arm around her waist and pulled her to his welcoming lips.

“I love you I love you I love you”

anonymous asked:

hey your headcanons are super duper cute! could i maybe request some sick v headcanons of yours x.

Aw thank you!! I was a little confused as to what you meant so I went with my gut and did a headcanon for V with the flu!! My apologies if it’s not what you meant! If you wanted something different, please ask for it again specifically and I’ll be happy to do it for you!

• everyone was pushing him to plan the party so he overworked himself and caught the flu
• of course, he doesn’t tell the other members because he doesn’t want to worry them typical V
• so, they don’t know he’s sick and overworking himself, that is until Jumin pays him an unexpected visit
• Jumin will definitely offer to bring in the best doctors and nurses to V’s apartment so he can get well again
• however V is uncomfortable with the thought of doctors and nurses waiting hand and foot on him, especially in his apartment
• so he asks Jumin if MC can take care of him instead, which confuses Jumin greatly but as long as V is taken care of he’s happy
• Jumin leaves to get MC and V immediately starts cleaning he wants the place to look nice for her
• When they arrive MC immediately runs over to V and makes him lay down while she cleans up for him
• tries to tell her not to but stubborn MC is stubborn
• she makes him some of his favorite soup and he’s surprised that she knows what it is
• later learns that MC begged Jumin to tell her, cause she wanted to do anything she could to help V feel better
• he’s super happy that she cared so much to badger Jumin about such a small thing
• she ends up doing most of the party planning for him, which is ok with him because he likes watching her focus especially cause she scrunches her nose a lot and he adores it
• will probably fall asleep while leaning on her shoulder
• he starts to have a nightmare but MC leans back and holds him tightly, which calms him down and brings a peaceful smile to his face
• in the process of trying to get him well again MC catches the flu too
• he feels bad but she tells him not to worry about it
• at least they’re sick together right??
• V really has only one blanket so he tries to give it to MC but she lays it on both of their shoulders
• cue a very flustered blushy V
• so they end up sharing the blanket and sipping on some of his favorite soup together
• they tell the RFA to do the rest of the planning since they’re both sick
• they’ll end up doing lots of puzzles together! V loves puzzles!!
• by the time they’re completely healthy again it’s the day of the party
• MC doesn’t have time to get her dress from Rika’s apartment so V offers to buy her a new one
• really enjoys watching MC trying on dresses cause she gets so dang excited and he adores it
• MC will end up picking the dress that he picked out which makes him flustered and very happy!!!
• they both go to the party together and look absolutely stunning

AU: Papa Agreste, Marinette, and Adrien
  • I want Papa Agreste to absolutely adore Marinette; maybe take her under his wing in the fashion world. 
  • His first birthday gift to her is her first fashion show with her designs, and she tears up. She actually starts crying when she realizes Adrien is modeling her favourite designs. 
  • I want Papa Agreste to be 100% in agreement when Adrien tells his him he wants to date Marinette. 
  • Maybe there’s a fashion show for young designers in Paris, and Marinette attracts all the attention because the paparazzi nicknamed her ‘Gabriel Agreste’s daughter.’ Adrien, of course, looks stunning as he models all her designs, and the paparazzi go head over heels for the story behind the ‘power family of Paris.’ They call her something silly, like the ‘the Agreste princess’ or something, leading to Adrien calling her ‘princess’  as a joke.
  • One night, when Marinette is about to be driven home by Adrien’s bodyguard/driver, Papa Agreste invites her to take over one of the free rooms in the Agreste mansion, so she can stay over and doesn’t have to go home so late. Nobody mentions how the room is next to Adrien’s. 
  • Adrien being so happy that he’s getting to spend so much time with his father and the love of his life. Especially when they begin working on the ‘Adrien collection’, a collection inspired by Adrien’s looks and interests. One of the designs even has gold threads and expensive bright green fabrics which match his eyes perfectly, while another is a design inspired by his fencing gear, which Adrien absolutely loves. 
  • After years of her working under Papa Agreste, and falling deeper and deeper in love with Adrien, Marinette gets told by Papa Agreste that he deems her worthy on continuing his fashion empire after his retirement, and wants her and Adrien to inherit his entire company. 
  • Papa Agreste is pleased when Adrien finally proposes, and has pretty much never been less surprised about an answer than when Marinette said yes. Marinette designs her wedding dress, but asks papa Agreste for advice about certain choices she made. 
  • Papa Agreste feeling pride when she becomes Marinette Agreste, his new daughter.


Imagine waking up suddenly in the night. There’s no one in the bed next to you. Patting at the empty space, you sit up, and glance around, panicking slightly.

A look at the baby monitor sets everything right again. Niall’s in there, your baby daughter bundled in his arms. He’s saying something - you can see his lips moving - but he’s not loud enough to hear.

Slowly, you shuffle down the hall, a weary exhaustion tugging at your body. Sleep has been difficult lately, what with your four month old having not quite settled down yet. One thing was for sure, she was not one to sleep through the night, and if she wasn’t, neither were Mommy and Daddy.

You pause in the doorframe to the nursery, mouth opening to say something, but the sight stops you. Niall’s shirtless, and he’s at an angle so his back is mostly towards you. But you can see the soft, sweet smile on his face as he looks down at his daughter. “Ya gotta hush, peanut, you’ll wake Mommy up. And she needs her sleep, yeah darlin’?” He asks the baby, who whimpers in response.

Niall clicks his tongue. “I’ll give ya one more,” he concedes, although judging from his expression, that dopey look of absolute love and adoration, he would give her a hundred more in a heartbeat. Whatever it is he’s giving her.

And then he begins to sing. Slow, quiet notes, hushed lyrics, all while slowly rocking her in his arms. You’re stunned. He’s singing to your baby - the baby you two made. And it’s beautiful. It’s a sweet, soft lullaby, straight from the heart.

And it works. Your darling daughter’s eyes close and her little mouth pops open. Niall waits a minute to make sure she won’t wake up, but then fixes her in her crib, but not before pressing a kiss to her head. God. What an incredible scene you’ve witnessed.

Niall sees you then and smiles something soft at you. He pads over and wraps his arm around your waist, guiding you back to bed. “Whatcha think o’ that?”

“That was beautiful,” you whisper, wiping away an actual tear. All of these moments are so, so precious. You know you’ll never forget. “You’re the best Daddy.”

He grins then. “And you’re the best Mommy. Come on then love, let’s sleep before the beast wakes again.”

Robcina Week 2017  Day 1 - Spring Festival

Title: Spring Festival

Description: The outfit Lucina picked out for him looked silly. There was no denying that. Sure, most of the festival attire Robin had seen looked quick ridiculous, rabbit ears and all. Still, he desperately wished he could wear something– anything else. But seeing Lucina smile when he put it on… perhaps he could suffer a bit of embarrassment if it made her happy.

Notes: Inspired by the Spring Festival costumes from Fire Emblem Heroes.

Words: 1187

“Lucina, are you sure this is supposed to be this… erm, tight?” Robin asked, his face flushed red in embarrassment. He forced his eyes away from the mirror before him, doing his best not to stare at the other him looking back from within.

“Of course. Mother helped me pick out the outfits for the celebrations. The one she got father fits much the same on him as yours does on you,” Lucina answered from within their walk-in-closet, still changing into her own festival outfit.

“Mother’s right, Father. You look great,” Morgan assured him, practically skipping over to drag him away from the mirror. :”Trust me. I mean, sure, you don’t look as great as me, but that’s expected. You got to be like, grade A cute material in the first place to look as good as me in this outfit!”

“But I look silly,” Robin said. Despite his best efforts, his will gave out as once again glanced back at himself in the mirror. The outfit he wore was primarily of similar colors to his usual clothes, which he imagined had been a conscious decision on Lucina’s part. A dark purple sleeveless vest with golden trim and long coattails over a white shirt and pants, both of which were far tighter than anything he’d worn before. Dark, knee high gray boots and gloves with matching gold trim and a puffy black cape tied outfit together. All of that alone would have been more than enough for for Robin to feel uncomfortable, which only made the added detail of a fluffy rabbit tail all the more embarrassing.

“I think you look rather dashing,” Lucina said, stepping out of into their bedroom. Turning to look at her, Robin froze in place, his breath stolen by the sight. Compared to himself, Lucina looked absolutely stunning in her festival attire, which struck the a perfect line between beautiful and adorable. She wore a blouse of sky blue with a black diamond pattern, gold trim, and long coat tails whose inside was a bright, regal red. A poofy skirt and matching short sleeves bookended the blouse, their color matching the white tights she wore underneath. Her boots and gloves were likewise white, but with gold and black cuffs. A blue ribbon was tied at her neck, which wafted and blew as she moved. The only peculiar part of the outfit Robin could find was the headgear: which was shaped like a rabbit’s head to go with the tail on her outfit, complete with eyes, a button nose, and long ears.

Lucina beamed with joy as she did a half turn, looking at herself in the mirror. She laughed, her smile only becoming more radiant with each passing second.

“Pfft, still not as cute as me,” Morgan grumbled. Her own outfit was nearly identical to her mother’s, only with the addition of full sleeves and covered shoulders as to be less revealing, given her age.

“I… I’m just a bit embarrassed. To be seen like… this…” Robin stammered, caught between shame at his own appearance and being stunned by Lucina’s.

“Did you not take part in the festival in past years?” Lucina asked, her expression seeming more than a bit perplexed. “I would have thought you would be use to it, as this is all traditional garb.”

Robin shook his head. “In the first year since Chrom found me I wasn’t in Ylisstol at the time. Myself and several other of the Shepherds were busy dealing with some bandits causing trouble up near the Plegian border. The next year, well, things were so busy.with… well… it looking like you… well, your younger self, was going to be born soon, I had a lot to do on Chrom’s behalf while his attention was otherwise occupied with Sumia and the baby.,” Robin explained.

“Oh. In that case we must make the best of the celebrations,” Lucina exclaimed, hooking an arm around his and pulling him forward. “It has been years since I myself have had the opportunity to take part in the festival, not since I was a girl. We shall enjoy it then together!”

Lucina continued to pull him along, so quickly that Robin couldn’t so much as protest. However, just before they reached the door, a sudden voice stopped them.

“Wait, Mother. Aren’t you forgetting something?” The two of them turned to face Morgan, seeing her pointing to both her own and Robin’s still unadorned heads.

“Oh yes, of course. Forgive me, I nearly forgot.” Releasing Robin, Lucina rushed over to the parcels that had contained their outfits, digging through them for a moment before retrieving two bunny eared hats from within. “When I saw these at the shop Mother and I visited, I knew I must get them for the three of us,” she explained, smiling all the brighter. “Though… I had wished to buy one for father as well, but mother told me not to for some reason. Though I cannot see why, when these hats are at the very high of fashion.”

It took only a single look to see why Sumia must have tried to talk Lucina out of it: his own heart sinking in his chest as saw that the hats were identical to the one Lucina wore. Haven’t I suffered enough? he groaned inwardly.

“Awesome!” Morgan said, rushing over and snatching the hat from her mother’s hand. She pulled it on at once, bouncing up and down excitedly, grinning from ear to ear. “Maximum Morgan adorableness achieved. Let’s go!”

“Robin, here if your hat,” Lucina said, offering it to him.

Robin flinched, a sudden terror gripping his heart at the mere thought of being forced to wear the thing and looks he was sure to get. But then before he could muster any sort of excuse, he gave pause at the sight of Lucina’s face. She looked so… happy, her eyes seeming to sparkle with joy as she looked back at him, a wider smile upon her lips than any he’d seen her wear before. She wasn’t embarrassed by any of this: far from it. How could he then take that from her, no matter how he felt on the matter.

In the end of the day, if it made Lucina happy, then he would gladly suffer through far worse embarrassment.

Robin smiled, the first genuine smile he’d given since the day began, as he accepted the silly bunny eared hat, placing it on his head without delay. He didn’t even bother to look in the mirror, needing no confirmation to know how ridiculous he looked. Nor did it matter if people laughed, so long as it made Lucina smile.

“There we go,” he said matter-o-factly Turning to the door he stuck out his arm elbow first to Lucina. “Shall we?”

“Let’s!” Smiling all the brighter, Lucina hooked his arm around his as the two set out, Morgan racing ahead of them as they went. A ridiculous bunch they must have looked. Though perhaps that was the point. After all, it wasn’t every day where such dress was expected. Perhaps that was part of the fun.

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If you have done this before I'm sorry, I didn't see it. Companion reaction to seeing Sole naked for the first time?

Nope, I haven’t done this one before. Thank you anon, hope you like it!

Codsworth: He’s seen them naked before, of course. Before the war and after; it’s inevitable after living with someone for so long. Neither of them are truly bothered by him walking in on them changing, so he only offers them some clothes and then leaves.

Piper: Piper’s not seen someone naked in… a decent time, actually. A very, very decent length of time, so when she stumbles in, her mouth goes dry and she freezes to the spot. She tries her best not to look, her eyes flitting from the ceiling to them, but eventually she gives in. Neither of them mention the fact that she was staring directly at their more valuable areas as she backed out of the room.

Preston: He sucks in a hissing breath between his teeth, frozen. They’re stunning and he has no idea what to do, until they raise an eyebrow as if to point out that he was still looking. When he spins around, they both let out a small awkward laugh. “Could I have something to wear?” They finally ask, and he passes them his hat.

Deacon: “Nice,” is the first thing he says, and it’s without much thought or filter to it. He tries to pretend he was joking, he tries oh so hard, but his cheeks have gone tomato-red. So he does the one thing his poor overheated mind can think of; he takes off his shirt too. It actually just gets weirder instead of fixing anything, but it was a nice try.

Danse: “Uh- I um- Wow, I- Outstanding, soldier,” is the jumble of words he manages to get out of his mouth. He’s seen people naked before, of course he has, but he’s never seen them naked. He tries desperately to explain that he meant their muscles were what he was complimenting, not their other areas, but he’s been pushed out of the door before it’s more coherent than ‘soldier- I- soldier, I meant- uh.’ His excuse might have been a lie, anyway.

MacCready: He spins around with military-like precision the second he sees they’re naked, but a second was apparently enough, because his chest feels tight and he really wants to turn around again because wow. “MacCready?” Their voice is very clear in its ‘why are you still in here’ tone, but it takes him a while to process it. He practically marches out.

Hancock: The laziest, cheesiest, most self-satisfied smile graces his face for a moment, and he’s holding his breath as he walks out of the room to give them privacy. He’s walked in on enough people to know some etiquette. When he’s out of sight and earshot, he lets out a kind of breathless laugh and presses the heels of his palms against his eyes to imprint that glorious image in his mind.

Nick Valentine: “Oh,” he says, and it comes out a little strangled. He kind of forgot that people could take off clothes, considering he’s been wearing the same ones for quite a long time. And that they could be so… fantastic underneath them. He smacks his head on the doorframe as he walks out.

Cait: She desperately tries to save face and act casual about it. But as she continues about her business, her cheeks are burning red and her hands are a little shaky and goddamn they were stunning and- “Great tits/abs,” is bubbling out of her mouth before she can stop it, and there’s the smallest, stuttering laugh as she walks out.

Curie: She doesn’t quite grasp the idea of modesty yet, so when she sees them naked, she continues whatever she was doing. She understands arousal, thank you very much, so she just doesn’t look at Sole too much. Until she notices the freckles on their shoulders, and she gasps in absolute delight because they’re adorable.

X6-88: He doesn’t know why he clears his throat when he could have just walked out and they’d never have known he was there, but he does. And he thanks his subconscious for making him do that, because the view is quite nice. His face is completely blank as he leaves.

Strong: “Soft,” he says, like it’s the most grievous of insults, and then wanders out to go… punch something, maybe? Sole doesn’t know.

Dogmeat: Lays on their clothes and covers them with dog hair.

Neville Longbottom Imagine: Words (Requested by Anon)


He silently watched her from across the room as he ate breakfast with his friends. She was smiling and laughing, and it took every ounce of strength he had in him to not barge over there and kiss her full on the mouth right in front of everyone they knew. She was everything Neville had always wanted, but he somehow couldn’t find the words to express that to her. A lot of conversations he had with her ended up with him being tongue-tied and ridiculously red. Neville was always nervous around her; she was just so pretty and nice and sweet, it was a wonder how he even got her to be his friend! Neville was dorky and awkward in every single way imaginable; but she always seemed so calm, cool, and collected around him. Regardless, he still loved to talked to her and did it almost every chance he got. And because of it, they became pretty good friends.

Out of their friendship, (Y/N) was definitely the more popular one - for sure. She had this uncanny ability to make friends with whomever she wanted, and she always loved getting involved in classroom discussions, school clubs, friendly debates, you name it. She was a shining star throughout the entire school and though many boys of all ages and personalities pined over her, there was only one boy that she wanted. His name just so happened to be Neville. 

They had become friends during their time in the DA and whenever she got a chance to talk to him, she took it up without question. She absolutely adored Neville; he was so cute, dorky, adorable, and awkward all at the same time. But the thing (Y/N) loved most about Neville was the way he treated her. Boys often saw her as a trophy, a prize to be won. Or an untouchable being. Neville just made her feel human, but he made her feel like she was worth so much more than that. (Y/N) loved the fact that she was able to carry such fun conversations with him without her popularity getting in the way. She knew it was because Neville wanted to get to know her as a person (and actually like her as a person), not so he could magically obtain her and use her as a human trophy. 

Seamus followed Neville’s gaze to where (Y/N) was sitting with her friends and snorted loudly at him. 

“Oi, I think it’s time you tell her how you feel - isn’t it?”

Neville looked at him horrifically. “Are you mad?! I can’t do that! She won’t like me, she’ll just think I’m weird and won’t ever talk to me again if I tell her how I feel.”

Seamus smirked at him and took a bite out of his apple. “I don’t know…you’re never gonna know unless you try, mate.” 

Neville gulped loudly and turned his attention back to (Y/N). “How would I even go about telling her?”

Seamus shrugged. “I dunno. But you’re a smart guy. You’ll think of something.”

Neville sighed and shook his head, packing up his books and getting ready to leave for his first class of the day, when Seamus stopped him. 

“Hey wait! Her birthday’s tomorrow. Maybe you can think of something last minute?”

Neville internally groaned. “Yeah…maybe.”


Later that night, Neville was sitting on his bed thinking of a birthday present to give to (Y/N). It was her birthday, so of course it had to be special. And with the way he felt about her, he knew he had to make this one stand out - make it personal. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t think of anything. So he asked himself, “Okay. Think, Neville. How do I feel about (Y/N)?”

And as soon as he asked himself that question, a load of feelings and thoughts came to mind. He thought of the happiness he felt in seeing (Y/N) smile, the blush that rose on his cheeks when she spoke to him, the way his heart nearly pounded out of his chest when she hugged him. He thought of the way his heart melted when he saw that sparkle in her eye or heard her laugh, the protectiveness he felt when he overheard boys crudely talking about her. He thought of the need he felt when he wanted to hold her in his arms, to hug her from behind, to kiss her cheek or her soft-looking lips. As he thought about all of these things, he realized just how strong his feelings were for her. And just like that, he figured it all out. 

So he set to work and he worked for about half the night before putting the finishing touches on it and finally drifting off to sleep. 


In what was supposed to be hours but seemed like minutes, Neville felt Dean roughly shaking him awake.

“Neville! Neville! Wake up, you git! Breakfast is about to start, you’re late!” 

Neville groaned and rolled over, too tired and lazy to do anything. “Leave me alone mate, I’m tired.”

Dean stopped shaking him and paused for a moment. He leaned down and whispered in his ear, “It’s (Y/N)’s birthday today.”

Neville shot up out of bed instantly and ran to the bathroom. “I’ll be down in a few minutes, don’t wait up for me!”

Dean shook his head and laughed at the effect this girl had on his friend.

It wasn’t until breakfast was over that Neville had actually come rushing down the stairs with his robes, books, and birthday present in tow. He stopped at the foot of the stairs, and his heart sank when he realized everyone was heading off to their classes. Unable to find (Y/N) among the crowd of bustling students, he hung his head and chose to go to class. 

It wasn’t until dinner that Neville could finally talk to (Y/N). She was sitting at her house table with tons of people surrounding her, graciously accepting gifts and saying “thank you”. As soon as he came into her view, her face instantly lit up and she quickly excused herself from the people sitting and standing around her. 

With a smile, she quickly grabbed Neville’s hand and ran out of the Great Hall with him, stopping when they sat on a bench outside. 

She sighed and looked up at the stars. “They’re quite beautiful aren’t they?”

Neville’s legs almost became jello from simply seeing how absolutely stunning she was under the moonlit sky. 

“I-I can think of more beautiful things.” he stuttered adorably. 

(Y/N) smiled at him. “Like what?”

“Like you.” Neville blurted. He immediately flushed with embarrassment and turned away. “I-I-I’m sorry, that must have been really weird, i-it won’t happen again.” 

(Y/N)’s heart melted at how cute he was when he flustered. She took his hand and held it tightly. “No, don’t apologize Neville. I love it when you call me beautiful.”

He nervously looked at her again. “That was the first time I’ve said it though.”

It was (Y/N)’s turn to grow nervous now. “Well…maybe you should do it more often.” she muttered.

Neville smiled at her. A big, wide smile that (Y/N) would give anything to see for the rest of her life. 

“Look, I’ve…I’ve got something to give you.” he gently placed a small envelope in between her small hands, covering them with his own. “I made it! I hope you like it..”

(Y/N) smiled widely at him as she took the envelope and began to open it.

“And don’t worry, it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way.”

She didn’t have time to react to Neville’s statement. As soon as the envelope was opened, what she saw absolutely took her breath away.

A silvery, transparent-looking butterfly flew out of the envelope and fluttered its wings back and forth animatedly. It stopped a mere two inches in front of her, as if it was trying to land on her nose. (Y/N) slowly reached her hand to the butterfly, and only barely touched it with a single finger before it disappeared in a shower of glimmery, silver, transparency and started to make images with Neville’s voicing serving as background audio.

“Hi!” Neville’s voice rang out, “I’m Neville. Though, you already know that.”

The silver transparency formed an image of Neville waving back and forth and smiling at (Y/N). The brightness in her smile could not be contained as she turned to look at Neville. 

He smiled widely at her, “The images follow along with my words. Watch.” He turned her head back to the glimmering, transparent silver in front of her. 

“I’ve got to be honest, I’ve thought long and hard about what to get you as a birthday present. You’re very special to me, and I didn’t just want to buy you some silly thing from Hogsmeade and call it a day.” 

Tears started to form in her eyes as she watched his words unfold in the pictures before her. 

“I wanted to give you something that was personal, something that would make you smile and that would make me smile too! I didn’t want it to be too corny, but I also didn’t want to spend too much time making some big, extravagant thing for you. So I thought this was not too flashy, or too corny. I like it, and hopefully you do too!”

The shining, glimmering pictures launched into telling Neville’s story.

“When I first met you, I didn’t think you would ever talk to me. You were just so cool and pretty and awesome and amazing and I was just…me. I was the dorky, sniveling, stuttering, nerd who I didn’t think would even be noticed by someone as amazing as you.

And then you came into my life during a DA meeting, and to this day, I still think about the way you smiled at me when you casted your first Patronus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more majestic horse in my life, to be honest!

I’m extremely grateful we’ve become friends, and I cherish every single moment we spend together. But, now there’s something I’ve got to tell you. This is a little out of the blue, and like I’ve probably told you before, I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way as me. But if I don’t tell you now, someone else might come sweep you off of your feet and I can’t bear even the thought of that.

What I’m trying to say is that, I really like you. A lot. And it’s ridiculous how much I like you, really. I’m certain I’ve fallen head over heels for you the second I saw you walk into the Room of Requirement. 

The first time I saw you, I couldn’t comprehend how beautiful you were. My heart literally stopped the instant you looked into my eyes and honestly, I haven’t been the same since. You’re so charming, charismatic, and so friendly. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who could easily get along with so many people like you can. You’re just so likeable, and I adore that about you. 

The reason why I become so tongue-tied whenever we talk is because I’m always trying to think of something cool to say so you can laugh and smile at me. Because i can’t think of anything more beautiful in the world than hearing your laugh and seeing your smile. It’s like, angelic, and it’s absolutely astounding. 

Ha, I mean, you do laugh at me anyway, but it’s not because you’re a big, bad, mean bully!  I just think you like seeing me flustered. Cheeky thing, you. 

But aside from that, you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are the girl that has swept me off of my feet. I haven’t met a single girl who could make me laugh like you could, who could make me smile like you could, who could see me in my awkwardest of moods and still want to know me. I haven’t met a single girl who could be just as beautiful or even more beautiful than you are on the inside and out, not one. You’re like, a shooting star. You’re flowers that bloom in the spring, you’re a sunset, you’re a puppy with those big puppy eyes they have, you’re one of George and Fred’s fireworks lighting up the night sky. You’re a galaxy, a nebula, a priceless painting, the lights that shine from skyscrapers and world famous attractions. You’re the meals that we have right here at Hogwarts!

Simply put, you’re just…you. And I love everything about you. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t want to hold you in my arms, to kiss you, to hold your hand, to treat you like the Queen you are. You’re worth all of these things I listed and so much more.”

Silence descended. All was quiet, but out of the corner of Neville’s eye, he could see tears streaming down (Y/N)’s face as she kept her eyes glued to his present.

“I’ve gone on long enough”, Neville’s voice-over rang out, “But my point is…I really like you. Like I immensely like you. I almost think I love you but I don’t want to say that yet because I don’t know if you feel the same way but if you do, I want to be able to experience love with you. I don’t want to imagine what it feels like, I want to know. That’s what I want, with you.

So…(Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N)…will you do the absolute honor and pleasure of being my girlfriend?”

The pictures ceased and the transparent silver turned back into the butterfly that came out of the envelope when it was first opened. 

(Y/N) had no words. She was speechless, absolutely and utterly speechless. She couldn’t believe that the boy she had been pining over for so long actually returned the same feelings she felt. She was astounded at the way he had described her. (Y/N) didn’t think she was worth all of that, but to Neville she was all of that and so much more. Her heart was overflowing with joy, passion, love, awe, wonder, and excitement. 

She snapped out of her trance when she saw Neville kneeling in front of her. He was so tall that he towered over her even when she was sitting down! 

Neville gulped and gingerly took (Y/N)’s shaking hands in his own shaking ones. She looked directly into his eyes as he rubbed soft circles with his thumb. 

“So?” he asked quietly, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“I….” (Y/N) started, but she was so overflown with happiness and love that she could hardly speak.

Neville seemed to take this as a rejection, and solemnly bowed his head. 

“I should’ve known.” he muttered to himself.

“I totally get it, it’s totally cool if you don’t feel the same way. I mean, really, what was I thinking, thinking that you could ever go out with a bloke like me. Stupid really, I shouldn’t have gotten my expectations so damn high.”

(Y/N) shook her head rapidly. “Neville no, that’s not my answer!”

He looked at her in confusion, “It’s not?”

“Oh for the love of god, Neville.”

She grabbed his face in her hands and passionately pressed his lips up against hers. Neville froze for a second, but melted into the kiss when he realized that this was actually happening. 

He wrapped his warm arms around her as he kissed her back. She felt so small wrapped in his arms and as they kissed, she felt all of the love and passion he was putting into it. Neville was kissing (Y/N) like he was going to die for it, but didn’t care. Her warms lips molded perfectly with his and the mere fact that he even had the privilege in the way he was sent his heart soaring. This moment was utterly perfect, and nothing or no one could ruin it. 

Neville pulled away and looked up at the sky. The butterfly that was there before was now shooting small fireworks of all different colors, just so that they showered over Neville and (Y/N).

(Y/N) giggled in his arms. “Did you arrange this part?”

“If things worked out, yes.” Neville chuckled, “And boy am I glad they did.”

She bit her lip and smiled at him. “Shut up and kiss me.”


I Met Karlie ☺️

I had the opportunity to go to Karlie’s Swarovski event yesterday. ☺️

I have seen Karlie in person before on the streets in NYC but this is the first time I was able to observe her up close and to talk one on one with her. She is very engaging and a pleasure to talk to.

If you ever want to meet Karlie, this is the way to do it. Intimate events like this allow you to get close to her and to get a picture with her.

I thought I would share my thoughts. Please know that I am trying really hard not to sound like a fan girl here. I am older than Karlie and I am not someone who is impressed by celebrity.

BUT ….

Pictures honestly do not do her justice. While she looks gorgeous in photos, she is absolutely STUNNING in person. As many photos as I have seen of her, I was still awestruck by how beautiful she is.

💅 Beautiful skin

💅 So so smiley (Sunshine is a perfect description of her)

💅 Tall and sooooo lean (tiny waist)

💅 Very, very classy

💅 A girly girl

💅 Warm and engaging and makes everyone feel important

💅 Very humble with a hint of shyness to her

💅 An adorable and sweet demeanor (not pretentious or inconvenienced at all)

At the event we were able to watch her interview up close and see her engage with the interviewer. She was so articulate (despite the jokes that Taylor is the one good with words). Karlie was answering spontaneously and came off as so genuine and intelligent.

Taylor is a very, very lucky girl. I would not let Karlie out of my sight if I was her!

Below the cut are a bunch of pictures that I took … enjoy!

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Too Good (part 1)

Harry is convinced that Y/N is perfectly perfect– an angel. He also believes that he is quite the opposite, and that this is a complete disaster waiting to happen. 

This was inspired by Troye Sivan’s “TOO GOOD”. It’s a jam if you all wanna check it out :) 



ONE MORE THING: This is a different side of H that I’ve written here. I’m not trying to make him out to be something he isn’t– I’m playing with a different angle. I hope you all understand what I’m getting at!

    Maybe it was the drinks. Maybe it was the smoke from whatever was being passed around the place. No matter what it was, it made Harry blink hard a few times. When he focused his vision again, he was stumped. There was an angel in front of him. She almost glowed as she conversed with the other girl in front of her. In this secular setting she was terribly out of place. Harry noticed the water bottle in her hand, the way she was almost fidgety. The music booming made her jump every now and then. He had been watching long enough that he saw her deny the marijuana that was being offered to everyone. 

    Harry wanted to go over and talk to her, more than he had ever wanted to speak to anyone before. A part of him resisted though. Someone like her wouldn’t want anything to do with Harry. He was too– rough. There was entirely too much he had seen, too much he had done. Even just visually she was pure and Harry wouldn’t be responsible for tainting that. 

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