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A reminder that @lilyvonk is an AMAZING artist and you should totally follow her art blog. This was a commissioned piece she did for me of my Dalish Inquisitor Avrinne together with Iron Bull (my OTP~). She took my crappy little “this is what I kinda want” thumbnail sketch and turned out something I want to hang over my freakin’ fireplace. I wanted symbolism and emotion– and she delivered in SPADES. (Bull’s FACE omg that look SO BEAUTIFUL.) 

Frig, do I ever love Dragon Age. XD

Red Velvet as Demons

@musicxweirdo thank you and I hope you enjoy ~ :)


  • the head of a soul harvesting corporation. her beauty coupled with her hardworking attitude is how she’s managed to work her way to the top.
  • she values efficiency above all else
  • so when reports of a slacker demon under her division reach her desk, she wants to handle the problem herself. which is the scariest thing ever, no demon wanted that
  • the serious looking beauty arrived on your doorstep, spouting off facts that you had to work harder and you’re like “why?? why do I have a quota of dead humans I need to reach? isn’t that just … depressing?”
  • and although she disagrees -_- she finds you fascinating. your way of thinking is fresh and interesting. business is always changing so new ideas are always welcome
  • so somehow, you end up being her protegee and the time spent together, learning each others pov’s results in a … steamy night in her office ;^D

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  • the most angelic demon ever
  • she’s kind of a protester and a free spirit, roaming freely and busking while singing songs of peace and love. she hates the whole humans vs demons situation. and even worse is reaping souls, having to watch life fade from ppl’s eyes
  • on this mission to bring ppl together, she finds you in a bad situation
  • your death date has come, meaning your soul must be harvested
  • a car is speeding towards you while you cross the road and seungwan spots the reaper nearby, ready to collect your soul
  • but you look like a nice person :/ and were only in the middle of the road to pick up a stray cat :/ so where’s the justice in your dying?
  • she can’t allow it and intervenes, which is a MASSIVE no-no in the demon world. the peaceful singer becomes a wanted woman and you join her on the run from the law
  • this journey, of trying to prove her innocence while staying one step ahead of those after her; results in a blossoming love that crosses the realms of humankind and the demon world

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  • she’s fun and playful, the type of demon who likes to play w ppl’s minds. esp. humans. her beauty can turn humans insane so she uses that to mess w them.
  • but while enchanting you, she comes to realise that you’re not like all the other humans who she’s tricked then whose souls she ate. granted, you were attracted to her physical appearance
  • but you also asked her q’s: “how are you?” “have you eaten well?” “do you mind if I hold your hand?” “where do you dream of going to the most? I want to travel there with you”
  • she keeps her true identity a secret, afraid of scaring you off but when she gathers up her courage one day, she gets a response she wasn’t expected … “Oh, I already knew!”
  • when she realises that the relationship wasn’t based on her lying, pretending she was a human, it makes the love feel more authentic?? does that make sense??
  • either way, she’s changed from the beginning of the relationship (luring and devouring souls) to the end, being in love with an actual, real-life human,,,,

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  • a troublemaker
  • she’s working for Irene’s company and does nothing but cause grief and hardship. but she just wants to have fun!!! she’s only a century old, let her live her life!!
  • instead of harvesting souls like she should be, she ditches work to go visit the human realm. and somehow stumbles upon a nightclub >.> to investigate, of course …
  • and this is where she meets you, dropping it low and having fun and laughing and … and this is what she yearned for. not being stuck in a boring 9 to 5, taking souls, but enjoying her life with friends
  • she can’t help but approach you, which sparks a friendship that eventually leads to love
  • during the relationship, she finds out that the nightclub was actually run by a demon who wanted humans and demons to mix, who didn’t think they should be enemies. so you already knew there was a 50/50 chance of sooyoung being a demon and accepted her for it
  • “Those things don’t matter,” you tell her often. “The only thing that matters is how you treat me and you’re the greatest person I’ve ever met. I’m judging you off of that, not what you are or have done.”

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  • a shy, uncertain demon
  • she works for Irene’s company and is sent off to scout the human world, to keep an eye on their activities and report back. she’s enrolled into a school, which she HATES, but at least she meets you there
  • you’re also assigned to the job, working under Irene too
  • hanging out w you almost makes dealing w fragile humans and maths homework worth it
  • the work bond turns to romantic feelings and yerim finds herself acting like a typical human schoolgirl, going on dates with you and blushing when you hold hands
  • although you fall in love, you slack on the reports and Irene’s super mad haha :p

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Omg, Cam - would you do #22, bellarke in canon-verse? I will seriously die omg

22. Things you said after it was over

Bellamy spots her near the lake, on the rocks, her back facing him. He goes to her immediately. She has her hands on her sides and she’s leaning on them. She looks at him briefly, with a small smile, when he joins her and sits next to her. But soon she’s looking at the view in front of her again.

They stay in silent for a moment, enjoying the sun on their skins, the breeze on their hair, the silent, their company.

Bellamy can’t help but slightly turning to her. He’s watching her carefully, admiring her beauty calmly, remembering all the reasons he loves her.

She speaks then, softly, as if she doesn’t want to disturb the quiet of the nature around them.

“It’s so beautiful…” A bigger smile is forming on her lips and Bellamy turns again to the view in front of them.

It is beautiful. The lake is bright blue, the trees around it full of green leaves, there are a few clouds in the sky but it’s mainly blue. The sun is setting to their right and Bellamy has to close his eyes a little if he wants to look that way.

“Yeah it is.” He simply says.

“I never realized before.” He’s not sure what she means so he doesn’t reply.

She looks at him and smiles, a little sadly.

“There were too much death and danger to really appreciate the landscape.”

He chuckles a little. He can. Because all of this is behind them now, they can live without suffering from the past.

“Yeah… Didn’t have lot of time to enjoy the view either.” He’s smiling and it must reassure Clarke because she smiles too after seeing his face light up.

She lets her legs swing against the rock and Bellamy just imagines that it must be her first time doing this. She almost looks her age right now.

He’s not sure what her age is exactly. It doesn’t matter much. But she looks young and carefree and beautiful, just like she should be.

“What are we going to do now?” she asked.

He takes his time before replying. She’s saying this as a joke but he wants to answer seriously.

His voice is deep and genuine.

“Now we get to live.” She turns to him and grins a little.

“You make me think of Jasper right now.” When he doesn’t understand, she elaborates. “He said something like this to me once. ‘I don’t want us to survive, Clarke, I want us to live.’”

Bellamy laughs quietly.

“Smart kid this Jasper.”

“It was his running-into-black-rain phase.”

“Not so smart kid this Jasper.”

Clarke is smirking full now. And Bellamy matches her.

“Seriously though. Now we don’t have to worry about all of this anymore.”

“We do deserve a break.”

They share a knowing smile.

They don’t talk and listen to birds chirping and the sound of the wind on the water of the lake.

“Gosh, we’re gonna be so bored!” Clarke exclaimed suddenly.

Bellamy lets out an unbelieving huff.

“What?” he laughs.

“We’re not used of just doing… nothing!”

He laughs because she’s being ridiculous, he knows that, she knows that, and they could never really joke before. It’s nice.

“You just have to find new things to do.”

“Yeah? Like what?” She says this leaning more on her hands, her head titled to him, slightly biting her lips.

“Oh, I don’t know, spending time with friends… Bonding…”

She nods a little, before changing her position and facing him, sitting cross-legged. Her elbows on her knees and her head resting on her hands, she looks at him, prompting him to continue.

“Maybe enjoying a few drinks? Being a little tipsy? Dancing?”

“Hmm. I can picture that.”

“I’m sure Monty and Jasper could throw a little party.”

“I’m sure they could.”

“It’d be fun.”

“It would.” She smiles. “Would I do all of that alone?”

He takes the time to let out a breath and gulp.

“It could do that with you if you want.” He raises on shoulder in a false carefree shrug.

“That would be nice.”

“We could take walk together too.”

“We want to do some exercise still.” She nods seriously, playing along with him.

“We could take some naps too.”

“I’d like that.”

“And maybe kiss sometimes? Kissing’s nice.”

“Kissing is nice.” She wears a full-on smile now, showing her teeth, hurting her cheeks with the way she smiles so intensely.

“Want to try that now? We don’t want to ruin it because we’re out of practice.”

“That would be a shame.” She bits her lips, still smiling and he’s smiling too.

He leans closer to rest his forehead against her own. They close their eyes to enjoy this moment of pure intimacy between the two of them.

“What do we do now?” she asked, whispering against his lips.

“Whatever the hell we want” he replies just before capturing her lips with his.

She answers immediately by throwing her arms around his neck and putting closer to her. His hands find her waist and they smile too much to kiss properly.

They don’t care.

They have all the time they want now.

and you drive me wild

(Read previous chapters here!)

PART ELEVEN: Tell your story (part one)

“It started with a girl,” John said.

“Just like the Trojan War,” Alex mumbled.

John looked at Alex and actually smiled, then shook his head, that beautiful smile still on his lips, as if to say I cannot believe you just said that, you wonderful nerd.

Or at least that’s what Alex hoped John meant by the smile and shake of his head.

“My dad liked her. A lot. I mean for me, not like, himself.” John shuddered. “She goes to my church and is in Teen Bible Study Sundays with me which, yes, is exactly as awful as it sounds.”

“So your dad is trying to choose your girlfriends?” Alex said, kind of shocked. He couldn’t imagine the Washingtons ever doing that to him or Laf. It would be so… invasive.

“Uh, not exactly. He probably wouldn’t care which girl I date.” John paused. “He just, uh, he just wants me to date a girl. Period.”

“Oh,” Alex said softly. Sometimes he forgot that not everyone was fortunate enough to have such supportive and accepting parents.

“Yeah. And, well, last week, we kind of… had a fight.” John sighed and shook his head. “He set me and her up on a date, and when I found out, I was really angry. I mean he didn’t even ask me!” John throw his hands in the air in frustration. “What if I’d had plans or something already?”

Alex nodded along empathetically.

“So I tried to play it off like wow, Dad, she’ll never like me now that you went ahead and set up our first date, like, who wants to date someone who doesn’t even ask the girl out himself? but he just shrugged it off, like, he went through her dad, so it wasn’t weird, but that kind of made it… I can’t even say that made it weirder because the whole thing was so weird.”

“It sounds really… awkward?” Alex offered.

“There is no word in the English language, or possibly any language, that properly describes that situation.”

Alex nodded in agreement, feeling unsure of what to say. This was a new feeling for him, not knowing what to say, and it seemed to happen exclusively around John. Alexander briefly wondered what that meant, though he didn’t have much time to ponder on it.

“So I should’ve just addressed the whole thing right then and there. I should’ve said ‘Listen, Dad. You know it and I know it, but since you’re gonna pretend you don’t know it, then how about I just say it. I’m gay as heck, Dad.”

Alex’s heart fluttered because even when John Laurens was angry he said things like heck and it was the most endearing thing that Alex had ever experienced.

“But I’m getting the sense you didn’t say anything there?”

John let out a slightly-pained sigh. “Ha, no.” He stopped walking and crossed his arms over his chest as if he were suddenly cold. “I really, well…” He took a deep breath and looked Alex in the eye. “I really fucked this one up.”

Alex got the sense John didn’t swear too much, maybe because he had so many younger siblings, or maybe because it was just who he was as a person, so when he used that word… Alex knew it must have been pretty serious.

“So Martha and I were supposed to, uh, go on our date,” John made air quotes and rolled his eyes, “the night of our weekly commercial shoot, like, right after it, basically.”

They had started walking again, and John was making a bunch of angry hand gestures, as if the air had personally offended him.

“And I was keeping it together until right after we’d finished the final take when my dad turned to me with a hecking grin on his face and said ‘Maybe soon your special lady friend can do a commercial with us, just for fun.’ But I knew what he was really saying was we’re gonna show the world you are Not Gay, John, even though we both know you are Hella Gay.”

“Damn,” Alex muttered.

“Yeah,” John said, voice flat. “And that’s when I lost it.”

“I would’ve too. I don’t think anyone could blame you for that,” Alexander said in what he prayed was a comforting and not condescending or annoying tone.

John offered him a small smile, and Alex sighed in relief, figuring he’d done something right. He hoped he kept doing things right because when John smiled at him… Well, he fell apart.

“I guess,” John said, and although he shrugged as if trying to keep the statement nonchalant, Alex could see the glimmer in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. “So you won’t judge me too hard for this next part?”

Alex smiled at John. “I think I’ll be disappointed if you don’t do something drastic in that moment.”

John smiled back at Alexander, and Alex’s heart fluttered. He knew in that moment that John had entirely stolen his affections, and there was nothing he could do–– or want to do–– to get them back.

O L I C I T Y 

That is what we needed. Something that he couldn’t plan

and Oliver knows how that feels, She was unexpected. He had no idea this woman would change his world, for the better. She would own his heart. 

And then Belle burst through the door. The girl was breathing hard. Her brown hair fell about her face in waves, and her cheeks were red. But her eyes were cold and hard. Instantly, Lefou knew exactly who she was looking for.
“He’s upstairs,” he called. Turning, Belle gave home the slightest of nods. Then she raced towards the grand staircase. “Oh, and when you see him, let him know that ‘Le Duo’ is over.” Lefou shouted at her back. “I’m 'Le Single’ now!”
—  Beauty and the Beast, adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick

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aunt may and peter talking - definitely one of my favorite scenes already. like peter is not just sitting there and looking down or somewhere else. he's sitting there, looking into her eyes and actually listening every word she says. i feel like in movies we see so many times how the main character/hero like him gets uncomfortable when someone says words like that to them and try to look elsewhere but not peter. ugh idk i just love it so much.

it’s like you looked into my heart and said everything i’m feeling about peter and may 😩 but yeah, they’ve always had a very beautiful relationship and peter adores her (there are times in the comics where he’ll call her ‘mom’ or refer to her as his mother and i melt each time) and she adores peter, and they would truly do anything for each other.

i hope we see a lot of their relationship in the film and that it isn’t put on the back burner, bc aunt may is a massive part of peter’s life, he loves her with all his heart, and i hope we see some moments between them to show that. tom said there’s a nice scene where they’re eating at a thai restaurant, i’m excited to see that.

but yeah with that scene it looks to me like what’s gonna happen is the ferry will be split in half, tony will take away the suit, peter won’t have anything to wear so he’ll have to steal those pajamas from a laundromat, and he’ll come home and tell aunt may that he’s had a bad day and he’ll be devastated. and may will tell him how good he is, there will likely be references to uncle ben, she’ll make him feel a bit better and comfort him and the entire time peter will be looking @ her like his aunt hangs the stars in the sky bc to peter she does

Beast!Rey and Beauty!Kylo Reylo AU Ficlet: “The Changeling”

So I had this headcanon for forever now after I wrote “The Quiet Hour” that Rey wouldn’t normally be able to wear delicate clothing because her claws would catch and tear on the fabric. When she sees the dress on Kylo, she gets excited because she can look at what a dress looks like in motion and she can wear it vicariously through him. (She originally didn’t choose for him to wear the dress. The magic furniture just caught him and stuffed him in the dress before he ran away and she saw him on the stairs.)

I wanted to explore how Rey would feel being able to finally wear the dress and I had been meaning to write it for a while. I had too much tea last night, so I couldn’t sleep and decided to write to kill time. Here are the fruits of my caffeine-fueled bender.

Sequel to “The Quiet Hour”

A week after she became fully human again, Rey is still getting used to this new form.

The loss of her horns is the easiest to recover from. Even with all the baubles and pins stuck in her hair by the newly-uncursed staff, she cannot remember her head ever feeling so light.

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Ok so

I was looking at that beronica bathroom picture where Betty is comforting Veronica cause she just had an anxiety attack, at least that’s what I heard was happening in that scene and a scenario went through my head. Imagine while Betty is hugging Veronica on the floor she starts to whisper how its all going to be okay and how shes always going to be by her side no matter what and then Veronica backs away from the hug just a bit and lifts her head to look Betty in the eye and says to her “I did so much wrong back in Boston, I hurt so many people, I don’t deserve all the happiness you have given to me since I moved here”. Then Betty lookes her in the eye and tells her “Veronica Lodge you are one of the smartest, kindest, most beautiful girls I know. What you did you did in the past is just that the past what you do now is what matters and so far you’ve helped get revenge for innocent girls who where wronged by assholes, you helped me catch a crazy child predator who was getting at our friend, you where there for Cheryl even though shes been nothing but mean to you since you arrived. You are a great person and I don’t ever want to hear you say otherwise.” and by now Veronica is in tears so Betty lifts her hand and whipes her tears away but she leaves her hand on Veronicas cheek and just when shes about to pull her hand away Veronica brings her hand up and places it untop of Betty’s hand it was now so quiet in the room the only sound heard where Betty and Veronicas strong breathing, it stays like that for a few seconds them just starring into each other’s eyes when Veronica leans in for a kiss as soon as Betty feels Veronica’s lips on hers she kisses back with all her might a few minutes pass with them just kissing feeling each others heat, each others touch until Betty pulls back and says “I don’t ever want to hear you say you don’t deserve my love because you are the most important part of my life and you are what makes me happy even though my life is falling apart before my very eyes, I know I can count on you to always make me smile I love you okay and it brakes my heart to see you like this so promise me you will never think you don’t deserve love again okay.” and then Veronica smiling and saying “Okay, I love you too.” then them kissing again. Can y'all imagine if this happened I would cry to my grave.
Ani DiFranco "Slide" Lyrics
evolve 2003

she was hungry
so hungry
she was trying to think clear
she kept opening the fridge door
staring at the mustard and the beer

then finally she went out into the rain
carrying her bicycle chain
and her feet were pedals
while her appetite steered
and after that she just followed her nose
and fate is not just
whose cooking smells good
but which way the wind blows

she lay down in her party dress
and never got up
needless to say
she missed the party
she just got sad
then she got stuck

she was wincing
like something brittle
trying hard to bend
she was numb
with the terror
of losing her best friend
we never see things changing
we only see them ending

and some vicious whispering voice kept saying
you have no choice
you have….

‘cause when I look at you I squint
you are that beautiful
and my pussy is a tractor
and this is a tractor pull
and I am haunted
by my illicit explicit dreams
but I can’t really wake up
so I just drift in between
thinking the glass is half-empty
and thinking it’s not quite full
the pouring rain is no place for a bicycle ride
try to hit the brakes and you slide

the pouring rain is no place for a bicycle ride
try to hit the brakes and you


I changed my mind about the whole glitter soundtrack because this song made me cry omg I thought it was meant to be autobiographical but apparently it’s about this stylist who committed suicide. At the same time i think it probably is self reflective to an extent (“she had a lot to grapple with/but basically she kept It all inside/Childlike and effervescent/With a well of pain” a la “Looking In”)

The last minute is so pretty. and the background layered vocals are also beautiful and haunting like ghost whispers. I think if the album cover looked lesslike um It does it would have been much easier to take it seriously. Like There is one song on this album where the bridge is like “I wish I had been aborted”

chaos & beauty

@andrewjsten @tfcfemslashnet here’s my submission for the femslash exchange!! I hope you like it.

laila meets alvarez late august, in a college dorm, in south california, on what feels like the first day of her life,
alvarez is sprawled on the top bunk, somehow resplendent in the sun, and laila’s never seen anyone more beautiful,
wanna bunk? she asks, the first book, the first chapter, the first page, the first word,
laila looks at this girl with all the constellations in her eyes; her heart skips a beat and her hands are clammy,
a part of her remembers this is how love stories start, with a girl meeting a girl, so she smiles and says sure.

laila asks alvarez, one day, why nobody uses her first name, when they sit high in the Trojans’ stadium,
because someday i’ll walk onto an exy court, and they’ll announce the line-up,
and when they call out my name, they’ll say that i’m one of the best exy players in history,
that i graduated from the trojans and seven pro teams wanted me,
alvarez says,
and i will have always been that girl and that girl will always have been me.

in laila’s dreams, alvarez’s head is on her lap, and laila’s hands are in her hair,
then laila’s whispers her name, her real name, the one reserved only for alvarez’s mother,
sara, she says, over and over again, because it feels just right on her tongue, and she wants to whisper it forevermore,
and has there ever been more beautiful a name, she wonders, than the name that means happiness?
for that is what alvarez is, happiness and laughter and heart beating in your chest and falling asleep eyes shut, heart open.

alvarez kisses her, soft lips and soft curves, on a thursday night,
she tastes like the vodka and coke she’d been drinking all night, like loneliness and love,
but laila is drunk, and alvarez is drunk, and it doesn’t count, laila tells herself bitterly,
but alvarez smells like her favourite apple shampoo, and god, why aren’t all the perfumes in the world truing to replicate the scent,
and if laila could come back to this moment everyday, she would.

there is beauty in laila’s chaos and there is chaos in alvarez’s beauty,
and on the nights when she knows sleep won’t come until the hours are long,
laila reflects that perhaps that is why when alvarez takes her hand,
she understands how the waves feel when the crash into the shore,
frantic and powerful and containing all of the ocean within them

laila spends christmas at alvarez’s house, in a small house full of people who take up space with love,
because there is some love, laila has decided, that is too much, it takes up space in a room,
it fills the space with smiles and laughter and brushes of hands against shoulders and gentle touches,
they don’t talk about how laila hasn’t gone home for over a year, or how alvarez backs away when her brother walks into a room,
but laila’s head is on alvarez’s shoulder, and all the words they daren’t say out loud are in the silence, and the silence envelops them.

on the nights when they can’t sleep (every night), alvarez ends up in laila’s bed, or laila in alvarez’s,
they lay, tangled together, hearts beating the same rhythm,, cotton sheets beneath laila’s hand, alvarez’s hand above,
laila isn’t sure how she ever managed to fall asleep without sara alvarez’s hand in hers,
they kiss, sometimes, sleepily, sloppily, but like the world could be burning yet it wouldn’t matter because they’re next to each other,
and everytime laila fades away knowing that it’s real, that they are something, that they will be something, that she is here, that she is in love, that she is everything and nothing at the same time

67. Drunk Dean mumbling about his really great girlfriend while you take care of him.

A/N: This one was kind of fun to write. Also, if anyone has any requests, I’d be happy to give them a shot! Enjoy.

Word count: 731

Warnings: mentions of oral sex, but otherwise pretty clean


“Hey, get your hands off me,” he slurs, pushing at her arms when she helped him so that he wouldn’t fall. “I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, you do?” she murmurs, raising an eyebrow at him as she tried to make him sit on his bed so she could get him changed.

“Yeah, she’s really beautiful,” he mumbles, blinking tiredly at her form after plopping onto his bed. He looks up at her much like a child would, with wonder-filled eyes as though he’s never seen her before.

“Tell me about her,” she states, pulling his shirt over his head and taking it to the laundry basket. She can’t look at him, now with how he’s watching her like the most perfect thing in the world.

“She kicks ass at hunting. She’s saved my life so many times,” he begins, grinning happily. “And she’s really smart, too. And her eyes are like stars in the sky when she’s happy and her hands are always so soft and she’s so nice to me, even after we fight.”

“She sounds good for you,” she half smiles as she returns to him. She considers recording his sweet words spoken with an unhindered tongue, then decides against it.

“She’s great, she really is,” he agrees, leaning back as she presses his shoulders to the bed. “She looks just like you, you know. You’re as beautiful as she is.”

“That must be a very odd coincidence,” she tells him as she sets to work unbuttoning his jeans. He doesn’t offer much help to her since he was too busy daydreaming, but finally she manages to undo them and pull the zipper down. “Do you think she’ll forgive you for getting drunk like this?”

“Maybe. She gets drunk with me sometimes and we dance and act weird together. You know she likes to dance when she thinks I’m not paying attention?” he rambles, and she pauses for a moment, looking up to his green eyes and cheesy smile. “She thinks that I don’t see, but I like to watch her. She dances really good.”

“That’s… good to know,” she murmurs, kneeling down by the bed to start on untying his boots.

“She goes down on me really good too,” he says with a flushed smirk. “She kneels down like you’re doing right now and just-”

“Dean, I’m not going down on you,” she tells him firmly. “I’m taking off your boots and then I’m going to take off your pants and get you to sleep, okay?”

“Are you my girlfriend?” he sits up on his elbows, his muscles crunching together as his eyes widened. “You’re really pretty like her.”

“Dean, you’ve told me that a few times now. Yes, I’m your girlfriend,” she tells him, pressing a quick kiss to his chest. “And you’re very drunk and need to stop talking.”

He watches her silently, finally cooperating by lifting his hips and letting her pull his jeans off those glorious thighs of his.

“How did I get so lucky?” he finally asks, cocking his head to the side.

She has to smile some at his words, even as she tries to tuck him into bed.

“I have such a great girlfriend,” he babbles, nodding.

“I’m glad to hear that,” she runs a hand through his hair and kisses his temple. “Now you need to sleep this off.”

“Will you sleep with me?” he asks quietly, reaching up to hold her wrist.

“I still need to shower, and then I’ll come to bed,” she tells him with a small smile. “But only sleeping.”

“Only sleeping,” he agrees with a nod. “After your shower.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” she tells him, and he nods.

“You’re my It Girl,” he says as she walks away, making her pause in her tracks and look back at him in confusion. “If you really are my girlfriend. You’re my It Girl.”

“What do you mean?” she asks him, leaning against the threshold to the door.

“My That’s It girl,” he explains, giving her an honest expression. “Like “That’s it” and I’m done with girls. There’s no one else for me anymore.”

Her chest flutters with his honesty once more, and she smiles at him.

“I’ll be right back,” she says. “And Dean?”

“Yeah?” he returns eagerly, and she can’t believe she’s found someone so excited to call her his.

“You’re my It Man, too.”

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tall girls are good: discuss

OBJECTIVELY true. have you ever seen a tall girl? just looked at one? they’re like mountains of grace & beauty. amazonian women with huge muscles 10/10. towering women. women who can suplex me. women who can lift me in their arms and carry me from this wretched mortal coil. and there’s so much of them!! its like. you get TWICE as much gf for the price of ONE ?! god is real and she loves us. tall girls are blessed girls