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fangirl challenge - [3/50] romantic relationships ♡ lexie and mark
“I know who she is, and if she’s going through her worst right now, I want to go through it with her. She makes me happier than anything I’ve ever known,and if I can have a part in making her happy again that’s all I want to do. That’s all I want to do for the rest of my life.”

So @inspectorboxer and I were re-watching this based on the Alex preview. Kara gets a phone call and she’s addressed as Supergirl. He says he has her sister.

Now listen to the voice at 12 seconds into this promo: I’ve spent the whole year planning this.

Now who haven’t we seen for a year who knows Kara is Supergirl and that she and Alex are sisters? We’re calling it: Maxwell Lord is back and he’s the one who kidnapped Alex.


‘…James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. Captain.’” 

She lowered the papers, looking a little pale. “My father.” 

Claire moved quickly to her daughter’s side, squeezing the girl’s arm. She was pale, too. 

“Yes,” she said to Roger. “I know he went to Culloden. When he left me…there at the stone circle…he meant to go back to Culloden Field, to rescue his men who were with Charles Stuart. And we know he did”—she nodded at the folder on the desk, its manila surface blank and innocent in the lamplight—“you found their names. But…but…Jamie…” Speaking the name aloud seemed to rattle her, and she clamped her lips tight. 

Now it was Brianna’s turn to support her mother.

 “He meant to go back, you said.” Her eyes, dark blue and encouraging, were intent on her mother’s face. “He meant to take his men away from the field, and then go back to the battle.” Claire nodded, recovering herself slightly.

 “He knew he hadn’t much chance of getting away; if the English caught him…he said he’d rather die in battle. That’s what he meant to do.” She turned to Roger, her gaze an unsettling amber. Her eyes always reminded him of hawk’s eyes, as though she could see a good deal farther than most people. “I can’t believe he didn’t die there—so many men did, and he meant to!” 

 Almost half the Highland army had died at Culloden, cut down in a blast of cannonfire and searing musketry. But not Jamie Fraser.

Voyager, Chapter 4: The Dunbonnet

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About a year ago, I had a clingy cowork who didn't know how to keep her hands to herself. Now I'm ok with being touches except the back of my neck (trigger from when I was assulted) so one day she was being her annoying self and she pressed an ice cube to the back of my neck and I crumpled to the floor sobbing. She never touched me again. I have never been to happy to have a public break down.

Party Dress

Request: Jeff and the reader are together. They go to a friend’s party where Jeff ends up getting jealous seeing another guy flirting with her. So when they get home, he gets really dominant with her in bed and she is really submissive to him.

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Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about some people’s opinions on politics / social justice. Because, everybody on this site are in their own groups (sjws, radfems, antis, etc) and they miss so many opportunities for potential friendships if they just choose to look past that. Take @radfemjourney and me for example, sure she and i may disagree on a lot of things but politics aside we actually have the same taste in movies ?? And now I found someone who I can scream to about Prince of Egypt and Anastasia.
And it spooks me, like, if I kept the same close minded views about certain groups, like radfems, then I wouldn’t even took the time to message her.
Sorry the rambling , just had to get this out.

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Some lady came in tonight and she was behind a guy who had like 5 sandwiches (all our sandwiches go through an oven) and when my coworker finally finished the 5 sandwiches this guy had (and he finished them p fast) well when he gets to this lady's sandwich she's like "well you might as well send through another one cause that one's probably cold now (it wasn't)" and as my coworker is making her another sandwich she looks at him and is like "And you know it's your fault" like????

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Bawson 91

91. “Can I hold your hand?”

“If I say yes, will you tell me what you’re getting tattooed?” Ginny asks as she walks around that parlor chair to stand on Mike’s left side.

“Nope,” he returns with a roguish grin. “Not until it’s done, rookie. Sit there and don’t peek.”

Ginny rolls her eyes but sits down and turns away from the tattoo artist who’s preparing colors and his tattoo gun.

“You’re the worst. Why is it a secret? You know you’re going to show it off to everybody.”

“Not to everybody.”

“Oh please, Mike,” she scoffs. “You forget I know you. And I know how much you like being the center of attention. You’ve made it nineteen years in the majors without a tattoo and now you’re getting one? No way you’re keeping that to yourself.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to show it off, just not to the audience you’re thinking of. I don’t need our teammates fawning over me more than they already do, Baker.”

Ginny tilts her head back and chuckles. She teases her rough fingers down the back of his long, thick digits before wedging her hand beneath his and pressing their palms together.

It’s relatively quiet in the shop save for the shuffle of plastic against paper and the low thrum of a gritty rock song Ginny’s never heard before.

“Not even a hint?”

Mike shakes his head. “You won’t need a hint when you see it.”

The whir of the tattoo gun makes them both turn towards the long-haired artist. “You ready, man?” he directs towards Mike.

Mike gives a sharp nod and tightens his grip on Ginny’s hand. They sit in relative silence which works as the tattoo gun is too steadily loud to hold a real conversation.

It only takes about fifteen minutes before the artist is turning off his gun and slicking a layer of A&D over Mike’s tattoo.  “Take a look,” the man says with a nod as he strips of his black gloves.

Mike looks down at his right forearm and smiles. He turns his head towards Ginny and winks. “Take a look, Baker.”

Ginny stands from her seat and leans her body over Mike to see the tattoo at the top of his forearm close to his elbow. Etched in navy and gold is 43/36.

The smile that pulls at Ginny’s face is nearly manic. “My number, too, old man? That’s awfully permanent.”

Mike nods. “Yeah. Got a problem with that?”

Ginny tracks her eyes back to his and her heart thumps rapidly in her chest at the look in his eyes. “Not even a little bit.”


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Group of drunk people end up at Phil's and play "Never have I ever..."

“Okay, okay, okay.” Tony waved his hand and raised his voice to be heard above the ongoing conversations. “I call foul on that one. No way Spider Lady hasn’t finished a whole bottle of vodka by herself.”

“Some of us know our limits,” Natasha shot back, kicking a leg over the arm of the chair she’d claimed as her own.  Without enough seating in Phil’s small living room, they’d resorted to rock, paper, sissors to decide who got the couch.  Nobody made Natasha play. “Now it’s my turn.  Never have I ever …” she looked directly at Clint as she spoke … “written a poem for someone.”

Clint glared back; he might be drunk but he knew exactly what she was doing.

“Ah, I have composed sonnets to the beautiful Jane!” Thor tossed back a shot and banged the glass on Phil’s coffee table. “This is not a difficult game after all.”

Tony shrugged then drank.  “Hey, it works like a charm, what can I say. Rhyme a few words and some people fall instantly.”

Steve’s glass went untouched. “I draw pictures, okay?” he said when Tony gave him the evil eye.

“Oh, Agent Agent! Do tell!” Tony badgered. “Was it a sonnet? An ode to her beautiful hair? I bet it was some Shakespearian shit wasn’t it? My mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun …”

“It was free verse.” Phil flushed even redder than he already was, averting his gaze to the empty glass in front of him.  From his place seated next to Phil on the floor, Clint could see the top curls of dark hair where Phil had taken off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.  The more he drank, the cuter Phil became, the perfect agent mask slipping to show the nerdy geek inside that Clint adored. “And it was about hands.”

That last sentence must have slipped out because Phil winced as he realized what he’d said. Clint had never seen his handler quite so open about himself. It wasn’t just the alcohol; the fight earlier had been emotionally draining, a bloody mess that they couldn’t make better.  Bad enough that getting rip roaring drunk was high on everyone’s agenda for the evening.

“My Cellist’s fingers are supple and long, the better to … Ow.” Tony rubbed his shoulder where Natasha kicked him. “Seriously, you guys know how I am. Why do you keep bruising me for being me?”

“Clint?” Steve asked. The man noticed everything including how Clint’s hands hovered near his glass.

“Fine.” The liquor burned on the way down. “One time, okay? And it was a dirty limerick, nothing flowery or sappy.”

“There once was a man from Nantucket …” Tony paused but no one made a move his way. “Gah, it’s no fun when you don’t respond.”

“Dirty? You wrote about not washing?” Thor asked.

“Dirty as in sexual, using vulgar words and crude language,” Natasha supplied. “Clint, why don’t you recite it for us?”

“Fuck you, Nat.” He meant it with his whole heart. “I really don’t like you.”

“You love me and  you know it.” She grinned like the Cheshire Cat. “I know you remember it.”

“Yeah, come on Legolas. Every drinking party needs some cussing,” Tony agreed.

“I showed you the dance I used to do on stage,” Steve reminded them. “And Thor balanced on his hammer to prove he could.”

He could only hope Phil didn’t notice … but that was an impossibility since Phil remembered everything. He was so screwed.

“There once was an agent of SHIELD,

who kicked ass routinely afield,

I jerk off every night,

after watching him fight,

don’t ask who, my lips are sealed.”  

Of course, Tony and Thor clapped, both of them cheering.  Steve had the good grace to blush even if his eyes flicked back and forth between Clint and Phil. Natasha only smiled, looking not at him but at Coulson. For long seconds, Clint couldn’t bring himself to look, but, after a breath, he glanced sideways to see Phil giving him a thoughtful look.

“Knobby fingers circle my wrists,

Calloused palms catch my skin

Strong knuckles grip my arms,

Soft tips stroke my neck.

Battered by years and work and danger

These hands hold me when all else fails.”

Clint’s eyes widened and the sound of the others faded into the background.

“You wrote that for me?” he asked.

“You jerk off thinking about me?” Phil asked.

“Yeah,” they both replied at the same time.

Clint leaned and so did Phil meeting halfway to brush their lips together.

“Okay, lovebirds,” Tony interrupted. “We gonna play the game or are you two going to get a room.”

“I need a break,” Phil said, never taking his eyes off Clint.

“Sounds good,” Clint agreed, hauling himself up. “Kitchen?”


“My work here is done,” Natasha said.

I had a nice talk with my neighbour today you know.

She was telling me how she knew nothing about Islam until she got married. Her husband used to sit with her and teach her the fundamentals of Islam, the Prophet (ﷺ), the Sahabah’s and now she’s learning du'as through her kids.

And i found it so beautiful. How Allah increases rizq after marriage, especially if you marry someone who has deen.

But you know, she was telling me how much she regrets not seeking knowledge when she was younger and had the time. Wallahi, i felt so sorry for her. But i felt more sorry for myself because she genuinely has love for the deen and is using every opportunity she can get to seek knowledge, whilst i’m young and i have so much time but i waste it.

Really and truly, we need to get our priorities straight. 😔

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This is the first woman I've ever had feelings for and she has just screwed it honestly and she doesn't even care. God I've only been with a boy who happened to get me pregnant how do I do this

i’m going to be honest with you i’m high af right now and i read this 4 times and don’t know what it says

listen i’m 99% sure by now lena knows kara is supergirl

but if she doesn’t–

like. i’m sure by now she thinks of supergirl as her friend

but if the nanites killed kara? or controlled her? (although who knows what that would have done to a kryptonian–they designed these for humans. As shown w Myriad, Kryptonians and humans don’t have the same brains

if the nanites kill her? She is a Luthor. With the body of a Super in the same vicinity, with virtually no witnesses. She would definitely get the blame

and if the nanites don’t kill her? And even if she does know that Supergirl is Kara? Well now they have a powered Kryptonian under mind control

I think this might actually help give Lena peace of mind–because it’s not just sacrificing one person she cares about for another. She cares about them both–but it’s also sacrificing someone she cares about for potentially hundreds of thousands of lives. And as someone who created the startup to cure cancer, I think Jack would have understood that kind of reasoning. Not to mention it would help a lot with any potential resentment at Kara, because sometimes that is what happens, when you sacrifice one person for another.

Not to mention if she hadn’t gone to confront Jack, Beth would have gotten away with it. Jack would have at best gone to prison, his name dragged through the mud–another person who betrayed her. And Beth would be free, doing god knows what. At least this way lives were saved, and as demonstrated with CatCo–Jack’s name wasn’t dragged through the mud. She hurts, but it’s not the same as Lex’s betrayal. This is something that is going to hurt for a while–but this is not another person she loves trying to kill her. It’s not “normal” by any means, but can be manageable

Nastasiya's Studio Loft - Monday, 1pm

“Thanks for this, Nastasiya.”

“It’s not a problem.”

Prens knew Chriss probably would kick his ass for this. That is, if he could keep his head out the toilet long enough to do so. After their night of hunting, Chris had become ill. Even to the point that the unmarked SUV they were riding in had to keep pulling over. Subject Zero, or “Ro” as they called her, didn’t want an ounce of Chriss’ insides in the car.

Prens knew to bring his brother here. Nastasiya was the only female Vampire that Chriss fed from. She was also, the woman who had feelings for the lunatic, but that wasn’t the issue right now.

“How’s he doing?”

“He’s vomiting a lot less. He also managed to feed a couple of times and keep it down.”

“Good. I don’t know how long he’s going to be like this. It varies with him.”

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how many girls do u think have stories like sokova’s tho??? and the public/gymnastics fan community just had no way of knowing about them because social media hasnt been an internationally widely-used thing the way it is now until like ~4 years ago? how many girls’ bodies were totally ruined by coaches who pushed them way past their physical limit and never gave a damn? we all know about mukhina, but she was a world champion and poised to be the star of the 1980 olympics. how many girls never made it to that level before they were chewed up and spit out? if a 15 year old gymnast who was never more than a “promising junior” had gotten a hip replacement in 2007 and then fallen off the map after her injury forced her into retirement, we never would have known. there’s no way there arent dozens of girls like katya we’ve just never heard about :/

I was walking back to my dorm after my voice lesson the other day, when I came across a woman with her daughter, who seemed about 5, looking at initials some students had carved into the sidewalk ages ago when the cement was still wet.

“I think it’s an A and a V,” the mother said, staring thoughtfully at the letters. “What do you think that means?” She probably expected a fantastical explanation about fairies and magic, or a shrug and an ‘I don’t know’ from her daughter. 

This was not the case.

“…Illuminati?” The girl asked in the most adorable tone, looking up at her mother and expecting her to consider this very plausible explanation.

I snorted a little as the mom gave a short, nervous laugh. “Illuminati?”

“Illuminati confirmed,” the girl said again, in that same tone. I laughed a little out loud this time, glad I was past them now so the girl couldn’t see.

“Who told you about the illuminati?”

“I dunno. People.”

I don’t know what happened after that, but I’m glad that small child is woke.

Of Swindlers and Kings

Of Swindlers and Kings – Personalised Fantasy AU for my favourite people

Key for who’s who at the bottom!! I hope you like it, I’ll write more if you want to! And if you want to be in the sequel, drop me a PM. It ended up being less past-based and more alternate-universe/fantasy-based, I hope none of you mind!

And yes, I know some characters have a lot more depth than others in this chapter. If I write another, then maybe other characters’ll have more emphasis. Idk. Just read the shit

Chapter 1 – Walking in the Light

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chapter seven of the lost princess of merope: helene’s vision

see chapter one, meet the princesses 

Knowing changes one.

Helene can’t imagine what Calla’s life is like. Having a vision is cruelty. It’s knowing too much, seeing what you don’t want to know. 

“Why me?” Helene asks the enchantress, who emerges from the dark looking exactly as Helene had always imagined. Perhaps that’s simply the form the vision chooses, drawing from Helene’s subconscious.

“It seems fitting,” the enchantress says. She has Helene’s own voice. “It started with you. Calla has tried so long to see me that I have lost interest in her. He can feel how badly you wish to see him, you know. It hurts him.”

“Stop,” Helene whispers. It’s the only word that she can find.

“I am only trying to help,” the enchantress says, resting her chin plaintively on her scepter. “He wishes to see you too. He weeps enough to be one of your willows.”

“Stop!” She still can’t cry, not even in her visions. Has he stolen her tears?

“So dramatic,” the enchantress sighs. “I am trying to help you. I could just let you all suffer without Merope, let the dragons waste your lands like I intended.”

“Then why don’t you?” 

The enchantress looks at her scepter for a moment as if weighing her answers. “Everyone who has killed my son is dead,” she says after a long pause. “And you already have the answer to see her. Merope.”

“How?” Helene stifles the urge to touch her stomach.

“Her location is within each of you. You each have a piece. Once you put it together, you will see her. How you’ll get to her is another…” The enchantress moves her head from side to side. “But Celaeno has my spell book, it’s a simple spell that can transport one of you to bring her back.”

“How do I even know she’s alive?” Helene asks.

The enchantress puts her sceptor to Helene’s head. The vision blasts her- back to Celaeno, back to Calla and the others. Calla is now the one cradling her. 

“You alright?” Tate asks. She sounds almost concerned.

“Merope is alive,” Helene says. “She’s- she’s beautiful. I saw her. And I know how to get to her.”

Your turn: Where is the lost princess of Merope? Go back to each chapter starting with the first one and including this chapter. Note the first letter of each chapter. It will be bolded for you. What do they spell? Send it to me. Once 10 people have unlocked the clue, I will post an introduction to the lost princess of Merope! Come back to meet her and to help the princesses cast the spell to find her!



Rules: take a photo of your favorite sim in their usual gender/look/makeup/style etc and then take an after photo of them completely genderbended. you may edit their features to match the original sim’s face if needed. tag other 10 people & tag your challenge with #simsgbd

I was tagged by the adorable @roseoakmoonsims Thank you! XD

I already did this with Jamie and Edna so I decided to choose Manbir Sidhu who is another of my favourites (who btw is now married to Jamie’s sister Ginger in my game so you might see more of him in the future ;p)

I don’t think she looks much like Manbir as I had to tweak her a bit because when I go male to female the sliders don’t play nice.

If you want to do this, don’t be shy, consider yourself tagged because I don’t know who to pick!

I know it’s just been a few hours since the last update, but I miss Yousana.