she loks awesome

  • Korra: I think I'm in love with you.
  • Asami: You mean, as friends?
  • Korra: No, I mean for real. You're like the coolest person I've ever met, and you don't even have to try.
  • Asami: I try really hard, actually.

Two instances where I think Asami’s makeup is tattooed. 

A Few Highlights from the Janet Varney Panel at Daisho Con 2015

So I went to two of Janet Varney’s panels at Daisho Con in Wisconsin Dells this weekend - she is a literal angel and so sweet to all the fans. Here are a few things that I remember from her Korra panel this morning:

-When asked which Korra villain she’d choose to be on her side while stranded on an island, she chose Kuvira. 

-When asked what kind of bending she would invent and which bending style she would have liked to see more of, she said time-bending would be interesting, and that she would have liked to see more of lighting bending. 

-Her favorite book to record was Book 1, and her favorite to watch is Book 3. 

-If Korra had not ended up with Asami, she said she would have liked to see her with Bolin since he’s such a sweet person. 

-When asked what world she’d like to see Legend of Korra cross-over with, she said Spirited Away.

-Her most shocking moment when viewing the series was Beifong’s sacrifice.

-If she had to chose a pet from the Avatar-verse, she’d choose Naga, though she said that her choice does occasionally change. 

-She had nothing but words of praise for Korrasami when asked about it!! She also said that Bryan and Mike tossed around the idea of Korra and Asami together as early as Book 1 but waited to see how the story progressed before deciding to go with it. She said after Book 1 they eventually wanted Korra in a place were she didn’t even have to time to worry about romance before deciding on an endgame later on in the story. 

-She has absolutely no idea were they are going with the comics - Mike has told her nothing yet! (she is very excited for them to continue Korra’s story though, and loves the art shown so far)

-Her favorite Korra episode is Korra Alone. 

-She said it was most difficult to record the noises Korra makes when she gets hurt, falling, etc.  She said there was an instance where the sounds she recorded sounded a bit too sexual - the production people of course decided to loop this bit in the studio to poke fun. The way Janet told this story was hilarious. 

-Janet agreed with a fan that the P’li death scene was crazyy

-She said that she would most like to live in the Water Tribe

-She likened Zuko’s storyline to Asami’s in terms of two characters who have to deal with a lot of change and adapt to their surroundings

-She said that she holds Nickelodeon in good regards but understands why fans were frustrated with the way they handled things. She mentioned how it was difficult for Nickelodeon to handle the darker direction that TLOK began to take, and noted how while a network like Cartoon Network has always sort of skewed towards an older audience and even adults, Nickelodeon was very new to the particular audience that Korra brought in, so it was new territory for them. 

-Janet loves Dante Basco (who will be at her SF Sketchfest this year!) and said that Dante would say, “Zuko is misunderstood” in an impression of Dante’s voice!

-When a fan the previous day asked Janet what animal crossover she would make in the Avatarverse, and she said a hummingbird mixed with an otter. A fan actually made a drawing of this for her and she was so happy about it! 

Janet was soooo nice to all the fans and gave everyone a great answer to their question! She is awesome!!