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“Don’t know what position you play in quidditch, but you look like a keeper ;^)”

//I would like to thank my dear potterhead friend for that pickup line


bonus: he strikes again!!

I figured I’d post a quick progress pick. When I first started this journey I didn’t take a before pick, because (if I’m being honest) I didn’t think it would stick. But the picture on the left was one of my breaking points.
It was about 2 years ago and when I was at my heaviest. We were celebrating one of my best friends birthdays and I thought I looked pretty good, then she posted this picture. I broke down crying.

I didn’t realize I had gotten that large, yet I continued to eat whatever I felt like whenever I felt like. That was until my mom was diagnosed with cancer early last year. Thankfully the doctors discovered it in stage one and she fought through it and we discovered this January that she was officially cancer free! YAY
I digress. It made me realize that I needed to take better care of myself, because I know I have a higher chance of being diagnosed with cancer than others. So I started a 28 day challenge that became a two month challenge that become my weight loss journey.
The picture in the right is me when my friends and I went hiking in Providence Canyon in Georgia, something that the girl on the left would have never been able to do.
I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, and even though I still have a long way to go, it’s amazing to have motivation and encouragement from not only my loved ones but y'all, fitnation!
Here’s to an even fitter 2017!

My Little Secret

They had met in Jamaica when Harry went to get away, to write, to have no distractions. But then she came out of nowhere, she was on vacation with her friends, spring break. She was cute, and Harry took a quick liking to her, she was different. She didn’t want to know Harry Styles from One Direction, but just Harry Styles as a person. 

He liked the way she laughed, the way she was carefree but at the same time she wasn’t. He liked the way that she had to plan everything before it happened, that she hated not knowing. He liked the fact that she was a college student, a waitress, a regular girl. He loved the fact that she private, and didn’t want any camera’s on her, she wanted no part in his famous life. She wanted him behind closed doors. The only person in her life that knew about him was her roommate, other than that she kept her lips sealed.

And at the beginning it was easy, he could visit her, she could visit him. She went to his private show in London, met his family. They all loved her, who wouldn’t? She met his friend, his band mates, she sat in the crowd and people just assumed she was a fan. They came in separate cars, him with his team, she would drive her 2008 Ford, they would leave in separate cars. They made it work. 

“When did you get here?” Harry asked, relaxing in the shade near the pool. 

They were careful, up until his three day holiday in Mexico. She stood by the doorway, her sun flower covered dress laid over her bathing suit, sunglasses on her face. 

“About twenty minutes ago, I ran up stairs to change,” she smiled, “how’s your break?”

“Would be better if you laid here with me,” Harry grins, patting the spot next to him.

She laughs, laying next to him, he wraps his arm around her, the two face each other, their faces inches apart, “did you get a hair cut?” he asked, picking up the ends of her hair. 

“Yeah,” she smiled, “I got it the other day.”

“‘s nice,” he yawns, dropping her hair, “I’ve missed you.”

She kisses his jaw line, moving up to the corner of his mouth, “missed you more,” she mumbled, kissing him, “your sister requested to follow my instagram, I had to decline.”

Harry laughs, Y/N made it clear she wants her privacy. And if Gemma, Anne, Harry, and all his friends and family followed her on social media and shared pictures people would start asking questions, something she wasn’t ready for. 

“Did you see me on the late late show?” He asked. 

“I stayed up every night,” she says, making him smile, “your performance of Kiwi gave me life I had no idea I was missing.”

He laughs, moving her body closer to him, and then wrapping his leg around her, “is that so?” he asked. 

She nods, “are you joining me next week?” Harry asks, lips in a pout. 

“I wish, but I have work,” she sighs, “I have to make money to pay for college, you know like normal people.”

“Ugh,” Harry groans, “what about June?”

“I’m all yours,” she promised. 

“We are going out to eat,” Mitch says, leaning against the island in the kitchen. 

“Where are you going?” Y/N asked, placing her chin on the palm of her hand, she tears her gaze away from Harry to Mitch. 

“Some restaurant Claire found,” he shrugs, “I take it you guys won’t be coming?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” Sarah asked, walking in, she sets her back on top of the island, “didn’t you two come out yet?”

“No, why would you think that?” Y/N asked. 

“There are pictures of you like everywhere,” Sarah says, handing her phone to Y/N.

She grabs it, scrolling through twitter. 

Y/N Y/L/N is the girl Harry is with, here is her twitter. 

She’s not that pretty. 

LOL she looks like trash. 

IDK I would put in more effort in my appearance if I was Y/N.

Y/N is cute, leave her alone. 

If Harry likes her, I like her. 

Y/N needs to lose some weight, where did she come from anyways?

I bet Y/N is with him for the money.

Harry grabs the phone, pictures of them from the pool are posted everywhere, links to her social media are attached to tweets.

“Oh God,” Y/N rubs her temples, “how did they find me so quickly?”

“Please don’t listen to them,” Harry says. 

She sighs, she had seen how the fans reacted to his past rumored girlfriends, it was the last thing she wanted. 

“This is crazy,” she says, grabbing her own phone to see calls and texts from her friends, DM’s from people in her school, “this is the last thing I wanted.”

“Why are people like this?” Mitch sighed. 

“Y/N,” Harry says gently. 

“I’m fine,” she shrugs, turning off her phone and slipping it back into her bag, “it was bound to happen at some time anyways.”

“It should’ve happened when you were ready though, not when some guy wanted a pay check,” Harry says, frowning. 

She grabs his hand, “my social media is on private, and I don’t plan on changing that, yeah people know about me, but they can’t really ever know what happens when it’s just us, which is what really matters.”

“‘m sorry love,” Harry kisses her hand, “I know this isn’t ideal.”

“Hey, you have to put up with me and my baggage, I have to do the same, your baggage just happened to be millions of camera’s,” she teased. 

“Sometimes you can get a really good profile picture though,” Harry jokes. 

She rolls her eyes, leaning over the island and kissing him quickly, “you’re very lucky I like you a lot,” she smiled. 

“I’m a very lucky man,” Harry agrees, a smile on his face. 

He grabs his phone sending out one little tweet. 

Please share the love, she’s a wonderful girl who makes me happy, H.

“Stop signing your tweets! We know they’re from you!” Claire yelled, walking into the room. 

{ red velvet }

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader (ft. sugar daddy thomas)

t/w: none!

tags: @toonerzchatz @promisesandmore @itsallexmallory @impala-moose @jaydiggs1218 @fierydaemon @slightlysouless @jzzyjones @wiindmill @whitestorm547 @hamilturnt @fearless-butter @littleblue5mcdork @arostrolgy @mcgrammer15 @fanagelbagel @mehrmonga @luna-lightwood-potter @strawbirby @21donutlover

a/n: the long awaited sugar daddy fic. i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! i’ll release a part every other day. 

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part one // part two


You had finished yet another grueling shift at a cafe nearby. You said goodbye to your coworkers, clocked out, and headed home. You were exhausted beyond belief, but you had to keep going. You had classes tomorrow that you needed to get ready for.

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look at me

ao3 | ffn

summary “What do you do if you’ve discovered your best friend’s biggest secret but kept the fact that you knew from them?”

He keeps giving her this look, one that told Marinette that he knew something, that she was out of the loop on something. One that she could never decipher, no matter how hard she tried.

word count 8011

a/n because i wrote this so long ago, and never posted on tumblr. so here you go, one and half a year over due

this is part of a companion piece (both are one-shots)

enjoy some fluff

She didn’t know what to think about this friendship with Adrien.

Marinette was pretty sure it began when they were 16 and had coincidentally met at one of the cafes outside of school. She had just finished defeating an akuma and ducked into one of the alleys squished between shops to transform back. When Marinette walked out, she met head-to-toe with Adrien Agreste.

Obviously, Marinette blushed massively and managed to stammer out a “A-A-Adrien!” before he smiled and began conversing with her. Apparently he had just been at a photoshoot and was planning on going home before the akuma fight had broken out. He had hidden in the cafe for shelter. Marinette nodded, saying she did similar but didn’t elaborate. Smaller lies were simpler, after all.

Then from there on, they kept on meeting. Coincidentally.

He was planning on buying a book from the local bookstore. He was thinking of trying organic pineapples sold at a farmer’s market. He was checking out the flowers sold at the front of a magazine stand. “For a friend” he had said and she never really thought twice about why he was shopping for bouquets at a magazine stand.

She never really questioned it, because it was none of her business. To say she wasn’t curious was a lie but Marinette respected Adrien enough not to intrude on his privacy.

But it kept coming.

They started to talk to each other and hang out after akuma attacks. It didn’t happen all the time, but often enough for Marinette to wonder if it was really just coincidences.

“It’s not like he’s stalking me,” Marinette told Tikki one day, laughing. Her kwami replied with a sliver of a smile. 

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anonymous asked:

Long ass kiss anon again. Sorry for flooding your askbox, but I have SO MANY ideas. For instance: They're in their first year of UA, and All-Might has split them into groups for yet another simulation. This time its a hostage simulation, with Sero as one of the villains (The other being Jirou) and Yuuga as the hero trying to save the hostage (Momo.) Jirou had jumped on the opportunity to gaurd Momo while Sero looked for Yuuga. He's pretty sure she just wants to flirt and try to look cool, but it


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so i watched the trailer for moira

nice we finally have a talon healer!!!

that’s cool. evil healer tho, wonder where the concept came from…

this is pretty cool! oh wait a second…

that looks familiar. hmm i wonder where have i seen that before


6x01 post ep fic

A/N: So my ass needs to get back to writing. Not making any promises but I’m going to try and write something for each ep just to get my writing engine revved again. @hopedreamlovepray is joining me in this endeavor so go check out the fic she posted earlier today. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! 

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spinningthehamsterwheel  asked:

I've seen a bunch of posts and info about Vlad and Nathan, but managed to miss pretty much anything regarding Ursula (like, I didn't even know she had scars). Do you have centralized character info in a post somewhere?

Ursula is intentionally kept as a mystery because her character arc is central to the plot. But I do have a few things I typed up when people asked so I will repeat them here for anyone interested:

Ursula is of mixed descent. Everyone thinks she is going to look a certain way because of where she is currently living in the world. But when asked “when did you move here” she does this sort of slow blink, and goes “Oh, no. I never moved. You all did.”

My girl’s watched continental drifts and stars being born. She’s got no time for your colonial whitewashing bullshit.

Like Vlad and Nathan, she is also bi/pan and doesn’t care much for the social constructs of gender binary. She’s considerably older than Vlad and he’s somewhat embarrassed by this. Nathan continues to give zero fucks and courts her like she’s 20 something. She’s wryly amused by this.

She was once the lover to an Empress whose kingdom sunk beneath the ocean. She was on the other side of the world when it happened. She still looks for the lights some nights.

In her present form she’s short and stocky. Her hair is the color of dark honey and curls wildly if left to its own devices. It reminds Vlad of early renaissance paintings, and he’d like to paint her some day. Nathan likes watching her braid it. He buys her silly little trinkets to lace through the plaits. Ursula who has worn crowns, treasures all of them.

She eats almost as much as Nathan and never says no to honeycomb. If comics existed she’d read them. In their lieu she greatly enjoys reading the new publications known as Penny Dreadfuls—both her and Vlad collect the same author and by happy coincidence each have copies of chapters the other does not. They’re trying to get Nathan interested but he’s not a fan of fantasy. A world with only humans is just too unrealistic. Not to mention worryingly speciest.

She bears a lot of scars. She does not hide them.

She has a natural talent for the theatrical and in another life walked the stage. She likes plants but gardens begrudgingly. She’s forgotten her original name but doesn’t mind.

She has been alone for a very long time.

prince of cats

chapter four: my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand

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hey how is everyone? if you follow me on tumblr, you’ll know i wrote like 8k for this fic in one day, and hopefully i’ll be doing a lot more writing for it this week, so it looks like posting will be constant all the way through which is pretty nice!

thanks for reading! enjoy~

Marinette pulls her hair up into a messy bun as she makes herself a hot chocolate. It’s almost noon, and she slept far too late, but yesterday was a day. She had sat in Adrien’s kitchen for longer than she had ever imagined, familiarizing herself with the swoop of his hair and the way the corners of his eyes crinkle when he smiles.

And then she had gone over Alya and Nino’s and had screamed about it for almost an hour over dinner.

Marinette glances over to the window by the sink, where the window is cracked open. For some reason, she half expects Plagg to appear, purring and demanding something to eat. If she thought she had it bad before, after spending a few hours with Adrien, it’s infinitely worse.

She is totally and completely screwed.

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I’m posting this because it’s absurd. A different artist who also drew a Lisa Frank baphomet is claiming not only I stole her very original idea, but also I traced it. And I want to show this because I think this is ridiculous.

The top photo is her overlay where I “trace” the shape of the face, and then for some reason I moved it to trace the shape of the shoulders. Because I have no idea how to draw goat faces and shoulders and can only do so if I google image search for the exact image I want to use (also remember that her image is only the top half of baphomet, I must of just had to google for another cute baphomet to trace the lower half of, because how could I have done it otherwise?). 

The 2nd set of photos is artetak’s image lined up with the original engraving of Baphomet, that I also used as very heavy inspiration, and, SHOCK AND AWE it lines up too! Really disappointed in Eliphas Levi for using his time machine to come into 2017 and tracing her original (copyright tm) baphomet image. 
The bottom photo is the original engraving of baphomet from the 19th century, the one that inspired every image of baphomet to come after, the one that they built a statue of. 

I was aiming for an exact copy of Baphomet with authentic Lisa Frank imagery and aesthetic. I used the original engraving as a base for proportions so that things lined up exactly with the very Victorian proportions of the original. Looks kind of like artetak did that too, but I never claimed otherwise. 

For the record, like 5 years ago I drew a baphomet sigil in the style of Angelic Pretty, and you can bet your ass that I had at least 4 different people I never even heard of before, who obviously never heard of each other either, messaging me to claim that I “stole their idea” of devil sigils. What is it with Tumblr thinking they invented Satan????

Edit: shes since claimed (on a now deleted IG post) I copied the same color palette as her, but again: LISA FRANK. I just used the eyedropper tool on scanned Lisa Frank stickers to help find just the right Lisa Frank colors (obvs you can’t just use the colors you click on, you have to usually mess around with them and saturate them usually), so if our colors are the same, it’s because we both did that. I am just so shocked at the absurdity of this whole situation! 

EDIT 2: She deleted the original FB post, and the IG post, and has now instead put up an IG post brushing the whole situation off with: “ When someone up and does the exact same thing as I do then sends me a nasty message telling me I’m full of shit, it really fucking sucks. “ which is, ONCE AGAIN, absurdly hilarious because she messaged me (it was anon, so maybe it was someone else) on Tumblr ASKING ME TO EMAIL HER, and my email wasn’t really any less shitty than her response where she asked me if this was my “first ever original piece”, like I’m cringing so hard at this.

Edit 3: I’m adding some more random stuff because she’s deleted her original callout posts AND is still acting like I was somehow antagonizing her over this. So this is just what happened: she told me to email her on Tumblr, I did, it was an angry email because the situation is absurd, she then deleted all her posts about it and claimed I was “sending her nasty messages saying she’s full of shit” and you know what fucking sucks? I’m confident no one will actually see this because she has thousands of followers and I don’t, so she gets to be the victim. Real cool.


Way back in Steven the Sword Fighter, when Pearl reforms, we see her go through all her previous forms before arriving at her new appearance. It goes by so fast, it’s hard to notice - but her first form had a shape quite like this, which I drew off of. This is the appearance I’m headcanoning for her first form - as White Diamond’s Pearl. Granted, she could have served a different Gem, but it’s pretty predictable she was originally made for White Diamond, given her gem placement.

Apparently I was so excited to post this that I forgot to add that I did redraw the reforming pose from the episode, which is why the pose may look familiar. Just a screenshot redraw but with a headcanon design!

anonymous asked:

what's your process for creating/designing your material? how do you get the images looking so nice and similar to the handbooks?

Thank you for the ask! I have a post on how I make my monsters, here. I use a somewhat similar process for magic items, and make my races using Musicus homebrew’s guide. 

Overall, it can be summed up in a process of coming up with an idea, figuring out what I want it to do and what other uses it should have, drafting a stat block, playtesting, and rinsing and repeating if I don’t get the desired results (though sometimes it is necessary to tweak the concept rather than the statistics). 

For example, with my Pyr Hag, my initial idea was for a desert-themed hag. I wanted it to be one of the tougher hags, like the two in Volo’s Guide, so I geared it towards a medium CR and gave it some powerful spellcasting. It didn’t exactly seem like a melee fighter (hags don’t seem to prefer hack-and-slash), so I left its close-range attacks pretty plain. It isn’t even supposed to be a creature that is fought, necessarily, because of the nature of hags. Originally, she also had the spell Earthquake and the ability to teleport. It was a bit much, so I later removed them.

As for formatting, I use the resources from this post, though I only have the background, borders, margins, and brushes. Because of this, I only use them to make monsters and races (though I make stat blocks in Genius Inc’s monster maker). 

This is what my monsters look like before I get them their own fancy pages:

My foraging guides and magic items are made with the Homebrewery and edited in photoshop afterwards. 

Hopefully this answered your questions! 



So, for fun I was thinking-
“How would Ortensia look in the new Mickey Mouse shorts?”

I was thinking they probably wouldn’t make her outfit pink or green because those are already taken.
So, I’m hoping that if she were to appear, she would wear this pretty blue-green color.
I got the awesome blue-green color idea from @luckier-than-most-kitties drawing, which you can see here

Sakura’s Parenting

Okay, I am just gonna tackle this head on. I half don’t want to, because I know I might get so many hateful comments, but I just wanna say it: Sakura is not an abusive parent.

Now, as always, I’m gonna put a disclaimer up: I am pro-sakura and pro-sasusaku. You can obviously continue to read this, because I have no control over you and this is the internet, but the disclaimer is here just in case you are anti and don’t want to waste your time reading it. I’ll also be getting personal in this about my own abuse experiences, so please do not read if you’ll get triggered by that too. And please don’t just spit out insults for fun at my expense.

So, the ONE moment that started this whole freaking theory of Sakura being abusive was when Sakura punched the ground out of frustration when Sarada was being rather insulting towards and upset with Sakura.

Alrighty, so first off, not only did Sakura punch THE GROUND, she immediately felt terrible for doing so and for upsetting Sarada. And I already can hear people yelling “But she still punched the ground in front of Sarada which is aggressive” or “If she is willing to punch the ground that hard, what else does she punch!” SO I’ll get a littler personal with this to explain my position and feelings:

I was abused as a kid. I got a good mix of emotional and physical abuse (not from my mom. I just want to clarify that, because I love my mom). When I read this part of the manga, it didn’t even phase me as abusive or scare me (and yes, I actually have PTSD from some of my abuse, so there would be reason for me to freak out if it triggered anything for me).

Now I’m not saying that I represent all children who suffered abuse, because I DEFINITELY do not. But as someone who did go through it, I can honestly say I would prefer a ground punch. Punch that ground please, because taking your emotions out on the ground is better than throwing objects at my face, locking me in my room, or dragging me around the ground so you can listen to me scream sorry while in pain.

(Okay, now I’m actually kind of crying a little remembering some stuff, but I’m gonna power through this.)

And from the other side of this, being in Sakura’s position in other words, I have punched things before too in anger, but have never punched a person. I have punched walls especially (left a dent in one before) because I had emotions I didn’t understand or just needed to get out (and had no other outlet available to me). But I have never hit someone out of anger, and I never ever want to. People actually tell me I am too nice sometimes too. I’m not a vicious person at all. (The only time I ever hit someone was when I was fighting back in self defense. I was hit first.)

And when I was abused, my abuser certainly did not feel guilty about it AT ALL. He actually laughed about it usually. Sakura only just scared her daughter and immediately feels guilty and apologizes.

Honestly, Sakura’s moment of frustration was not only provoked by Sarada, but also likely a result of Sakura ALWAYS having to cover for Sasuke. (I am not saying Sasuke is a bad guy here, by the way, so don’t get mad.) Poor Sarada is asking questions all the time about her dad, and Sakura simply has NO answers besides the fact that he’s out on a mission. And with the threat of the mission being Uchiha related, she can’t give her daughter too many details I’m sure, just in case her daughter could then become a target somehow. 

Then throughout the rest of the manga, Kishi shows us all these other heart-warming moments of Sakura’s kindness and love towards her daughter, just in case people get the wrong idea.

(I never had my abuser ever give a fuck that I was sick, let alone watch over and worry about me. Pretty sure he would rather me die, honestly.)

(My mom would often give me super tight hugs when I was in trouble or sad, and it comforted me so much, and made me feel safe. I actually teared up at this part because of that.)

(Sakura passing on Sasuke’s little tradition to Sarada, even though Sarada doesn’t know it yet. Sakura’s trying her best to not only comfort Sarada, but also somehow express her father’s love for them both without him even being there.)

(Sakura, exhausted, still trying to protect her daughter from whatever she can. I mean, Sakura is limping and beaten down from the crazy Shin dude, but she loves Sarada and wants to get between her and any existing or potential danger.)

(Okay, again, this hug had be in tears. I miss my mom so much right now, I may have to call her after this.)

ANYWAY, to wrap this up because I actually am crying (I am a little ashamed of myself right now, I honestly did not think I would cry at all writing this), Sakura had one moment of anger, and Sakura-haters grabbed onto it excitedly to create new reasons to convince people to hate Sakura. Sakura, in my eyes, is nothing but a worried and caring mother. She was basically a single mom for 10-ish years too. She raised her child on her own, and Sarada obviously benefited from her mother’s love and parenting. She’s strong, intelligent, healthy, and level-headed (for the most part).

(In case you are wondering, though I am sure you aren’t, my mom got divorced when I was a teenager so I had some decent teenage years to help me recover and all that. So my mom is definitely safe, as am I, and she is married to a wonderful man now. So no one needs to worry about me, though I’m sure you weren’t at all.)

So, that’s my quick defense for Sakura.

This is pretty touchy for me, so if you do want to argue, please be civil. I honestly don’t know if I should even post this, but I get so angry when I see people accuse her of being abusive. Because I look at all those sweet moments Sakura has with Sarada, and I FEEL that love. And it hits my heart every time. (My eyes are totally watering up again, I am so lame!!)

Thanks for reading :)

(And if you do want to discuss anything with me privately, feel free to message me about it. I doubt you do, but hey, if someone out there is reading this and needs someone to talk to or confide in, I’d be happy to!)

One Piece 863 thoughts

I call them “thoughts” because who ever has the time to write a proper review? It’s the first time in weeks I’ve had time to breathe and thank Kami-sama now that I have more than -1 time the chapter is AMAZING

Starting with the covers: I … am wondering why they’re playing rock paper scissors. But more than that why the hell IS GON NOT THERE? IT’S HIS MOVE GODDAMMIT F*** YOU TOGASHI I mean, a moment of silence for all the HxH fans such as myself who were slain by this umpteenth reminder of the Eternal HiatusxHiatus. Other than that, as I said before, but at this point it’s pretty obvious: Jump editors are working so that Boku No Hero Academia becomes the successor of OP - meaning, a world-wide Japanese-born pheonomenon. It’s due to its own popularity of course, but BNHA is, like OP was at its time, being brought forward massively. Which is kinda - alright, VERY - sad, given the treatment that same board gave to Bleach just a few months ago. And, Sanji is there along with Luffy! Yay. Way to go, Sanji fans. 

Secondòy, we get a popularity poll for the 20th anniversary in August. And since after every saga some characters that have been relevant step a few places forward - wanna think of Trafalgar Law after Dressrosa stealing Zoro’s spot? And just like our favorite dark doctor - the cute one would be Chopper of course, could Sanji make a step forward now, as well, just after an entire saga has been partially focused on him? And well… there are only two spots ahead for him now since he’s fourth. 

Now I’m feeling stupid  cause I hadn’t understood that the party was taking place outside! So in my mind I briefly wondered how could Big Mom know it wouldn’t rain… then I realized she

  • can control weather
  • has a son who foresees the future

Lol. Also funny that is looks a bit like a giant tooth… in a candy island. How extra. 

 So Luffy’s kagebunshin no jutsu - which is particularly dear to us who grew with Naruto - was just a trick using Brulée’s mirror after all. Now I hope they bring her along on the sunny cause this techique is just too funny - imagine the faces Law would make?

Originally posted by charlottec21

Alright this was by no means related I just wanted to use this gif because #bepo

Something I could not say last week because I was so fricking tired was that the cake reminded me so badly, decorations and stuff, of the Corpse Bride. However, jokes aside, I think Big Mom’s must have some sort of last minute backup acquired through sugar - much like Popeye and Spinach or Luffy and Meat. Otherwise, we’d know pretty much about her already and it’d be quite disappointing for a yonkou to be, possibly, theoretically, so easily defeated. To even know about all her weaknesses. And then when they fight and lose their strenght, both she and Luffy will eat the scraps of the cake…?

I haven’t had time to look at even one single post on this chapter yet, but much like someone else in this chapter, I’m betting my soul this enraged a lot of people. Mainly, two categories of people: SaNa fans, Pudding haters and those who thought she would have to stay bad. 

Answering a post by  @mapofallblue last week I, shamelessly copying and pasting it:

She’s not a Viola 2.0 because she’s not someone who’s good inside forced to do bad stuff - she did go after children with a knife, and not as an immediate reaction to what they did to her or in self-defence but later, because she has two different dresses on -, so yeah, until further evidence, she remains a villain.

And as for the “fragile woman”…
I don’t think this entitles her to be one. She can stand up for herself - again, going after children with a knife -, though she’s being manipulated into what precisely to stand up for.

And all of this is still standing until proven otherwise. She’s still in emotional breakdown, and yes, for those who love it like me and for those who’d rather see him take a little revenge sometimes, Sanji is just too good a person to let even a manipulative witch like her meet a tragic(omic) death by asfixiation under tons of cake. 

As for SaNa fans, the reasons above stands just the same. The fact that he’s saving her means just he’s a decent person, not that he’s in love with her - NOT AT ALL. So worry not, the ship is still sailing,out of Whole Cake Island and with Sanji on board asap. Besides, see what happens next.

The mugis and minks and Ceasar mafia version and … who else is there? a bunch of people, well, they let the remaining Luffys go. Again, a techique we should see more of. Pedro and Jinbei back up Luffy, while…

Chopper, Carrot and Nami back up Sanji and will apparently help him save his family - not like I think Big Mom cares about the Vinsmokes much at this point -. Nami tells reminds me they have to backup Sanji. Nami.  Yeah, I didn’t get my so anticipated sostitution bride but hey, this is something. 

Now, it is incredibly disappointing that  a yonkou wouldn’t have enough haki to spot the real Luffy in a matter of seconds. But in Oda I trust, so I won’t give a definitive judgement on her fighting abilities until she waves white flag. 

Luffy being an idiot. Nothing special to say here. 

I wonder what role exactly do Nami, Chopper and Carrot have. They are prepared to fight, but they can’t mean to, right? They’re not usually in that role - aside from Carrot, about whom we know too little. Unless we’re about to see a major development, something we’re already seeing actually: when did Nami last mention fighting?

Well, the enemy here is all but wounded and pretty harmless. Nami’s been putting forward a lot of courage and boldness lately. Even just the fact that she kept pushing all to move forward in their search for Sanji. 

Again, Katakuri is a well-rounded character. If I had to judge from appearances, I would unfortunately have to say he looks stronger than Mama. Though those abs kinda freak me out, and not positively.

And then … slightly anticipated by a Pedro in a fancy suit…

….some massive…


Basically Mama’s power of specifically “robbing” people of their souls works only on those who are afraid of death. Which makes sense, because it’s already a strong fruit by itself. Those of who give up their souls willingly, like the inhabitants of WCI, don’t abide by this rule, but if Mama has to “take” the piece of lifespan herself, she can’t unless she meets this condition. So Jinbei bets and wins - I wonder if because he already knew about this clause or not, but he’s not less of a badass anyway. 

But the big forgotten of the Mugiwaras and the other, and umpteenth, star of this arc is Brook. He just goes there and destroys it nonchalantly, and it’s sooo Looney Toons. 

This chapter was pure hype. As fo what happens next, who can tell? No srls, no one can, it’s fricking Golden Week next Thursday .-.


Isn’t it funny how Lauren seems to be more active on her Instagram lately? Right after she posted a pic with Ty, she posted so many pics that Tyren pic is now going down on her feeds. I mean, I found it funny because it looks like she tries to get the pic out of her sight. I just remember she said that she is a very private person when it comes to her personal life. In my opinion, her love life is quite personal for her. And to post a pic with someone special in social media means you let people to talk about your relationship. I think it’s pretty much not what Lauren likes to do. Or at least I think so. Anyway, it’s 2017 and I still believe in Camren. Not gonna deny, Lauren always had that ‘Camila’ smile every time she was with her. And the eyes, man. Their eyes. You can see love in their eyes every time they look at each other. Eyes never lie. Hope both Camila and Lauren find happiness wherever they are. Even though, they cannot tell the truth to us, I hope they can be honest to themselves. About everything, including their feelings towards each other.

My SamCait Theories:

marking summer 2017. Sorry this is so long.

Some background on my fandom experience first.

When this show was advertising on Starz I knew I really wanted to watch it.  My husband did too.  It looked interesting and right up our ‘alley’.  So we showed up for the first episode, I know I’m going to continue watching a show when the first episode of any show ends and you just want it to keep going, I was hooked.  I didn’t even know it was based on books until the 4th episode when I actually read the credits, ok cool.  By the 8th episode I HAD TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, so I downloaded all the books on my Kindle and read them – not sure how far I got before the S2 premiere. This was good and bad, now I had something to compare the film version to the book version – sometimes I wish I hadn’t read the books, since I love the film version so much.  Anyhow, I digress.

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I saw a post a while ago talking about how no one noticed Leafpool being pregnant and the fact that Daisy and Ferncloud would probably notice seeing as they’re constantly taking care of kits/expectant mothers. I can’t for the life of me find this post and I’d love to tag it and credit it if anyone can help me find it. Anyways, I love this idea and had this little comic stewing in my head for a while so I decided to finally draw it.