she left you no choice


Tom is your Tom problem.

5. Cheryl Blossom x reader

Prompt: Cheryl asking you to run away with her.

• • •

You sat in a booth at Pop’s, trapped between Cheryl and the wall. Cheryl kept talking, but you had stopped listening the second she mentioned running away. She wouldn’t, you thought. Or would she? There was no way she could just get up and leave you like that, right?

“You’re not serious.” You cut her off from whatever she was still rambling on about. “You’re joking, right?”

Cheryl gave you a sad smile and shook her lightly. She took one of your hands in hers and squeezed it lightly.

“You can’t just leave, Cheryl. What about school and your friends and your… Mom? What about me?” You questioned frantically. You really didn’t want her to leave. Not now. Not ever.

“My mother hates me. And I don’t have any friends. Not really.” She looked down at your hands, fingers still entwined. “I can’t be here anymore, Y/n. Not after my dad killed Jason, and then himself. I can’t live with my mother anymore. It’s just not worth it.”

You shook your head at your girlfriend. You felt tears begin the well up in your eyes but you quickly blinked them away. You wanted Cheryl to be happy, but not like this. You wanted her to be happy with you. In Riverdale.

You scoffed, “So, I’m not worth it either?”

“Y/n, I’m telling you I’m leaving because I want you to come with me.”

You looked up at her. Your eyes wide and jaw slightly slackened. Was she really asking you to just drop everything and run away with? Because you would. You would do anything for her.

When you didn’t answer her, Cheryl let out a heavy sigh. “Babe, you don’t have to decided right here, right now. I leave tomorrow morning. If you want to come meet me at Sweet Water River at 6 in the morning. If you decided to join me, bring some clothes, pack lightly.” She kissed you softly, sweetly on the forehead. “I love you, Y/n. More than anything.”

With that, without waiting for a response, Cheryl slid out of the booth and left the diner. She left you alone to think about your choice. But, you already knew what you wanted to do.

~ ~ ~

Cheryl stood on the bank of Sweetwater River, taking in the view of the river in the early morning. She checked her phone once more and watched the time change from 5:58 to 5:59. Cheryl spent the past twenty minutes trying to convince herself that, if she had to, she would leave without you.

Cheryl heard a twig snap behind her. She turned around quickly. A huge smile graced her features when she saw you standing there with a small suitcase of your stuff that you could easily carry.

You placed your suitcase on the ground and ran into Cheryl’s open arms. She embraced you lovingly, peppering kissed all over your face.

“I’m so glad you came!” Cheryl exclaimed, pulling you in for a sweet kiss.

“Of course. I’d do anything for you, Cheryl.” You gushed. “I love you more than anything.”

Negan Imagines - The Blame part 11

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AN: Sorry, it’s a day late! I fell asleep whilst editing it, thank god it saved! I hope you enjoy this cute little chapter. 

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)(Part 7)(Part 8)(Part 9)(Part 10)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Rick opens up to Michonne about his runaway daughter and you are homesick.

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 1,193

Warnings: None really

Rick ran his hand over his face. He was tired but he could cope, he always did. 

Michonne was behind him, lying asleep in the van. 

Rick had the door open and was keeping a look out for any trouble that might stumble upon them in the night. He offered to as he couldn’t sleep anyway. 

He dug his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small crinkled photograph, it was a photograph of him, Carl and Judith, with (Y/n) holding her. It was a photo taken back at Alexandria that Aaron took when the Grimes family wasn’t looking. 

The whole family seemed happy; seemed together. 

He felt his chest tighten as he stared down at it. He missed you. He was angry at you and livid at Negan but he missed you. After all you were his little girl, no matter how old you got or how much you grew.

As he focused on the old memory, Rick hadn’t noticed Michonne had stirred behind him. 

“Can we talk about it?” Michonne rested her hand on Rick’s shoulders. 

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Is being Gay a Choice?

Certainly those who believe homosexuality is a sin say it’s a choice. Even some gay and lesbian people believe being gay is a choice. Most, however, believe that they were born gay or lesbian. The honest answer is, we think being gay is not a choice, but there hasn’t been any conclusive studies to prove it.

What we do know is that therapies that attempt to change people from gay to straight have a very poor success rate. Sometimes people change their behavior, but the attraction is still there. My left-handed mother as a child was forced to use her right hand in school. She learned to change her behavior, but this did not change the fact that she is left-handed.

The thing you do have a choice about is your attitude about being gay, lesbian or bisexual. You can choose to hide your sexual orientation, or even be involved in a heterosexual relationship, but that does not mean you are not lesbian or bisexual.

What we do know is that people who are out and accepting of their sexual orientation live happier and more fulfilled lives than those who try to suppress their feelings or live their lives in the closet.

Who’s Stiff Now?

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,395

Warnings: Smut, Mirror kink, Metal arm kink, teasing, NSFW

A/N: Others wanted a continuation of the imagine, so here it is! Sorry if I haven’t been posting very much, life’s been a struggle for me right now, but I’ll try to post some more soon. :) Thank you all for being patient with me, it means more than you know. 

Based off my imagine: Imagine watching Bucky’s arm as he works out

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part of me feels lowkey guilty that im out here living Lesbian Aesthetics and feeling stable and content while things at home are such a fukn mess. but it took a conscious effort for me to get to a place where my family can’t affect me as much. i gave my older sister my sympathies, i told her and my mom what i think they should do in this mess, and i told my little sister that i love her and will try to help her as best i can if she needs me. that’s all i can do. so now i get to let go and live my own life. what they do is their own choice. i don’t owe it to anyone to be miserable when i can be happy.

The boys, Kaede, Miu and Shiroganes reaction to their s/o not sleeping for 3 days and refuses to sleep due to secretly being afraid of a nightmare they had. Hope you like it!


 -          He knows what’s happening as soon as he sees you.

-          He keeps telling you to sleep but you refuse and it confuses him?

-          Then he comes to the conclusion… your bed must be uncomfortable!

-          So this dork gets you lots of blankets, pillows and a unhealthy amount      of teddies.

-          You thank him but feeling bad that he went through all that trouble you    explain what the actual problem is.

-          He feels awful for not realising, but makes up for it by staying with you all night assuring you that it’s just a nightmare.

-          And you finally fall asleep in his arms and surrounded by 10000’s of blankets.

Shuichi Saihara:

-          He wakes up very easily so it doesn’t surprise you when you hear a sleepy voice next you asking you why you’re crying.

-          You try and tell him it’s nothing but he doesn’t give up that easily.

-          When you finally tell him what’s happening he refuses to let you stay up on your own so he makes you lay next to him and cuddle.

-          You can tell he is tired by the ways he slowly draws circles across your hand.

-          But it is so soothing and reassuring you can feel your eyes getting heavier

-          The next day you wake up from a nightmare free night with a still awake Shuichi.

-          This boy stayed up all night in case you had another nightmare.

Rantarou Amami:

-          He wakes up in the night to get a glass of water and you’re not next to him?  ?  ?

-          He eventually finds you in the living room reading a book, but you look scared.

-          At first he doesn’t even ask what’s up he just brings you into a warm hug.

-          Then, after 10 minutes of that, he finally asks.

-          He doesn’t make you rush or tell him everything, just whatever you want to say.

-          When you finish telling him everything you are comfortable with he brings you onto his lap and starts reading you the book you where reading before he found you.

-          He reads it to you until you hear his voice slowly fade away along with your fear of the nightmares.

Ouma Kokichi:

-          He usually goes to bed way after you so he was curious why you were staying up lately?

-          When he asks you, you tell him it’s nothing, but obviously he knows you lying.

-          So you finally tell him because you knew there was no use pretending you were fine.

-          At first he wasn’t any help at all.

-          “Woah! It was that scary? Were their monsters in it?!”

-          He then noticed you were actually really upset ( well done idiot )

-          So he literally ordered you to sleep.

-          For some reason you did as he said and every time you were going into a bad dream you heard his voice sooth you.

Korekiyo Shinguuji:

-          He notices before the others would.

-          Because he knows what the little differences in your expressions mean.

-          He makes you herbal tea and wraps you in a big fluffy blanket.

-          It is really relaxing, but he notices you’re still fighting your sleep. So he tells you old stories and folk tales.

-          When he has told you as many as he could think of he promises he won’t let any bad dreams get you and gives you a small kiss and the forehead.

-          And that night, they don’t get you.

Gonta Gokuhara:

-          It makes him really sad seeing you refuse to sleep the way you are.

-          What can he do to make you sleep?

-          He keeps asking why you’re staying up and tells you why it’s bad.

-          You refuse to tell him but one day when you accidentally fall asleep and wake up sobbing he gets a good idea of why you’re sad.

-          He apologises for not realising what’s up sooner and rushes around to make you warm milk (this angel I swear-).

-          He tucks you in bed and looks after you until you sleep.

-          He mostly plays with your hands and hair.

Ryoma Hoshi:

-          He doesn’t understand why you’re taking a nightmare so seriously.

-          But when you tell what the dream was about it kind of freaks him out as well.

-          He tries to cheer you up by watching some really happy movies (even though he HATES them).

-          You watch so many soppy and cheerful movies you forget about the stupid nightmare and fall asleep in his arms.

-          And he doesn’t approve of you falling asleep like this on him!

-          But…… maybe just this once…. he will let you of.

Kaito Momota:

-          When you don’t smile or laugh in the mornings he knows something’s up.

-          He gives you a surprise cuddle and annoys you until you tell him why you’re so upset!

-          When you tell him it’s nothing he is worried, what has he done this time?

-          When he apologises to you for nothing you can’t help but laugh a little, and that makes him happy but confused at the same time?

-          You feel at this point you need to tell him or his head will pop!

-          When you finally tell him he smoothers you with kisses and tells you next time tell him straight away!

-          That night he tried to sing you lullabies and nursery rhymes.

-          It was scarier than the nightmare but it worked all the same.

Kaede Akamatsu:

-          One night Kaede woke up to the bright light of your phone, but when she asked why you’re up you just said you couldn’t sleep.

-          And for a while she left it at that, until it started happening a lot.

-          The third night of you not being able to sleep Kaede finally told you need to at least try!

-          But when you told her how scared you were she brought you closer to you and gave you her headphones.

-          You put them in and she played a song called Serene and Sublime by Mozart and it was the calmest song you ever heard.

-          And on the other side of your headphones you heard Kaede softly humming along playing with your hair.

-          When you woke up Kaede was still asleep, holding onto your hand.

Iruma Miu:

-          You were both eating breakfast and Iruma obliviously pointed out the eye bags you had.

-          When you started crying he realised she messed up and tried to get you to stop, sayings things like she… likes eye bags?

-          When you calmed yourself down and told her it wasn’t her that made you cry and explained what’s been going on she was kind of annoyed that you didn’t tell her as soon as it happened.

-          But she won’t let you be sad so easily!

-          She offered you one of her new inventions, one that lets you read whilst asleep!

-          You can’t get nightmares whilst using this!

-          Problem solved.

Tsumugi Shirogane:

-          She was showing you a new character she found that she wants to cosplay when your head slammed on the table.

-          You woke up instantly to a terrified Shirogane in front of you.

-          She instantly told you to get to bed but you refused and left her no choice.

-          She practically bridal style carried you to the bedroom and tucked you both in and got the remote.

-          She put on one of her favourite calming animes on and told you all the characters she likes and disliked.

-          As you started forcing away the sleep she put you head on her lap and started telling you what character you would look cutest as if you cosplayed.

-          And that’s the last thing you remembered after waking up with Shirogane still watching the same show, stroking your face.

anonymous asked:

this might be a bit of a stretch but solas(dragon age) and shepard(mass effect) + difference for the prompt? em, dont feel forced to do this one since its kinda out there!

OK, I’m determined, I’m going to write something for this. Longer than the original 5-10 sentence task and not really the shippiest of responses, but here we go. I’m gonna write Solas into Mass Effect. *cracks knuckles*

“Do not do this.” His voice trembled despite himself, the Dread Wolf’s confident facade crumbling as he watched the Inquisitor raise the artifact, its arcane light catching in her eyes as they glistened, wet with unshed tears. 

“I’m sorry, vhenan,” she whispered. “You left me no choice.”

He lifted his hand, reaching out for her, his throat tightening as he choked out a final word. “Please-”

And then, there was darkness. 

He had underestimated her. Given other circumstances, he might have been proud. Her solution had been far more elegant than the plan he’d concocted to stop the Evanuris. She didn’t need to change the very nature of the world to imprison him. Instead, she trapped him inside his own mind. A dreamless sleep - his consciousness cut off from the world, from her, from the Fade, from the spirits who had brought him so much comfort and companionship over those long years before he met her. There was only a sinking moment of helplessness, a feeling of being stripped bare and hollowed out, a second of useless struggling and then…. nothing.

An utter void.

He had no concept of how much time had passed before he heard the voice. Thin, high and reedy, bearing the quickened cadence of speech and yet Solas could not recognize the language it spoke. He opened his eyes only to squeeze them shut once more, wincing at the harsh, blinding light that surrounded him. A second voice joined the first - softer, feminine - her words sounding just as foreign but in a completely different manner from the first. Yet the two spoke in turn as if they understood one another as Solas got his bearings, forcing himself to sit upright as his head spun. His body felt weak - how long had he slept? - and it took time for his vision to adjust to the strange, artificial light in the room. It had an odd, bluish quality to it, not like firelight or sunlight and twice as bright as either. It made the walls around him seem even more strikingly void of color, surrounded by nothing but dull silver paneling. The only familiar thing he could see lay about his person - a sarcophagus of sorts, clearly decorated with care, though the once-beautiful stone carvings had worn down over the ages. 

There was only one person who would have gone to such trouble to give him an honored burial. 

He was abruptly drawn from his thoughts as a sharp pain erupted from the side of his throat, an odd mechanical hiss sounding seconds after the foreign object pierced him. Solas drew back quickly, nearly toppling out of his carved encasement as he whirled to face his attacker, summoning energy for a spell on reflex as his feet hit the floor.

The…. thing that had touched him did not seem alarmed, staring at a narrow beam of orange light as it set down the implement it had just used to strike him. The light before it shifted, changing into varying unfamiliar patterns and when it next spoke, Solas was surprised to hear it speak in Common. “Hmm. Energy readings. Unidentified. Source and purpose unknown. Increased activity in frontal lobe accompanied by electrical activity in the hands. Strange. Might be coincidental. Unclear how stasis was achieved. Unfamiliar technology. Body clearly nourished, yet source of fuel undetermined. No signs of decomposition. No muscle deterioration. Yet containment does not appear to generate any sort of protective field. No time dilation or cryotech. Just stone. Odd. Otherwise, humanoid. One heart. Nearly identical circulatory system and organ structure to the people of your planet. Will need to analyze DNA to be certain, but-”

“Slow it down, Mordin,” the female voice said again. Solas sought the source of the sound, relieved to see a more familiar form. Human, yes, but at least she was something he could identify, unlike the tall and slim figure who continued to poke at a strangely-marked panel. She was not dissimilar to Cassandra in her height and physique, clad in a slim-fitting black uniform, her hand resting warily on the device she had strapped to her hip. “Just give me the basics.”

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Secret Feelings (Alec x Reader) Imagine

One hit, two hits, three hits. Alec just kept on hitting the punching bag.

“Just tell him how you feel already” a voice from behind me said. Turning around I see Jace with his arm cross and a smirk on his face.
“Like now because I’m getting tired of both of yours guys love sick attitude” you rolled your eyes,
“You’re one to talk, you follow Clary around like a love sick puppy these day” Jace stood there looking shocked.
“You and I both know that’s a completely different story” he said defending himself. “You keep telling yourself that” you answer back.
“Hey guys what are you two taking about?” Alec asked as he walk out of the training room taking a sip from his water bottle.“Nothing” you both quickly answer and left the room, leaving a very confused Alec behind.

  “Do you ever plan on telling my brother that you like him?” Izzy asked as she sat on your bed.
“Have you been talking to Jace lately? Because all you two do is ask me that same question every time we talk” You said as you lay down next to her on your bed. Izzy laugh then look at you with a smile.
“You know that’s means that more then one person can tell then right?” You went to answer back but then your bedroom door open to revealing Clary. “It’s time to go”

You three walk through the halls of the institute heading to the main area. Knowing that’s where the boys would be waiting to leave for your guys mission. Today mission was the same as always go out and kill a demon, then come back make a report about it then it would be done.
“You all ready?” Jace asked as you guys walked up to where him and Alec were standing.
“Let’s go!” Izzy said cheerfully as she grabbed yours and Clary arm and walked out of the institute.

“So Y/N you and Alec huh?” Clary said teasing you on your way back from the hunt.
“OH MY ANGEL” you yelled causing Jace and Alec to stop walking ahead of you and turn around to see what the matter was. You had enough, couldn’t they all see that you just wanted to keep it to yourself and not tell him.
“Could all three of you stop asking me that,I had enough” you shouted while looking from Clary to Jace to Isabella.
“Stop asking you what?” Alec asked standing there between all of you looking more confused then ever.
“It’s nothing so don’t worry about it” you said back.
“That’s a lie. It’s is something important dear brother so we will leave so the two of you alone so you can talk about it” Izzy said pulling Jace and Clary away with her. God damn Izzy you thought as she left, leave it to her to do something like this leaving you no choice but to face your fears.
“What’s so important? Alec asked. Isn’t he full of questions to day you thought but you knew if you were in his situation too you would be doing the same.
"Do you really want to hear something that would change our friendship forever? There’s no turning back after you hear what I have to say” you said looking him in the face staring at his eyes. His hair was a bit messy from fighting the demon earlier and he looked tried but he still smile at you.
“Go ahead, say it. You never know if I feel the same way. If you don’t ask.” he said as he walked closer to you.
“Well hear I go Alec I- wait what did you just say?” You ask looking dumbfounded. Did he really just say that he had feeling for me you wonder.
“Me and you both know what I said, Yes I have feeling for you Y/N. You and I both know you have them for me too. It doesn’t need to take a genius to figured that out.”
“But why haven’t you said anything before” you stated. Alec just shrugged “I guess every time I try I just chicken out of it” he said looking at you
“I always got nervous and back out, thinking that when everyone said you have feeling for me was just a lie”
“Oh Alec, I do like you” you said looking at him “A lot really”
“Good because I like you too and now I can do this” he while bending down to kiss you.
Your guys lips touch and it felt like home. Like this is what you always needed but never knew you did until now. It had so much passionate from all the years worth of feelings you had built up inside. You guys pulled away from the kiss and rested your forehead together. Finally this moment that you always dream of was here and it sure was hell worth the wait.
“Would you two hurry up sucking each other face off because it cold” Jace yelled. Causing you guys to stop kissing and laugh along with Izzy and Clary.
“Come lets go” Alec said as he pulled your hand making your way back to the others to head home.

A/N: if you guys have any requests or idea please send them along. I will happily do them.

the wedding photo

little drabble based on this post.

She knew it shouldn’t be awkward - it was as much her apartment as it is his. Every corner of the place held a memory that was them, every piece of furniture, every little detail was part of their story, part of their journey. And still, as she made her way through the familiar spaces, she felt like she was discovering it all over again.

He had been carrying their luggage inside and when he came back, he found her standing in front of what was their favorite framed picture in the entire place. It was a candid shot from their wedding, taken surprisingly by Sawyer. Jane was on the left, looking at someone out of the frame, and smiling, deliriously happy, as she had been throughout that whole day. And similarly Kurt, standing right next to her, pressed against her, was doing what he had been doing almost all day - staring at Jane, smiling, his love for her shining through his gaze. 

“You looked so happy,” he whispered as he came to stand behind her, at a safe distance.

She felt her heart break at his words, and for a moment, she could not turn around to face. She willed her tears to not spill and slowly shifted to look at him. “I was happy,” she insisted. She didn’t just look happy.

He gave her a half smile and nodded, looking away from her - from the picture on the wall. 

“Kurt,” she said his name, firmly, urging him to look at her, “I was happy. And not just that day. I was happy every single day with you. You make me happy.”

She’d stopped trying to stop her tears from falling. “You make me so happy. That was never the reason why… why I had to leave,” she was crying now, and he wanted nothing more but to grab her and pull her against him, to hold her until she had nothing left to cry about. “I never had a choice. You have to know… you have to know that if I have a choice I will always, always, choose you.”

“I love you,” she sobbed those last three words and it broke every last bit on restraint he had. He reached for her, wrapping her in his embrace, and repeated those words to her until they both had cried every last tear.

Fighting it is Useless-pt. 3

Due to popular demand, here is part 3, lovelies!! I do not own ANY Supernatural characters. They belong to the creators of the show. 

Part 1, Part 2

Warnings: Angst, violence, blood, death, slight fluff, and it’s pretty long. Soulmate AU

Pairings: Arthur Ketch x fem!Winchester reader, Mick Davies, Dr. Hess

Originally posted by faith-in-dean

Ketch simply stood there in confusion for several minutes, unsure of what had just happened. Did you not experience the same kiss he did? His gaze traveled to the practically untouched plates on the table and he sighed. “Can’t very well let her starve. Her bloody brothers would never let me live it down.” He carefully picked up the plates, put them on a tray and made his way back to your room.

               He found your room easily enough and was poised to knock, but he stopped when he heard your voice. “What do I do, Sam? That kiss…there are no words, Sammy. But I don’t want to get hurt…Yeah, I know Ketch isn’t Lisa or Jess but still…Yeah. Thanks, Sam.” You sighed heavily and Ketch decided it would be a good time to knock.

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stripper au - seulgi / reader pt.1

Originally posted by bubbleflexe

“You heard me. How do you get over a pretty girl? Watch tons of other pretty girls dancing all around you.”

finally caved into writing a lil smut. whoopsies. this is part 1 of 2 because i’m currently stuck on the ending but i promise i’ll finish it as quickly as possible. rated m for language and theme. enjoy!

update: part 2′s done, you can find it here

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i volunteered to come in to cover someone else i didn’t have to go in. but the co worker that’s there decided it was unfair that i was leaving before the usual time. meaning she’d be alone for one lousy hour before the next person came in and she’s 30 years older than me and started crying because she didn’t wanna be alone and was fixated on the fact this was an attack on her for being her. 

well, man, i mean. she put herself in this hole in deciding to make enemies at the store, lmao asking me time to time while she was in management to do her fucking work for her because she wanted her ‘extra’ money at the end of the month. that’s not how it works in a place that has team work involved. i did my part, i put my time into working today when i didn’t have to. don’t take your petty cry fest out on me because you think life’s unfair today and everyone is just out to get you.


Edmund x Reader: His Queen

Anon said: Oh gosh you broke my heart with that last hc</3 can we have a happy imagine set in the golden age to help feel better? ^_^ any plot. Just cuteness.

Again, apologies for making people sad, so here is an imagine to lift up your spirits.

-Golden Age-

“Oh, come on Peter. Don’t tell me you’re afraid to fight a girl,” (Y/N) mocked Peter with her sword drawn.

Edmund and Peter had been sparring when (Y/N) had entered. She had made a joke about beating Peter, and he had laughed at it. Now that she was a faults challenging him, he didn’t want to duel her.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Peter told her as he put his own sword in its holster.

Edmund watched them in amusement.

“What? Because I’m a girl, how sexist can you be?” (Y/N) scoffed at his behavior.

“Don’t worry about it love, he knows he’ll lose his dignity when he loses to you,” Edmund came behind (Y/N) and wrapped his arms around her.

“Yeah, okay,” Peter rolled his eyes. “I have to go anyways. I’ll see you both later.” He walked away and as soon as he had left, (Y/N) turned in Edmund’s arms and faced him. She gave him a peck on the lips and started to walk away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Edmund twirled her to face him again. He gave her a crooked grin that would either make her want to kiss him or punch him.

“Don’t know. Just thought I’d go wherever my feet took me,” (Y/N) shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“Well how about we fuel instead, seeing as my older brother seems to afraid to go against you,” he hummed against her lips and pulled away. He took out his own sword and stood ready.

She only laughed and took out her own sword.

He noticed she wasn’t going to make the first move so he swung his sword at her. She easily blocked it and swung it at his head. He ducked and avoided being beheaded. They continued smiling for a few minutes before she lost concentration for a split second and he disarmed her. With his foot he made her fall on her back on the floor. Luckily the floor was covered in soft mats.

(Y/N) groaned as her head hit the mat. She opened her eyes only to see her loving husband with a smirk on his face.

“Do you need help, darling?”

She didn’t say anything and only put her arm up. He believed it to be her way of asking for help to get up, but as soon he grasped her hand, she pulled him down to hover over her.

He could feel her breathing against his face at how close they were to each other.

Edmund raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t lose his smirk. “You know I still won, right?”

Then out of no where, (Y/N) pushed him down and pulled herself up. This made it so Edmund was now lying on the floor and she was hovering over him. She grabbed his sword and put it over his neck and smiled.

“I think I actually win.” She then smirked which made Edmund frown.

“Cheater,” he mumbled. Her laugh sounded of bells echoing throughout the room.

She discarded his sword and pressed her lips against his. Using this to his advantage, he once again pushed her down on the mat and hovered over her.


“Admit I won.” He smirked down at her. She roller her eyes.

“I would, but I’d be lying,” she gave him an innocent smile.

“I didn’t want to do this, but you left me no choice,” Edmund told her. She didn’t understand at first. Then Edmund started tickling her.

“No! Stop…Edmund-Please…Edmund!” She said in between her fit of laugher.

“Admit I won.”

“No-Stop…Edmund Pevensie!” She continued laughing.

“Admit it.”

She couldn’t handle it anymore. “Fine! You won, just stop.”

Edmund finally stopped and smiled triumphantly.

(Y/N) catched her breath before punching Edmund in the arm.


“You deserved it,” she continued taking in deep breaths.

He rolled his eyes and caressed her cheek. He kissed her for a few moments, but she pulled back.

“Can’t breath,”’she told him.

“Can’t blame you. I always knew I had that effect on you,” Edmund joked.

“Why did I marry you again?” She quirked an eyebrow, but was smiling.

“Because you love me,” he hummed.

“You sure?”

“Positive. Just not as much as I love you, my beautiful queen.”

“You’re so kind to me,” she smiled. “What did I ever do to deserve you, my just King?”

“It’s what did I do to deserve you, my sweet (Y/N). My beautiful, sweet, Queen (Y/N),” he hummed once more before capturing her lips in a passionate kiss.

Tamales and Babies » Rafinha Alcântara

Your love is bright as ever,


“And then Ney told me to wipe my hands if I ever high-fived Ronaldo,” Rafa explained.

“You’re terrible!” His wife laughed as they entered their shared apartment.

“How am I terrible?” He sniggered, dropping his gym bag by the door.

“Boy, I swear if you don’t turn around and pick up that sweat infested shit of a bag off my floor.” She laughed, turning around to glare at her boyfriend.

“Sheesh.” Rafa exclaimed, hands up in a surrendering motion.

Rafinha understood one of his wife’s many pet peeves included a cluttered den, so naturally, leaving his stuff around to clutter the place up was also on the list. Sometimes he’d wonder if his beau had some kind of OCD that had yet to be discovered, but he knew he couldn’t bring this topic to the surface for he might get a joking punch to the crotch.

“Meu amor, have you went to doctor yet?” He questioned, picking the ‘sweat infested bag’ off the hard-wood flooring of the room.

“Yeah,” she frowned looking at him.

He knew that face all too well. It was the ‘sorry, I’m not pregnant face’ his wife always made.

“Not again.” Rafa sighed, beginning to place his uniform into the wash for practice he had planned the next day.

“Again.” Y/N heaved a sigh. “I’m sorry.”

Looking at his wives face only saddened this second-generation Alcântara more. Him and his wife had been trying for a baby all too long, and she’d recently been having signs of pregnancy, but now their hopes were destroyed. They were happily married and felt like they were ready for the extra responsibility of conceiving a child.

(These adults also enjoyed the process in which they tried for a baby with, also.) “Maybe next time.” Rafael offered a forced smile.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “What do you want for dinner, osi?” For some reason his wife insisted on calling him by his childhood nickname.

“How about tamales? I haven’t had them in a while?” Rafinha asked, smiling his big, hopeful grin. “Only if you help me.” Y/N offered, batting her eyelashes in a pleading way.

To make tamales was a tedious job to try and complete in the night hours, so of course Mrs. Alcântara didn’t want to the job alone. Rafa knew this meant taking part in the infamous (and much dreaded,) Alcântara-tamale-assembly line. It was a simple work line indeed. First, Y/N would grab the pre-dried corn-husks (with the masa already inside) and spread the red chile sauce inside before handing it to him so he could place the chicken inside & diced tomatoes before placing them in the steamer. It was a quick (and laborious) dish Jonathan dos Santos had once taught them that was usually fun and always brought the child out in the both of them.

After preparing the corn-husks, Y/N began spreading the masa onto the insides as Rafa stirred the chicken he’d just quickly made. “So, tell me more about practice,” she asked, passing the corn-husk over so he could apply the shredded chicken. 

 “If was fun. Dani, Neymar and I hung out afterwards,” Rafa explained, laughing at the thought of the jokes and banter they had after the practice. 

“What did you guys talk about.” Y/N may have seemed noisy or clingy, but Rafa knew she was just asking out of pure curiosity. 

 “We were just teasing Ney about the girl he had over the other night.” He answered, placing the prepared tamale into the steamer. 

“Not again!” She groaned. 

 Y/N knew Neymar was struggling ever since the breakup of him and his ex and his past nights usually included meaningless one-night stands. She tried convincing Rafa to help his friend out, but he swore his friend knew what he was doing. 

“Yes, again.” She couldn’t help but be disappointed in the answer he gave her. “Come on, Rafa, I know you know some girl to go on a blind date with him.” 

 “I do, but I don’t think he’s her type.” Rafa answered honestly. 

 “Neymar ain’t got no type!” She exclaimed, applying more masa onto the remaining husks. 

“Yes, he does.” Rafa laughed. “You don’t hang out with him everyday for hours on end.” 

“True that.” She agreed. “But come on help him out. Por favor, osi.” 

“I’ll help him if you promise never to call me that again.” He grumbled. 

 “I promise, osi.” Y/N teased before hurrying up the stairs to their shared bedroom. 

 “So you’re just going to just leave me here with all these tamales!” Rafinha yelled from the dining room. 

“Si, Rafael!” She yelled back. 

“This is what I get for marrying a Latina,” Rafa thought. “What’s wrong with white girls?” 


“I see you cooked me dinner.” Y/N inquired as she entered the set dining room. 

“You left me no choice,” Rafinha replied sarcastically as he brought the plate of fresh tamales unto the table.

“Anyways, sit, sit, babe.” He added pulling out a chair for his wife. 

 Sending him a questioning look, Y/N complied and sat into the seat. “What’s with all of this?” Around the table were all kinds of assortments of flowers and candles. 

“This is something I call, romantic.” Rafa replied adding an accent to his words.  

“Wow, wow, I’m impressed. Who knew Rafael Alcântara do Nascimento had this in him?” She teased reaching across the table to pinch his cheeks. 

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t get used to it.” Rafinha scoffed, trying to hide his crimson cheeks by turning the opposite direction. 

“Oh I will get used to it.” Y/N smirked, sipping a cup filled with icy water. 

“And why is that?” Rafa questioned. 

“Because you’ll need to learn how to cook for tres.” She laughed, pointing three of her fingers to add emphasis to her statement. 

“You’re a bitch ass liar!” Rafinha exclaimed standing from his seat. 

“I wish I was.” Y/N laughed, taking a small piece of chicken from her plate into her mouth. 

“You can have all the tamales you want, amor.” Rafinha chuckled, reaching across the table to kiss his wife before standing from the dinner table. 

“Where are you going?” Mrs. Alcântara questioned as her husband began to leave the room. 

“I have to call my brother and tell him the good news.” He explained excitedly. 

As Rafa left the room, Y/N began to finish her cooked meal. “Oh and for the record,” Rafinha added, popping his head into the room, “next time throw away the results,” he winked. 


gif credits to we-heart-barca 

 a/n: not my best, but i tried :) hopefully you like it anon!! 

Instinct Part One

Summary: A lost child appears into your life only to bring you closer Jimin–a man that you’d thought you’d hated once upon a time. Now all you want is to be there for the child, and maybe his father–but only if his mother gets the hell out of the way.

Warnings—-eventually…..I’m not going to spoil those yet.

Parts: Two / Three / Four  / Five / Six / Seven /  Eight / Nine

“Eomma!!” Your knees nearly buckled with the sudden weight of a toddler wrapping his arms around your calves. The pile of clothing in your hands shifted nervously as you fumbled to catch a falling shirt. You were on clean up of the dressing rooms at work, only to find yourself suddenly burdened by a small child that you’d had no notice of moments before.

You looked over at him, watching a smile full of a sparse row of gummy teeth light up upon seeing your face. You couldn’t help but smile back at him, the adorable child too bright for your eyes. Like the child he was, your smile only makes him giggle and bury his shy face into your pant leg.

You looked up, expecting to see some embarrassed parent chasing after him only to find that the little boy is completely alone. The laughter dropped from your face as you swiveled your head to search for any sign of the toddler’s family, but there wasn’t any.

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How having a good Love-o-Meter with Leiftan ?

Hello, i’ll try to teach you what is the technic for having a food love-o-meter with Leiftan. I am so sorry if I speak very bad english. Be careful, replays may be useful if you are above the episode 8. (I play to the French server not to the english server, so the answers are french)

The most important thing is that must change your  crush to quelqu’un... (or somebody… in the english server)

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Shatter me again [2]

Title: Shatter me again

Author: @deanwinchesterxreader

Beta-reader: @eyesxsewnxopenx

Summary: Dean has been living a normal life with his girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben for the past year. Everything seems to be going well until his past comes knocking on his door.

Type: multichapter

Chapter: two

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 6219

Warnings: angst, swearing, violence, death.

Tagging: @deanssexyassbutt @poemwriter98 @sherlock44

Part one.

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