she looks a bit like kate

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OC asks: 4, 10, 12, 44, 45 aaaaand 50!

4. A character you rarely talk about? I really don’t have any. Naomi, James and Nassella are my main three at this point, and I talk about them all quite a bit. I DO have future characters that I’m dying to talk about, but have been holding myself back because spoilers.

10. Introduce an OC with a complicated design? Complicated design? As in how they look? I’d say Naomi is probably the most complicated. She has the fade-touched eyes, scars, an amulet now stuck in her chest, freckles, braids…

12. Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot. Well you know I like Venara @idrelle-miocovani. But I also really like Kate Trevelyan from @sagefic‘s story Haven. The story itself is amazing, but Kate is a wonderful, well-rounded, capable, and fun Inquisitor that I really relate to and love reading about.

44. Something you like about your OCs in general. I like that they are good, and try to do what’s best. I said in my previous answer that my characters tend to be nice, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having good, honest characters that still make mistakes, but are doing their best for themselves, the people they love, and the rest of the world.

45. A character you no longer use? I don’t think I have one. I’m pretty new to creating characters, and I haven’t moved past my first OCs yet.

50. Give me the good ol’ OC talk here. Talk about anything you want. Ugh, open-ended questions are so hard… But I think I’ll take this opportunity to talk about my fears of making my characters Mary Sues.

So when I first started writing a couple of years ago I had no idea what a Mary Sue was. I had started writing NANDNP with Naomi and James based on myself and my brother, and when I learned about Mary Sues, I was terrified about how these characters of mine would be received. I understand the importance of giving characters flaws, and keeping them from being overpowered, but this idea that self-inserts are bad really had me worried. And I think it affected how I wrote. I was afraid to give my characters very strong voices, or even very strong opinions at times. Especially since my fic is about modern characters in Thedas, I didn’t want them to just waltz in and save the day. So I think I was timid with them, and part of me really wants to go back to the beginning of my fic and be less afraid to give my characters a bit more… punch. If that makes any sense?

Some OC questions

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Do you think Kate is the kind of lesbian who dates women of all ages (well not 18) and is more about who they are as a person? She seems pretty down to earth and the woman she's rumored to be with now looks quite young. I sometimes feel like the lesbian community can be a bit judgy about who they date. Just curious about your take on her and the topic in general!

I could only see Kate dating someone from the age of 20+. I don’t think there is really a age limit for her (and there isn’t for a lot of people around her age, straight or gay). Kate truly does seem like a down to Earth person and she seems that she would be more into personality etc. On the person she is currently dating, I heard she is around 23 years old (don’t quote me on that, because I may not be right). I think any community shouldn’t judge whom she is dating and should just be happy that Kate is happy.


“Kaz and Allie; the relationship is strong, it’s a bit like Star Wars, the force is strong with those two. Kaz took her from the street, she got her off drugs, she gave her purpose, she cleaned her up, she loved her and gave her a purpose and a reason to live and to be happy and she, Allie, for the first time, I think, in her entire life, felt wanted. Allie is completely devoted to her as a person and is incredibly loyal to Kaz, obviously, which makes things very difficult given that Allie falls head over heals in love with Bea, who is the main adversary to Kaz. When she was on the outside with the Red Right Hand, Bea became our poster child basically for our cause and then obviously she meets her in person and realised she’s a total babe and kind of a cool chick and is like ‘I quite like you’.”

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To me, Kate is one of the most well-dressed ladies. She does not follow trends, but instead goes for a classic and elegant look, well-suited for her role as a royal. She definitely deserves a place in the Best Dressed Ladies' list! :)

I rarely if ever comment on Kate’s clothes, largely because either the event shouldn’t have attention placed on her clothes.. or I’m indifferent to what’s she’s wearing.

I’m going to be honest but 7/10 times I don’t like what she’s wearing.. or don’t like the full look. I think she dresses a bit too matronly at times, I mean you can be dressed appropriately but also look your age. And I don’t think she knows the difference yet.. or better yet, she still hasn’t gotten a hang of her “royal” look.. Look how long it took Sophie to go through her style transformation.

as for not completing the looks.. like something is missing at times.. either her makeup is wrong or the hair is wrong.. which btw sorry not sorry but I’m not a fan of Amanda Tucker; I will never forgive her for those ridiculous butterfly clips (note sarcasm). It is my sartorial hope and dreams that she ups her game when she becomes Princess of Wales.

But I do agree that she always looks good and nothing bad can be said as far as her clothes being inappropriate for a royal.

Also there’s a difference between being trendy and stylish.. Trendy is just following what’s hot.. Stylish means being classic/chic.. and I don’t think she’s there yet


  • Drew Roy as Iron Lad / Nate Richards (I’m not really sure is this the right choice, but Julian McMahon is way too old, even though Nate’s face looks so much like his.)
  • Mason Dye as Hulkling / Teddy Altman (Honestly I couldn’t think of anyone better for this role. Mason looks EXACTLY like Teddy.)
  • Sinqua Walls as Patriot / Eli Bradley (He looks dangerous, but his smile could melt the ice - perfect combination, also THEM CHEEBONES.)
  • Billy Lewis Jr. as Wiccan / Billy Kaplan (I think he would fit in this character, even though I wanted Finn Wittrock sooo bad! If he only looked a little bit younger…)
  • Alexandra Daddario as Hawkeye / Kate Bishop (Do I have to explain? She seems perfect for this role, amirite?)
  • Teresa Palmer as Stature / Cassie Lang (I always associated Teresa with word average, she’s beautiful, that’s true, but she’s not like “in your face” and I wanted someone like that to contrast with Alexandra’s strong features also, she just look like Cassie, lol.)
Planet of Skulls

Jim crossed his arms, looking every bit the strong captain he was as he stared down the few people that he and his crew are tasked with getting to some planet and landing safely so they could do some freaking geological work.

He didn’t like this one bit. At all. And the woman in charge–someone named Tamera–was just too smug for his liking. As if she knew something they all didn’t. The man, Robert, wasn’t much better. The only one he believed had pure intentions there was the younger woman, Kate. She seemed to only care about rocks and dirt. In a good way.

“So let me get this straight,” he said skeptically, “you want us to actually land on this planet? I mean come on! We’ve had technology to scan a planet and get all needed information geologically for decades! So why land? What are you looking for?”

Tamera sneered. “Look here you grey coat–!”

Jim’s eyes narrowed at the Starfleet slur.

“–we are more than welcome to do an actual expedition! And your admiral has said you’d be good for this. So you’ll do it like a good little poster boy or I’ll go complaining and get you demoted!”

Jim grit his teeth and was about to fire back at the insult when he felt Spock touch his arm.

“You must understand the captain is only worried about the safety of the crew and your group as well,” Spock said, ever the logical one, “he only wishes to take precautions.”


(Pretty) Woman [Bandit OQ; Woman-verse]

In which Robin’s Merry Men find themselves properly schooled on what it is to be a woman. Based on a dialogue prompt from the lovely @lala-kate​: “The only thing you’re good for is annoying me.” 5k. [ffn | ao3]

So many thanks to @belleoftheballpoint for the beta and the squealing over OQ hair porn. ♥

She’s glaring again.

Well – not glaring, strictly speaking, so much as doing that thing where her face goes stone-like and unreadable – but he’s been on the receiving end of such looks often enough himself to know when she’s not terribly pleased about something, either.

He’s not certain what compels him to go and cheer her up a bit, but whatever it is, he’s regretting it immediately as he strides over to her corner table, having to clear his throat several times before she finally bothers looking up at him.

“Hi, Will,” she says, with a rather poor show of enthusiasm, considering all the trouble he’s gone to in approaching her. But he’s determined to see this through now, he is – isn’t Ana always telling him to think a bit less of himself and more about others every once in a while? – and so he settles in beside Regina, props an elbow onto the table and smiles at her in a magnanimous way.

She’s trying very hard not to glance toward the bar again, where Robin has found himself tasked with entertaining some sultry young redhead, an exotic-looking thing who’s already turned multiple heads in the room, with smokily shadowed eyes and a heaving bosom near to spilling out of her lace-trimmed corset (…not that Will’s been paying much attention, really).

As far as Will’s concerned, Robin only appears to be doing his due diligence as a gentleman, no more, no less, smiling politely at the girl and bending gamely to pick up the handkerchief she’s just dropped to the floor with a careless sort of giggle. If his face winds up a touch too close to her chest when he stands upright again, well, who could blame the man when she’s given him so little room to himself in the first place?

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50 shades of Kate Beckett

In honor of #6YearsOfCastle, let’s celebrate the 50 shades of Katherine Beckett. If you’re not a Castle fan, you probably can’t handle the sass (and even if you are proceed at your own risk).

Not impressed. At all. But let’s start.

First she was like: “you can’t be serious”.

Here she even looks kind of bored.

Or maybe she is a little bit impressed…

It’s hard to tell sometimes.

Or she’s just - literally - a 5 year old.

Sorry about that (no, not really).

She laughed.

And she cried. A lot.

Of happiness too.

She was kind of afraid, tho.

She was afraid of letting go…

And also of letting people in.

But she was still kind of a dork

Lots of times.

She grew a lot in six years.

And, also, she grew on us.

Oh, and also her hair.


OK so I saw the new Ghostbusters tonight and it was INCREDIBLE and I want to have sex with Kate McKinnon, but also I feel a little bit as though by watching that movie I have ALREADY had sex with Kate McKinnon.

I don’t know if Erin/Holtz has a shipname yet, but if not I would strongly like to nominate ‘hertz’, I think it is very appropriate to the fandom.

Anyways, I wrote fanfic on the subway ride home:

“Hey.” The voice comes a little too close to her ear and Erin jumps, shrieking a little. When she gets turned around, it’s to see Holtz looking just a little too pleased with herself. “Whatcha starin’ at?”

“Nothing. I am staring at nothing at all.” Erin answers firmly, but it’s a stupid lie to tell, because the answer is incredibly obvious. On the other side of the glass partition, Kevin is asleep at his desk, his shirt riding artfully up to reveal gorgeous crevasses and curves. The tiniest amount of drool is dripping out the corner of his mouth. His tongue darts out to lick at it, and Erin whimpers just a little and gives herself up as caught.

“I just want him to lick me in places.”

“Eh.” Holtz sounds unimpressed. “I could do it better.”

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Castle and Beckett goes to Disneyland: KB wears Minnie Mouse ears, they ride all the rides and Becks shows her inner child, they do all the typical things you do there. And possibly a sequel with them bringing their child(ren) a few years later ;P I just really wanna see C&B having fun and I want it FLUFFYYy

I’ve had this reminder in my phone since last year when I noticed your birthday. :) I’m also changing this prompt up a bit to fit in some other requests of yours.  Please enjoy my best attempt at a Disney Princess Kate Sick fic. I hope you like it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NENNY/ MY PURPLE QUEEN/ MY LOVING NIECE! 


“Kate, you really don’t have to be here right now.”

His wife glares at him, crossing her arms over her chest. He has to admit, she does look stunning in that yellow gown, even if he feels ridiculous in this ruffled shirt and blue, velvet sports coat.  

“Castle, not being here right now is not an option.”

“But you’re miserable,” he says gently, watching her pull a tissue out from one of her long yellow gloves. “And you can hardly breathe.”

She huffs, blowing her nose and tossing the used tissue into the trash can she’s practically claimed as her own.

“Babe, our daughter is six today. Six. Our baby is going to be starting first grade in the fall. And a princess party at Disneyland is what she wanted and it’s what we’re giving her. I’m not going to miss this because of some stupid cold.”

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