she looked the hottest as a blonde


pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

summary: you are a new avenger and have to go to the upcoming gala with the team, luckily your partner for the night is quite the charmer. 

warnings: none

Being an Avenger meant so much more than just kicking ass and taking names; it was presenting yourself to a world that wasn’t ready for super heroes. You quickly learned this reality when you were recruited to the team, and now with an upcoming gala you were losing your mind. As much as you didn’t want something as small as an outfit to stress you out, it still did.

The men were lucky, they had their suits all fitted for them with nothing else to do other than show up. Natasha was well seasoned with this sort of thing, so she had a beautiful lace dress with heels ready in the back of her closet. Let’s not forget her skills with hair and makeup. You weren’t even sure what this gala was for, you just knew it was black tie. Despite being new, you got along with everyone really well and always went to Tony’s parties in the tower. But now you were at a standstill in front of your closet, all you had were dresses from summer. Natasha is a lot smaller than you, so you decided to just have her help you find one in the days leading up to the gala.

The elevator dinged as you stepped off and onto the floor of Natasha and Clint’s shared apartment. Clint was in his normal spot, perched on the island in the kitchen eating some strawberries. “Hey, y/n! What brings you here?” He smiled and slid off the counter.

“I’m actually looking for Nat, she’s gotta help me with gala shit for tomorrow.” You shook your head slightly at the idea of looking for dresses, but it was kind of exciting getting all dressed up.

He crossed his arms over his chest, “Don’t worry about them too much, it’s mostly just annoying press questions that matter. But you really won’t have to answer much since you’re new.” Clint shrugged his shoulders, “Oh and Natasha is in the weapons room.” He continued with a smirk on his face, and went over to the fridge as you left.

You waved goodbye and walked down the hall to the weapons room on their floor. The security pad was already lit up, so you dialed in the code and saw Nat polishing her guns at the table in the center of the room. Natasha was only wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants and somehow she still made you feel like shit, but it’s not like she meant to.

“I have a serious issue.” You stated as you sat on the bench across from her.

“Well, you’ve come to the right place.” She happily motioned to the various weapons around her. There were some serious weapons in there, nothing to be played with.

After making an awkward scrunched up face, you quickly said, “No, I meant like I don’t have anything to wear to the gala this week, I can’t go in jeans either.” She looked up from her weapon and nodded as you spoke.

“Honey, why didn’t you come to me before?” Nat laughed, and then stood, “Come to my room and we’ll look online. You have Tony’s credit card number yet?”

The day of the gala came, and you were more nervous than you cared to admit. It was the first time you had to be formal around the world’s mightiest heroes. The gala started at 7pm, so Natasha told you to be at her room around 5 to help you get ready. Of course, she already looked amazing by the time you’d arrived. With her red hair curled and tight dress already on, and of course she looked ready to kill as well. She had picked out a stunning blue dress that came down to your ankles, and paired it with black studded heels. Normally, your natural hair couldn’t be tamed, but somehow Natasha managed to get it all flat and she only applied light makeup.

“You ready?” she smiled at you like a proud mother, and you nodded.

Everyone had separate cars, which was probably the best thing. If Tony and Steve were in the same car, there was no way that both of them would show up in one piece, plus people had their dates. This was when you learned that since you were new, you couldn’t just show up alone. Even Natasha was paired with Steve at this point, so you were informed by Jarvis that Bucky was making his way downstairs and would join you in your limo in a few moments. Bucky looked handsome in his black suit, and his long hair was tied in a bun on the back of his head.

“Well, hello doll.” Bucky purred as the two of you slid into the limo out front of the Avengers tower. It made you blush, but you had just a short ride to the event to really get it together. “I can tell you’re nervous, but don’t worry I like to talk to the reporters.” He cracked his knuckles, as if that was going to help him prepare for the press. You and Bucky were the last to show up since you weren’t the ‘opening show’ so to speak, but it was still all a rush once you exited the limo. Even though you were new to the Avengers, you were still bombarded with paparazzi.

After a nervous smile to the crowd, you made your way onto the carpet and looped an arm through Bucky’s. “I have no clue where I’m going, please help.” you laughed, which made him smile brilliantly. For some reason you thought that this event wouldn’t have a red carpet like the events you saw on tv, but no such luck. The cameras were flashing and reporters asked questions like crazy, Bucky handled them like a pro. While posing for pictures, you turned and looked at him to tell him how handsome he looked with a suit on.

“You say that like I’m not handsome all the time,” he joked back, which made you laugh. With that laugh escaping you, and his gaze down towards you, it sent the photographers into a frenzy.

This was also when you noticed the fact that his suit was a deep blue, almost black. It almost looked like it was coordinated as if the two of you were indeed a couple. You and Bucky made your way a little further down the carpet, then you noticed there was some tv station there, with their blonde reporter who looked all too excited when you walked up to her with Bucky on your arm. She seemed to be bouncing around as she introduced herself, and you were too zoned out to really take in what she was saying. “So, are you two the new hottest Avenger couple?”

Bucky luckily was paying attention, and quickly responded, “Well, I hope so, soon.” The blonde squealed in delight as you just smiled and nodded, it was bizarre just being there. The two other events that you had attended was with Nat, and she obviously took over then as well. The lady continued asking questions, and you decided to zone into it and maybe answer some things.

“So, what it like being an Avenger?” she smiled, her teeth having been freshly whitened for this event.

You met eyes with Bucky, and it was a ‘be a troll’ look, so you spoke, “It has lots of perks!” the reporter almost leaned in, anticipating a decent answer, “There’s lots of free yogurt, we get schwarma every Friday, and Thor likes to walk around naked every Thursday.” A giggle escaped your mouth as her face turned into a deep blush, and she quickly cut off the rest of your sentence to let you and Bucky move onto the next reporter that was standing there. She must’ve been so embarrassed that that was going to be her only interview with an Avenger for the night.

The lady at the end of the carpet motioned for the both of you to come off the carpet which you were happy to. You stepped into a light filled room where all the Avengers were at the bar already, waiting for you. Clint was the first to walk to you with his arms open wide, “Look who’s not in sweatpants!” he hugged you as he continued, “You should straighten your hair more often!”

Steve finally turned around from sipping his drink as well, and he finally caught sight of you, “Whoa, I’ve seen you with bed head and I thought you were adorable, look at you now!” He gave a quick hug, and then you continued down the row of avengers. Thor was with Jane, and they looked absolutely adorable, and Thor nearly squeezed the life out of you as he hugged and congratulated you on your first gala as an Avenger.

Bucky brushed on the side of your arm, and then he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “Want to go walk around? Your face is the color of a tomato.” you giggled at him, and took his and as you walked away from the bar area. There were various areas of the building, it was designed much like a winter wonderland theme. The blue light was gorgeous and complimented your dress, and it made Bucky’s eyes sparkle. There was a table reserved for you and Bucky, next to various ones for the rest of the Avengers as well. He pulled a chair out for you, and then you sat across from him. “So, you catch their little question about us being the new hot shit?”

You busted out laughing, and it felt like you had a weight lifted off your shoulders. But you felt like there was something you needed to tell him, “Maybe we can be the new hot shit?”

Bucky raised an eyebrow, “This wasn’t how I expected tonight to go, but it’s a lot better than the way I thought it would.” He slowly sipped his drink, “How about we dip, and go get some pizza?” The thought of sneaking out the back door of the event made you giggle, but you nodded your head. Bucky chuckled and held out his hand for you to take, “Let’s go doll.”

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Are you doing more of the prompt things? If so 113?

113. “I prefer blondes.”

Betty sat slumped in the worn in booth at Pops, her fingers swirling around the rim of her vanilla milkshake, Veronica was across from her, Archie squeezed tight against her side, Jughead was beside Betty, his mouth stuffed with a fairly large burger, he looked absolutely adorable but Betty would never tell him that, she couldn’t even tell the beanie wearing boy that she had been in love with him since the first grade. She was stuck strictly in the friend zone, it was for the best, she was a mess.

Staring longingly at her best friends newly dyed and blown out jet black hair, Betty sighed. Her hair would never look like that, it made her look so incredibly exotic, it just brought out her chocolate brown eyes even more. Veronica, as great as she was, was also not the most humble, that much was certain.

“And then my stylist says “yes you are most definitely as pretty as those Caribbean models in Bali” can you believe that? Me a model in Bali. It sure is something to think about.“ She twirled a shiny strand around her fingers.

“Oh for sure Ronnie, it’s the dark hair. I swear to god girls with black hair are definitely the hottest. It’s totally sexy.”

Betty instinctually tugged on her plain, pale blond locks. Her hair was nothing special, when she was younger her dad had said it looked like spinned gold, now she knew that was a lie. She looked like any other mousy blonde.

“Well.. I hate to agree, but we do have a special something.. the mysterious look…” Veronica shrugged nonchalantly, a cocky smile on her face.

Suddenly Jugheads burger dropped to his plate. Ketchup splattering on the table

“Jesus you guys are out of your mind. You really think dark hair makes you more attractive? It’s about what’s inside that counts or haven’t you ever watched a single teen drama in your life? Having black hair doesn’t make you better looking. Look at Betty for petes sake, she’s blonde and she’s the prettiest girl in all of riverdale not to mention she’s got the best personality. You’re both fooling yourself if you think the color of your hair defines your level of attractiveness.” Jughead pulled five dollars from his wallet and stood over the booth

“I’m getting another milkshake, I’ll grab you one too Betty, vanilla.” He smiled proudly in the beautiful journalists direction, chuckling at the shocked look on her face, just as he was turning to go away, he turned back around

“By the way? I prefer blondes.”

With that he headed towards the counter leaving a bright red Betty smiling in his wake while Archie and Veronica slumped further in their seats thoroughly scolded.

Betty giggled softly, taking a sip of her milkshake Eyes still trained on the boy talking to Pops

“Ya know what? I think I prefer dark hair too.”

Up Close and Personal part 3

hello my loves i am so sorry for being so absent lately i hope you know how much i love you all and missed you all! SO i have been getting a lot of asks about a third installment to my Up Close and Personal series so here it is! I hope you all enjoy it! Its pretty long but unfortunately no real smut in this part sorry for those who were after some! There will be a smutty part 4 though so keep an eye out!

the whole fic was posted on AO3 so find part’s 1 and 2 there if you want to refresh or read for the first time here is the link

sorry again and thanks for your support xxx

“Do you know if Jughead’s going to Cheryl’s party?”

Betty’s eyes widened at the implications behind Veronica’s deliberately flippant words. She blanched as her thoughts whirred messily around her brain.

“B?” her dark haired counterpart, nudged her side.

Shaking her head to regain coherent thought, Betty looked over at her best friend.

“Uh I’m not sure, sorry,” she answered, green eyes scrutinising Veronica’s face.

They continued walking for a moment, the air between them silent while the hallways filled with white noise of slamming lockers, and medial teenage chatter.

Stealing her nerve, Betty decided to further engage the topic. She was a little unsettled by the nausea bubbling in her stomach and the bile in her mouth at the thought of Veronica pursuing Jughead. It wasn’t like he was hers- she didn’t have a claim on him. But they were… something.

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theo / daphne & #20?? (you got me stuck on them sorrynotsorry! 🙈)

  • once again daphne finds herself in a darkened corner being groped by hands that are too big, kissing lips that are too rough, and running her fingers through hair that’s much too long.
  • they break away. he looks down at her, his eyes hungry and full of lust, but most of all he looks victorious. she was, after all, the hottest girl in the pup, and who wouldn’t be happy with that prize
  • he smirks and mumbles something about getting them more drinks, then gives her ass a little smack as he leaves. 
  • how romantic. daphne frowns and turns around, spotting her best friend in a corner booth, leaning in closely with a witch whose hair was most certainly not naturally that blonde.  
  • without so much as a glance towards the cretin at the bar getting her a drink, she marches over to theo. 
  • she holds out her hand, her fingers splayed to leave room for his. “this place is dull. i’m ready to go home,” she states, ignoring the confused look on the girls face. 
  • theo nods. “sorry,” he chirps to the girl, as casually as if he’d only just bumped into her on the street, and without a second thought he laces his fingers with hers and disapparates them to her flat. 
  • “you all right?” he asks, letting go of her hand and heading towards the kitchen for a glass of water. 
  • “im fine. that place just… smelled.” she stands there, in the middle of her living room, watching him effortlessly make his way around her kitchen. 
  • her eyes began to sting and anger wells up inside of her. anger at herself, anger at him, anger at everything, really. 
  • instead of letting it get to her she points her wand at her record player and the muggle jazz that pansy introduced her to plays. 
  • “not this rubbish again,” theo mumbles, finishing his drink and setting the cup in the sink. he turns, leans on the counter with his arms crossed. he’s trying to look aggravated but he can’t keep it up. when she smiles at him his lips twitch upwards. “i supposed you want me to dance with you?”
  • daphne shrugs, swaying to the slow piano melody. “you don’t have to,” she says, turning with the music. 
  • a moment later his hand takes hers and she’s pulled into his chest. “you know i know that means i have to,” he argues, but his voice is soft and playful. 
  • she lets her head fall to his chest and his hand slides to the small of her back and they dance like that, in slow circles around her living room, for longer than either one of them realize. 
  • he pulls her closer, rests his cheek on her head. she feels the rise and fall of his chest, feels the heat from his body, smells his cologne and his soap, hears his heartbeat, going at a rapid pace even though by all appearances he’s calm and subdued. 
  • her eyes start to sting again and she can’t stop it this time. 
  • “theo, what are we doing?” she asks before she even realizes she’s said anything. 
  • she feels his breath hitch, feels his throat bob as he swallows and takes a moment to think about his answer, to choose his words carefully as he always does. 
  • “dancing,” he says thickly, sounding slightly breathless. 
  • she stops moving, pushes away from his chest and looks up at him. “yes, but… why?”
  • he pulls away completely, a pained expression on his face. “daph,” he starts, but his words fall away. 
  • “i’m not sure how much longer i can keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.” were she talking to anyone else she would hate herself for being so vulnerable, but this wasn’t anyone else. this was theo. 
  • “you know you deserve better than me,” he croaks and her mouth falls open. 
  • “better? better than my best fucking friend?”
  • he shamefully averts his gaze, as well he should have. 
  • that’s why we’ve been dancing around this for so long? because you think i deserve better?” the tears in her eyes are no longer due to an overwhelming romantic notion, but instead due to anger. 
  • “you ass!” she cries, shoving his chest. “you idiot!” she tires to shove him again, but he’s hit a wall. she turns to start pacing the floor. “i thought you were supposed to be smart! you were supposed to intelligent, logical!” she whips back around at him, her hair spinning to follow her. 
  • she’s never seen him look so confused. “i am logical, that’s… that’s why i-”
  • “by your own admission, you’re own words, over and over again - i deserve to get everything i’ve ever wanted. right?”
  • he stammers, and reaches for her hand to pull her back to him. “well, y-yes of course. you deserve the world but-”
  • “well i want you,” she says, her voice quivering, a hand resting in his chest. “i’ve always wanted you. you’re the only thing i’ve ever truly wanted.” 
  • his mouth opens but nothing comes out. 
  • “so, logically,” she breathes, stepping still closer to him. “i then deserve you.”
  • his eyes dart around as he searches her face, but he doesn’t answer. 
  • “give me what i want,” she whispers, pushing herself on to her toes so that their lips were centimeters apart. 
  • theo closes the gap, pressing his lips into hers, sending a wildfire to spread throughout his entire body. 
  • she pushes back, deepening the kiss. with one hand on her lower back he pulls her in closer, while the other one moves up her back and to her neck, his fingers tangling into her hair. 
  • his hands, daphne thinks, his hands, and his lips, and his hair.
  • before long they have to break apart for air. he rests his forehead on hers and smiles. she lets out a huff of a laugh, gives him a few more pecks. 
  • “you know,” he says after the last one, both of his hands now on her hips as he moves her slowly to the music. “it was really wicked of you to use my own words against me.” 
  • she turns, pulls away and shrugs coolly. “yes well,” she starts, casually strolling towards her bedroom. “it was especially wicked of you to try and decide what i do and don’t deserve.” she stops halfway to her room and glances back at him, a smile playing at her face. 
  • theo grins, his eyebrows raised in concession. “good point,” he says, and then makes a sudden dart towards her, eliciting a squeal of excitement from her as she runs into the room, theo at her heels. 
Imagine having a beer with the boys....

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

“Not a chance Rogers. Just cause you are…”

“The army’s hottest, most popular solider.” Bucky interrupted as Steve looked again at the female nurse with blonde hair to their right.

“Thank you James for the insight. As I was saying just because you are Captain America doesn’t mean you can flirt….”

“Steve do us both a favor… go get the girl before [Y/N] turns red in the face.” Bucky requested as Steve smiled.

“I swear you two have been together too long, the fact you both act like this is lovingly sickening.” He called before walking away, towards the girl.

“Ten bucks says Steve kicks her boyfriend’s ass over.” You whispered to Bucky, as you both watched the man at the juke box raise his head at the sight of Steve talking to the nurse.

“Ten bucks Steve kicks both of her boyfriend’s asses, she is also banging the guy two seats over.” Bucky Whispered in reply as you looked at the other man cracking his knuckles at the sight of Steve flirting with the blonde.

“Think we should’ve told him?” you replied.

“Nah, he is Captain America remember? He is the…”

“Second hottest, and strongest guy in the army.” You cut him off, “Lucky for me the first hottest is right here.”  

“God Steve was right, we are lovingly sickening.” Bucky laughed as you took a sip of your beer and smiled.
Karlie Kloss flaunts her enviably peachy posterior in grey leggings
She's been storming the runways at the hottest shows during New York Fashion Week. But Karlie swapped the catwalk for the treadmill as she hit the gym in the Big Apple on Tuesday.

Squat it like it’s Kloss! Model Karlie flaunts her enviably peachy posterior in figure-hugging leggings as she squeezes in a workout during NYFW

By Rebecca Lawrence For Mailonline
PUBLISHED:  13 September 2017

She’s been storming the runways at the hottest shows during New York Fashion Week.

But Karlie Kloss swapped the catwalk for the treadmill as she hit the gym in the Big Apple on Tuesday.

Showcasing her sensational model figure, the 25-year-old blonde bombshell opted for a pair of figure-hugging leggings to show off her derriere.

Bootylicious: She’s been storming the runways at the hottest shows during New York Fashion Week. But Karlie Kloss swapped the catwalk for the treadmill as she hit the gym on Tuesday

She teamed the garment with a white T-shirt that highlighted her tiny waist and clung to her slender curves and also donned grey trainers.

Sweeping her ice blonde locks away from her face, the stunning supermodel showed off her natural beauty as she worked up a sweat.

She finished off the look by donning a pair of oversized shades as she headed home after the gruelling exercise session.

Workout wonder: Showcasing her sensational model figure, the 25-year-old blonde bombshell opted for a pair of figure-hugging leggings to show off her derriere

Karlie has been ruling the runways during New York Fashion Week, walking for the likes of Tom Ford, Jeremy Scott and Baja East.

The star is also gearing up to return to the Victoria’s Secret catwalk after a two-year hiatus from the brand.  

The model had been working with the company since 2011, but in 2015, the lingerie giant’s senior creative director Ed Razek revealed Karlie would be leaving when her contract ran out at the end of the year.

Therefore, her return to the show came as a shock to fans, with Karlie sharing the big news by writing ‘See you in Shanghai @VictoriasSecret,’ along with throwback photo of herself sporting her wings during the 2014 fashion show. 

Model moment: Karlie has been ruling the runways during New York Fashion Week, walking for the likes of Jeremy Scott (L) and Baja East ®

As well as modelling, Karlie is well known for her Kode with Klossy programme - a career scholarship which helps provide learning facilities and communities for young women working in tech.

Explaining her decision to set up the educational project, she told Teen Vogue in June: 'The great thing about being a model is that you get to be a muse, you get to take on all these different characters, but I felt like I was being so many different things for so many different people, I wasn’t investing time in myself or in my education.

'Not to say that what I was doing wasn’t valuable or meaningful, but I wasn’t filling my own cup. That was the biggest drive for me to want to learn something new and challenging — to prove to myself that I could.’

Back in her wings: The star is also gearing up to return to the Victoria’s Secret catwalk after a two-year hiatus from the brand. She wrote 'See you in Shanghai @VictoriasSecret,’ along with throwback photo to announce her return

Daily Mail

Clexa Halloween Week

Monday 10/30 - Free Day (aka. SPECIAL TRICK OR TREAT DAY!)

Lexa blamed Anya - she was the one who dragged her to a stranger’s Halloween party. But Anya couldn’t make her put on a costume, so Lexa turned up in her casual clothes … looking like the hottest jock on campus. 

It just so happened that on her way to get drinks she bumped into a pretty blonde zombie cheerleader. From that moment on everyone assumed they were a couple. 

As the night progressed and the playful cheerleader-sports captain jokes between Clarke and Lexa continued, both girls decided that maybe being ‘shipped’ together is not that bad. 

Special trick or treat moodboard for this prompt! from @clexaweek2018

(image only)

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Is this the girl?” Kieran’s voice was very different: It sounded like waves sliding up the shore. Like warm water under pale light. It was seductive, with an edge of cold. He looked at Emma as if she were a new kind of flower, one he wasn’t sure he liked.

“She’s pretty,” he said. “I didn’t think she’d be pretty. You didn’t mention it.”

Iarlath shrugged. “You’ve always been partial to blondes,” he said.

“Okay, seriously?” Emma snapped her fingers. “I am right here. And I was not aware I was being invited to a game of ‘Who’s the Hottest?’“

"I wasn’t aware you were invited at all,” said Kieran. His speech had a casual edge, as if he was used to talking to humans.

“Rude,” said Emma.

—  Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare

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Ohhh could I request 21 for the "I love you" ask meme with Yumikuri??

Yes, of course, my friend! Forgive me for taking forever to write this! I really hope it meets your expectations! 

The Way You Said I Love You

21. Over your shoulder - Yumikuri

           Krista clicked her tongue. “You have to be more careful.”

           “I know, I know,” Ymir sighed, foot tapping against the floor as the blonde held a bag of ice to her wrist. She hissed, biting her lip as Krista shifted the ice.

           “Sorry,” Krista said softly, her brow furrowing with concern. “We just have to ice it a little longer…”

           “I know,” Ymir replied, much gentler this time.

           “What were you even doing?” Krista asked, blue eyes searching hers with an intensity that Ymir was only starting to get used to.

           The freckled brunette shrugged, steadily holding her gaze. “I just got distracted and before I knew it, my wrist was in the potato pan and Armin freaked and started yelling and here we are now…”

           “I know what happened after, dummy,” Krista said, rolling her eyes. “How did you get distracted enough to burn your entire wrist like this?”

           Ymir shrugged. “There are things in this kitchen more interesting than a pan of potatoes,” she reasoned. Krista’s head cocked to the side, her light eyebrows drawing together curiously. “It’s really Shadis’ fault for putting us on kitchen duty together…” That earned her a rap on the head. “Ow!”

           “Don’t say that,” Krista hissed, her face suddenly dangerously close to Ymir’s. Her eye combed the room, which was empty, before continuing. “You’re the one who said we should keep this relationship a secret. You want to keep it that way? Keep your eyes on the potatoes and the hot pans, and off my ass, okay?”

           Ymir blinked, dumbstruck as Krista pulled back the ice and examined the burned skin on the brunette’s wrist. “I think we’re ready for a bandage. Stay here. I’ll be right back.” Ymir remained frozen as Krista pressed a gentle kiss to her burned skin, didn’t even flinch at the stab of pain that careful touch caused. She still didn’t move as the blonde got up to get the bandages, still unable to process the threat that had just been leveled at her by a girl who she didn’t think knew a single curse word. It was the most intimidating thing she’d ever witnessed. And maybe the hottest. “By the way.” Ymir perked up, eyes moving quickly towards Krista, who had stopped in the doorway and was looking back at her over her shoulder. “I love you.”

           The blonde left the room before Ymir could respond. The brunette watched the space where her secret girlfriend had disappeared, smiling in spite of herself. Krista had never been so assertive with her before. That was a sign that they were getting somewhere, right? Not to mention the fact that she’d used the L word. Sure, she’d said it sarcastically. But she’d said it. And that kiss…

           Ymir smiled. Maybe Krista had finally figured out ‘marry me’ wasn’t just an invitation for a wedding, but a different way for her to say that four-letter word. And Ymir wouldn’t have it any other way.

Trophy boys and girls are easy for each other to spot at parties. When their daddies send them off to get a drink so daddy can talk business (or boast about how well trained the trophies are) they often chat up the other trophies in the same predicament. Here you see Zachary and Dakota pose for a pic while they wait for their sugar dads to finish biz talk. These two hotties actually know each other quite well. They used to be boyfriend and girlfriend until Zach was recruited for my intern pool. He soon learned that his future was not to fuck the hot sorority girl. He learned that he is best using his skills to please a much older billionaire’s every whim. When Dakota came searching for Zach and found him sucking a client’s expensive load, she made a scene and we had to acquire her. Bimbo girls are a dime a dozen and her daddy is only a middle manager and barely a millionaire. Zach is the real winner here. Not only have his looks been shaped to be the hottest boy at the country club but his daddy is a multi billionaire and tonight is to be engaged. You better say YES Zach. Good boy. You always say YES to your owner.

Criminal Minds AU Episode 11: Lucky Seven

-Episode Guide-

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Part 1

Now, here’s my problem with the term “genius.” Usually, when people hear that word, they instantly associate it with people like my brother. You know, people who somehow or another seem to know literally EVERYTHING. People who can spit out random facts about pretty much any topic that happens to be brought up—and sometimes even topics that haven’t been brought up and apparently need to be discussed at 3:30 in the morning when you finally got to sleep after two hours of tossing and turning and are rather abruptly and rudely woken up by your bedroom door pounding open and the incoherent ramblings of a topic that was dropped hours ago and you have to exercise everything in your power to not punch said genius in the face as hard as you possibly can and…

Shit, sorry. Got off topic there. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Geniuses.

Yes, my brother certainly looks and acts like the typical picture of your standard “genius,” but if my time in this job has taught me anything, of all the unsettling, disgusting, and just altogether creepy unsubs we have come across who have felt the need to put themselves in the same category as people like Spencer, I have to admit that there were actually a few of them who surprised me. None of them I would probably classify as “genius” though. None of them were actually smart enough to officially go into that category in my mind.

After all, if they were truly “geniuses,” then how would we have caught them?


“Okay, but how do we know he’s even interested in me?”

Garcia rolled her eyes so hard that she nearly fell off of her stool. (Granted, the number of margaritas she had sucked down in the past hour may have something to do with that.) “Allyson Reid, I swear to God, you and your brother are the same person some time.”

Allyson groaned. “Great. I couldn’t be blessed with an eidetic memory or the ability to read 10,000 words a minute—”

“20,000,” Prentiss interrupted with a smirk as she ate the cherry at the bottom of her glass. “Pretty sure he said it’s 20,000.”

“Whatever!” Allyson interjected. “The point is, he’s supposed to be the one who could tell you that the only reason someone may look at you twice is because of the lack of people in the bar, your uncanny resemblance to someone they may know, your proximity to any of the central points in the vicinity, you’re—” She stopped abruptly, putting her hand to her mouth. “Oh my god. I hear it. Make it stop! Make it stop!”

Prentiss giggled at this, which immediately turned to full-on laughter as JJ inhaled half of her rum and Coke and nearly spit it all over the table. Garcia patted her several times on the back until she was finally able to swallow all the liquid and start breathing air again. She cleared her throat, shook her head, and turned back to the girls as if nothing had happened.

“Garcia’s right though. You should go talk to him,” JJ said. “He’s looked over here three times. He definitely wants to talk to you.”

Garcia nodded fervently. “Yes! Yes! Listen to the other blonde beauty in this group! We know what’s right for you!”

Allyson still felt unconvinced as she attempted to subtly look over towards the bar. She couldn’t deny it. He definitely was cute. Tall, lean, piercing blue eyes, shaggy, copper-colored locks, and a jawline that could probably cut glass. And as much as she wanted to deny it, he was definitely looking over there. Not that she could say she blamed him. She was only out with three of the hottest girls in the entire city. And as much as she didn’t want to believe that out of all of them, he had managed to single her out, the other three all seemed convinced that she was definitely the one he wanted to talk to.

She’d been so absorbed in her thoughts that she hardly noticed that Prentiss had left the table, returning with a single tequila shot and plopping it down in front of her.

“All right, here’s what you’re going to do,” she said, putting on that commanding tone that Allyson was certain she only used for interrogating unsubs. “You’re going to take that shot, you’re going to walk up to the bar, and you’re going to get his number. Understand?”

Allyson was about to nod when she noticed something missing. “Where’s my lime? You know I can’t do tequila without a lime.”

“You will get that after you get that guy’s number,” Prentiss said with a sly smile.

“Ooh! I like feisty Emily!” Garcia said excitedly, sipping her margarita.

“Come on, Ally. You got this!” JJ added, actually sounding encouraging (unlike their companions).

“Oh! Show him your gunshot wound! It’ll make you look badass!” Garcia added.

Allyson groaned, realizing that no matter how hard she tried, she had already lost this argument (yet another trait her brother possessed that she hadn’t been fortunate enough to also acquire). “What the hell?” she muttered, grabbing the shot, downing it, fighting against the bile forming in the back of her throat, taking a deep breath, and marching herself over to the bar.

Sure enough, as she approached him, he instantly turned his head, but his smile did widen slightly. He didn’t want to appear as though he had been sitting over here, waiting eagerly for her to come talk to him. Just as she didn’t want to appear as though she had spent the past 45 minutes sitting at her table thinking the same exact thing. What the hell am I doing? she asked, chancing a glance across the bar to see JJ, Prentiss, and Garcia all giving her encouraging thumbs up. She rolled her eyes and turned back to the mystery guy.

“I was hoping you would come over,” he said, swirling the ice cubes around in his drink. “I’m sorry if I seemed like I was staring.”

“Oh, I…I didn’t even notice,” Allyson replied, noticing that the room had suddenly become very hot. I shouldn’t have done that last tequila shot. Damn you, Emily!

“I…uhh…” He hesitated slightly, instantly looking embarrassed. “Sorry. I’m a little nervous.”

“Don’t be,” Allyson said despite the fact that it felt like the butterflies in her stomach were doing a goddamn samba right now. “Just…say what you wanted to tell me.”

“Well, it was more so I wanted to give you something,” he replied, sliding a cocktail napkin across the bar. Allyson did her best to prevent herself from grinning like an idiot as she saw a series of numbers written across it. And there’s seven of them! How about that!

“Someone you want me to call?” Allyson asked, internally cringing the second the line came out of her mouth. Damn you, Spencer, for giving me your awkwardness.

He laughed. “It’s…It’s actually my number.”

“Oh?” Allyson said, pretending to be surprised, the dancing butterflies in her stomach starting to dance even faster as he leaned across the bar, lessening the space in between them.

“Can you do me a favor?” he asked.

All right, Ally. Play it smooth, you awkward bitch, you. “Just name it,” she replied.

However, she noticed that his attention had turned from her and was instead focused on the table she had just vacated. “Would you mind handing it to your friend over there?” he asked. “The blonde one in the black top. I think she is absolutely stunning.”

Now it felt as though the sambaing butterflies had all hit the bottom of her gut with a painful THUMP! While Allyson definitely couldn’t deny that JJ was certainly stunning, to say that she was disappointed would be a bit of an understatement. However, she forced herself to crack a convincing smile (at least she was still good at lying) as she grabbed the napkin off of the table.

“I’ll pass the message along,” she said.

“Great. Thanks,” he replied, winking at her in a way that was somehow still so hot, it shouldn’t even be legal. Wishing she had about eight more tequila shots waiting for her right now, Allyson regretfully made her way back to the table, trying to ignore the sensual smiles of her friends as they prepared themselves for the juicy gossip that she undoubtedly was going to spill for them.

“Well,” she began, sitting down (Garcia practically draping herself over her shoulder) and holding up the cocktail napkin. “Got his number.”

“Knew it!” Garcia exclaimed as Prentiss slid a lime slice across the table.

“Now, was that so hard?” she asked as if speaking to a child.

“Well, I suppose if I was the one he wanted to give it to, it probably would have been a lot harder,” Allyson replied. As the triumphant smiles of her friends slowly morphed into looks of confusion, Allyson passed the cocktail napkin across the table to JJ. “By the way, he thinks you’re stunning,” she added, picking up her glass and silently cursing that it was currently empty.

“No,” Garcia moaned, her face instantly falling.

“You’re kidding,” Prentiss added, looking like she had a mind to go over and kick Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome’s ass.

“Wait, he wanted me to have his number?” JJ asked, looking shocked by the very thought.

“Yep,” Allyson replied, fishing out several ice cubes from the bottom of her glass, hoping they maybe had traces of alcohol on them. “And girl, you should go for it.”

“What? After he did that?” Garcia asked. “You’ve got to be out of your mind!”

Allyson shrugged. “Hey, I’m not his type. Big deal. JJ is and she should totally go for it because…I mean…did you see him?”

“Oh, Ally, I’m not going to call him,” JJ said, but Allyson waved it aside.

“Oh please. Don’t pass up an opportunity to get with that on my account,” Allyson said, now attempting to get the bartender’s attention.

To her surprise, however, JJ shook her head. “I’m not interested anyway.”

“JJ, I appreciate you being a good friend, but I’m not upset,” Allyson said. “He has good taste.”

“I mean…she’s not wrong there,” Garcia agreed, and Prentiss nodded.

“Girls, it’s fine,” JJ replied. “He’s just not my type.”

“Not your ty—Jaje, I love you and I trust your judgment more than anything,” Allyson began, “but honestly. How can you pass up the opportunity to tap that?”

“Agent Reid, I never picked you for one so…kinky,” Prentiss said, looking impressed.

“Despite what Garcia thinks, my brother and I are more different than you may think,” Allyson replied.

“Oh, thank god for that. Because I don’t need to picture your brother being ‘kinky’ at all,” Garcia said, instantly looking uncomfortable and actually warranting a laugh from Allyson.

“So why the strong disinterest, JJ?” Prentiss asked. “You’re not…hiding something, are you?”

“What? No! I—”

“Oh my god! You are!” Garcia exclaimed, pointing at JJ’s steadily reddening cheeks. “Oh! Who is he? What’s his name? Is he cute?”

“Is he cuter than that?” Allyson asked, jerking her hand back towards the bar.

“There isn’t a ‘he’ and I’m not hiding anything,” JJ replied, suddenly becoming very interested in trying to fish the lime wedge that had settled at the bottom of her glass.

Garcia, however, remained unconvinced and questioned it again. In response, JJ instantly ordered another round of shots, and no one could think of a good enough reason to push the matter any farther.


Detective Will LaMontange Jr. knew the second that he got the phone call that this was going to be a long day. It had been a while since he’d dropped another body, and they had to know that this was coming soon. Over the past week and a half, three bodies had been dropped in various areas throughout the city. Three completely different victims. Three completely different MOs. In fact, it would seem doubtful that these were even done by the same killer.

If not for the letters…

The first body had been found in an alleyway in the French Quarter approximately ten days ago, appearing to be just another run-of-the-mill prostitute killing—an unfortunately common occurrence in this part of town with these types of victims. Surprisingly, she had appeared almost completely unharmed saved for the fact that her genitals had been brutally mutilated, which caused the ME report for signs of sexual assault to be deemed “inconclusive.”

But what made this particular case different was the letter that had been left at the scene. A letter addressed to Detective Jack Faraday had been found on the victim’s body containing nothing but a Biblical verse inside: “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

And the same thing happened four days later when the CEO of a multimillion dollar avionics corporation was discovered dead in his home with his disembodied head sitting on the couch cushions, the mouth stuffed with several hundred dollar bills. And now, nearly a week later, they were getting reports that there had been another one.

“Victim’s name was Charlie Sampson,” Jack said as Will made his way into the crime scene. “An Iraqi veteran. From what we’ve been able to find, he was only overseas for a couple of months.”

“Well, what got him a lucky ticket home so early?” Will asked, looking down at the body in front of them.

“Luck ain’t got nothin’ to do with it,” Jack replied, motioning to the corner of the room. Will looked over to see two prosthetic legs propped up against a wheelchair.

Will shook his head as he turned back to the victim. Charlie Sampson couldn’t have been more than 28 or 29 years old. His skin had grown pale and waxy, his lips cracked and swollen. His arms were outstretched, tightly bound to the bedposts. That coupled with the fact that both of his prosthetic legs appeared to have not been moved from the room in some time painted a pretty sad picture of what had happened here.

“Dehydration, I take it,” Will said sadly. “Poor bastard didn’t even stand a chance.”

“And there’s more,” Jack replied, the anger evident in his voice this time.

“Let me guess. Another fan letter?” Will asked. Right on cue, Jack produced the piece of paper. Just like the other two, it contained nothing but Detective Faraday’s name and a single solitary quote.

“‘The way of the sluggard is blocked with thorns, but the path of the upright is a highway,’” Will read out loud. “Sounds Biblical. Just like the others.”

“Doesn’t make any goddamn sense!” Jack shouted, slamming his hand against the bedroom wall. “This guy is really starting to piss me off!”

“All right, calm down,” Will said, knowing better than to get in the middle of Jack and one of his anger episodes. He was generally good at calming himself back down, but every once in a while, he could get pretty nasty.

“Can you think of anyone who would be targeting you?” Will asked, already knowing the answer long before he had finished the question.

“You know I don’t, Will!” Jack exclaimed, running his hands through his hair. “And it’s bad enough I have the press sprouting their own rumors left and right. I don’t need you judging me too!”

“Jack, I ain’t judging you,” Will said. He took a deep breath, knowing his partner wasn’t going to like what he had to say next. “Look, we need to call the FBI.”

“We don’t,” Jack replied. “We don’t need their help.”

“Jack, I know you wanna catch this guy,” Will countered. “And I promise you, you’ll get that chance. No one will take that from you. But we have three murders that are all over the board and no leads. Okay, listen, there’s a team out of Quantico. They helped me a couple months back with one of my daddy’s old cases. Something I had been working on for years. They’re good, Jack. Real good.”

Jack looked for a moment like he was going to deny the request, but Will was happy to see the wheels turning in his head. As much as he didn’t want to admit he needed help (humility was never one of Jack Faraday’s strongest traits), he also wanted to catch this son of a bitch. He wasn’t about to let this guy best him.

“Fine,” Jack said. “Call your FBI buddies. But you tell them, when we find this sick bastard, he’s mine.”

Will held his hands up. “All yours, Jack.” As Jack stepped outside for some fresh air, Will pulled out his phone, quickly dialing her number. He knew if anyone could help them solve this, it was her team.

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Think you could do "I saw you in a suit and I thought you looked really hot until I looked down and saw that you were wearing crocs what the fuck" for nicoeli, please?

ok so by this point im pretty sure it is painstakingly obvious but i LOVE when Eli is just a very clueless, very attractive dork honestly???? like t b h can someone please scream at me about this disaster girl. She means Well, okay,,,,,

Also this prompt is perfect for nicoeli lmao. u have really good taste, anon!!!

Nico rolled her shoulders to work out a kink and raised her hand, flagging one of the waiters over. She politely requested another of her usual order before honing back in on her laptop screen and starting another search for a game.

It wasn’t like she intended to come here solely to play video games, but a month or two ago when she had a project she realized that this particular cafe had literally the best free wifi connection she’d ever seen.

So now she played video games in the corner for hours and just hoped people didn’t think she had issues.

While her computer searched, she leaned back in the couch chair, looking out the window idly. Or at least, it had been idle, until she caught sight of someone heading towards the shop she was in.

Now, Nico liked to think she wasn’t too prone to exaggeration, but this was literally the hottest girl she’d ever seen. Unable to tear her eyes away she ignored even the pinging that indicated she’d found a game and watched the stranger approach.

Dressed in a blazer and undershirt that fit so well they could probably move an angel to tears, blonde hair pulled up into a high ponytail, Nico could make the (probably safe) assumption that this girl was a model. And that she would probably trip over herself for an opportunity to speak with her.

Embarrassed, she discarded the line of thought - it was the other way around, anyone would be lucky to speak to her, the fabulous Nico Yazawa - and her gaze continued ever lower, admiring her fashion choices in her belt, the watch, and, last but certainly not least -

The sound of glass breaking overpowered Nico’s mind as her eyes fell upon the final piece of this stranger’s outfit.

Bright. Blue. Crocs.

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The idea of Cas possessing kid Claire gives me a creep, but a crack fic I once read (basically, imagine 4x01 with Claire!Cas wearing a pink My Little Pony shirt) pokes me with cracky ideas as well. What do you think would have happened with Claire!Castiel?

Okay, there are 2 equally brilliant alternatives here: one a straight up hilarious reverse!verse where Dean and Jimmy went mini golfing last episode and Dean mourned the daughter he never had in season 7, finally explaining why he kept the My Little Pony from that weird car along with carrying everywhere her MLP pink puffer jacket which she had hilariously outgrown over 3 years. (puts Emma from that season into a new light too :P) The other… Are you ready for Weird Alternate Season 4s Round 2? :P

(round one is “so what did the Winchester Gospels actually look like without the demon blood arc?” :P)

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“Time Switch no jutsu?” NaruSaku Fanfic.Part 1.

“Maybe… maybe we could go and get some ramen?”

Naruto was happy that he finally had a girlfriend, but it didn’t turn out at all how he imagined. 

He liked Hinata. 

She was beautiful, kind, talented, and yet, he couldn’t help but feel something amiss in their relationship. Something was… missing…

Inwardly, Naruto shrugged. Maybe it was the fact that before his last mission, he knew absolutely nothing about the Hyuuga. 

How well you know a person doesn’t matter when it comes to love, or so people say.

‘I literally can’t do any better than Hinata, though…’ The blonde concluded, scratching his whiskered cheek as he thought.’She might be the sweetest, hottest girl in the village.’

“Uhm… would you like ramen, Naruto-kun?”

‘She’s a ninja. She’s… awesome.’


‘She is… she’s… ’

Naruto was pulled from his thoughts by a hand tugging gently at his sleeve.He turned to see a blushing Hinata, her clear eyes downcast, seemingly looking at something at his feet.

“Uh, oh… uhm… y-yeah, Hinata. Sure.” He says quickly, unsure of what she asked him previously. The former kyuubi vessel made a mental note to not zone out while his new girlfriend was talking.

Hinata smiles and looks away shyly as she holds herself closely to his arm.

“THERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A loud voice booms in street on which Naruto and Hinata were walking. Naruto turns his head to locate the source of the extremely annoying noise. His eyes shoot wide as he sees from whom the racket is coming from.

A smaller version of himself was sprinting towards him, angrily.

“Wha? I didn’t make any clones of myse-”

A fist smashed its way into his nose as the younger version of himself lands a bone-breaking blow to his face.

“I’VE BEEN TO THE FUTURE, AND I HATE IT!!” Young Naruto spits on the ground, cracking his bloody knuckles as the older Naruto lies comically on the pavement, confused and bewildered.

“Since you’ve SCREWED EVERYTHING UP…I’m gonna fix it for you!”

Suddenly, kid Naruto makes several hand signals that the elder one cannot see due to the blinding pain emanating from his broken nose. In a flash of light, Naruto was gone.

“Wh-where is Naruto-kun!?” Hinata clenches her fists, anger bubbling within her as her protective nature started to surface.

“I’m Uzumaki Naruto!!” The young Naruto grins confidently. “Now, where’s Sakura-chan?”

Naruto groaned as he regained consciousness. When had he become such a lightweight? It felt as if he had traveled to the land of the dead and back.

“Excuse me… you look like you need some medical attention.”

His vision was red and blurred as the blood from his nose had seeped all over his face, but he didn’t have to see who was speaking to him to know who it was. He turned his head slightly towards the familiar voice… which was slightly higher in pitch than he remembered…

“I’m not that good yet, but I can help you with that broken nose, sir.”

He felt a small, warm hand on his chin, and his eyes shut in an odd sort of relief. The warm feeling pooled around his nose, and after a painful *crack* of the bone being re positioned, he felt instantly relieved.

“Wow… thanks, Sakura-chan.” Naruto sighed calmly, opening his eyes. To his amazement, the pink haired woman he expected to be standing in front of him was replaced by her younger self, who screeched loudly and jumped a few feet away from him with her fists up in a defensive pose.

“H-how… did you know my name!? A-are you some kind of pervert!?!?!” She looks around frantically as Naruto puts his hands up in the air. 

“No! No! I’m uh… this is hard to explain…” He scratches his head nervously, not wanting her to raise her voice to alert everyone in the vicinity.

“I’m Uzumaki Naruto.”

End of Part 1.

-Story by ODG

More NaruSaku stories here.

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Can't you just see it like, Regina would be all "Miss Swan if I'm going to be placing my son in your less than capable hands on a regular basis, I have to be able to get a hold of you at my convenience." And then sometimes she just sits there staring at her phone, the first six numbers dialed trying to work up the nerve to dial the seventh and hit send before snapping her phone closed in frustration.

Emma jerked awake with an awfully familiar sensation. She was late. Stumbling up from where she had crashed out on her couch, she read the time on her cell. It was 12:18pm. Emma groaned as her headache made its stellar entrance, and she squinted at the bright rays of sunlight streaming through her windows. She quickly hopped into her bug and raced over to granny’s diner where she was supposed to meet the mayor at noon.

“What the—?” Emma muttered to herself as she looked at her contacts. It went straight from Ray to Ruby, with no Regina Mills in sight. “Great,” she said flatly, preparing herself for the lecture she was sure to receive.

When she flung herself through the diner doors, instead of an irritated scowl, Regina Mills smirked at the blonde’s late arrival. Emma could’ve sworn her dark eyes scaled her body up and down before she took a seat at the table.

“Good morning Sheriff,” Regina said.  “How was your night?”

“Er…fine,” the blonde said absently. She pulled out her phone and set it on the table. “I tried to call you to let you know I was going to be late. I don’t know what happened, but I lost your number.”

“Is that so?” Regina Mills said.

Emma didn’t need to look up from her cell to hear the arch of an eyebrow in her tone. “Yeah, can you just call my phone?”

Regina took hers out and dialed the blonde’s number. Surprisingly, Regina’s number didn’t come up as an unknown caller, but saved under a different name. Emma’s brow crinkled in confusion as she read the name “THE HOTtEST BITCHH IN STOREYBROOK” before her eyes widened in horror when the ringtone suddenly erupted. The blonde scrambled for her device, but Regina grabbed her phone from the table first. The whole diner looked their way as the Enrique Iglesias song loudly rang out.


“Give it back!” Emma hurled at the brunette and tried to snatch her phone away. “Regina! Turn it off!” the blonde’s face was a deep crimson. After what felt like hours to Emma, the ringtone finally ceased and she yanked her phone roughly from the brunette’s hands. A notification said “1 missed call from THE HOTtEST BITCHH IN STOREYBROOK.”

“Regina, I—“

“Is that what you think, Sheriff?” Regina’s tone was suddenly dangerous as she tipped her head down to the cell in Emma’s hands.  

“I was drunk! I don’t know what… I don’t…”

“I see.” There was an uncomfortable silence. “Perhaps we should reschedule then,” Regina suggested and moved to gather her things. 

Emma’s face was still burning and she couldn’t even look the attractive brunette in the eyes as she nodded meekly. She’d made enough of an ass out of herself for one day.  Emma clicked on “THE HOTtEST BITCHH IN STOREYBROOK” contact name to change it and up popped last night’s texts she had sent to the brunette.  

Oh fuck.

The barrage consisted of twenty three texts and two photos.

 “Oh, and Ms. Swan,” Regina turned back to say with a predator’s smile. “You might want to get that birthmark looked at.” And with that her heels clicked away as she sauntered out the door. 

PJO/HOO hair headcanons

I had a bad hair day today and wondered if the demigods ever worry about things as mundane as this. To answer: yes, they do.

  • Grover: Satyrs don’t really care about their hair. Pretty much like fur, they’re usually soft, brown, and curly, often smelling like… goat. Juniper loves it when Grover’s hair is short and cropped because she can see more of his face and her branchy limbs don’t get tangled in them when they make out.
  • Percy: Of all the characters whose hair gets the most attention (and vivid descriptions), Percy wins the title. Messy in the windswept/beach bum look 24/7, soft and extremely dark, and definitely the kind of dude hair that needs no hair products to stay up. Probably thick and luscious af. Kept short (-ish). He still had a silly fringe which he thought made him look cooler, but Sally usually got angry if it grew beyond Percy’s brows. He cut off the fringe when he arrived in New Rome, and ever since then, he pushed it back and over his forehead instead. For practical purposes, he said–but everyone knew it was just bc it made Annabeth swoon.
  • Annabeth: She wins second for most described head of hair. She started out with blonde, extremely gorgeous princess curls that framed her face, but as she grew older, the curls dropped into loose waves and the golden locks had a few light browns and reds mixed in between. If her hair wasn’t up in a pristine ponytail, she’d have it french braided by the side of her neck–Annabeth’s hair was so rarely down. When she did though, it made Percy weak in the knees because her lemon shampoo could be smelled leagues away. Much to the annoyance of some Aphrodite campers, she didn’t give a flying fu about her hair but it looked picture perfect ALL THE DAMN TIME. It gets frizzy in humid weather though. Very frizzy. Not like she cared.
  • Thalia: No gel, pixie cut. She dyes her hair black periodically to hide her platinum blonde hair that she says makes her look as plain as Jane. She shaved one side of her head to keep things interesting, also because it makes the silver circlet around her head look bomb af. It naturally spikes to the sides and when she’s afraid, the static in the air makes her hair stick up straight. She likes it short because she hates hair in her face, and she honestly loves to feel the wind brush against her cheeks. Thalia has one of the hottest heads of hair in CHB tbh. 
  • Clarisse: Kind of oily, definitely heavy, but a nice shade of brown. Not too light, and not too dark. Clarisse often keeps her hair underneath a bandana or tied up tightly so that it doesn’t obstruct her field of vision, but when she lets it down, it rolls like a velvet sheet. Everyone in the Ares cabin is aware that she has bombalicious hair and usually reminds Aphrodite girls that Clarisse doesn’t even wash it sometimes. Although it usually smells like sun and sweat, her straight hair comes down just above her collarbones, glossy, soft-looking and always in place (because heavy hair is always neater). One time, she removed her bandana after a particularly difficult game of capture the flag, and rendered everyone speechless as she flipped her hair into the wind. Unfortunately, she deems every day a bad hair day because she can’t get a brush through her hair without the bristles breaking and getting caught in hairballs. Chris thinks otherwise.