she literally is eponine

|| so like…

y’all know eponine is a piece of shit person, right? like we read the same book, right? she wanted marius to die for a good chunk of the book. she wanted marius to die so she could die with him and be together with him in heaven? she’s got a handful of things wrong with her because of her lifestyle– and explanation but not an excuse, btw. she doesn’t..function? but she is no angel. she literally says that. victor hugo wrote that quote for a reason!!!

eponine is the foil to fantine, to show that poverty in extremes can do two things to you. you either die good, or live long enough to become a villain (of sorts.) she is a petty criminal, in a gang. she is a squatter, she’s a thief– she even went into marius’ apartment not because she wanted to make a new friends, but to be on the look out (and probably to steal lbr)

stop making eponine the poster child for your “not like other girls” syndrome and love her for the trash she is.

– rosie out.