she looked ashamed all on her own


Jughead ripped through red lights faster than even the most lenient traffic laws allowed, something was wrong. Something was very wrong, and he felt his chest getting tighter the closer Pops came into his view.

The cause of his absolute panic? That would be The text message from Archie currently open on his cellphone, thrown lazily on the passenger seat of Fred’s oldest Pick up truck.

“I’m at Pops with Veronica, she’s a mess. It’s Betty. She’s gone.”

Gone? Gone where? What did that mean? Why wasn’t she answering her phone? And why the hell didn’t he walk her home from school today?!

Betty and Jughead had gotten into an argument earlier that day, an angry, heated, vicious argument, each of their insecurities bubbling up to the surface as they spewed nasty words and said things they were sure to regret. Jughead had skipped walking her home after school, sending Veronica instead. Betty was tense and distant from the morning all the way up to their blowout, when he asked her about her behavior she brushed him off, maybe he should have kept his cool but he hated that she was keeping things from him, needless to say the fight didn’t end well and he had gone off on his own, leaving Betty standing alone, crying in the blue and gold office.

Pulling crookedly into a parking spot in front of Pop Tate’s, Jughead jumped out of the car and ran into the restaurant spotting Veronica crying as Archie had an arm around her consoling her, he practically hopped over the booth
“Where is she? What happened?” He demanded, eyeing the raven haired mess.

Veronica sniffled
“I tried to stop her. I did everything I could, she just lost it. She wouldn’t stop crying, she just kept saying “I’m crazy too, I’m just like Polly”. She was ripping her hands open.. she’s got these scars.. Jughead I did everything I could.“ She whispered through a sob as Archie wrapped her in his arms.

"Where is she?! What do you mean "gone” gone where?! You have to tell me more, I don’t understand” he shouted frustrated, his hands slamming on the table.

Archie could sense his friends mood shifting and spoke in low hushed tones

“Ronnie said she’s having herself admitted, something about the same place as Polly. Dude.. polly.. Polly tried to kill herself last night, Betty found her downing pills in the bathroom, Betty thinks she’s crazy just like Polly she doesn’t want to get worse.” Archie cleared his throat, his brown eyes rimmed with unshed tears, sometimes Jughead forgot that Archie was Betty’s true best friend, he had been there before Veronica, before Kevin, even before Jughead.

“I’ve gotta stop her.” Jughead whispered “I’ve gotta stop her before it’s too late, those people at the Institution? They’ll ruin her. she’s not crazy. You know she’s not crazy.” He looked desperately to his friends who were all nodding

“She’s not crazy, she’s just hurting. She’s overwhelmed, she needs support not a nuthouse” Veronica sniffled

Jughead nodded to his friends as he rose from the booth.

“I’m not letting her drown, not without me.” He declared before running off to the truck and speeding off to Betty’s.

As he raced the streets of Riverdale, time seemed to be nothing but an illusion, he was in front of Betty’s house and slamming on her front door before he even knew he had turned on the ignition.

Alice Cooper opened the door and caught sight of Jughead, her red rimmed eyes and frazzled hair stuck out painfully as she visibly relaxed at the sight of Jughead. She knew her daughters boyfriend was the only one who could talk some sense into her broken daughter.

“Thankgod.” She mumbled “upstairs Jughead” she moved aside, watching him sprint up the stairs “our fair Romeo, off to save Princess Juliet” she whispered, the first hint of a smile she had seen in days resting on her face.

Jughead felt his muscles tighten, as he stood before her door. What was he supposed to say? I’m sorry for not being there? I’m sorry I left you like that? I sorry I couldn’t see that you were hurting, that you needed me?

His anxiety ridden thoughts were quickly cut short as Betty’s bedroom door ripped open revealing the beautiful blonde. Betty’s cheeks were covered in smudges of blood, he assumed from wiping her tears with bloody hands, her ponytail was half down, strands sticking to her damp face, the buttoned blouse she wore was missing a button and her hands were shaking, but god damnit if she still wasn’t the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Bets.” He whispered

At the sound of his voice, something shifted in Betty’s eyes as she fell against her boyfriend in a pile of chest aching sobs, her hands running all over him almost to ensure that he was real, he knew she was getting blood on his cheeks but that was okay, it was a part of her, a vulnerable, open, heartbreaking piece of his perfectly imperfect girlfriend.

After about thirty minutes of holding her as she wept, her breathing finally slowed and she looked up at him exhausted, her fingers moving to wipe at the blood she had left on his cheek, before flipping her own palm to stare ashamed at what she had done. Jughead shook his head and whispered “no” before bringing her open palm up to his lips and kissing her scars gently.

He heard Betty sigh as she leaned against his shoulder, he had to tell her, he needed her to know, there was so much he could say to her but he settled for

“We’re all crazy”

Those same words he had uttered almost four months ago, relaxing when he felt her smile into his shoulder

“I know.” She whispered

The Aftermath Addendums

Friday. February 10

Man, I have no clue what is wrong with Adrien, but I can’t decide whether I find it funny or tragic.

I mean, dude goes around all day yesterday staring at half the girls… you know. And then today, he just goes ahead, skips half a dozen levels in his game and outright GRABS Marinette’s… YOU KNOW!

I mean, dude totally paid for it, although I think Mari was more traumatized by the fact that she basically owned the love of her life with a move straight from Mecha Ultra Strike than she was by the fact that her you-know-what got some first-hand experience today.

…okay, now I am ashamed of myself. Adrien’s lame puns are rubbing off on me. Forgive me, Mari.

Anyway, I did manage to convince Alya to get me copies of all the pictures she took of bro’s more shameful moments over the past couple days… I’m making a scrapbook for… reasons.

I did finally drag it out of him WHY he was looking at… well, turns out he says he thought he might be able to figure out who Ladybug was based on– well YOU KNOW!!!

To be honest, I was a little hurt… I mean, I know it’s LADYbug, but who’s to say it couldn’t be a bro with a really magical transformation, right? I mean, we are BEST FRIENDS and he didn’t even once take a second look at my… ahem.  

Just saying. Not cool bro.

Not cool.

-DJ Lahiffe

Hold Me

Originally posted by fiendfyrx

Hey Anon, super cute prompt. I hope the below is fluffy enough.

“I don’t want you to go home yet.” She admitted to him as they were approaching her house. He had held her at the diner, they hadn’t talked much more about their revelations to each other before deciding to walk home.

“I don’t want to either.” He agreed. He didn’t want to leave her alone. After seeing those marks he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to leave her. A deep need to protect her had risen up in him.

“Maybe we could watch a movie.“ She had enjoyed spending time together just the two of them, enjoying a moment of being two normal teenagers going out to the movies, sharing popcorn and snuggling up to one another. She wanted to capture that feeling again.

“Okay, signal when the coast is clear.” They had done this so many times now him sneaking up to her room that they both knew the drill. Betty was sure that her mum was in bed by now. She seemed to have a different set of rules for Betty spending time with Jughead. There was no way on earth she would have been able to go to bed if it was Archie or Veronica that she was having a late night milkshake at Pop’s with but he seemed to have earned himself a free pass from Alice Cooper which he was very grateful for.

She pressed her lips against his a chaste kiss promising more to come. He watched as she entered through the front door. He should know better than to take the risk sneaking into Betty’s room with her mother in the house. Most of their secret rendezvous took place when Alice Cooper was working late at the newspaper. But Betty had revealed something deep and personal to him and he wanted to be there for her, plus he was not keen to re-enter the Andrews home which was sure to be a disaster zone. Archie had wanted to throw the big party he could deal with the big clean up.

He stayed hidden in the bushes waiting for the tell tale sign of her lamp flashing on and off before he grabbed the ladder from the side of the house placing it gently onto the side of the house resting just underneath the window ledge.

She was sitting on her bed, crossed legged as he entered through the window. Her laptop open in front of her. He sat on the edge of her bed, feeling the usual nervousness that came with being alone with her in her bedroom. The expectations that he would act as any other teenage boy in their girlfriend’s room alone suddenly weighing heavily on him. 

“So what will it be birthday boy.” There was a playfulness in her tone. As she moved the laptop to face him.  He carefully looked through the list of films at their disposal. 

She examined his face in the soft light of the laptop . The dark bruise around his eye and the cut on his cheek the result of his fight with Chuck. The fight he had gotten in because of her. Despite it all, despite her throwing a party that he didn’t want, and her lies here he was. She had bared to him her darkest secret, something that she had never revealed to anyone and he hadn’t recoiled from her, he had taken her scarred hands in his own and kissed them gently. Accepting all of her. 

“It looks painful.” She commented. 

“I should have done it sooner, as soon as he started I should have stopped him. I’m ashamed that I didn’t.”

“Hey not your fault.” She took his hands. “And you were there for me tonight. Plus it looks very rebellious. Almost could I say hot?” She winced as the words came out not sure how he would react. She knew that Jughead was not one to graciously accept compliments especially those that commented on his physical appearance a lifetime of being the weird kid and trying to remain invisible as possible had made him shy and unsure of himself. A blush spread across his cheeks at her comment. He pulled his beanie off and nervously ran a hand through his hair. A curl falling over his bruised eye. She pushed it back away from his eyes, and he looked up to meet hers. “Sorry I know you don’t like…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence as he pulled her onto his lap. His hands moving to her hips immediately holding her in place as his lips assaulted hers. There was a passion and ferocity in his kiss that was different to their usually chaste and gentle kisses in the privacy of her room. She moaned as his tongue swept her bottom lip begging for entrance, she gasped at the movement and he seized on the opportunity to deepen the kiss. His hands were in her hair pulling her golden locks from the restrictive hairstyle she seemed to favour. He pulled back to examine her, eyes blown wide, lips plump and a delicious shade of pink as a result of their kisses.

“Well looks like I got my birthday wish after all.” He smiled at her as she remembered the way he had looked at her when he had said those words earlier that evening. He was looking at her just like that now. He had to admire how beautiful she looked with the soft light from her laptop now cast aside on her bed highlighting her face. 

He felt a sudden pang in his chest. And thought to himself that he may be falling in love with her.

“Is it wrong that I find this hot as hell.” She let out in a breathy whisper. “You defending my honour.” She returned her lips to his, kissing him deeply, letting her hands loose in those waves he usually kept so well hidden. Her lips then trailed to his cheek gently brushing against the cut on his cheek.

“I’m glad you came back.” She whispered. She had felt the relief wash over her when he had re-entered the kitchen after the fight with Chuck. When she couldn’t find him after the punches were thrown she felt for sure that he had been repulsed by the secrets Chuck had revealed about her. That he had headed for the hills and she couldn’t really blame him. But he hadn’t he took her hand and lead her away from all the chaos to the safe haven of Pop’s and a vanilla malt milkshake to share.

“Me too.” He agreed as he felt her lips deliver a feather-light kiss to his bruised eye. Without meaning to she let out a yawn. One that he couldn’t help but imitate.

“Sorry.” She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. She could feel her eyes closing safe in the warmth of his body. “I was up so early this morning, and.” She paused, another blush spreading across her cheeks as she nuzzled against his neck. “Trust me I really want to continue this.” Her lips brushed gently against his neck and he tightened his arms around her.

“It’s okay, Betty. It’s late and there will be other times.” His hand in her hair directed her to look into his eyes and she could see that he was being honest with her.

“Juggie could you just hold me? Just until I fall asleep.” Those wide trusting eyes would be the death of him. He would do anything just to have her look at him like that.

“Sure.” She moved off his lap allowing him to lay down on her bed, his torso propped up by her seemingly endless supply of pillows. She followed him, laying her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her snug against his body. He felt that need to protect her rising up again. She could hear his heart beating steadily against her ear. Its steady rhythm lulling her into a gentle sleep. 

He knew he should leave when she fell asleep, he couldn’t afford to be in Alice Cooper’s bad books. He had to admit to himself that he was enjoying coming over for early breakfasts, staying for the occasional dinner. It almost felt a little like a family should, even despite all he knew about how imperfect it really was, he couldn’t help but be drawn to it. But he stayed, rubbing his hand gently along her back until sleep eventually overtook him as well.

That’s My Boy! (Harry Potter Imagine)

Request: hi could i possibly get a harry potter imagine (james & lily are alive in this) where they’re dating (no more awkward harry) and are making out somewhere and people find out and they tease them? If u cant it’s fine. Thank you!

Quick note… This is my first imagine on Tumblr for the Harry Potter Fandom.. So… um… please don’t like hate it… Okay? Okay. Let’s get the show on the road…

Also… Side note: Since Lily and James are alive, I assume that the timeline of the story would be different. Basically, what I’m going to say is that this is an AU. So yeah… 

Requests are Open (bear with me on them though)

I Hope You Enjoy!

Originally posted by wickedpotterpictures

Knowing Harry Potter… Oh that was definitely something. A new surprise nearly every day… Dating Harry Potter? That was the biggest and best, in your opinion, surprise. 

Hermione and you were chatting, awaiting the two boys, before you all headed to Hogsmeade, “Ron’s so stupid.” You agreed. Hermione had been leaving hints all summer that she fancied Ron, but the boy was too oblivious. 

“And now he’s snogging Lavender Brown. Can you believe that?” Herminoe ranted even further then letting out an irritated growl. 

You felt two arms snake around your waist and turned to meet your boyfriend’s green eyes then smiling. You turned to give Hermione an apologetic look and she nodded, understandingly. She was, after all, the person who set you both up. 

In fourth year when Draco Malfoy someone put in Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire, you were completely worried especially since they made him participate in the events. When the Yule Ball rolled around, Harry meant to ask you to accompany him, seeing as he’s fancied you ever since first year, but was “too shy” to do so. So when the two of you were flirting at breakfast, she lost it and yelled “Will you two just bloody be together?!” 

“Where’s Ronald?” Hermione questioned, obviously upset. Before Harry could say that he was with Lavender, Hermione had already stormed off, cursing at the Weasley. “That’s so like him! Now I’m stuck being an unwelcome third wheel to Hogwarts’s steamiest couple.”

“Steamy? I don’t think we’re like that.” Harry stated, pulling you to what was supposed to be a peck but led to a more heated kiss. 

She coughed and the two of you pulled apart. “Okay, just a little bit steamy.” You agreed, giving your friend another apologetic look. 

Then there was laughter from behind the three of you. Seamus, Dean, Ginny, and Neville stood there with Professor McGonagall along with more people who were unrecognizable to you. 

“A little bit steamy, (Y/N)?” Ginny smirked. 

Yeah right, Seamus added, “it’s not like snow is melting around the two of you.” And sure enough, when the both of you looked down, snow was beginning to melt. 

You felt your cheeks heat up as you saw Professor McGonagall attempting to not laugh. In result, you tried to hide by burying your face in the crook of Harry’s neck. He chuckled at your actions. “Sod off, mate.” Harry laughed. “Don’t be jealous that you don’t have anyone to kiss under the mistletoe this winter.” 

“It’s not like the two of you kiss only under a mistletoe. You’re practically sucking face any chance you get. I’d give you both detention, but you’ll end up making out in the class.” Professor McGonagall stated, the whole crowd laughing. 

“Just like my parents, I reckon?” Harry remarked.

Before she could answer him, you mumbled, “Harry. Shut up.” 


The next morning, the teasing was still never ending. “Why don’t you all mess with Ron and Lavender?” You suggested. 

“They don’t mind it. They aren’t ashamed. The two of you make out all the time but yet get all flustered when people point it out.” Hermione rolled her eyes. “Don’t be so bloody embarrassed about it and just own the fact that you both enjoy public displays of affection.” 

Harry gave you a smug smirk and pulled you closer to him. You gave him a warning look before the two of you leaned in. Before the your lips could even touch, an owl dropped a blazing red envelope that slid right in between the two of you. 

You both gave each other a look before looking down horrifically at the howler. It seemed as if the whole hall became silent, the teachers, themselves, stilling. “Open it.” Ron encouraged. 

Harry picked up the letter and prayed that his mother hadn’t heard the news and that this was for something completely different. 

He opened the howler and the red envelope was brought to life. He immediately recognized his father’s voice, “Harry James Potter! Your mother and I do not… Lily, I can’t be mad if you’re going to burst out-” His mother’s laughter rang throughout the hall, very uncharacteristically of her. “laughing… Anyways son, don’t be stupid with your actions. (Y/N) is a lovely girl! Keep her and treat her right, son.” 

As his mother’s laughter began to die down, she said, “Next time, don’t do it so publicly. Alright, love?” 

James’s voice rang out again, “Lils! Our son is all grown up! I’m so proud! That’s My Boy!

dine and dash (stefan salvatore au ft klaus mikaelson, part xi)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion.

Pairing: Kol x Bonnie, Damon x Elena, Caroline x Enzo, Klaus x Reader, Stefan x Reader (mentioned), Stefan x Ivy

Warnings: language maybe? strong feelings

A/N: OKAY SO I KNOW I SAID I MIGHT MAKE THIS 13 PARTS, BUT I LOVE THIS ENDING AND WOULD LIKE TO KEEP IT THIS WAY. I know we haven’t gotten to the wedding festivities or anything yet, and I know I said I’d like to write about that, but I don’t know. this feels right. of course, the final say is up to you babes. pls read this and let me know what you think! (no gifs are mine!)

dine and dash~masterlist


“Alright,” you take a deep breath, calming yourself as you speak. “I want to apologize. I led you on for years, kept Stefan in my heart when I should have let go. You’re right, and it was foolish of me. I’m sorry, Niklaus.”

“Hey, hey,” he whispers, one hand reaching down and grabbing both of yours. “Look, that’s all in the past. You needed closure, and I should have been more understanding. I’d never been loved the way that you loved Stefan, I’d never experienced that love myself. At least not until I realized the depth of my feelings for you. Then I got it.”

“Nik,” you whisper his name apologetically, looking over at him and noticing a small smile on his face.

“I’m not done yet, love,” he whispers right back, pulling into the hotel parking lot. “I just want to say that you’re forgiven. I understand, I do. Now it’s my turn to apologize,” he slides the car into a spot and turns off the engine, sighing as his eyes meet yours. “I apologize for not telling you how I felt sooner. I apologize for saying the horrible things I said earlier today. I apologize for bringing Valerie into this whole mess. After everything we’ve been through, I can’t seem to shake you off. There’s not a single time that I’m not thinking of you. And listen, I know there’s no way that I can wipe away all the negative things that I’ve done, but I would like to try. If you’d let me, of course.”

“Klaus, I’d–” he places two fingers over your lips, not allowing you to answer right away. He just poured his heart out to you, he loved the pleasantly surprised look in your eyes and he didn’t want to forget that any time soon.

“I want you to take some time and think it over, please,” he whispers, leaning forward and placing a gentle kiss on your cheek before pulling back. “Come on, let’s go inside and see what havoc they’ve wreaked.”

“Caroline,” Bonnie whines and stomps her foot as Caroline makes sure everyone is in their designated rooms. “Caroline! Are you sure we–?”

“Bonnie you and Kol cannot sleep together the night before the wedding! You two have to stay in separate rooms, no argument,” Caroline raises her brows at Bonnie, daring her to do the opposite of what she asked.

“But the wedding isn’t for another week! Are you seriously planning on keeping us apart for a whole week before the wedding?” Bonnie gives Caroline puppy eyes and Caroline bites her bottom lip.

“Bon, I don’t know. I have to consult with Y/N, and then I can–”

“I heard my name,” you and Klaus walk over to the two girls, a few bags in each of your hands. “What’s up?”

“Well, Bonnie wants to sleep in the same room as Kol until the night before. I said I’d have to consult with you before giving her an answer.”

“Before I let you know my take, I have one question: where the hell is the maid of honor?” You scoff, looking around for Elena. “We’re making all the tough choices and she is–”

“She’s on the phone with the DJ, yelling his ear off. She also just got off the phone with the priest,” Caroline shrugs and you both make a face.

“You know what? She can keep doing that. Now, I think Bonnie staying in the same room as Kol is a good idea, at least until the night before the wedding. Then she has to stay in her room. What do you think Care?”

Originally posted by wanderinginthemisst

“I think that’s a great idea. While she’s with Kol, you can sleep in her room since y’know, um,” Caroline clears her throat and looks away from Klaus.

“Right, Valerie,” you whisper, shaking your head as you think of the conversation you and Klaus just had in the car. “Well–”

“Actually she’s gone. She left,” Klaus speaks up and you all look at him, surprised and confused and relieved all at once.

“What do you mean she’s gone? Where did she go?” You furrow your brows at him and he looks down, slightly ashamed to own up to his failed tricks.

“She went back home, to Paris. She only accompanied me to help me explain myself to you,” Klaus shakes his head, slowly looking up at you. “She’s got a husband back home, some well-endowed French architect. They’re our allies and she offered to help me. She thought that if I finally admitted my feelings to you, I’d be less prone to committing massacres.”

“I bet she didn’t expect my newly found bloodthirst, huh?” You chuckle, taking in Klaus’s nervous appearance. “Either way, I’m spending the week in Bonnie’s suite. It’s bigger.”

“And bigger is better,” Caroline mutters under her breath causing Klaus to turn a bright red as you and Bonnie laugh uncontrollably.

“Right, well I’m just gonna, yeah I’m,” Klaus clears his throat, dropping the bags and slowly walking away from you three.

“I’m gonna take the bags to their owners, you two gonna be okay here?” You pick up the bags Klaus left behind and lift them along with yours, cracking your neck as Bonnie and Caroline nod.

“We’ll be okay. You be careful!”

“Will do, Care!” You call out and drop all the bags in their designated rooms. The last bag belonged to Stefan. You approach his room with a small smile on your face, the smile falling as soon as you hear the yelling. Stefan must’ve told her about what happened this morning.

“You kissed her, Stefan! Who’s to say you won’t do that again, huh? Who’s to say–?”

Me! I say that I won’t do that again. Ivy, please,” you hear Stefan’s pleads as you stand right outside the door. You hear how much it pains him to even think of losing her.

“You said you didn’t care for her, Stefan. That’s clearly a lie. This entire time, all you’ve done is follow her around like a lost puppy,” Ivy’s full out sobbing at this point, this morning’s actions taking more a toll on her than you thought possible. “I love you, Stefan. I can’t be with you if you don’t love me, too.”

“But I do love you, Ivy. I love you so much,” Stefan’s voice is coming out in choked whispers as you hear footsteps approach the door. “Please don’t leave.”

“Stefan, I–” You knock on the door and interrupt Ivy, unable to take any more of Stefan’s pain.

“Guys? It’s me, Y/N,” you whisper, secretly hoping they wouldn’t open the door. “Look, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. I know you hate me, Ivy. I get it. I kissed Stefan and I shouldn’t have. He’s not with me. I didn’t take your feelings, or his, into consideration when I kissed him. But I swear to you that’s all that happened. The only reason I did it was to get some closure. Our breakup happened so quick; I spent the past four years thinking about what could have been, pining over unresolved feelings. I came here and saw him with you, smiling bigger than I’d ever seen. He loves you. I just wanted the closure that he seemed to have found. I’m sorry, Ivy. I swear that this is my fault. Stefan and I care for each other, but it’s just platonic. I promise. Besides,” you chuckle, wiping away a silent tear. “I almost killed his brother, so you have nothing to worry about.”

You hear a couple soft chuckles behind the door, a few quiet apologies and declarations of love before the door is opened.

“Here you go,” you whisper and hand the bag to Ivy, your eyes meeting Stefan’s grateful ones as you smile at the couple. “I’m so happy for you both.”

“I still hate you,” Ivy whispers and you laugh.

“Understood,” you nod and turn away, the door shutting behind you just as it had all those years ago. But this time you got your closure. This time you had something else to look forward to.

The Other End of the Hall

“Guys,” Damon walks into Caroline’s room, desperate to tell his friends about what he’d just witnessed across the hall… only no one’s paying attention. “Guys?

Damon’s greeting goes unnoticed yet again as the girls’ voice gets louder, now joined by Enzo’s take on the centerpieces and Kol’s question about chicken tenders.

“Will everyone shut up?!” Damon’s voice grows a few octaves as the gang quiets down and looks at him. “Ladies, we have this week planned to a T. Caroline, you made sure of that. Bonnie, this is your wedding. None of us are gonna let anything go wrong. Elena, babe please. We need you to be the sane one right now. Kol, no chicken tenders at the wedding. Although I may be able to sneak a few into the reception for you? And Enzo, it’s too late to change any details about the centerpieces. Caroline and Y/N will have your head on a platter as the main centerpiece. Speaking of Y/N–”

“Oh come on, mate!” Enzo yells and everyone joins him, completely ignoring Damon’s previous comments. The yelling is louder than before and it’s now accompanied by obscene hand gestures. So Damon does the only thing he thinks will get everyone’s attention: he gets on top of a table and cups his hands to the sides of his mouth to form an impromptu megaphone.



The Beach

It’s a full moon, the light bouncing off the waves and the waves bouncing off your heels as you stare into the lake. You wrap your arms around yourself, a smile on your face as the wind gently kisses your bare shoulders and stomach. You hear footsteps approaching and you let out a content sigh, closing your eyes as he sits behind you and wraps his arms around you from behind. His face has made its way in the crook of your neck, a blissful look on your face as his stubble brushes against your jaw. You giggle softly, finally happy.

“Y/N?” You smile as you hear your name rolling off his tongue. “Is everything alright?”

“Everything’s perfect,” you whisper, nuzzling into him as he places a kiss on the side of your head. Everything truly is perfect.

Mini Trimberly fic

Dedicated to @gay-ass-sideblog​ who gave me the tumblr prompt “telling the rest of the rangers they’re together”. I couldn’t start writing until after work and I had a million ideas for this (initially more humorous I don’t know what happened??) but I hope you enjoy it. :)

Read it on AO3 

Rated M? Some allusions to sex, a little bit of violence, but nothing too crazy.

More under the cut

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The Journey - Part Eight

thank you @jia911 for editing!

sorry for taking a while longer with this one guys, incredibly rough week at work. Previous chapters are HERE.

Timeline for Part 8:

11x08, both Omelia scenes. 11x09 and 11x10. Basically Amelia is dealing with Herman’s tumor and Owen is working on his veterans project with Callie while handling his duties as chief.

The Journey – Chapter 8

Owen walked into the scrub room, trying to ignore the throbbing headache that was assaulting him. Not only had he not got much sleep the past few days, ever since he’d set foot in the hospital that morning things had become increasingly worse.

First, he’d had to solve a feud between Maggie Pierce and Derek Shepherd to then see one of the two soldiers in his project with Callie getting hurt after the orthopedic surgeon had openly stimulated them to compete. Owen knew he had probably overreacted by lashing out at her, but he was far from his right mind. At that moment, his biggest concern was making sure the patient received best medical care for his head trauma. And he was glad he could count on Amelia Shepherd for that.

The chief was ready to exit the scrub room after getting an update on the patient status when he heard her voice, as she spoke almost anxiously:

“I feel like I owe you an explanation. About what you heard last week.”

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Wilde Hopps Headcanons

Goddammit, Disney. Just…goddammit. YOU MADE ME SHIP A RABBIT AND A FOX AND I HATE YOU FOR IT. That being said, they are adorable babies and I have so many thoughts about Zootopia that I need to express them in list form.

* Judy is obsessed with figuring out if foxes purr. Nick insists that they don’t, but she doesn’t believe him. A couple months after they’re close friends, they’re lying in a hammock together and his tail is in her lap and she’s playing with it while he naps and he purrs in his sleep.

* Judy loves playing with Nick’s tail because hers is so short.

* Nick is a super cuddler because he’s been alone for most of his life and Judy is the perfect size to spoon.

* It took over a year for Judy to bring Nick home to her parents. She wasn’t ashamed of him at all. She just knew they would overreact and possibly hurt his feelings. Nick told her it was for her own personal growth and endured many awkward looks and conversations because he loves her.

* Nick’s mother pretty much loved Judy at first sight and could tell she turned Nick back into the boy she knew and loved all along.

* They allow each other one “stupid question” per month about rabbits and foxes, since this is the first time either of them have spent extended amounts of time with another species. 

* The first time Nick kisses Judy is after she finds a missing animal too little too late and comes home broken up that she couldn’t save them in time. He reminds her that it happens to everyone and she’s no exception and that the pain will heal over time. She spends the night wrapped in his arms.

* Nick’s apartment is even shittier than Judy’s and he stays at her place most of the time. He falls off the chair at her desk when she casually asks him to rent a place with her after her lease is up. But he still says yes.

* If anyone calls Judy “Carrots” other than Nick, it drives her crazy. Nick will also correct them if he’s in the vicinity that, “Hey. That’s OUR thing.”

* Clawhauser shipped Nick and Judy the second he saw them together and needled Nick to ask her out constantly.

* There aren’t any fraternization laws in the police department, but Chief Bogo insists that if he ever catches them making out in their police car while on duty, they’ll both get meter maid duty for six months.

* Nick plays good cop in their “good cop, bad cop” routine.

* The first time Nick uses his new combat/martial arts training is after a criminal hits Judy into a wall. He breaks both the guy’s legs and gets suspended for a month. Before he left the office, Chief Bogo poured him a drink and told him he’d have done the same thing to protect her.  

*throws self in the Wilde Hopps garbage bin*

First love >> Suga, You

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Entering the stage, people started to clap their hands as Yoongi stepped and stood in front of everyone before bowing. A music genius. The next Mozart. A piano master. He heard all kinds of compliments from all the people around him. But music wasn’t just about being perfect in front of everyone while playing it, it was about showing ones’ emotions and let the people get the message from its beauty.

She once told him. “Yoongi, Your music is like a story. It’s so sad and meaningful. I wish I could live in your music.” She once was there for him. 

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Always Wins/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

I needed something where the reader is a badass. 

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OTP - Questions - Bughead - Fills

Okay guys here is the first lot of fills, there are more to come. I really do love writing these little stories. So I hope you enjoy reading them just as much.

These are based on the OTP questions which can be found here. Feel free to send an ask if you would like to see me tackle any that haven’t been filled.

#5: Who sleeps on the couch when they get into a fight?

She tiptoed into the kitchen passing the couch and heard his  snores coming from the lounge. She thought back to their fight earlier that day, it was stupid really, thinking back at it now. She wanted him to attend a social event at the newspaper and he didn’t want to. It was an argument that was not uncommon in their home. She had said some cruel things and he had returned them with equal bitterness. He didn’t understand why she needed him there, it wasn’t his thing, she knew that. They had both gone to bed angry, he had taken one look on her face as he approached their bed and knew that he would be on the couch for the night. He had grabbed the spare linen from the cupboard making as much noise as possible as he did so, making sure she knew how he felt about the situation. She had shut the bedroom door and locked it. As she lay there, looking over at the space where he would usually sleep she reconsidered her stance. He wasn’t into celebrations he never had been and she knew it, she knew this going into their relationship and although she challenged his stance she knew she shouldn’t force him.

That was how she found herself now looking down at her fiance as he slept soundly. He could sleep after an argument, she envied him. She knelt down, brushing his hair away from his forehead, before pressing a light kiss there. He smiled in his sleep, before opening his eyes to see hers looking into his own. She rubbed his shoulder lightly, he could already see the apology in her eyes.

“Come to bed.” She said softly. 

“I’m sorry.” He said earnestly. His hand coming up to brush against her cheek.

“Me too.”

#6: Who takes photos of the other while they sleep?

He had deliberated a couple of times with himself whether this behaviour was creepy and weird. He had felt a surge of guilt the first time he had done it. Snapped a photo of her when she had fallen asleep during one of their late night sessions at the Blue and Gold. Her head resting on the arm of the old worn out couch. But he couldn’t resist she had looked so serene in her slumber. As if all the pressures put upon her, that she put upon herself had disappeared. He had hid his phone quickly when she stirred feeling ashamed. He hadn’t told her about it and would find himself looking at it often, reminding himself of what was good in his world.

It had soon become a habit, capturing those moments of her at her purest and least encumbered. The first time he showed her his heart had been pounding in his chest, worried that she would think as he had that it was weird. But she just smiled before pulling out her own phone, bringing up a picture of him, asleep on her bed, beanie cast aside on the pillow beside him, looking just as peaceful as she did. Without hesitation he moved to kiss her lips hoping to bring her some of that peace and serenity into their waking lives.

#7: Who said “I love you” first and who ends their arguments in a fight with “because I love you.”?

“I love you.” Her eyes widen at his confession. His hands holding hers tighten at the words. His beanie is discarded on her dresser and he is in front of her on his knees. She sees the sincerity in his eyes and she blinks back the tears that she knows have started to well behind her eyes. After everything she has put him through, that her family have, there he is, her rock through everything. She hesitates and an understanding crosses his face. She can’t say it back. Not yet. It is tearing her apart not being able to tell him. He moves forward pressing his lips to hers saving her.

Once she had said it, those three little words, she can’t stop. She says them even after they have argued and fought letting him know that despite everything, she loves him, always.

#17: Who is more protective?

She knew that Reggie Mantle picked on him, he was the ringleader of the other jocks of the school. He was an easy target, the weird kid, he wouldn’t fight back, he wouldn’t stoop down to their level. He would just reply sarcastically, insults usually too high brow for the neanderthals to even comprehend.

It was during lunch that they zeroed in on him, they knew his dad was ‘off the wagon’ again and this was the subject of their jibes. Not exactly imaginative. She came into the lounge at the tail end of one of their cruel remarks. He would never show it but she knew they got to him. Even someone with as thicker skin as him could only take so much before they started to make their mark.

She marched up to Reggie, grabbing him by the shoulder and turning him to face her. Her eyes meeting his and she knew that edge was in them, that dark part of her that she had become better at controlling but was always just bubbling under the surface, especially when someone was threatening the people she loved. It only took that look for Reggie to realise his mistake, since Jughead’s birthday party rumours had spread like wildfire through the school and the cliff notes were don’t piss off Betty Cooper. He put his hands up in surrender leaving the lunch room with his goons following closely.

He wanted to tell her that he could handle his own battles that he didn’t need her to save him, but he knew how important this was to her, she was a fierce protector not only for him but for everyone that she cared for.

#27: Who orders take out at two in the morning? and who wakes the other up at three in the morning to go downstairs with them to get a glass of water because it’s too dark?

(slight oops with this one as I read it as “goes downstairs for them” so forgive the slight change to prompt).

“Betty you are a goddess.” He smiled as she sat down on the couch next to him. She placed the take out boxes on the coffee table in front of them, smiling as she noticed him itching to dive in. They were working late night at the Blue and Gold trying to meet the deadline for the next issue. Since Betty’s mum had started ‘mentoring’ them they had been pushed harder and more was expected of them. Not that Jughead was complaining as it gave him the perfect opportunity to spend time with Betty, without judgement or prying eyes. He was surprised Betty’s mum was so okay with them spending time alone together, especially when she was so against her spending any time with Archie. She laughed at his eagerness knowing that the quickest way to this boy’s heart was actually through his stomach.

Years later…

At the sensation of her hand on his shoulder he woke with a start, already in panic mode asking her if everything was okay. She nodded shyly before asking him if he could get her a glass of water from the kitchen. He allowed his heart to return to it’s normal pace before getting up and making his way downstairs to get her water. The tile of the kitchen were cold against his bare feet and his eyes were still bleary adjusting to being open. He almost tripped on the way back up the stairs before he returned to their room, placing the cup on her night stand before he noticed she had already fallen back asleep, snoring loudly. He got back into bed himself, careful not to disturb her as he did so. But he could not help himself from placing an arm around her his hand gently resting against her swollen belly, knowing in a  few months time neither of them would be getting much sleep.

Arm Candy ~ Cheronica

Word Count: 3,500

Summary: Cheryl and Veronica strike a deal that leads to a little more than what they had expected.

Warnings: Just a lot of fluff

A/N: My first fanfiction on Tumblr!! I was going to post this on AO3, but apparently you have to wait 5 years (10 days) in order to register a new account. Anyways, I hope you like it. EDIT: Our ao3 account is now up and running! Our handle is (@)rivervixens ~~~ Peaches ~~~

“There’s no way in hell we’re doing that again, Betty.”

“Well why not?”

“You know perfectly well why,” Veronica says, looking back at Betty, who shrugs and giggles a little, pressing her books toward her chest a bit more.

Veronica continues, “You should go with Archie. Besides, I’d much rather go alone; I’ve never liked being… well…”

“–arm candy?” Kevin cuts in, fighting through the crowd to walk next to Veronica as she looks at him in delight.

“Exactly,” she beams, glancing first at Betty and then at Kevin, “You’ll go with Archie, and you’ll go with Joaquin, and I’ll be free as a bird,” putting her hands on her shoulders and cocking her head to the side, a small smirk on her face and eyelashes batting.

“Of course, you’ll need a new dress and shoes. I’m thinking… Chanel with some pearls? It’s a real classic; should suit you perfectly…” Kevin continues to ramble as Veronica begins to wonder how she’ll even find the money to buy a dress, let alone a Chanel one.

As the three of them continue striding down the halls of Riverdale High, Veronica notices Cheryl Blossom observing her every step, red lips pressing together and hair twirled around her fingers.

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fall into me. [linstead one shot.]

Author’s Note: This literally just got stuck in my head at about 1 AM and I had to type this out so here it is. I wish with all my heart they’d delve into Jay dealing with his PTSD but I’m not holding out much hope so I hope this gives you guys something and hurts your heart like it does mine. Let me know if you like it or if you have any ideas you’d like to see- I’d definitely be down for writing them. Thank you for stopping by!

[11:42 pm] 2102 W. Ogden Avenue.

[11:46 pm] Please.

The first ping of a message coming through her phone woke her from a daze; one of those foggy, brief lapses of a few moments that was more of a zoning out than a dozing off though her hazel eyes had somehow flickered closed. The second came as she began to fidget, trying to course a sense of feeling back into her knees, her ankles, her toes. Trying to get a sense of her surroundings, of the now single-occupant apartment that had seemed to grow immensely in his absence.

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Requested by  n-xphilim <3 I kinda re-made it a bit, haa…


1. You were looking at each other in a way that was either filled with sexual tension, and/or hatred. 15. I hate you and you hate me, so why the hell do you make my stomach flutter?! 18. “Have you seen my-oh.” 25. “I don’t want her. I want you.” 

To say you hated him was an understatement – you couldn’t stand him. A fierce fired burned in the pit of your stomach each time you passed him, hatred filling your pores as you glared at him, and he – right back at you.

You and Draco Malfoy shared a mutual dislike for each other. Why? No one really knew.

Maybe because he was a complete twat and everyone seemed to be okay with that.

Maybe because you were a hot-headed Gryffindor Beater, known for her mischievous pranks with the Weasley twins and never ending obnoxious laughter.

You ate your supper, a frown gracing your face as you eyed Draco and his girlfriend, Pansy Bitchkinson. She was practically sitting on his lap, murmuring pet names or feeding his ego with whatever lie she could come up on the spot.

You would’ve happily thrown your fork at her face. You could’ve too.

And no, it wasn’t because you liked him. The idea actually made you sick. No, it was because you despised people like Pansy – all good, all perfect, all for Draco to enjoy-

His grey eyes seemed to get bored of staring at her chest, so they moved to sweep the hall, abruptly stopping on your own. Immediately, your stomach flip-flopped and you almost gasped. The look was one of a predator.

You glared at him, ashamed for your slip up which he surely noticed. A sly smirk grew on his face and you wished you could slap it right of.

Still watching your expression, Draco took Pansy’s hand, making her squeal in delight and press to him even more. His arm snaked around her waist, destroying the already non-existent gap between them.

You only narrowed your eyes. He was doing that on purpose. Why? To annoy you? Why would you get annoyed? You don’t care about him, and despite hating his guts you couldn’t care less who sat on his lap…

…If so, then why were your hands clenching your skirt so tightly that your knuckles were pale white?

You didn’t really mind having class with the Slytherin students, mainly because you hardly paid attention to anyone out of that stupid house other than Draco Malfoy. And Harry Potter seemed to be the only one who understood that deep rooted hatred you had for him.

You promised to talk to Harry about this matter later, since you had to discuss some spells with professor Flitwick. You stayed in the Charms classroom for only a couple of minutes arranging extra lessons with your professor.

Saying thank you with a bright smile, you strolled to your bag, putting your books away. Only then did you notice the absence of your Beater badge. You blinked, your (colour) hues sweeping the table to see where it might’ve fallen.

You always carried your badge with you. It was the most prized possession you had.

You searched your bag, but it wasn’t there either.

Hearing footfalls come closer, you sighed.

“Hey, have you seen my-“ You turned around “Oh.” You voice and face fell flat as you eyed Draco warily “What do you want?”

With a smirk, he held up your badge and you stiffened. Your eyes shot from him to your most prized possession. You creased your brows.

“Why do you have it?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest. He shrugged.

“It fell out your bag.” He told simply and you raised a confused brow.

“And why do you care?” You pestered.

“What makes you think I do?”

You scoffed.

“Give it back, Draco.” You extended your hand, waiting for him to put it in your palm. He seemed to think for a moment, and lastly his smile grew.

“No.” Was his answer.

“Then piss off.” You flared up, spinning on your heel and grabbing your bag. Hooking it on your shoulder, you turned and bumped into his chest.

He was standing close enough for you to feel his breath tickling your sensitive skin, your nostrils filling with his musky scent. You could see every small detail of his face- the way his eyes narrowed ever so slightly to stare into your own, the way his smirk twitched upwards, even the light sweat coating his skin.

You gulped, suddenly feeling a loss of words and that fiery attitude you always carried around with you. The scenery behind him faded, and right there and then you felt as if you were alone with him.

“Don’t you want it back?” His voice was practically a whisper in your ear.

“Keep it for all I care.” You growled, trying to keep your cool but the nervous blink you gave was a dead giveaway of how flustered you were.

He leaned out with a dry chuckle, pinning the stupid badge to your uniform. You stared at him, amazed.

“I didn’t want the badge” He murmured, his eyes trailing from your chest all the way up to your eyes, briefly glancing at your lips and then back at those surprised (colour) pools “I wanted you.”

Angel’s Watching Over You

Paring: Cas x reader

Word count: 1326

Warnings: Smut, female solo masturbation, Voyeur!Cas, fluff, multiple POV

A/N: So this is done in 3rd person for Cas, switching to Reader POV which is ummm different. Pretty sweet though, this is way more fluff than I typically write. 


At the press of the wood under his hand he pauses, he shifts causing a squeak of the hinge, dropping his arm. Hesitant to step inside and wake her. Dean had said it was important that she goes with them but the sliver of an opening shows it’s dark inside and he feels like he’s intruding somehow. He can hear her heaving breaths and wonders if she’s having a nightmare. It’s a common occurrence among hunters, he’s grateful that he doesn’t require sleep to function. As a human he could remember the panic, the way that it made his whole being jerk and pull in air more rapidly, though he notices this is a different quality and puzzles to himself about whether or not to intervene.

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Title: Realisation

Pairings: Jimmy Darling x Female!Reader

Warnings: emotionally and physically abusive relationship, Dandy being an asshole.

Request: request ~ can you do a one shot in which reader is attracted to jimmy but trapped in relationship with someone else and she finally talks to him and jimmy ends up reascuing her from her relationship. (i;ve requested this from other people before and never got response) essentially she;s trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship and she’s attracted to jimmy and doesnlt think anyone couild love her in return.

Gifs: [x] [x] [x]

Y/N did not want to be here. Dandy and his mother had insisted she joined them in their trip to the local Freakshow, although Y/N would never say it she thought it was wrong to exploit people with abnormalities.

She glanced around, heart thumping as she tried to spot Dandy and his mother, they had disappeared to find a toilet. She couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling that was building rapidly inside her. She wanted to be home, not the house she lived in with Dandy, but her old apartment in a complex in Jupiter.

Truth be told, Y/N hated Dandy, she just didn’t know how to escape or defile him. Dandy was emotionally abusive towards Y/N, he played the victim, making Y/N pity him when he was the one in the wrong.

Their relationship had been great in the beginning, he showered her in compliments, he wasn’t controlling, he even allowed her to spend time on her own. But during the past few months, he had completely changed. He would throw things when she asked to be alone, scream at her. He even made her give up her apartment, the one place that was really hers and she had worked so hard to get it. He forced her to read books that she normally wouldn’t reach for, watched her eat like a hawk and forced her to eat his ‘rich-people food’ even though it made her gag at the bitter taste.

Y/N slouched, giving up on finding them; at least she’d finally be able to have some time alone - for once. Y/N slumped down into Ferris wheel chair that had been detached. Finally alone with her thoughts. She leaned her head back, staring at the twinkling stars up above.

A cough caused her to flinch and jolt forward, snapping out of her thoughts. She glanced up at the person, mouth going dry and mouth opening ajar slightly at the pure beauty of the person. His Brown hair sleeked back apart from a small curly strand that was matted against his forehead, his brown eyes had an undeniable twinkle like the stars Y/N had previously been looking at. His chest and shoulders were broad and strong, his stomach visibly squishy in the green shirt he was sporting. the corners of his mouth twitched upwards as he too soaked in her appearance.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, Darlin,” he drawled, his voice like music to her ears, matching his gorgeous appearance.

“It’s okay. Would you like to sit?” Y/N offered, gesturing to the slightly tattered seat she was sitting on.

The stranger took Y/N up on her offer, sitting down beside her. The pair’s knees brushed against each other as well as their thighs, squished together on the tiny seat.

“I’m Y/N,” she announced, “and you are?”

The stranger smiled, a deep dimple digging into his cheek - making Y/N almost swoon. “Jimmy, Jimmy Darling.”

The name was familiar but Y/N couldn’t place her finger on where it was familiar. Y/N nodded.

“I could’ve sworn Mrs. Mott had booked out all the seats, perhaps she didn’t. Are you here to see the show?”

Jimmy shook his head, smiling sadly down at his mitten covered hands. Y/N followed his eyes, frowning slightly. It was the middle of summer, why was he wearing gloves? He looked too… normal… to partake in a Freakshow.

“ ’M lobster boy…” Jimmy admitted, turning his head away from her, he couldn’t bare to see her resection to his confession.

“C - Can I see them - your hands?”

Jimmy reluctantly pulled of his gloves, placing them on his thighs. He still couldn’t pluck up the courage to look Y/N in the eye.

Her cold fingers danced along his conjoined fingers before wrapping around his wrist.

“Wow.” She huffed, astonished, however Jimmy interpreted it in a negative way. He couldn’t make his hands move away from her with all the power in his body. “They’re incredible.” Y/N mumbled, still in awe.

“What?” Jimmy whipped his head around to look at her, no one had ever called his hands incredible, nor had they ever been so fixated on them in a state of awe, usually in a state of disgust.

“You don’t agree? They’re possibly the most gorgeous hands I’ve ever seen, let alone touched.” Y/N confessed, still playing with his hands. Jimmy’s heart faltered, and sped up.

“You really think that?”

“Of course.” Y/N grinned, meeting his stare.

Jimmy was infatuated. He didn’t believe in love at first sight, but Y/N was making him think otherwise.

“Y/N!” A shrilled voice ripped through the moment, making Y/N inwardly groan. “Love, where are you?” Dandy called.

Jimmy’s eyes widened as he wrenched his hands from Y/N’s grasp and rapidly tugged on his mittens. He staggered to his feet, straightening his back.

Y/N, too, got to her feet and straightened out her dress. She send a desperate glance at Jimmy before Dandy came into her sighting. Her stomach squeezed, her palms becoming sweaty.

“Love, what are you doing here with the freak?” Dandy inquired, raising an eyebrow.

Y/N better than to back-chat Dandy, but she couldn’t help it.

“Don’t call them freaks, Dandy.” Y/N snapped, fingers trembling slightly when she realised what she had said. Her hand clamped over her mouth, muffling the gasp she emitted.

Dandy’s face grew red with rage, Y/N and Jimmy could practically see the smoke coming out of his ears. He raised a hand and delivered a harsh blow to Y/N’s cheek, making her stumble onto the chair she had been sitting in.

“Hey, listen, you shouldn’t hit a lady.” Jimmy busted in, shoving Dandy backwards.

“Listen, freak, mind your own business. Why don’t you go practice your juggling?” Dandy snapped, spit flying out of his mouth in all directions, spraying on Jimmy’s face.

Jimmy looked hopelessly at Y/N, who was silently crying and holding her cheek. She could feel the bruise forming under her fingers.

“It’s okay, Jimmy, go.”

Jimmy reluctantly left and Dandy seized Y/N’s wrist and tugged her up to her feet. “How could you embarrass me like that?”

Y/N casted her eyes downwards to her feet, ashamed. Dandy tugged her back to his mother and they left, the car journey was silent the whole way home and once they were home, Dandy screamed at Y/N some more.

Y/N found herself back on the Freakshow camp, this time she was here on her own and by choice. Unhappy and unpleasant memories of that night rushing back to Y/N, making her head spin. Y/N’s hand instinctively reached for her cheek, she flinched when her fingertips grazed against the purple and green bruise.

She spotted a blonde young lady wearing a green knitted jumper and long skirt. She scrambled over to her.

“Hi, have you seen Jimmy and if so, could you point me in the direction he was in?” Y/N asked, smiling politely.

The stranger’s bright eyes widened at the horrendous bruise that sprawled across Y/N’s cheekbone.

“Erm, he should be in his caravan. It’ll say Jimmy Darling on it.” The stranger informed and Y/N went on her way, weaving through caravans.

Finally she came to Jimmy’s caravan and knocked on the door, playing with her fingers and she anticipated what she would say. The door swung open and a disheveled Jimmy revealed himself. He smiled at Y/N and offered for her to come in, she did.

They took a seat on the chairs and Jimmy took in her appearance, the lilac bags under her were obvious, as was her morbidly pale skin and the glowing shiner on her cheek.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, you didn’t deserve this. I-I am not worth it.” Jimmy apologised, placing his hands over Y/N’s, “you need to get away from him. He’s abusive and that’s not right. He shouldn’t hit a woman just because she said something he didn’t like.”


“No buts. You need to.”

“I’ll have no where to go.”

It was true, Y/N no longer had her apartment. Her parents lived in another state entirely.

“You can come here.” Jimmy persuaded.

“But what if no one loves me after him?” Y/N squeaked, voice cracking as tears brimmed in her eyes and a lump formed in her throat.

“Don’t be silly. Who wouldn’t love you? You may feel as if though he’s the only man that will ever love you, because he’s perhaps the only man who’s ever claimed to love you. But there will be another man, a kinder man who will love you, spoil you rotten and never, ever, raise a hand at you. A man who will let you say what you want, even if he doesn’t agree, a man who won’t try and rip you away from freedom. I promise, a man who is better than him will come.”

Jimmy knew he would be that man, he had to be. He wanted to help her, let her be free, but she couldn’t be free if she was still devoted to Dandy.

Y/N hesitantly nodded her head, his words persuading her enough. She knew this would be hard, to leave the man who she’d been with for years, the only man she’d ever been with and ever loved, but Jimmy was tight, he wasn’t the man for her. He was abusive, and Y/N had to get away. And she would, with Jimmy’s help, even if it was the last thing they ever did.

Jimmy stood up and Y/N followed, he tugged her towards his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around her. Y/N finally came to the realisation that this was real affection, the affection she craved, something that Dandy had never showed her, something Dandy was incapable of. Tears slipped from Y/N’s eyes and soaked jimmy’s chest.

“Thank you for helping me come to the realisation that Dandy and my relationship isn’t normal, isn’t healthy.”

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All The Bullshit Elphaba Went Through That She Didn't Deserve, Analyzed By Wicked Trash

So we’ll start off with Act I.

Right off, as soon as the show starts, we see these Ozians celebrating the death of this woman. These people are so blind and brainwashed to the point that they would cheer about someone dying. To anyone who’s seen the show, we know Elphaba is alive, and imagine what it felt like to her. I guarantee she heard at least snippets of these people’s celebration and fanfare. Imagine how much it would hurt to hear people so relieved and happy about your own death. Imagine for a second how you would feel if you heard people whom you never did anything to, whom you just wanted to accept you, laugh and cheer about the fact that they were finally rid of you, singing about how no one will mourn you, how the world is better off without you, how no one should nor ever will care about you. And imagine how much it hurt to hear Glinda, her best friend, join in, even if she knew she didn’t mean it. Especially when we know, as strong as Elphaba is, she still lets these sorts of things get under her skin.

“And goodness knows, the wicked cry alone.”

This is awful because of how painfully accurate it is. Just think about how many nights Elphaba spent, trying to hold back tears, wondering what the fuck she ever did to deserve all this.

Not to mention, her tears burn. Canonically, in the book, when she cries, her tears burn her skin. Add that to the immense emotional pain she was in, and it becomes even more unbearable.

But that’s only the beginning.

When she arrives at Shiz, she’s hopeful. She’s always grinning during her entrance? Do you know why? Because she’s excited. She thinks that maybe this place will be different than all the other places she’s been to. And as soon as she turns around, that hope is shattered. People run from her, refuse to look at her, a girl even faints at the sight of her. All because she looks a little different. And you can see in her face how she gradually realizes that her hope was pointless. Because why would it be different? She’s gotten so used to people not accepting her, it doesn't​ even register as something new anymore.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.”

This is something she’s gotten to a point where it seems basically rehearsed. It probably is. She’s made this speech about her skin color so many times it’s probably the same everywhere she goes. She knows deep down that this speech won’t really make a difference, but she tries anyway, because again, she thinks that maybe, maybe this time, things will be different.

And right after this comes her father. Her father who hates her, her father who she knows hates her. He grabs her by the arm and violently drags her away from the other students, with no regard to if he may hurt her or not. He then tells her to stop making a spectacle of herself, and that the only reason she’s there is to look after her sister. And she knows this, she says it with a sort of sadness in her voice. Deep down, she likely wishes that for once, maybe her father could defend her. Or her sister could. Or both. Tell these people to stop being douchebags and to look past her skin color. But they won’t. And she knows it. And that’s why she’s so sad.

On top of that, her father then completely ignores her and turns to Nessa, before giving her a beautiful, likely expensive, handmade gift. For his precious little girl, the “future governor”. At this point, I’d like to point out, Elphaba is older than Nessa. As the firstborn, Elphaba would traditionally be the one to inherit her father’s title, not Nessa. But because her own father can’t even see past her skin color, he completely disregards this and gives everything to Nessa. His love and affection, his gifts, his title, everything. And never once does Elphaba complain, even though it hurts.

Then her father turns to her, and you see a bit of hope return. Maybe, just maybe, he has something in the bottom of that box, something for her. She leans forward to look and he slams it in her face before shoving it into her arms and telling her to make sure she looks after Nessa and stops causing trouble. She tries to laugh it off by joking about how she “clashes with everything”. But there’s an underlying sadness to it. She doesn’t want to clash with everything. She wishes that regardless of that, she could still maybe get a little something. After all, parents are supposed to give their children gifts, aren’t they? But she doesn’t, even though she deserves that much. She never does, even though she deserves it more than Nessa. So much more than Nessa.

“What a tragically beautiful face you have!”

What’s sad about this is Elphaba has been hearing this for years and years. She’s been listening to people tell her sister how beautiful she is, how precious she is, how successful she’s going to be, etc. And never once has anyone ever said that to Elphaba. She’s been living her life not only watching from the sidelines as her sister is given everything, but also never getting even a fraction of what her sister gets herself. But she still loves Nessa regardless. She’s never hated her or resented her for all that she got in Elphaba’s place. She’s, in fact, dedicated her life to taking care of her.

“I’m the other daughter, Elphaba. I’m beautifully tragic.

Now I know this is technically supposed to be a joke. But it’s not actually funny when you think about it. This was her response to someone screaming at the sight of her. Screaming. Which shows she’s used to this. Yet another thing that’s happened so many times she just got used to it. No one so amazing and beautiful should be so used to people screaming at the very sight of her.

“Yes, well, I’m sure you’re very bright.”
“Bright? She’s phosphorescent.”

Another technical joke, I know. Just hear me out. What Madame Morrible says is basically: “Well, you don’t have looks going for you, but you’ve probably got brains or something to compensate.” Which is sort of a twisted way of saying Elphaba is ugly. And what Galinda says is the beginning of an endless barrage of bullying that Elphaba will have to deal with at this school, and that she’s probably dealt with before. Galinda is also the queen bee at this school, so you know anything she does is considered “cool” to the other students. These people will likely try to imitate her. They do try to imitate her. This right here begins the enormous, unfair ganging-up-on-Elphaba that repeats plenty of times throughout the show.

When Madame Morrible insisted on Nessa rooming with her, Elphaba was so distraught that she accidently used magic she didn’t even know how to use. Because a), she loves her sister and wants to look after her herself, but also b), she likely knows that their father will be angry if she just let Nessa be taken off like that. She knows that he would be angry at her. He wouldn’t see reason, he would blame her for what happened, and she wanted to control the situation as fast as she could likely because she was afraid of that. And who wouldn’t be?

Something else about that. You can hear the raw pain in her voice when she’s trying to justify her abilities to Madame Morrible. She’s about to cry. Because she thinks she may have let Nessa down, ruined her chance.

And again, their father.

If he thought Elphaba blew Nessa’s chance at this school, I can’t even imagine what he could’ve done to her.

Now, onto The Wizard and I.

“By my looks, he won’t be blinded.”

Keep in mind that everyone in her life has been “blinded” by her looks. Not one person has ever looked past her exterior and tried to get to know her has a person.

“Cause once you’re with the Wizard, no one thinks you’re strange.”

That’s all she wants. Really what she wants. Is for people to see past the fact that she’s different, and for them to see that she’s not as different as everyone perceives her to be.

“No father is not proud of you, no sister acts ashamed.”

And here we have more bullshit from her family. What kind of father isn’t proud of his own child because she was born a different way than most other people? What kind of sister is ashamed of a woman who only wants the best for her?

“And all of Oz has to love you when by the Wizard you’re acclaimed!”

This is it. This right here. What she truly wants.

She wants to be fucking loved. That’s all. She wants someone, anyone in her life to love her. Because at college age, this woman has never felt real love in all her years of living, and that’s all she really wants. Is to know what it’s like to be loved, to know how it feels. Keep in mind that the only goddamn reason she hasn’t felt love before is because she’s a different color than “regular" people.

“Shouldn’t a girl who’s so good inside have a matching exterior?”

Here’s our first instance of seeing how much she actually hates the way she looks. And who could blame her? The way she looks has been used to justify all this hatred towards her for her entire life. By everyone around her. Of course she would want to change that.

“Would it be alright by you if I de-greenify you?”

This is painful, yes, because she thinks she has to change herself in order to be loved. She thinks she has to change the way she looks to be beautiful and accepted by the world. Which no one should ever feel.

But it’s also worse, because we know how much she idolizes the Wizard. She has hope, hope that he can change her life for the better. And she’s clinging to that because it’s the only hope she has right then. Only to have that hope shattered later on.

“But I swear someday there’ll be a celebration throughout Oz that’s all to do with me!”

What’s mostly sad about this is that her “vision” comes true—but in the form of Oz celebrating her death.

“And I’ll stand there with the Wizard, feeling things I’ve never felt!”

This goes back to a point I made earlier—what she means when she says things she’s never felt is basically love and acceptance, affection, things she’s never ever felt before.

The biggest thing about that song is how hopeful and excited she is. She thinks, that for once in her life, something is finally going her way. And it hurts all the more when she finds out it’s not.

As for What Is This Feeling….

“But of course I’ll care for Nessa.”
“But of course I’ll rise above it.”

I think this gives us a painful parallel for Elphaba’s family vesus Galinda’s. Elphaba’s first thought is to reassure her father that it won’t get in the way of her duty to Nessa. That’s the only reason he sent her to that school, remember? Galinda’s first thought is to assure her parents that, don’t worry, even though I’m faced with this, I’ll “rise above it”. As if Elphaba is some sort of obstacle or enemy that needs to be defeated.

“Unusual, and exceedingly peculiar, and altogether quite impossible to describe.”

Yes yes, I know, look at me, over-analyzing all these jokes. Just bear with me, will you? Elphaba is a human being. A regular woman who just happens to be green-colored. But yet, she’s treated as this horrible, disgusting, strange thing (remember the midwife? “It’s atrocious!” And her own father? “It’s obscene!” And she was just a newborn baby then!) that is to be feared and avoided at all costs, when really, the only goddamn thing that’s at all different about her is her skin color.

“Poor Galinda forced to reside with someone so disgusting-i-fied! We just want to tell you, we’re all on your side! We share your loathing!”

Bringing up the “disgusting" point again—because there’s actually nothing disgusting about her. Unless you people really hate the color green that fucking much. That, and the fact that all these people are ganging up on Elphaba. She’s only just gotten here, and like I said earlier, these hoards of people will follow and imitate Galinda, as popular girls tend to work, and this is still only the start of the bullying. The bullying for no real reason other than “Galinda does it, so it must be cool!”

“Maybe some of us are different”

It’s clear that she’s talking mostly about herself here, but it’s even worse when you realize that these words are going to fall on deaf ears. This was a desperate attempt to make these people understand that yeah, some of us are different, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And she knew it would fail, but she tried anyway. And what happens next proves it.

“Well, it seems the artichoke is steamed.”

I know, more jokes, look at me go. But that’s not the point. The point is, her attempt to get them to understand her completely blew up in her face by fueling the bullying even more than it already was being fueled, which was plenty.

“Miss Elphaba has a point.”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Doctor Dillamond? Because this “old goat” was one of the few people in this show to actually treat Elphaba like a person instead of this disgusting, horrible, evil monster that needs to be put down. He saw her for who she was, a woman who’s willing to fight, fight for herself and what she believes in, even if it costs her everything in the process. How interesting is it that the first character to treat Elphaba like the human being she is is a goat himself? He probably knows exactly what she’s going through. Hell, it happened to him, and it still does.

“You shouldn’t let ignorant statements like that bother you. I mean, I always do, but you shouldn’t.”

This is far from funny to me. Because it’s the first look we get into what Elphaba really feels about all this ridicule, all this hatred. We all know how insanely strong this woman is, don’t we? And I mean, she has to be, with what she’s put through every single day. But right here, and this isn’t the only time, you notice. That she’s not as made-of-steel as she comes off. She’s still bothered and even hurt by the things people say about her.

I cannot enforce this enough—this is a human fucking being. She is the same as everyone else, minus a “normal” skin color. She’s still only human. She laughs, she cries, she’s hurt, just like everyone else. And this is a running theme throughout the show. People don’t treat her like the human being she is. They treat her like a monster, like some sort of abomination, something that’s awful and, well, wicked. But I can’t stress enough how Elphaba is still only human. And how strong she is to put up with all this bullshit, but also how it still hurts her and it still has a lasting effect on her.

“He’ll make it right! That’s why we have a Wizard!”

I’d also like to point out again, here’s more of her undying faith in the Wizard. A faith that gets ripped apart right before her eyes. Just like when she says that something so bad couldn’t happen in Oz. Because she thinks, there’s no way the Wizard could let that happen, not someone as good as him! And she couldn’t be more wrong, and it’s crushing to think about.

“I’m about to have the first happy night of my life!”

Imagine how Elphaba feels hearing that from Nessa. The girl who’s had the happiest life that any other girl would be deeply jealous of. Her sister, who doesn’t seem to ever realize how truly good she has it. And yet, Elphaba still isn’t angry, still doesn’t take it out on her. She says she understands, because she wants Nessa to always be happy, even at the expense of her own happiness.

When Galinda gives Elphaba the hat, we all know it’s a joke, right? Hell, Elphaba probably thought so too. She’s not an idiot, they didn’t sing a whole duet about loathing each other for nothing. But think about this—that hat is likely one of the only gifts Elphaba has ever gotten. Imagine her, growing up, never getting any birthday gifts, never being given anything just because, and watching as those things were all given to Nessa. And I think that’s part of the reason she accepts the hat. Because she thinks, prank or not, this could be a good thing, something she likes. And it ends up being just that.

Not to mention, this prank gift and what Galinda “did” for Nessa prompts Elphaba to go so far as to force Madame Morrible to include Galinda in her sorcery seminar. Someone Elphaba knows doesn’t really like Galinda, who has very low expectations of her. Elphaba jeopardizes her only chance to meet the Wizard, to maybe, in her mind, be “normal”, and finally be accepted the way she wants to, by threatening to give it all up by quitting the seminar, just to say thank you for a prank gift, but a gift nonetheless, and a “helping hand” to her sister.

If that’s not selfless, I don’t know what is.

Another thing: everyone at the party screams and recoils away from Elphaba, points at her, laughs, when she enters the room, and she just walks on by like it’s nothing. Because again, she’s used to it. This is something that’s happened to her so often she’s actually trained herself to hide the way she truly feels about it. Hence why when Fiyero mentions how she doesn’t seem to care about what others think, Galinda realizes. In that moment, she realizes. Elphaba does care, she’s just learned to hide it. And no one, especially not someone like her, should ever have to go through that.

And afterwards, with Elphaba and Galinda, in their room, there’s even more. When Elphaba says her father hates her, Galinda’s reaction is of course shock. Which is the type of reaction most people would have. But Elphaba shrugs that off, and says that it’s not her secret, as if it’s no big deal. As if the fact that her father hates her is old news. And it is. Because let’s not forget, she’s been putting up with her father hating her for her entire life, and it only got worse as she was older.

Not to mention the fact that she really and truly thinks he has a good reason. She actually believes that it’s her fault, that because she was simply born the way she was, her father has a good reason to hate her. That him being paranoid about and terrified of the concept that his second child could turn out to be a different fucking color and in turn disabling her sister is somehow her doing. She actually thinks that just by being born, she was the one who caused it. And this is all her father’s doing. I guarantee you, her father raised her to believe Nessa’s condition was her fault, drilled it into her head from a young age. Because he needed someone to blame, and why not blame the green daughter that he was so deeply disappointed in simply for being a different color?

And during Popular, we see again how low her self-esteem is. She’s insisting to Galinda that she could never be a “normal” girl. She could never truly fit in, especially not with the crowd Galinda is a part of. Or at least, she doesn’t think she could.

And when Galinda calls her beautiful, we know why she runs away. Because that’s the first time in her life anyone has ever called her beautiful. And she has no idea how to deal with it, no idea how to take the compliment, and really, doesn’t even believe it’s true.

Moving on, when Elphaba saves the Lion cub, she risks everything. She likely could’ve been expelled for that, considering how anti-Animal Shiz seems to be. Imagine how angry her father would be if she were expelled, after he sent her somewhere so prestigious. Imagine how ashamed she would feel on behalf of Nessa (“no sister acts ashamed", remember?). But she doesn’t care about all that. She doesn’t really care about what happens to her. All she wants is to save this innocent Lion. And something so selfless is twisted into something evil later on.

“Do you think I want to care this much? Do you think I don’t know how much easier my life would be if I didn’t?”

Now this is of course about the Animals, and about how she cares too much about them to just let these people mistreat them. But it can also be applied to the ridicule she gets. She doesn’t want these types of things to affect her, but she just can’t help it, because again, she believes them herself.

Another thing I’d like to point out it all of the shit that happened to her, all of the slander and “Wicked Witch of the West” bullshit that happened later, was because she cared. Because she cared too goddamn much to just let it go. She couldn’t let the Wizard get away with his actions. And that cost her everything.

All she wanted was to help.

She cared too much to let it go.

And look where it fucking got her.

Now, I’m Not That Girl seems like a typical “I like a guy” song on the surface. But that’s really not what it’s about at all. It’s not about how Elphaba is in love with Fiyero, at least, not completely. It’s one entire song dedicated to how she believes that she isn’t good enough for Fiyero. That Fiyero could never love someone like her. That, just because she’s a little different, he’s like this unreachable dream that she tells herself to forget—”wishing only wounds the heart”—because she thinks that she doesn’t deserve him. That he could never be happy with her. All because of this idea that’s been drilled into her head about how her difference is this horrible thing. Something that’s been told to her by her family and everyone around her for years and years, for so long that she just adopted that way of thinking herself.

Something that’s the root of her rock-bottom self-esteem. Just imagine how different things would be if she’d grown up with loving parents, like Galinda, for example, who told her she was beautiful and perfect at every opportunity, like a parent is supposed to do. But she wasn’t convinced to love herself. Instead, she was trained to hate herself by being hated by the very people whose one job it is to love her and care for her. This mentality was only further cemented by the people around her, and how they “hated” her too.

This woman hates herself and the way she looks, and is used to others (and her own damn family) thinking that about her as well. It’s happened enough times for her to be used to it, and not be surprised when it happens. It’s happened enough times for her to adopt that mentality herself. But still, not enough times for it not to hurt. Not enough times for her to be able to ignore it. Because, like I’ve said, you’d have to be ridiculously strong to be able to do that. And she is, no doubt about that. But the reason she can’t deflect it is because she believes it herself. Deep down, she thinks that these people are justified in their ridicule of her. And how could she not? That’s what she’s been raised to think, what’s been forced upon her since she was born. The people in this woman’s life have been so horrible to her that she a), barely even registers it anymore, b), doesn’t register it as a bad thing, c), believes that they’re justified in their opinions, and d), does it to herself.

She beats herself up on a daily basis by accepting these people’s horrible opinions of her as truth. Because again, she’s been brought up to do that. To believe those things.

She has literally been raised, trained to hate herself, by people who are supposed to raise her to think the opposite.

How fucked up is that?

And then, at the train station, off to see the Wizard (pun fully intended), Elphaba is finally getting her wish. Finally, something is going her way. Yet she almost throws that away to comfort her sister. This alone shows how much she truly loves Nessa, and how much she’s willing to sacrifice for her, even though she gets nothing in return.

And then, when she’s talking to Galinda before Fiyero arrives, she asks about him, and then immediately brushes it off as unlikely. Because she thought that maybe, after their little moment that day, maybe Fiyero would remember. Maybe Fiyero would come and say goodbye to her.

Maybe Fiyero does care about her.

But she immediately laughs it off, because she thinks it’s silly. Silly that someone like him could care about someone like her.

Yet another instance of that rock-bottom self-esteem.

And that’s why she’s so surprised to see him when he does show up.

And afterwards, we have One Short Day.

“It’s all grand! And it’s all green!

She’s so happy that she’s finally found a place where she feels she belongs. She’s never felt like she belonged anywhere. Not even her own home. And this place holds so much hope and potential for her, hope and potential that’s going to be crushed before her eyes.

“I want to remember this moment. Always. Nobody’s staring. Nobody’s pointing. For the first time I’m somewhere where I belong.”

I honestly don’t think there’s much that needs to be said for this. She’s finally found a place that feels like home to her. A safe place. She’s never been anywhere where someone isn’t laughing or pointing at her. She doesn’t know what it feels like to fit in. And now that she feels she finally does, she’s the happiest she’s ever been.

I’d also like to point out that the people who accepted her as their own one minute turned on her the next just by a few words from their Wizard, but we’ll get into that later.

Elphaba goes to the Wizard with high hopes. She proves herself by helping Chistery, completely unaware of the consequences. She’s tricked, manipulated into doing what the Wizard wants. And then, she realizes. When she says “You have no real power”, you can hear the pain in her voice. Because this is a turning point. A point where she’s now aware of what a monster the man she once idolized is. Imagine for a moment someone you hold up on a pedestal, someone you idolize and would do anything for, really. You have high expectations for those people, don’t you? And imagine how heartbreaking it would be to find out that they were nothing like you thought they were. Imagine how awful you would feel if your idol turned out to be a sick, twisted bastard. Because that’s exactly what happened to Elphaba.

Not only that, she was hoping that this man could help her. “De-greenify” her. Make her “normal”. Help her fit in. And she’s just come to the realization that he can’t even do that.

It’s a double kick to the gut for her, and she still finds a way to gather her wits about her and make a decision. A decision in the midst of all this that she thinks she won’t regret. And I’m sure, in some ways, she doesn’t. But in plenty of other ways, she does.

She chooses to keep her integrity. Keep herself. Keep her own soul, go with her gut, and fight against this monster. And of course, it costs her. It costs her so many things. But in that moment, how could she know? How could she know the sacrifices that would have to be made? I’m sure she did to some extent, though not fully, but that’s what also makes it a selfless decision. She was willing to throw herself into the roaring masses, throw herself under the bus, in order to keep fighting for these Animals. In order to keep fighting for what she believed in.

This is also where the slander starts. The fact that she was tricked into using that spell on the monkeys is twisted to make it her fault. Madame Morrible goes so far as to call her a distortion and a repulsion, and makes a mention of her green skin. Something else that wasn’t her fault, that wouldn’t actually be a bad thing that’s being made to seem like one.

And this is THE turning point.

“This…Wicked Witch!”

That’s where it starts.

Where it all starts.

She’s known no longer as Elphaba by anyone anymore.

She’s The Wicked Witch of the West now.

No one questions it, protests, no one tries to help her. They all go along with it, because it’s easy. Because Elphaba made the hard choice to fight, they’re making the easy choice to accept the fallacy that she’s wicked for that.

And it only gets worse from there.

However, Defying Gravity is one of Elphaba’s breakout songs. She’s tired of resting on her laurels. She’s tired of watching from the sidelines as these Animals are having their rights taken away. And for once, she’s actually confident in herself. Confident that she can do this, that she can make a difference—”I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game”.

And the “too long I’ve been afraid of losing love I guess I’ve lost. Well if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost!” line is a huge part of this too. Because we know she’s never really felt genuine love before, and she was really just starting to feel it with Glinda. So she’s basically saying, why should I stay? Why should I just hide in the shadows when I really don’t have anything to lose? She doesn’t care about her own well-being, and she doesn’t have anyone else to care about the well-being of.

Aside from Glinda, and that’s why she invited her to come with her. That’s why she tried so hard to convince her to leave all the bullshit behind and actually do something important.

And then, when Glinda refuses, of course they’re both upset. But Elphaba isn’t going to let that get in the way. Because she’s finally free. She’s finally flying.

And nobody in all of Oz, no Wizard that there is or was, is ever gonna bring her down.

Or at least, so she thought.

Act II Coming Soon.

Sincerely, An Angel Like Elphaba Didn’t Deserve This Shit

Scars - (A Yixing Drabble)

Genre: Angst Fluff

Warning: Suicide mention

Word count: 2.5k

Anon: Yixing, beauty and the beast

@sweet-and-sensual : Hope drabble game is still on. Yixing and a fallen angel please! 😬😬😬

The rain outside hit the window, trailing down in steady streams. How long had it been raining? You pulled your sweater tighter around yourself, feeling the chill from the glass as you took another sip of your drink.

It was weak. Watered down too much and you drained the glass quickly, annoyed that you didn’t feel even a little bit tipsy by now.

The bar was a dive. Hidden off a main street, down a deserted gloomy alleyway, you only knew about this place by word of mouth. Just like everyone in here. The music was good and the place was dark enough that you didn’t need to worry about being looked at too closely or for too long by the beautiful people. The ones who went to other bars.

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