she looked so precious i had to

I never wanted any of you to die for me.

Isn’t that what heroes are supposed to say? Lyanna Stark wasn’t a hero, and even after looking into the deepest corners of her heart, she’d come to the same conclusion; she had no qualms with letting Rhaegar Targaryen die. Robert, on the other hand… Robert meant precious little to Lyanna, truth be told, but he was Ned’s dearest friend, and for that she couldn’t forgive herself.

Oh Ned, thought Lyanna. What must you think of me now?

Seven Kingdoms had gone to war for Lyanna Stark’s honor, and seven kingdoms held their breath in perfect unison when they learned the truth. The sole daughter of Rickard and Lyarra Stark had not, in fact, been kidnapped by the crown prince, but had willingly absconded with his wife. And so Prince Rhaegar had died for nothing, and Robert along with him.

I never wanted any of you to die for me.

Lyanna’s stomach began to churn, as she had expected it to. She’d never been at sea before, and the journey to Essos had been brutal thus far. Though Elia kept insisting her nausea was caused by a matter of the heart rather than the stomach. Lyanna shrugged it off. She’d made her choice, and she’d be damned if she let herself or anyone else make her feel guilty. Even Elia. Especially Elia.

Something tugged on Lyanna’s trousers.

“Lady Wolf?” asked a quiet voice. Lyanna looked down to a very small, very concerned Rhaenys Targaryen. “How much longer are we on the boat? I don’t like it.”

Lyanna smiled and crouched down, at eye-level with the black-haired princess. “Neither do I, sweet one. I don’t think Balerion does either.” Lyanna looked at the small black kitten tucked under Rhaenys’ other arm, struggling to get free.

“I’m afraid he’ll jump off the boat if I put him down,” Rhaenys insisted, clutching the squirming kitten even tighter.

“Not so tight now, or you’ll squish him. Cats are afraid of water, you know,” Lyanna assured Rhaenys. “I’m certain it would be safe to let Balerion down.”

Rhaenys scrunched up her face, as if she was trying to decide whether or not she could trust Lyanna with the life of her only kitten. “Balerion’s not afraid,” she exclaimed. “He’s not afraid of anything.

Lyanna chuckled. She has so much fire, she thought. Like her mother.

“Would you like to jump into the sea, princess?” asked Lyanna, raising her brow. Rhaenys peered over the edge of the ship and shook her head in vigorous protest. “Then I assure you that Balerion doesn’t either.”

That seemed to be a good enough explanation for Rhaenys. She immediately set an exasperated Balerion down on the deck. He scampered down to the cabin below where Elia was feeding baby Aegon.

“See?” said Lyanna. “He’s gone down to be with your mama and the baby.”

Rhaenys smiled and took Lyanna’s hand, her black hair swirling around her Dornish face in the summer wind.

I never wanted any of you to die for me.

The thought kept hitting Lyanna over and over, like one of the many waves that crashed against the hull of the ship. It had all been worth it, she’d told herself. It had all been worth it because Elia was safe, and her children were with her. They were all that mattered. Not Lyanna’s honor, not her pride. But hard as she tried, she could not seem to shake her shame.

Lyanna’s train of thought was broken when she heard the sound of the cabin door open. She turned to see the Princess Elia, looking half a woman and half a goddess with the setting sun illuminating her caramel skin.

Little Rhaenys dropped Lyanna’s hand and ran to her mother, who scooped the little girl up in her arms. Lyanna rushed to Elia’s side and grabbed her waist to steady her, afraid the force of Rhaenys’ jump might cause her to fall.

“I’m alright, love,” Elia assured her. “Rhaenys knows to be gentle with me, don’t you, sweet girl?”

Rhaenys nodded her head as she buried it into Elia’s neck, getting lost in her mother’s thick black hair. Lyanna kept an arm around Elia’s waist, just in case. Elia winced slightly as Lyanna placed a light kiss on her shoulder. The bruises haven’t healed yet, Lyanna thought, frowning. Her free hand tightened into a fist, remembering the first time she saw them. Brandon has insisted the princess was simply delicate and fragile, as everyone said she was. But Lyanna was sure that no matter how easily Elia may have bruised, Rhaegar hit more than hard enough.

Looking at her now, this woman she had come to love, that night seemed as if it were a thousand years ago. And in truth, it was. They had all come so far, this little family of hers. A wolf from the north, a princess from the south, and two baby dragons. They were all Lyanna had left.

I never wanted any of you to die for me.

They didn’t die for me, Lyanna realized. But for them. For their freedom and their safety.

“I’m sleepy, Mama,” Rhaenys mumbled, rubbing her eyes. Elia set her down on the deck and kissed the top of her head.

“Run down to the cabin then, little one, and curl up beside your brother. Mama will be down soon to tuck you in.”

“And Lya to tell me a story?” Rhaenys asked sleepily.

“And Lya to tell you a story,” Elia echoed. “Off with you now.”

Little Rhaenys rushed down to the cabin below them, leaving Lyanna and Elia alone on the deck of the ship. As Lyanna wrapped her arms around Elia, she felt as though they were the only two souls on the whole of the Narrow Sea. She wished the moment could last a lifetime.

Elia turned to face her. “She loves you, you know. Rhaenys.”

Lyanna smiled. “As I love her… and you.” She reached over and tucked a strand of hair behind Elia’s ear, letting her fingers linger on her neck. Elia laid her hand against Lyanna’s and kissed it softly as she gazed into her winter-grey eyes; Stark eyes. Lyanna gazed back, unable to look away from those eyes; as black as night, but brighter than the stars. Even if a battle were raging all around them, Elia’s eyes would bring her home. She would never look away again.

Lyanna Stark wasn’t a hero, but for Elia, she could be.

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(Colin Ebeling - Betsey’s son - and his husband Will sandwich Hillary)

I’ve looked at his other Hillary-related Facebook posts and now I’m ugly crying. Happy pride month y'all.

story time
  • so during this show
  • (cinderella)
  • (i was a stepsister)
  • we made a bet
  • it was a bet on me
  • but not some wishy washy bet for a sandwhich deal
  • this was real life
  • this was money
  • and the bet was that I could not touch every butt of every person in the show
  • (every butt)
  • i took the challenge immediately 
  • (i am not weak)
  • but I had to do it all in one show
  • and i had
  • 10 minutes
  • (10 minutes of time when i was not onstage)
  • so what is a girl to do
  • i can not touch every butt backstage
  • (every butt)
  • i had limited time
  • i had to get
  • creative
  • i get the techies first
  • it took me the whole ten minutes
  • (they run fast)
  • and I get the extras and some others in the dance sequence
  • (multitasking)
  • but here’s the thing
  • now I have to get the main actors
  • how will she do it?
  • you ask
  • well
  • i will tell you
  • i’ll tell you how i did it
  • it’s called acting
  • i touched the butts
  • onstage
  • (all of the butts)
  • i touch the prince’s servant’s butt on my way onstage
  • (a light tap)
  • (too fast for the naked eye to see)
  • oh but he felt it
  • he knew
  • he knew i was out for the butts
  • (every butt)
  • i saw the fear in his eyes
  • no
  • he mouths to me
  • but it is too late
  • i’ve gone too far
  • i must not stop
  • twenty minutes until the end
  • i must work fast
  • i touch my stepsister’s butt
  • she is not surprised
  • she has bet money on this
  • (she knows what i am capable of)
  • i touch my stepmother’s butt
  • she is standing
  • she forgets her line
  • (she has lost seven dollars)
  • and now things become
  • difficult
  • i am on the floor of the stage
  • (for the scene)
  • and the prince
  • (the next victim)
  • (he has bet against me)
  • he is standing above me
  • facing away from me
  • butt first
  • this is my chance
  • it is now or never
  • i put a hand on the back of his leg
  • he knows
  • he is speaking
  • his voice cracks
  • he smells defeat
  • his defeat
  • my hand ventures up
  • (towards the butt)
  • he begins to sing
  • i touch the butt
  • (every butt)
  • i have won
  • he stumbles over a word
  • he is the loser
  • the curtain closes
  • i have done it
  • all that is left is the wedding scene
  • i have touched all the butts
  • (every butt)
  • i can’t believe you got cinderella’s butt
  • one says backstage
  • my heart stops
  • i have not gotten the last butt
  • (the most precious butt)
  • i cannot do it
  • i think
  • i am in a quick change
  • (another girl’s hands are down my pants)
  • i cannot do this during the wedding scene
  • but i will not lose
  • i have come so far
  • i stop
  • your shoes
  • the techie says
  • i cannot come back
  • it must be done
  • i walk
  • no
  • i run
  • to the next room
  • cinderella is there
  • wearing a tan leotard
  • this is it
  • i think
  • i do not know this girl well
  • (she is catholic)
  • god forgive me for the sin i am to commit
  • i whisper
  • (i cross my chest)
  • the time has come
  • a crowd has circled around the room
  • they are watching
  • waiting
  • cinderella does not know
  • she has not yet truly been exposed to the world and its horrors
  • (she will be)
  • i stop
  • i am so close
  • i do it
  • both hands are on the butt
  • (the most precious butt)
  • i have done it
  • i’m sorry
  • i say
  • it had to be done
  • don’t stop
  • she says
  • what
  • i say
  • i did not expect this
  • a variable has been thrown into the equation
  • (the butt equation)
  • i like it
  • she says
  • she looks back at me
  • i look at her
  • (ten seconds until curtain)
  • she does not blink
  • (nine seconds)
  • i do not know what to do
  • (eight seconds)
  • my hands are still on the butt
  • (seven )
  • i want to move them but i cannot
  • (six)
  • i am not wearing shoes
  • (five)
  • the stage manager busts in
  • (saved by the manager)
  • the next five seconds are a blur
  • my hands are no longer on the butt
  • (i don’t know how)
  • i am on stage
  • i am not wearing shoes
  • the theatre teacher is in the audience
  • she knows
  • she sees
  • this is the end
  • i think
  • it was worth it
  • i bow
  • i am smiling
  • i have won

for @portentous-offerings who is my sick buddy today. Feel better my friend ^_^ 

“She’s never going to love me.”

It was so quiet she almost missed it.

“What did you say Kitty?” she asked, her face still pressed into his back from where they were cuddling in her bed.

“Forget it. I shouldn’t have said anything,” he said, rolling over and giving her a cheeky smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

“Are… are you talking about Ladybug?” she asked softly, feeling the knot of guilt that had steadily been building over the last few months of this strange friendship they had fallen into.

He didn’t bring up her alter ego very often. The subject of romance in general always seeming to carry some sort of bizarre taboo whenever he stopped by for his increasingly frequent visits. Not that Marinette had minded. She had Alya to cry to about her lack-luster love life after all, and given how unwaveringly supportive he was about all of her other problems, it seemed silly to hold it against him that he was uncomfortable talking to a girl about crushes and the like.

His eyes flashed guiltily and he rolled back over, staring out into the darkness of the room.

“Really it’s nothing,” he said again, but he couldn’t quite mask the defeated tone that colored his words.

It was a sound she was all too used to. The same defeated cadence that had echoed from her own lips after her disastrous attempt at confessing to Adrien 5 months and 27 days earlier that no amount of Rom-coms or Alya suggested poster-burning had been able to cure.

“Chat, it isn’t nothing,” she said, sitting up and gently trying to pull him back around. He didn’t budge, still keeping his gaze obstinately fixed at something that she couldn’t see. “If it matters to you… it isn’t nothing. Not to me.”

“It’s not appropriate,” he said softly, “and it’s not fair to you.”

“Shouldn’t I get to be the judge of that?”

“It would be selfish-“

“So be selfish!” she said with a slightly forced laugh. “Trust me, you have a long way to go before you catch up to my level of selfish so I am hardly one to judge.” She teased her fingers through his hair, letting her nails scratch delicately against his scalp and felt him relax in spite of himself.

“Yeah right,” he scoffed lightly, “your strange phone kleptomania aside, you’re a pretty stand-up person.”

“Hey, I will have you know I have been working very hard to reform my phone-napping ways,” she teased, hoping to draw out a real smile from him.

“You stole Alya’s phone just last week!”

“That was a special circumstance. I told you so,” she pouted. “Besides, Adrien doesn’t deserve to be taunted like that no matter what Alya might say about it,” she added softly.  

She felt Chat stiffen slightly, his cat ear twitching at her words, and she was once again suspicious that he knew all about her romantic trouble regardless of their lack of conversation on the subject. She flushed at the thought.

“You are one of the most selfless people I know,” he said, reaching up to grasp her hand in his own and give it a brief reassuring squeeze.

The guilt Marinette was feeling was almost overpowering as the thought of the secrets she was keeping from him weighed on her like a stone. He had never questioned how they had fallen into such an easy friendship, and she had become too attached to having him as a part of her life- her normal everyday life- to be willing to admit the one-sidedness of it all. Here she was getting mopey over someone she had sworn she was done chasing after in front of a guy whose heart she routinely seemed to trample into the dust. Talk about selfish.  

“Please just tell me,” she whispered, her fingers resuming their seductive strokes that she knew full well would reduce him to a compliant puddle in her lap.

He was silent for a few more moments before finally letting out a small defeated sigh.

“I was just thinking about everything and I guess I just…” he hesitated. “She’ll never love me. I know that. I think on some level I always suspected as much.”

His voice wasn’t bitter or angry, and that calm resignation shattered her own heart into a million pieces more than the actual words he was saying.

“I think,” he continued, “I think I will be ok with it. She loves someone else. She doesn’t really say much about it, maybe to preserve our identities or maybe because she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, but every once in a while she lets something slip and it’s not that hard to put the pieces together. I always thought it was so cheesy in the movies when people would say things like I just want her to be happy, but I think I get it now. She’s incredible and I am always going to love her, but she doesn’t need me to make her happy.”

Marinette could feel the tears pooling behind her eyes as the words poured out of him in his soft, even tone. Her fingers were frozen, buried in his lush golden hair, her breaths turning shallow and frantic as the words reverberated through her like an electric current.

She stared down at the boy beside her. Her precious, irreplaceable kitten, who loved her so fiercely and believed in her so much. Who was willing to call her out for her faults and yet somehow still believed her capable of rising above them.

“She’s smart,” Chat continued, his voice seeming to echo in the near silence of the night, “and I know that whoever she does choose is going to be someone who can make her happy. Somebody good and funny and able to keep up with her when she is at her best and keep her grounded when she’s at her worst. So I think I can be ok with that.”

She tried to imagine what her future would be with some potential lover. Her heart lurched slightly at the thought of Adrien, her own love that was apparently not to be. She brushed that thought aside and instead tried to picture a world where she was curled up beside some new face, running her fingers through hair that wasn’t blonde.

She had to choke back a sob.

The slight twinge of pain she had felt at the momentary reminder that she and Adrien would never be more than friends was nothing to the soul rendering terror she felt at the sudden realization that finding a new love would inevitably mean losing Chat.

They would still be friends. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same. It wouldn’t be like this. He would never impose like that. Not her Chat. Her partner who was good, and funny, and who had seen her at her best and her worst, who knew her better than anyone, and who still had never made her feel anything less than precious. Her dearest friend who just the momentary thought of a life without him made her feel like she was dying.

Chat let out a small self-deprecating laugh and Marinette wondered how she had ever been so blind.

“So yeah,” he said finally twisting back around to look up at her, “I think I’ll be ok. Even if she doesn’t love me.”

She gazed down at him, his brilliant green eyes glowing in the near darkness of the night, a tired smile on his face that she longed to see transformed into his usual infectious grin, as the truth hit her like a bolt of lightning.

“I do,” she said breathlessly, before leaning down to capture his lips in a long overdue kiss.

lovetobeehappy  asked:

Hi, I can't link because I really don't know how. But Tomlinsondaily has only one pic from today of Louis smiling. I'm a dental person and his teeth were buggin me so I zoomed in and he is wearing clear braces on his top teeth! I haven't seen anyone else notice this (did send to another blog but no comment).. but zoom and it's there! I'll try to attach the link but I'm horrible at this. thetomlinsondaily*tumblr*com/post/161867198062/1506 He's adorable and probably getting his teeth ready to tour

OK! So.  tumblr DID eat my response, so let’s just try this the old fashioned way.

First things first, this is the post and pic you’re referring to.  LOOK HOW PRECIOUS HE IS. 

So I went ahead and zoomed in myself! 

And I’ll be perfectly honest…I don’t see it.  BUT you’re the expert and not me.  So it’s definitely possible because GUESS WHAT.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  I showed this to @bananastagram and she pointed out that he’s had braces before and gave me evidence!! 

so maybe he wasn’t wearing his retainer and they shifted and he wanted to get them realigned???  

WHY IS THIS SO ENDEARING???  This should not be this endearing!!!!  BUT IT IS.  

To Propose

This is my impromptu thank you for reaching 1500 followers! Thank you so much my darlings- I love all of you and appreciate all of you- I am always happy to have a chat to you and get to know you, I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS!

Anyways- Here it is, my little thank you, 

How would the RFA + V + Saeran propose? 

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Okay, I had zero interest in Rom vs. Transformers until this big, sweet child showed up in the previews. Just look at this precious angel! LOOK AT THAT SMILE!

Also, worst teacher ever! Like wooooof… Guess…guess I’m going to have to get this issue next week… God damn it, Milne, how dare you make Stardrive so adorable.

okay so i’m in love with this girl. it’s been two years and i even have a blog where i write poetry and gush about her so you know it’s real.
anyway we were face-timing and just talking. she said she’d be right back, had to get her glasses. now i knew she had glasses, but i’d never seen her wear them before. i look away from the screen for two seconds, look back, and bam. my princess is sitting there, looking pretty and sweet in her glasses. remember i had never seen her in them before.

most girls would have just complimented her and moved on, but not i. being the incredibly useless lesbian i am, i began to cry. i was so overwhelmed by how incredibly beautiful my precious girl looked in her glasses that i began to weep. she laughed and asked what was wrong. i explained and she only laughed more.

that was a few months ago and i still love her in her glasses. she looks so stunning and i swear that i literally fell in love with aphrodite.

Famous In Love || Part 1

Summary: Tom and reader have been together for a years, but he breaks it off because his career is starting to develop more, unbeknownst that the reader is pregnant with his child.

 Warnings: (Wrap it up guys), Teen Pregnancy, sad, fluff, angst, leaving, giving birth.

 Word Count: 1,853

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader.

 A/N: First chapter may not be that interesting. Hope you like it. : ) Wanna be tagged just let me know.

~Famous In Love Masterlist~


Falling in Love. 

Many people have a different aspects to it. To you it felt like you were living a dream. A dream where you loved him and he loved you. A dream that made you want to believe you would be together for a long time. Yet somehow that dream brought out the real reality of your living fantasy.

Tom Holland the love of your life or was the love of your life, so it seemed. We were both 17 at the time. You had just graduated from high school getting a full scholar ride to the best college. 

You knew what you set your goal for.

You knew where your priorities stood.

You had everything you hoped for.

The greatest friends.

The most loving and supporting mother any one could ask for. An amazing offer for school, but why did none of that matter that night. The night where you could let go, stop worrying about the future, get drunk wasted for crying out loud! For Tom he was setting out to pursue a career, one that would take him far in life, a successful life, a career in acting. Now you may be thinking how someone like yourself wounded up with him. Well Tom and yours meeting was as abnormal as it could be, it was kind of like your typical, “his friend were friends with your friends so we should meet up, go out for a while, maybe hit a club or something. You both got to know each other throughout a years time. And throughout that time a spark ignited. That’s right you Y/N L/N got roped into the love train with Mr. Tom Holland himself. He clearly reciprocated the same feelings you had for him. 

Your relationship started slow. You’d go out on dates. Introduce each other to each other’s parents. Go out with our friends. Do stupid things…Everything was great, so where did it go wrong?

Tom and his best friend Harrison suggested one night that you should go out for drinks, although do to some of you not being fully at age yet, you had to go with plan B. Throw a stupid party. Your friend Y/F/N and you still lived with your parents so you still had to ask permission to attend said party. There wasn’t many people you knew only a short amount like Tom, Harrison and a few other of your friends.

It seemed great at the time, but as soon as more people started arriving and more booze was being consumed, it was a recipe for disaster. Of course back home where Tom was from drinking didn’t seem that big of a deal, since he was already 18, but here in the U.S he’d have to wait three more years. You four.

You were starting to regret the whole party. You weren’t one to be in the heard of craziness. The music was too loud. Your head was pounding, and there was too many people for your liking.

Tom noticed your discomfort and suggested you two go upstairs away from all the chaos. You held in his as he lead the way.  You passed by people who were way to close for liking, couples practically sucking their faces off, and just passed out drunk on the carpet. 

You both ascended up the stairs and entered the bedroom. “That’s better” You sighed sitting on the bed. Tom closed the door behind him taking a sip of his beer and repeating your actions. 

“Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to throw a party” He frowned.

“Ya think!” You exclaimed.

“I thought today would be fun” You averted your gaze to your lap

“It still can be” He gently lifted your chin to look at him.


He didn’t give you an answer. He gently brushed your lips climbing his way on top of you. The love you had was coming out with a passionate kiss.

“You sure?” His faced showed concerned.

“Yeah” You assured him.

He connected your lips again before begging his task. The night was filled with we shouldn'ts, but were replace by “Don’t stop” or “That feels nice”. It felt like an endless pleasurable evening. You and Tom couldn’t comprehend properly due to the alcohol, yet it was the best thing you had done. It was a night filled with no regrets or any we might’ve made a mistake. No. It was a lovable moment. If anything that night had brought you closer. So you thought.

The passing weeks were enjoyable. You expressed your love you had for each other. Nothing could have ruined what you had, well not until Tom got a certain phone call.

“What do you mean your leaving?” You were slowly shedding tear after tear.

“I just got offered an incredible job Y/N!” He was so thrilled that he had gotten the part for the movie he audition for.

“Aren’t you happy for me?” His expression saddened.

“Of course I am…I-I just, what’s going to happen to us?” You whispered.

“I-I don’t know? But we’ll work it out like we always do.” He shook is head.

“You know how long distance relationships turn out Tom” You looked down at your feet.

He gently lifted your chin with his hand. “That shouldn’t stop of us though” He smiled reassuringly. 

“I’m gonna miss you” You cried into his shoulder.

“Me too”.

Tom leaving was hard on you, but not as much as the lessened phone calls and texting messages. Your departure was sort of an unexpected thing. A break up was never brought up, but you knew where your relationship stood. It was broken up relationship whether you wanted it to be or not. You felt an ache in your heart. Tom had been your first love, and your first heartbreak. He was your love and you were his.

A couple weeks had past and you were trying to get your life together again. You were going to go to college and get your degree in (Subject). But what you got instead was morning sickness, and a missed period. You didn’t want to assume the worst of the situation, but when your period never showed you were growing nervous by the second. You also didn’t want to tell your mom, god knows what’d she do if she found out you were going to have baby. You were still a baby. Bringing a child into this life was not what you needed right now. Not alone. You were so scared, you didn’t know what to do. You needed your mom.

“Mom can I talk to you?” You slowly approached her.

“Sure sweetie what is it?” She was cooking up something for dinner in the kitchen.

“I just want you to know I never intended for this to happen” You nodded at her. She turned around having her full attention now.

“Okay now you worrying me. What’s going on?” She looked at you curiously.

You hesitated. It was now or never, you thought. 

“I’m pregnant…” Your eyes started watering.

Your mom didn’t say anything. She just looked at you in shock. Her silence was something you didn’t need.

“Mom? Please say something!” You cried out. 

She still said nothing.

“I so sorry mom! I disappointed you!” You continued crying. As if it clicked in, your mother walked up to you embracing you in her arms. You cried against her shirt.

“You are not a disappointment!” She exclaimed gazing down at your figure. She wiped your tear stained eyes away.

“But I got pregnant at a young age” You whispered.

“Sweetie getting pregnant isn’t even that horrible of a thing, but it can be difficult at some points in life, besides you aren’t alone in this situation” She assured you. 

You had thought about Tom that moment. He was gone and here you were carrying his unborn child. You cautiously placed a hand on your stomach. You were going to bring a life into this world. 

“You are not a disappointment Y/N, and you aren’t alone in this” She gripped your hand in hers.

Throughout those everlasting nine months you took in your mothers words. You weren’t alone in this. You had her right by your side every step of the way. Tom had left you behind, while he went on to take on his career. You were probably long forgotten by him. Your mother told you that you didn’t need him to care for your child. Your mother had done it by herself, and so could you, but with her helping and guiding you. Something her mother never gave her, your mother gave back to you much more in many ways. You couldn’t thank her enough. 

The day had arrived. You didn’t know what to expect, but boy did your contractions hurt like a b**ch. Your mom had probably broken so many rules to get you to the hospital quickly. You were wheeled off to a room to prepare to give birth. The wait seemed to drag on. Nurses were going in and out of room trying to get a hold the doctor. Your mom was right beside you holding your hand to try and calm you down. If it weren’t for the doctor you would have broken your moms hand by how tightly you held it.

The doctor finally said those six words you had been dying to hear.

“Y/N I need you to push!”

You pushed with all the energy you had.

“You’re doing great, just one more push!”

“I-I can’t do it!” You cried out.

“Five minutes of pain for a lifetime of happiness” Your mother whispered to you caressing your hair back. You looked at her.

“Just one final push!” The doctor said.

You groaned out giving the push your all. Once you pushed you heard the sound of your baby’s cry. You sighed in relief but also because you gave birth to a new life.

“It’s a girl” The nursed informed you.

“Can I-I hold her?” You shed a tear.

“Absolutely” She carefully placed her in your arms.

“Cradle the head” You mother told you smiling down at her precious granddaughter.

“She’s perfect” You softly caressed your finger on the side of her face.

“What are you going to name her?” The nurse held up a clipboard.

You looked down at her little face. You never knew how delicate and small something so precious could be.

She opened her eyes and you couldn’t comprehend words properly, you could only gaze at her with so much love. She had his eyes. His dark brown eyes.

“Alinine Primlet Y/L/N” You smiled at her.

“You must’ve thought about this for a while”

“I did”.

“Welcome to the world Alinine” You pressed a kissed to her forehead. She seemed to react to it because she smiled.

Little did you know you’re whole life would be changed by one special little girl.

Part 2

Thank you to those who suggested wonderful names. I couldn’t decide so I combined the names I liked:

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@xsabrinalynn - Prim @quackson-central - Scarlet = Primlet


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anonymous asked:

You mentioned Pride and Prejudice in your post about classic novels, and I was wondering about a) your opinion of Mr. Darcy in general and b) your opinion of Darcy and Elizabeth as a couple.

Don’t let my mocking tone in that post fool you. I adore Mr. Darcy with all my heart, I merely object to the way he’s popularly associated with the image of this perfect, brooding hunk, when really he’s just a socially awkward loser.

Okay, okay, so our first introduction to Darcy is at a ball, where he:

  • Doesn’t dance
  • Can’t make small talk
  • Is generally rude and embarrassing
  • Stands awkwardly in the corner the whole night
  • Decides he might fancy this one girl, so he insults her.
  • Loudly.
  • Where anyone could overhear.
  • Including the girl.
  • Gets roundly insulted to his face by said girl, and his reaction is ‘…damn.’

Later on, he gets to know this girl a bit better. He warms up to her, and starts to act a little less like a standoffish jackass.

Then comes the infamous ball where the entire Bennet family, except for Jane and Lizzie, embarrass themselves. He convinces Bingley not to marry Jane because it would degrade him.

MONTHS pass, and Lizzie meets Mr. Darcy again. She finds out that he separated Jane and Bingley and she is SIMMERING with resentment. Darcy, on the other hand, (who must have been pining over her and doodling ‘Mrs Elizabeth Darcy’ in his notebooks all this time) decides this is the perfect time to propose marriage. He BURSTS into her house, completely unannounced, ignores her chilly reception, then makes awkward small talk and wanders around in agitation. Finally, he confesses that he loves her, against his better judgment, and insults her and her entire family before standing back, quite pleased with himself and convinced that she’s going to accept him.

But she doesn’t.

She lets him have it. She tells him how much she loathes him and exactly why. He is stunned. Mortified. No one has ever spoken to him like this. He’s quite used to getting everything he wants, and this just shakes him to his core. He stands there for a while with a face like a slapped arse, then, unable to defend himself, he slinks away with a haughty goodbye and goes off to wallow in shame and resentment.

And then.


The next day Lizzie is walking around the grounds and Mr. Darcy finds her. Has he taken this time to compose himself so he might talk to her and explain himself better?


He wrote a letter. He wrote a fucking letter. He probably spent all night agonising and poring over this thing. Then he skulked around the grounds ALL MORNING in the hope of finding her. His exact words: “I have been walking in the grove some time in the hope of meeting you. Will you do me the honour of reading that letter?”

And he shoves it in her hand.

Then he runs.


(Darcy you fucking walnut.)

Lizzie reads the letter, and of course it’s beautiful and eloquent and it says everything he’s too socially inept to say to her face. It radically alters her opinion of him.

In response to her criticisms, Darcy really does make an effort to change his manners. He was never a bad guy – it’s obvious how much he loves his friends and his baby sister, and Lizzie too, he just tends to be rude and haughty and socially awkward, something that’s understandable considering his station.

Lizzie meets him at Pemberley and he introduces her to his sister (which, over-protective big brother alert, is the biggest compliment he can give) and seeing how he treats her makes Lizzie just a tiny bit weak in the knees. JUST A LITTLE. NOT THAT SHE WANTS TO MARRY HIM OR ANYTHING HAHA wow his house is big.


Then she hears her sister Lydia has run away with the renegade Mr. Wickham.

Mr. Darcy be like


He comes to the rescue, finds Lydia and Wickham, and persuades them to marry with a hefty sum of money, thus rescuing the Bennets from disgrace. But. BUT.



And Lizzie’s just like ‘oh no.’

(Because every girl’s a slut for a gentleman who treats her and her family with respect.)




Gee, I wonder who could have been behind that? I wonder who could possibly have persuaded Bingley that Jane truly did love him, and that her family was not beneath his station after all? WHO COULD POSSIBLY HAVE DONE THAT????

By this point Lizzie’s a hive of conflicting desires and emotions. That’s when Lady Catherine de Bourgh comes into her house, unannounced, and tells her not to marry Mr. Darcy.

How does Lizzie respond? Miss “From the very beginning – from the first moment, I may almost say – of my acquaintance with you, your manners, impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others, were such as to form that groundwork of disapprobation on which succeeding events have built so immoveable a dislike; and I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry” ?


(Oooooh, girl, you got it bad.)

After this, Darcy shows up and starts talking to Lizzie. And it KILLS me, because obviously he’d given up on ever winning her hand. He did all those things for her not because he wanted her to like him, but just because he loved her. He was upset when he found out her uncle had told her about what he did for Lydia and Wickham. UPSET. And while Lady Catherine had raged about how inferior Lizzie’s family was, just as Darcy once had, now Darcy says that he respects and loves them. He says Lady Catherine spoke to him of their encounter, and it filled him with hope that maybe she didn’t think he was an insufferable jackass anymore. ONLY when he receives this encouragement does he renew his proposal, and even then he adds, “one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.”

I MEAN???? Just LOOK at this precious sunflower, dumb and stuttering and full of “awkwardness and anxiety,” so fucking in love with this girl that he was willing to give his personality a complete overhaul and re-evaluate all his life choices, not because he thought it would make her like him, but JUST BECAUSE he loved her. And if she had refused him a second time, he would never have bothered her again. THAT is how you gentleman.

The name of the novel says it all – Pride and Prejudice. He’s proud and haughty, she’s prejudiced and rooted in her negative first impressions. These are the things they have to overcome, this is how they have to grow and evolve. He needs to lay aside his pride, she her prejudice, and only then can they be together.

Because they are perfect for each other. Absolutely, unequivocally. And when Jane Austen says they live happily ever after, I believe her.

Peters little nerd

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: Can you do a peter parker imagine where you wear glasses and peter teases you and its cute and fluff

A/n i know you wanted cute but this actually turned out angsty. The reader is kind of bitch towards the end. I’m sorry.

Originally posted by vintagejosh

 ‘Here goes nothing’ you thought to yourself before you knocked on Peters door. Over the weekend you had gotten glasses because your eyesight. You mentally kicked yourself for not taking what your mom said seriously because now you had to wear glasses. “It’s about time you showed-” peter stopped mid sentence when he noticed your glasses. “Aww don’t you look precious” Peter squeezed your cheeks together and made the top of your glasses touch your forehead.

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Be an unreasonable c***? Fear for your son's life.

I’ve been working in the skydiving industry for a number of years (because my husband is a tandem instructor) and recently our current drop zone has been short-handed, so I started learning to do manifest.

Side note: doing manifest is basically figuring out which tandem instructor goes with which student, which is more complicated than it sounds when you’re at a large DZ and the many instructors have large egos. End side note.  

Today was my second day in the manifest office, and I made basically the biggest mistake I could make: I missed two people and they weren’t on the load sheet. I realized this only a few minutes after the sheet went out, when the mom of one of the jumpers came striding up to my window and demanded answers.  

My manager and I did some quick recon and figured out what had happened, and I added the two missing jumpers to the last load… which, based on the order they checked in, would have been the load they were on anyway. And I apologized for my mistake and explained that I’m new. Nope, unacceptable. This “let me speak to your manager” haircut bitch proceeded to ask for a discount for her inconvenience, tell us she was going to leave a scathing review mentioning me personally, ask for my name, the manager’s name, the owner’s name, the email address where the owner could be reached, and just generally made her displeasure known in a really shitty, aggressive way. She was basically screaming at me by the time she gave up and I got to slam the window shut and have a little rage-cry.  

Then it was time to figure out which instructor was going to jump with her special snowflake son. It just so happened that my husband was up! I waited until just after hubs had finished his ground interview video with the snowflake (because I knew bitch-mom would be watching like a hawk) before I waltzed out and gave him a lingering kiss. I also whispered some unimportant work info in his ear while looking at her.

Watching her realize that her precious baby boy’s life was in the hands of a man who was, at the very least, sleeping with the girl she just screamed at… let’s just say it was satisfying.

Fuck you, Miss!

Nct Dream: Your little sister saying they want to marry them

Request:  Can you do NCT Dream reacting to your little sister saying they want to marry them😄

Hope you like it lovely, feedback is always appreciated! 

solar ❀


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he’d bend down and pat her head with a sigh, “ I hate to break it to you kiddo but I was planning on reserving that spot for your sister/ brother” , looking up and shooting you a wink, causing your heart to just about fall out of youR ASS and your face set alight.


Originally posted by nakamotens

Probably taken aback by what your sibling had said at first and then probably near enough tackling her into a hug “ YOU’RE SO PRECIOUS, DO YOU SEE THIS BABE?” while you sat on the sofa mumbling under your breath wishing that he was saying that about you instead. 


Originally posted by nctinfo

Your little sister would come out with randomly as she sat on the floor playing with a toy car. “Y/N’s so lucky, I really wanted to marry you.” Jeno smiled, struggling to contain his giggle as he pat her head softly before turning to look at you, who had headphones in revising. “ I’m the lucky one here” 


Originally posted by haecha

Um did someone say bragging rights for life? Me thinks so. He’d use it to try and make you jealous or when he felt like annoying you. “ looks like you got some competition for my affection on your hands Y/N” this litTLE SHIT. 


Originally posted by nakamotens

He’d probably start screaming about how cute you’re little sister was, picking her up and swinging her around and as stupid as it sounded, you got jealous of all the attention he was giving her instead of you. But Jaemin being the smooth talker he is he grabbed your hand in his and said “ I had to let her down easy and tell her that you’ve already taken that spot *hopefully*” 


Originally posted by nctinfo

He’d definitely be caught off guard. He’s far too young to even consider something like that but he’d probably just go with it to make your little sister happy and it would honestly just make your heart melt to see the two of them get along so well.


Originally posted by bb-marklee

He was in the middle of sipping his water when he spat it out all over himself, definitely not a topic of discussion that had crossed his mind but it definitely made him smile, he’d probably try and steer away from the question out of awkwardness and start dancing around the room with your little sister.

Samaria the Apprentice 

It’s been eons since I posted any art, mainly because I’ve had major art block. But I finally made something I was somewhat satisfied with. But tumblr doesn’t like to cooperate with me ever so the quality looks wonky.

I’ve also been sucked into @thearcanagame (one reason why I’m not active in mystic messenger anymore lol ;;;). And because there was a recent update, I just had to draw my precious child. 

She’s rather shy but not at all timid. Rather daring really. However, she doesn’t have the greatest self-confidence when it comes to her talents. Therefore, she will work herself to the bone to prove herself. Also, prefers the comfort of her rags than any fineries.

Look, I don’t even care about the ja/shi bullshit (like I think it took precious time away from developing and showing other things but whatever!!) but that episode was horrible. It was like Genndy just had a list of things to tick off for the final episode. Everything was so rushed, like Jack saying “I love you” to Ashi to “cure” her evil or w/e was so cliche and then suddenly Ashi realizes she has Aku’s powers and teleports him into the past. And then Jack kills Aku, they have a wedding, Ashi tragically ceases to exist, cue some introspective sad scene where Jack realizes he’s happy bc ladybug or whatever.

Like!!! What the hell was the point of developing all those characters in the future if they were all just going to be forgotten about? What was the point of anything? I really thought (considering all the teleporters were gone) that Jack would kill Aku of the future? That Jack would move beyond his past and realize that it’s over and it can’t be saved? That Jack would learn to love this new world because he has all these friends and people he’s saved? 

idk!!! It all just felt so pointless and underwhelming, and if they had wanted to go with the actual “back to the past” route, they should have focused more on Jack himself and how the events affected him instead of shoving ja/shi down our throats for no reason except to make us cry I guess? (which doesn’t even work, bc??? what, aside from some random scene of them kissing made me feel like they had a relationship?) What was the point of introducing Ashi, anyway???????

I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but I thought we all like Samurai Jack as kids because it was slow and interesting and didn’t resort to cliches for major things. This last episode was just a bunch of cliches and it didn’t even give any time to give weight to those cliches anyway. :/

Okay, this is super blurry because this was at the opposite end of the line and I had to reach over a sea of heads to capture this moment, but here’s the story:

So Ben had been out for a while, so he was already at the end of the line. The door opened, and it was Jennifer Laura Thompson!! She greeted us and was ready to start signing, but then she looked down the line and exclaimed, “BENNY!!!!!!!” She ran to him and swept him up into a hug and just rocked him for a long, long, LONG time. Everyone was screaming and it was the most precious thing I ever did see.

There were unexpected moments. These lightning strikes made of sudden calmness and tenderness, of electricity and love, when she would realize again and again just how much the rogue had stolen her heart (and stayed).

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|| betrayed ||

here’s the promised angst ♡

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warnings: angst


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Rose had always hidden the black lines over her heart. They weren’t some exotic language — not like Shareen’s soulmate’s name, in artful Devanagari — but a bunch of bloody circles that meant nothing at all. Nothing, that is, until she entered the TARDIS, saw similar circles on the screens, asked him what they were.

Language of a dead alien race, just her luck: her other half gone before she’d ever met them. (It couldn’t be the Doctor who was her soulmate; she would have felt it when she first heard his name.) Still, she stayed with the Doctor; she liked him, so much, and in his arms she often forgot she was missing her other half.


The mark between his hearts was in no language he had ever known, no language anyone had ever heard of, glittering and shifting and mapping a design he could almost hear but never quite make sense of, dizzying and powerful, a little like staring into the Untempered Schism. An unfindable soulmate, some indefinable being, another thing that made him different. He resolved to forget, and sometimes he couldn’t tell whether he was running from or searching for them.

Then he met Rose Tyler. He wished it were her who was his soulmate; as much as it would hurt when she died, he wished so desperately this precious girl were his. He asked her, once, if she had someone, and she shook her head, shrugging one shoulder. “They’re gone.“ He didn’t pry, and when he caught the way she looked at him one too many times, he finally decided to show the universe the middle finger and love her anyways, keep her with him for as long as he could.

It wasn’t as long as he had thought, before he had to send her away, Daleks yet again tearing away everything he held dear. Yet this little human came back, only not as a human.

“I am the Bad Wolf,” she said, in tones laced with echoes of time and space, and he felt that once-resented design sear into his skin, stealing his breath away. After he kissed her — the ecstasy at the press of her lips on his only confirming what he now knew — after he became someone new, he stared awestruck into brown eyes now swirling with gold and murmured, practically pleaded, “Rose, it’s me, it’s the Doctor, and I need to tell you my name.”

OMG YESSSSS!!!!!!! This is so wonderful and perfect and *heart eyes*. Thank you so much, Fic Fairy!! This is amazing!!!