she looked perfect in this video omg

I Have Questions / Crying In The Club Video Reactions

Yesterday I was watching all the videos that I found on YouTube with people reacting to Camila first video. I really liked some of them and I want to list the things that the majority of those people said about her:

1 - When she sing “Why did you leave me here to burn? I’m way too young to be this hurt…”: “OMG, who left her? Who hurt her?”

2 - When I Have questions starts: “OMG, she’s gonna cry… omg, she’s already crying…”

3 - While she’s sing I Have Questions: “OMG, who broke her heart? Who did this to her?” / “That’s so emotional.” / “That’s so real!”

4 - About her beauty: “OMG, she’s so beautiful.”“She’s so hot!”“She’s very attractive.” “Oh, Camila, don’t give me that look!” / “Her hair is perfect!”

5 - When the color change: “OMG, those dresses…” / I saw a Brazilian guy saying that she looks like a “Dark Bride” with that black dress…(I thought with myself-> Lauren will love it!)

6 - Some of these people didn’t know that she was releasing two songs and when she finished I Have Questions they were like: “What? What’s happening? What’s going on? The music has changed completely.”

7 - When she sing “Why don’t you care?”: “I care, Camila. I care!” / One girl stopped the video and said: “Lauren, what the fuck is going on? Why don’t you care about Camila?” (I died)

8 - When she sing: “I Have questions for you”“OMG, now I have questions for you too.”

9 - Crying in the club chorus: “That’s so good… she reminds me of Sia…”

10 - Random things of the fans: “Omg, I’m gonna cry with her!” / “I’m shaking!” / “That’s so dope!” / “Why I’m not in that club?” / “Lauren?” / “Did u saw that tear? All these tears are from the haters.” / “OMG, Camila!” / “Camila… OMG!!”

Was very fun to watch all those videos, I laugh a lot!!

And I have to list the last one… I saw like in two or tree (or more) videos:


Is really cool to watch people feeling her song (even when the person doesn’t know her)… everyone feels her pain with I Have Questions and then feel her vibe with Crying In The Club… they shake their bodies when CITC starts.

It’s awesome!

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i feel like noodle would be made to do a ballet class by 2D when she saw younger bc he thought she'd like it but when she didn't she told russel. and he signed her up for a hip hop class and.. just look up matt stefanina's 'gdfr' dance video and scroll to 1:06. the girl is front is noodle im not kidding you.

omg anon this is literally perfect!! 

the way she dances in the dare mv and in the live projections you can tell that she would probably be into some hip hop type dancing (because it’s all super bouncy and bubbly and a lot of movement) ;;

 2D’s just trying his best but Russel knows what’s up haha

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ok perfect opportunity to vent bc HOLY SHIT , listen, i was texting my good and closest friend from forever whom ive never been attracted to (never been attracted to anyone in ma whole lyf) but then she sent me a video of her telling me she misses me too aND SHE LOOKED BOMB WTF I BLUSHED HARD I WAS SHOOK IDK am i gay for her omg im never telling her th

i mean,,, from the perspective of someone who’s had gay crushes forever and didn’t realise,,,,,,,,,,, it kind of definitely seems like you are… like esp if u think it’s a possibility 👀👀👀👀👀

it’s a sleepover!

my mom watching the japan haul video

 so at the beginning we were fine she was laughing at somethings they said she asked how old  are they and i said 5 she laughed  (ps she already knows there age she just said that cause of all the things )


i knew what was coming so i was about to jump out of my seat and she was like AWWW  how sweet and i just phangirled  out i made this weird noise with my mouth and she started laughing at me 

than she she saw this and was like umm that looks wrong lol 

than it froze right here and i was like omg this is a perfect screen shot for heart eyes Howell …and do you know what she says to me …




(somebody please edit that ) 

 want my mom to react to more videos just send  which video  in my ask box and ill make sure to tag you in the post too \ PS my mom has watched a whole bunch of there videos so she might of already watched the one you want her to watch ..


Omg this video is so cute!

The way Anna looks at Brittany’s lips all of the fucking time, and  Anna is leaning at Brittany at 1:24 and 1:30 like she wants to kiss her, and this: Anna: “Oh my God I’ve had this thing in my head the entire time?” Brittany: “I was gonna take it off…” *puts it in her hair*


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#DowntonPBS’ #ElizabethMcGovern on what she’ll miss most about working on the series!

Well that’s me dead!!!!!!!! 🙊🙊🙊🙊 LOOK GUYS! LOOK WHAT SHE SAID OMG 😍😍😭 AND AND what Hugh said about missing most also included Liz and Liz’ included him, I am gonna die. They are so perfect omg McGonneville ftw 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
Hugh’s video is posted already, check previous posts!


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Goes to School after BBMAs

Girls at school be like: omg 5 es oh es are my fave boyband, like lewk hemmings is soo hot so much better then 1d, she looks so perfect is like my fave song omg 

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Going Back to School After the BBMAs

Girls at school be like: omg 5 es oh es are my fave boyband, like lewk hemmings is soo hot stay away from him cuz hes mine, they are so much better then 1d, she looks so perfect is like my fave song omg . I luv dem so much. i’m such a big fan,

5SOS Fam be like: