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hi! are you accepting prompts? And if so, do you accept image prompts? I fell in love with this gif and I totally imagined caskett. It would be awesome if you could do it! the gif is a pregnant belly with a little foot <3

Hi Anon, I am so so so sorry it has taken me this long to write this for you. I hope you enjoy this, though, even though it’s been so long!

Making a Jailbreak

A Post-Series Ficlet

She loved this child beyond belief, but Kate Beckett was bored. So. Freaking. Bored.

Bed rest was important, vital; she wouldn’t ever dream of jeopardizing her baby’s health, not after months of worry and hope. That said, after almost a month of doing little more than reading baby books and listening to Castle’s sporadic creative bursts, taking only slow walks to the living room and the bathroom for exercise, she needed something more stimulating.

“I don’t know about you, kid,” she murmured, brushing a hand over the swell of her belly, “but I think it’s time to break out of here for a while.”

Castle might disagree, but he wasn’t the one cooped up in here day in and day out. He wasn’t the one being told to rest instead of being useful in some way (and she could work if someone would just get her the files she needed, but no; even her detectives had taken to following the strictest interpretation of her doctor’s orders). He wasn’t the one who practically needed a crane to haul himself out of bed each day. Once he had healed from his gunshot wound, he had been allowed to go about his life like normal.

“Just a short walk,” Kate added, assuring her unborn daughter that she wasn’t going to put her in harm’s way, not again. The shooting had put that much in perspective; Kate Beckett was stubborn, pigheaded, and frustrating as all hell, but she wasn’t going to take the same risks she once had.

It no longer surprised her when the baby responded to her voice; the little girl had been making her presence known for months, but this time the kick wasn’t a swift knock under her hand. Instead it was firm, pushing against the confines of her skin, warping the smooth curve of Kate’s belly through her t-shirt.

Kate blinked. Throughout her pregnancy, she had grown used to the flips and the flutters, but seeing her stomach ripple with her daughter’s movements was new and extremely weird.

But kind of cool, too.

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A Blast from the Past (Part 3)

Summary: You didn’t know what to expect when you entered that factory, but you sure didn’t expect running into him.

Characters: Reader, Reader’s little sister, Simon, Negan, the Saviors

Pairing: NeganxReader

Word count: 1980

Warnings: Swearing, violence

A/N: Let me know if your want to be tagged in upcoming parts.

(Y/L/N) stands for your last name.

(Part 1)-(Part 2)

Virginia, three years ago.

The cafeteria of Fairfax High School was crowded at this time of the day. It was a little before the beginning of your first class. You were hanging out with two of your friends, like almost every day. Kate, Riley and you were in the same math class and gym class.

You were settled at a table situated in a corner of the hall. Riley was sitting beside you and Kate sat across from her. They were chatting about random things while you sat curled up on your chair, with your back against the wall, while writing a few things in your notebook.

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Sweet Treat, Cruel Trick

This is my submission for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s Fall Into Negan writing challenge - thanks for having me! My prompt was “trick or treat”.

Pairing: Negan x Kate (OC)

When Kate decided to become a Saviour, her friends in the old community had understood. But becoming Negan’s wife? Something must have gone terribly wrong…

Warnings: Explicit smut; language; voyeurism; cameo by a well-known horror character. WC: 2193. 

A/N: This is a small part of a bigger story that’s been forming in my noggin these past few weeks. If you’d like to read more about the adventures of Negan and this particular wife then please let me know! Maybe we can make this a regular thing doll. 

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At the end of the corridor, a woman screamed. Kate didn’t hear it over the volume of the music she was playing. Vincent Price was talking of grisly ghouls from every tomb while she bounced around her bedroom. She turned him down to answer a knock at the door. Pulling it open she jumped back in alarm - Ghostface was standing in the doorway, knife raised.

“Jesus Christ!”

Kate relaxed when she saw the knife was made of plastic. Frankie gave a husky giggle as she pulled off her hood.

“Gotcha!” she exclaimed with a wink.

“You look ridiculous” retorted Kate, clutching her chest.

“Aw, get into the spirit Kate, its Halloween!”

And with that she sashayed off, black robes flowing around her.

“Negan’s not gonna approve of that kaftan!” Kate called before pushing the door shut with a flick of her wrist.

Halloween? Seriously?

Kate had been living at The Sanctuary for about a year, and had got used to some pretty strange stuff. Face-ironing. Polygamy. A barbed wire bat named for a dead woman. But the idea that someone on this Earth still kept a calendar was one she had yet to get her curly blonde head around.

Tubular bells signalled that the next track was starting. Kate turned up the volume to let iconic rhythm guitar fill the room. She went back to bouncing around, cleaning as she went. After all this time she still hadn’t given up this little catharsis. Cleaning and singing. Singing and cleaning.

They told him don’t you ever come around here/Don’t wanna see your face you better disappear

The sound of knuckles rapping on wood caused her to look at the stereo in confusion. That came later in the song didn’t it? Realisation dawned at the sound of a man’s voice.

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Casket - 40 please!

#40 - “I believe you dropped this.”

His usual table on the upper level of Housing Works, a quaint bookstore cafe, is taken, occupied by a group of teenagers paying more attention to their cell phones than their cold coffee or the lines of bookshelves open to them. Instead, he sits at one of the tables downstairs. It gives him some new scenery and a vantage point of the door he doesn’t normally get. It’s because of this newfound location he tends to look up each time the bell chimes, and he notices when a woman walks in, a toddler propped on her hip.

She’s… well, stunning—long legs adorned in black skinny jeans, with a cream sweater and a beanie to match, covering long, flowing chestnut curls. He can’t make out many of her features from his seat, not from this angle, but she’s gorgeous too. He can tell. The boy on her hip bounces impatiently, a broad smile on his little face.

He watches on as she brushes shaggy hair away from his forehead and places a kiss to his temple, the motion so natural it’s almost as if she does it hourly. The boy’s right arm wraps around her shoulders, a small Buzz Lightyear toy gripped in his fingers.

When he makes eye contact with the toddler, he smiles, gives a small wave. The child looks at him questioningly for a few seconds, intense eyes just blinking, then he decides to smile back.

The kid seems to be a little charmer. He’s sure his mother must be equally as enchanting.

Trying in earnest to avoid staring creepily at this woman and her son, he looks down at his notebook, at the pen that sits still at his fingertips. The page is nearly empty, filled only with a few jottings and a doodle or two.

The woman orders her drinks and moves out of line, waits off to the side for her name to be called. He takes those few minutes to guess her name.

Emily? Amanda? Olivia? Maybe something more… creative. Modelesque, maybe. Coco? Chanel? Genevieve?

He almost laughs at himself. She may look like a model, but he doubts she’s the Coco type.


It’s the name called when she retrieves her coffee, and he smiles to himself. Somehow, he finds it fitting. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Much better than his guesses. 

Just as he’s about to go back to his non-writing, he watches her collide briefly with a man, causing the toddler to drop his toy. She doesn’t seem to notice, too busy exchanging apologies with the guy and making sure coffee hasn’t spilled all over, but he sees little arms reaching unsuccessfully towards the ground as she continues moving.

“Momma,” he hears, but he’s already out of his seat.

Picking up the toy, he jogs after the woman. “Excuse me,” he says, catching her just as she’s making her way towards the door. “I believe you dropped this.”

She eyes the toy in his extended hand and trails her gaze back to him. “Oh, thank you,” she breathes, plucking it from his palm. She turns to face her son. “Here you go, baby. Remember you have to hold onto it real tight or you’ll lose it, okay?”

“The bump!” the boy says. “Dropped it.”

A smile blooms across her face as she chuckles. “I’m sorry,” she tells him, handing over Buzz. “And what do you say to this nice man who brought it back?”

“Thank you!” the boy yells excitedly, giving him a toothy smile.

“It’s my pleasure, bud,” he says, returning the boy’s eager smile. “I couldn’t let you go without Buzz, now, could I?”

He shakes his head aggressively, light brown hair covering his face now. Small giggles erupt, and his mother laughs, brushes the hair away once again with her forearm and bounces him in place.

She’s more beautiful close up, he realizes. Her eyes—there’s something about them, so expressive yet guarded, but exquisite all the same. Her little boy shares them, though his seem to be more green than hazel. The hunter green jacket he wears brings them out even more.

“Thank you again…”

“Rick,” he supplies, offering a hand before pulling it back. “Right, coffee. Sorry.”

Smiling, she shakes her head. “No need.” A pause. “Kate.”

He doesn’t tell her he already knows her name, heard when the barista called it, because that’d be weird. So he nods instead.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Gust!” the toddler says, wriggling in his mother’s grip as he looks at him. “Hi!”

Rick’s confused but grins at the excitement anyway. “Hi,” he laughs, then looks to Kate for help.

“August,” she tells him, but that doesn’t really give much more information. August? It’s February. She turns to her son. “Yeah, baby, August.” The boy seems pleased with himself, and Kate looks back at Rick. “His name. It’s August.”

Oh. “It’s cute.”

“But only when you’re in trouble, right, kid?” she teases, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head. He’s wholly disinterested, paying more attention now to Buzz. “You’re just Auggie, little man.”

Rick feels a bit like he’s intruding, observing this interaction between mother and son, watching how lovingly she looks at the little boy perched contently on her hip. But it’s beautiful, really, and he can’t look away.

“He’s adorable,” he says, earning a proud smile from her.

“Thank you,” she says, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. “Well, we should get going.” He squashes the ridiculous pang of sadness that bubbles. He doesn’t even know her. But he knows he likes her, finds her intriguing. “Maybe we'll—”

“Momma, draw!”

Auggie seems to have lost interest in Buzz for the moment, the toy held in one tiny fist, and is now pointing towards the notebook in Rick’s hand. He’d forgotten he was even holding it, if he’s being honest.

“That’s not yours, baby,” she says quietly. “That’s Rick’s. We can draw when we get home, okay?”

“I wan’ draw now,” he says, looking up at her with large, blinking eyes. How she says no to that face, he can’t even begin to figure out. “Pwease.”

Kate sighs. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. He’s polite, you have to give him that,” he smiles. Auggie’s pouting in his mother’s arms, and Rick speaks before thinking twice. “If you don’t have to be anywhere right away, he’s more than welcome to draw.”

The boy brightens, and Kate’s eyes widen. “Oh, no, that’s okay. You were working in that notebook, and we should be going.”

“I was procrastinating and doodling more than I was working, but—wait, were you were watching me?”

“Of course not.” The flame of her cheeks contradicts her statement. “I was taking in my surroundings.”

He grins, wider even when she ducks her head, pulling one lip between her teeth. “Okay,” he laughs. “If it makes you feel any better, I was taking in my surroundings as well.”

Kate hums. “Which would explain how you knew he dropped his toy.”

“So it may,” he says. “Really, though. I haven’t gotten any actual work done and it’s been hours—Auggie using my pad to draw for a little bit would not be hindering any progress, I promise.”

Pointing to the pen in Rick’s hand and then to himself, Auggie bats his eyelashes at his mother. “Draw now?”

Kate lets her eyes fall closed for a second, chest heaving with a small sigh, and when they open she offers a small smile for her son. “If Rick is really sure—” She punctuates her statement with a glance in his direction, eyes making contact with his. “—then we can stay for a little while. Not too long, okay? You need a nap.”

That gets a fast head shake, a wriggle as he tries to free himself from her grip. “No nap.”

“Yes nap,” she says, allowing him to get down but bending to his level. “No nap, no draw. Capisce?”

His little lips frown but he nods. “‘Pisce!”

“Okay then.” Kate stands, still holding onto Auggie’s hand. “Let’s follow Rick to the table.”

With Auggie trailing beside her, she taps Rick on the shoulder just before they reach the table with the rest of his belongings.

“You really don’t have to do this,” she whispers. “He’ll be fine waiting to draw at home.”

Rick pulls out the chair in lieu of an immediate response, and waits for her to sit down, pulling her son onto her lap. He takes his spot across from them and opens his notebook to a blank page before sliding it over, followed by the pen.

“I know,” he promises, watching as Auggie grabs at the pen and hastily begins his drawing. “But I want to.”

He doesn’t know if the delicate smile on her face is for her son or for him, but he’s delighted to see it either way.

Castle Ficlet: A Persuasive Argument 1/1

A Persuasive Argument

A Reference Material Universe ficlet

This is ridiculous. He’s being ridiculous.

She hasn’t seen her boyfriend in almost a week, not since a date that had ended in him walking her back to her dorm, hiding his face in his sleeve to sneeze half a dozen times, and frankly the separation is getting a little old.

Fine, he has a head cold. He feels crummy, she gets it. Colds suck; they take days to build up, and then they linger for maximum misery. But he’s decided to hide in his apartment and wallow instead of taking some Dayquil and getting on with things. Like coming to class or seeing her.

And all of it with the explanation of “Well I don’t want to get you sick, too, Kate.”

Her boyfriend is an idiot. He’s sweet to think of her and put her health above his like that, but he’s still an idiot.

Of course she doesn’t want him to get her sick, but wouldn’t letting her help make it easier for him to get well faster? She can cook, but he won’t even let her come over to make him soup. She could rub his head and pamper him just a little bit, the way he always pampers her. But no. No, he’s suffering in silence, save for the occasional text to let her know he’s at least still breathing.

Well, enough of that.

She waits to text him until she’s outside his building, wanting to see if he’ll let her up or if she’s going to need to stoop to using the big guns: asking someone else to let her in and sneaking to his door.

How’re you feeling?

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Inaugural Gowns From Edith Roosevelt to Michelle Obama: A Fashion Analysis

I feel very scared, and very sad about the impending Trump presidency. I don’t know how to respond to it, or what I should be saying. This, and motherhood, are my only realities right now, and it is a very sad situation. Mostly sad for the state of this blog, which is becoming fucking boring and repetitive.

I thought a lot about a post I could write that would respond to tomorrow’s inauguration. In truth, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it because when the baby is not awake, I have an hour to myself before I have to go to sleep. I chose a blog post over a shower tonight, and I’m honestly not sure that’s the right decision. 

I was going to do a fashion analysis of Michelle Obama’s best looks, but Jesus, I’d need someone to pay me money to do that kind of image research. I was going to do a fashion analysis of Melania Trump next because there are far fewer pictures of her. Also, I don’t hold anything against her, she’s just a girl from Slovakia looking for a rich husband – which girl from Slovakia couldn’t say the same? I know she’s from Slovenia, what’s the difference. 

When I sat down tonight, and thought, what is the laziest possible option on the eve of an impending national nightmare, I thought, “Oh, I could do a fashion analysis of inaugural gowns.” So here they are, chronologically since Edith Roosevelt, the wife of Teddy. 

Theodore Roosevelt doesn’t look so fat here, but I think he got super fat later.

This was his second wife, she was hot.

Oh maybe it was Taft who was the fattie.

Helen Taft looks like she got attacked by birds in her inaugural gown. Either that or her husband sat on her.

Oh the latter, definitely the latter.

Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration looks like Trump’s current day cabinet picks plus the gigolo they hired to take care of Sonny Perdue at the afterparty.

The one in the military uniform, duh.

Yo, who knew Woodrow Wilson was a cradle robber? His wife Edith was very young when he married her. I can’t find a picture of her until Kennedy’s inauguration.


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Very Special Agent: Papa DiNozzo-Part 4

*mood board by @theenchantedgalleryofstories*

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: baby milestones and fluff

Word Count: 2,435

A/N: Little Kate is home! How is life for the DiNozzo’s with a new baby? Thanks again to @amanda-teaches my unofficially official NCIS beta ;) haha! Feedback is incredibly appreciated as I continue to work through this series xoxo

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The break (part 2)

A random Drake song is blaring loudly through Kendall Jenner’s huge living room, as Shawn enters the house.

“Yo, Shawn!” Niall Horan greets him excitedly and shakes his hand, pulling him closer. “Hey, how are you doing?” Shawn replies with a smile.

“I’m good, I’m good! Let’s get you something to drink!” He pulls Shawn after him into the kitchen and pours him a drink. Niall’s cheerful attitude is definitely contagious and Shawn is really glad about that.

“Cheers! On your sold out tour” Niall exclaims, grinning at him.
Shawn grins, clicking his glass against Niall’s: “Cheers!” 

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What are we even doing? (Part Twelve)

Parts 1-11

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Pairing: McKirk

Prompt: “Are you decent?”  “Not morally, but I’m wearing pants, if that’s what you’re asking”

Word count: 1,576

Rating: Teen

Beta’d: No

Tags: @mccoymostly, @gracieminabox, @lurkch, @to-pick-ourselves-up-7, @medicatemedrmccoy, @imoutofmyvulcanmind, @goingknowherewastaken, @curiosity-killed-the-speedster, @southernbellestatues, @captainsbabysitter-blog, @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse, @outside-the-government @wonders-of-the-enterprise, @frostingsfics, @yourtropegirl, @thevalesofanduin, @randomlittleimp, @emmkolenn, @imaginativefanatic, @engineeringtrashcan, @storiesfromstarfleet, @goodnightwife, @impalaanddemons,​ @auduna-druitt

Why did I think eavesdropping was a good idea? It was quite possibly the stupidest thing I could have done. Fuck. I’m screwed. I’m definitely screwed. Leonard waited a few minutes before opening and closing the door, hoping to make it sound like he was coming back in. “Are you, uh, are you sure you aren’t hungry? You really need to eat,” he asked, staying behind the partition, trying desperately to keep his voice steady.

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They had Gurihiru on Arcade story while Kate and Robbie story gets this art. There is no God.

Gwenpool #17 aside from the art. Is very fun, if a simple story. Gwen wants to make Cecil be able to touch things, asks Terrible Eye for help but for that, she needs to go to L.A. One poorly-thought situation and she ends up in a trunk of particular Dodge Charger. And just happens to walk in an accidential team-up between Kate and Robbie against….Asgardian Dwarves. And of course turns it into an everyone on everyone fight. And then Cecil ends trapped in diamond in the trunk of Robbie’s car….with Eli Morrows. This was pretty fun. Robbie was a bit too talkative as a rider, I like him silent in that form, makes him look more menacing. Other than that, I enjoyed this issue.

I haven’t drawn this Cinnamon Roll in a long time. My buddy Sky told me some time ago, that it was SoA’s Birthday and that made me think back at how this fandom was the reason I started dA. Welp, since I don’t wanna study I thought why not feel a bit nostalgic and listen to Pkmn Mystery Dungeon Soundtracks while drawing this gal again. I kinda like her in this style, she looks cute. .333

Meeting the cast of SNL 9/30/17

@clintbartonsdog , @myloveholtzy , and I wait at the barricades. We see some people from the standby line. The girl next to me was first or second in the standby line. We laugh and talk about the sketches like which ones were cut, which ones were funny, and PAPYRUS. It’s extremely cold when the barricades go up. The girl next to me apologizes for bumping into me so much, it’s really cute I love women.

Aziz Ansari walked out and we were all too shook to react quickly. We called his name and he waves but his head is down and looked like he didn’t want to stop which I completely respect, it was cool enough to see him without expecting it.

Kate was the first cast member to come out. She waved and smiled but walked to her car and didn’t stop for pictures. Except for this one guy who stopped her for a picture as she was walking to her car which honestly was a bit unfair but oh well it is what it is.

Heidi came out but no one yelled her name except for a few of us so I felt super awkward about asking for a pic. Same with Chris and Luke

Next was Melissa (smiling as I write this because she’s so pure). She was overwhelmed with happiness when the fans next to us show her gifts. She takes her time when stopping to interact with each of us and was so nice. She took a really derpy picture with @myloveholtzy and laughed, it was literally so funny I hope you post it lmao. I really appreciate her taking her time and making sure everyone got what they wanted am I in love? I think the fuck I am.

Then Aidy walked out and she is a woman™. She’s also incredibly nice and stops for pictures, taking her time to take a good one with all of us. She’s so sweet and caring and I’m so happy she does this every time. I, once again, got a blurry picture with her but I’m just glad I got one at all. 

Next was Alex and I am so shook. He’s honestly such a down to earth guy and takes his time to make our experience funny and individual to each of us. I got a really funny picture of him looking down because @myloveholtzy accidentally stabbed him with her sharpie. He read my sign and laughed, and said “well now I know!” after reading “SNL stands for Saturday Night Live” on the sign which was so nice of him cuz he didn’t have to do that at all long story short I love him.

Next was Leslie and I finally got a picture with her!! It took me doing barricades 4 times but finally!! She smelled like weed, was wearing rainbow shoes, and signed her name with 2017. Only Leslie Jones could do that and pull it off.

Beck and Kyle came out at some point but didn’t stop for pictures (throwback to when I got a picture with Beck after the Dave Chappelle episode). But they don’t stop for pictures anymore) Beck put his hands up when we cheered lol and Kyle was really nice and said hi to us as they walked by. I think they asked us if we saw the show when they read our signs.

Mikey came out and cheered us on when we saw him. He saw our signs and asked us who we saw, he was really excited when we said who signed so far (Leslie, Alex, etc). He got distracted and went to take pictures with other fans but his friend said (very seriously) that he forgot to take pictures with us and that @myloveholtzy was really upset. I felt bad, I was about to be like oh nah it’s cool but bless his friend for doing that cuz I’ve never gotten a picture with Mikey. He did a duck face in our pictures he’s so funny. 

Holy shit Cecily Strong. Just as we were talking about how she rarely ever comes out, she walked out looking gorgeous I’m so shook. I think she asked if we watched the show as she was signing my sign and I said “yea you were so funny!” and she said “well that’s what i’m hoping!” idk i was lowkey embarrassed like no duh out of all the things i could’ve talked to her about i’m a mess lmao @clintbartonsdog was highkey flirting with her as she signed her wristband by calling her neat and Cecily denied it. I took a picture at a pretty low angle I tend to do that I guess my arms were too cold to actually lift up. So shook.

The barricades went down at around 2:30. Richard, our Australian friend, told us he saw Kenan, Lorne, and Spielberg at the other entrance. We waited a little longer in case Colin would come out but apparently he was with Scarjo (supposedly holding hands after the show) so he must’ve left the other way.

Truly an unforgettable two days. I cannot thank @myloveholtzy enough and @clintbartonsdog for being wonderful company.

As always, if you have any questions or are nervous about doing standby/barricades yourself, feel free to hit me up I’m down to talk/help you out 🤗

Click here for my other SNL experiences. 

Talking in your sleep

Kate changes into her pajama shorts and Shawn’s grey Hard Rock Hotel Chicago shirt that is too big for her but she loves how soft and cozy it is and that it smells like him. She brushes her hair that is still damp from taking a shower and crawls into bed, snuggling up to her boyfriend.
“Damn, why are your feet always so cold?” Shawn asks, brows furrowed. Kate rubs her feet against his big warm ones and shrugs: “I don’t know, I’m always cold. Might be my Brazilian genes”
He pulls her closer, wrapping his arms around her. “I love you so much, Kate. I actually feel relieved that you aren’t mad at me,” he whispers into the darkness of their bedroom.

“I’m just glad you told me. Love you, too,” she kisses him softly on the cheek and turns around, pressing her back against his chest. “Good night, baby”
“Do you really want to sleep already?” he asks, sounding disappointed while playing with her hair. He slowly kisses her neck and tucks at her pajama shorts. “Mhm, you smell so good, baby, I’ve been wanting you the whole day”
She reluctantly pulls his hand away: “I can’t, it’s this time of the month, I’m sorry”

“Oh, okay…,” he sighs, “what a bummer” He brushes her hair back, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear and wraps his arm around her waist.
“Cramps are actually killing me right now,” she winces.
“That sucks… do you want me to get you a hot water bottle or something?”
“Yeah, that would be nice. Thank you”
He gets up and she can hear him going downstairs, his steps fading away.
Even though Kate really is on her period, she is kind of okay with not sleeping with Shawn tonight. It is not that she is mad at him but Camila kissing him is still bothering her and she isn’t sure if she is hormonal but she somehow feels a little bit angry and upset and is hoping for a good night’s sleep to make her thoughts disappear and to forget about it.
Shawn comes back into the dimly lit bedroom, carrying a hot water bottle and a cup of tea. “I’ve made you a cup of tea,” he smiles at her.
“You’re so sweet, thank you,” Kate replies, pressing the hot water bottle against her hurting abdomen.
They are sitting upright and she is leaning against his chest, taking sips from her cup. “I still don’t get why she would do that, though,” Kate states, frown on her face.

Shawn sighs: “I don’t either, I’m still so annoyed and confused”
“I mean, it’s not like you’ve been leading her on or something, right?”
“No, of course not!” he replies instantly, sounding alarmed.
“You’re just too nice all the time. You should start being more of an asshole,” Kate says, smirking at him.
He grins: “I would be even more irresistible if I was a bad boy and you wouldn’t want that,” he caresses her thigh with his fingertips, “I couldn’t be an asshole around you, though”
“Yeah, I mean, you should be an asshole to everyone except me!” she turns around, giving him a little peck.
“Feeling better now?” he asks, gently rubbing her lower stomach.
“Yes, thank you. I’m so tired, let’s get some sleep,” she replies, taking one last sip of her tea cup.
“Yeah, good night,” he replies, cuddling up to her.
Kate closes her eyes but she isn’t able to fall asleep. She slowly turns on her back, looking up at the ceiling, turning her head to look at her stunning boyfriend. She admires his long black eyelashes and full lips, as he is falling asleep. She closes her eyes again and Camila crosses her mind and Kate feels anger raising inside of her again.
She could tell that Shawn is fast asleep by now, as she hears his silent regular breaths. She glances out of the huge windows at the glistening L.A. lights below and counts to hundred to make her feel sleepy but it doesn’t work. She turns her head again to look at Shawn. His eyeballs are twitching and he is frowning, mumbling something in his sleep. Kate listens carefully if she can hear what he is saying.

“Please don’t…,” he mumbles, “I’m sorry, Kate, please, no…”
He turns his head to the side. “Don’t go, please, don’t go,” he mutters under his breath, looking desperate.
It hurts her seeing him like this, suffering in his dream.
“Shhh,” she whispers, gently caressing his cheek, “It’s just a dream, baby, I’m right here” She cuddles him and he seems to relax a little bit but he is still frowning, mumbling something incomprehensible.
Kate gets up, not wanting to wake him up with her constant tossing and turning in bed.

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creator.

Anonymous said:Can you do a dating would include for Kate from twilight please

A/N: Heya lovely! I’m so glad that you requested this! I love Kate, she’s one of my other many Queen’s! I hope that you enjoy what I have come up with and thanks so much for requesting! - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Kate Denali Would Include:

- She would describe first meeting and seeing you as ‘The Spark of Love’, which is incredibly corny, but when it comes from a Goddess like Kate…. Can you really complain?

- Kate would totally be fiercely protective over you.

- Like forreal.


- Jealous Kate.

- Kate would prefer you to always be around her. She’d grow incredibly anxious when you’re gone, and vice versa.

- Y’all would seriously be joint to the hip!

- You’d become part of the Denali fam!

- “My fam!” you’d grin squishing them all in a massive group hug.

- “If you could just please refrain from saying tha-” Tanya would be cut short by a short zap from Kate.

- “Why not? I think it’s cute!” Kate would grin lovingly up at you.

- You’d be the modern one of the bunch, which would be really entertaining for all of the other members of the coven, whereas Tanya would be lost with your modern slang.


- Kate would have starry eyes for you, and vice versa: It’d totally get to the point where everyone would certainly tease her for being so ‘head over heels’ for you.

- Interlaced fingers and quick kisses.

- Followed by intense passionate kisses.

- You’d basically become apart of the Denali’s and Cullen’s family!

- If you were a shyer individual, Kate would be able to coax you out of her shell, because she’d be able to relax you with just being there.

- Anyone who teases her munchkin (you) will get electrocuted and beaten the shit out of!


- Kate would be that gooey and mushy romantic type, the one who get’s you a dozen roses everyday, a romantic breakfast in bed, hunting dates, (or if you’re human) actual dinner dates and such, etc.

- She’d be into all that ‘cutesy crap’ that she teases other people together.

- Like: Eskimo kisses, always holding hands, cuddle sessions, corny pet names, you name it!

- “You two are dorks!” Emmett would snort.

- “You want to say that again?” Kate would state with a glowing white hand.

- Hunting trips.


- Teasing one another.

- Making corny pet names for one another to annoy the hell out of Rosalie and Emmett.

- Even though the pair of you would be a relaxed couple, you’d be very serious and loving about one another.

- Nothing’s going to tear y’all apart!

- Looks of adoration.

- She wouldn’t be the time want to sit down and read, but if her s/o was into that, she’d beg them to read to her.

- “I could fall asleep to your voice. But unfortunately, it’s too captivating.” Kate would smile wondrously up at you.

- “Yeah, sure” you’d grumble out, rolling your eyes. “I think it’s just because you’re a vampire.

- Kate wouldn’t mind whether she sat in your lap or vice versa, as long as you’re close, that’s what matters.

- “I’ve waited centuries to be with you, (Y/N). An-” she’d hum sweetly to you, only to be cut short.

- “And you’re not going to live without me for the rest of eternity!” you’d finish off enthusiastically.

- “How did you know? Are you psychic?” she’d sit up straight.

- “Don’t be silly! I’m not Alice. You told me yesterday.” you’d confess with a wide grin of amusement.

- Even though the pair of you are so close, you’d get into fights more than you’d think, but it wouldn’t be a constant thing.

- Her family would be so close to you and so protective.

- You’ll be their precious bean that they will protect fiercely!

- You’d be a fierce couple, okay? Okay!

- She’s be somewhat of an Alice: As in, she’d dress you up and do make overs, but if you weren’t into that, that’s okay! It wouldn’t matter if you were a guy either, she’d like to make sure you’re dressing well and would be the type to ask to do your make up ALL OF THE TIME!

- It wouldn’t matter to her if you were her girlfriend or boyfriend, she’s going to treat you the same and treat you RIGHT!

- She would be the type that wouldn’t be shy of talking about her feeling’s with you, like about her mother and all of that. But if you weren’t comfortable with talking about your feeling’s, she would respect it as long as it was healthy.

- You’d be the FIERCE couple and OTP of the Denali coven!

- Kate would be super caring and loving to you. She’s going to treat you right and things would get serious with her fast!

- If you were human, you’d get taken care of amazingly! She’d make sure that every one of your needs are met; and if you were sick, she’d ensure that Carlisle got right onto it!

- “What’s wrong with him/her?” Kate would inquire with true concern, rising onto her tip toes to look over Carlisle’s shoulder.

- “He’s/She’s just got a bit of a cold. He’ll/She’ll be fine. Make sure that he/she drinks a lot of water and get’s rest. Make sure he/she eats…” and on a trail of things to eat Carlisle would go on.

- “See! I told you nothing was wrong!” you’d squeak in the background.

- She’s spoil you with whatever you desired!

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Kate’s GMA live show 6/13/17

Sorry I’m posting this so late but I got a dog today so I couldn’t post earlier anyway here we go:

I got a ticket to see Good Morning America with Kate and I was so excited I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up the whole night and left at 4:30AM. I got to GMA and the line isn’t near the barricades with the GMA signs, that’s for audience members in the windows when they tape the show. The line’s actually around the corner of 44th near the stage door. I was about 10-15 people in. The ticket says to get there at 5:30 but you should get there earlier if you want to be first in line. Tbh, in the end it doesn’t matter too much because the audience coordinator places people based on how they look & act (ie: if you’re in a group with matching shirts or you look like you’d be chill & not overreact if you were on camera, etc.) Then they sort you into different lines based on if you have a priority, general, or VIP ticket. I had a general admissions ticket so my line went in last. 

After security, you’re taken to a holding area to use the bathroom before they take you into the studio. I was seated towards the back near where Kate would eventually exit the show but I got moved to the front row! Unfortunately I wasn’t in the audience that would appear on camera behind the hosts & Kate & Jillian but I was so close to her, literally a few feet away and got to see her up close! 

That’s her right before going on the show. Someone was fluffing her hair (I couldn’t see who it was) and she was really getting in the zone and she peeked out to look at the stage like a smol bean lol and here’s everyone posing for a group pic after the show

After the show, she did this strut/walk thing I wish I recorded it but I was too excited and didn’t want her to leave so I gif’d it so you’ll need a little bit of imagination here lol 

After GMA, Kate was at Live with Kelly so I took an uber there but I don’t think she went out the stage door. I met someone who was at the show too and she and I went on a Kate scavenger hunt LOL

She went to Buzzfeed afterwards so we took an uber there but traffic here is always insane and BF is quite far from midtown. We apparently just missed her because the puppies were leaving. 

After that was Seth Meyers and I’m pretty familiar with 30 rock at this point so I thought our chances of at least seeing her were pretty good. We saw her as she was walking into Seth but as usual, she was speed walking and wasn’t stopping for anything. I called her name but she walked by so fast I doubt she heard me lol 

We wanted to wait for her after Seth because we just spent an entire day trying to get a pic with her LOL so we waited for Seth to be over and when she came out lemme tell you, homegirl had an entire posse of NBC pages and crew walking with her deadass like 20 people speed walking with her and when we got to the spinny doors shit was mad funny it was so cartoonish and by the time I got outside she was just getting into her car so I was like ummmm aight but then i saw two of the NBC pages HIGH FIVE each other and that lemme tell u that shit got me tiiiiight i’m still not over it l m a o

At this point we were about to give up but we saw she was at Elle so we ran over there (it’s a couple blocks from 30 rock) but we dead couldn’t find where the event was, the Elle event was at some tree/bush area? We kept following trees but never found it

So that’s how we spent literally almost 20 hours trying to get just one pic with Kate and how she managed to avoid fans all day lol it’s understandable though she had to get to all these interviews on time

If you take anything from this post, it’s that if she ever has a huge press day, you’re probably not gonna meet her unfortunately lol but it was still fun getting a taste of what she has to go through LOL 

As always hope this helped anyone planning on doing something similar and feel free to hit me up with any questions! :) 

Fix a Heart 20

Chapter 20 - Wrap Your Arms Around Me

We’re all fragile underneath
This coat of armour isn’t thick or deep
When we break it’s hard to hide
The way we hurt inside
When I come undone at the seams
My heart is on the floor for all to see
Do that thing that I need
Wrap your arms around me

“Babe, I’m going to cancel my meeting today.” Val said as he looked down at his wife who was tucked into his lap.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm looking for a Sterek fic where the moon goddess (I think) grants Derek the ability to fully shift. The pack are in the desert or something so it might be Mexico. Derek runs off for a bit as a wolf and Stiles thinks he won't come back because he thinks that Derek won't hurt as much as the wolf or something like that. I'd really appreciate the help! This blog is amazing and thank you for posting all these awesome sterek fic recs :D

You are looking for Sanctuary by darkmagess, which reminds me what a wonderful and amazing fic it was! I think a reread is in order ;)

Starts where 3B stops, with Kate attacking Derek in the loft. She kidnaps him to Mexico, and Stiles, Scott, and Lydia rush to find him before Kate can inflict too much damage. She inflicts enough, and Derek retreats into his mind to escape the horrors of his situation. The Derek they find is not the one that left Beacon Hills.

And thank you so much for the kind words!

- K.