she lookes so hot

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What episode did you think Zooey looked the prettiest/most attractive? Obviously I think she's always beautiful but like for instance I found her beautiful in landing gear which made everything that happened in that episode even more painful. I also liked how she looked in pepperwood and then thought she was so hot in cooler and the parking spot episode. Haha sorry. Just trying to get a conversation going.

SORRY FOR SUCH A LATE REPLY. But I wanted to think of her fave looks. Uhm, I love her outfit in Valentine’s Day, Story of 50 (the blue dress on that party bus!) and uhm in Models she looks HOT AF. Pepperwood was cuuute, and cooler yup! Gosh there’s too many where she looks poPPIN’. Her look in all the wedding eps. Lol. She looks SO PRETTY in “Dice” her hair dress make up everything.
I know I’m forgetting some probably iconic ones so roomfriends feel free to freshen my memory?

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