she learnt to love again because of him

100 reasons to appreciate Eren Yeager

He’s so genuine.
2. He’s always there for his friends.

3. Has always spoken for himself.

4. Has always stood up for what he believes in.

5. Fights for what he thinks is right.
6. He is so selfless.

7. Inspires people around him.

8. He is honest.

9. Would do anything to make his friends happy.

10. He is so brave.

11. Works harder than everybody else to achieve his goals.

12. He’s the most passionate and determined soldier.

13. Stood up for the survey corps after hearing someone talk shit about them.

14. Wants to give other people’s death a meaning.

15. Never stops training to improve his titan powers.

16. Barely gets time to rest properly.

17. He never wanted his titan powers but embraced them for the sake of humanity.

18. His will to fight is incomparable.

19. He is so important and needed.

20. Wants to be useful.

21. Works hard because he doesn’t want to let other people down.

22. He’s a very unique protagonist.

23. Understands other people’s feelings.

24. Has had the world ripped away from him.

25. Wanted to capture their enemies more than anyone else.

26. Just wants people to trust him.

27. Admires his superiors.

28. Fits perfectly in the snk universe.

29. He’s just tired and deserves to rest.

30. Even Levi was amused by his willingness.

31. Devotes himself to humanity and doesn’t expect anything in return
32. Has faith on his friends.

33. He is feared by so many people.

34. Has taught us we can’t win without fighting.

35. Misses his mom and her stew a lot.

36. Wants everyone to be safe.

37. He’s so emotional.

38. His “angry issues” are just a reflection of his mourning.

39. Fought the colossal titan by himself with no fighting experience.

40. Never hesitates.

41. He always stays true to himself.

42. Reacts to different situation the way a normal person would.

43. He’s able to let go of his humanity if that means saving more people.

44. He’s so mature.

45. Has gone through a lot of development.

46. Wants to avenge not only his loved ones but also his comrades.

47. So many other characters would be dead without Eren.

48. He is always ready to fight and help.

49. Wants his freedom and his peaceful childhood back.

50. People always ignore his efforts.

51. Trusts his comrades.

52. Fights for his comrades.

53. Wants to protect his comrades.
54. Fights even when he knows he won’t be able to win.

55. You won’t find any protagonist with his qualities and personality.
56. Too much pressure.

57. Learns from his enemies to defeat them.

58. He’s just a kid.

59. Literally punched a titan to protect Mikasa.

60. Would give his life for humanity.

61. Wants to prove himself right.

62. Understands what’s going on around him.

63. Has proved to be useful and reliable even without his titan powers.

64. So full of life.

65. Gets disappointed with himself and has anxiety.

66. Never lets his friends behind.

67. Made it to the top 5 in the 104th trainees squad.

68. Kept training to become a soldier even after being told he wouldn’t be able to.

69. Carries the fate of humanity on his shoulders and the burden of “not being a hindrance to humanity”.

70. People always expect too much from him.

71. Sealed Wall Maria and Wall Rose.

72. Cares about his friend’s dreams.

73. Amazing at hand-to-hand combat.
74. Doesn’t have super strength or great abilities or a powerful mind but he tries  harder than anyone.

75. Moves everyone around him.

76. He has so much potential.

77. Doesn’t want anyone to go through the same as him.

78. Has accepted the responsibilities of having his titan powers.

79. He’s so badass.
80. Helped capturing the Female titan.
81. Fought the Armoured Titan more than once.

82. Took down the Colossal titan.

83. Just wants to stop the world from being so corrupt and cruel.

84. He’s always aware of his mistakes.

85. Never gives up.

86. Always takes action.

87. Blames himself for so many things.

88. Sacrificed himself for his best friend.

89. Risked his life to save Mikasa from her kidnappers.

90. He is amazing at team work.

91. Took care of Mikasa when she needed him.

92. Actually learns from his mistakes.

93. Gets misunderstood all the time.

94. He’s so caring, loving and has a huge heart.
95. “Despite not being all strong in fist fights, that idiot always jumped right into the fray, never giving a damn if it were 3 guys he was up agains or 5.”
96. Has a fantastic moral.

97. Has learnt to control his emotions.
98. Prioritises other people’s lives.

99. So many people joined the Survey Corps because of him and his speeches.
100. He makes me happy no matter what.


Characters who have developed because of Eren (this is my opinion, the way I interpret the characters, you’re allowed to disagree) - Mikasa, Armin, Connie, Jean, Reiner, Annie, Levi, Historia, Hannes, Pixis, Shadis.

Stuff Eren has been through - seeing his mom being eaten, self harm, physical and mental torture, traumas, seeing his friends getting eaten, his limbs being eaten and chopped off, wanting to die, begging to be eaten, being accused of his father’s sins, being treated like a monster, being feared and not trusted, seeing his best friend being taken away from him, being forced to become a titan by his dad, being punched and kicked by people stronger than him so many times, almost being killed by Mikasa’s kidnapper, being kidnapped, exhaustive training, etc etc etc

To finish off, here’s three of my favourite panels in this manga. You’re welcome.

My idea for an alternate ending

Before watching the finale, I thought of a scenario that would be a satisfying ending for me. I want to share what I came up with.

(Note that I’m not a writer and this would probably cause many plot holes as I don’t perfectly remember everything that happened on the show *cough* neither does Marlene *cough*. I just thought this would be a memorable finale and the story could be tweaked to suit this ending.)

The first scene would be the main group sitting together and chatting, like in the Lost Woods Resorts scene except without the unnecessary time jump (I would put the time jump after the reveal of A.D.). They could all end up having sex like in the show because fans love that blah blah.  I also wouldn’t include any “mystery” (lmao) in this scene like Mona spying on them with a Melissa mask on for no reason.

The next scene, the preparations for Ezra and Aria’s wedding begins. Now that the board game is over they want to move on with their lives. During the preparations, the liars receive a simple text message like in the old days. “I will always be with you, til death do us part. -A” the text reads (a reference to the episode title). The liars are surprised it is signed as A and they become a bit unsettled, but they come to the conclusion that it is either sent by Mona or just as a prank. They continue with the preparations, other characters interact blah blah blah.

Then the wedding day comes and the ceremony is held at the church (like it was in the show). All the girls are on the front row, where they sat in the first episode. Most other characters including Lucas, Jason, Melissa, Wren (assume they are still dating and that’s why Wren was invited), Jenna (the girls are surprised to see she is invited considering she worked for A.D. before, a parallel to how they were surprised to see her in the first episode) are there. Mona is absent.

There is a screen behind the stage, where a slide show of Aria and Ezra’s photos is playing. When all guests arrive, the ceremony begins. Aria and Ezra read their vows (written by them unlike in the show, since they are both writers…). Aria reads her vows first. Then Ezra reads his own and ends with “I will always be with you, til death do us part”, the exact same line from A’s text message. Everyone gets emotional except Alison, Hanna, Emily and Spencer who stare at each other in shock. Then the minister pronounces them husband and wife, Aria and Ezra kiss passionately blah blah everyone claps and Aria and Ezra walk the aisle together. As soon as they walk out the church the enterance doors close behind them and only a minute pass before everyone else realize they are locked inside.

After a few panicked moments,  the screen lights up again. It’s Aria and Ezra on the screen, in their wedding attires. Ezra is the first one to talk, saying something along the lines of “you must be wondering what’s happening” blah blah blah and he says he will explain everything. He starts his speech in a romantic manner, about how he met Aria and how much he loves her. He says their relationship is beyond love, that it’s something much more than that. Then he starts talking about A, as he/she has been a prominent  part of their lives. He talks about how A tortured the girls and it turned out to be Charlotte and how she was born as Charles Dilaurentis blah blah.

Then he reveals the real Charles Dilaurentis is not Cece a.k.a Charlotte, but himself. He says that there is only one A, the “uber” A and that it’s him. He reveals he was the A who took the game from Mona and he is also A.D. His motive for becoming A was 1) his obsession with Aria 2) to find Alison, his sister 3) that Mona being A inspired him for becoming A himself and writing a book about it. Over the time, his book became his main priority.

He reveals Cece was not the “real” A but only his minion, the Red Coat. They were really close because they are cousins and they grew up together in Radley (Ezra would later get adopted by a rich family and wouldn’t meet the liars until he becomes a teacher.). Ezra sent Cece to take the game over from Mona and Cece agreed to help because she hated the girls for causing her to get kicked out of Upenn and wanted to get revenge. They started torturing the girls together: the mastermind was Ezra while Cece did the dirty work. After a while, Cece got a little out of control and acted without Ezra’s orders because she was enjoying getting her revenge and having control over the girls’ lives. She thought Ezra was being too soft (I imagine Ezra would only play with the girls’ minds while Cece would be more violent and enjoyed causing them physical harm). Later Ezra found out and got really angry not only because she disobeyed her but also because she hurt Aria (everything terrible A did to Aria would be done by Cece and not Ezra). He threatened Cece and they came up with a deal: Cece would confess to being A and make up this story about how she is Charles. Ezra promised he would arrange that she gets released after a while. At this point, Ezra would be dating Aria, he would have found his sister Alison and most importantly he would have enough material to write his book so there was no reason left for being A and if they followed the plan, both Ezra and Cece would get away with it and noone would learn Ezra is the real Charles. (Ezra decides to publish his book post-mortem because otherwise it would basically be a confession)

Then Aria starts speaking and she says Ezra confessed to her about being A during the 5 year period before they all came back to Rosewood. She forgave Ezra over the time because he never hurt her as A (assume Aria is actually as shady as she was shown to be and not a total angel) but never told the girls about it to protect Ezra. 5 years later, Ezra arranged to have Cece released and Aria saying she doesn’t want Cece released at the hearing was just an act to prevent any suspicions. With Cece out, they thought everything had finally ended.

But shortly after Cece got released, she was murdered and Ezra became devastated and angry. Aria explains that Ezra thought one of the girls did it and he decided to become A again to torture them until someone confesses and Aria decided to help him out of love (She could say something like “I love you girls, I just love Ezra more” or sth? Sound cheesy I know haha). That’s how they became A.D. Aria explains A.D. stands for After Death (I saw this idea on Tumblr and it makes sense to me because of Cece’s death). They kept being A.D. until they learnt Mona killed Cece and that’s when they stopped the game (both in the literal and metaphorical sense). 

Then Ezra reveals that his book is finally finished and will be published soon, and that Aria is the co-author. The book is named “After Death” and he explains it’s a fitting name for the story in more ways than one: everything began with Alison’s “death” and they started working together as A.D. after Cece’s death. Then he admits they killed Mona just before the wedding as their final A act and they got revenge for Cece. After that, the screen goes black for a moment and then Ezra and Aria appears again, this time wearing black hoodies. They are both holding a gun in their hand and they explain they wanted to “leave a mark on the world” by writing the perfect book and all the characters (the guests who are watching them) including themselves are now immortal. Then they kiss before shooting each other. And it all ends where it began: The church, where the liars got their first simultaneous A text.

In the next scene, we see the rest of the liars in shock. They receive a text message saying “You wouldn’t want to miss the reception, would you? -A” (obviously this would be a scheduled message) and they reluctantly go to where the reception would take place (The Brew, I think?). They see that Ezra and Aria turned the Brew into A’s lair, with every single piece of material that they have used as A and A.D. throughout the years: All the things we saw in A’s endings are present. The liars look around and see some evidence for the things Ezra and Aria didn’t have time to explain. For example, Spencer sees that there is a photo of Melissa in the Black Widow costume and around it is evidence that she was trying to protect Spencer from A all along. Things like that (if I wrote everything I had in mind this would be thrice as long lmao). I think this would be a neat way to resolve some of the smaller mysteries to the viewers.

The next scene happens after a one year time jump. Emison has their twins, Hanna is pregnant, Spoby has gotten back together bla bla bla. Everyone is happy period. 

And the final scene we are shown is the infamous barn scene, the first scene of the entire series. The actual version of the scene ends with a close-up of Aria (you can watch it here to refresh your memory). This time, it would end with the same close-up of Aria, but instead, she would turn to the camera and make the “ssh” sign. 

Dark Bloom (For a moment, I was lost part 1)


Based on one of my favourite albums “For a moment, I was lost” by Amber Run.

This part is inspired by the song Dark Bloom.

Your best friend Caroline is none other than @mrshopkirk!

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader, Howard Stark x OC!Julia

Summary: A devastating loss brings you closer to the man you are destined to be with, but a family dalliance keeps you two apart.

Word count: 2.464

Warnings: Angst. Other than that, you’re safe.

A/N: I wanted to do something different and as it turns out, Dominic Cooper is one hell of an attractive Howard. Please excuse any historical errors and even the timeline that may or may not be entirely accurate. And yes, Julia is in fact my granny’s middle name. I really hope you enjoy this little fic series! Let me know of you want on or off the tag list.

A/N: There will be of course more Julia x Howard moments in the future!

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Delena Forever Ours - July 20: Five Speeches (pt. 5)

This post is for the “Delena Forever Ours” Meta Month

Once again I’m late with the assignments because of work and catching up whenever I can. Lots of Delena love to all of you.

July 20: Five Speeches (pt. 5)

Damon: “I’m taking it. I’ve been a vampire for a long time, Elena. It’s been a blast. I would give it up in a second to be your husband. Your partner, the father of your kids.
“You can’t take it just for me.”
“That’s what you and Stefan keep saying, but you’re wrong. I can. I can take it for us. Okay? Because even if it doesn’t work, even if it all goes to hell, even if I’m miserable and alone, the smallest chance of a perfect life with you is infinitely better than an immortal one without you. And I know this, Elena. I love you… and I will love you until I take my last breath on this earth.

Last but most certainly not least… how could I leave out THE speech?
This right here is marriage proposal AND wedding vows combined… and once again I’m teary-eyed. These two will never stop making me emotional!

Just like before, Damon’s words don’t really need any further comment, because they speak volumes. And they are beyond beautiful.

A few years earlier Elena chose to stay a vampire, because she saw the promise of Eternal Love with Damon and next to him she learnt how awesome being a vampire could be. She refused the cure so that she could be with Damon, Forever.
Now, Damon is choosing to give up his immortality so that he can have a normal, shorter, but fulfilled human life next to the woman he loves, because Eternity doesn’t mean anything if he can’t share it with Elena.

When two people love each other so deeply that they’re both willing to give up that much for their partner, you understand the meaning of “meant to be”.

Post Vanilla Lips

This is a rough draft of the worst sort. Don’t read too much into this, I am just too excited to hold back. Future Bughead from me to you.

Family was deeper than blood.

Jughead always said our family was deeper than Sweet Water River itself and as much as I laughed at him as he spun me around our kitchen that smells like maple and sticky-sweet covered fingers, I couldn’t laugh at him for not calling it true.

Family was the feeling of little hands creeping up my sides and his rougher, more used ones as he cupped my face. Jughead is my home, Founders Street was were our home sat. I had two smiling faces, one was small and blonde who was stuck to my hip-side who looked up at me all bright-summer and blue; the other was a dark-ochre-worry eyed one who was approaching rapidly in growth to meet me in the eye with his lopsided grin and dark hair.

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Hi madara-fate! Thank you for taking the time to do this post!   (=^▽^=)

Most of your examples are of Team 7-Sasuke which is actually counterproductive to your point. While he rejected Sakura back at the academy (as well as Naruto - or anyone really), he grew to like his teammates because of the time they spent together, that’s just natural because he’s human (well, actually he’s a manga character but you get the idea). 

Because he used to be alone after he lost his blood relatives, Team 7 gave him people to rely on and spend time with, maybe a bit like a second family. I cannot deny that Sakura is part of that team, so yes, she was there along with Naruto and Kakashi. 

Those emotions at the beginning of the series are simply not enough to be considered love or care to actually marry a person. He started to care for Sakura as a teammate but if we go by that, he could have married either Kakashi or Naruto (I wish) as well because they were his teammates just as much as Sakura. If you (the SasuSaku fandom) are saying that Sakura is the only marriage candidate just because she happens to be the only female.. yea, that’s incredibly uncalled for. 

He protected Sakura and Naruto during missions because it was his duty, not because he genuinely cared about her as a person. 

You’re saying he is “stepping in harm’s way to shield Sakura from an attack”. Well, no, I don’t think so. Shielding Sakura is a side-effect of what he did. He is stepping in because Sakura is too weak/not skilled enough to protect the old man which was their mission. He obviously couldn’t watch that ninja killing both of them. Apart from that, he was trying to show off since it was their first mission

Next you say “Sakura being the only female Sasuke is content with being in close physical contact with”. I don’t think those 3 panels you so conveniently picked are enough to state that as a fact :P He never chose to have any kind of physical contact to Sakura up to ch.600+, if it was not necessary. That panel was of Sakura forcing herself on Sasuke (as she did so often..)

The only physical contact (until Kishimoto screwed with him) he wanted to have with Sakura was here:

And Sasuke isn’t doing that on a whim, even Kakashi recognized his killing intent:

And because it’s that beautiful, here we go again:

You have to understand that, yes, Sasuke was indifferent to anybody in Konoha when he was younger (except for Naruto because of other reasons) but then he learnt what it meant to have friends (again, primarily due to Naruto because he loved Sasuke most selflessly). That, however, changed which is why your Team 7 panels don’t have much meaning beyond that time. I don’t think Sasuke hated Sakura/Kakashi during his missing-nin time but he didn’t have the same feelings for them as before. 

Not just towards Sakura, but even towards his sensei:

So we have reached the war panels now. 

“Sasuke’s leg shaking during Sakura’s confession, showing her words mean something to him, in chapter 693.“

No, his leg was shaking because he didn’t want to put up with her spouting nonsense his way. I get that it’s up to interpretation, so I see you’re feeling differently towards it, maybe it’s not completely clear but that’s the way I see it. 

He was shacking and then turned:

And made her shut up. She’s been saying those lovey dovey things ever since they were little. In my view, Sasuke got fed up with it. He had other goals and plans. He never wanted romantic love, that’s not the kind of love he was starving for, especially not from Sakura’s side. 

This isn’t supposed to be a NaruSasu post but:

Do you understand what he just said? Naruto is his one and only friend. Even at this point, Sakura is nothing but an old teammate to him. She isn’t even considered a friend by Sasuke. Naruto is his only true friend. He says so himself with his own mouth. After their fight, Sasuke was at peace due to Naruto’s influence and love which is why he apologized to Sakura for his earlier deeds. Naruto is the only reason for that. Again, Sakura’s but a former teammate to him. He never saw her as a romantic interest or even a close friend. Them getting married after this is bullshit by Kishimoto to force SasuSaku.

anonymous asked:

Wishing good luck on your blog hunny!! How would GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi react if their s/o who looked cute and innocent, is actually not a girly girl, princess type girl, has a very much laid back (dare I say boy-ish lol) behavior and is kinda a pervert xD?

(literally me minus the cute bit)

Kuroko: He’d be very surprised, but he’d take it in his stride. As for the pervert bit, Kuroko has a killer poker face going on, so he’s fine there. 

Kise: Not very surprised, simply because he doesn’t tend to rely on solely appearances. He wouldn’t particularly mind entertaining her perverted side either. 

Midorima: Also, he doesn’t judge by appearance, so he wasn’t too taken aback. However, the perverted part of her made him a little uncomfortable since he is a little prude. 

Aomine: That just meant she was someone who wouldn’t mind him bringing to the court more often. He’s a pervert too, so it was kind of a match made in pervert heaven. 

Murasakibara: Doesn’t care one bit. When she questions him, his response is: “I like _____-chin because she’s nice to me. Not because of anything else.” 

Akashi: A little surprised because it was like she flipped a switch and completely changed. He doesn’t mind it because he loves her for her.

Kagami: Surprised but again, he doesn’t care. Like Murasakibara, her looks weren’t what attracted her to him. 

Takao: Super chill about it. Just laughs it off, and entertains her perverted side more once he learnt that was what she was really like. 

Kasamatsu: So shocked. He literally cannot comprehend what happened to her, but once the shock wore off, he wouldn’t mind one bit. 

Kiyoshi: Again, super chill. Like Murasakibara, he fell for her personality. And he would do so again for this new side of her. 

October 10th, 2014 - Love Letters

AUTHOR: animeXalchemist

10th of October, 2014 - Love Letters

Dear Mason,

I must say that your conditions sound positively monstrous; I’m sure I wouldn’t last a day. And yet you still find the time to accommodate me in your life. Your last reply was particularly beautiful, and I would be delighted to go dancing with you when you get out. I’m sure you look immensely dashing in that tweed suit of yours, and I shall dress in my finest dress of emerald silk. We shall be quite the sight!

With love,

Rose Kirkland

“Grandma?” a small voice asked, looking at the woman curiously, “What are you doing?”

Rose turned around to face her grandson and smiled. “Can you keep a secret, Arthur?” she asked, turning to face him with an odd twinkle in her eyes. Arthur nodded and she brought her voice down to a conspiratorial whisper. “I have a pen pal,” she said excitedly, “A man called Mason Jones. Oh he is such a gentleman,” she sighed happily.

“How did you meet him?” Arthur asked, suddenly extremely interested in a man that could make his grandmother smile like that.

“Well…” she hesitated, “He’s actually in prison.”

Arthur’s mouth dropped open, his big green eyes widening. “B-But that means he’s a bad man!”

“Come here, sweet,” Rose said kindly, picking the boy up and placing him on her knee, “Things are never black and white, as you will come to realise. Mason is a lovely chap and he makes me happy. Ever since your grandfather died I’ve been so lonely… But Arthur, reading Mason’s letters means so much to me, so please don’t tell your mother. She’d never approve. Will you promise me that, sweet?”

Arthur nodded and promised, if only because he’d never seen his grandma seem so alive as when she was reading her letter and writing a reply. He asked for more information on Mason, and learnt that he was American and lived in New York.

Over the years he learnt that prison food was disgusting and that Mason would love to try Rose’s home-cooking. He found out that Mason loved strolling around Central Park and that he planned to do so again when he got out, and would Rose do the honour of joining him? He seemed smart, witty, funny, and he always made Rose smile.

Rose fell ill when Arthur was sixteen, and when he visited her one day she made him make another promise: please keep writing to Mason. She didn’t want her American to know that she was dying; she wanted their story to live on. And Arthur, knowing how much this man meant to her, agreed. He did his best to imitate her hand and the letters continued, all signed off with: ’With love, Rose Kirkland’.

And so the story continued. He told Mason that his favourite film was Rebecca, and Mason told him that his was It’s A Wonderful Life. Sometimes they’d reminisce about ‘the good old days’, which required extensive Googling from Arthur because of course he hadn’t lived in such days. They built up a little fantasy where they’d dance the night away on a moonlit beach. And as the years rolled by, even though the letters were signed as Rose Kirkland, Arthur was writing his own thoughts, his own likes and dislikes. He looked forward to Mason’s letters and had that same dreamy smile that his grandma had as he read them and then replied.

But this man must have been ancient and, now at twenty-three, Arthur knew that he had been a colossal idiot to ever make the promise to continue writing. Because with every word Mason wrote, Arthur knew that he was falling harder and harder. He was falling for a man who must have been at least fifty years older than himself.

My Dearest Rose,

There is a bench in Central Park, situated under a grand arch of trees. It is beautiful at all times of the year. In the Spring the surroundings are blossoming with life, the Summer brings with it gorgeous weather and the joyous laughter of children as they excitedly run around. In the Autumn it becomes a patchwork of color: stunning reds, exquisite oranges, beautiful yellows… and the winter brings with it the promise of new beginnings. My dream is to take you to that bench one day.

All my love,

Mason Jones

Arthur cried when he read that letter. He cried because Mason could never achieve his dream. He cried because it felt as though he had stolen this wonderful man from his dear grandmother. And he cried as he imagined a small old man in a tweed suit, sat on this bench and waiting for his English rose to sit by his side. He couldn’t do this anymore; he needed to tell this man the truth. And he needed to hear it from Arthur’s own mouth, which is why he booked a flight to New York.

Darling Mason,

Thank you for your beautiful letter. I have no shame in admitting that it moved me to tears. But I am afraid that I have not been entirely truthful with you, and I intend to correct this. I only hope that you do not come to hate me when I tell you the truth. I have booked a flight for New York and I would very much like to visit you. I have looked up the prison’s visiting hours and I shall be there every day until I finally get to see you.

Sending you all my love,

Rose Kirkland

A couple of days before his flight, Arthur received a letter from Mason.

My Dearest Rose,

It appears as though the time has come for me to admit that I haven’t been all that truthful either. I am actually no longer in prison… would you meet me in Central Park when you get here? I have so much to say to you. I’ll be wearing a tweed suit and sat on that bench. I’ll sit there all day every day until we meet. So please wear that emerald silk you told me about so long ago. I’m sure you’ll look divine.

All my love,

Mason Jones

Arthur didn’t know what to make of the letter. What had Mason lied to him about? And when did he get out of prison? All of these thoughts swirled around inside his head, but it didn’t stop him from purchasing a long, elegant emerald silk scarf and wearing it around his neck as he walked through Central Park. His heart beat furiously in his chest and he’d done his best to rehearse what he would tell the man, but nothing sounded right. ’Oh hey, I know you were expecting a woman, but I’m actually a guy. Yeah I’m her grandson, and I kind of fell in love with you. Nothing creepy about that’. He groaned; this could only end in tears.

He carried on walking, surveying every bench he came across, but there was no sign of someone who looked like Mason (or what Arthur imagined him to look like). It wasn’t until three hours had passed did he come across a man wearing a tweed suit. He looked around, to see if there was anyone else wearing such a thing, but of course there wasn’t. But the problem with this man was his age. He was a young man, with a full head of golden hair. No matter how you looked at it, it was mathematically impossible for this man to be Mason. But due to sheer desperation at this point Arthur pointlessly wandered over on the off chance that this tweed man new something that could point him in the right direction.

The man seemed nervous, constantly looking around himself and jumping a little when Arthur said, “Excuse me sir, but do you know a man called Mason?”

Stunningly blue eyes gazed up at him in surprise, then confusion, but when he zeroed in on the scarf around his neck the man’s eyes widened and he gulped. “R-Rose?”

All the air left Arthur at that single utterance, words failing him. He could only nod at the handsome stranger.

“Oh man, I was expecting… I mean, I thought you’d be older… and a woman, but, yanno, that’s not a bad thing! I just never thought you’d be so hot—wait! I-I meant cute—no! Ah crap,” the man babbled, hands flailing wildly as Arthur progressively turned redder.

“Rose was my grandmother,” Arthur supplied, trying to throw the man a lifeline. “She… died quite a few years ago now, but she didn’t want Mason to know, because she thought it would break his heart. So I promised to keep writing… She really loved him,” he said earnestly.

“Mason was my grandpa,” the American said, managing to compose himself somewhat as he stood up from the bench, “And… sounds like a similar story actually. Before he died he told me to keep writing to Rose. Every time he got one of her letters he’d get this love-struck look on his face. I always thought it was kinda silly… until I found myself doing the same.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “I’m Alfred, by the way.”


“God this is all so… I mean, I kinda feel like I know you already.”

Arthur smiled. “Yes I… I know what you mean. And I also found myself with that love-struck look whenever I read your letters,” he admitted, flushing a little.

“You did?” Alfred asked, looking immeasurably pleased with this information. “Well… would you like to walk with me?” he asked, holding out his hand shyly.

“I’d love to,” Arthur said, taking hold of the proffered hand and feeling a pleasant warmth spread throughout his body, the two of them wearing the same expressions that their grandparents had once worn while reading their words of love.

Rose and Mason’s love would always live on, and in the same way, Arthur and Alfred’s love was just beginning.

Lost in the flood - 4x22 - Episode Review

One episode left. Where has this year gone by? The season finale is ahead of us and tonight’s episode was the perfect opening for the last act of the season. 

A strong, well-paced, balanced episode. An episode where we want to cry and laugh, believe and hurt, live and imagine. This was the Arrow I love. A TV show who knows how to balance guest stars and regular characters, life and death, tears and laughter.


The last weeks have been extremely hard on everyone – including Felicity. She has broken up with the love of her life, she has decided to move on with her life before losing a friend and coming back to help the team. Last week, the guilt of being responsible for the death of more than 10,00 people overwhelmed her and that guilt is nowhere close to gone.

Felicity, always so strong and grounded, appears beaten, emotionally weakened at the beginning of the episode. As her father encourages her to ground herself and put aside her feeling, Felicity can’t help but reach for him, allowing herself for a second to see in him the dad she has always wanted to see, the support that has been missing in her life. Felicity misses that support on a daily basis. Oliver and her are not together anymore. John is dealing with the grief of killing his own brother. Her two main supports are not by her side and the woman could use some love right now.

Love is not really what unites Donna and Noah. Saying that Donna and Noah hate each other is an understatement. They literally can’t be in the same room without launching at each other’s throats. Years apart made them more than strangers to each other, it built an anger, an animosity between the two that pretty much nothing can fix. Not even Felicity. The very reason of their conflict – Felicity – is not the one that can bring them back together.

Felicity can only ask them to tolerate each other for a few hours. Together in the same room. For the first time in years. Donna that we knew could be protective of her daughter upped her game even more and doesn’t let Noah near her daughter. As tension builds between Felicity’s parents, true tries to come out and we start to understand that maybe Felicity’s father hasn’t really abandoned them as she has always believed.

Donna’s main fear when it comes to Felicity’s dad is to see her daughter getting close to him. For one simple reason. It would destroy all the sacrifices that Donna made by pushing Felicity’s father away. Donna wanted to keep Noah as far as possible from Felicity because she knew that Noah wouldn’t change, that the darkness in him wouldn’t disappear for their daughter.

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About Hannah and Castiel's storyline

I think I’m in love with Hannah and what I think she might represent in Cas’ storyline.

In 10x01 we saw Castiel and Hannah as an action duo thanks to the fragmentation of the current situation that has the trio separated. Hannah is with Castiel because she is pertinent to his storyline, and the fact that she is so closely linked to him compels us to compare and contrast them to find what roles they play in their relationship.

I believe that Hannah is very similar to Castiel. It is not only the obvious physical resemblance, which however might be a visual reinforcement, but their similar situation. Castiel calls her “a good soldier, one of the best”; in the past, he has defined himself a soldier and he has proven himself more than competent on a military/strategic level. Castiel thinks of Hannah highly enough that she was his second in command before the Metatron fiasco and probably they were on the same page for many things.

Comparing Hannah to Castiel, however, we cannot help but observe that she is somewhat lacking. Often she ends up missing Castiel’s point completely. I think that this gap is what informs their relationship and creates the most relevant dynamics between them, at least from what we have seen from the premiere.

More often than not, she lacks understanding or even simple knowledge. Biggest point here? She really cannot seem to grasp the importance of free will. It is very clear from their confrontation with Daniel. The scenes with Daniel are full of absurdly important elements to the brim, but the main focus is clear from the very start: Daniel basically retells in a handful of seconds Castiel’s whole storyline. It is not even subtle. And we are not very surprised by the fact that Castiel seems to agree with his desire to be left alone, while Hannah is beside herself and clearly does not understand how Castiel can agree with him.

What’s more, her dialogue with Daniel does a good job at stressing how she is missing something.

Daniel: What is it about us angels that we can’t seem to get the message?

Hannah: Perhaps it is you who has failed to get the message?

She thinks that he is misled, that he is flawed, but the comparison between her and Castiel is already active and functioning and we see that actually she is the one who does not understand. We understand what he is saying because after nine seasons we have got the point, while for Hannah “this is nonsense”.

Daniel: Then you would understand why it’s worth fighting for.

Daniel does not exclude that one day she might be able to understand the importance of free will and individuality, and here he tells her that she will not be able to understand his reasons (nor Castiel’s, while we are at it) until she has not filled that gap.

Her response is predictably highly defensive, as she draws her blade and, thus, returns to the safe shelter of the orders she received. Following orders should not be a strange thing for an angel, but we know that she has doubts: when Castiel and Gadreel were in jail, she went to try to understand them; Gadreel’s sacrifice finally changed her mind (and she knows Gadreel’s development, which could in future partially become a source of inspiration); she actually hesitates when Castiel tries to placate her and ease the situation.

Another noteworthy moment is Castiel and Hannah’s dialogue in the car.

C: Another angel has died.

H: He was going to kill me, Castiel.

C: They just wanted to be left alone.

H: Without rules, there is chaos. Out of chaos rise angels like Naomi, Bartholomew… Metatron.

C: Well, perhaps I’ve been down here with them for too long. There’s seemingly nothing but chaos. But not all bad comes from it. Art, hope, love, dreams.

H: But those are human things.

C: Yes.

There is so much that can be said about this masterpiece exchange, but I will try to rein in myself and stick to the topic at hand (but it’s so so hard…).

Hannah naming a few ‘bad’ angels borne from chaos might naturally lead us to think of the better results of chaos, as in Balthazar or Gabriel, to name a pair. Most probably, our thoughts went straight to Castiel himself, who has been learning by trial and error before our own eyes and whose development has been laid bare by Daniel not 15 minutes ago. Also, let’s not forget Gadreel, who had disobeyed the rules and made the mistake that had condemned him to ages of detention, but who then broke the rules again, redeeming himself. Hannah, who is full of doubts and quite insecure (and all my love goes to Erica Carrol for her portrayal of Hannah because you can literally taste her insecurity when she parrots what she had learnt in Heaven) is on the brink herself and full of potential. In this regard, Castiel is playing the role of mentor, teaching her free thinking and protecting her. (It is Castiel who kills Daniel, even when Hannah would have probably been able to defend herself, thus effectively sparing her the choice and the guilt.)

Hannah has doubts, is potentially a free thinker and it looks like Castiel has taken her under his wing (pun not intended). Why is he doing that? In a way, she really strikes me as similar to how Castiel used to be at the very beginning, in season 4, a cluster of doubts about himself and the system and Heaven and orders and what he is supposed to do. I think that Castiel is looking after Hannah because she reminds him of himself and wants to help her to see it through. Storyline-wise, Castiel is more or less (less) happily going down the path that will finally lead him to The Choice, the one they have already shown us in all colours and shapes, that basically boils down to Earth vs Heaven or, if you prefer, humans vs angels, or individual vs collective, or pleasure vs duty, or however you want to decline it.

While he is having his inner debate, Hannah is right there, so similar to his old more angelic self and still mildly horrified by “those human things” that Castiel has accepted long ago and now is starting to appreciate (and now that we have somebody to compare him to, it is even more evident and irrefutable for us as well). Hannah still does not get their value: her lack of understanding ironically is what tells us that Castiel has indeed understood them. I think that these dynamics might help Castiel getting a clearer view of his own evolution and discerning between what he thinks he should do and what he truly wants. I expect great things both for Castiel and Hannah.


So I wasn’t thinking on writing a post-finale fic cause you all have already written wonderful pieces that soothed my olicity heart, but thenerddess requested the following prompt that got me writing:

  • Oliver and Laurel where Laurel confronts Oliver about his feelings for Felicity and what Slade said in the finale. Maybe she asks him if he and Felicity are together and he says no. Then she asks “So she’s not the woman you love?” But he can’t deny it, maybe he repeats himself and says they are not together.

So here it goes! Hope you like it :) - AO3

She didn’t know what to expect.

If there was something Laurel Lance had learnt in the past year was to expect the unexpected; that there was more to people that met the eye. Many secrets had unraveled, her life and loved ones being clear as day now –and not only because alcohol wasn’t in the mix anymore–.

Sara was gone, yet safe at least. Her father was on bed rest, surgery having taking a toll on him; but safe nonetheless. Her city was in crumbles, shaken by evil and vengeance again, though this time the only casualty in her life was normalcy.

In the last twenty-four hours she had worked alongside the arrow and the canary, masked heroes, and been kidnapped, yet again, by a vindictive criminal. Only now it made sense, why her… or at least she thought so.

Walking into Verdant, carefully avoiding the wreckage Slade’s men had torn off this place, she faced the one man that held the answer.

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I don’t understand why people are Klamille and/or Steroline shippers OR Klaroline shippers.
I mean, why can’t you be both of them?! I am. I just love the idea that both Klaus and Caroline are happy, it doesn’t matter if it’s with someone else. Why can’t you be just happy for them?!
There are people who HATE Camille, and for what?! Only because Klaus is attracted to her. Sometimes people can be unstable: they spread so much hate to Leah Pipes. They wished her to have cancer, they wished her to DIE. Are you insane?!? This is a TV show, and you are blaming a girl who just PLAYS A ROLE!
I was a Klaroline shipper, and I still am a Klaroline shipper, but I also like these couples!
Klaus and Camille’s relationship was builded from season one of The Originals, Klaus learnt how to be good ‘cause Cami always saw the good in him. (And of course, so did Caroline, but for now I’m just talking about Klamille.)
Camille also is a girl with secrets but I think that what her and Klaus have is something created by trust, caring, friendship and THEN love. And this is important, ‘cause Cami is a strong woman who always said she hated Klaus’ attitude but she also always believed that there was something good in him.
And in the last episode, when Klaus saved her from Aurora, there was that sweet hug between them, and it is exactly what makes you think that their relationship it’s not just some random kiss, but, again, it’s loyalty, trust, mind connection.
And now just talk about Steroline. These two know each other since six, seven years. He was in love with an another girl, and she fell in love with a lot of guys.
They always were side by side. They became friends, and then best friends. They grew together, and after all their delusions with someonelse, they learnt how to heal and how to smile again.
Caroline fell in love with Stefan like immediately. I mean, I still remember what she said in the pilot: “Stefan and I will marry in June.” And at that time that was funny, because Stefan was so in love with Elena. But although she weren’t talking about her feelings anymore, maybe internally she always loved him. And then when Delena happened, Stefan had to learn how to love someone else again, and Steroline just occurred.
Steroline are cute, and now, if we don’t talk about all the pregnancy thing, they were wonderful friends before and then a wonderful couple after.
SO, now there is the main question: Klaroline.
I always loved Klaroline and I will always love Klaroline. But guys, can we just be serious for one time?!? Klaroline is over, or at least for now.
When Klaus appeared in The Vampire Diaries, he was this thousand-year old vampire who was uncapable to love. While Caroline was a fragile human girl who when became a vampire, also became fearless, brave and “full of light”.
She was a strong girl with a lot of family problems, and she wasn’t afraid to be honest with Klaus, in fact she wasn’t afraid OF Klaus himself.
She brought light in his life, she taught him to love, she taught him to be happy. And Klaus changed and became a better man. So yes, sometimes it seems like Cami is Caroline imitation but it’s not.
Care was this pretty blonde spoil girl, who always had what she wanted. Then she changed, of course, but she is confident and she never was afraid to say what she tought.
While Camille it’s a grown up woman, who grew by herself without any family. She is not frivolous (I’m not saying that Caroline is ditz, but she is more casual than Cami) and her relationship with Klaus is completely different. Although the both of them changed him, they did it in very differents way. Caroline was the first to not be submitted by Klaus, instead Cami was the first to try to understand him.
Furthermore, we all remember Klaroline sex in season 5, right? And now just think about Klaus and Camille in the last episode. How the kissed each other, how they touched each other. They were not just giving up to the passion, they were loving each other. And the fact he stopped himself just to look at her it’s beautiful.
In The Vampire Diaries Caroline just wanted to do it. Klaus was really in love with Care, and of course she liked him, but in that time she was still in love with Tayler.
I want to say this: when Klaus left Caroline he said to her “He was your first love, I intend to be your last”. And this is the quote that all the Klaroline shippers know.
I believe in it. I do believe in it.
Caroline is happy with Stefan, right now. Klaus is happy with Camille, right now.
But listen to me: if Cami will remain a human, she is gonna die. This is sad, I know, but it’s the truth, while Klaus can’t die, so he will live forever.
Stefan is a vampire, but in 300 years he fell in love with Valerie, Katherine, Rebekah, Elena, Caroline, and a lot of other women we don’t know. Maybe Caroline is the right one, maybe not, we can’t know. But if not, I think that one day, maybe after five years, maybe after centuries, maybe after millenniums, but one day, I know this, Klaus and Caroline will meet each other.
I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to say, because my English is awful 'cause I’m italian, but I want to say this: he promised her those words, and Klaus always keeps his promises. They will re-encountered and they will fall in love with each other again. And of course they will miss all their lost loves, but again they will heal, like they always do.
I have faith in this, because I still believe in Klaroline, but the most important, I know that for now they have to live their own lifes with someonelse. And if you also love these carachter like I do, you will be happy for them no matter all the ships thing.

anonymous asked:

hey, just wondering if you have any thoughts/theories about what happened on lost after it finished? like to everyone on the plan after frank got them home? :)

Yesss, I do! I’m so glad you asked :)

Claire: She chooses to leave Aaron in her Mother’s care. She allows herself access to him now and then whilst she adjusts to being back in the real world. She struggles to sleep at night, suffering nightmares constantly. She’s no longer “sick”, but she’s scarred and fragile. Her and Kate remain close and often take Aaron on days out together. She buys Driveshaft records and merchandise for him on his birthdays and at Christmas. :) 

Kate: She returns home but avoids arrest. Aside from her relationship with Claire (above), she maintains a close (non-romantic) relationship with Sawyer. She spends a lot of her time between the two, helping Claire reconnect with Aaron, and helping Sawyer connect with Clementine. She still struggles to stay in the same place, not because she’s running away but because she needs to keep herself busy. She hates being alone with her thoughts because it all comes back to Jack. She dreams of the day she sees him again.

Sawyer: With Kate’s help, he is able to make amends with Cassidy, and is allowed to see Clementine during weekends. He’s learnt how to care and love on the island and turns out to be a pretty awesome father. Like Kate, he doesn’t find love again though. He visits Juliet’s sister and explains why and how he fell in love with her. They trade stories and become good friends. 

Miles: After learning the truth about his parents and his past on the island, he is able to let go off all his bad feeling and resentment and uses his ‘ability’ for good. I like to think that he became a detective like he was in the ‘flash sideways’.

Frank: Continued being a pilot for a while before retiring and settling down in the Bahamas. Often takes part in Karaoke Thursdays. Still wearing fantastic shirts.

Richard: After returning home to Tenerife, he finds it’s now a thriving tourist destination. He struggles to get to grips with it for a while but he soon embraces it. He becomes a model for Maybelline.