she looked incredibly lovely in this film

things about the livestreamed episode that got me feelin some type of way

1. justin basically never being not laughing

2. Brothers On A Comfy Couch (also included in package: one (1) shoulder lean)

3. “this is not a tarantula i don’t know if –"  "then why’d you BRING IT mark” and in general just griffin clinging to justin's sleeve throughout that entire segment

4. griffin and justin being 10x more excited than travis that he conquered his fear, also the McElroy Cluster of Support and Calming Voices 

5. spaghetti by the pool. ok.

6. the fact that they write off travis hitting justin as an awkward unscripted unprofessional thing and then for the rest of the episode physically cannot stop bringing it up

7. even the mayor of huntington west virginia thinks justin is adorable

8. eight legs of justice

9. alex by the way ended up being absolutely incredible. she gave no fucks whatsoever even when faced by three strangers filming her for their tv show telling her to get a tarantula she basically looked at them and said point-blank to their faces “no” and i wanna be her

10. griffin mcelroy speaking to A Teen: “it’s good ta go, boi”

11. just in general this episode was the first thing to make me feel alive in months and btw for ppl wondering if it holds up with folks who aren’t familiar with mbmbam i sent it to 3 of my heretofore uninitiated friends and they all loved it and want more and also have gone and followed the ranchos facebook page as well, completely unprompted

Stuff I Did At Comic Con

- Got a lot of stares on the train there (as expected) but even more so this time because I was dressed as a drunk figure skater

- Literally had to stand around holding @soapandsofas‘s phone all day taking pictures while she had a fucking meltdown over every Star Wars cosplayer she saw

- Saw at least 10 different Yurio cosplayers

- Spent ten minutes trying to build up enough courage to ask a very lovely Viktor cosplayer for a selfie

- Was attempting to put my glasses back on when I received a poke in the shoulder from previously mentioned convention partner and looked up to see an amazing Viktor and Yurio walking past us and bent over dying for a few seconds after having a thousand heart attacks at once

- Saw the Heathers casually walking along the path performing Candy Store as we were leaving

- Witnessed the guy who films the incredibly dramatic video of all the cosplayers that they use to advertise the convention as he was filming this girl and the way he was just running around her in a circle dramatically zooming the camera in and out was so fucking funny to me and I couldn’t stop laughing

- Bought a Yurio keychain, an absolutely gorgeous print of Viktor, some Victuuri stickers and a second plush alpaca who I named Felipe

- Had a fucking awesome day and I can’t wait until next time

Imagine Chris surprising you and your daughter.

Author’s Note: Oh my God, how cute was the Gifted trailer?! ❤️

“Mama.” Your seven year old daughter, Olivia, looked up at you as the two of you walked home from the park with Dodger. “Do you think Daddy will be home for my birthday party tomorrow?” She asked, her big blue eyes filled with so much hope; they painfully reminded you of your husband’s, whom you hadn’t seen in almost four months thanks to his acting career.

“I don’t know, baby.” You gave her small hand a light squeeze. “Your daddy would love to spend tomorrow with you but his work keeps him very busy.” Olivia sighed but nodded understandingly. “Even if he misses it, know that he loves you very much.”

“I know that.” She looked up at you and smiled. “It’s okay, Mama. I understand.”

It broke your heart because your seven year old shouldn’t have to understand why her dad was missing yet another birthday. She should have been throwing a tantrum like she did when she turned five and you missed your a flight home from London because filming had taken longer than expected. Either she was growing up faster than most kids her age or she was just used to her A-List parents and their incredibly demanding jobs; being in the Hollywood industry meant occasionally missing family milestones.

‘We’ll celebrate again when Daddy gets back,“ you told her. "We’ll see it like you have two birthdays.” Her eyes lit up with excitement and she grinned. “Yup,” you nodded, confirming her suspicion. “That means double the presents too.”

“Yay!” She cheered excitedly. “C'mon Dodger, I’ll race you home!” She pulled her hand out of yours and sprinted ahead; Dodger yanked his leash out of your grip and ran after his master’s mini-me. “Dodger, wait for me!” You heard your child laugh as Dodger ran ahead of her.

You chuckled softly, following behind them. The two of them loved to race, but they usually only did it when the house was in near sight. You’d warned her about roads and cars, and stranger danger, so she always made sure it wasn’t much of a distance before she raced the pup home.

“I never get to beat you.” Olivia sat on the front porch with an adorable pout on her face. Dodger barked and jumped around her playfully, drawing laughter from her. “It’s okay, Dodger. I still love you,” she hugged him and nuzzled her small face into his fur.

“C'mon, you two.” You chuckled as you walked up the porch stairs and unlocked the door. “Let’s clean up and get ready for dinner.” Olivia and Dodger followed behind you inside the house. “You said you wanted to make some pizza, right?”

“Mm hm!” Olivia chirped, taking off her sneakers as you worked to lock the door. Your eyes narrowed at the brown boots sitting by the shoe rack; you were sure Chris had taken them with him, perhaps he took the other ones. “I love pizza, just like Daddy! If he were here, he’d be real excited for dinner too.”

“Yeah, he would be.” You nodded and held out your hand for her to take. “Let’s go wash our hands and then we can start making our pizza dough. What are you feeling like?” You asked as the two of you started to walk towards the kitchen. “Thin and crispy, thick and fluffy, deep di-” Before you could finish your sentence, your daughter pulled her hand out of your grip and sprinted towards the bearded man lying on your couch.

“Daddy!” She pounced on him, her tiny body landing knee first on his chest.

“Oh God.” He coughed then chuckled, wrapping his arm around her and sitting up. Olivia squealed excitedly as he rose to his feet, throwing her over his shoulder. “You’re growing fast, little one.” He lowered her back down onto his hip as he walked over to you. “Soon you’re going to be as tall and as beautiful as your mama.” He smiled at you and you smiled back, genuinely happy to see his handsome face. “Hey you,” he leaned forward and kissed you.

“Welcome home,” you pulled away to say then returned your lips to his.

“Bleh,” Olivia made a face then laughed when Chris broke the kiss to tickle her. “Stop, Daddy!” She squirmed in his arms then cupped his face in her small hands, forcing him to smile with her fingers. “We’re so glad to have you home.”

“And I’m glad to be home,” he grinned at her. “I couldn’t miss my little princess’s eighth birthday, and I definitely couldn’t miss pizza night.” He poked her side and she giggled, making his smile reach his eyes. “What are we thinking? Thick and fluffy with lots and lots of cheese?

"Yes, please!” She nodded in agreement. “What do you think, Mama?” The two of them turned to you with the same hopeful, pleading eyes. You chuckled; the two of them knew perfectly well it was hard enough for you to say no to one, let alone two.

“Like I have a say when it comes to the two of you,” you chuckled. “Fine, yes. Thick and fluffy with lots and lots of cheese.” Chris and Olivia glanced at each other, grinning happily. “I don’t care about any of that 'cause all I care about is that we’ve got you back home.” You admitted, walking into Chris’ open arm.

“Me too, sweetheart.” Chris kissed your hair. “Me too.”

Premiere Night

“I’ll be ready in 5 minutes” I yelled from the bathroom to Jared, who was in the bedroom waiting for me to finish my make-up. I was getting ready for his movie premiere. Tonight Suicide Squad had its premiere in New York and Jared insisted I came along. This would be the first time that he’ll officially introduce me to the public as his girlfriend, which only made me more nervous than I already was.

We’ve been dating for almost a year now, and I wasn’t even sure if it’s going to last longer than a month or two, but somehow we made it to the 3rd month, half a year, and here we are, in two weeks we would be dating for a whole year. Time went by so fast that I can’t even believe it. Despite the time period, we wanted to keep things between us as much private as possible, considering how the media is in Hollywood. Paparazzi did catch us a few times but since Jared didn’t want to comment anything, they’ve disregarded it as any previous girl. But tonight was gonna be exceptional. 

“How much time does a girl need to get ready, anyway?” I heard Jared said from the bedroom. “You do know you are perfect, even without all that fix-ups, right?” his voice became closer, which meant he was about to come inside, and that’s the last thing I wanted.

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For todays #NomadModelMonday I’d like to introduce you to Brianna Mellon, one of our gorgeous models at Nomad Management. Earlier this year Brianna was announced as one of the Spring/Summer 2017 faces of Balmain Hair under the creative direction of my amazing friend Nabil Harlow. She just got back from modeling extensively in Korea and says she had an incredible experience working with fashion brands there and was constantly impressed with the trendy street style she saw while running between castings and jobs. As an avid amateur chef Brianna loves getting to know a culture through cuisine, going to markets, picking up new ingredients and exploring flavors. In the future she looks forward to continuing to push further into the fashion industry, working with the brands, designers and photographers she admires and perhaps parlaying that experience into film work. Eventually she’d also love to start a large family like the one she grew up in, and why not? At Nomad we are big believers in the model who can have it all! #BriannaMellon #NOMADMGMT

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #152 - The Mask of Zorro

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) The prologue for the film establishes a lot of things well right off the bat.

  • The two brothers of Alejandro and Joaquin/their admiration of Zorro.
  • The conflict of the community.
  • Diego’s conflict with Don Rafael
  • Pacing, fun, and swashbuckling adventure.

It’s always good to have a solid start to your film under your belt and The Mask of Zorro does just that.

2) Governor Rafael Montero - as portrayed by Stuart Wilson - is a surprisingly compelling villain.

He is definitely a man who sees himself as the hero of his own story, which (unless you’re The Joker) always makes for the most interesting types of villains. He has a sense of honor and etiquette to him, but more than that pride and desire for stature. These two contrasting lines explain who he is perfectly:

Rafael [before he is about to hang three men and has the children escorted away]: “Children should never have to see the things we do.”

Rafael [after being asked who the men being hanged are]: “No idea. Three peasants pulled at random from a crowd.”

He sees himself as moral but is willing to murder three innocent men just to get at Zorro. It is a clear and early way of establishing just how villainous Rafael is.

3) Anthony Hopkins as Diego de la Vega, the first Zorro.

Originally posted by iseetheworldinframes

My biggest problem with this film is how it white washes certain characters. I’m grateful that Antonio Banderas is the main Zorro, but Hopkins Welsh heritage always distracted me a little from his portrayal of Zorro.

That’s not to say he’s not good in the role, because he’s damn good. The sense of adventure and fun Hopkins is able to establish at the start of the film, the willingness to do what’s right for the people of California, just creates a sadder juxtaposition later in the film when Diego has lost that. Hopkins is able to play all theses facets of de la Vega well. Nothing ever seems one hundred percent separated from the rest; he’s able to show off the former Zorro’s development masterfully. Later he’ll show off a different kind of emotion, but more on that once we meet Catherine Zeta Jones.

4) Diego and his wife Esperanza are given a strong relationship that the audience is invested in within a minute of meeting them.

Too bad they almost immediately fridged her.

5) Antonio Banderas as Alejandro Murrieta.

Originally posted by manueluv

In most Zorro stories, it is Diego de la Vega who is the main Zorro. This film went against tradition, having an aged de la Vega train newbie Alejandro Murrieta. And I have to say I think that is a decision which works amazingly. Almost as a precursor to Batman Begins (I’m going to be making a fair amount of Batman comparisons, and I’ll say why later), we get to see this rugged and defeated man become the icon the world knows and loves. Banderas brings a roguish/devilish charm to the part which is there from beginning to end. He’s a scoundrel! We get to see him go from someone who is proud and arrogant (and fucking fun to watch) to a more humble servant of the people. He starts his mission in a desire to avenge his murdered brother (who we met in the beginning of the film), and he wasn’t even the favored of the two when Zorro met them as children (Diego having given a token to Joaquin Murrieta) but it is the transformation PAST vengeance which makes him so interesting. And I just LOVE Banderas in the part. He is just perfectly cast as the title character and services the film as well as the film services him.

6) I love this.

Cpt. Love [before killing Joaquin]: “I want you to know I consider this an honor.”

[Joaquin spits at Cpt. Love and shoots himself, depriving him of that “honor”.]

That is like the biggest, “fuck you,” Joaquin can give the guy and I think it’s great.

7) So after one of Rafael’s guards accidentally shoots de la Vega’s wife (and after Rafael kills the guard because he “loved” Esperanza), Rafael kidnaps Zorro’s baby girl Elena and raises her as his own. When we first see Elena with Rafael as an adult, treating him like her real dad only with Diego looking on in secret… 

Originally posted by dailyczj

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

8) The relationship with Alejandro and Diego is established almost immediately upon their encounter in the present day, serving as one of the best parts of the film.

Originally posted by tedywestside

(GIFs originally posted by @tedywestside)

I think - asides from Diego’s devotion for his daughter Elena - it is the strongest relationship in the film. There is a fun banter between the two, and while it’s obvious Alejandro learns from Diego it is Diego who finds some of his humanity/old ways because of Alejandro. I love of a good bromance and I’ll be damned if this ain’t one.

9) The chemistry between Elena and Alejandro (and by extension, Zeta Jones and Banderas) is apparent from the moment they meet and absolutely oozing! There is a very specific scene later on which I’ll analyze which shows this better than any other.

10) Alejandro’s whole first outing as Zorro - where he gets his own horse and has to fight off the guards, letting the world know Zorro is back - is absolutely amazing. It’s well choreographed, features enticing action, and is just plain out fun!

11) So it is right after this scene that I realized this film and Ant-Man have the same plot: A former masked hero trains a thief to take on his mantle for the greater good. The thief falls in love with the man’s daughter, who the man has grown apart from after his wife’s death and wishes to grow closer to.

Originally posted by comicbookfilms

12) Catherine Zeta Jones as Elena.

Originally posted by laurensbacall

If you want to figure out Elena’s character and journey throughout this film, look no further than this line:

Elena: “I try to behave properly, the way my father would like me to, but I’m afraid my heart is wild.”

There is this incredible disassociation of identity between who Elena is and who she has been told she is: she is not the daughter of some proper governor and his equally proper wife, she’s the daughter of Zorro and the woman who loved him greatly and was as wild as her. As the film goes on, she learns that she can be fiercer. That she can give into her wildness and have it be okay. The more she does that, the more interesting she becomes. So throughout the film you start with a proper governor’s daughter and by the end you have a swashbuckling heroine who helps saves dozens of people. And Zeta Jones portrays this development and all facets of Elena’s character marvelously.

13) It is amazing seeing Alejandro as a gentlemen. Banderas is able to portray this new false-side of Alejandro while still keeping it the roguish devil we’ve come to love in the first half of the film. There’s no divide here, Banderas marries the two well.

Originally posted by antonio-banderas

14) Bernardo - the alias Diego takes while pretending to be Alejandro’s servant - is the traditional name of Zorro’s servant in most of the stories he’s featured in and (in a lot of ways) the inspiration to Batman’s Alfred. In fact, Batman was pretty much totally inspired by Zorro. Without Zorro there would be no Batman. Batman - you might say - started out as Zorro fan fiction. A rich man who is sick of injustice and so disguises himself in black with the aid of his servant to fight for the people of his city. That’s both Batman and Zorro.

Originally posted by kane52630

15) Elena’s fierceness is already starting to shine through when she argues how Zorro is a hero for the people. Of course her father has to ruin it with a sexist shit of a remark.

Rafael: “A woman’s grasp of politics, what can I say?”

(GIF originally posted by @fitzsimmonsies)


Originally posted by dailyczj

There is such INTENSE chemistry between Alejandro and Elena in this scene. The passion, the choreography, the energy, it even gets me hot and bothered. They’re both letting out their wild side and showing off just how attracted they are too each other. I fucking love it.

17) The scene at the gold mine…

This is such a heartbreaking and sad scene of abuse and heartache, and the Dons just laugh it off as nothing. Just like buying a crane or something. Their things, not people to them. Alejandro’s former gang member - Jack - sums it up perfectly.

Jack: “I steal gold, I steal money, but you! You steal people’s lives!”

And then after they kill him for this all the Dons laugh as if it’s nothing. It just turns my stomach and makes my skin crawl, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do.

18) The scene where Diego and Elena meet and talk is so sad and so telling. Diego gets to be a father to Elena for a moment, to help her in her moments of doubt and insecurity, even if she doesn’t know it. And it’s the fact she doesn’t know it which makes it so sad but also - by the end of the film - you’re glad that they had this moment together.

19) This makes me want to vomit.

Elena [about her mother, according to her father]: “She was very proper, my mother. Always appropriate.”

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

And it’s not Elena that disgusts me, it’s Rafael. Rafael, the man who claimed to love Esperanza so much he did not really accept her as who she was and insults her memory by lying about who she is to her own daughter. Just so she can fit some macho bullshit sexist image of her he has in his mind. Just so she can be a “proper woman” after death when she wasn’t in live. I’m getting sick just thinking about it.

20) Were you wondering what Cpt. Love did with Joaquin’s dead body? No? Too bad!

(GIF originally posted by @petitetiaras)

He drinks water held in the same jar as Joaquin’s head and hand because he thinks it gives him the strength of his enemy.

Originally posted by sirhumphreyappleby

21) It is after these pair of scenes - the gold mine and the meeting with Cpt. Love - that Alejandro expresses deep feelings of guilt to Diego. He saw unimaginable sorrow and all he can think of is getting revenge for his brother. But it is this guilt, this pain which will propel him to be the true Zorro.

22) Once Banderas get to be the “real” Zorro so to speak, once he gets to put on the mask and after having had the proper training, he has a lot of fun with it. This is one of the greatest swashbuckling heroes of all time and he is LOVING it. And we love watching him because of it. Nowhere is this better seen in the two-on-one sword fight.

Well, maybe the fight with Elena gives a better look at that.

23) The fight with Elena and Zorro is freaking awesome (if at times problematic).

This is comparable to their tango earlier in the film. It’s the passion between the two, their incredible chemistry matching each other. Mixed in with Elena’s growing ferocity and you have an amazing scene. There are just two things that bother: one is that Zorro kisses Elena without asking. I mean the chemistry is obviously incredible there, but I like it when people get asked first. Second is this:

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

This makes me a little uncomfortable, it feels creepy and like an invasion. It’s the one moment in the movie I think has maybe aged the worst.

24) The following horse chase/thief scene always felt a little bit extra to me. We don’t really need it I feel and it could have easily been cut without any issue to the rest of the story. I just…don’t need it.

25) Rafael is smart. He doesn’t underestimate any man who takes up the mantle of Zorro, unlike Cpt. Love. I love a villain who doesn’t underestimate the hero and vice versa.

26) Elena is smarter than Rafael gives her credit for, primarily because he gives her such little credit as a woman. When Diego comes to tell her that he’s her father, Rafael thinks he can just lie to her. But Elena has been putting together small things since her arrival in California: the familiarity she has with Diego, the familiar smell of flowers which only grow there, the woman in the market saying she knew her. Elena is able to figure it out all she needed was Diego to give her the last piece of the puzzle. I love that. And then it doesn’t take long for Elena to accept this truth as she saves Diego from Rafael’s jail.

27) In the climax of the film it is clear: Alejandro is Zorro and Diego is just a father trying to make things right. They’re both seeking revenge, but Alejandro’s revenge puts him on the path to saving the miners while Diego’s revenge (while aiding Alejandro) is more about himself. That’s not to say Diego has become a bad man, quite the contrary. But it is a clear distinction to make at the end of the film. There is no more question as to who Zorro is.

28) This climax is also not only well choreographed, but also is able to move seamlessly between Diego and Alejandro. It is a testament to the editing, direction, choreography again, and screenwriting that it doesn’t feel hacked together. It is just a great scene.

29) According to IMDb:

In Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio’s original draft of the screenplay, Don Diego was not killed, and lived to tell the story of Zorro’s adventures to his granddaughter.

I almost feel like that would have been too safe. I mean killing Diego is like killing Bruce Wayne to anyone who is a fan of the Zorro stories. It carries a lot of weight and ends his story well. It’s not sad. He got his daughter back, if only for a while. And he got to help her (even if just a little) become the woman she was in her heart. The fierce one. The wild one. The brave one.

30) Also according to IMDb:

During the post-production phase, Steven Spielberg and Martin Campbell decided that Diego de la Vega’s death in the arms of his daughter was too depressing. The ending, where Alejandro and Eléna are happily married with their infant son, was added three months after filming had ended.

I think that is a smart choice. It not only provides a nice parallel to the start of the film, but also ends the adventure on a high note.

Alejandro [to Elena about Zorro]: “He has been many different men, but he has loved you as all of them.”

The Mask of Zorro is a fun adventure film in it’s most basic and exciting form. It was mentioned briefly above that Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Road to El Dorado, Shrek, Treasure Planet) wrote the script, and their signature sense of fun and (again) adventure infects every minute of the film. Antonio Banderas is an amazing Zorro and the cast which supports him - with particular shout outs to Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones - is just as good. If you’re a fan of adventure films or any of the actors involved, I suggest you give The Mask of Zorro a watch.

The Engagement

Jasmine Cephas Jones x Anthony Ramos 
Words: 917
Request: do it where ant proposes on the beach of christmas eve

jas and ant are being adorable in that beach place and there are so many engagement rumours going around soooooo

i call this the fluff that no one asked for but secretly needed


i don’t know if you want me to do anything when i hit 1000. like i could do a lil competition where the prize is like a personal written imagine or something? i’m not sure.


(requests are open but you should know that by now xx)



“Man, I’m freaking out. This is like, a one shot opportunity. If I stuff this up, our relationship may never be the same. This is the end game, you know what I’m saying?”

“Anthony, there’s no way she can say no. Now, can we hang up for real? I’m going to miss my subway.”

Anthony gnawed on his lip anxiously, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “But what if…”

“Ramos. You’ve got this. Break a leg.”

Anthony sighed as Rob hung up, putting his hand in the pocket of his shorts and feeling the familiar ring box. He had been carrying it around for weeks now, but he hadn’t found the time to reveal it to her yet.

Well… that was a lie. There had been so many perfect moments, but Anthony had freaked out before every single one of them. He put his phone back on charge, jumping slightly when a knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Babe? Are you done yet? We kinda need to get going…”

Of course, Jasmine had no knowledge of why Anthony had been so skittish lately. He had just told her it was a lack of sleep and that he was stressed from filming; that it was not a big thing. But, he couldn’t give her the real reason until he finally was courageous enough to take the ring box out of his pocket.

“Yeah! Of course. I’m just… sorry,” Anthony said, fumbling with the lock on the door and opening it. Jasmine smiled at Anthony, putting her hand into his.

“Ready to go?” Jasmine asked, resting her head on his shoulder and letting out a soft sigh.

“You’ve performed in front of thousands. This should be easy…”

“Y-Yeah. Of course,” Anthony replied, giving Jasmine a quick kiss on the cheek. Jasmine blushed, pulling Anthony out of the hotel room and into the elevator.

“Did you not sleep well last night?” Jasmine asked, giving Anthony’s hand a gentle squeeze. She knew he had been acting strange the past few weeks, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what was making him… different. He had given her excuses whenever she asked, but she knew Anthony so well now that she could tell when he wasn’t telling the truth.

“Oh, I slept okay. But I got a phone call from Spike Lee and he had some problems with a few of my scenes. I’ve gotta fly back to fix them,” Anthony lied, stepping out of the elevator when it opened and quickly heading to the beach.

“Well, I hope you can stay here at least until the Christmas holidays are over. I feel like we’ve been a bit distant since you left Hamilton. With all the filming and my trips to London…”


The two stayed silent for the rest of the walk. The butterflies in Anthony’s stomach were raging and creating a hurricane. He felt like he could vomit, or pass out. But he knew this was it. She wouldn’t leave him alone on Christmas, would she? There was no way she could say no.

They sat down together when they reached the restaurant. The beach was visible from their balcony seating, the sun slowly starting to disappear behind the sea.

“Jas, you look incredible tonight. I love you so much wifey,” Anthony said, smiling as he pulled out her chair. Jasmine blushed, sitting and letting Anthony push her in.

“You look good too Ant. I don’t see why we needed to get so dressed up though. I know it’s Christmas eve, but we’d be fine to leave the house in shorts and a shirt,” Jasmine stated, watching Anthony as he sat down across from her.

“Well, I mean, I have something I want to talk to you about… and if you want to get food first that’s completely okay too. It can definitely wait. It’s not life or death, obviously, I mean talking is never life or death rig-“

“Ramos! Calm down,” Jas said, laughing quietly at how flustered he was getting. Anthony rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, taking a deep breath in and then releasing.

“Let’s get something to eat first. I think you need time to breathe,” Jasmine added, putting her hand on Anthony’s. Anthony relaxed slightly, picking up the menu and starting to read through it.

About an hour later, the two had finished their meals and were happily chatting away. When the first wave of silence in a while hit, Anthony knew the moment had come. He stood, kneeling down in front of Jasmine and pulling out the ring. Jasmine froze.

“Jasmine, I could go on forever about how incredible you are and about how happy you make me, but I think if I put this off any longer I will literally explode. So I want to ask you… will you be my wife?” Anthony asked, fumbling with the ring box and opening it finally.

Jasmine stared back at Anthony with wide eyes. She opened her mouth, trying to produce any sound she could, but failed. She nodded her head quickly, a wide smile spreading on her face as she started to cry tears of joy.

Anthony let out a sigh of relief, slipping the ring onto her finger and pulling her into a tight hug. “I love you so much Jasmine Cephas Jones. You mean the world to me.”

“I… I’m sorry. I have no words,” Jasmine whispered, looking at Anthony shyly. Anthony smiled, kissing her gently.

“Merry Christmas, wifey.”

The Intern - Jai Courtney Imagine

Notes: This was requested by a friend of mine who, like me, loves Jai Courtney.
You can also find this on
Word Count: 1000

There was no doubt that you were incredibly nervous. The moment you had heard someone approaching the small room you had been told to sit in, you sat up straight and tried to give your best smile. A lady with brunette hair walked in, a headset resting on her shoulders around her neck, she looked like a woman on a mission. You were so excited when you received that email saying you had got the internship on a film set. In all honesty you didn’t think you would get it because there was some serious competition, but you did and you still couldn’t believe it.

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“Frozen” and Mental Illness

I had a random thought (epiphany? lol idk) regarding “Frozen” and its controversial depiction of Elsa’s anxiety/depression.

While I agree that “looking pretty and flawless literally ALL THE TIME” is definitely part of the issue, I think it’s also part of a bigger problem the movie faces in terms of Elsa’s character.

When I first saw the movie and then read about how “‘Frozen’ depicts mental illness”, “Elsa has depression and anxiety!”, etc., I was honestly kind of…skeptical, I guess?

I did a lot of thinking about why I felt that Elsa having depression/anxiety just didn’t ring true to me, even having viewed the scenes of her stressing out about her coronation, her scenes with Anna at the ice castle, her guilt and horror at seeing Hans’ soldiers nearly killed by her icicles, etc.

I think I’ve finally figured it out, though—while Elsa’s illness makes sense when depicted through a shallow, entirely visual interpretation, it starts to become more muddled once you think about it more deeply.

The first problem, I think, is the source of Elsa’s illness. Yeah, yeah, I know we’re supposed to think “well, it’s her ice powers, of course!”, but aside from that vague idea that gets played straight and subverted throughout the movie (“Let It Go”, anyone? “Ice powers are bad ’cause they hurt people, but…I’m alone on a mountain, now, so I guess they’re acceptably empowering now :D”), all the situations that cause her fears seem remarkably…convenient.

Take the coronation, for instance. Elsa starts to accidentally make ice freeze her sceptor, so she gets nervous anout it. I feel that here we were supposed to make the connection that there was some kind of deeper, underlying cause to her “conceal, don’t feel” mentality, but this fails in its attempt because really, why WOULDN’T anyone be nervous at his/her coronation? Her powers clearly pose a problem a non-magical person would not have to deal with, true, but we learn later the consequences of Elsa’s icy magic, and…some people gasp, the duke of Weaselton mutters, “Witchcraft!” and…Elsa runs away?

Again, I know this scene was trying to send the audience obvious signals that “magic = bad” in Arendelle, as the scene with the trolls did at the beginning, as well, yet we NEVER see these implications come into fruition. Because Elsa spends so much time safely hidden away from any prejudices in her childhood and as an adult when she runs to the mountains, the audience can’t really envision any true problem befalling her, because none really legitimately threaten her at any point. There’s no commoners whispering about how magic saps the life out of their crops. There’s no royal regent who’s notoriously anti-magic and influences his/her people using propaganda about how magic stole the life of the second-born princess (wouldn’t that be cool, though?). There’s nothing to suggest that Elsa would be hurt because she’s magical. Ostracized, maybe, but killed or injured? Seems unlikely, given the evidence we’re given by the events of the plot (the trolls’ little foretelling at the beginning doesn’t count—there’s NO follow-up on that!).

“Everlasting winter” is a flimsy excuse, too, because the movie takes place over the course of, what, a day? Two? How are we supposed to feel the danger and tension of this supposedly horrible fate when the movie refuses to dwell on it at all in any significant way? Hans gives blankets to the Arendellians, yes, but that’s basically it. Why not get a little political about it? What about trade with Weaselton? I don’t think the movie ever mentions what they trade, but why not certain crops? What’ll happen now that Arendelle is perpetually frozen?

Because the movie doesn’t give any sufficient weight to the fate of Arendelle or their prejudices against magic, Elsa’s anguished actions seem unlike the actions of a depressed person yearning to break away from the prejudiced society she is meant to rule over and more the actions of a woman who had ice powers, gets nervous about said ice powers and not being able to control then, gets gasped at after accidentally revealing powers, sings empowering!! song about how she doesn’t want to hide her powers anymore after escaping to the mountains, then gets scared again after her estranged sister and some soldiers visit her to get her to come back to Arendelle, gets captured and feels defeated about that, then is somehow okay because The Power of Love :D :D :D

Elsa may FEEL depressed/anxious throughout the film, but she has a justifiable reason for every instance. Because her emotions can be easily justified, there’s no reason for the audience to look for a deeper, lurking issue. I’m not saying that people with depression/anxiety don’t have environmental/societal reasons for being in that state of mind, but Elsa’s are just so incredibly convenient that, though many people were angered by Elsa’s illness being effectively gone via the power of ~sisterly love~, I was kind of unsurprised by the ordeal. “Of COURSE love heals her,” I was thinking irritably, “the movie keeps her emotions acceptably repressed because ‘lol kids’ movie’ and focused on problems that were solved by the end. It’s wrapped up perfectly. Why go deeper into the complexity of a genuinely depressed/anxious person when you can do a superficial by-the-numbers replication of typical tropes and then slap a handy progressive label on it for all the meta fans?”

Because Elsa reacts to everything more or less normally, the indication of a deeper issue is lost. A good example of this done right is Jessie’s fear of boxes in “Toy Story 2”—at first, we are confused by Jessie’s claustrophobia, given that the other toys, like the Stinky Pete, seem fine with being boxed up. Because Jessie is the only one acting “irrationally”, the audience can detect that something’s up.

This brings up another thing that’s attempted by “Frozen”, and that is a character foil to Elsa—her sister, Anna. Anna is meant to be the Woody to Elsa’s Jessie—the adjusted, “normal” one, so to speak. This character is the one who digs to the root of the troubled character’s issue and helps them conquer their anxiety. The reason Anna’s tireless and yet fruitless attempts to understand Elsa’s frustration and fear fail narratively is because Anna has no idea what it is like having ice powers. Maybe that was the point, but because Anna is so different from Elsa in terms of supernatural ability, the attempt is lost. Woody and Jessie work as foils because they are both toys and have been loved by kids they were separated from—though Woody wasn’t abandoned by Andy like Jessie was by Emily, he has enough of a connection to her that he can accurately imagine the anguish and grief that being abandoned would bring.

Anna has no such starting connection to Elsa, though—they’re sisters, yes, but they don’t KNOW each other. Anna is just as much a stranger to Elsa as any of the everyday Arendellian; therefore, Elsa is alone in her fears and doubts, and the audience is rendered alone and in the dark due to this narrative isolation. We cannot fully connect with Elsa despite the movie prettifying her and repressing her emotions in order to make her more palatable/relatable because, despite “Frozen”’s attempts, her internal conflict is ridiculously simplified and the complexity of mental illness is ripped away, leaving only a vague character in its wake.


Harry didn’t know how it all happened. He didn’t know how their love could crash down like this. How something so great could change within so little time.

They had something so special. It was like a love story in the movies. It was that type of love people would write poems and songs about. And Harry did write songs about their love. Y/N became his greatest inspiration and somehow all the songs he wrote since he met her were about Y/N.
They both were sure that they would be together forever. But something between them happened and now they weren’t so sure about their always and forever together.

It wasn’t that they didn’t love each other anymore, they still loved each other more than words could ever describe.
But they didn’t tell each other anymore. The last time they said those three little words felt like a lifetime ago. The last time they made love is even longer ago.
But that wasn’t their only problem. Everything stopped. Everything that made a relationship stopped. No loving gazes from accross the room, no gentle touches when no one was looking, no hugs, no kisses and no love making. Nothing.
To say that they both missed all of that was an understatement but they both never made a move towards each other.

They weren’t even fighting or anything like that. They were just distant. It’s like they both built a mile high wall around them and they couldn’t climbe it. Something was separating them but they both did not know what that something was.
Maybe it was because they weren’t talking to each other. There were no deep conversations. Everything they talked about was either about dirty dishes or simple good mornings and good nights.
Maybe it was because the ‘honeymoon phase’ people talk about was over. But it wasn’t possible that every loving touch, look and all those sweet words stopped. Right?

Harry had to admit that they both have been incredibly busy lately. Harry had so much stuff to do no matter if it was working on new music for his solo career or filming a movie.
But Harry wasn’t the only one who was busy. Y/N had so many things to do in her job that she sometimes felt like she hasn’t got any time for herself and especially not for anyone else.
But that couldn’t be why they were acting so strange. Harry has been on tour for eight months a year and even then they never felt like they were apart.

Now that Harry was finally really on break he thought that everything would change. He thought that they would get back to being the happy couple they were. But that didn’t happen.
Nothing changed and if he was quite honest it didn’t seem like anything would change in the near future.

What hurt him the most was that he didn’t think she felt the same way he did.
Every day they start their day without a good morning kiss it broke his heart.
Every day that ended without a good night kiss he felt his heart aching.
But he didn’t think she felt that way as well. She never seemed like she cared about it.
She did, though. She felt just as sad and confused about it like he did.
They both were just to stubborn. Never did one of them make a move and talk about all the issues between them.
The problem was that they both were to scared about what would happen when they would actually talk. Would they fight? Cry? Break up?
It seemed like a happy end wasn’t possible for the both of them. They drifted so far apart that they felt like they can’t get back to the place they once have been in.
It hurt them both so much but they didn’t dare and talk about it. The thought of losing each other completely was just unbearable and too scary.
They both knew that they had to talk about it some time, though. They couldn’t keep going like this, it was tearing the both of them apart.
The problem was that no one wanted to take the first step.

During one certain night something snapped in Harry. Maybe it was the wine the both of them were sipping on on their couch in the living room earlier, while watching some late night tv. Or maybe it was just his broken heart that finally had enough.
He was sitting on the bed the both of them were sharing for years now, and strolled through his phone when he saw it. The photo he had as background. A photo of him and Y/N kissing, on the beach when the sunset shone in the most beautiful shades of orange, pink and a bit of red. He remembered that day. It was during their first vocation together in greece. They were so happy and so in love and they were never able to keep their hands to them selves.
He missed that. Goodness, how he missed that time. He wished he could just close his eyes and concentrate on that certain moment and when he opened his eyes again he was sitting at the beach with his arm around Y/Ns shoulder.
But no matter how much he wished he could go back to that moment, he couldn’t. He was living here in the now. And right now he and Y/N were so far away from being happy again.

Y/N emerged their ensuite bathroom with a towel around her body and wet hair that was flowing down her shoulders.
And Harry looked at her. He really looked at her. She was still the most beautiful thing he ever saw. Nothing changed about the feeling he got when he looked at her.
But she didn’t look at him. She made her way to the drawer and pulled out some panties and a oversized shirt she could wear to sleep.
That shirt wasn’t his shirt. She always used to wear his shirts because they were fitting so loosely on her body and they were so comfy to sleep in.
And she never used to go back into the bathroom to change. But somehow she felt like it wasn’t appropriate to change in front of him. He felt like almost a stranger to her. And it scared the hell out of her.
“Love?” he called out to her before she could enter the bathroom again.
His voice sounded so husky and raspy and so… foreign. She did not hear it for so long. And he never called her ‘love’ anymore. She didn’t feel like his 'love’ anymore. But hearing that nickname roll off his tongue felt so good. Y/N stopped right at the doorway of the bathroom and turned around to look at him. Actually look at him.
“Yeah?” she asked with a little voice.
He didn’t remember her voice being so sweet. He missed her voice. He missed everything about her.
Harry sat up from his half lying position and put the phone he earlier dropped to his bare chest on the bedside table.
“Can you maybe sit down for a minute?” he asked almost shyly, in fear she would reject his attempt to talk.
But to his surprise she nodded immediately, mumbled a quick 'of course’, and sat down at the edge of the bed. She looked at him expectantly, and almost a bit nervously. She knew what was coming now. And that would most definetaly not be comfortable.
Harry moved so he was sitting right beside her with his front facing her.
“What is happening with us?” he whispered softly.
Y/Ns eyes snapped to his and they both felt like the world was stopping right in this moment. They were both so scared of what was to come after this conversation.
“I don’t know, Harry.”
Harry watched as the first tear rolled down her cheek. This conversation was hard enough but seeing her crying was too much.
“Hey, what you’re crying for?”
He scooted closer to her and took one of her small hands in his. He didn’t remember her hands being so small and soft. He didn’t hold her hand in months.
“I’m so scared, Harry. I don’t want to break up.” she sniffled and looked down at their intertwined hands.
Even though it was such a simple and innocent touch it felt so intimate when Harry stroked with his thumb over the skin of her hand.
“We don’t have to break up, love. I don’t want that either.”
“Then what are we going to do? Keep going like this? I think we both know that that won’t work.” she sighed and stroked the wet hair back from her face.
“We won’t keep going like this. It’s not healthy and I think we both aren’t happy right now.”
“But are we ever going to be happy again?” she asked so lowly he almost didn’t catch it.
He didn’t know the answer to her question. He wished that he could just scream out that yes, they are going to be happy again. But he couldn’t because he didn’t know if it was true. He wished so desperately that it was the truth and they would get back to being happy but if he was quite honest right now he wasn’t sure if that was possible.
“I don’t know, love. But I’ll do everything I can to fix this. We just need to talk to each other.”
Y/N shook her head and turned her face so that he couldn’t see the tears that kept streaming down her face.
“I don’t think we will fix anything with talking.”
Harry felt like someone punched him in the throat at her words. She lost hope. She doesn’t think they can fix this.
“What do you mean?” he whispered because he wasn’t quite sure if he could trust his voice.
“This is going on for so long, Harry. I’m not sure if we can fix any of this.”
She looked at him again and wished she wouldnt have. Tears were rolling down his cheeks and his lip was wobbling. It broke her heart.
“Please don’t cry.” she whispered and cupped his cheek with her free hand.
Her own tears were still flowing and a occasional sniffle left her body. It was tearing them apart to see each other like that.
“I love you.” he sobbed.
“And I love you.”
“But that’s enough, right? We love each other. That has to be enough.”
“I don’t know, Harry. We didn’t actually act like we loved each other lately.”
Harry shook his head violently and scooted even closer to her.
“We will get through this. I know we will. Every couple goes through something bad every once in a while. We will make it work again, we just have to communicate.”
Y/N looked at him for a long moment before she shook her head again.
“What? Do you want to throw away what we had?”
“I think we did that a long time ago.”
“No! No, we did not. Please, don’t end it.”
“I don’t want to end it.” she shook her head. “But… I think-”
“No! Please just give me another chance. I promise you that I can make you happy again.”
Y/N took a deep breath and sighed it out through her nose. She didn’t believe that it was possible to be happy again with him. She wanted to believe it, she really did. But she couldn’t.
“Harry did you ever think about why that all happened? We made something else our top priority instead of each other. We stopped caring about each others feelings. We did everything we shouldn’t do.”
“But that doesn’t matter! Let’s just forget all about the last few months. Yes, we’ve been busy and we didn’t make any time or effort for each other but you’re still the most important person in my life.”
“I don’t think we can forget all about this.”
“But we can try. Please.” he sobbed and Y/N felt her heart breaking for the man in front of her again.
She loved him. She loved him so goddamn much but she wasn’t sure if that was enough. But the thought of losing him was to hurtful.
She looked at him for a few moments before she sighed and closed her eyes. They can get through this. Right?
She opened her eyes again after a few seconds and found Harry already looking at her with tear stained cheeks and a trembling lip. She hesitated before she wrapped him in a tight hug and nuzzled her face into his neck.
That was once her favourite place. He always smelled so good there, and she loved how she could press so many kisses to his skin there. It was her paradise. She hoped it will be her paradise again.
Harry wrapped his arms around her body so tightly that he was almost scared she couldn’t breath anymore but the fact that she nuzzled herself closer to him calmed him down.
The last time they shared a hug was so long ago. They both missed it so much it was incredible.
“I love you so much.” he whispered against her skin and she felt goosebumps rising on her skin from his lips touching her skin.
“I love you too.”

It took them at least ten minutes to pull back from their embrace again. When they did they both had stopped crying but still felt miserable.
“You know that it will take a very long time for us to get to a better place, right?” she asked.
“I do.” he nodded.
“And you’re sure you want to stick around that long?”
“Of course, I’m sure. I won’t leave you. I love you too much to ever leave you.”
Y/N gave him a small smile and nodded. It woud be hard and it would take so much time but it didn’t matter. She wanted to fix it. She wanted to be able to love him in every way again.
“Could you…”
“What, my love?” he asked and nudged her cheek gently with his finger.
“Could you maybe kiss me?” she asked shyly and looked down at her lap.
A smile spread on Harrys cheek at how cute she was.
“Of course, lovely.”
He leaned in just a bit and they connected their lips in a gentle kiss. Harrys hands moved from his lap to her waist and he pulled her closer to him. Her hands were in his hair, pulling at the short strands and holding his head in place so he couldn’t move away. Not that he wanted to anyway.
They kissed for so long and only separated when they needed air. They needed that. They needed that so desperately.

When they finally pulled away from each other Y/N was sitting on Harrys lap and Harrys hair was messier than ever.
“I won’t let anything separate us.” he whispered and stroked her cheek gently.
“Me neither.”
They smiled at each other and for once in basically forever everything felt okay again. They weren’t okay yet but that was okay. They will get there because they were finally on the same page again. It will take time and it will be hard but they wanted to make it work again. And now they knew for sure that everything would be alright again. They will have a future together.
“Umm, I know that probably sounds absolutely stupid but maybe… Maybe it would be good to make some rules?” he said shyly and looked up at her.
“That sounds good. Let’s do it.”
He smiled and nodded.
“Never going to bed angry.” she started.
“Never going to bed without a kiss.”
“Never standing up from this bed without a kiss in the morning.”
“Talking about our feelings.”
“Being there for each other. Always.”
“Always.” he agreed.
“Spending time with each other.”
“Going out on dates.”
“Having sex.”
“Oh god, yes. That’s probably the most important rule.”
Y/N slapped his chest jokingly and laughed.
“I really miss having sex with you, mister.” she admitted shyly and a blush rose on her cheeks.
“Believe me, me too.” he grinned and pecked her lips.
“You think we can stick to these rules?” he asked in a whisper.
“I do. S'not that hard, innit?”
“No it isn’t.”
Y/N leaned down to kiss his pink lips again. They separated after a few moments and pressed their foreheads together.
“I promise to always love you.” Harry whispered and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs.
“I promise to always love you.” she whispered back and sealed the promise with a kiss.

"Feel the fire where she walks" - Oli Sykes Imagine #3

Request : Hi! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where like you’re an actress and like you’re Oli Sykes celebrity crush. He goes to your big movie premiere and he goes up to you and he’s nervous and stuttering. He hangs out with you for the rest of the night and you guys take a bunch of selfies that he post on Instagram with cute little captions and later in the night you ask him out on a date? c:

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17-year-old Cas Stonehouse of Toronto, Canada describes herself on her YouTube channel as “a high school student attempting to do film stuff,” but after you see her films, you’ll realize that she’s already an incredibly talented filmmaker as well as a songwriter/singer: she wrote “Made of You,” heard in this video.

In “Kiss Me,” she writes that she “asked 8 teenaged couples to share a kiss on camera to attempt to capture the essence of teenaged romance.” The result is astounding.

“Kiss Me” is a beautifully deliberate look at the intimacy shared in a kiss, set to the clear, honest, hauntingly bright sound of Cas’ singing. All of the tenderness, all of the affection, all of the exhilaration and fragile possibility of young love are encapsulated in a few minutes of video.

harley-joker4eva  asked:

Do you have any head cannons for harleen and joker at Arkham. During the sessions or just in general more so with him? I know I ask a lot but I fucking love your blog so much and fuck the haters always questioning are otp, they'll choke on it all when the film is finally released lol

It’s fine! :)

Yes, I do have headcanons about that :)

- Harleen grew incredibly possessive of Joker and wouldn’t allow any other doctors to handle him (which was fine since he wouldn’t cooperate with other doctors anyway lol)

- Joker looked forward to his sessions with Harleen and really didn’t seem to care about much until she started treating him

- Staff had their suspicious on whether Harleen was taking things too far with Joker but didn’t want to bring it up

- Harleen had a box in her office where she kept various gifts she’d received from Joker during the sessions (random items that he ended up giving her but not exactly explaining why…)

Hetalia Actor AU Headcanons 3

Oh god she’s done another one…..

- Germany’s actor is the least serious of them all, he makes up about 80% of the outtakes.

- North Italy’s actor is older than South Italy’s actor.

- When it comes to interviews, Norway, Sweden, Belarus and Switzerland’s actors are by far the best. They are the complete opposite of their characters and are incredibly charming and charismatic when it some to dealing with the press.

- Sealand’s actor is actually England’s little brother, England’s actor always feels really bad while filming their scenes because he has to be so mean to him, even though they both know it’s fake. He dotes on him like crazy in real life to make up for it though.

- Ukraine and Belarus’ actresses are also sisters, Ukraine being the older of the two by three years. Though neither are related to Russia’s actor.

- Before he joined the cast, Switzerland’s actor had absolutely no idea how to handle a gun of any sort.

- Canada’s actor is actually quite cheeky, when his back is to the camera during a scene he pulls faces at the others to make them laugh. He does this off set too, America and Turkey’s actors join in sometimes. Much to the annoyance of the director.

- Seychelles’ actress is also a model and is fairly new to acting, she’s much older than a lot of people think and is easily the most glamorous member of the cast. She also has the sweetest personality and is always attending charity fundraisers and doing whatever she can to promote them along with Liechtenstein’s actress.

- Before Hetalia, Belgium’s actress was huge on the Musical scene. Performing in Dutch translations and the original English versions of famous musicals and even some animated film dubs, she still manages to fit in the occasional off-Broadway show every now and again in between filming episodes.

- Taiwan’s actress is incredibly shy when it comes to talking when not reciting her lines, she’s very quiet off set and looks ups to China’s actor as a big brother figure (and he in turn looks out for her like she’s his little sister) she’s also the selfie queen and loves to take pictures, her instagram is loaded with photographs of the cast and the set of Hetalia.

There! Part 3. I really wanted to include the ladies more, since they’re so goddamn fabulous and all.

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I really love the story of Peter Pan in general.  I like the novel, musical, various film adaptations and spin offs… I think that universe and those characters are really something special.  I’m actually not a huge fan of the 1953 Disney version of Peter Pan.  Shocking, I know!  I’m not sure why, and for the most part I don’t have specific problems with it.  But overall it isn’t on the same level as other Disney movies for me (or other Peter Pan adaptations).  However, I do really like how they presented Wendy Darling.

Wendy is a story teller.  She is called “the supreme authority on Peter Pan.”  Wendy is constantly entertaining her younger brothers with her fantastic stories about Neverland.  Her talent for storytelling means she would have to be both very knowledgeable and very imaginative.

Mr. Darling, her father, does not approve of Wendy’s tales.  He thinks it’s childish and insists that she needs to grow up.  He says that she needs to leave the nursery behind to have her own room, separate from her brothers.  This change would mark Wendy’s transition from childhood into being a proper young lady. I think it’s really interesting that she then flies off to Neverland that night, which is essentially one big imaginative battle between eternal youth and oppressive adulthood (think about the lost boys vs. pirates).

Although Mr. Darling views his daughter as foolish, Wendy is nothing of the sort.  She’s very smart, and even very practical in her own way.  She actually serves as the voice of reason throughout most of the film.  Take the scene where she reattaches Peter’s shadow as an example.  Peter, the lost boys, and Wendy’s brothers would all be hopeless without her good sense and guidance.  She is a perfect balance of maturity and a youthful sense of fun.  That’s my favorite thing about Wendy.  She shows that you don’t need to sacrifice imagination for intelligence and responsibility.

Wendy is one of the most caring Disney girls.  She loves and looks out for all the lost boys as if she was their own mother.  Wendy’s kindness and forgiveness is pretty remarkable.  Up until the end of the film, Tinkerbell is absolutely terrible to Wendy.  When they first meet, Tink pulls her hair and calls her big and ugly.  Wendy, although hurt, responds about Tink “Oh, I think she’s lovely.”  She sets her pride aside for the sake of kindness and honesty.  Even when Tink convinces the lost boys to shoot Wendy, she is forgiven.  Peter wants to banish Tink forever but Wendy begs him “oh please, not forever!” That generosity is incredible. 

And this does not make Wendy weak or a push-over.  When the mermaids tease and try to drown Wendy, she won’t stand for it.  When the Indian women keeps bossing her around, Wendy just leaves.  Wendy really is very strong-willed.  When all the lost-boys were ready to join Captain Hook’s pirates out of fear, Wendy stood by her convictions and walked the plank.  She actually went through with it! She didn’t know that Peter would be hovering below to catch her.  That’s awesome.

Although Peter Pan is relatively popular and people seem to like Wendy, I don’t think enough people truly appreciate why she’s so great. Re-watching Peter Pan was worth it, if only for the sake of getting reacquainted with Wendy.

Sabrina Carpenter Appreciation Post

I’ve noticed as of lately all this hate came pouring in on Sabrina. Even what I saw today was so vile and repulsive. One question, why? Sabrina is the sweetest humble human being I have ever met. I just can’t with how much hate she’s been receiving.. So, I’m going to do a little appreciation for her because no one deserves hate and certainly not her.

Reasons why I love Sabrina Carpenter:

1. She has a heart of gold, I’ve never seen such a wonderful person that has so much love for everything around her.

2. How she is with her fans, she ALWAYS reminds us that she loves us and that we’re like family to her.

3. She always stops to take a picture with fans.

4. her jokes. need I say more on that?

5. her singing, such a mature vocal range for her age, it’s beautiful. 

6. her sarcasm is something I’ll never get enough of, some of her tweets on twitter have me dying of laughter sometimes

7. Her portrayal of Maya Hart on Girl Meets World is incredible, she does such a solid job.

8. She remembers her fans, it’s crazy to me how insane her memory is when it comes to meeting her fans and then seeing them at a later time and she remembers. When I met her she already knew who I was because the first thing she said to me was “I saw on Twitter that you were coming to the taping today!” I was honestly kind of stunned/shocked that she was well aware of who I was and that she remembered the letter I wrote her back in November. It literally made my heart warm knowing that she acknowledged that she knew who I was.

9. because of Sabrina I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had just from making friends on twitter and some of them live across the world and we can’t go a day without talking. Sometimes all it takes is that special connection and a common interest (Sabrina with me and my friends) You don’t have to be near someone 24/7 to have a best friend or for them to be there for you because that’s the thing about best friends is they’re with you when they aren’t physically with you.

10. She’s helped me through some very tragic events in my life and with my anxiety/depression. Her music is literally the key to bringing a smile to my face, her music really just gives me hope and a positive outlook on life now and that wasn’t something I had before, it’s important to know who you were and who you are now, because now I recognize that, I’ve come so very far from who I was and thanks to Sabrina, I was able to get myself to that place and I’ll be forever grateful.

11. she is the most hard working 17 year old that I have ever seen. she does so much and it’s literally all for us, she’s working so incredibly hard on her second album while season 3 of girl meets world is being filmed. I can only imagine the time those things alone could take up let alone whatever else she has going on. 

12. she cares about what her fans have to say to her, again when I met her, when I would talk she looks right into your eyes and you just get the feeling that she genuinely cares about what you have to say to her. 

13. the girl loves hugs, lol. she hugged me so many times in the 10 minutes that I got to talk to her and when we decided to take a normal picture she hugged me again, it was literally the cutest thing ever. I was so nervous about meeting her and she literally made everything so much better for me on the nerves. Normally I would have frozen up, but with her I didn’t, it was like talking with a friend.

14. I always look forward to her music Mondays, she always picks the best songs to cover and put on instagram/twitter.

15. her and sarah’s relationship is the cutest ever. I love how close they are because not every sister relationship is like that.

16. her laugh is the most precious thing on the face of the earth.

17. she’s not afraid to be herself, which I really love because it’s real and it’s not a poker face that most celebrities will put on during red carpet events, I mean she talked about the key of success being french fries, lmao.

18. she’s punny.

19. gorgeous blue eyes :)

20. Her relationship with the GMW cast is literally the best thing ever.

I would list so many more reasons, but I’ll leave it at this. @sabrinacarpenter I hope you feel loved and appreciated because you are by me. I love you <3


hidden_horizon Today I met the most amazing man! I met Sebastian Stan and it was a dream come true, never in a million year did I ever think I’d get to meet him and see in acting on set! He is so polite and phenomenal! Words cannot describe my thoughts and emotions today! Today has been the best day of my life hands down! I never get to meet famous people or go to comic cons and meet them so today was a huge surprise and dream come true! Especially hearing him trying to pronounce my name and love my country it’s amazing! Thank you so much @imsebastianstan i probably looked my a mumbling mess but you have no idea what today meant to me! I will remember this day until I die! 💕💕☘

he’s filming in bray, Ireland my friends cousin works on set so she brought us in and it was incredible ahh I cant😂😂🎉

He was in between shots so he ran over and stayed for like ten minutes , he was so cute and polite and i kinda lost my cool at started laughing which he join in on and he was talking about Ireland and my phone? Weird i know but he was like “it was lovely talking to you Aoife” and he held my hand doing that and i died👌😂😭😭

Sebastian commenting on a fan’s picture and some notes from set!

5 Reasons Why Moana is Going to be Absolutely Incredible (And Super Important!)

If you love Disney, I’m sure you’ve heard about Disney’s upcoming movie, Moana. Moana is premiering at Thanksgiving, and it will introduce us to the newest Disney princess. This film is going to be incredible, and here’s why!

1. Moana will feature Disney’s first ever Polynesian princess.

Moana is our first island princess, and she is BEAUTIFUL! Look at her beautifully tanned skin and curly hair!! I love her already. Disney has not animated any islanders since Lilo and Stitch, so getting a Polynesian princess is so great and so important. (Representation is important!!)

*1.5. And, from what we’ve seen, Moana is going to be totally kick-butt! Gotta love an adventurous princess who is good with a spear. 

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2. Not only will Moana feature a Polynesian princess; it will feature her adorable pet pig!

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Moana will have an cute and loveable pet pig named Pua! (pronounced Poo-ah) It’s head and ears are GIANT. How can you not love this thing?! I know I’m gonna buy a plushie of this thing the second they appear in stores.

3. The scenery will make you *swoon*

Being set on an island, the scenery and imagery in this film is bound to be phenomenal. These clips alone are gorgeous enough for their own films, so I can’t wait to see what other beauties Moana’s home island of Oceania has in store!

4. Moana will feature Disney’s first ever demi-god!

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While Disney introduced to many Gods and Goddesses in Hercules, we never got to see any true demi-gods. (While Hercules himself seemed like a demi-god, he still had two gods for parents, so I don’t count him as a “true” demi-god.) Well, look no further than Maui! Maui is a demi-god who will be adventuring with Moana in her film. So far, we know that he is super strong and he can shape-shift. Oh, and he has a magical hook that he can do just about anything with. 

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Not too shabby, am I right?

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5. The songs will be INCREDIBLE, thanks to the wonderful people working behind them.

Moana will feature the collaborative works of Mark Mancina, Opetaia Foa’I, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Mark Mancina is very experienced when it comes to writing for Disney, and has worked on songs for many Disney films, including Tarzan, Brother Bear, and the great classic, The Lion King. Lin-Manuel Miranda is an incredible composer and lyricist who wrote the hit musical “In the Heights”, and also a little something that is currently blowing up Broadway called “Hamilton”. So basically, this movie is guaranteed to have a wonderful score.

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Moana is bound to be absolutely breath-taking! This film will encourage girls everywhere to be fearless, and probably make us all cry in the meantime. Are you all as excited as I am?! Be sure to see Moana when it hits theaters in November! (◠‿◠✿)

And here she is ;~;

I have a lot to say about this, but I’ll try to keep it short.

An original production drawing of Aniu, was honestly something I considered and unobtainable Holy Grail item. That scene is literally, THE REASON I started drawing. Balto was such an inspiration to me as a kid, so to now have this in my possession is so incredible.

On a more personal note, the appearance and purchase of this piece is so important to me because of my grandmother. Last year she passed away, and out of everyone in my family she was the most supportive of my career in art. She always encouraged me to keep drawing, and supported me in every way she knew how. One of the ways she did that, was every weekend I spent with her, she’d take me to the local movie rental place and rent out Balto because she knew it was my favorite. She’d watch it with me and act out the scenes, she even got me a white wolf plush that looked like Aniu for Christmas one year just cause she knew I loved the movie so much, and she knew Aniu was my favorite character. In the same way that Aniu came to Balto, and gave him the strength he needed to press on, so did my grandmother. I miss her dearly, and having this come into my possession near the one year anniversary of her death is, well, incredibly beautiful to say the least.

I’m getting all choked up typing this out, so I’ll end it here. It’s just amazing to finally own this piece of animation history.