she looked amazing in this ep


incorrect shadowhunters quotes (16/?): unknown.
#such chemistry #amazing romance #he dislikes her so much it’s beautiful #looking straight into her eyes when he tells her how annoying she is #i wish i could find love like this 😍


Emma Swan Appreciation Meme 

Day 1: Favorite Season 1 Episode ↠ The thing you love most 

« What I do know, is that if the curse is real, the only way to break it is by tricking the Evil Queen into thinking that we are non-believers. Cause that way, she’s not on to us. Isn’t that what Operation Cobra was all about? Throwing her off the trail? »

Sanvers/Supercorp/Katie recap

Hey folks ;) I thought I’d do a little recap ;) Tell me if I forgot something ♥

Matt Mitovich’s twitter

- Gonna be a big night in National City… @MelissaBenoist  @chy_leigh @florianalima   @JeremyMJordan @DavidHarewood #KatieMcGrath

       shhhh super-emotional scene being filmed…..

- 4 interviews down, 2 to go…. (Told ya. Late night!) #Supergirl

Q : so jealous. Can’t wait to read them . Hope sanvers stuff is in them

→    So much.

He interviewed Katie

Q : ask if sanvers did anal after 2x08

→   you spelled Lena wrong.

Q : Finally we are going to hear katie talk about Lena , i’m dying . send help.

→  We just finished. You aren’t ready.

Q :  I’m gonna die because of her am I ?

→   You will.

Q : You’re right I’m not I’ve been waiting a Katie’s itw about Lena since… Well forever so thank you for that

→  It was great. I may have blushed.

Q : So does this mean we can expect some comments on Supercorp? 

→  Oh yes. 

Q : hows Katie like? Spare no detail 

→  #Hearteyes

→  she’s also very saucy


→  When the Q&A eventually publishes, you can (easily) guess when I blushed.

Q : is it a video then?

→  Gosh no. But you will be able to tell. 

Q :  can you tell us when it publishes?

→  Pegged to her big episode. (aka ep 18 - April 3rd according to imdb)

Q : please… you can confirm that she knows about #supercorp and the followers she has? We love her so much #KatieMcgrath 

→  She tells a funny story about finding out about it….

Q : I love when someone got speechless and can’t find words to describe your fav actress  #KatieMcGrath

→   We spent the first minute looking at pictures on her phone of a puppy she had just met in the makeup trailer

He probably interviewed Chyler and Flo

Q : how was meeting chyler? is she prettier in person?

→   Oh, we go back to Grey’s. Delighted to see each other again. And she got me teary.

Q : How’s Floriana’s dimples™ in real life?

Amazing scene is coming in ep 19

@chy_leigh so great seeing you again and meeting @florianalima - and that scene

→  Chyler : SO great to sit with you! Glad you witnessed history with us

Q : can you tell us any more about the scene he’s referring to from last night? or any other sanvers moments in 219? @lemon_buzz

→  Lindsay : The scene is just too good to spoil! (her spoilers are reliable)

Q : Can you at least tell us if it’s going to make us cry happy or sad tears?

→  Lindsay :

Q : can you tell supergirl fans are huge and die-hard and love supercorp and Sanvers

→   Matt : I am picking up on that yes!

Annnnnd that’s a wrap on #Supergirl visit! Which on top of everything else featured puppies


Q : WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? Is it true there’s a bed involved? Someone said there is. Are they lying? (To the history post of Chyler)

Lindsay : It might be a hospital bed for all you know…….

one of the things I hate most is rewarding bad behavior. so yeah, I’m completely enraged to hear that kc has become a series regular on arrow again. 

first of all, she’s a diva who thinks she’s above everyone and a rude person in general. I can’t tell you how many personal accounts I’ve heard from staff and fans alike that have had bad encounters with her. 

while yes I know she’s been bullied too and I don’t support that, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she encourages her fans to bully as well. she had repeatedly liked tweets/articles/fans that have shit on the show and the cast, specifically a certain leading lady. she supports their behavior.

she’s also selfish. when she used to read scripts, she only cared about her parts. she never read the entire episode. who cares about context and continuity? she also said so herself this weekend that she has not been watching any of the episodes this year. way to support her supposed friends and castmates. 

and let’s not forget how she originally even got this job- connections up at the tippy top of the cw. her career was built on nepotism. the fashion blog probably wasn’t paying the bills so she had to come crawling back. she can’t even act well. no merit at all. seriously when she came back for the 100th it was clear her acting had gotten even worse.

also remember that she constantly reduces her character to a love interest. all she ever wants to talk about is how laurel and oliver are soulmates lmao. not only is she wrong, but really? you don’t care if your character has anything else to offer? you don’t care that she kept running back to a man that repeatedly left her and cheated on her? you don’t have any self respect?

all the while emily and willa are asking for more female friendships and range…

surprisingly I don’t think we can blame this one on marc, wendy and the other EPs and writers though. they are spectacular assholes, but they didn’t really like her either lmao. but what the network heads say goes. she must have amazing lawyers…

well I guess one thing I can look forward to is more scenes like this

and now that I’ve ranted, I’ll just chill knowing that my fave got her spot on the show by pure talent, charm, and a genuine personality. she was only supposed to be in one ep but she was so impressive, she’s now the female lead. 

HVFF Chicago 2017 Wrap Up

What an amazing weekend! First, I got to spend it with my dear friend @triciaolicity​. She generously let me stay at her house, which gave us ample more time to talk about Arrow and our lives as wives & mothers. We are two Irish ladies who love to sit around a kitchen table and share stories. She is such a blessing in my life. I love you!

Second, HVFF Chicago was AWESOME. Seriously great. I tweeted out as much information as I could, but I do have a few more details that cannot fit in a 144 character limit.

This was my third convention, not including SDCC. I realize there are so many of you who would love to go, but may never get the chance to for a variety of reasons. So, all the goodies I picked up at the convention I will be giving away.  It’s just my small way of trying to bring HVFF to you. The giveaways will start the week before 5x20 airs. I’ll give away something each week (5x20-5x23). I thought it’d be a fun way to wrap up the season together.

Back to HVFF though. Let’s dig in!

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Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x11 - “Regarding Dean”

Let me begin with the caveat that I prepared myself for this episode thus: 

Not pictured: the communal emergency ice cream.

In my defense, the wine was for @treefrogie84​, but I did finish the dregs so that she could have, you know, a work night, and I did several shots in rapid succession about 2/3 of the way though the ep.  SO.

  1. Hey, so y’all remember when Dean took a depressing shower in 9x18, and we reblogged it for years because wet Dean is nice to look at?  Yeah, Dean riding a mechanical bull in slo-mo is this year’s shower, and I a-fucking-okay with that.  

    And really, let’s just take a moment to appreciate that a) the bull’s name is Larry, b) Dean was canonically an “amazing” rider, c) so amazing that he also had some kind of sexual experience with an on-duty waitress afterward, d) this all goes down at a place called The Pickle Jack Shack, and e) and that montage ends in Dean falling back on the bull, sensually – as if spent – to the words “my son you’ll be a man.”

    Because you guys, that right there?  That thing where Dean is totally unapologetic about either experience, and is not put off by Sam pointing out that the bull’s name is Larry and then not being like, “OKAY, BUT FOCUS ON THE CHICK” is possibly the queerest thing that has crossed my screen in the last 48 hours.  If you’re not reading dean as bi/pan/queer – and probably a versatile power bottom – I am not sure what I can do to convince you at this point.
  2. I think a lot of us went into this episode expecting the memory loss Dean experiences to be chronological, when really it was multiple waves of degradation.  It starts with a period of unconsciousness and a blackout of the night before, and then progresses from simple forgetting and difficulty with basic things into increasing helplessness and innocence.  

    What’s interesting is that Dean himself never really goes away.  He loses his sophistication and a lot of his affect, becoming more and more innocent as he goes, but his moral compass and drive to help others never disappears.  There are things that are in Dean’s nature that are shaped by nurture, but they’re always there.  

    He’s silly.  He loves what he loves.  He does not like being a killer.  He does not like arguments in which the ends are supposed to justify ugly means.  Even when he is losing everything up to and including his name, these things are true.  

    (Incidentally, the mirror scene is where I started drinking in earnest.)
  3. Ooh, this is an interesting ep for Watching While Pagan.  

    - The glyph Gideon (whose family appears to be Irish based on their surname, though given names are a bit wonky) uses is ogam.  Ogam is an Irish alphabet developed in either just before or right around the time of Christianization in Ireland.  The alphabet was later popularized by the Welsh “Druid Revival,” which was separated by centuries from actual druids in the sense of the priestly/scholarly class among ancient Celtic language speaking peoples.  The “language of trees” stuff is also a late invention by Robert Graves; most ogam are not named for trees or associated with them necessarily in older lore.

    - The characters of the glyph written strangely in the sense that it’s got diagonal feda on two axes, while the ogam alphabet only has diagonals going in one direction.  It doesn’t make sense for the reversed diagonals to be read alone – they’re the same fid! – and vertical ogam is traditionally read bottom to top.  

    - Ignoring orientation issues, the characters are (from bottom to top) MUIN - neck, trick; GORT - field, garden, MUIN (again); and NGETAL - wound, charm.  From right to left, IPHIN - sweetness, and UILLEND - elbow.  As a collection of things, it’s a reasonably coherent charm because it twists/bends, works with the physician’s skill, ruins the garden with tricks, etc.

    - Also, “ancient Druid” is not a language, and Celts were not a homogenous group but a broadly dispersed collection of cultures and peoples who shared a language group.  SO.
  4. I have not always been a fan of Rowena – her early arc was uncomfortably familiar to me in bad ways – but I really loved her in this episode.  

    In terms of the present she’s learning to adapt and thrive on her own terms, fnding new and satisfying ways to make her way – including, apparently, playing high-stakes poker in the most atmospheric server closet ever – but we’re also getting more glimpses of her as a whole person with a history.  

    More and more we’re seeing Rowena as someone who has survived as an underdog, who has been rejected over and over because she wasn’t what other witches considered worthy.  She’s still not the greatest of witches – Catriona Loughlin immobilizes her relatively easily – but she’s still got significant skill, especially if she’s got good documentation at hand.  She’s also got some regrets, and a grudging respect for the Winchesters’ work and world view. 

    I’m tempted to say that Rowena is becoming Sam’s Crowley in the sense that she’s the one he hates to need when things are happening that he lacks the esoteric chops to handle.  Also, like Crowley, she’s got the measure of the boys well enough to leave Dean a series of progressively more hilarious notes in the Impala.  

    Also, she gives her poppets googly eyes.  GOOGLY EYES.  That alone is Witch Goals, frankly.  
  5. Lots of really excellent brother moments, mostly at Dean’s expense. Sam takes him to task and gives him shit for what looks like a deeply irresponsible night, is amused/smug/teases him about not remembering “blowing off steam” with Elka, etc.  The Post-Its are also great, because they’re this simple gesture that highlights Sam doing his best to be helpful and protective.  Dean may win, though, simply for having the sheer gall to prank Sam with Rowena’s help.

    Also, did anyone else get the impression that Dean remembered his ordeal afterward?  Because the BM scene at the end made it seem to me that he did, or at least had some strong impressions of what happened.   
  6. Okay, but can the record reflect that this episode put Jared’s supports for waffles over pancakes into Dean’s mouth?  

    (From Houscon 2016 - video starts at 13:34)

    Audience Member: “PANCAKES OR WAFFLES?”
    Jensen: “Pancakes or waffles?  Again, solid question.  I’m gonna go flapjacks.”
    Jared: “And true to form, I’m gonna go waffles.  You get more syrup to surface ratio on the waffles.”
    Jensen: “This is why pancakes: waffles catch the syrup.  The syrup spills off of pancakes and onto my bacon.  ‘Cause maple bacon?  Come on!”
    Jared: “Bacon wasn’t a part of this conversation, Jensen!”
    Jensen: “It is now!  And you know it’s always a part of the conversation.  Bacon’s never off-limits.”
    Jared: “Waffles – waffles are like several little bowls –” 
    Jensen: “This is not a debate!”  
    Jared: “You can dip your bacon in the waff–” 
    Jensen: “I just said that maple syrup blends with the bacon.”
    Jared: “I can use the bowl of syrup to pick up the bacon.”
    Jensen: “I hate your face.”  

    Meredith Glynn, we salute you. 
  7. If you want to do yourself significant personal injury, go listen to and/or read the lyrics to “Broomstick Cowboy” and think about Dean Winchester.  

Bonus Thing: KUMA.  KUUUUMA.

Bonus Thing #2: So are we entering tonight’s roofies-that-were-not-roofies into the litany of ways in which the show has talked about sexual assault with men as the targets?  It’s ambiguous – it’s a pretext, not reality – but as the conversation continues between Sam and Elka, you see her shift from ha-ha, these guys are dicks to oh shit, oh shit, this guy got hurt and I maybe hurt him too.  That was…uncomfortably real. 

Bonus Thing #3: Dean Winchester will man the flashlight.  Good job, Dean. 

Positive thoughts on Shadowhunters 2x13

In no particular order with possible spoilers:

-Magnus looked AMAZING
-I adore Maia. She’s amazing and never afraid to stand up for herself and others. Keep that shit up.
-Props to the costume department for Luke’s shirt, that garment was fitted flawlessly.
-Also, glad to see Luke clocked more than 30 seconds of screen time which included slapping Jace with some truth and an awkward dad talk with Simon.
-Kinda glad Clary spent a bit of the ep unconscious.
-Meliorn kicking ass and looking fab.
-Shadowhunters refusing to keep swallowing the Clave Kool-Aide.
-Yay for more Simon/Maia talks.
-Simon bringing back his Jewish heritage in a very meaningful way. The parallel was emotional and well placed.
-Magnus screen time that didn’t focus on his relationship with Alec.
-Yup, Simon can sing. Thank you for that.
-I would be all for Jaia but I know it’s just a one stop hook up. This show needs to stop leaving Maia in the rearview for Clary. If they give her another interest, I’d like to see it play out better.
-Izzy getting her groove back and returning to the strong person she is. Also, not glossing over how hard overcoming addiction actually is. She’s not suddenly better but busting her ass to get there.
-I liked the Magnus/Dot talk. The little details that came out like Dot in Salem, name dropping Freddy “The True King” Mercury, and their shared history were nice.
-Magnus talking about being a one partner man and loving the soul before the sex solidified him further as my King of Bisexuals.
-Soft Malec moments. Still wish they had more screen time but I’m not one to waste time whining about that.
-Raphael getting some character redemption since I’ve been so pissed about his portrayal thus far.

There are other random thoughts but this is getting too long. I am still looking forward to fall out from the body swapping and how it will be handled. I know it’s coming and that wait for it is kinda painful. I really hope it will hit as hard as I hope it does. Overall, I loved the ep and the themes it covered.

My Thoughts on 2x20

I heard this ep was supposed to be James Olsen centric.
Fingers crossed…
Whoo! Here we go!
If my TV cuts out I will cry.
I love the intro.
in the recap!!!
Dammit! Yawnel.
This looks shady.
Go James!
Casual brunch.
She likes NSYNC!
I love them!!!
They love each other!!!
Holy crap!!
Or Katie.
She looks amazing.
They’re playing romantic music.
The hug!!!!!!
That’s gay…
Somebody hug him.
This is bad music…
Oh my.
This is bad.
Go James.
A real hero tbh.
Can’t wait till my queen Cat Grant comes back.
I hope she’s in the promo.
And J'onn!!
Ugh. Mayo.
Why couldn’t they have just said Supergirl?
Is that the only fancy restaurant in National City?
She’s the best.
Why do people say Lena’s evil?
She’s so pure.
*Gasp* bad guys!
Don’t you just love of when MAIN characters get screentime
This is the part!
With the boy!
I’m so happy!
So. Pure.
The head thing!!!!
I’m criygn.
Hope we get some Sanvers.
How bout that dog?
In case you didn’t know, I’m stalling because there’s a commercial.
im dying.
She’s amazing.
I love this ep.
So far…
Go James!
I’ve said that so many times already and I don’t care.
He’s whistling super friend.
His dart gun!
That belt…
Don’t give up!
Wait, this seems shady.
Don’t give up yet…
I love this!!!
I love Marcus.
James would be like, the cool uncle.
Civil rights lesson!
James is getting a back story too!
He’s such a dad and I love it.
Marcus has lines!!!
This episode is the gift that keeps on giving!
Uh oh.
This seems shady…
He’s teaching photography!
Poor kid.
And she has food!
Oh no.
This is bad.
He clearly can’t control this.
This is awful.
The shirt rip!!!
Good idea?
Oh. This is bad.
Oh no.
Is this what they meant in the tweet?!
About “where we’re going there may not even be a catco”
*GASP* maybe that’s why Cat’s coming back!!!
In other news,
My phone keeps trying to autocorrect Catco to Costco.
Oh. The cell.
Oh man.
I love this show.
I’m here for more of James and J'onn bonding.
ANOTHER back story!!
I feel like the episode is almost over, but I’m only 36 minutes in.
Oh no.
Riverdale looks dramatic.
As usual.
Somebody punch her.
Not Kara, Rhea.
I love him.
That’s terrible.
Hug. This. Child.
Hug. James. Too.
I’m actually crying.
By new friend he means Clark.
Hug. Please.
Go Marcus!
He’s their GUARDIAN!!!!!!!
I love Winn.
Have I mentioned that?
This is wholesome!
All of them?
That was not the plan.
Oh fuck.
Rhea!!! Wtf!!!!
I have an idea,
Throw aluminum into the portal!
Oh shit.
This is bad.
Also, I love James.
Oh fuck.
How does Lena not recognize “Mike”
Are they bringing Cat?
Is that the portal?
Otr maybe Mgann?
Oh no.
Kara is his family!
This is not good.
Oh no.
Oh fuck.
That escalated QUICKLY.
they hugged!
He’s gonna shoot.
She stabbed him.
He’s gonna shoot
That was a waste of what, 45 seconds.
There are more of him?
This is not good.
New Daxam?!
Somebody help her!
Well, that happened.
That was not a good ending.
But a good promo…


TFW someone who hasn’t read the manga posts about the pro heroes in the audience in ep 20 and are like “These characters look really interesting I wish we got to know them more” more like OH don’t WORRY FRIEND U WILL GET TO MEET THEM.

Purging 2 disappointments from 411

Okay after decompressing from last night, I distilled my complaints about the bunker storyline (which on the whole I loved a lot!) into 2 categories.

One is more petty and predictable coming from a bellarke shipper, but I was put off by the lack of like… substantive interaction between them in the episode? Like I love romantic bellarke, but they’ve never been about that for me. What it IS about is them always being the one to talk the other down, always being there for each other when they disagree, and always having a substantive relationship - not a tropey one - when it comes to dealing with their leadership choices and values. But last night, they did not make time for substantive bellarke relationship development, and I’m disappointed about that choice. Like of course I loved that Bellamy was the tipping point for Clarke once again, but nothing beats a good angsty blarke convo for me, and I can’t really fathom how they didn’t think it was important to make time for that. (REALLY hoping they get a chance to breathe next ep)

The second is a more substantive complaint that I feel like has been echoed in many corners of fandom: wtf is going on with Clarke?? They set her up for a catharsis this episode, but failed to give her more than like 10 words to speak throughout the whole thing!!! Don’t get me wrong, Eliza does a lot of their work for them- but that’s the problem! I can see Clarke’s deep emotion on Eliza’s face, but I can’t understand what she’s learning from them or what her struggle is because they didn’t give her a chance to really articulate it, which was ESPECIALLY necessary after she experienced what could only be described as a breakthrough with Bellamy.

Instead, the only time Clarke really speaks her own thoughts are in that weirdly off-tone Niylarke scene, which beyond feeling out of place was the first time I ever felt like Niylarke was forced. I’m not going to go into the weird Niylarke/bellarke tension I felt during the scene here, but I am going to say that that scene, for me, felt like an inadequate opportunity to get into Clarke’s psyche in an episode that should have been about a huge turning point in her character arc.

Finally, besides doing justice to Clarke’s character arc - or just having a coherent one at all - I really just wanted her to get the chance to break down because like, I love Clarke. And she deserves to break down, to name her burdens to be reminded that she doesn’t have to carry them alone. I feel a bit like I got another case of emotional blue balls where when she put the gun down and started to sob I thought, FINALLY - only to have the next scene with her be her standing looking as tired and stunted as she has for episodes in the main office.

I’m not really sure what the point of this post was other than to purge my misgivings about about the bunker storyline in this ep - which I want to reiterate, was amazing and well acted and in character and emotional on the whole. But it fell a bit short in the Clarke department for me, so I REALLY FREAKING HOPE Clarke gets some great material next episode, and, perhaps, that she gets to have a full conversation with Bellamy that can bring me, and perhaps other viewers, the emotional catharsis I’ve been craving.