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Maybe CP is low-key messy. LOL! We know Thomessy is messy by nature, so it's probably rubbed off on her somewhat.

I think CP might be innocent messy like she don’t know what she saying and doing can come off messy. I mean “nobody does it like Grant…” 😏

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:scorpius and rose being together is the biggest load of heteronormative bullshit i have ever seen in all my years on this God forsaken planet and i will not stand for it. its so clear in the beginning that rose cares for no one but herself, and especially dislikes scorpius - scorpius, who imagined albus when surrounded by dementors trying to get him back. scorpius, who was heartbroken when albus said they couldn't hang out anymore. scorpius, whose only friend was albus and felt a pang of jealousy when watching him talk to a girl he had just met. the very thought that scorpius had a crush on rose, even after her mistreatment, is outrageous and the fact that she actually said yes to him is ridiculous

okay so my stepmom’s abusive tendencies have escalated to a point where i’m not anxious around her, but genuinely terrified of her. she destroyed my brothers’ bedroom earlier today and she just got done beating the shit out of my youngest brother until he was sobbing. and she’s started to tell him not to tell me what she says to him so she fucking knows that i’m on to her. she might be thinking of making me her next victim, i don’t know. i’m scared for my life over here. please donate to my paypal so i can move back to my hometown i can’t handle anymore traumas. donate here: . thank you so much.

little brothers with their dead welsh kings and magical forests and weird ass friends who are all having their midlife crisis at like 17 

I absolutely forgot how much I LOVED Sardonyx. She’s my favourite anime diva of all time, and it’s actually a crime that I haven’t drawn her until now (or drawn more of her before). This started out as a messy sketch, but then my Japanese took over and this happened (ignore the wonky hands, rip).


top 10 april/arizona moments in season 12 [as voted by my followers]
 3. ~the reconciliation~ (s12e17)

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:Will the upcoming Gorillaz release pick up where Do Ya Thing left off? Did they get evicted from 23 wobble street? Where did they go? Where is Cyborg Noodle? Will we continue in the style of each album being styled after a band member, or will this be a new concept? Why have 2D's eyes gone back to black? Are we going to acknowledge The Fall? Is this fandom still plagued by the 'sunshine in a bag' picture?

what he says: im fine

what he means: some str8 ppl actually believe that predatory wasp is about a dog. they actually think that i kiss him and i love him each day are lines about a boy and a dog. some of them don’t even sop to think it might be gay they actually heard the song and thought shit tis subaru boy really loves his Male Dog a lot. what the fuck. what the motherfucking fuck.

While out to lunch with my client
  • Little girl:*runs up to me* wow, you're beautiful. you remind me of my favorite Steven universe character *runs back to the ice cream booth*
  • Girl's Dad:she's a crazy kid, but we both watch and enjoy that show together... But The character she's talking about is Rose Quartz, just so you know

… and then they went out to eat steaks together :)

2016.08.16 Happy Birthday, Shukashuu!! ( ゚ω゚ )ゝ

Whoa, wait a sec.  I’m probably, like, SUPER DUPER late to the bandwagon on realizing this, but if so it’s only because I never played Undertale a second time–I couldn’t bear to do the True Reset.  That, and I’ve never seen anyone talk specifically about this.

So I’m watching this playthrough of the game that’s commentated in Japanese (for reasons), and the player has already played through the game once.  When Toriel asks if you prefer Butterscotch or Cinnamon on a second playthrough, she says to wait a tick, because she has a feeling she knows what you like.

She then goes on to say that, whenever a human falls down into the Underground, she feels like she already knows them.

Not just Frisk–she’s talking about any human that’s fallen down.  So that means the other humans that fell down before you have had the power to Reset, too, because she’s met them multiple times just like she’s met Frisk many times.  It’s not just something exclusive to Frisk and Chara!

This is fascinating, because it gives the humans of this world the unbelievable power of time manipulation.  Either that, or we’re to assume the other humans that have fallen down were either affected by Chara’s presence, or otherwise controlled by another player aside from you.

This is so fascinating.  If it’s the first theory, then holy smokes, no WONDER the monsters lost the war!  (Or maybe it only affects humans that fall into the Underground or come into contact with monsters, who are made of magic?)  If it’s the second theory, then Chara may have directly or indirectly caused the deaths of the other humans in the story.  Not only that, but it’s also possible that Chara caused the other humans to kill many of the Underground’s monsters… which would explain why the entire species apparently consists of so few monsters, all of which a single child can encounter over the course of the game.

If it’s that last theory, though, it creates another layer of existence between the story of the game and the player: the layer of “other players,” people who are presented to the player as other real people playing the game Undertale as those other fallen humans but are, in fact, fictional inventions WITHIN the game of Undertale.  In other words, there’s the layer of reality of Frisk and the monsters, on top of which lies the layer of reality of “the other players,” and finally on top is you, the reality of the REAL player, the real world… and because there’s a layer of reality between you and the game’s story, there may well be a “player” that controls Frisk, and you are controlling that “player.”

One step further: it could be that the deceased Chara has ascended from the lowest reality to the middle reality and is functioning as one or all of “the other players.”


A quick interruption on the story to say how much I appreciate the detail work going on in this short (and I presume others), and how much I’d love a full Overwatch movie in this style.

Like Tracer’s jacket.

Look how cracked and distressed it is. It’s kind of shabby and likely more than a bit dirty. But it’s HER JACKET, and it’s been through just as much as she has, and like hell she’ll get rid of it ever.

What if this season everyone survives but in the chaos they are separated/we think they’ll die but in the end they all find each other again and so the finale ends with them all happy AND THEN Abby starts to cry and Marcus is concerned but then sees the smile on her face and she says “I’m pregnant” then marcus is shocked then runs his hands through his hair when he starts to smile and say “What?!” Then hugs Abby and they both cry bc it’s officially a new start for them


“I’m here to talk to you about our lord and saviour, Clint Barton.”

My co-worker who is always so happy to see me (despite the fact that I’m new & don’t speak to her often) was chatting me the fuck up today & as I’m like wallpaper-ing she randomly comes up behind me and is like,
“…so do you have a boyfri-are you dating anyone?”
& I was like high key taken off guard because like that’s not really something someone you’ve spoken to like once asks lmao but I just said no b/c I’m focusing on my degree. I didn’t wanna be like “no I don’t have a bOYFRIEND BECAUSE I’M GAY GET IT RIGHT”
Soo anyway as the day progresses her & another one of my co-workers joke about him being broken hearted or whatever & I jump in on it & then she’s like all the girls I’ve dated were crazy u know tryna throw the fact that she is a wlw & im just like girl same I dated some crazy girls too
And literally the rest of the day she was always going out of her way to talk to me blah blah blah and THEN she asks “So what type of girls do you usually date…girly? or?” and idk she was just always around me and always speaking to me after that and uuuhhh

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◇ not same shape but whatever (avaricoftwo)

“Would you stop calling me a ‘Possesion’? We’re so close and yet you won’t stop calling me that because you have to show your 'avarice’! I understand You want everything but I thought I was more than just a thing you own! I guess I was wrong, you have too big of an ego to just let me be a person!” She glares at him, she had kept her anger quiet for years and she couldn’t hold it any longer. She knows there will be consciences for what she says but yet she keeps shouting.
“You’re pathetic, Greed, clinging on one person because you have nobody else!
I would’ve told you to leave…but you have no friends who would you go to?
You’ll just spend all all day weeping and starving yourself over what you did in the past”

( @avariceoftwo )