she looked so embarrassed telling this story

A Ruff Introduction

Summary: During a walk in the park, your dog suddenly starts acting up.

AN: MY FIRST EVER TOM FIC WOW i can’t believe i’ve only been writing about peter for a year lol

Tom Holland x Reader

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The sunlight was streaming through the curtains as I woke up with a big smile on my face. I’ve never felt this good waking up at 8 am in the morning but this day seemed special. I pushed myself up and walked to my window, pulling the curtains open. The light filled my room instantly. I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. The sky was extremely blue today and the sound of children’s laughter already filled the air. This was a perfect day for a stroll in the park.

All of a sudden, there was a scratching by my door. I quickly opened the door and in came running my precious Staffy, Max. He ran around my room a few times before pouncing on me. I bent down and rubbed the backs of his ears. Max jumped on me and knocked me to the ground. I giggled as he licked my face.

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How did Pidge, Hunk, Allura and Coran react to Lance coming back? And how were they when they got to got know about his amnesia?

So Lance has been presumed ‘dead’ at this point for 2 and half years (3 years since going missing) 

Everyone’s in the stage of like finally being able to accept the loss and move on (except Keith) so when this dude shows up again everyone is going to be feeling a SHIT ton of mixed emotions. BUT obviously they’ll be happy to see him over everything else. 

Hunk sees the amnesia as the price of getting Lance back he’s the easiest to accept it and the first to be like “I’ll show you around the castle! and tell you stories and you’re the same Lance so we’ll be friends it’s fine” 

Pidge is CONVINCED she can single handedly figure out how to bring his memories back, like “okay put on your old armor go look around your room talk to blue lion! this invention will probably electrocute you but Maybe that’s what you need… OH EAT HUNK’S FAMOUS COOKIES NO ONE CAN FORGET THOSE THINGS”

Coran iss overrrr the damn MOOON his favorite paladin (c’mon we all know it) is back!!! Hell yeah re teach that boy all the things he forgot (and tell him embarrassing stories about himself that he’s GLAD he doesn’t remember)

Allura is good at making everyone get perspective from Lance’s side honestly. a lot of “CHILL OUT let the boy breath I know we’ve all missed him dearly but we need to give it time” He finds her safe to be around because he knows she’s not gonna ask him a million questions. she just let’s him sit and be between all the catching up.

The Cliched Best Friend Story

IMAGINE: Blaise is best friend to (Y/N) and Draco. He’s also the best friend who sees everything between the two. He’s made it his sole mission to make sure that (Y/N) and Draco end up together. 

[gif is not mine.]

warnings:  none. fluff? 

words: 1586 

‘Maybe it was just how they acted around each other. Like their souls knew each other from years ago. They clicked. They were best friends. They belonged to each other.’ 

Blaise walked into the common room and was met with a familiar sight, “Well don’t you two look awfully cozy.” (Y/N) and Draco looked up from the couch and directed their gazes to Blaise and then to their intertwined legs. (Y/N) went back to reading her textbook while Draco gave Blaise a withering glare.

Blaise smiled at his best friends and sat down opposite of the couch they were sitting on, “Did you hear that Potter back talked to Snape again?” He received a semi-interested noise from (Y/N), however she never removed her focus from the book. Draco, once again ignored his friend, more interested in playing with (Y/N)’s hair and reading his newspaper.

Blaise leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. He watched in enjoyment as Draco leaned back more on the couch, now slouching however his legs and arms still managing to touch (Y/N)’s. She leaned back into the new position, this now allowed her to see his newspaper as well. This was one of Blaise’s pastimes, observing people especially (Y//N) and Draco. No matter what they said or denied, he truly believed that his two best friends were together. No one can stand Draco for that long, even if they were best friends since they were born. Everyone agreed that they’re somehow together, everyone in Hogwarts has the unofficial bet: ‘When Will (Y/N) and Draco finally admit that they love each other?’. Even Trelawney said that (Y/N) and Draco were highly compatible because their zodiac signs complimented each other which earned eyerolls from the two.

She brought out the best in Draco -the caring and protective side that no one hardly sees, but whenever she’s around or whenever (Y/N) is threatened, Draco will not back down until he hexes them to death, or get his father to liquify the said person’s accounts. He brought out the best in her too. She wasn’t the nicest Slytherin, but she was the most charming one in their house, making even the most hostile Gryffindor wouldn’t be able to deny her a favour if she asked.

Blaise was brought out of his musing when (Y/N) exclaimed in her seat, causing a very much startled Draco to look at her and drop the newspaper. “Is everything okay?”

(Y/N) nodded eagerly, she jumped up from the couch and ran to grab a quill and a piece of parchment, she mumbled to herself for a couple of minutes while scribbling hurriedly. “(Y/N)?” Draco said to her when she finally stopped writing.

She looked at him with a bright smile, one that he couldn’t help but copy, “Sorry. It’s just for the research that my father wants me to do. I found the article that can help it.”

Draco nodded, “I still don’t get why you’re doing this. Your father owns the law firm.”

(Y/N) arched her right brow and looked at Draco, “How many times do I have to tell you that I want to get accepted through my own volition, not because of my surname?”

“Is that supposed to be a dig at me,” Draco smirked and (Y/N) nodded. “That hurts,” he placed a hand on his heart and frowned.

“Shut it Malfoy,” she sat down next to him and looked at the newspaper. “Four across is wrong,” she spoke. Frowning, she looked at the words and the clues, “Got it.”

“It’s not wrong,” Draco bit back, then looked at the paper and frowned. He discreetly waved his wand and (Y/N) caught the action which caused her to laugh. “Don’t tell me what it is.”

They sat there for a good minute, all the while Blaise looking on, a small smile on his face. He watched as (Y/N) scooted closer to Draco, “I have a secret to tell you.”

Draco looked away from the paper, “What is it?”

(Y/N) looked at Blaise and winked, leaned in and whispered something in Draco’s ear. “(Y/N)! I told you not to tell me!”

She fell back into the couch laughing with her eyes closed. (Y/N) opened them again and saw that Draco was pouting, she wrapped her arms around her best friend. “I’m sorry.” She pulled him tighter, then once their faces were a hairsbreadth apart, a grin broke out of her face, “Not!” (Y/N) pushed Draco back into the couch and took off running.


Blaise watched as his two best friends tried ran around the common room, eventually exiting out of it and continuing their childish activity outside. Right then, sitting on the green leather couch, Blaise promised to himself that he would do anything to make sure that those two ended up together.

Conversations rang across the Great Hall, scrapes of knives against toast were also heard. Blaise walked into the hall, a plan in his mind. Last night, he asked Theo what he thought of the plan, all he received was an eye roll, then two minutes later a snore. He took it as an approval. Walking towards his table with confidence he watched as (Y/N) and Draco had their conversation as they sat around their group of friends. Even from the door he could see that their conversation only revolve around them.

“Draco,” he greeted as he sat down, then turned to (Y/N) and did the same. “I need a favour.”

Draco removed his focus from (Y/N) and looked at Blaise, “What is it?”

“There’s this girl that mother’s trying to set me up with and she’s travelled all the way from Italy to have a date with me.”

“I thought you were dating Ginny?” (Y/N) asked, gesturing her head towards the Gryffindor girl.

“I am. Mother won’t believe me that I’m dating a Weasley. So what do you say mate?” Blaise knew that jealousy was the cure to unspoken love. Just a drop will ensure that those two will proclaim their feelings to each other. Unless they were too stubborn too. Blaise hadn’t thought of that, he forgot how prideful the pair of snakes were.

Draco looked at (Y/N) who merely shrugged, “I can’t.”


“I don’t think my girlfriend will appreciate me going on a date with another woman.”

GIRLFRIEND? “Girlfriend?’ Blaise squeaked out. Draco had a girlfriend? A girlfriend. A girl who willingly wants to spend time with Malfoy?

Draco looked at his friend as if Blaise was the dumbest being alive, “Yeah,” he slowly nodded then gestured to (Y/N). “My girlfriend.”

Blaise turned to (Y/N) who had a slight blush and a smile on her face. “Whe..How…Whaaa?”

“Blaise, for the love of god you come from one of the most prestigious families in the world and you can’t even formulate a basic sentence?” (Y/N) remarked and she was rewarded with a low chuckle from Draco.

“But you said that you guys weren’t dating.”

“We said that two years ago,” (Y/N) looked at Blaise. “Are you well? Do you need to go see Madam Pomfrey?”

“When did this happen?”

“A year and a half ago,” Draco answered.


(Y/N) scrunched up her nose, not wanting to tell the story. It wasn’t embarrassing or anything but she knew if she told Blaise, then Blaise would tell Ginny, then Ginny would tell Ron then so on. Just as she was about to open her mouth, the bell rang. She gathered up her belongings, “Sorry must run off. Potions. Snape.” Draco soon followed and nodded his head towards his befuddled friend.

Blaise sat there for a good five minutes trying to figure just how he managed to miss the fact that his two best friends were dating for almost two years. Granted that they were both the most private people that Blaise ever knew and that (Y/N) hardly ever let anyone know anything about her. It took him 13 years to finally know her middle name and that was only because he broke into her father’s office and looked through documents.

“Mr. Zabini, I do hope that you plan on going to your classes and not catching flies all day with your mouth,” Dumbledore’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. He nodded and gave his thanks to the headmaster. As he walked to Potions, he still wondered how he missed the fact that his best friends were dating under his nose. Then a memory came to him.

It was around a year ago, he had detention with Flitwick on a Thursday and as he made his way after dinner he grumbled to himself. After his detention he made his way back to the dorm when he heard noises from one of the other classrooms. Quietly and sneakily as he could, Blaise walked up to the room and opened it slowly. He saw a familiar head, Dracos’ head specifically, and someone else’s. He couldn’t figure who it was.

If he stayed there for maybe another minute he would have figured out but he was rudely interrupted by Filch’s cat. The last thing he saw was brown hair and the last thing he heard was a breathy ‘Malfoy.’

Realisation came to him, “Bloody fuck. It was (Y/N) and Draco.” He blurted out not noticing that he was in Potions and opened the door. Eyes were on him, including (Y/N)’s and Draco’s.

“Mr. Zabini, detention with me this evening.” Snape bit out sharply. “Get to your seat.”

First Time

Request:  can i request a smut/fluff where it’s both carl and the reader’s first time?? i love your blog and your stories so much, keep up the good work 💞💞

a/n: Hey long time no see! I’ve been super duper busy and along with all of that I’ve been ill recently but here I’m back, another fic will be up tomorrow I promise! I proof read half of this I ended up not doing the other half so if one half makes no sense then lol you know why. Also the italics are what has happened previously :))) xo

Summary: You and Carl are both virgins and when Carl tells you an embarrassing story of his, it leads to you and Carl becoming closer than ever.

They lay side by side on Carl’s bed as he read a comic to her. He read the comic more than once to her and they continued to lay there, laughing and talking.

“Seriously it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.” Carl laughs and so does (Y/n) when he tells her the story of how he walked in on his dad and Michonne having sex.

“But what did you do after, like, did you run out of the room?” She asks as she looks up at him. He smiles.

“Of course I did, I had Judith in my arms and I went to ask him where her bottles were and well- I went downstairs and waited for them to get dressed. It was horrific.” Carl laughs and so does (Y/n). When their laughing calms down they both sigh and stare up at the ceiling. They sit in silence for a while as they enjoy each others company.

“Do you ever think about it?” Carl mutters, unexpectedly, and (Y/n)’s eyebrows furrow as she turns her head to look at Carl.

“What? About your Dad and Michonne having sex?” (Y/n )smirks and Carl smiles at her, shakes his head, and sighs.

“No, about um…um.” He stutters and has troubling finishing the sentence. He didn’t know how to tell her.

“Sex? Of course I have.” She goes quiet as she blushes a crimson colour and Carls heartbeat quickens within his body. He breaths deeply as he closes his eyes. “Have you?” (Y/n)’s voice turns soft as she whispers loud enough to for Carl to hear. His eye’s widen as he starts to become nervous.

“Yeah.” Is all that leaves Carl’s mouth. They lay in silence for another minute or so until (Y/n)’s hand touches Carls. She started to worry, because she didn’t know whether he thought she touched it by accident or if he did realise that she did it on purpose. She pushed her doubts aside and instead decided she would be bold. She was ready. (Y/n)’s hand moves to intertwine with Carl’s and Carl clutches onto it.

They both look down at their hands locked together and then look up at each other and that’s when they could both tell, just by looking into each other’s eyes, that they were ready. They were both virgins and they both knew that. It happened late at night when (Y/n) couldn’t sleep and neither could Carl so they walked around Alexandria for a bit and sat on one of the benches. She knew she could trust him.

“I gotta tell you something.” She whispers as she looks down to your hands which were folded in her lap. She began to fiddle with the button on her shorts. “I’m a virgin. I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you but I think it’s because I trust you.” She mumbles and Carl doesn’t say anything which makes (Y/n) nervous. But then Carl takes (Y/n)’s hand into his own and she looks up to his eye.

“I’m a virgin too and I trust you too. It’s okay.” He smiles at her and she blushes. He stands and pulls on her hand. “Come on, lets go read a comic at mine.” He says. They walk together laughing and being happy, despite what was going on outside the walls of Alexandria.

When she is brought back to what is happening she starts to breath heavily. Carl’s face inches closer to (Y/n) and without hesitation his lips are on hers, moving slowly. (Y/n)’s mind fogs over as their lips move together, creating a rhythm, while Carl’s hands move to her hips as he pulls her closer to his body. They both breath heavily as Carl moves in between (Y/n)’s legs. He hovers over her and their lips disconnect.

“Are you sure?” Carl whispers as he stares into (Y/n)’s eyes. She nods and smiles at him as she swallows hard. She was sure. More than sure. Because she knew she would lose it to Carl and Carl felt the same. He moves his lips to (Y/n)’s as his hands continue to roam her body. He glides his hands up and down her hips and torso very gently and her breathing starts to speed up. His hands stop at the bottom of (Y/n)’s t-shirt and he stops kissing her, asking silently for permission.

She nods and they both sit up as he slides the top over her body and then her head. She lays down as Carl takes his top off and he looks at her and really drinks her in. (Y/n) starts to feel a little shy but before she can cover herself up, Carl stops her hands.

“Don’t. You are so beautiful.” He whispers as he goes back to kissing her. His hands roam her body again, this time more freely as she shudders from his light and gentle touch. He moves his hands to the back of her bra and unclips it. She lets it fall off of her arms and then she inhales as Carl stares at her. Truly amazed. Her cheeks heat up and as does Carl’s. He moves his hands but then drops them again as his eye moves to look into hers

“It’s okay.” She whispers and Carl takes a deep breath and swallows hard as he raises his hands again. His fingers cup her breasts as he massages them and her back arches as she push them into his hand, wanting more. He pinches, his hands trembling. Carl hopes that she feels good. She sits up, causing Carl to drop his hands, and she moves her hands to the button of Carls jeans. She undoes the button and then lays back down and Carl does the same thing to (Y/n).

His hands move to the button of her jeans and he undoes it. (Y/n) helps by lifting herself so that Carl can pull them down her legs. Carl stands and pulls his jeans down along with his boxers. He climbs back on top of you and hooks his fingers in your underwear, shakily pulling it down your legs. He breaths in as he looks at you fully and you turn a crimson colour. He moves up your her body with a newfound confidence as he has a smirk on his face.

“What?” (Y/n)’s brow furrows as he kisses her neck. His hand slides down her body and to her core, and he runs his finger through her folds.

“Sharing sleeping areas with a bunch of adults sometimes has its advantages.” Carl whispers. (Y/n) moans out as she breaths harshly. “Calm.” Carl utters into her ear. He stops his movements and looks down at her and takes a deep breath. He was nervous and his heart speeding up confirmed it. (Y/n) was nervous too. She didn’t really know what to expect except for that it would hurt.

He stands and opens the drawer nearest to his bed and pulls out a condom, rips open the packaging and rolls it onto himself.

“You ready?” Carl asks and she nods as she breaths a deep breath in, as does Carl. He aligns himself with her entrance and holds her hand before entering slowly. She gasps loudly beneath him as the feeling becomes intense. (Y/n) feels a burning sensation as she tries to calm herself down and Carl moves his head to her neck to place small kisses.

“You can move now.” She whispers as she feels a tear roll down her cheek. Sure she’s masturbated before, meaning she’s fingered herself but she’s never felt this sensation before. Carl moves his hip at a slow pace, making sure not to hurt her. She feels the burning start to calm and she then feels something completely different. It feels good. More than good. He thrusts into her and Carl speeds up the pace and starts to feel his high approaching quickly. (Y/n) lets out a soft moan and Carl’s hips stop and he looks down at her.

“Why’d you stop.” She breaths out harshly.

“You-you just moaned?” Carl mumbles. She nods from beneath him and Carl smirks. “I must be doing something right.” He says before continuing his movements. He thrusts and moves his lips to find (Y/n)’s and when they do they kiss hers deeply, tongues moving against each other. When they disconnect for a quick second (Y/n) lets out a soft whimper.

“I think I’m gonna cum Carl.” She softly breaths as Carl raises himself to look into her eyes. She looks in to his eye and he nods.

“Me too.” He whispers, their foreheads connecting. Within seconds (Y/n) cries out as she cums around Carl’s length. It’s unlike anything she’s ever felt before and it’s the same with Carl. Feeling her around him sends him over the edge and for a moment he’s lost in her. Everything about her is drawing him in. He pulls out of her slowly and (Y/n) winces a little. Carl takes off the condom and throws it in the bin and then lays beside her.

“Thank you.” He says, his voice low. (Y/n)’s facial expression changes to confused.

“For what?” She whispers and when she turns her head towards him she see him shrugging.

“Taking my virginity I guess.” He lets out a small and quick chuckle, as does (Y/n).

“Well then, I thank you too.” She says before sighing. “I’m happy I lost it to you.” She mumbles and Carl’s face whips towards hers. She’s staring at him and he can’t help but stare back at her. They lay there for a couple of minutes, just staring at each other, before Carl decides to kiss her. It’s not rough or quick, it’s a deep and meaningful kiss. The sort of kiss that you do when you know you love someone but just don’t know how to say it.

Carl pulls the sheet from underneath them and lays under them as he pulls (Y/n) close.

“So, are we more than friends now?” He mutter and she nods from beneath him.

“I would think so.” Carl buries his face in he neck and smiles. They lace their fingers together and sigh.

“Well I don’t want to ruin the moment or anything but, we’re gonna do that again right?” He asks and (Y/n) laughs.

“Yes Carl. Of course we are.”

Summer Love-Sirius Black Imagine

RequestI was wondering if you would do an imagine (Sirius x reader) where he goes to stay with his girlfriend during the summer instead of going with his parents and her parents treat him so well cause he makes her happy and they see how cute and cuddly they are together and just Sirius being happy in general????

Warnings: none

Here’s to the end of summer vacation :( Hope you enjoy! xo

Sirius buried his head in his hands, the tinkle of forks on plates and the constant chatter setting his teeth on edge. He was stressed, and the noise in the Great Hall made it difficult for him to think. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows beside him, setting down her goblet.

“Are you alright, love?” she asked gently, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, ’m alright,” he replied quietly, an unconvincing smile spreading across his face.

“You can tell me what’s wrong,” Y/N insisted, and Sirius let out a heavy sigh. He should have known better than to try lying to her.

“Summer break is in a few weeks, and I really don’t want to go back to my parents’ house. I hate being with them, they’re insufferable. I dunno what I’m going to do,” Sirius sighed, running a hand through his hair. 

“Don’t go back,” Y/N replied simply. Sirius turned to look at her, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” he asked.

“Come stay with me,” she added.

“No, love, I can’t ask you to do that for me,” Sirius said immediately.

“Why not? You’re my boyfriend, and I love you. It’s the least I could do,” Y/N insisted. 


“I don’t want to hear it. It’s no trouble at all for you to stay with me, I promise. My parents will love you as much as I do,” Y/N decided, pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose.

“Thank you, love,” he murmured, pecking her forehead. 

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The Boy Next Door Pt. 4- Grayson Dolan

A @dolansanonymous & @raeswritings Production

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6

Originally posted by thedolangifs

It’s been a couple of weeks since Grayson agreed to be your fake boyfriend. Your parents were coming tonight, so you and Grayson set off to the grocery store buying the ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

“Y/N/N, what about lasagna? Everyone loves lasagna!” Grayson said picking a pack of lasagna pasta from the shelf.

“No.” You shot down the idea.

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A Way to You Again: Part 12

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1826

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request! This chapter has a little bit of angst and fluff.

I edited this while I was like 50,000 shades of exhausted – so if there are errors please ignore them :|.

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“Bucky, where are we going?” I asked breathlessly as we exited the subway station.

“Patience is a virtue, doll,” he smirked as he looked at me. I chuckled to myself as I shook my head – when Bucky set his mind to something it was next to impossible to get him to budge on it. He casually caught my hand in his and laced his metal fingers delicately between mine. “This is nice,” he sighed to himself as he gave me another smile.

“Yes – it is,” I smiled back.

We walked in silence through the Brooklyn streets until Bucky stopped in front of a Starbucks. “Here we are,” he announced as his face lit up with excitement.

“Buck… did you bring me all the way to Brooklyn to come to Starbucks? There’s literally at least three within walking distance of the tower,” I said bewildered. Bucky wasn’t a huge fan of fancy coffee drinks – I always pointed out that his inner grumpy old man came out when I ordered a Frappuccino.  

He snorted at my bewildered face. “No doll – this is where I lived until I left for the war. Not the Starbucks obviously – but the building,” he answered as he motioned towards the building in front of us. “I lived right up there with my folks,” he explained as he pointed towards the second floor.

“Oh wow,” I murmured – mainly to myself. Bucky had never been much of an open book about his past. I had never pushed him, because I knew it was painful for him to remember all the things he had lost.

Bucky looked down at me and smiled. “It wasn’t much, but it was home. Steve got beat up down that alleyway, and that one, oh and over there too,” he explained as he pointed to the various areas. “Honestly, now that I think of it – Steve probably got beat up everywhere in a two-mile radius. He was such a little shit,” he chuckled to himself. “We would play on this street when we were kids,” he smiled to himself before turning to me again. He could read the lingering questions so clearly on my face. “Let’s go – I have a few more places I would like us to visit,” he whispered into my ear as he grabbed my hand once again.

I followed beside him as we walked several blocks to a nearby cemetery. Bucky seemed to know the path like the back of his hand. As we neared a small hill we parted from the paved walkway and maneuvered through the tombstones. Bucky slowed to a stop in front of a newer stone. “I had it replaced when I came back to New York,” he explained to me as he looked at the stone. “I thought I owed it to them.” As I looked at the stone I read the names of Bucky’s parents with their respective dates of birth and death.

“It’s beautiful,” I whispered as I kneeled beside the stone to wipe away a wayward leaf that had rested upon it. “The daisies?” I asked as I looked at the fresh daisies adorning the grave.

Bucky shrugged sadly. “They always reminded me of my mom. She loved flowers. I bring a new batch by weekly,” he explained as he kneeled beside me.

“They’re beautiful,” I murmured as I traced my fingers softly on the petals.

“My biggest regret is knowing that they died thinking I had died a hero,” Bucky added as he placed his hand affectionately on the stone. “It’s better they didn’t know the truth, but I feel like I failed them in so many ways.”

I placed my hand softly on Bucky’s as I watched the emotions play out on his face. “Bucky, they would have loved you regardless. It was never your fault,” I whispered as I laced my fingers between his.

A ghost of a smile pulled at the corners of his lips. “My mother would have loved you. I wish she had been alive to meet you,” he whispered softly as he looked at me – affectionately tucking my hair behind my ear.

I swallowed hard at this. “Bucky, why are you…” but he cut me off.

“You said you loved me,” he remarked as he returned his attention to the stone.

“Yes,” I whispered softly.

“And yet you know nothing about me, because I was too afraid to share my past with anyone but Steve. If you’re set on loving me – you deserve to see all of me. When I didn’t respond the other day –it wasn’t because I didn’t feel the same…” he explained as he stared intently at the stone. Before I could respond he stood up and offered me his hand. “Come on, there’s someone I want you to meet,” he said as he pulled me up beside him.

A thirty-minute cab drive later I found myself standing in front of a memory care facility with my hand secured in Bucky’s. I stared at him inquisitively but this time he did not return my gaze—instead he led me into the large brick building where we strolled up to a solid oak reception desk. The woman working at the desk looked up and, upon seeing Bucky, smiled warmly. “Good Morning, Mr. Barnes. She’s been asking for you,” she replied sweetly. Bucky nodded his head in acknowledgement as he led me from the desk down a long hallway. I followed him silently to a room at the very end of the hall.

“James, is that you?” the woman laying in the bed asked as she turned her eyes away from the television.

“It’s me, Rebecca,” he answered softly as he walked to the side of the bed and kissed the top of the woman’s head. I immediately saw the striking resemblance between the two even though one was so young and the other towards the end of her life. I watched silently at the softness that overtook Bucky’s features as he interacted with her – seemingly forgetting my presence in the room.

“And who is this?” the woman asked as she turned her head politely towards me. Before Bucky or I could respond she continued. “Y/N, I presume?” she asked with an eye-crinkling smile – the same as the one that sometimes graced Bucky’s face. I nodded my head – forgetting how to speak for a moment.

“Y/N, this is my baby sister, Rebecca,” Bucky explained as he looked at the woman affectionately.

“Tsh! I’m not so much of a baby anymore,” she added good-humoredly. “It is quite nice to meet you, Y/N. I have heard so much about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” I beamed as I neared the side of her bed.

We spent most of the day with Rebecca – talking and laughing. As is the case with most family, she had some embarrassing stories to tell about a much younger Bucky that caused him to snort and roll his eyes while dishing it back. It seemed normal – natural even. I hadn’t known about Rebecca, but I understood why. She was one of the last links that Bucky had to his old life – one of the last shreds of normalcy, and she was incredibly important to him. I couldn’t be mad at him for keeping her a secret – I understood the importance of a sister.

“You know – he thinks he’s a bad man,” Rebecca remarked after Bucky had left us alone so he could speak with her doctors. “I’ve tried to convince him for years that he isn’t, but he’s too stubborn.”

“I know – once he has his mind set on something it seems damn near impossible to convince him otherwise,” I remarked sadly. I felt the warmth of her hand over mine and looked at her.

“You’ve changed him,” she added with a smile.

“Me? How?” I asked shocked. Bucky had kept our relationship a secret from even his best friend until very recently. If Steve couldn’t tell – how could she?

“He never smiled until a few months ago. I hounded him until he finally told me about you. He talks about you constantly. Some days it’s all we would talk about. He loves you.”

“How can you tell?” I asked nervously.

“I’ve been around a long time, dear, and I’ve seen all types of love. When you see it – you just know. It’s the genuine article, but he’s too damn stubborn for his own good. He’ll never think he’s the right man for you… but I can tell by the way you look at him that you love him too. You’ll have to fight for him… you’ll have to lay yourself bare and vulnerable, but when you do you won’t regret it. Trust me,” she added with a soft squeeze of my hand and a warm smile. “Now if you’ll excuse me – I think this old woman needs to use the facilities,” she blushed as she pushed herself up from the bed and used her nearby walker to aid her as she walked out of the room.

I mulled over the things she said. Was is possible? Could we both be so stubborn that we were sacrificing our happiness in the process? Or were we both just scared? We had both suffered so much loss in our lives – could either of us risk falling in love and being left brokenhearted? “Where’s Rebecca?” Bucky’s voice floated through the room causing me to jump.

“Oh she went to the restroom. Is everything okay?” I asked noting the concern on his face.

“I’m not sure,” he muttered before disappearing back out into the hall. I sat in puzzled silence as I waited for the two to return. Suddenly I heard Rebecca’s voice from the hall.

“Where is this?! Who are you? I want to go home!” she yelled. The desperation and confusion in her voice caused me to jump from my seat and run into the hallway where I found Bucky, with the aid of a wheelchair, returning her to her room. “Who are you?” she demanded of me as she stared at me blankly.

“Stay here,” Bucky whispered as he rolled the chair back into the room – followed by several nurses.

Bucky emerged from the room several minutes later, and immediately bee-lined to me. “Are you okay?” he asked softly as he reached for my hand.

 “Are you?” I answered. I could tell by his changed demeanor that he wasn’t. “The… the doctors said that the disease is progressing. Today was one of the best days she’s had in awhile… and they’re likely to get fewer and farther between,” he paused as he looked over his shoulder sadly. “Let’s go home,” he finally muttered as he wrapped his arm around me.

As we left the facility in silence I began to understand just how hard it was for Bucky to allow himself to be so vulnerable, and I decided it was time for me to do the same.

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Kidge + Dads of Marmora AU

I fucking screamed when I seen this AU, bless you anon


  • When the four other paladins first meet Keith it’s after Allura tells them that the red paladin has already been chosen and is part of the Blades of Mamora, a resistance group against the Galra. So they were expecting to meet a full on alien, but nope, they meet Keith, a half Galra half half human member of the Blades of Mamora
  • Pidge watches at Lance and Keith argue when they all first meet, Shiro pulls the two apart and is like “Boys we have work to do stop.”
  • Pidge walks over and literally fucking jumps up and grabs Lance’s ear dragging him away before he can rebuttal, this amuses the hell out of Keith and he decides Pidge is his favorite paladin right then and there
  • Unlike the other four Keith lives back at blades of mamora headquarters with is adopted dads and comes to the castle when they need to train, Allura would rather him stay at the castle, but Keith is stubborn and refuses to leave his family 
  • Thace notices that Keith keeps talking about a paladin by the name of Pidge and decides to tease his adopted son
  • “Is Pidge your girlfriend?”
  • “WHAT?! N-No!” 
  • Thace is just smirking at his answer and Keith just groans leaving the room
  • Thace tells Ulaz and both Dads go into teasing mode. Poor Keith
  • Back at the castle Lance and Hunk are being normal big brothers and messing with Pidge 
  • “Pidge and Keith sitting in a tree!” sing singed Hunk
  • “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” Lance joined in
  • “I’m going to kill both of you!”
  • One day Thace and Ulaz visit with Keith for training so they can meet Pidge
  • “Oh hey Ulaz!” Shiro is happy to see the guy who saved him
  • Ulaz waves and Thace waves at Allura
  • Pidge walks in the room with her glasses on top of her head as she yawns, bags under her eyes as she totes her laptop with her over to the kitchen ignoring everyone 
  • “Is that-” Thace began but Shiro cut him off
  • “You’ll have to excuse Pidge, she is known to pull all nighters though Allura and myself don’t advise it.” he explains
  • Keith is sitting in the kitchen eating goo when he see’s Pidge and like he kinda smiles dorkily because jfc even half asleep and sleep deprives she is adorable to him
  • Lance smirks seeing this “Hey Pidge Keith i here.”
  • Pidge stops where she is as she is about to sit down and bolts 
  • Keith is confused af, did he do something wrong????!
  • Pidge gets to the bathroom and like looks in the mirror seeing herself, embarrassment hitting her like a wave as she see’s the bags under her eyes and how messy her hair is, she really wasn’t one to care for her appearance, but for fucks sake Keith did something to her heart and mind that made her a mess
  • Returning a few minutes later Pidge has finger combed her hair and washed her face “Hey Keith.”
  • Keith just raises an eyebrow “You okay Pidge?”
  • “Huh? I’m fine.” she says sitting in front of her laptop.
  • Keith gets up and takes the glasses are top of Pidge’s head and slips them onto her eyes with a smile “I think you need these to see.”
  • Pidge’s face lights up like a Christmas tree as does Keith when he realizes what he’s done
  • Ulaz was standing in the doorway watching “You two are such a cute couple.”
  • “We’re not dating!” both paladins say at the same time embarrassed 
  • “Yet~” Lance adds
  • Pidge chases after Lance yelling her usual threats
  • Ulaz walks over “You need to tell her.”
  • Keith looks to the floor “She doesn’t like me.”
  • Shiro walks in “Oh believe me she does, she talks about you all the time.”
  • “Sh-She does?”
  • Shiro node
  • Ulaz pats his adopted sons back “Do you think I won over your Father by dancing around the fact that I like him?”.
  • Keith thought back to the story his Fathers told him about how they got together, Ulaz had bought Thace some flowers after seeing in one of the earth books they had bought for Keith that it was a known romantic gift back on earth and had asked him out with the flowers
  • Before his next visit to the castle he stops by the space mall and gets some flowers, he didn’t know if they were earth flowers or not, but they looked pretty and pretty was good…right?
  • When he goes to give Pidge the flowers she starts sneezing and boy is just PANIC
  • Pidge assures him she is fine, she just has allergies
  • “I’m so sorry! I remembered how my Dad confessed to my Papa and-”
  • “Confessed?”
  • “Yeah like a crush confession, anyway-”
  • Pidge cut him off “You have a crush on me?”
  • Keith turned bright red realizing he had been lost in the story telling aspect of all this and accidentally admitted his crush that way rather than asking on a date
  • The boy is to embarrassed to speak so he just nods
  • “I-I like you too.”
  • “You owe me ten bucks.” Lance whispered to Hunk from where they were hidden
  • “And you owe me twenty gak.” Thace told Ulaz who were hiding with the two paladins

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Can you do some Harry/Uma headcanons please?

That faint sound you guys heard in the distance? That was me squealing when I got this ask.

- Uma’s the only reason Harry’s passed his math class (or science or anything else involving numbers). She mouths her answers as she writes them down. Harry noticed after a while and he’d copy her (more or less, sometimes he’d put a different answer down just to keep the teachers off). He’s never been caught and Uma’s perfectly okay with this system.

- They’re just??? Constantly flirting. It’s gotten to the point it’s not even fun for CJ to make fun of them anymore so she just tells them to get a room. Harriet makes a disgusted noise and says they should be spayed and neutered and that’s about it.

- Harry is well aware he has competition - like half the crew has a crush on Uma and the other half just won’t admit they do out loud. That whole crew has basically been a long game of ‘Steal Your Girl’ since they got together. Harry’s not even remotely bothered, this is fun. Bring it on!

- Occasionally they’ll date a third. Or one of them will date someone else as well (this is called a ‘V’ relationship). So far, Gil’s got the record to beat for a third. The two of them are constant though. 

- Harry’s got it SO BAD though - like Uma could step on him and he’d say thanks. It’s either adorable or sickening depending on your outlook. 

- Uma knows his order by heart which means he’d BETTER pay and tip well. 

- Harry constantly has an eye out for threats - they’ve taken a lot of territory and that’s prime pickings for people looking for their own turf.

- Uma has always interrupted him flirting with other people strictly so she can share embarrassing stories and they’ll leave. Not because she’s jealous or possessive, but because he gets so annoyed and flustered it’s hilarious. Her favourite thing to do is pop a hole in his ‘bad boy buccaneer’ veneer by telling people he used to call Harriet ‘Hettie’ because he couldn’t say her name properly EVEN THOUGH IT’S LITERALLY YOUR NAME WITH “ET” AT THE END. 

- Harry’s normally happy enough to follow what she says and listen to her but very occasionally she’ll push him just enough to get him in take charge mode. She loves it because she can mock the heck out of him for it and bring him back to ‘follow her around’ mode. 

- Those two could be necking right in front of him and Hook probably wouldn’t notice they were a thing because he simply does not care. Ursula wouldn’t look at them if they were on fire. Uma’s little sisters though have flocked around them, either cooing or making fun depending on which sister. It’s the WORST. There is nowhere in the chip shop to make out so they usually head to the Lost Revenge where the worst that will happen is the crew will wolf whistle (and maybe make a pass at Uma - I’m not kidding about the ‘Steal Your Girl’ part). 

- That thing where Uma pets his hair? She does it all the time. He loves it. 

- Harry is basically Uma’s hype man, you realize this, yes?

- They learned to sword fight together - they went from playing at it as children to serious for real sparring. It’s a lot of fun. They do a LOT together to be honest. Uma was over so often as a child, Hook occasionally mistook her for one of his crew’s children. He used to ask Harriet who her father was. 

- They’re the best people to navigate each other’s emotions and thought processes, with perhaps the exception of Harriet, who practically raised Harry since he was a year old. 

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Hi! Could you make hcs where shouto takes his boyfriend (midoriya) to meet his mother, and midoriya takes him to meet his mother

Todoroki x Midoriya

  • Soon after they start dating, Todoroki feels it is important to introduce Deku to his mother out of respect but also because he wants two of the most important people in his life to meet
  • Midoriya is nervous as heck before meeting her but went he actually lays eyes on her he accidentally comment out loud how beautiful she is. Todoroki is surprised at the comment while his mother smiles warmly and thanks him. Midoriya apologizes and greets her properly while bowing
  • Todoroki is so moved by this because his boyfriend thinks his mother is beautiful and even made her smile and that just makes him love the boy even more
  • Ast for Midoriya’s mom, since she found out her son was dating she has been urging him to bring him over. Midoriya is kind of shy to ask him to come over because his mom wants to meet him and Todoroki dosnt ask cause he’s not sure what Midoriya’s family situation is and dosnt want to pressure him
  • However when he finally does ask, Todoroki accepts immediately and is like “how does today sound? Text your mom and ask her” and he’s like “today?!!” and Todoroki’s like “yes. today. after school. ask. now.”
  • So Todoroki shows up with a simple potted plant (because flowers wilt and die so a potted plant is nicer) and is greeted warmly by his mother
  • They hit it off instantly and Todoroki stats asking questions and Midoriya has to stop her from telling him embarrassing stories but I s2g when she breaks out the baby pictures and he tries to tell him mom to put them back Todoroki gives him this side glare like ruin this for me and you will regret it and Midoriya has no choice but to sit back and watch as his boyfriend and mother look through them
Father's Day

This one shot was written for @glitzthings by request (Sorry it’s late my friend!). I hope this is okay, I’ve been having the worst case of writer’s block lately.


Vegeta folds his arms tighter around his chest, sinking further down into his seat. An impatient groan escapes his lips, as soft as a sleeping breath, but still earns him a scowl from his wife. Her sapphire eyes burn the color of gasoline fire and say all of the words hidden behind the confines of her lips, making him turn his head away. He gets it; she doesn’t need to look at him like that anymore. He clicks his teeth loud enough to tell her so, but he can still feel her heated stare  shredding the skin on his neck.  He ignores her, and instead decides to make a mental list of the worst moments in his life.

1) Frieza. Enough said.
2) Kakarot. A tolerable ending, but their beginnings will always stain his tongue with acid.
3) Any combination of 1 and 2.
4) What he’s doing at this exact moment.

He feels a palm on his thigh and he whips his head back to his left, expecting to meet the cooling eyes of his hot tempered spouse. She’s gotten bored of his tantrum apparently as her eyes are glued to the stage, smiling widely with excitement. Instead, he catches the stare of his son, who’s sporting the same goofy grin as his mother, his  lavender hair hanging loosely in his eyes.

“Papa,” he tries to whisper, his voice cracking with manhood, “She’s coming on now!”

Vegeta nods, thankful that  Trunks can read him so easily. Bulma expects him to be dutiful and pay attention, but Vegeta knows the boy is just as bored as he is. In fact, if a certain doppelganger of Kakarot were not keeping him company right now, he is sure that Trunks would be playing away on the noisy game he likes to carry around. Or even better, causing some sort of mischief.

“Do it like we practiced, Bra!” Bulma whispers, raising her fists with anticipation. Vegeta cocks an eyebrow to this, wondering exactly the woman has planned. If it’s anything like he’s become used to for the past decade and some change, he knows it’ll be interesting. Chaotic, undoubtedly, but interesting.

Vegeta turns his attention to the stage finally, peering over the heads of rows of parents and children alike. No matter how much it pains him to admit it, he’s short. And short people, no matter how powerful, struggle to see past taller men who refuse to take better seats. Especially when Bulma insists they sit towards the back so Bra doesn’t get nervous when she sees them. He grunts louder this time, even letting a curse slip from his dirty lips. Several parents turn around in their seats and glare at him. Vegeta lets out a warning growl that’s similar to a bark and they change their minds in their judgment. Their faces go whiter than his tense knuckles and they turn around with no further complaints. He’s earned himself a heavy slap on the knee from Bulma. He grins wickedly as he sits with no regret. He never tires of putting inferiors in their places.

A miniature Bulma walks across the stage past her peers, her chin aimed pointedly high in the air. She oozes confidences and the children don’t like it. Vegeta has heard Bra complain about then to Bulma at bed time before. “They’re so boring, Mama,” she says in her five year old sleepy voice, “And they don’t want to talk to me.” Bulma asks her how she feels about it. Bra pulls the thick blanket to her chest and says truthfully, “I can beat them up so I don’t care.”

Vegeta has never been more proud.

Her actions prove her words true as she glides to the microphone, earning attentive eyes from the audience and her peers. A bright yellow banner hangs over her head, Father’s Day Assembly sprawled across the fabric. An arrogant smile —his arrogant smile— steals her face as she looks over the crowd. Her eyes land on his and she smiles and waves, a look of sincere glee coming over her features. He feels  the immediate embarrassment, but puts up two fingers in this air as a salute so she won’t cry about it later. He ignores Bulma’s yelping about how ‘cute’ the situation is.

“My name is Bra Briefs,” she says into the microphone, a little too low for Vegeta’s tastes, and he wants to tell her to talk louder, “And this is the story of my papa, Vegeta.” She extends a tiny palm in his direction. The stage lights hover over him and he grits his teeth. The parents don’t bother to turn and look, having already been bitten with his venom. He sits with patience until the light is back on Bra and then finally grumbles under his breath.

“In order to tell this story, my friends said they would help me out. So I hope you enjoy this play! Me and my Mama worked real hard on it!” She turns to the curtain, the red of her ponytail ribbon matching the fabric perfectly. “Guys?”

Vegeta is interested now, but the curiosity turns to vile as he watches Kakarot, Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin take center stage. They all seem embarrassed to be here, especially Piccolo. He hears a few parents wonder if he’s feeling sick. Vegeta questions what sort of manipulation Bulma’s used to get them to be here.
“My Papa was a proud prince,” she starts, and an exact mirror of Vegeta walks smoothly on stage. He does a double take at first. Tarble? He’s about to question it further until he spots the tail and how wrong it is. It’s pink and curly where it should be long and brown. Of course Oolong would agree; he’s caught the Sunday dinner staring at his wife’s breasts a little too long on multiple occasions.

“He was the strongest prince of everyone in his kingdom, and no one could beat him, not even giant refrigerators and freezers!” Oolong-Vegeta flexes his muscles in a dramatic fashion, while kicking over a fridge prop, cleverly painter with specks of purple. This elicits a laugh out of Vegeta, but he keeps it low so Bulma doesn’t hear.

“One day, my Papa got too strong and he got bored. So he flew to Earth to rule over the people there.” Oolong is pretending to fly in a circle, getting closer to the four men to Bra’s right. “And when he came, a group of men who were…umm…Mama, what’s that word again?”

“Naïve!” Bulma yells, and Bra smiles widely.

“That’s right, naïve. The group of men were naïve and thought they could beat him up.” A flash of anger rolls over Piccolo’s face. Vegeta hopes Bulma’s brought a camera.

“Aarrghh, I am Vegeta! Prince of all Saiyans! And I will whoop your butt!” Oolong is a bad actor and his voice is too squeaky to rival Vegeta’s. And  most important, Vegeta thinks, is that he would never use the words, “Whoop your butt.” Obliterate you? Sure. Send you the fiery pits of hell? Absolutely. But never, “I’m going to whoop your butt.” It sounds like a parent chastising a child, but he listens on anyways.

“No, Vegeta, we can’t let you do that,” Gohan is trying to act, but he’s too serious about it, “So please leave here at once.”

“I’m going to whoop your butt first, Goha—err — stranger!” Oolong produces some sort of contraption and confetti sprays in Gohan’s direction. Gohan dramatically falls to the stage, claiming he has been defeated. Goku starts laughing wildly, and Vegeta declares he will kill the man if he messes up his daughter’s stage play.

“One by one, the men come to fight my papa, but they are too weak and pathetic so they die,” Bra says this with such pride that Vegeta’s heart swells. Piccolo and Krillin fall to the ground, yelling  how strong Vegeta is. He turns to look at Bulma briefly, unable to believe that she would agree to help Bra with this inaccurate play.  She shrugs, as if indicating that this was all Bra’s idea.

“But one man didn’t seem to get it, so Papa had to put him in his place.” Goku grins and crouches down into his fighting stance, looking too seriously at Oolong-Vegeta. The buffoon. He can’t even pretend to fight without getting a hard on. Vegeta scoffs at his pathetic mannerisms.

“Even though you’re so much stronger than me, and I could never  ever beat you, I will fight you Vegeta!” Strangely enough, Goku isn’t bad at reciting his lines. Vegeta swallows away the compliment, mildly upset it penetrated his mind in the first place.

“Bring it on, Goku! “ Oolng pretends to fight Goku, once again disappointing Vegeta with his misrepresentation. He watches the two prance about and shoot fake lasers at each other. Goku is losing on purpose, and Vegeta relishes in how satisfactory the feeling is.

“After a long battle, the man does a horrible, miserable death—“

“Oh no! I’m dying so miserably!”

“—Ending any defiance against my Papa. So he became the prince, no, the king of Earth. And he even found his queen in the audience!” Another person emerges from the curtain, wearing one of Bulma’s old dresses with a cheap blue wig on their head. Its Yamcha, Vegeta notices with disdain, and he’s tried a little too hard to dress like Bulma. She’s having several fits of laughter at his side, unable to even look at the stage anymore. A ghost of a smile plays on his lips. Bulma is a devious genius.

“Oh Vegeta,” Yamcha has his hands resting at his cheek and his voice is higher in range, “Even though I’ve got a totally awesome boyfriend who’s the best thing that ever happened to me, I just can’t resist the Prince of Darkness!”

“Hmph,” Oolong-Vegeta folds his arms and closes his eyes, “Your boyfriend sucks. Drop that zero and get with a real man, pathetic woman.” Finally Oolong has gotten Vegeta correctly.

Yamcha runs daintly towards Oolong and they hug, although Yamcha has to bend down to embrace him. Vegeta grits his teeth and wants to yell out that he’s not  that short, and how the only time Bulma’s bending over is in the bedroom, but their children are present. He’s sure he’s scarred then enough already.

“And then my Mama and Papa got married and had me and brother Trunks! He’s still the strongest man on the planet,” he watches as her eyebrows mesh together in an angry fashion and her entire mood changes, “And if any of you ever disagree with me or him, he’ll make you all die a miserable and scary de—“

“Okay and thank you Ms. Briefs!” The principal of Bra’s school intervenes, her face a cloudy mix of disbelief and shock. She tries to laugh off her nerves by complimenting Bra on her creative imagination. The adults in the audience have covered their children’s ears and look toward the stage in fright. Vegeta lets out a heartfelt laugh, focusing unwanted attention on him. He’s clutching his belly as he bends over, not remembering the last time he was this entertained. The Briefs women have definitely outdone themselves.

Bra doesn’t bother to sit with her peers, instead walking off stage and heading directly to them. Her face is beaming as she approaches, running straight to Vegeta and hopping in his lap. She throws her arms around his neck and he lets her, feeling like she’s more than earned public affection.

“How did I do Papa?” she whispers in his ear, tossing a thumbs up to Trunks, Goten and Bulma.

Vegeta smiles and stands, seeing no reason to stay for the rest of this catastrophe. He gets it; these children like their inadequate fathers and their boring jobs of teachers and salesmen. But had their fathers ever saved the world? Ever brought them back to life? No? Then he has no interest in praising them.

He cradles Bra in his arms as they exit, and leans in close to her ear so that only she can hear. “It’s the best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received,” he says and means it. “Just don’t tell your brother.”

I haven’t edited this, so please forgive any errors

also I may or may not have written this while I’m drunk soooo
Never Enough Part 3

Summary: After attacking Stiles, the first boy you’ve ever loved, you finally discover that you’re a siren/angel. Your siren anchor is Isaac. Nobody knows who your angel anchor. Except you.

Ship: Stiles Stilinski x Fem!Reader x Isaac Lahey

Warning: fluff, angst, swearing, bad ass reader, sad thoughts, mentions of blood, etc.

Tagging: @thegirlwiththestories @morganschiebel @fabulous-dani @milkywaygalaxygirl @nathaliabakes @graceburnell @allana5100 @bellamysterekblake @beingmadinwonderland

Notes: Gifs are not mine, credit to the owners. 

Your P.O.V

I press my hands against my dress for the fifteenth time. It was my piano recital and I was a nervous wreck. It was the same feeling every year. I texted Scott, Stiles and the Sheriff, to remind them. I was able to forget about all the bad things if I just.. played. And right now, I could use some normal in my life. Stiles hadn’t spoken to me since that night… two weeks ago. I didn’t expect him to forgive me in a day but two weeks felt a bit long. Not to mention, it hurt like hell. I push the thought out of my head. “And now, (Y/n) (Y/L/N), playing River Flows In You and Once Upon A December from Anastasia.” Oh, god! This was it. I took a deep breath and walked out onto the stage.

As I sat down, I couldn’t help but scan the crowd, in hopes to see the people I most wanted here. Scott and Mr. Stilinksi grinned up at me. Both their cameras on record. But, no Stiles.. I couldn’t help but frown a little. He never missed my concerts. However, due to the recent events, I see why he didn’t show up. But then, I noticed someone I never thought I’d see. Isaac.. He smiled up at me, giving me a thumbs up. I couldn’t help but blush at the remembrance of that night. We were cuddled up against one another. I tore my gaze away and began. When I started to play, a tense hush fell over the crowd. It was as if they latched onto each note I played. It was a warm and fantastic feeling. Something I didn’t realize I needed. It was like taking a deep breath of fresh air.

When I played the last cord, I realized my hands were shaking with adrenaline. Everyone stood up, cheering loudly. Scott, Isaac and Mr. Stilinski were the loudest, without a doubt. “WOOHOO! THAT’S MY GIRL!” The sheriff exclaimed. I could have sworn he was getting teary eyed. When I glanced at Scott, he had a look of pure brotherly pride. Isaac however, his gaze was filled with pure adoration. I bow before making my way off the stage. They turned on the house lights. I made my way over to my family. Not my birth one, they, my father, didn’t care. He was constantly gone for work. My real family, was the Mccalls and the Stilinski’s. When I reached them, the sheriff proudly picked me up, spinning me around. I couldn’t help but giggle. 

After he put me down, Scott pulled me into a warm hug. “I’m so proud of you! You were fantastic!” Once he let go, I glanced up at Isaac, blushing. “What’re you doing here?” He shrugged, trying to act cool. “Scott told me you playing. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Immediately, I blushed, scratching the back of my neck. “Thanks. That means a lot.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets, biting the edge of his lips. “You were phenomenal, by the way.” I giggle. “Thanks.” Before the conversation could get anymore awkward, Mr. Stilinski wrapped his arms around us. “You know what this calls for? A celebratory dinner! On me!” Scott and Isaac beamed. “Free food?! Sounds good to me!” Scott and the sheriff walked a few steps ahead of us while Isaac walked with me. 

“Uhh- (Y/n)-” He coughs to clear his throat. “Will you- can I, uhh sit next to you at dinner?” He asked, sheepishly. Grinning, my heart leaped. “Uh- yeah. I’d love that.” I wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about Isaac. I mean, he’s one of my anchors. I thought he was attractive even before this whole situation began. But, then again, I was also still trailing behind Stiles. Honestly, I didn’t know how to take this. It’s not like Stiles will ever care about me, let alone look at me. Hell, he still hasn’t said a word to me since that night. I felt horrible. I sent him a text before the performance. As we sat down at the diner, I couldn’t help but glance at my phone, in hopes for something, anything. I frown, nothing. 

Isaac notices my sudden lack of joy, nudging my shoulder, slightly. It makes me giggle. After we order, my face is buried in my hands, completely embarrassed about the story the sheriff was telling. “She was so mad at the boys for taking her painting! She was so pissed, she scared the boys half to death!-” I scoff. “I did not!” He threw his back, laughing. “You so did! The boys did your work for a week and every time you came in our house, you acted like a princess. If it wasn’t your way, you would have a fit!” I giggled at the memory. Scott looked between Mr. Stilinski and I, smiling. Isaac however, his eyes never left my face, his arm over my chair, inches from my shoulder. 

The thought made me blush. (Y/n), calm down, Jesus. Who says you even need a man?! Stop it! Focus on yourself! I nod my head, sort of to myself, as if I was confirming in-dependency. After dinner, I hugged Scott and Isaac goodbye. My embrace lingered on Isaac, slightly. I thanked Mr. Stilinski again for coming before I changed and made my way up onto the roof. Phone in my shakey hand. I decide to call again. “Hi, this is Stiles Stilinski! You’ve reached my voice-mail!” The batman theme played in the background. I couldn’t help but smile. “Oh! Sorry, that’s my cue, just leave me a message after the beep! I’ll be sure to get back to it!” 

The second it beeps, I start. “Hey, Stiles..” I pause, warily. “Stiles, I am so sorry.. Please talk to me.. I’m going crazy. Just say something.. I get that you’re pissed at me. You have every right to be. But I can’t function without you. You’re my-” I pause, gulping. “My best friend..” I cough to cover my sniffles. “I-uh had my piano recital tonight.. Your dad came.. I didn’t see you there.. You never miss my recitals..” I pause again, trying to find the right words to say. “I sucked.. haha.. completely bombed the whole thing.. In fact, I threw punch at one of the performers.. haha.. Look, I, I’m sorry, Stiles. Goodbye.” And then, I hung sighing quietly to myself. I leaned against my chair, propping my feet up on the ledge. 

The stairs above twinkled, as if they were teasing me. I sigh quietly to myself. All of a sudden, something in the distance caught my eye. Brows furrowed, I stood up from my chair. Water. The lake, not too far from my house. Five minute walk, tops. I turn over my shoulder, glancing back at my empty room. Just do it. Go. It was as if a voice were persuading me to be free by the lake. It actually made sense though. My dark, harpies like features, were just the first stage to being a siren. I felt it now. The real power, the pull towards the water. Fuck it. I slipped on some shoes, grabbing a towel from my house before I made my way there. It was a strange feeling. A good one. The closer I got, the more comfortable I became. Walking on the bridge, I sit down and take off my shoes, letting my feet play with the cool refreshing water. 

The stars reflected it, giving it a nice hue. The air was warm but the feeling felt cool and fresh. All of a sudden, the water under me hardened. Brows furrowed and filled with curiosity, I put more pressure on it. It stays solid. Cautiously, I hold onto the railing as I stick both my feet in the water. I let go, standing tall. I walk a way from the dock. I’m walking on water. “Holy shit..” Every step I take, I take with care. I could fall in at any moment. But I don’t. My siren side won’t let me. Run. A voice whispers in my head. I give into the temptation, smiling. I run across the water, laughing loudly. Twirling and dancing around, I yell. “SUCK IT, JESUS! TWO CAN PLAY AT THIS GAME! HAHA!” 

At this point, I’m practically frolicking on the lake. I kneel in the water, swishing my hand back and forth, I gasp. The water follows my hand, rising up as I put my hand out in front of me. The water moved around me. Eyes blown eyed, I furrow my brows in concentration. Otter. I thought. And then, there it was. Right there in front of me, I giggle as it kisses my nose before jumping back into the water.

Glancing at the dark substance below my feet, I’m tempted to jump in. Tempted to feel the cold water. I give in, closing my eyes before falling back, crashing into it. It feels like a breath of fresh air. And it was because I could breath perfectly. I swam better than I ever had before in my whole life. It was incredible. It was all so easy. After god knows how long, I hopped out, feeling different, better. I dried off with the towel. Grazing over my gills. I smiled when it touched them, it tickled. I grab my shoes and head home. The sun started to come up. I was out all night. However, I didn’t feel the least bit tired. I was up to the brim with energy. 

That morning, I head to my locker, waving at Isaac, Allison and Scott, on the way in. After grabbing my things, I head to English. Stiles sat next to Lydia, glancing up at me, only to look away. Pain. A sharp pain collides with my chest at that small action. I take a seat behind Scott. He gives me a reassuring smile before looking forward. Allison entered, seconds later, eyeing the only seat left. Right in front of Scott. “Is this seat-?” She asks, awkwardly. He sputters, shaking his head. “Nope, no. It’s uh- It’s all yours.” I cover my mouth to hide my laugh. Almost immediately, Scott gets up to leave. We start class but I can’t help but feel something out of the ordinary. 

I sit up straighter, fists clenched. Stiles noticed my reaction but didn’t further acknowledge. Which kinda hurt. I tore my gaze away from him, rolling my eyes at his childish attitude. And then, all of a sudden, a bird ran into the window, blood spattered slightly. Jennifer, our English teacher, gasps. She practically jumps out her skin when five more slam against the glass. Stiles and I stood up from our seats, taking a step towards the window, gawking. And then, hundreds, if not thousands of birds crashed through the windows. The kids around us screamed and cried out in pain. The birds clawed and slashed their young faces. 

Automatically, I cover Stiles and another boy, wrapping my arms around them, protectively. Stiles.. went to Lydia.. like always.. I have never been more angry at the two of them in my whole life. But no matter how mad I was, I wanted, no, needed to protect him. I haven’t told Scott about my theory about Stiles being my angel anchor but in this moment, I knew, deep down, that I was. I just knew. I lift my head, glaring at the birds. They either leave or die on impact. We eventually stand up and re-cooperate. He checks on Lydia first. I grit my teeth, rolling my eyes. I will never be enough in his eyes. But none of this is new. We look at each other for the first  time in god knows how long. I couldn’t exactly decipher his facial features like I normally would. 

It seemed as though it was a mix of emotions: sadness; for not talking to me, anger; for me almost killing him, happiness; to see his best friend again, all of it or none of it. I wasn’t sure anymore. Maybe it was because I protected him? As a guardian angel would. Guardian angel. Oh my god. I tear my gaze away from Stiles, muttering to the two of them. “You okay?” Lydia nodded, kind of shakey due to the events but I could tell she felt calm because of my voice. It was almost reassuring. I couldn’t hate Lydia. Of course, she did things I hated but she was just as hidden and broken as anyone else. Stiles muttered, so quietly it was almost inaudible. “Yeah, I’m alright.” 

But as he spoke, he barely looked at me. That’s it. I am so done sulking over him. “Forget it. Whenever-” I grab my black jacket, practically fuming. “you stop acting like a child and grow a vag, come call me. I’m done sulking over someone who isn’t worth my time.” He winced as I turned over my shoulder and walked out. It was meant to hurt because he hurt me. I ran through my hair, breathing heavily through my nose. I was done. No, you’re not. A voice whispers back at me. I don’t agree but I don’t disagree, either. Mentally, I was done. But my heart was anything but. 

Third P.O.V

Stiles and Scott walked side by side to the party. Heather’s, Stiles’ childhood friend’s, party, to be exact. Stiles was excited to see his old friend, excited to get away from Lydia and (Y/n). Even though, he felt horrible. Scott, despite his strong attempts, continued to sulk over his first love, Allison. “Stop that.” Stiles said to his best friend. Scott looked at him, wide eyed, as if he were caught doing something he shouldn’t have. “Stop what?” He asks, innocently. Stiles scoffs at him. “You know what?! Stop being sad about Allison! Tonight, we party! No Allison, no Lydia-” Scott nodded. “and no (Y/n).” Scott’s eyes went wide in brotherly confusion. 

“Seriously?! She didn’t know how to control it and you’re still pissed at her?! It’s been two weeks?! Oh, by the way, I’m still pissed you the concert! You know how much that means to her. It broke her heart! And you know what’s the best part about the whole situation, you’re not pissed at her! You stopped being mad at her three days after the incident! So, why are you actually not talking to her?!” Scott rarely got mad at Stiles. But when it came to his practically adopted sister, (Y/n), he would rain hell upon anyone and everyone. It was now Stiles’ turn to be wide eyed and caught in a lie. After a few seconds of silence, he finally spoke. “Okay, okay! I was mad at how close she’s gotten with Isaac. He’s gonna take her away from me. She’s my-” He pauses. “my best friend.” 

Scott notices the pause, eyeing him, suspiciously. Stiles rubs the back of his head, walking towards the door. “Look, I’ll talk to (Y/n) tomorrow and apologize, but tonight is about us and forgetting our problems. Okay?” Scott nodded, knowing he wasn’t gonna let Stiles get off that easily. (Y/n) was his sister afterall. The next day at school, the boys found out Heather was taken. Stiles was completely distraught, having already made up with (Y/n), like he promised, she helped him calm down. But she was mad, mad that he almost had sex with an old friend without using his head to think. Like a guy, he used his dick instead of his brain. Scott reassured her that nothing happened between the two of them. However, it still hurt. But what made her more frustrated, was that Stiles waited two weeks to talk to her, solely because he was afraid he’d lose her, not knowing he was the one pushing her away. 

Your P.O.V

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We all met up at Deaton’s to find out what Isaac can remember. Derek was looking for Boyd and Erica and thought Isaac could remember via being to the point of almost dead, which didn’t reassure me in the slightest. I grabbed the last of the ice, turning the corner, only to find Isaac completely shirtless. I can’t help but gawk. He was toned, beyond so. He was built and chiseled to godlike perfection. Shoulders carved and stomach like a washboard, I can’t help but flush. He was gorgeous. And then, a voice broke my gaze. “(Y/n)?!” I look up to see Scott snap his fingers in front of me. “You okay? You dropped the ice?” I glance down to see the bag on the floor, like he said. 

I scoff, trying to gather myself. “Pff, yeah, I knew that!” Squatting, I pick up the ice bag and hand it to Derek, not daring to look at Isaac, too embarrassed to. I look at Stiles in hopes for some comfort. Oh, how wrong I was. He glared daggers at Isaac, practically fuming with rage. He continued to glare as Isaac as he sat down in the penetratingly cold water. Derek and Scott took their positions. “Ready?” Deaton asked. The young boy gulped, nervously. “(Y/n)-” He sticks his hand out, I grab it, despite Stiles’ glare. “I won’t leave you.” I say, which seems to sooth him. Then they push him down. He thrashes against the force and pressure. 

It takes everything in me to not look away. He practically begs me to stop, in fear of the reminder of being taken. I kiss his hand, which calms him, slightly. He starts spewing out information. But it wasn’t enough for Derek. He pushes him down further. Almost immediately, my inner siren breaks out. I use the water to push Derek away. Not enough to do damage but just to push away. Isaac jumps out of the water, shaking. I grab a towel, wrapping it around him, soothingly. Derek takes a step forward, I stand up, hand still intertwined with Isaac’s. I glare back at him, practically growling. Half of my body shifted into a siren. The other half, being touched by Isaac, was human. 

No matter how much he tried to hide it, Derek looked scared. “Come near him again, see was happens.” I growl, lowly, at him. He doesn’t move. Wise decision. When I look back at my hand, latched to Isaac, he smiles and I feel my siren side subside. He brushes his thumb against my hand. It brings me more comfort than anything. He clears his throat. “So, what did you find?” Stiles cleared his throat, stepping forward, looking anywhere but our hands. “You said they were trapped in a bank.” I look at him with a reassure, non-verbal, smile. It was as if he understood I was never gonna stop being his friend. It calmed him, slightly. “You also said someone else was in the vault.” Derek pressed. Scott asked, perplexed. “Who?” Isaac shook his head. “I don’t know.” 

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You’d just finished your panel with Misha and headed backstage, leaving him on stage with Jensen. Settling into the seat next to Briana, you sighed and leaned your head on the back of the chair.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“You know what’s wrong, Bri. It’s what’s always wrong!”

You and Briana had become very close since you’d become a season regular. You found she was easy to talk to and the two of you had a lot in common. She quickly became a best friend and confidant, someone you knew you could talk to about anything and everything you needed and it wouldn’t go any further. She had the same confidence in you and before you knew it, your deepest, darkest secrets started pouring out. She was great about giving helpful advice but you were never good at taking it.

You rested your left arm across your knees and propped your right elbow up on top, resting your chin on your right fist. Looking up at the TV screen that was streaming the current panel, you smiled to yourself. Jensen was picking on Misha again, telling the fans an embarrassing story that had happened a few days ago. You shook your head and looked over to Briana, who was sporting a knowing smile.

“Jensen’s just so…I don’t know Bri, I think I love him. I think he’s trying to tell me something by the way he acts around me but I just…I don’t know.”

Briana’s smile had went from understanding to face-splitting, just as you were about to ask her what her problem was, you seen it, Jensen was smiling at the camera, knowing you would be backstage watching.

“Y/N…I love you too.” Your eyes were glued to the TV screen and your face was burning red, you’d forgotten about the microphone that was hanging from your right hand. The microphone the crew was supposed to turn off as soon as you were backstage.

Jensen held a finger up to the audience and tucked behind the curtains, coming into your view. You buried your face in your hands, groaning into your palms and hoping this was all a dream. Before you could physically pinch yourself, a large, strong hand was gripping your upper arm, pulling you out of your seat. You looked up into Jensen’s bright, smiling eyes before he pulled you in for a searing, knee weakening kiss. When you pulled away he brushed his knuckles down your jaw, smiling.

“I was hoping you noticed the way I’ve been acting. I’m not one to just spill my feelings…like you.” He broke into a fit of laughter before you gently punched his shoulder. “Watch it, Ackles. I can always take it back.” His laughter trailed off, replaced with a slightly panicked expression.

“You wouldn’t dare. You said love, Y/N. You can’t just take those things back. Let’s make this a little more formal. I think I’ve fallen in love with you, Y/N. Will you give me a chance to show you?” His fingers linked through your own as his eyes bore into yours. You fought to keep the tears at bay as you answered his question.

“Yes, Jensen. I want to be yours.”

Jughead & Reader: Truth or Dare

Summary: While at a party, you get caught up in playing truth or dare. In an unfortunate position, you end up sharing one of your fantasies that involved Jughead Jones. Little did you know, he was at the party, listening, wondering how to make your fantasy come true.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

“It’s your turn,” Veronica said with a devilish expression, pulling you out of your daydream. 

You forgot where you were for a second: Archie Andrews’s house for a low-key party. Naturally multiple people at school heard about it so they showed up uninvited, but it actually turned a dull party into an okay one. 

However, you were now surrounded by some strangers from school playing truth or dare. You couldn’t remember how you got roped into playing but you figured you’d just get it over with. Everyone always asked about crushes, sex, drugs, drinking, and other cliches. You were open, so why not play?

“Fine,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. 

“Truth or dare?” Ethel asked with a sweet smile. 

You thought about it for a second and figured your safest bet would be truth. “Truth.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “Of course you play it safe,” she said with a laugh. 

“Then make it hard,” you told her. 

She laughed. “Fine. Tell us…” She narrowed her eyes, trying to think of something good to ask. When she got an idea, her face lit up. “Tell us one of your fantasies.”

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Blackpink's Reaction To You Being On Weekly Idol With Them

~for anon!~

{ Rosé }

“Trust me, it was the funniest thing!”

Rosé would have her arm around your waist for most of the time. She would probably tease you in front of the presenters and would have no shame in doing so. She would tell everyone embarrassing stories you two have had together, but also letting them know about the cute stories because she knows that she will be scolded by you after the show!

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{ Jisoo }

“You can do it! I believe in you!”

Jisoo would make you get involved in as many challenges as possible and would cheer you on so much. Maybe because she is awkward and doesn’t want to do them herself, but you do it for her because you are dedicated (and a lil competitive). After the show she would comment on how tired you looked and would look after you a lot when you get home.

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{ Jennie } 

“All of the hard work paid off”

Jennie would probably do a surprise rap for you. It would be the most romantic thing ever as the presenters are shocked and dazed. After her serenade, you would blush as you thank her countless times with a kiss. She would go bright red and after the show she would tell you that it took months to prepare it and build up the courage to perform it.

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{ Lisa }

“I told you I know you inside out!”

Lisa would absolutely ace the quizzes. Whether it be on Blackpink or a personalised quiz about you, she would get 100% on all of them. This would reveal a new side to her that you never knew existed. After the show you would question how she knew so much about you, and she would tell you that it comes with being a perfect girlfriend!

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Intro: So it’s finally here.  My freaking child I swear.  This is the Bones x male reader that was requested by such a sweet anon I am sorry it took so long.  

Pairing: Bones x male!reader

Word Count: 5,200 (whoops)

Warnings: swearing, lots of kissing, ummm not much else?

Summary: So thanks guys for helping me decide to keep it one big fic because I just think it flows so well together so I apologize for the length (I just went with this one to the ends of the earth I couldn’t stop myself). 

ALSO: This is my first time writing a decidedly male reader so please be gentle.  I absolutely adore this fic and everything about so I hope it’s alright and the reader came off as male, I tried really hard.  <3

ALSO (p.t. 2): While I was writing the embarrassing story that the reader tells in the middle of this fic (you can’t miss it) I was channeling my best friend so I kinda wrote it how she would tell a story like that, so hopefully it makes sense. 


It started with an accidental kiss. 

It was a night you couldn’t really remember that well, but from what you do remember, you had passed out behind a control panel in the engineering room, with no idea how you got there.  Your drunk ass had been found by none other than Dr. Leonard McCoy, who was looking for Scotty, but had found you instead.  And this was all well and good except for the fact that you were a handsy drunk and had had a major, life-altering crush on the grumpy southern doctor. 

Leonard had carried your hammered ass back to your quarters, put a cup of water beside your bed and made you promise to come see him in the morning. When he was satisfied that you didn’t have alcohol poisoning and weren’t going to choke on your own tongue, he leaned over you to pull at the blankets of your bed.  And for some stupid reason you had reached up, wrapped your hands around the back of his head, and pulled his mouth to yours.  It was a drunken, stupid kiss, all sloppy and clumsy, but, and you couldn’t say much for your memory thanks to the tequila shots, you felt him reciprocate, if only for a moment, before he pulled away.  He looked down at you for a moment, a hard set to his eyes and mouth, before turning and abruptly walking out of your room. 

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A big, happy family

I combined the following prompts:

 the ballon squad joking about how yousef always had a crush on sana and elias being like “really?? i thought you just came over to help me with sth not because sana was sick and you casually brought soup and told me to bring it to her but tell her it was from somebody else? (…)

the Balloon Squad’s speech at Yousana wedding

sana finds out she’s pregnant and has to tell yousef but somehow she tells elias first and he tells the whole squad and then yousef accidentally finds out because they can’t keep a secret


Elias has always been one of the most important people in Sana’s life. He has been there for her whenever she needed him, even when she didn’t realize that she needed him. 

The fact that their ages are not too far apart helps a lot. 

Now, that Sana is with Elias’ best friend, Elias play an even bigger role in Sana’s life. She didn’t know that that was even possible.

Not only is Elias hanging out with Sana because she is his sister but also because she is the wife of his best friend. It’s great, honestly. Elias loves them both to death and couldn’t imagine anyone better for either of them. 

As great as it is that Sana’s brother is really close to her and her husband, it has its downsides too.

Going through some video files on her laptop Sana finds two of those not-so-great but at the same time really funny and memorable moments.

Clicking on the first video Sana remembers why having Elias be on her and also on her husband’s side can be … let’s say interesting. It’s mainly that he has a lot of dirt on both of them and can embarrass them any time. 

And apparently exposing them at their wedding is the perfect time to do that, according to Elias and his friends.

Sana presses play and remembers her wedding day and that particular speech as if it was just yesterday, as if she is reliving it right now.

When they did not start dancing yet, after the meal, Elias, Mutta, Mikael and Adam stormed onto the stage and each took a microphone. Yousef and Sana were sitting at their table taking a break after the meal. 

"Hello, everyone!”, Sana and Yousef hear, the background music turned off.

Sana and Yousef look at each other both very confused as to why their friends are standing on the stage. That was not part of their plans for this evening. 

“Do you know what they’re doing?”, Sana asks her husband.

Yousef looks as lost as she does and shakes his head. “No idea. Who knows what they planned?”

“As many of you know: I am the bride’s brother and all of us …”, Elias points to his three friends standing next to him, “.. are the groom’s best friends.”

The wedding guests, who are as confused as the newly-wed couple, start clapping because those four incredibly good-looking guys, are giving a speech for the bride and groom.

“Seeing as we love the bride and the groom more than anyone here probably…”, Elias says and looks over the tables with the bride and groom’s family. “I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.”, and turns his gaze to Sana and Yousef, “We thought that we would share some stories about them. We four were the people that witnessed them struggle to admit their feelings for years, after all.”

Sana’s mouth falls open in shock and with wide eyes she looks at her husband. He looks as surprised and a bit scared as Sana. This is going to be very embarrassing for these two, they know it.

“You know, Yousef was my best friend before he even met my sister. But once he saw her he was gone for her and my dear little sister stole my best friend.”, Elias starts the story time in a light tone, obviously joking. 

Yousef looks at Sana and they both just roll their eyes at Elias, but can’t help but smile.

Adam who is standing on Elias right side pats his shoulder and comments: “Yeah, Elias is still bitter about Yousef spending more time with Sana as the time went by.”

“Oh, and he is not jealous at all, if you were wondering.”, Mikael adds with a mischievous smile.

Elias narrows his eyes at his friends which makes Sana wonder if they even planned this speech or if they spontaneously decided that this is a good idea.

“I was not and am not jealous! I’m insanely happy for both of them and I think they are perfect for each other and I can’t imagine anyone better for either of them.”, Elias answers to that with a soft voice.

The whole hall ‘aaawww’s at the same time and Elias will be greeted with many phone numbers after his speech, for sure. He smiles to himself and continues talking.

“Why would I be jealous when I remember mentioning to Yousef that Sana is home, sick with the flue, and him coming over in half an hour with warm soup to give to her but insisting that I don’t tell her that it was from him.”

Everyone in the hall starts laughing, so does Sana but this is new information to her. Laughing she looks at Yousef who looks very embarrassed that Elias would tell this story in front of so many people.

“You did that?”, Sana asks, not being able to hide her amazement to make fun of him.

Yousef reaches out and takes Sana’s hand in his, squeezing it a little and nodding while scrunching his nose. “Yeeeah. Back then we were not even what could be considered friends and I didn’t want to freak you out.”

“Awww, that’s so cute!”, Sana gushes but Yousef just shuts his eyes and covers his eyes with his hands. 
Sana looks at him smilingly and puts her hands over his to drag them away from his face.
They smile at each other and direct their attention to the stage again.

“Or the time he ditched us the day before he went on vacation for two months to go and hang out with Sana?”, Mutta gives another example.

This one both, Sana and Yousef, remember.

“Or how the lovely groom went to pretty much all of Sana’s basketball games, which we all usually did, even when the rest of us couldn’t make it.”, Mikael says, obviously very happy about Yousef’s face growing red and Sana smiling from ear to ear.

“Yousef also came to so many of our family gatherings, which all of the guys..”, Elias points to the three other guys on stage, “… were invited to but all but the groom never came because they knew that those gatherings were pretty boring.”

Elias looks at the table at which his and Sana’s parents are sitting. He grins at them sheepishly: “Sorry, Mom and Dad. But that’s how it usually was. Love you!”, and averts his eyes again, looking at the bride and groom. 
“And I’m sure he was there just for me.”, Elias says with sarcasm dripping from every single word.

Sana wraps her arms around Yousef’s arm and leans over to him. She puts her chin on his shoulder and looks at him lovingly. Yousef looks down at her and also smiles, still a bit embarrassed.

“You’ve always been this cute! Even before I noticed it”, Sana says to him. This lets him forget all about his embarrassment. He would have wished some of those things the boys said would have been told in front of less people but it made Sana smile so how can he complain. “I love you!”, Sana whispers right before Elias continues.

“Sis, I see you’re having the time of your life there!”

This makes everyone look at Sana who raises her eyebrows at her brother now. She has a feeling that it’s her turn to be embarrassed now.

“Let’s be honest here, Sana was way more subtle with her crush on our little Yousef.”, Mutta says. 

Then Adam directs his eyes at Sana. He’s the one who Sana banters most with. Even before he opens his mouth Sana knows she’ll want to vanish in thin air as soon as the words leave his mouth.

“That’s true. But Sana … you know, you messed up when you were annoyed by us being too loud while you had work to do but as soon as Yousef smiled at you apologetically you melted. After that we bet on who would be the first of us to make you admit your crush.”

Sana first narrows her eyes at Adam but then bursts out laughing. So many things make sense now, with this new information.

“I won!”, Elias exclaims excitedly, “Just so you know.”, that is directed at his sister and best friend.

“Well, that wasn’t really fair. You lived with Sana and Yousef was always at your house or with you, even more often than us.”, Mikael rolls his eyes.

“Exactly! It wasn’t fair!”, Mutta calls.

Elias just shrugs, laughing. “Doesn’t matter! I won either way. And now my baby sister and my childhood friend are getting married. In all honesty, I couldn’t be happier for you two.”

“Now we should let all of you dance again. Thank you for listening. We couldn’t not tell you all a little bit about the bride and groom from years ago.”, Adam concludes and ushers all the boys off the stage, sending a smile towards Sana.

When the video ends Sana smiles to herself. She’s home alone, Yousef went out with the guys, and she wanted to have a quiet evening. She remembers her wedding day as if it was just yesterday but it was almost two years ago. 
That speech Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael gave made Sana laugh so hard that she almost cried of laughter. Especially because Yousef’s face while the boys listed all those things about him were just priceless. 

Sana had a very exhausting day but this video makes her smile and feel a bit more relaxed.

She clicks on the second video that was filmed just a few weeks ago. Mikael had sent it to her as soon as he pulled the file on his own computer.

Before pressing play she remembers that day. She knows exactly that it was a Saturday morning at her house. Yousef had an additional program at work, a dancing project with the kids, but Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael were already there. 
Elias was vlogging for their YouTube channel. Yes, after so many years they kept doing that. It was something that they could live out their creativity with in many different ways. 

Sana clicks play.

“Sana! How are you doing?”

“Hey, my favorite ex-Bakkoush!”

“Did you miss us?”, is how the boys greet Sana when she opens the door. All of them give her a short hug and directly go to the living room. They feel at home in Sana and Yousef’s house and that makes Sana really happy. 

While Adam, Mikael and Mutta walk to the living room, Sana pulls her brother with her into the kitchen. All that footage is a bit blurred so when Sana looks really nervous and a bit shocked, Elias puts down the camera on the kitchen table. It faces Sana and Elias so their whole conversation is being filmed. 

“Elias, I need your help.”, Sana says and wrings her hands together. 

Her older brother furrows his eyebrows. Sana seems really worried. “Okay, tell me. What’s up? Did something happen with Yousef?”

Sana shakes her head at first but then has to laugh and nods. Technically, yes. But nothing bad like her brother assumed. 

“Sis, what is it? You’re making me worried.”

She takes a deep breath and wonders how to phrase the next sentences. She opens her mouth and closes it again. Twice. 

“I need to tell Yousef but I don’t know how.”, she finally says.

Elias tilts his head and tries to think of what could be hard to tell Yousef. That dude takes everything so easily; it’s not hard to tell him anything. Except…

“Do you want a divorce?”, he asks with his eyes wide and not believing that that would be a possibility. But what else could Sana have difficulties telling Yousef.

Sana furiously shakes her head. “No, no, no. Not at all. I still love him very much. I just need to tell him that …”, she is so unsure how to say it. Her brother would be the first one to know. 

“You want to take a break?”, Elias asks because honest to god he can’t think of anything else. That his sister seems panicked doesn’t help at all. 

“Elias, no!”, Sana exclaims finally. “I need to tell him I’m pregnant!”

She just blurts it out, hands putting emphasise on pregnant and then instantly shutting up. She is very interested to see Elias’ reaction. His eyes widen, his mouth falls open for a second and he just stares at Sana for half a minute. Then, as if someone pushed a button, he jumps up and down and quickly embraces his sister in a big hug.

Loudly, not being to help himself, he exclaims: “I’m going to be an uncle! I’m going to be an unc..”

Sana interrupts him and shushes him. “Elias, ssssh. Don’t tell anyone else, yet. I just need your help on how to tell Yousef. I’m so nervous. I know he’ll be happy but ..”

“Don’t worry. Doesn’t matter how. He’ll be over the moon.”, he says calmly to his sister and then once again perks up, “I’m going to be an uncle.”, but while he tries to make Sana jump like he does, he slips and crashes into one of the chairs at the kitchen table. 

That loud sound brings the other three guys also into the kitchen. 

“What happened?”, Mutta asks.

“I’m going to be an uncle!”, Elias exclaims to only then understand what he did. 

His eyes widen and he hears Sana gasp. She hits him on the chest: “Elias! Thanks a lot for keeping it to yourself. Really!”

Mutta, Adam and Mikael look between Elias and Sana obviously confused but all of them realize what’s going on at the same time and storm towards Sana and crush her in a big group hug. Elias joins them immediately. 

Sana wants to be mad that they all know before her husband but she can’t. She is too happy. Happy that she’s pregnant. Happy that Yousef will become a father because that’s something he wanted for so long. Happy that she is going to be a mother. Happy that these guys are happy for her. 

“Guys, guys, Yousef doesn’t know yet. And you shouldn’t either.”, Sana faces her brother with a pointed look. He just shrugs and embraces her in a hug once more. He’s going to be an uncle.

“We won’t tell him. No need to worry.”, Mutta assures her.

“He won’t know until you tell him”, Mikael says.

“Our lips are sealed. We won’t tell him.”

“Tell who what?”, a new voice sounds in the room and all four people turn towards the door.

While Sana and Elias look shocked, Adam casually answers: “Tell you that Sana is pregnant.”

As soon as the words are out of his mouth he realizes what he blurted out. Mutta and Elias freeze. Elias looks from his sister to Yousef so fast that he might have gotten a whiplash.

And Sana. She just stares at her husband with wide eyes.

Yousef furrows his eyebrows and looks from Adam to his wife. Is it really possible? Is she really pregnant? Five seconds of suspenseful silence Yousef claps loudly one time and starts smiling broadly.

Mikael was the one who picked up the camera to film Yousef’s reaction so the shot that didn’t move at all in the last minutes is not static anymore.

“You’re really pregnant?”, he asks Sana when he stands in front of her.

Sana looks up to him, into his eyes and nods. “I wanted to tell you myself but these people can’t keep anything for themselves.”, Sana says and glares at the four guys.

Yousef doesn’t even care. He wraps his arms around Sana and lifts her and twirls her around. She starts laughing and seeing how happy Yousef looks makes her even happier. He sets her down and kisses her quickly, which he usually doesn’t do in front of other people because Sana doesn’t like PDA but neither of them care. She is pregnant. And the boys are family. Who cares?

Yousef still has his arms around Sana and looks at her with so much love in his eyes that Sana feels like just melting then and there.

He looks down on Sana’s stomach and puts his hands on it, and then looks at his wife again. Excitedly he exclaims: “We’re going to be parents!”, he looks to his friends around them and once directly into the camera, “I’m going to be a dad!”

“Dude, are you crying?”, Adam asks Yousef who obviously has tears in his eyes.

Sana takes his face in her hands and looks at him lovingly. Tears spring in her eyes, as well. She really is going to be a mother. And Elias who sees two of his favorite people on earth tear up, gets a little wet eyed himself. Mutta, who observes all that and is already emotional about becoming an uncle himself, almost cries, as well. 

Mikael who holds the camera points it at all the people (almost) crying and then at Adam. Adam looks into the camera with one eyebrow raised but quickly lets the facade fall and smiles so happily that one could think he is going to be a parent.

The video ends and Sana just sits there, on her couch, with the biggest smile. She looks down on her stomach and puts her hands on it. She sighs and leans back. This baby is going to be born into a big, amazing family and Sana couldn’t imagine anything else.

“Hey.”, Sana hears. She turns around and sees Yousef walking towards her, taking off his jacket. “You’re not asleep, yet?”

Sana shakes her head and leans up to kiss him. “No, couldn’t sleep so I watched some videos. Told you, you don’t need to worry about me." 

While Yousef’s eyes wander over the laptop screen, Sana remembers their conversation before he left the house a few hours ago. He didn’t want to leave her alone at home because she’s pregnant but she had reminded him that she’s only about three months pregnant and that everything would be fine. 

"You love watching me being embarrassed, don’t you?”, Yousef says with a smile after he realizes what his wife just watched. Sana scoots over and makes room for him on the couch. He sits down and wraps his arms around her, she leans back on his chest. 

“Well, it’s really funny, honestly.”, Sana laughs.

Yousef just smiles at her and kisses her cheek.

“Yeah, I’m really happy that we have those videos to show our children on day.”


a sidenote: I only know Turkish weddings but I know that speeches from friends or family are not too common there but people do that sometimes so I liked this idea a lot

And: I thought about making this a series. Like Sana or Yousef remembering big moments in their relationship that their friends and family were part of. I would love if you told me what you think about it.


Characters: OFC/AJ Styles

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Daddy Kink.

Summary: Kinda Porn without Plot. OFC dresses up for the night while in Japan and it sends AJ into making a move on her. 

TAGS:  @actualamyautopsy @oraclegazes @livingthestrongstyle @phenominalstyles @hephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @reigns420 @devittslegos @banditsrose @llowkeys @littlemissava13 @the-geekgoddes @dessertwerewolf @xuhwheredidkylogox @crowleysqueenofhell  @amantedelcalcio @lunaticfringe216

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Lover boy ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Jack X Y/B/F X Conor X Joe

Word Count: 1395

Summary: “He is always staring at you like you’re a Queen. So I’m calling him your lover boy.”

Requested: Yepppppppp

Notes: I have been struggling to write lately and I felt like shit for not posting any imagines lately… *My friend legit slapped me and told me to get my shit together* It wasn’t until I started writing this that I fell in love with writing all over again. I know someone of you want ‘Its been years’ but ever since my laptop shit down on me, I can never get it to go the way I want.

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Part One ~ Ghost girl

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The First notice…

You hated public transport, you can stand the public transport part it was just the waiting that made you despise the whole thing. The buses in London were always late and making you late for important things, like your best friend’s meal which you were supposed to be arriving at in 15 minutes. 

But oh the Gods were on your side today once you spotted the Bus in the traffic further up the road, but spotting the hottie across the road from you was defiantly the more pleasant sight. 

He had brown hair with what seemed like blonde highlights on the top, he was wearing a white t-shirt with some blue ripped knee jeans matching with some white shoes and a tanned colour bomber thrown on to match the whole look.

 He was heart stopping.

When you first noticed him, you realised he was already staring at you with those bright blue eyes. Having caught him staring at you, you felt a teasing smirk stretch across you lips. He was so invested in staring at you, he didn’t realise the bus was coming to a stop in front of you.

You gave him a little cheeky wink and a two finger wave just as the bus stopped in front of you. You only took two steps before you were on the bus, showing the bus driver your seasonal pass before making your way up the stairs to the top level of the bus, where your other friend was sat.

Once you sat yourself down next to your friend you told her all about this boy, describing him as heart stopping but all she did was laugh and say you were imaging things because no one can be that beautiful.

The second notice…

A causal Friday night was where you usually found yourself hitting the clubs with your friends.

You had gone to the bathroom and were making your way back to the table where your friends had settled for the night. As you walked past the bar and mount of people sat around it, a certain blue eye boy caught your attention a few seats up. 

Smirking you walked closer to the bar and putting that extra sway in your walk, you were bound to catch his attention. Just as you walked past, you heard that beautiful laugh, that everyone should be jealous of. 

It was so damn perfect.

Feeling his eyes burn through your back as you walked past you decided to spin around and face the beautiful boy and his clueless friend. You saw his lit up in realisation and a small smile was tugging at his lips, while a smirk tugged at yours when you knew he was memorised by you too. 

You were just building up the enough courage to go speaking to him when you heard your best friend calling your name, sparing a quick glance at her, you saw she was calling you other with an excited look on her face. 

Turning back to the blue eyed boy, you gave another wink and two finger wave and slipped yourself back into the crowd, feeling a little pit of excitement in your stomach at the thought of seeing him again. 

Once you got back to the table your best friend and your other friend asked who was the man you were staring at, you told them it was the same man from the other day by the bus and they instantly smiled. 

“He was so memorised by you!” Y/B/F said.

“Yeah, babe if you don’t go get his number right now. We are having a falling out.” Your friend said, giving you a push out the booth. 

Laughing, you quickly traced your steps back to the bar where you were met with the disappointing sight. 

He was gone. 

The third notice…

You and Y/B/F were walking through the park on your way to meeting your brother and her brothers. She had two twin brothers whom were the same age as your brother and happen to be very good mates and have just came back to London after traveling most of Europe. 

Y/B/F was in the middle of telling a story about her brothers and your brother trying to pick up this group of girls and all tripping over each other and embarrassing the hell out of themselves. 

“Remember that one girls face? She looked so disappointed.”

“Oh my fuck.” You laughed loudly, “She probably thought they were some type of bad boys.”

Hearing someone shout “fuck”, you and y/b/f turned your heads to see him, laying on the grass looking directly at you.

“It’s lover boy.”

“Lover boy?” You asked with a frown on your face, feeling some concern wash over you for the boy.

“He is always staring at you like you’re a Queen. So I’m calling him your lover boy.” 

“I am a Queen but right now I want to make sure he was okay.” You started to walk forward but y/b/f grabbed your arm and held you back, making you face her.

“I know you want to but we are late.

Nodding your head, you turned back to the boy and went to mouth “hope you’re okay” but his two friends had dived down in front of him. Smiling slightly, you and your best friend walked away with her talking nonstop about how hot lover boy friends were.

Of course after the park incident, you saw him a lot more times in the past three months. Your friends still called him ‘lover boy’ as every time you saw him, he still looked at you like were a Queen. 

The final notice…

You were late for a meeting with your friend, so you quickly decided to run to the restaurant. Not looking where you were going he had run into someone.

Both of you fell onto the floor with loud groans by the impacted of your running and the person’s strong frame. The person you had knocked over was the first one up, sticking his hand out for you while you were groaning in pain on the floor.

“Oh my fuck. I am so so sorry. I was running and I didn’t see you.” You found yourself rambling in shock. You were about to ask if they were okay when the person lifted his head.

There stood in front of you was Lover boy. 

“It’s you.” He uttered.

You looked up at him and uttered the same thing, “It’s you.”

“Ghost girl.”

“Lover boy.”

You stared at each other in shock before large smiles grew on your faces.

You spoke first in a flirty voice  “I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Jack.” He smiled, bringing you into a hug, which you gladly gave back and you honestly thought you were going to faint from his hug.

It was so good.

However, their hug was interrupted by his friend, “Who’s this Jack?”

Jack smiled pulling away, his arm resting over your shoulder as you leaned into him. You smiled at the two boys in front of you as Jack spoke.

“Conor, Joe. Meet Y/N. Ghost girl.”

“Y/N, meet my brother Conor.” Jack pointed at the boy who asked who you were and he gave you a little wave, “And this is one of my mates Joe.”

“Hi love.” Joe smiled.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” You smiled snuggling a bit more into Jack but the beeping of your phone made you jump. “Oh my fuck. I am so late to meeting my friends. Are you guys busy? You can come along too.”

“Uhh.” Jack muttered looking towards Joe and Conor who shrugged with smirks on their faces, “Sure we will come.”

You smiled brightly and lead the boys towards the restaurant which was a good 10 minute walk. Throughout the walk you and Jack talked about the basic things and you swear you fell in love with him from the minute he started talking about himself.

Arriving at the restaurant your best friend was stood with a glare on her face while your other friends were looking a little angry. Your best friend went to open her mouth to have ago at you, when she noticed the three boys behind you and instead a large smile grew on her face. “Who’s this Y/N?”

Holding Jacks hand you smiled up at him, “Guys. This is Jack. Lover boy.

post-AoU  headcanon

everyone is all over the idea of natasha taking wanda under her wing and being hardcore supergirl besties and it’s practically canon that clint elects himself as her father/older brother figure, but I personally see her being really close to steve too??? y’all are forgetting that wanda just lost her brother, best friend, and partner in crime all at once, and the only avengers who have been through something like that are steve and thor (because he really did love loki for most of their lives ok) but thor has asgard stuff to deal with so that leaves steve

steve finds wanda curled up in the corner of the training room with tears running down her face and he kind of sits next to her and is like, “did I ever tell you about my friend bucky?” and he spends the next hour telling her stories of all the dumb things they got up to together, and at one point wanda even snorts out a laugh and then stares at him with wide eyes because no one but pietro could ever make her laugh, and although she doesn’t ask what happened to bucky, she understands that steve lost him and is comforted by the knowledge that steve is able to look back and remember the good times

sam and natasha are looking for steve several hours later and accidentally walk in on wanda telling him embarrassing baby stories about pietro and she looks happier than she has since they met her, so they quickly duck out of the room before they get caught eavesdropping.