she likes making dumb faces


But I want a woman.


family hobby: lookin’ hella pissed

A concept:

pre-season-three, Jake stays obscenely late at the precinct working on a case, partially because it’s an important case and partially because everything’s a little loud and painful and he doesn’t want to go home and sit alone in his bed.

Amy comes in early the next morning, whether by some strange intuition or chance she’s not quite sure. He’s asleep at his desk, hair a mess, clothes rumpled, papers stuck to his cheek. The bullpen is almost empty; shifts are just changing, and it is so, so early.

So Amy sets down her bag carefully and steps over and shakes him awake, gently, and when he blinks up at her, a little bit disoriented, she grabs a napkin from her desk on impulse and wipes at the sleep drool at the corner of Jake’s mouth. There’s this sleep-honest look of …awe, on his face, brown eyes blinking up at her in the electric lighting of the bullpen, and Amy feels a surge of courage and runs her fingers against his hairline

Jake smiles, lopsided and sleepy, against her hand

“You smell pretty, Santiago.”

Amys hand jumps away and she says, “You need coffee. I’ll make you coffee.”

She calls back from the break room that he should go dig up his spare change of clothes, or catch a shower in the locker room before the others arrive, and makes two cups of coffee, just in case he only (likely) got two hours of sleep and the extra caffeine is necessary

(She does not think about how disconcertingly domestic her words are, but her heart is big and full and warm, and her fingers are tingling with the softness of his curly, mussed up fringe)

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like that ask from a while ago that was like "what would the companions tumblrs all be like," what do you think the companion's snapchat stories would normally be like? :0

Cait:  She’s the kind of person to snap everything she’s eating or drinking.  If something funny or awkward is happening near her, she’ll take a picture of herself making a weird face with the event clearly visible in the background.  Also likes to take, send, and receive more risqué snaps, but only privately; those don’t go on her story.

Codsworth:  Most of Codsworth’s snaps are of his own hard work; a meal he prepared, a room he redecorated, a piece of clothing he had sewn.  He’s shy about it, but he also likes to ask Sole to take selfies with him occasionally.  Every issue of Picket Fences that he and Sole came across are always snapped, as well.

Curie:  Snapchat is a fun thing for her; she just takes pictures and videos of things she finds cute or funny.  She loves playing with Dogmeat and posting videos of him rolling around as she scratches his belly, or throwing a toy and watching him excitedly fetch it.  She takes lots of cute selfies with cats that she befriends in the wasteland, and likes taking videos of herself making them dance around a bit as she hums or sings.

Danse:  Danse likes to take pictures of scenery, whether it be an open landscape, cityscape, or dilapidated living room.  When he’s at a Brotherhood base, he’ll sneak pictures of soldiers standing at duty.  He also likes to show off the tech he finds in the field, captioning it with a lot of excited emojis.  His seldom selfies are kind of awkward; he kind of half-smiles and raises his eyebrows, looking unsure, but they’re actually kind of endearing.

Deacon: TONS OF SELFIES.  He loves showing off his disguises after a mission is over and done with, and he knows just the right angles that work wonders for his face.  Occasionally he’ll take videos of unsuspecting Railroad members, zooming in on their faces while they’re talking.  Doctor Carrington is a frequent victim of this; it’s so easy to zoom in and out of his face for laughs when he looks like he smells shit constantly.

Hancock: He loves, loves, LOVES using all of the different snapchat filters and spamming his story with the results. Dumb videos filled with giggles, pictures of his facial features smooshed together or spread far apart, and puking rainbows provide endless entertainment for him, and endless annoyment for anyone who follows him.  His story is always seems to be about 10 minutes long, no matter how hard you try to keep up with him.

MacCready:  Doesn’t snap often; when he does, it’s a sheepish smile selfie or a mirror picture showing off his outfit and gear for the day.  While travelling with Sole, he catches some pictures of them looking off into the distance or walking into the sunset.  His pictures aren’t really that great, but his personality shows through them.

Nick: While Nick’s snaps are few and far between, the ones he does post are in black-and-white and have obscure angles, always expertly arranged for a satisfying image.  Sometimes it’s his work space, buildings, even just an ashtray and a cup of steaming coffee… it’s all surprisingly artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

Piper:  Piper’s good at taking pictures of people in the midst of talking, capturing them making really dumb faces.  She also likes to sneak videos of people talking, zooming in slowly on their faces until only part of the face is the focus.  Occasionally posts nice selfies, sometimes with Nat or Sole.

Preston:  Preston’s a sucker for scenery and pretty flowers. Colorful blooming flowers are few and far between in the wasteland, and he tends to capture each one as best he can.  He also likes to take selfies with the Minutemen, smiling wide and savoring the good moments.

Strong: Snapchat? SMASH CHAT!  If his giant fingers could actually use a phone (or if a giant, indestructible phone was made just for him), he’d probably post lots of pictures of corpses and gore with incoherent captions.

X6-88:  Takes stern-faced selfies with identifiable places in the background, captioned “come to [place] in the next 15 minutes if you want an ass kicking.”  A series of jokes which seems serious at first, but gradually becomes goofier and goofier.

Bonus! Maxson:  Lots of pictures of the view from his deck in the Prydwen.  Occasionally he’ll take pictures of power armor and rifles, and in the evenings he’ll post videos of himself doing target practice in the shooting range.  When he’s drunk, he’ll post a lot of selfies from unflattering angles that are way too close.  Think about the kind of selfie where you can see up their nose and they’re looking down into the camera; that’s drunk Maxson.

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She makes some dumb 'acting choices' for someone who's acting the role of an interviewer - she sure likes to make dumb faces when interviewing Dean.