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//wakes up in the middle of the night// WE WERE ROBBED!!!


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✨Dangerous Woman✨

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Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes,  (Maybe a combo of both??) Based off of Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, the reader is tired of Pan always being on top. She wants to test her limits, she doesn’t want permission. (..So basically she is top and Pan bottoms..) She is in charge of her sexual desires, not just there to fulfill Pan’s. The reader is a witch that pan is in constant competition with. She and Oan are always at ends with desire and anger ensuring,,,forced to work together and feelings ensure but neither will accept it

Warnings: Swearing | 18+ content | Long | smut 

Note: Gifs made by me. 

Don’t need permission
Made my decision to test my limits
‘Cause it’s my business, God as my witness
Start what I finished

“What am I going to do with you, love? You injured six to ten of my lost boys, stole from us, set fire to the camp…” He paced around the cage, arms behind his back as the she watched his every move with a smirk. “I just might have to kill you, darling.”

“You won’t kill me, Pan.”

“Oh? And what makes you say that?”

“You would have done it by now, instead of interrogating me. Am I correct?” She raised her eyebrow in a smug way, seeing his frustration starting to build up in his face. With a quick lick to his lips, he made his way closer to the cage, no expression on his face whatsoever. 

“You do realize where you are and who I am?”

“I’m very aware. I just don’t care.”

“Why are you so goddamn irritating?” He growled, his hands gripping the bars so tight she could see the whites of his knuckles. Y/n only smirked deeper, getting as close to him as she possibly could. 

“Because. It’s adorable when you’re angry. How you act so strong and intimidating, and shit. Like, you really expect me to be scared of you.”

"Hm. Expect? No. You should be. And if you need reminding of that, sweetheart…then so be it.” 

Don’t need no hold up
Taking control of this kind of moment
I’m locked and loaded
Completely focused, my mind is open

Y/n scoffs in his face, turning the other cheek as she pretended she didn’t know where he was going with this. Sighing deeply, she returns her gaze back to his now deep green eyes, sneering his own words right back at him.

“Let’s play.” 

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God
Don’t ya stop, boy

Pinned to the wall of his tent, rough and passionate kisses were exchanged between then two. Clothes were scattered all over the room, soft breaths and low growls the only sounds being heard. This was how every argument ended, how every teasing moment would come to; neither one would complain, or admit that this is what both of them lived for everyday. No, not just the sex (even though it’s a bonus) but it was the intense atmosphere the both of them fed off of, the little games they played with each other. 

Pan would never admit it, but he actually had feelings for this girl. Her dominance, her arrogance, everything about her was intoxicating. The same goes for her, only deeper. She loved toying with the lost boy since day one, everything about him she wanted. She needed. But, Y/n hated being controlled, and that’s not a good thing when you live on the island of an egomaniac, sadistic bastard who loves control, fear and agony. 

“Who do you belong to, love,” He would purr in her ear, thrusting at a speed that was inhuman, his hands holding onto her thighs so tight that the bruising he left would be brutal in the morning. 

Y/n chuckles breathlessly, raking her fingers through his hair. “Not you.” 

This only made him angry, his eyes getting darker to where the green was barely visible. He hoisted her legs higher, spreading them wider to where he hit that one spot that made her beg for more. Slowing down and going deeper, he watched as her eyes closed tightly, mouth hanging open slightly, while her moans increased. Pan wrapped one hand around her throat, pulling her in closer to where their lips brushed against each other, and their groans mixed together. 

“I’ll ask again,” He growls, making sure to hit that very spot each time, grinning at every reaction he got from her. “ you..belong to?” 

Y/n opened up her eyes, staring at him with such a stare that could paralyze him right on the spot. And that’s exactly what she did. Halting his thrusts completely, Y/n had him under her hypnotic stare that she learned over the years, dark magic being another thing that drew the two of them together. 

Next thing Pan knew, he was laying down on his bed, with Y/n straddling his waist, a look of pure seduction upon her face. He didn’t move, even though he could, he just chose not to. She’s done this trick before, it’s one of his favorites; whenever he pushed her too far is when the night got even better. 

Y/n placed her hands onto his shoulders, slowly swaying her hips from side to side, grinding herself onto him. Pan bit his lip hard, holding onto her hips, trying to guide her movements, only for them to be smacked away. 

“Don’t touch me. Don’t move. Don’t do shit. Just lay there, like a good boy. You come before me, injured lost boys and setting your camp on fire will be the least of your problems.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way-fuck!” He exclaims, as they finally connected once again, riding him at a steady pace. Cursing under his breath, and clawing at the bed, Pan’s eyes were shut tight at the intense pleasure he was receiving. Y/n’s moans were groaning higher and faster, as the new angle they were in was hitting every spot and nerve deliciously; leaving long scratches down his chest only increased the burning sensation at the pit of his stomach, his member throbbing like crazy, begging for release. And if not being able to let go wasn’t frustrating enough, Y/n slowing down the pace definitely was. 

“No, love, please…” He begged, never in his life believing that it would to come to that. Y/n only smirked down at the boy, watching as his hips bucked upward, hitting her in the right way every time. Y/n leans downward to moan in his ear softly after every hip thrust he gave, practically making his head spin. 

Nothing to prove and
I’m bulletproof and
Know what I’m doing
The way we’re movin’ like introducing
Us to a new thing

“Shit, Peter, I’m close…” She whimpered, enough to push him to the brink of no control. This was the first time, in all the times they’ve messes around, that she called him by his first name. 

Unable to hold back any longer, he grabs her hips roughly before she could protest, and flips the positions. Pinning her down to the bed, his animalistic thrusts returned with Y/n wrapping her arms around him for dear life; moans and squeals spilled from her mouth like a waterfall while he chants her name like a prayer. 

He whispers unholy things into her ear, biting the said area roughly while keeping his pace fast and deep. Now with her scratching down his back, he had to fight to keep his release at bay, while trying to chase hers. It was as if they were both holding on, neither of them wanting to give up so easily. Putting up a fight, Y/n flips the positions back to what they were before, riding him as fast as she can with her head tilted back in pure bliss. Pan watches her in awe at how hard she’s trying to make him release first, not wanting to be the weak one in this situation. But, he could also see how badly she wanted release, tears starting to stream down her face in desperation. 

Gripping onto her hips one last time, Pan thrusts himself into her sharply, pivoting his hips in an angle that sent Y/n’s eyes to the back of her head and her toes to curl. Repeatedly doing that motion, while whispering encouragements to her breathlessly was more than enough to send Y/n beyond the edge. Arching her back and letting out a large and long scream of pleasure, Y/n finally was able to let go. Her pulsating walls had the same effect on him, as she kept thrusting to ride out her orgasm, his hips stuttered with his release coming fast and abrupt. 

“Oh, my fucking-!” He chokes on his words, his back arching off the bed as his euphoria finally hit. Pan came in long, hot spurts that painted Y/n from the inside, leaving a warm feeling deep inside her. Catching their breaths, glistening with sweat, and the smell of sex surrounding them…it was as if they were in their own little sick heaven. 

I wanna savor, save it for later
The taste of flavor, 'cause I’m a taker
'Cause I’m a giver, it’s only nature
I live for danger

As they were finally calming down, sitting in silence and still connected as one, this was the time where they would just sit and…stare. Watch each other, and just memorize one another’s features. This was a time where they weren’t at each other’s throats, where everything is calm and quite…

Y/n leaned downward to the boy, an exhausted look upon her face, while his wore nothing but a content smile. Keeping the intense eye contact for a little longer, Y/n pulled off him swiftly, wincing slightly at the emptiness she felt afterwards. Sitting up on the bed, she ran a hand through her hair, calming down from earlier activities. 

“Why do we keep doing this, Pan?” She rasped, sighing heavily as he sat up as well. Looking at the back of her head in confusion, he shrugged. 

“Because it’s fun. Satisfying.”

“But, we do this all the time, and go right back to hating each other. I’m starting to grow bored…” 

“I don’t think I ever asked for your opinion, I don’t care if you’re bored.” That was a lie. Inside, he was terrified of her being ‘bored’. What did that mean? Did it mean she was bored with him? Would she move on to someone else? He wouldn’t let that happen, not if he had any say in it. Turning her head toward him, the anger was evident on her face after he said what he said. Quickly, but carefully standing from the bed, she starts to collect her things, ready to leave. 

Like always. 

“Where are you going?” He asked, slowly starting to panic at how fast she’s trying to leave. Usually she would stay a little longer…what’s different now?

“I’m a fool to think that for once you would think of me. To think that maybe instead of these childish games, you would be a man and actually move past this useless bickering and bullshit. But, who am I kidding? We can never be anything but enemies, who fuck each other after every fight.” She snapped while getting dressed, not daring to make eye contact with him. Standing as well, Pan watched her with wide eyes, and mouth hanging open for a moment. He didn’t really know how to respond.

Finally finding the words, he spoke. “Wait, love. Don’t go. I…I do think of us as more…many, many times. I hate having the only way to talk you is by yelling, screaming, and constant headaches. You’re a bitch, of course, but…you’re a bad bitch. You’re a dangerous woman. And I love that about you, so much, darling. I wouldn’t trade you for anything else in the world. I love you.” 

Y/n continued to get dressed, before turning to look at the boy one last time. That angry scowl still colored her face as she glared darkly at his naked form, suddenly disgusted. “You can’t even respond to me. Pathetic.” 

His eyes widened as he realized he didn’t actually speak those words out loud. Pan only imagined himself speaking such words to her, but didn’t dare to utter any of it. He was too cold, too proud of his dark ways, such as an emotion as ‘love’ had no room in his brain, nor his heart. He’s been hating for far too long, cursed to possibly never be loved. 

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath, like that
You know how I’m feeling inside
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout

Shaking her head, Y/n looks at the ground, shame starting to fill her from the inside. “These late nights that we’ve been sharing are over. From now on, I refuse to be played with, like some cheap sex toy, Pan.”


“I’m done wasting time playing these games with you. To think you were ever a challenge is what really baffles me.” He bites his tongue, while staring back at her in shock. Hurt and offended, he verbally growls at her, that anger starting to boil up from inside him again. On the inside, Y/n was beating herself up. She couldn’t stand making him angrier with her than he already was. The only way she knows how to talk to him would to just provoke him. It’s not her fault, it’s just how she was. Maybe it was for the best…

“Fine. If that’s what you want…prepare to be hunted down by my lost boys, like the filthy animal you are.” He spoke with bared teeth, fist clenched, as his soft green eyes returned to their piercing color from before. Rolling her eyes, Y/n only scoffs at his words, taking out one of the knives from her holster and pointing it in his direction. 

“Prepare to lose more of your lost boys.”

Pan started to stride closer to her, nostrils flared as he threatened. “I will make sure that they show no mercy to you when they catch you. That pretty face of yours won’t be pretty no longer.”

“Aw, then what will you masturbate to at night?” Y/n spat right back, also getting closer and closer to the boy. The last comment left Pan speechless, but it didn’t stop him from throwing another comeback. 

“There are other girls in the world, love. You can be replaced.”

“Can I?” Her eyes flickered downward for a split second, the sight she saw bringing a delightful glint into her eyes, as her smirk grew deeper. “Good luck finding one that can excite you as much as I can, just by using sarcasm.” 

Pan blushed slightly, looking anywhere but at her. Waving his hand, his lower half was covered again by his trousers, but the tent in them was still noticeable. Chuckling slightly, Y/n took a few more steps closer to the boy, to where she close enough to wrap her arms around his neck lazily. He wanted to push her away, but they both knew he couldn’t. 

“Face it, Pan. I weaken you. And you love it.” 

“I thought you were leaving. I recall you being done with my games. So go on, then. I’m not stopping you.” This only made Y/n chuckle more, as she grabbed his jaw to turn his attention right back to her. 

“I’m not hearing you deny it.” Leaning in slightly, she brushed her lips onto his for only a moment, sighing heavily in the process. “I hate that you can make me feel conflicted, Peter Pan. I want to leave, and just throw you out of my mind…but we both know that’s far from possible now. We’re in too deep.” 

Without realizing what he was doing, he had pulled her in closely, kissing her deeply but as softly as he could. Afraid that he might not get the chance, he was going to make sure that this kiss was memorable. Pulling away slowly, Y/n couldn’t hold back the little whine that escaped passed her lips one his were no longer there. Coming back to earth, she pulls away from him fully, seeing the mischief in his eyes, but the evident scowl on his face. 

“Get out. I suggest you start running. The hunt starts at dawn, which mean you have less than an hour to hide.” He crosses his arms, watching as she cracks her neck, grinning at the boy, while he fought not to grin right back. Already knowing where this was going and how it would end up, the both of them ended on the same page. 

“Let’s play.” 

somethin’ 'bout you.

Concrete redesign! Some info on her :

*She’s smart and thinks quickly , she likes to collect things that are seen as ‘garbage’ by society and she reuses those things to build her own inventions 

*She kinda sucks at reading since she’s dyslexic but she doesn’t give up on trying

*She likes solving problems for people and does her best to do whatever she can to find a solution 

*She likes trying new things and learning new things!

*Shes really curious in everything and has a child like wonder to her,She knows a lot but she’s always wanting to know even more!

That’s all I got , if u find any problems w this please tell me and i’ll fix it if u want!

Locker room part 2

Warning: Smut ahead! Graphic sexy times with our favorite riverdale couple. Enjoy ♡

Jughead stared at his now shirtless girlfriend, who was holding her loose bra to her chest, her eyes waiting for a reaction from him, a sign that he wanted to continue. His mouth was hanging open, the curve of his thick bottom lip made Betty suddenly think how much she’d like to gently suck on it. Her eyes scanned his half naked and still wet body, only a fluffy white towel preventing him from being completely nude.

“How about instead of you putting clothes on, I’ll just take mine off?” She spoke evenly, saturating her tone with sensuality. Jughead shut his mouth and nodded, dumbfounded but wanting more. Betty let her lacy bra slip from her body, and Jughead bit his lip at the sight of her plump breasts and small dark pink nipples. His heart was pounding in his chest, and he felt a livelihood stirring beneath his towel. Betty noticed this, and her hands went to pull the offending cloth away.

“Betty!” His hand gripped her wrists, preventing her from exposing him. “I need some explanation. Seriously. Why…why all this all of a sudden?”

“Haven’t you ever thought about this? Because I can’t get it out of my head. I look at you, especially like this, and I… I want you Juggie.  Is that so bad?” She implored him, her crisp blue eyes searching his for answers. “Is it just me?” She felt small all of a sudden, afraid she had gone too far.

He swallowed. “It’s not just you.” He brought her hands up to his face, and kissed her fingers.

“Then what’s stopping us, hmm?” She said quietly, smirking as she looked up to his sea green eyes. He exhaled with a smile, allowing himself to relax. He pulled her into a steamy kiss, their hands exploring each other hungrily. Jughead’s hands trailed down her back, then slowly up her stomach, her ribs… his fingers hesitated at the curve of her breasts. He pulled back from the kiss for a moment, seeking her consent. A naughty grin spread through her lips, and she grabbed his left hand and lifted it up to her flesh. With a heated groan pulled her closer with his right arm around her back. He kissed her with need, his tongue teasing hers, playing with her breast, pinching and twisting her nipple. She sighed and whimpered at his delicious touch, and she kissed and nibbled his neck.

Betty felt a thickness throbbing against her hips. Her boyfriend was so aroused, and she wanted to see more, do more. She reached back to his towel. He gently took her jaw in his hand and whispered, “are you sure?”. Betty replied with a hard kiss, and pulled the towel off.

She took his length in her hands, amazed at how thick and hard it already was. Her legs trembled at the intense tingling happening between her legs. She began kissing down his neck, his chest, his stomach…

She was on her knees, kissing his lower abs and hips. His member throbbed with each touch of her lips- oh god her tongue on his skin. He looked down in lustful awe at the sweet, innocent girl currently stroking him, kissing and licking the base of his member.  Then, without warning, she slid the tip of his cock into her mouth, carefully sucking and teasing it with her tongue. He moaned, loud.

“Oh f-fuck” his head tilted back and his hips shifted forward. Instinctively, he grasped her ponytail with one hand. The sounds he was making made Betty feel so good, she wanted to do anything to make him keep going. She took more and more of him, sliding it back and forth against her tongue.

Her mouth was wet, warm, velvet stroking his length, timid but purposeful. Jughead’s hips and legs tensed, his grip tightened on her ponytail. Between heavy groans he muttered “Betty… f-faster…”
She complied.
Jughead’s eyes rolled back, his body tense as his pleasure went through the roof.  It wasn’t long before he was reaching his limit.

“You- you’re gonna make me- Betty oh god-"  he pulled back on her ponytail, his body slipping from her lips and he spilled his pleasure over her collarbones and down her chest.

His cheeks flushed crimson. He wanted to apologize, but his breaths were ragged and pleading, his mind was drowning in extasy.

To his surprise, Betty giggled and stood up.
"I guess I’ll be needing a shower now…” She pulled her ponytail out, her blond waves cascading down her back. She walked towards the showers, and looked back at him with bedroom eyes. Mesmerized, he followed the blue eyed vixen with bated breath. Facing away from him, Betty kicked off her shoes and unzipped her jeans. Keeping her legs straight, she bent at the hips as she slid her pants down, giving Jughead one hell of a view.

He watched his seductress waltz into the showers and turn the taps. Betty stood under the inviting stream, and began working her fingers through her blond locks. He stood there helpless for a moment, frozen in awe of the stunning, brilliant woman currently naked and wet right in front of him.

Once Betty’s hair was thoroughly soaked, she looked over at her boyfriend. He still hadn’t joined her, and instead was leaning against the shower entrance, eyeing her up with a gorgeous smile. She couldn’t help but smile too.
“It’s not a show Jughead,” she quipped. She delicately reached out her hand. “It’s an invitation.”

He let go of a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He walked in and held her by her waist, and his lips began exploring Betty’s neck, kissing and nibbling along her pulse point. He walked her backward until her back was up against the shower wall, the cool hard tile caused Betty to gasp. He switched his attention to the other side of her neck, his kisses and bites becoming slightly more aggressive.

Betty’s moans were breathy and lurid, her cheeks flushed heavily at the unfamiliar sounds she couldn’t help but make as Jughead’s hand caressed up her body. He carefully pinched her nipple between his fingers, experimenting with twists and pressures. Betty moaned louder, her hips flexing against his. Her hand ran through his hair, gripping it at the base of head. Her other hand explored his bicep, ravishing in the subtle curves of his strength.

Jughead’s hands eventually made their way down to her hips, and his necking also came to a halt. Holding her tightly, his lips just beneath her ear he attempted to catch his breath. He knew what he wanted to do next, but he realized he apparently lacked the same level of confidence as Betty Cooper. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he smiled against her skin.

“I believe it’s your turn?” His voice shook slightly.
“My turn to do what?” She asked quietly. Jughead swallowed. This time, his voice was even and raspy.
“To lean back and enjoy it,”

He knelt before her, Betty slightly startled at the shift of position. He ran his hand from her hip down her thigh, and gently pulled her leg up onto his shoulder. Betty’s breathing quickened as she looked down at the black haired teen kneeling at her feet, kissing her inner thigh, trailing his soft tongue closer and closer.

 He slipped his tongue between, and trailed up and down her heat. Betty gasped at the sudden rush, and her leg flexed forward slightly, pushing Jughead against her. His tongue swirled around her clit, and her moans turned to intense whimpers and sighs. Her hands gripped his hair, her nails slightly digging into his scalp.

He told her to enjoy herself and Jughead was making her do exactly that. He wanted more, he wanted to make her lose her mind like she did to him. He pulled back, and Betty immediately looked down at him, her eyes pleading for more. He brought his hand to her body, trailing his finger up and down, he circled her entrance and looked up at her.

“Please,” her breathy consent send tingles down Jughead’s spine, and he slowly slid his long fingers inside her.

“Oh my God,” she whimpered loudly, “Juggie, more, please more”
He brought his mouth to her flesh again, while pulsing his finger inside her. Her grip on his hair was almost painful, and he was surprised at how good it felt. Soon he introduced his second finger, and with a tilt forward of her hips Betty was losing it. The rhythm of his fingers inside her, pressing against a spot she didn’t know she had, his tongue flicking circles around her nerves. She slammed her hand around her own mouth, unable to stop her moans and cries of extasy. He continued, pulsing his tongue and fingers through her climax.

When her breathing slowed, he pulled his hand back, and stood up resting his arms on the wall behind her. Betty’s hands gripped his arms, and they paused there, breathing in sinc.  He was fully aroused again, his length between her legs, resting outside her body. They both recognized the tension, and froze at the crossroads they had come to.

“Jughead?” Her voice was small, but intimate. “Are we going to…”

“I… do you want to?”

She took a breath before responding. “If you do.” Jughead looked in her eyes, his expression conflicted.
“Betty I do want you, truly. It’s just…” his voice tapered off, searching for words. Betty waited patiently for his answer, her kind eyes encouraging his honesty.
“I don’t want our first time to be in the guys locker room. You deserve a warm bed, not shower where a bunch of douche bags compare their junk and make homophobic slurs everyday.”

Betty smirked, and relaxed as the tension disappeared. “You didn’t seem to mind doing everything else in here,” she flirted.

“You started it Bets. I just followed.” He quipped, turning off the taps and leading her out of the showers. The pair dried off and got dressed, a flirtatious energy still tingling in the air.

“So, do we get to do things like this again?” She coyly asked as they collected the last of their belongings. Jughead flashed a dirty smirk at her.
“Any time you want Juliet.”
Betty’s cheeks flushed pink, and she reached her hand out to him as they exited the locker room. He pulled his beanie over his wet messy locks, and took her hand. His eyes then shifted to the side as a tantalizing thought sprung to his mind.

“Betty?” He paused, still smirking. “Have you ever heard of 69?”
She held his gaze, perplexed and interested. He leaned in close, and whispered in her ear. Her eyes widened, and a naughty smile spread across her lips. She spoke, sultry and soft in his ear.
“Promise me for next time.”

Some Day

She collects “some days” like pennies tossed in fountains.
These small shiny things, not worth much,
but carrying the weight of countless hopes and dreams. 
She dives in full.
Only ever comes up with handful of pretty emptiness,
and copper colored promises,
dirty metal “some days”
covered in grime and grit. 
They really only ever look good from the dry side of the water,
unattainable, on the marble mosaic fountain floor.
Still she dives in full,
every time,
wishing on a “some day.”

-a. nicole l.a 

Day 10 “Write Everyday in July”

So I Unexpectedly Ended Up Hanging Out w/ the Old ENFP the Other Day And

ENFP: INTP!!!!!!!!

INTP: (Oh, awesome.)

ENFP: You missed my party! The aunt that was really into MBTI I always told you about was there!

INTP: Oh, that’s too bad.

ENFP: *Dirty joke*


ENFP: *Another dirty joke*




ENFP: Did you miss me? 

INTP: Well, I wouldn’t say I… missed you, but–

ENFP: Yeah.

ENFP: You missed me.

ENFP: Sooooooo?

INTP: What?

ENFP: How was your DATE?!

INTP: How the fuck do you know?!

ENFP: You’re just lucky I’m not giving you my Icy Stare.

INTP: You don’t have an Icy Stare.

ENFP: Yes, I do!!

INTP: Okay, fine. Show it to me.

ENFP: Well, I can’t just do it.

INTP: If you really had a handle on it, you’d be able to do it on command.

ENFP: Okay, well I’ve got to work up to it!!

INTP: For someone who claims to give Icy Stares, you’re getting pretty heated about this.

ENFP: Maybe I have a Heated Stare instead.

INTP: What does that even mean?

ENFP: Sexual.




ENFP: I had this dream that I rode up to somewhere on this motorcycle.

INTP: Uh-huh.

ENFP: And I, like, got off of it, took my helmet off,

INTP: Yeah.

ENFP: And shook my hair out.

INTP: And what do you think that means?

ENFP: Well, I think maybe it might have something to do with…

ENFP: Wanting to try new things?

INTP: Do you want to try new things?

ENFP: Yes!

INTP: What about ride a motorcycle and shake your hair out of a helmet.

ENFP: Sure!

ENFP: What about you?

ENFP: What was your last dream?

INTP: The other night I had a dream I was chasing a really fast turtle.

ENFP: Hahaha, what??

INTP: And it had a really long neck.

ENFP: And what do you think that means?

INTP: Well, I thought a lot about turtles that day, so it was probably just a continuation of those thoughts.

ENFP: ⋋ō_ō`

INTP: Pretty sure it jumped over, like, a ten foot barbed wire fence, too.

ENFP: Oh my god!

INTP: It was a pretty badass turtle.

anonymous asked:

Judge angle hcs

She has a thing for pokemon, she likes trading and collecting the cards.

People around the house usually just call her Judge or some people (Jeff) just call her Satan.

She’s pretty good friends with Puppeteer, Jason, and BP. They go on killing sprees together sometimes, and it always ends with them all covered in blood, in a stolen car, eating Wendys baconator fries at 2am, with 18 guns in the back, and a slightly drunk Jason in the front.

She does have a room in the mansion, she just never really uses it because shes out all the time, usually killing or getting lost in the woods.

She doesnt take shit at all. If you fuck with her the best thing your gonna get from her is a broken nose and a cut off hand.


“Why can’t we eat yet?” the boy impatiently asked as Fleur and Fawn pulled out their lunchboxes. “I’m starving.”

“Storm, we’re waiting for our new friend!” Fleur said impatiently. “Just because you’re our older brother doesn’t mean you can boss us around.”

“No, it’s usually the other way around,” Storm groaned.

“You’ll like her! Her name’s Hazel and she likes collecting cute things. We can go frog hunting together!” Fawn said excitedly.

“Oh, I think I see her! Over here!” Fleur waved her hands as Hazel walked out to the picnic tables.

Haha, but what if, instead of secretly collecting Ladybug merch and obsessing over her, Adrien likes to collect little presents that he thinks she’ll like, but he’s just never had the courage to give them to her