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Fic: All Souls Night / a.k.a: so you wanted more of Witch!Darcy and Jane?

I have come to the conclusion that this verse is definitely going to head more in an AU direction rather than sticking closely to movie canon, which leaves me open to play around with everyone’s backgrounds and just have far too much fun with the intertwined stories of Darcy and Jane in this universe (and because I have IDEAS about what’s going to happen in the future of this world and it’s going to be so AU and I can’t wait to tackle it).

In regards to the witchcraft in this part, it’s not based on any specific practice, but rather any number of traditions cobbled together to create the magic here.  So don’t go looking for any true accuracy here.  This part is also solely Gen with no ships in sight, even though there are a few very vague call forwards as to what could happen in Darcy’s future here. ;)

Tentatively titled ‘All Souls Night’ given that’s the song that I’ve had on constant repeat as I wrote this out tonight.  The video’s a few posts back and it’s highly worth a listen.


If anyone is to ask ten year old Darcy Lewis what her favorite holiday is, she can safely say it is Halloween.  Of course, the way Grandma celebrates Halloween – or All Hallow’s Eve, or Samhain, she’s not quite certain of what the proper name her grandma calls it is, she’s still only just starting to learn about the way their world works – isn’t quite like the way the other kids at her school celebrate it.  But it’s so much better and so much more than what she had thought it to be.  There are still treats to be had and games to be played, but now there are the remembrances for their ancestors, the blessings for the year to come, and the celebrations and the dances.

And the bonfires.  She loves the bonfires.

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you do #7 and #28 for the drabble thing??

Hey anon. Sorry this took extra long. I’ve had a busy few days. 

7. “I almost lost you.”

28. “Marry me.”

This response follows on from the last one quite nicely, so let’s go with that. I present to you, Nicole high as a kite Haught.


“I almost lost you,” Waverly holds tight to Nicole’s hand. There’s still grit under both their nails from the lakeside mud, but she doesn’t care enough to let go. Not yet. She’s laid herself alongside Nicole on her hospital bed, careful of the wires and machines and ignoring the disapproving glares of the nurse on night shift. Gladys always looks that cranky anyway.

Nicole’s eyes are heavy and a little glazed with the drugs draining into the back of her hand. Her lips are lifted in a vague smile.

“You can’t lose me, Waves.”

“How can you be so sure?” Waverly is genuinely scared, but Nicole’s crooked smile grows wider and more sideways.

“Cause I’m so tall!” She chuckles as Nurse Gladys shushes her and whisper-shouts instead. “And you’re so small, Waverly Earp.” She pops the ‘p’ in Earp a couple more times and rubs her lips together. “Soooo smol.”

The tension in Waverly’s gut eases as she watches Nicole say her name over and over again.

“Way-ver-lee-yer-pah,” Nicole says again stretching out every sound.

“You are so high.” Waverly leans back to get a better look at this silly, high Nicole Haught.

“You’re high!” Nicole starts and as Waverly finally cracks a grin she starts to sing. “So high above me, she’s so lovely. She’s so hiiiiiiiii-ee-iigh, like Cleo-patra, Joooan of Arks and Aphrod—”

With a hand slapped over Nicole’s mouth Waverly shushes her more urgently. “You’ll get me kicked out, you have to be quiet,” she tries to whisper through her own giggles.

“Oh nohm,” Nicole grumbles through Waverly’s hand before pulling that hand away. “You can’t get kicked out. I want you to stay with me forever.”

Even through the drug haze, Nicole catches up with her words as Waverly’s eyes go wide. Then they both erupt in another fit of giggles. Waverly feels almost as high as Nicole, just without the drip.

“Oh, that was the most Lesbian thing I’ve ever said,” Nicole gasps. “Do you know that joke?”

Waverly shakes her head. She thinks she might know the thing she’s talking about after spending the last two months trawling through the Autostraddle archives, but she wants to hear Nicole tell a joke, especially as high as she is.

“Cause you’re a baby-gay, Waves.” Nicole frowns, second guessing herself at length. “Or Baby-bi.”

“Baby-queer?” Waverly supplies. She’s not especially sure how she wants to adress that, but she can wait to bring it up with a sober Nicole.

“Yeah, Baby-Queer, so that means I get to share aaaaall the know how.” At this she wiggles her eyebrows in what is maybe meant to be a sexy expression.

Though Waverly can’t help but laugh, at Nicole’s wounded expression she calms down and presses her hand flat against her shoulder. “You were gonna tell a joke.”

“Oh yeah.” She sits up, her expression firming with concentration. “What do you call a—no wait.” She shushes Waverly’s laugh with both hands, including the one still holding Waverly’s. “What does a lesbian bring on the first date?”

Waverly pretends to think about it for a second. She’s already grinning when she says, “What?”

Nicole drags out the pause, grin huge, dimples on full display. “A U-Haul!” She cackles at the joke, laughs and laughs until there’s tears on her cheeks. Waverly laughs almost as hard, just for Nicole’s amusement and easy laugh. She hopes she’ll get to hear that laugh more, especially without Nicole being so completely stoned. She thinks she might be a little addicted to that smile already, this laugh could tip her over the edge into a full Haught-head.

A sharp voice from the doorway makes them both snap upright. “Miss. Waverly. Earp.” Nurse Gladys is so entirely done with their shit. Hell, she was done with every kid in Purgatory before the end of her stint as high-school nurse and that was five years ago. Waverly feels like a teenager again, only partly because of the way Gladys is glaring at her. “Waverly, if you don’t stop disturbing the patient, you will be removed from this hospital.”

“Yes, Gladys. It won’t happen again.” She aims for her best, ‘Wynonna won’t cause you any more trouble’ face. If it passes or not, she’s not sure, but the nurse leaves and Nicole wraps her arms around Waverly from behind.

“I won’t ask you to move in with me, we haven’t gone on a proper date yet, you smell nice.” Nicole breathes in Waverly’s hair, tickling the back of her neck and making an entirely inappropriate for the situation shiver run down Waverly’s spine.

Waverly has to take several deep breaths to order her thoughts and remember that Nicole is way too intoxicated to be taken seriously. She lets herself feel wanted though. With long arms wrapped tightly around her, it’s easy to feel wanted. 

“It’s just whatever the hospital gave us. You smell the same.” Waverly turns in Nicole’s arms, needing to see her and to put just a little space between them before she combusts.

Nicole hums then presses her nose to Waverly’s cheek. “But you’re under there too. Just you. It’s nice.”

Waverly doesn’t know what to say to that so she says nothing, just squeezes in closer and tangles their fingers together as Nicole starts humming She’s So High between a few more mumbled words. Waverly’s name and something about Calamity Jane comes through clearest. Waverly’s heart skips a beat when, “Marry me,” is the next clearest phrase, but then Nicole loses the melody to her sporadic humming, her breathing evens out and finally deepens with sleep. 

Waverly lets her head fall to Nicole’s shoulder and feeling more safe and content than she has in a very long time, she sleeps.

Happy Birthday, multi-fandom-girl2!

November 24 - “The Star Spangled Man with a-Oops, sorry.” Steve/Darcy soulmate meet-cute for @multi-fandom-girl2

“So,” said Jane, peering around the palatial room they’d been led to, “what do you think they’re like?”

“The other Avengers?” Darcy shrugged. “I expect they’re okay. Stark’s been pretty nice to you, anyway.“

"Well, I think he kind of had to be, because Thor would be pretty annoyed if he wasn’t,” Jane responded. “I just wonder about the others, you know? They all seem fairly… I don’t know… intimidating.”

“Well, Hawkeye was nice, that time we met him in New Mexico,” Darcy pointed out. “He bought you a very large bottle of whiskey after the whole thing went down, anyway.”

“Yeah, but the others…” Jane shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just being silly.“

Darcy grinned, and gently poked her friend. “Don’t be silly. You are a brilliant scientist, and the Avengers are lucky to have you. There’s nothing to be scared of, I’m sure in no time you will have them all wrapped around that tiny little finger of yours.”

Jane shook her head, laughing. “Darcy, don’t be silly, you’re more likely to have them eating out of your hand, or at least your baking,” she teased, knowing quite well Darcy was nursing a crush on one of the Avengers. “Do you think Captain America likes brownies?”

Darcy gave her a light shove, chuckling. “You know that everyone likes my brownies! I’m sure even the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan will enjoy them!”

What?“ Jane said, eyes wide.

"Haven’t you ever seen those old showreels with Captain America and his troupe of USO showgirls during World War II? Selling war bonds and singing about punching Hitler in the face?”

Jane shook her head incredulously. “I do not believe that this occurred, Darcy. You’re making it up.”

Darcy grinned. “Oh my God, have you ever got some laughs coming, I know just where to find those online. Stark’s probably got copies just for annoying-the-Captain purposes anyway.”

Going up on tiptoe in a mockery of a showgirl pose, sticking her chest out and tossing her hair, she sang “Who’ll rise or fall, give his all for America? Who’s here to prove that we can? The Star-Spangled Man with a Plaaaan!

Darcy danced and twirled around, not noticing the look of horror on Jane’s face, or the throat-cutting motions the other woman was frantically making at her. Doing a high-kick and a twirl, she lost her balance a little and stumbled into an extremely large and solid person standing just behind her. “Oops, sorry!“

Darcy’s eyes tracked up, and up. To recognise the face of the very man whose old routine she’d just been parodying to try and make Jane lighten up and stop worrying. She wanted to fall through the floor with humiliation, and from his expression Steve Rogers felt pretty much the same way, his mouth open, his blue eyes wide with shock.

"I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to mock you, I was just trying to tell Jane about the old World War II…” Darcy trailed off, a red blush creeping up across her face.

Steve swallowed. “That’s quite alright,“ he said. "You’re already forgiven.”

It was Darcy’s turn for her jaw to drop open, her eyes going very wide.

“Uh, Darcy,” Jane said, “isn’t that your soulmark?”

“I was wondering that,” Steve said, “since mine happens to be oops, sorry.”