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Headcanon [avengers x reader]

Requested by: @ame505 :: Joining the avengers and how they treat you.

A/N: Now, this not exactly what you asked for. I started with your request at first but I got carried away. #sorrynotsorry

  • All the avengers would be very welcoming from the very start
  • At first though they would not take you on random missions because you’re new to all this and they still don’t have the whole dynamic set with you 
  • They do not allow you to leave the avengers base at night because you’re still new but you sneak out with Peter’s help and STEVE KNOWS BUT DOESN’T SAY A WORD
  • Since Tony was the one who recruited you he’d always try to make sure you got your share of missions but he’d also be very protective of you because if something happened to you it would be on his hands
  • Tony finds out about your sneaking out and looses his calm-”If something happened to you do you know what I’d have to go through?!!”- and you actually feel his wrath but Pepper handles it thankfully. You apologise and promise to be careful.
  • The avengers would want to get to know you so you’d always be a part of their lazy Saturday nights and random 2 day vacations which happen rarely because everyone is so busy
  • Once you’ve had enough experience (usually after 5 missions) you start accompanying them on tougher missions
  • You work excellently well with Natasha and Bruce and are often a part of their missions
  • When the avengers and you finally become close, they start to loosen around you and you don’t feel out of place anymore (not that you felt that a lot before, they were very encouraging)
  • Sometimes you’d screw up on missions and then you’d come back to the avengers base feeling useless but they would always make you feel better by telling you how everyone isn’t perfect and taking you out for ice cream.
  • You have your fair share of fights with the avengers and during those times you’d feel miserable but then they’re your family, you realise, and it always works out. Most fights would be how careless you were on missions and you risking your life. You tell them it’‘s your duty to do so as an avenger and they understand but can’t help but be protective.
  • Over time they treat you like their equal because when you are new, it makes them want to keep you as safe as possible and they feel that you are a responsibility
  • Natasha and Wanda are always there to help you out with girl trouble (or any trouble for that matter because they’re so considerate) 
  • Party nights with Natasha are a blast because she knows all the best places. Clint often accompanies you guys and it’s fun watching him fail at dancing (this is how you get close to Clint)
  • Tony and Pepper always act like they’re your parents and are controlling but you secretly love it 
  • Spending time away from the Avengers and with your real family but still missing them. 
  • Thor treats you like any other lady and you guys are not very close but he’s so much fun to talk to and you learn so much about Asgard and the gods. He slips it to you that Loki may have taken a liking for you and you feel shocked
  • Sam and Bucky are your best pals and you hang out with them often and love listening to them bicker with each other. The three of you love to gang up on Steve and prank him with Natasha’s help because the old man is so queit all the time Wanda feels very bad for him.
  • Steve is your go-to-person because he knows so much and is always willing to hear you out and what you’re going through. He also nurses you when you’re sick or injured because that’s what he does for everyone else He’s such a mom
  • Bruce is a little reserved but you often try to talk to him and he actually likes it sometimes. He starts to control his anger better thanks to you
  • You like sitting on the terrace of the new avengers base and spending time with yourself, thinking about what a wonderful family you have. You do this until Bucky comes looking for you- “Where’s my slugger??”-and lifts you up like you weigh nothing and throws you in the pool.
       + He joins you shortly after and you two love competing with each other; who can swim the fastest, who can hold their breath longer
       + “You have a metal arm, Bucky! That’s not fair!!!”
  • Combat training is best with Natasha and Clint.
  • Vision becomes a yoga freak and wants you to join him but Wanda always gets you out, taking your place instead. She enjoys it because she obviously likes Vis and you ship them so much. You and Peter even set them up for a date.
  • Peter loves your company and so do you. You often go to fairs and malls with him and he’s just so adorable, you want to protect him at all costs
  • When you, for some reason, cry in your room and don’t come out for hours, Steve or Bucky come rushing for you and just hug you, not saying anything but just hold you while you let it all out
  • Pillow fights !! With !! Them !! Tony won’t play because he says he’s got work but it’s just that he’s old
  • After you’ve been single for so long, Nat and Wanda try to set you up with people they know and you refuse because you can’t just randomly go out with a guy/girl
  • Peter getting tired of you rejecting so many people- “Then just go out with me then, you lonely thing!”
  • Constant teasing about your bf/gf from the avengers 
  • Choking from laughter countless times because Bucky and Sam can’t control their wit and Steve getting all worried because you choked and Bucky rolling his eyes
  • Sometimes Wanda and Sam come to you for advice and you’re always happy to help
  • Randomly attacking Tony with water balloons in the night with Peter because it gets boring in between missions and Tony groaning- “this is why I don’t want kids”
  • Going wild at Tony’s parties and dancing with complete but hot strangers and having the time of your life
  • The avengers praising you for your bravery during missions  
  • Coming back broken and bruised from missions and having nightmares about the brutality of wars, but the avengers are there to help you fight through it and have your back at all times
  • They always cheer you up no matter what and you find yourself falling more in love with this close-knit family of yours, every minute of every day.
B99 Jealousy Headcanons

Shoutout to @sergeant-santiago for helping me out and to @iwantyoutochooseme for offering moral support. Love ya ladies!

Here are headcanons for the b99 characters getting jealous over people flirting with their significant others.

Jake Peralta:
• First of all, Jake is no Ross Gellar. He completely trusts Amy and knows that women aren’t sex machines and won’t just hop on any dick that shows them interest (*cough* They weren’t really on a break *cough*)
• Nevertheless, his blood boils whenever he sees a man undressing Amy with his eyes. That is NOT how you treat women!
• He knows Amy’s tough. She knows self defense and doesn’t need protection if a guy gets physical with her. Amy will put any guy in a headlock just like THAT if he makes a wrong move.
• Once Amy get’s the douchebag in a headlock she holds him still while Jake proceeds to lecture him about treating women with respect.
• After the lecture, Jake whips out his police badge and threatens to arrest him if he causes trouble again. He notifies the bartender to keep an eye on that man if he comes back so he won’t harass other women.
• If a man offers to buy Amy a drink, Jake becomes an over-the-top cocky cop. He flashes the badge and says “Did you know it’s illegal to flirt with a cop’s girlfriend? I could arrest you right now. Okay maybe that’s not true, but still, stop it.”
• Amy loves how cute Jake gets when he’s jealous. He doesn’t get angry, he doesn’t blame her for what she’s wearing, he doesn’t get controlling. He gives her space to handle it herself and steps in when he needs to.

Amy Santiago:
• Amy trusts Jake. She knows he only has eyes for her. She’s the only girl he ever sees. She finds it amusing when other girls flirt with him because of how freaking clueless he is.
• Whenever a girl offers to buy him a drink, he never sees it as flirting. He’s so oblivious. He always replies, “Actually, do you have any $1 bills for the vending machine?” or “No need for drinks, I need some quarters to refill the parking meter.” Amy chuckles and rolls her eyes at how adorable he is.
• If a girl can’t take the hint that Jake isn’t interested, Amy steps in. “Hi, I’m Amy. His girlfriend.” and shoots the girl a glare so intense that even Rosa would shiver (not really but you get the point) the girl backs off and Jake’s all “Wow she was really nice, she wanted to buy me a drink. You think I should’ve asked her to pay for my mozzarella sticks?”
• Amy facepalms. “Babe, she was flirting with you!” Jake’s eyes widen. “Ohhhhh, that makes more sense.” Amy pats him on his arm and kisses his cheek.

Rosa Diaz:
• You try to flirt with Gina? Ohhh boy. Ohhhhh booooyyyyyy. Don’t you dare. If you want to live to see tomorrow, don’t even look at her.
• It’s not that Rosa doesn’t trust Gina. She trusts Gina enough to tell her her address. Rosa’s just overprotective over the people she loves.
• Rosa’s keen on protecting her fellow women in general. Before Amy dated Jake and went on blind dates or met guys off Tinder, Rosa would secretly spy on them a few tables down. She was afraid the guy would be a creep or weirdo and slip a roofie in her drink. Rosa did that with all of her female friends. She doesn’t show it but she cares a lot about them.
• In fact, even when Rosa’s at a bar just chilling, her eagle eyes scan the crowd looking to see if any woman needs her help, if any guy is making unwanted advances to her.
• Anyways back to Gina. Flirt with her, you immediately get an angry Rosa grabbing you by the shoulders. “She’s not into you. Leave her alone.” That drives people away quick!
• Gina loves Jealous Rosa. Rosa’s so hot when she’s jealous. Well, she’s always hot, but you get the point.
• Gina loves teasing Rosa about how jealous she gets. “It’s not my fault that I’m desirable! I’m the best thing since sliced bread!” Then Gina tries to reassure her. “Gina Linetti is a lot of things. Smart, beautiful, amazing. Most of all, she’s loyal. I finally found a lifelong mate. Someone who’s as perfect as me. I’m not throwing you away for some peasant m.”
• That ends in Rosa and Gina running off to the nearest motel to go smoosh booties.

Gina Linetti:
• Okay first of all, Gina Linetti doesn’t get jealous. She gets “snarky”
• You think you’re good enough for Rosa Diaz? Your broke ass has the AUDACITY to flirt with her? Gina will DESTROY you!
• She’ll roast you. Not a light, marshmallows at the campfire roasts. A FLAMETHROWER roast. Straight up ARSON!
• “Who did your hair? Stevie Wonder?”
• “This ain’t the 90’s, chokers aren’t cool anyone. The only use for that is choking yourself.”
• “Did you steal that outfit from a referee?”
• “You’re so hairy that bigfoot tries to prove your existence!”
• You run away crying to your mommy. Rosa asks Gina “Was that really necessary?” Gina shrugs, “You’re my boo thang. Nobody gets to look at you like a hot piece of meat on a grill except me!” Once again, they run off a motel to smoosh booties.

Terry Jeffords:
• Like Jake, Terry respects women. He knows Sharon’s equipped with pepper spray and a pocket knife and can take care of herself. But he can’t help getting angry when people look at his wife like she’s a piece of meat.
• Anyone stares at Sharon, he shoots them a glare. If that doesn’t work, he flexes. To show the man exactly what he’s messing with. That usually gets him to back off.
• Sharon rolls her eyes whenever Terry tries to scare off them but she lowkey likes that he cares so much about her.
• Ohoooo but just WAIT until boys start flirting with Cagney or Lacy. They gonna have the scariest father-in-law ever!

Charles Boyle:
• Okay we’ve all seen how jealous Charles gets over Jake. It’s no different with Genevieve.
• He gets these sad puppy-dog eyes and Genevieve has to constantly reassure him that she only has eyes for him.
• She kisses him all over his face and he kisses back which leads to nasty stuff that only a Boyle would be turned on by

Captain Holt:
• Captain Holt don’t feel much emotion. He’s really straightforward.
• A woman flirts with Kevin? Holt flatly informs her “He is gay and my husband. You’re embarrassing yourself.”
• If a man flirts with Kevin, Holt simply says, “Can’t you tell he’s married by the ring on his finger? You have terrible tactical skills.”
• Same goes for Kevin when someone flirts with Holt
• It ends with them chuckling over how they’re both studs that get all the men and women that they want.
• Then they bone

• Cheddar growls at the guests whenever he sees anyone standing near Holt or Kevin
• He doesn’t want anyone near his daddies. He demands constant bellyrubs from them
• Cheddar grows attached to Jake cuz Jake for some reason always smells like steak. He won’t let Amy go near Jake because he wants Jake all to himself.
• Gina always gives the best belly rubs. Cheddar always growls any one else who comes near her.
• Yes, I did include Cheddar in this. He’s just as important to the show as everyone else. Deal with it.

Not As Bad

Pairing: Montgomery De La Cruz x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Cursing, Short

Request: imagine where the reader meets monty & and she thinks he’s a dumb jock but when bryce tries hitting on her and monty stands up for her she starts liking him? thanks boo xx

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Oh I was talking about how I work at Petco and we have like a treat bag at the register so people can give them to their dogs and a middle age nice lady asked if she could take some and my tired brain lapsed between “take a few” and “take a couple” and resulting in me saying “sure take a fuckle!” In my fake retail voice and I’d like to believe she didn’t notice but I know she did.

I know it’s popular to believe Eliza was active in her legacy; that she chose to be so silent. 

But from everything I’ve read, none of that appears to be true.  She didn’t recede into the background at any point during her life.  She did things and she had the ear of many people, and she took advantage of that.  She reveled in her role as the widow of Alexander Hamilton, the daughter of General Philip Schuyler, the favorite of George Washington.  She was invited to travel with Lafayette up the Hudson in 1824.  They gave her the royal treatment up the Mississippi on her way to visit William in the 1830s.  The president came to see her on New Year’s Day in 1853.  Do you know that social causes became so popular in NYC in the early 19th century in part so you could rub shoulders with Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton? She worked for causes she cared about for fifty years, and she was celebrated for that during her life (and in the few years after)!  They appreciated who she was and what she’d accomplished and knew she was a great lady and worthy of praise and admiration.   

To look at what she got during her life from the people of her time and then to look at how historians treat her–by putting the silent woman narrative on her–they’re just trying to justify their own lack of interest.  And they use the fact that she burned her letters to her husband (a totally normal act for women of her time) as some great excuse for their laziness.

anonymous asked:

so cool to see that requests are open again! ^^ how do you feel about writing a doctor MC who helped RFA before she joins RFA ? Your writing is so beautiful and full of great references, I love you <3

Well, I don’t know much about diagnoses and I have almost zero medical knowledge ( I dropped Grey’s Anatomy, so I can’t even rely on that, lol) so maybe this isn’t very accurate, I did my best from what my grandpa used to tell me about some cases he saw when he was a doctor (especially about the relation between viagra and heart diseases) and I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense.

Hope you like this ^^

RFA has an appointment with doctor MC


  • He strained a muscle in his back during work out.
  • Since he has that monster healing, he didn’t mind the pain too much and just let it there to heal itself.
  • But boy… the director wasn’t happy as Zen wasn’t being able to give 100%in his performances. 
  • So he basically forced Zen to go to the doctor, otherwise…  bye bye role.So Zen was there basically forced, and he wasn’t happy.
  • “So… Mr.Ryu, what’s going on?” “Honestly, nothing. Can you just give me a doctor’s letter proving that I’m okay to work?” you smile in confusion, usually people want doctor’s letters to prove they’re not okay to work.
  • “Well, uhm… I noticed you’re not sitting straight, are you in pain?” “A little, but… I’m fine. I have a healing monster, so my back will be okay in a few days.”
  • “In your back? Oh… Mr. Ryu, you realize that you could have a problem in one of your vertebrae if I don’t take a look at it, right?” “Lady, don’t worry too much, I’m… okay.” He winces trying to adjust his position in the chair.
  • “How long are you in pain?” “Two, three days.” “Hum… not that monster to me. Please, let me take a look at it, if it is something more serious, you could have serious problems in your spine, and you wouldn’t be able to perform anymore.”
  • Oh… he didn’t mention his job, how do you know he’s a performer? Are you a fan? He can’t help feeling a little smug imagining this serious lady fangirling like most of his fans do, it would be… adorable.
  • “Take off your shirt and lay there so I can examine, please?” Oh… he’s feeling a little shy, which is… a first. But he obeys, remembering you’re a professional, after all.
  • “Here?” “Lower, next to my…” don’t say butt, don’t say ass! “Just… lower.” Oh god… is it wrong that he’s almost shivering to your careful touch? What’s wrong with him?
  • “Hum… it seems to me is just a common distension. I will prescript some pain killers, but I strongly recommend some rest and try not to overstrain yourself, okay? And… I would also recommend to go easy on the smoking and drinking, it can really affect your throat, and you wouldn’t be able to sing. So… take care, Zen.”
  • Zen leaves the room smirking. You are a fan, aren’t you? Well, he’ll do his best to follow medical orders, he wouldn’t want to disappoint a fan…


  • He wasn’t being able to curl his fingers
  • And he wouldn’t mind this too much if it wasn’t affecting his performance on playing LOLOL.
  • So he went to the doctor his mother recommended, telling she was a remarkable young lady that treated her problems in her neck
  • So there he was, feeling like a kid for having to ask his mom for this appointment, and his hands were hurting.
  •  “Mr. Kim, what can I do for you?” “I’m not being able to move my hands normally.”
  •  “How long are you like this?” “A few weeks.” “And why did you just come to the doctor now, Mr. Kim?” he’s feeling so adult being called like that…
  •  “I… didn’t know any doctor, so my mom…” Ugh, he didn’t want you to know he’s here because of his mother. “I thought it wasn’t that bad, I… I’m sorry.“
  • “I’m not judging you, don’t worry. I just need to know how long your problem persists so I can make a more accurate diagnosis. I’m sure you’ll do the same when you’ll become a vet.” He smiles, but… how do you know he’s studying to be a vet?
  • Oh… his mother was definitely bragging again about her son going to college to become a vet, she would do that from time to time, how embarrassing!
  • “So, give me your hands, let’s examine it.” He offers his hands, and can’t help blushing when you take them and start squeezing lightly his knuckles.
  • “Does it hurt here?” “Yes, a little.” “What about… here?” you touch next to his thumbs, making him yelp. Ugh… he feels so ridiculous about it.
  • “It looks to me you have tendinitis, caused by some repetitive strain with your fingers. Do you type a lot?” “I… I do.”
  • “I see. Well, I will refer you to an orthopedist, since it’s not my field, but I would recommend a wristlet for now. Try to take breaks on writing your essays, okay? I know college can be hard, but don’t strain yourself.” You smile in reassurance, making him feel even worse. Ugh… he’s like this because of gaming, not because he’s writing essays for college. “And say hello to your mother.”
  • But he will do his best to follow your advice, he knows his mother will tell you all about him again. Well, at least she tried to put him in a good light telling he is a dedicated student. And he’s happy that you believed…


  • She wasn’t feeling very well, it was something in her stomach, probably.
  • But she couldn’t go to the doctor, no! She was so busy!
  • It had come to a point Jumin had to tell her to go, otherwise she wouldn’t be productive in work. Yes, that was basically his reason for it.
  • And she was so nauseous, but maybe because she was just worried about all the work waiting for her when she left the hospital.
  • “Miss Kang, what’s going on?” “I’ve been throwing up and feeling sick for a few days, not being able to sleep well, doctor.”
  • “Have you already done some drugstore pregnancy test?” “OH MY GOD! NO! I… there’s no way I could be pregnant!” She blushes, but tries to recompose herself.
  • “I see, have you eaten anything different these past days?” “No, just my usual take outs.”
  • “You eat take out every day?” “Pretty much, yes.” You curl your lip while you make some notes. “These foods usually have artificial coloring and preservatives, it’s a lot of industrialized food that can do real harm if you eat it every day, Ms. Kang.”
  • “I know, it’s just my working schedule is… a mess, and most of the times I don’t have time to eat a proper meal.” She tries to read what you’re writing down, and feels ridiculous when you catch her and smile.
  • After a few exams, you hand her a paper. “I’m giving you a medical leave for three days so you can eat properly and your body can recharge, but I insist you should try a more balanced meal. You should see this nutritionist, she’s a great friend of mine and she plans diets for people who don’t have much time, she’s been helping me a lot with this, actually.”
  • Oh… so you do understand her, she was so sure you were taking notes of how she was neglecting her own health, but… you were just planning on giving her a medical absence.
  • Which… she wasn’t sure if she should use, since it would affect her productivity, who knows? Three days is time enough for Jumin to hire a new assistant if he wanted.
  • So… back to work it is, but at least she could see the nutritionist you recommended when she had some time to spare? You looked pretty good, maybe she would too if she saw your friend.


  • The hospital called him, his father was not okay.
  • He made Driver Kim run, what if it was a heart attack? A stroke?
  • Though it didn’t really show, he was extremely worried.
  • And the fact that the Hans’ doctor was abroad in a congress, so he was under care of this new doctor who wasn’t familiar with his family health’s history, made things even worse
  • “You must be his son, nice to meet you.” You looked so young! And Jumin was trying not to be prejudiced, but… you were probably very inexperienced…
  • “Do you have his medical records with you?” “I do, he’s hypertensive, had to operate his vesicle two years ago and has some tendency to gout, correct?” Oh…? You knew what you were doing, huh?
  • “But… I don’t think his current condition has anything to do with these. Well, he’s hypertensive and his joints are swelling, which I thought it could be the gout my colleague took some notes about on his last appointment. But I thinks it’s something else.”
  • “What is it?” “Hum… he refused to answer me, and I don’t know if you would know , but… does your father make use of medication for erectile dysfunction? Viagra or cialis?” Oh god… “Not that I’m aware of.”
  • “Well, I’ve seem similar symptoms with patients who took more than one pill in a short amount of time, which causes palpitations and the swelling joints.”
  •  You allowed him to see his father while he was resting. “Are you proud of yourself, father?” “Don’t scold me, you’re my son.” “If you don’t tell the doctor about the Viagra, I will.”
  • You enter the room. “Are you feeling better, Mr. Han?” “So much better now that you’re here.” Oh… that’s why… he’s dazzled by the doctor. Jumin rolls his eyes remembering all the times his father said the exact same line to some nurses, who would giggle embarassedly. But not you, you keep a straight face.
  • “So… ready to tell me if you made use of some medication? Maybe an unnecessary extra dose?” his father kept silent. “He uses Viagra.” Jumin speaks.
  •  “I see, well, every medication has side effects, Viagra and Cialis can be dangerous for some people with heart diseases, especially if you take more than one dose in short time breaks. So, please be careful from now on.”
  • “I’ll make sure to keep an eye on him from now on.” “Well, this is a very intimate thing, but… it’s good to know you’re there for your father, Mr. Han. Make sure to rest a little more, okay?” “Anything for you, dear.” No reaction from you, you’re definitely a professional, huh?
  • “I can’t believe you were flirting with the doctor, father.” More because you weren’t like the women his father usually flirts with. Professional, polite, charming… wait, what?


  • He got shot on his shoulder, and though it just grazed, the wound still looked pretty bad
  • The agency pays a lot of money to the doctors don’t shower them with questions and just prescript pills or whatever
  • But this new doctor apparently didn’t get the memo.
  • Because you asked a lot of questions while treating the wound
  •  “How did this happen?” “I didn’t see it, so I can’t tell.” Well, it was true, he didn’t see the shooter, he just dodged thanks to the GPS indicating their position.
  • “I need more details so I can fill the papers that you’ll take to the forensic examination, and…” “Oh, no need for that, doc, I’m not doing one.”
  • “What do you mean? You’re not reporting this? You were the victim of a crime.” Oh god… you look so worried, and you’re doing so much more than you obligation…
  • “Nah, I’m cool. Don’t worry, doc.” “But… what if the shooter is still looking for you?”
  • “Doc, I don’t know what they told you, but please be careful with the questions you ask. It’s a bullet, it grazed, that’s all you need to know.”
  • “But what if it has entered? I would have to operate you without knowing anything?” “You… would. I’m sorry, that’s how it works.” He tries to keep it cool and ignore the shivers he’s feeling from your touch in his shoulder and for how close you are.
  • “What is wrong with these people?” you mutter when you turn around to make some notes on his medical file. Oh… you don’t know all the details, but you probably know that the agency sent him
  • “So… agent…” “Call me Luciel.” What is he doing? Ugh… “Mr. Luciel, I recommend you take some rest and maybe go check a psychiatrist, being shot can bring a lot of emotional trauma. And… I took a look at your check up exams and your electrolytes are high, so go easy on the food with sodium like chips and beverage like soda. Please, be careful, okay?”
  • Well, he knew you were just trying to do your job, but you looked really concerned. You were so sweet and caring for being so worried with a filthy agent like him. He belongs among these people you mentioned, so there is something wrong with him, but someone so innocent and so willing to do what’s right wouldn’t know anything about this.

I once had someone ask me when I thought Darcy fell in love with Elizabeth and I answered when she came to Netherfield to care for Jane, and when rereading it, this is even more affirmed for me. I love the little line after Mrs. Bennet and the other Bennet girls leave Netherfield and Lizzie goes back up to Jane- Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst start roasting Elizabeth but then “(Mr. Darcy) could not be prevailed on to join in their censure of her, in spite of all Miss Bingley’s witticisms on fine eyes.”
Aka: two ladies of “class” start dragging Lizzie, and practically goading Darcy into saying something by teasing about his fine eyes remark, but Darcy keeps his mouth shut because something is stirring inside him. He sees how Lizzie treats her sister, he understands how embarrassed she is of her family’s poor manners. He realizes her intelligence and lively mind, and dang he is falling in love FAST but doesn’t know how to handle himself

Car Accident (Alex Standall X Reader)


~*Alex’s Pov*~
The music was too loud and everyone was too drunk, it was a mistake to come to this party but (Y/N) wanted to come so here I am. Bryce was having a party at his place, which isn’t that surprising, he always throws these parties and it always ends up too crazy and crowded with drunk teens all over the place. I might’ve had a few drinks and now I was feeling tipsy, but (Y/N) refused to drink because we used her car to get here and she was going to drive us back.

I got sick of the loud music and getting shoved every 10 seconds so I was searching for (Y/N) through the wave of teenagers until I finally saw her near the snack table across the room. She wasn’t alone though, I could see her talking to someone but the dancing bodies blocked the other person. As I got closer I saw Bryce in front of her. They were just talking and laughing, which I was fine with, but I wasn’t fine when Bryce decided to put his hand on (Y/N)’s waist. She pushed his hand away but he put it back and pulled her into his chest. I was fucking mad, but what made it worse was that she was just laughing, she didn’t even care about what he was doing. I made my way to them and pulled (Y/n) off of Bryce.

“What the fuck?!” I asked, clearly angry.

“Hey Standall, whats up?” Bryce said.

“Shut the hell up Bryce” I reply

“Come on Alex what are you so mad about” he asked smirking.

“Stay the hell away from (Y/N)”

“Come on Alex, you’re overreacting” (Y/N) said

I looked over my shoulder and gave her a death glare.

“For real Alex” Bryce started “Besides she didn’t mind”

I stared at Bryce then turned around, grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and dragged her out. We stopped when we reached her car and she turned around and began yelling.

“Seriously Alex!?”

“What the fuck was that (Y/N)?!” I replied also yelling.

“You mean when I was with Bryce? We were just talking!”

“Oh really, ‘just talking’?” I asked “Cause when I came over he was trying shit on you!”

“I could’ve handled myself Alex!” she said

“You don’t know the type of stuff Bryce goes around doing. I don’t want you talking to him!”

“Im going to talk to whoever I want to Alex!” She said obviously getting annoyed.

“Jesus (Y/N) why do you have to be such a dumbass bitch at time?! Why cant you just stop being so fucking stupid?!” I yell at her.

Her eyes went wide, she wasn’t used to me lashing out on her like that. I immediately regretted what I said.

“Shit (Y/N) I didn’t mean to say that.” I said quickly

“Yeah, save it Alex” she said quickly getting in her car and driving off.

I ended up getting a ride from Zach. He dropped me off and I went straight to my room. I sat on my bed and pulled out my phone to check on (Y/N). I called her but got no answer, she was mad, really mad. I sent her a couple texts telling her to answer cause I wanted to work things out, i didn’t want her to stay mad at me. While waiting for an answer I decided to change and go get food.

I opened the fridge to look for something to eat but then my phone suddenly rang. Looking at the caller ID I saw (Y/N)’s name and answer immediately.

“(Y/N) holy shit finally, I called you like a million times.” I say a soon as I answer the call.

“Hello sir, this is St. Peters hospital, this was the most recent contact on Ms.(Y/L/N)’s phone and we called to tell you that she happened to get into a car accident.”

“I-is she okay?”

“We’re still trying to making sure of that. If you want to know more you will have to come to the hospital.” The lady said and ended the call.

I ran to my car and sped my way to the hospital. When I got there I asked if I could see (Y/N) but the doctor said she was still being treated that I had to wait an hour or so, which of course, I did.

The last thing we talked about was me telling her how stupid I thought she was, which I didn’t actually believe, I don’t know why I keep doing dumb shit like this. I really need to work on my anger, I keep getting in fights and saying shit I don’t mean.

About an hour later at 1:38am, I finally saw a doctor walk towards the waiting room. I stood up and when he got to me he started talking.

“Im happy to tell you that (Y/N) is fine, she just has a broken left wrist and a few bruises.”

“So can I see her now?” I asked really hoping I can finally talk to her.

“Yes sir, right this way.” He said leading me to her room.

She smiled when she saw me but quickly stopped when she remembered the argument we had about 2 hours ago. I sat on the edge of the hospital bed and grabbed her right hand looking at her as she stared back at me. It was time for me to make things right.

Until I Turn to Dust

(A/N) I can’t believe it took me until my last fic to include Declan and Matthew smh
It’s been so much fun writing for pynch week this year!!!! The prompts were fun and it was cool to see what everyone else’s takes on them were as well~
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING, COMMENTING, AND PROVIDING SUCH AMAZING SUPPORT IN GENERAL I CAN’T THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH <3 You gave me the motivation I needed to actually sort of stay on schedule xD;;

I really hope you enjoy the final fic, and thank you so much again!! :’)

P.S. The Script song I used for the quote and the title of this chapter is very pynch in my opinion, please check it out!!

I fell for you and I never got up

I stay here forever ‘til I turn to dust

Just take every minute make it last for life

24/7 baby 3-6-5.

-“The Energy Never Dies” by The Script

Every moment of his waking life, and often his sleeping one too, Ronan feels like he has accidentally stumbled upon happiness.

He never thought he would meet someone like Gansey, who sticks with him even through all of Ronan’s worst hours, who was and always will be the friend that Ronan has needed more than anything. He never thought he would meet someone like Blue, who challenges him every day for being an asshole by also being an asshole, something he didn’t realize he loves as much as he does until she came into his life. He never thought he would start to get along with Declan, that he would actually maybe look forward to the times when all three Lynch brothers can be together.

And most of all, he never would’ve thought in a million years that he would meet someone like Adam Parrish. Someone who is so bright and sarcastic, someone who was given the shittiest hand in the entire world and through pure grit and determination got himself to someplace better. Someone who can and dares to fight back with Ronan but then can also pick him out of the dust and remains of his worst fears and give him something to hold onto. He’s been in love with Adam for two whole years, and not once during that entire time did he think he would ever get to kiss him. That Adam would kiss him back. That Adam goddamn Parrish would say yes when he asked him out.

But he did.

It hits Ronan especially hard in the early hours of the morning, when he’s watching Adam sleep peacefully beside him, that he is so incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon this kind of pure and relentless happiness. Just earlier, Adam had let Ronan leave kisses all over his body, especially his hands, and he’d blown Ronan so hard that minutes after he could still see nothing but stars and Adam Adam Adam. Ronan learned that Adam looks gorgeous with sweat sticking his bangs to his forehead and with that tiny little smile that Adam saves just for him. Ronan also learned that Adam is extremely ticklish on his ribcage, something that he plans to take full advantage of in the future.

He feels blessed every moment that Adam Parrish has let him be this close to him, for allowing him to love him and to be loved in return. Ronan is closer to Adam than anyone else has been before, he’s pretty sure, and it blows his mind.

It’s literally the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

When he wakes up that Sunday morning, Adam is practically sprawled on top of Ronan—not an unusual occurrence, considering that Adam’s mattress is the smallest thing in the entire universe—and Ronan has never felt so content and happy. There’s drool drying on his shoulder where Adam’s head lolls and one of his knobby knees is digging uncomfortably into Ronan’s thigh, but he never wants to move again. Adam smells like his pine-scented aftershave and oil and his warmth against Ronan is perfect enough to make him think he died and went to heaven.

Because this would be his heaven – getting to lie in bed with Adam for all of eternity, drawing his fingers gently through his incredibly silky hair and admiring his beautiful hands.

There is no place he would rather be so he refuses to get up, even though he knows Declan and Matthew will be here soon for church and that he actually needs to put a suit on. Instead he entertains himself by counting the freckles on Adam’s shoulder blades. He keeps losing track and having to start over again, but he’s at ninety-three when someone knocks concisely on the door, rousing Adam.

It’s obviously Declan, so Ronan stubbornly remains in bed as he calls out, “It’s open!”

Declan walks in, scans the room for a moment, and then swears and puts a hand over his eyes. “Jesus, you didn’t warn me you were indecent!”

“I’m always indecent,” Ronan snorts as a very sleepy Adam rolls off him and nearly onto the floor in an attempt to get up. “Relax, it’s not like we’re naked.”

A blessing that only occurred because Adam had predicted last night that they would not be able to wake up and get dressed before Ronan’s brothers appeared. Ronan loves how right Adam is about these things.

“What time is it?” Adam asks between a loud yawn that gives Ronan an amazing view of his teeth and bruised lips.

For this first time in his entire life, Ronan kind of wants to skip church.

“Nine – Ronan should’ve been ready ten minutes ago,” Declan says irritably, hands on his hips.

“We’re above the church, it’ll literally take us ten seconds to get down there,” Ronan argues as he pulls himself off of Adam’s mattress and pokes around the room in search of his dress pants. He knows he brought them to Adam’s place last night, but he lost track of them in the heat of the moment.

“And yet we’re still going to be late!” Declan snaps.  

Ronan ignores him and, finally finding his pants, starts to get dressed. Matthew, ever the ball of sunshine and never one to be deterred by his older brothers’ bickering, dashes into the apartment and nearly tackles Adam to the floor in what must be a spine-crushing hug. “Adam, my man! Are you joining us today?”

“No, I have some homework to catch up on,” Adam says as he awkwardly pats Matthew’s head. The idea of church has always been a little bit uncomfortable for Adam, Ronan knows, but he’s pretty sure he’s the only one who picks up on the uncertainty in his tone. “Say hi to Ms. Bertha for me, though.”

Ronan snorts loudly. “Ms. Bertha! Everything’s always about Ms. Bertha.”

He doesn’t actually have anything against the old lady; she’s been kind to Adam, like secretly leaving food on his doorstep or bringing him clothes she convinces him no one else will take, methods that Ronan greatly approves of. It’s just that every time he talks to her now she asks him things like: “How is Adam today?” or “Are you treating Adam well, Ronan? That boy deserves the world.” And while Ronan agrees, it’s fucking annoying; he hates having to talk about his feelings for Adam, especially to other people. It’s embarrassing.

Adam, knowing all of this, just smirks at him. His bedhead and the still sleepy look in his eyes makes Ronan want to pounce him. “You jealous, Lynch?”

“No, why? Should I be? Didn’t know you were into old hags, Parrish.”

Adam throws a pillow at him, making Ronan snicker. Declan scoffs loudly and taps the expensive watch on his wrist impatiently. “As riveting as this old married couple bickering is, we’re late, Ronan!”

“Christ, calm the fuck down will you?” Ronan snaps back, irritably tugging his tie on. “I’m ready, I’m ready – it only took me like two minutes!”

“And yet you can still never bother to be on time!” Declan rolls his eyes before grabbing Matthew and pulling him out the door. “Come on then!”

Ronan’s about to follow, complaining all the way of course, when Adam suddenly grabs his shoulder. “Wait.”

“Can’t get enough of me, Parrish?” Ronan teases, leaning into Adam and wrapping his arms around his waist.

Adam rolls his eyes, but doesn’t gift Ronan with the satisfaction of an answer. Instead, he just starts fixing his tie, his long fingers making deft work of the shimmery fabric. “You’ve been going to church every week of your life and you still can’t tie your tie properly.”

“It’s a fashion statement,” Ronan retorts, deciding to be annoying by attempting to kiss Adam while he straightens his tie.

“You’re a menace,” Adam says, making Ronan cackle. But suddenly Adam is pulling him forward by his tie, leaving a firm kiss on his lips. Ronan stares at him in wonder, his knees starting to wobble at the suggestive smirk on Adam’s face. “You’re much more attractive when your tie is on straight, though.”

“…Why do you always do this when I have to leave, Parrish?” Ronan groans, reaching up to tangle his fingers in Adam’s hair as he kisses him desperately.

“You only ever dress up when you’re going to church – what else am I supposed to do?” Adam teases, but Ronan is about two seconds from deciding to wear a tie for the rest of his life.

He’s about to say this out loud, but Declan’s annoying voice hollers up the stairs, “Ronan! We’re missing the service!”

Ronan growls and kisses Adam one more time before retreating reluctantly. “My suit will still be on afterwards, Parrish,” he says as he pounds down the stairs.

When he looks back up, Adam is leaning on the handrail, grinning at him. His hair is a mess and he’s wearing nothing but one of Ronan’s tanks and his boxers and for the millionth time Ronan is almost drawn back upstairs. “I look forward to it, Lynch.”

Declan pulls him away before he can say anything more, and Adam’s words replaying over and over again in his head is the only thing that keeps him from growling at him for it. Matthew sidles up beside him as they walk into the church, quietly sitting down in a pew near the back, and whispers, “You two are cute.”

Ronan blushes, but he can’t respond to that either because the service has already begun.

The three brothers fall into silence; going to church is the only time the three of them are still and quiet around each other instead of yelling and roughhousing. Ronan tries his best to pay attention to the sermon, but more often than not he finds his mind trailing back to Adam. He wonders what he’s doing right now, if his eyebrows are furrowed in that cute little expression of concentration he has, or what his hands look like working right now…

Every time, he has to forcibly derail his thoughts before they become too graphic for the inside of a church.

When the sermon is over and the space becomes open for confession, Ronan gets in line behind Declan, like he always does. As he’s waiting in line, he thinks about how different of a place he’s in now. He’s spent most of his life hating himself for who he is, either because of his dreams or because of his sexual orientation, and now he has a boyfriend, one that he loves openly and with his entire being. Declan, Matthew, and some nice old ladies (including Ms. Bertha) that are friends of the family know about Adam and don’t shun them for it. It’s amazing to him. He’s in love with another man and no one has struck him down yet.

But he still hasn’t said it out loud. He’s introduced Adam as his boyfriend to a select few people, but he’s never said those three little words, or told anyone else in words how much he loves Adam. Though part of it is because he’s extremely bad at talking about his feelings, he wonders now if part of him had always been afraid that something terrible would happen if he said it out loud. If it would somehow ruin his happiness instead of expanding it.

He thinks of Adam’s sleepy little smile and wonders if it’s time to stop being silent.

He makes up his mind right as Declan comes out of the confession box and pats him on the shoulder. The touch could mean anything, and probably means behave yourself, but Ronan likes to think of it as encouragement.

Ronan shuffles into the confession box and sits down. He can see nothing but the grated window and it makes it easier to pretend he’s alone, even though he can hear the minister breathing on the other end. He takes a deep breath, rubs his hands over his buzzed scalp. Father Arnold is always patient with him, more patient than Ronan thinks anyone in his entire life has ever been with him, and best of all doesn’t push him to talk. They’ve had many confessions where they just sit in silence, Ronan either struggling or disinterested in saying anything. As he takes his time finding his words, he knows that Father Arnold knows it’s him. He always seems to know, even though it’s supposed to be anonymous. To be fair though, Ronan is probably the only person who has sat here for years, fighting with himself to say out loud what he hadn’t even let himself think until recently.

His second secret. The one he’s kept so locked up that for a long time he’d even kept it from himself.

Except, it’s no longer a secret: he’s told himself, and maybe even more terrifying he’s showed Adam. He showed him his deepest darkest secret, and by showing Adam he’d also shown Declan, Gansey, Blue, Matthew, Henry, and those old ladies.

And now, for the first time in a long time, Ronan has something to say.

“Father, I have sinned,” Ronan eventually murmurs, though it still takes him a while to force the words out. He takes a deep breath and clenches his fists at his sides as he continues, “But it doesn’t feel like I’ve sinned.”

Father Arnold doesn’t even sound surprised as he says, “And what is it that you did?”

This part is even harder to admit. Ronan has never uttered it aloud, not even to Adam. He doesn’t know how to form the words in his mouth. He has kept this secret for so long that it’s hard to tell, even though he wants to.

“I kissed Adam Parrish,” he finally blurts out, and he feels free, elated, terrified. Something tight in his chest throbs and releases and suddenly he’s free falling, open and unrestricted but with absolutely no idea where he’s going to land. “You know, the guy who’s renting the room upstairs? I kissed him and asked him out and he said yes. And Father, it’s the best goddamn thing that has ever happened to me.”

Realizing belatedly that he shouldn’t have used that particular curse in confession, he mumbles, “Sorry.”

Father Arnold is silent for a long time, silent for so long that the wide open space inside Ronan starts to close up again and suddenly he’s purely afraid that he fucked up. That Father Arnold will break his code and go out and tell the bigots at the church and they’ll be shunned and mocked. Adam could lose his apartment and God Ronan hasn’t thought this through at all…

“Being in love is not a sin, Ronan,” Father Arnold finally says, and the use of his name almost surprises Ronan more than the actual words. “Love is compassion, and compassion is what makes this world our Lord has created great. Compassion is what makes connections, brings you fulfillment, and improves the lives of yourself and those around you. You hold so much compassion within you Ronan that I’m sure it must be hard for you contain it, but it is never a sin. You have found someone that means the world to you, and that is okay, even if he is another boy. You will help each other and grow together, and I sincerely believe that that is a good thing. The Lord is happy as long as you are happy.”

Ronan has no idea what to say to that, his heart is pounding so hard he isn’t sure he can say anything at all, but before he can figure it out Father Arnold continues, “Are you happy, Ronan?”

“Yes, Father,” Ronan replies immediately, his fingers loosening their tight grip on his pants. “Adam makes me so happy that I don’t know how to handle it sometimes.”

“Then you are where you are meant to be, my child,” Father Arnold says, and Ronan can hear the smile in his voice.

He swallows thickly. “Thank you, Father.”

And then he practically runs out of the confession box because he needs to move, to expel the sudden elated energy that explodes inside of him. He ignores Matthew’s surprised expression as he runs out of the church, feeling wild and hyper. He wants to laugh, he wants to cry, he wants to roll on the grass and set the world on fire because he feels so alive. Everything is going his way for once and he feels like he doesn’t have to hide who he is or be afraid.

He’s never felt so light and free in his entire life.

Declan is standing outside waiting for them when Ronan crashes out of the church like a crazy person, and he jumps a little as he looks up from his phone. “Ronan, what the hell—?”

But Ronan ignores him too and pounds up the steps back to Adam’s apartment, not even bothering to knock as he barges his way in. Adam is sitting exactly where he imagined he would be, huddled over his desk, his eyebrows furrowed as his brain works out what appears to be a complicated calculus problem.

He looks up as Ronan enters, not even surprised. The soft smile on his face makes Ronan’s heart soar even higher. “Hey, you. How did it go?”

Ronan doesn’t bother to reply, he doesn’t think he can express the flurry of emotions in his chest, so he just runs over and scoops Adam up in his arms, holding him as tightly as he can and swirling him around in a circle. Adam lets out a surprised yelp, looking frazzled as he grips onto Ronan for dear life. When Ronan sets him back down on the ground, he frowns and presses the back of his hand to Ronan’s forehead, like he’s worried he has a fever. “Are you feeling alright?”

And Ronan laughs, because really, what a question.

“I’ve never felt better in my goddamn life,” Ronan says, and he leans in to kiss Adam breathlessly, pressing their foreheads together. “I love you, Adam.”

It’s the first time he’s ever said it out loud, and it feels like a giant weight is lifted from his back. He feels like he could run a marathon, swim across an entire ocean, pull at least ten things out of his dreams at once. Seeing the startled look on Adam’s face, though, he hurries to add, “I don’t expect you to say it back or anything, I just…I just needed you to know.”

For a moment Adam just blinks at him, but then he’s smiling a shy smile and Ronan can’t help but lean in and kiss him again. When they part, Adam draws a finger down Ronan’s jaw and whispers, “I think that’s the first time anyone has ever said that to me.”

This piece of knowledge makes Ronan angry and sad and everything in between, but instead of indulging these emotions he just kisses Adam’s good ear and whispers back, “Then I’ll say it as often as you need to hear it. You deserve to hear it all the goddamn time, Adam.”

“Oh God, please don’t say it that often, I don’t think I can handle that,” Adam laughs shakily, and he’s blushing as Ronan presses another kiss to his lips. That’s fine – he won’t be able to say it that often either, if he’s being realistic. He’ll just throw it in when Adam needs the reminder.

Or when he’s least expecting it. That blush is doing wonders to Ronan’s heart.

“Hey, Matthew’s done – are you two lovebirds ready to go to lunch, or—?” Declan says, walking into the room right as Ronan had parted his lips so Adam could sneak his tongue into his mouth. “Jesus Christ!!”

“Declan, please, we’re above a church,” Adam says, and Ronan drops his head down onto his shoulder as he dissolves into laughter.

Declan opens his mouth and closes it again about three or four times before throwing his arms up into the air and stalking back out of the apartment. Ronan chuckles and hugs Adam’s waist, swaying gently as he kisses his neck. “You know, we could go for lunch, or we could do something else, taking full advantage of my suit…”

“Hm, I’m actually pretty hungry though,” Adam says and to Ronan’s utter dismay steps away from him and walks to his desk, stuffing his wallet and keys into his pockets and heading out the door. Ronan’s still gaping at him when he turns around to face him again, raising an eyebrow. “You coming?”

“Never mind, Parrish, I take it back!” he shouts, but he obviously doesn’t mean it as he runs to Adam, leaving one last kiss on his lips before they walk down to Declan’s Volvo, hand in hand.


A couple of weeks later they’re at the Barns, lazing around in the faint afternoon sunlight that lingers on the living room couch. Ronan is lying on his front, shirtless, and Adam is huddled next to him, absentmindedly tracing his tattoo with his calloused fingers. They’d been talking about meaningless things before and now are perfectly content to sit in silence, just appreciating the other’s warmth and presence. It’s a rare moment when Adam is fully caught up on work and school and Ronan wants to take complete advantage of it.

“Hey, you know?” Adam says quietly after a while. Ronan turns his head to the side to stare at him questioningly. But Adam just shakes his head and laughs to himself, pulling a hand through his sweaty hair. Ronan watches the action with way too much attention and interest. “Shit, that was the stupidest way to start this.”

Ronan is even more confused than before. “Just spit it out, Parrish.”

“I love you,” Adam blurts; his direct gaze on Ronan when he says it nearly shatters him. “I mean it – I’ve never been happier than I am when I’m with you, Ronan.”

“…Adam,” Ronan chokes, and for a horrifying moment he’s worried he’s going to start crying. He never could’ve guessed how intensely happy hearing Adam say that to him would make him, and he’s thus unprepared to deal with it. It hits him like a tidal wave and warms his entire body, leaving him shaking, ecstatic, and so very alive.

He tackles Adam, pressing down onto him as he hugs him as tightly as he can at this awkward angle. Adam laughs and wraps one arm around Ronan’s shoulders while using the other hand to caress the back of his head, his fingers automatically rubbing through the fuzz on top of Ronan’s head. “Ronan…!”  

“I love you too,” Ronan gasps, high from the way Adam had said his first name as he nuzzles into Adam’s neck. “God, I love you so fucking much.”

Adam laughs again, cutely embarrassed like he is every other time Ronan says it, and it just makes him love him more. “Careful, God might strike you down for saying that.”  

But Ronan knows God is chill with it, and that just seems to make today that much brighter. 

Time After Time (1/1)

Inspired by this post.

Emma is a Traveler, able to travel through time but unable to control it. Killian is her Taler, always there to greet her and keep her from being alone while out of her time. Neither of them know how it works but they don’t mind so much as long as they have each other. A Captain Swan AU.

Warning: Mentions of character death.

The first time they met they were the same age.

Emma had known it could happen at any moment but that hadn’t made her any more ready for when it actually did.  Her parents had explained over and over what to expect for her first trip.  They had made it sound fun, exciting, something only a teeny tiny amount of people were able to do.  What they hadn’t told her was how dizzy she would feel, or that her mouth would be filled with the taste of cinnamon, or that she couldn’t be sure that her eyes would stay in her head.

“The year is 1648.  Hi, my name is Killian and I’m your Taler and… and why are your eyes closed?”

“I don’t want my eyes to fall out,” Emma whispered, unsure if she would start crying or throw up.  She was leaning towards throwing up, it would be less embarrassing.

“Your eyes?  Why would your eyes fall out?  Do they give you some sort of fanciful eyes from your time?  Is that something that happens then?  People’s eyes popping out?”

“No!” Emma snapped.  Her eyes opened against her will to glare at the boy, Killian she remembered, who was talking too much, “My eyes are just eyes idiot.”

“Oh, they are,” Killian frowned, apparently disappointed in her normal green eyes.

He looked like all the other boys that were in her fifth grade class at school except for his clothes looked like something from her history book.  Killian was skinny, his hair black and all over the place, and his eyes were blue as far as she could tell since he was squinting at her funnily.  She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Oy, that’s not very nice!” He stuck his tongue back out at her. “I’m trying to welcome you like a gentleman and you’re being very rude.”

“A gentleman?” She scoffed, “You’re not old enough to be a gentleman.”

“I’ll be eleven next winter, I’ll have you know, and Papa said that you have to be a gentleman around ladies.  Even when they won’t treat you like one,” Killian scowled and then seemed to realize that it wasn’t gentlemanly behavior.  He smiled at her, wide and fake, “I’m your Taler, the year is 1648 and I hope your trip wasn’t terribly awful.”

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K-Drama Starters Part II:
  • “Don’t give me that face.”
  • “I’m sorry to say that I’m still alive.”
  • “Were you always so heartless?”
  • “You might not know this but I used to hurt people with just a spoon.”
  • “I don’t like ugly people. It pains me to even talk to you.”
  • “He/she treats me like a sister/brother!”
  • “You startled me, you punk.”
  • “How can I get back at that jerk?”
  • “Not that it’s possible, but I’ll make myself even more beautiful.”
  • “Why are you here, you foxy lady/man?”
  • “How many children should we have?”
  • “Would you like some chocolate milk?”
  • “As expected, I don’t fit in.”
  • “I won’t wear it. Get rid of it.”
  • “I won’t get rid of it. Wear it.”
  • “This is the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted.”
  • “I tried my best to make this. Don’t be cruel.”
  • “Are you hurt anywhere?!”
  • “I’m proposing to you right now, you know.”  
  • “I could put you in danger.”
  • “Most people cringe when startled, but you get ready to punch.”
  • “I don’t care about who you were or what you did in a past life. I’d hate you just the same.”
  • “Hey, does my face look like this drawing?”
  • “I’m only sitting next to you because I have no other choice.”
  • “I thought you were only bad at singing but your sense of humor is also terrible.”
  • “Let’s go together. If we go together, it won’t be lonely.”
  • “You’re looking at me sensually, aren’t you?”
  • “It’s too dangerous. You can’t go.”
  • “You know that I like you, right?”
  • “Liking someone is a good thing. There’s no reason to hide it.”
  • “I’m going to become someone you can lean on.”
  • “It doesn’t matter who you are because I don’t care at all.”
  • “I made him/her cry.”
  • “I’ll protect you.”
  • “I wish I could have pizza until I feel sick.”
  • “I was passing by when I saw an ugly little girl. I called your name just to check.”
  • “I’m ashamed to be your friend.”
  • “What’s wrong with a motel?”
  • “My leg feels like it’s going to break!”
  • “Can I kiss you one more time?”
  • “It’s too bad we only got to do four romantic things.”
  • “What do you want to eat? Oh, right I forgot you don’t eat.”
  • “You forgot your hair.”
  • “You can give me back my sheets later.”
  • “You think I don’t know about your dark thoughts?”
  • “I just thought of one thing money can’t buy: your smile.”
  • “I’m going to become stronger so I can protect you.”
  • “Why are you being like this?”
  • “I just visited her fitness club, sweated a bit, and she took the bait.”
  • “Get lost; this is my house!”
  • “When did I eat all this?”
  • “Did you grab [NAME]’s hand and drag him/her by force?”
  • “I’d give you the world if you asked me to.”
  • “Shoot, I just made a cute face at [NAME]’s father.”
  • “He/she got 50th place.”
  • “I’m not manly.”
  • “Should I apologize or should I confess?”
  • “I can hear everything, you cheesy goblin!”
  • “Cut it out, you’re scaring me.”
  • “Put that back before you cause an international dispute.”
  • “Goodbye. Take care. Never come back.”
  • “He/she’s talking on the phone while driving. Please give him/her a ticket.”
  • “Black loafers with white socks? Are you Michael Jackson?”
  • “I got dressed up for nothing… I guess I should take some selfies.”
  • “You fall in love every time someone buys you food.”
  • “Your grades are really sad.”
  • “Let’s just say that you hugged me.”
  • “Your Mom says she doesn’t like me.”
  • “Go get your gun.”  
  • “We should do something special.”  
  • “Be careful. I’m a good fighter.”
  • “Congratulations on becoming a married man/woman.”
  • “How could you dump someone over text?!”
  • “Why are you laughing?”  
  • “How dare you?”
  • “You have no idea what I went through in the short period of an hour.”
  • “Where did you come from? I only closed my eyes for ten seconds?”
  • “Seeing your face makes me happy.”
electric feel

Title:  Electric Feel
Pairing: Josh Dun/OFC (unnamed)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Just smut, with a pinch of dirty talk (who am I kidding, there’s a lot of dirty talk, yall know me).
A/N: This was a request by @beaniebabycreature. This turned out way longer than I intended it to be, because I’m an asshole with backstory; this one is like 4.7k, so enjoy this. I’ve got a Jai Courtney story I’m almost done with, and I’m taking requests for Josh or Tyler stories. Send ‘em in!

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James Potter x Reader

The Marauders Era It´s Just My Favorite Thing In The World

Words: 2,650

A/N: Just read a time turner fic, and I´m feeling quite anxious so I needed to write this

He suppressed a growl, silently reminding himself that the dog was Sirius and the werewolf Remus (what left him like the only graceful animagus). And that he should act as a proper human in the common room, because Lily hated when he acted childishly. (She hated almost everything he did.) Still, James cursed under his breath. The very idea of you two being together irked him.

It was utmost betrayal! How could you?!

His pretty chubby, second favorite bookworm that liked sweet chocolate frogs and acid pops couldn’t possibly fancy a mad wizard with a strange fascination of dark magic. James could tolerate Lily awkwardly chatting with the snake, but you were part of the Marauders, something so…so…hideous wasn´t about to happen in front of his eyes.

“I believe you both are being overly dramatic, Whiskers is kind with everyone when we aren’t around.”

“So you mean she really doesn’t like us?  Is she faking because I always buy her treats at Honeydukes?” Remus gave James a disbelieving look while Sirius crossed his arms. Without a word, Peter blushed while you embraced Severus warmly one more time.

“How come she never actually hugged me before!?” The seventeen year old prat with the longest hair wiggled around with a scowl, leaving James with a bitter expression. “I mean, yeah, I know we actually don’t treat her so much like a beautiful woman and all that shit, but even she could have given me a squish or two.”

“You are being awfully stupid, Padfoot.” Remus sighed in exasperation, passing a tired hand through his sandy hair before placing his hands in Sirius´s shoulders. “Whiskers is a beautiful lady. You are a dirty dog. She isn’t going to hug you.”

“Then I don’t get why she is passionately hugging the life out of Snivellus!”

“Love can get us blind…W-We should admit that Whiskers is old enough to get a…hum…love interest.” Peter mutely offered, earning a gasp from each one of the present marauders. When the words left the air completely, the boys changed their stunned expressions. James went paper sheet pale suddenly feeling really sick, Remus simply nodded to himself in astonishment and Sirius got that knowing glint on his bright eyes.

“Even if it is Snivellus?” James tried to discard the mere idea of you actually being in love, frowning at his group of friends.

“Well, Whiskers doesn’t have a lot of options. I mean we are out of her league, you know, with all the let´s vow for our friendship and all that bloody oaths.” With trembling hands, Black rambled a few more words that Potter didn’t get. Sirius easily read the painfully obvious disdain of his best mate at his not correctly phrased comment, however he lacked self-control when it came to reassuring people, so he just continued pointlessly speaking.

In love? Like in the real thing? Weren’t you still too young for it? James couldn’t even know how he felt about Lily –the girl he had fancied since his first year at Hogwarts- and you suddenly loved a snake?

“Please don’t pass out.” Tough hands clasped James arms, keeping him in a standing position. “Thanks for breaking Prongs, Wormtail.”

“Moony, do something!” Pleaded Peter with a scared grimace.

“Something? Why are you two pushing Remus?” A friendly voice interrupted the sullen atmosphere and all the four boys turned to face the young woman who talked. Full soft cheeks and warm eyes met with the suffering forced smile of the boy who couldn’t contain himself anymore.


“Umm, yeah? So, no one is going to answer my question?”

“Sniv-”A hard blow in the stomach left Sirius mute.

“He meant to say snitch, we thought about going to practice Quidditch a little, see you at dinner!” Dragging away to the outside an almost knocked out Sirius, James waved a quick goodbye without looking back.

“That means I´m not invited?” Remus shrugged not giving a trace of an apology, nodding before turning around and walking in the same direction as the other boys. (Peter followed him closely, not that you actually cared –since Wormtail used to ignore you most of the time-.)

“Are we going to Hogsmeade this weekend? I mean, last time we stayed here to pull pranks at professor Slughorn. I´m running out of sugar quills.” Munching a piece of chocolate cake, you asked the abnormally quiet marauders. All of them were odd –Remus acted the same as always but his eyes were fixed to his plate and nothing else-. James seemed out of place, skin to pale and sickly looking, his hair was glued to his face, due to a tiresome rough time practicing or a lot of slick substance that could have been shower gel. Sirius was certainly pissed off, however you didn’t know at whom. “Did you have a fight? Where is Wormtail?” You continued when your first attempt of conversation was plainly avoided.

“He´s going to change his name to Lovegood, he´s going insane.” Remus joked, or kind of tried to make it sound as a joke.

“I hope he doesn’t dare to sit with us tonight.” Muttered Sirius, giving his pumpkin juice a long gulp. “How could he said it? Now our Prongs it´s like a hollow puppet.”

“Can someone inform me of the situation? I kind of feel left out.” Brown vivid eyes gazed at your for a couple of seconds, leaving you waiting. “So?” You insisted forcefully.

James managed to look quite dashing even with an ill expression and oily skin. That type of grace was something that made you wonder how he could get to actually fall for someone like you.

(Not that you were too ugly or anything, it was just the mere fact that he was absolutely stunning.)

“Peter just screwed me.” James finally said, smiling at you, absent mindedly playing with the spoon that his fingers held. The slice of apple pie on his plate was untouched and a growing desire of tasting it clouded your thoughts. Why the heck were you such a guzzler?

“Are you going to eat that?” Now you questioned with a light hint of hopefulness, knowing that interrogating him wouldn’t help but your sweet tooth would make him chuckle. What happened next made wasn’t what you expected. James sighed, softly caressing his right wrist before standing up and rolling the plate to your side.


“Sadly, I will be leaving too.” The black haired boy said with a grin. “You screwed him more, and Padfoot is going to fix him for you, love.”

“Don’t miss me too much, Sirius.” A soft hand messed with your hair before pressing hard on your skull. “Moony, I don’t like that.”

“I´m just trying to accommodate your brains, they seem to be in a difficult situation-” You gaped at him, jokingly scowling.

“Why do you all seem eager to mess with my life today?”

“Don´t think about it too much, lovely bee. The boys are just being idiots. Like always.” Lily said calmly, sipping her tea despite the fact that Remus glared at her.

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A Court of Hearts and Darkness Chapter Thirteen

It’s been over a century since the epic and bloody war against Hybern, but a new, unprecedented horror lies in wait to threaten everything the Inner Circle holds dear.

At a mere 17, it seems that the only one who can save them is the Heir to the Night Court, Feyre and Rhysand’s daughter Eleana, but as a creature so vile promises to kill everyone she loves, she must combat the urge to succumb to the darkness herself. The key to success lies hidden within her mate, the bastard born Kaden, who is as oblivious to the bond as her Court is oblivious to the war on the horizon.

With the help of her cousin and warrior Felix, the son of the famed Nesta and Cassian, they will try to save everything they hold dear, hopefully before the darkness takes them all.

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Chapter One   Chapter Two   Chapter Three    Chapter Four    Chapter Five
Chapter Six    Chapter Seven    Chapter Eight   Chapter Nine    Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven   Chapter Twelve 


-Chapter Thirteen- 


“I’m telling you, Mor! This isn’t going to work. Nothing is. I am doomed to my own damned existence and this is my fate.” Eleana sighed dramatically and threw herself onto Felix’s couch.

It had been moved, just like all the other furniture in the room, against the wall so there was a clear space in the room where they could move around. Currently it was only Mor and Eleana occupying Felix’s home, and they were hoping that they could at least show Felix some amount of progress before he came home from retrieving Quathryn from Velaris.

What they were doing was the worst kind of training. Eleana could handle flying and fighting and magic and whatever else was thrown at her, but there was one thing she had never successfully done. And that was dance.

Mor was trying, to no true avail, to teach Eleana traditional Illyrian dances that she would likely need to know when she went to Kaden’s cousin’s wedding.

“Maybe if you try with your father again…”

“I did yesterday. It didn’t end well.”

The High Lord had been good about it. It wasn’t the first time he had tried to teach her to dance like an Illyrian, and it also wasn’t the first time it had ended with a broken bone.

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Why the fuck are digital assistants female??

So recently I took a job working for a large company I can’t name basically correcting errors in voice recognition via digital assistants. This is a pretty fucking tedious and benign job but I slowly started noticing some alarming trends.

Guys have a tendency to say really rude things to this digital assistant. Ask her to make them sandwiches. They call her misogynistic names. Ask her about her appearance. Ask her how old she is. Ask can she talk dirty to them. Ask her to search the creepiest sex acts you can imagine. Ask if they should jerk off with their left or right hand. You know, generally how men treat women except on steroids.

Ladies just ask the assistant for the weather or the news. Occasionally I’ll get stop talking digital assistant! But generally you know women behave like normal functional human beings. And for the record , I have had heard illegal things which I am required to report and 100% of them have been male.

It really upsets me that the developers choose to use female voices in this way. They give some bullshit reason about comfort and ease of listening. The reality is women are seen as subservient and this shit reinforces it even further. Do I believe I’d hear half of the shit I do if the voice was male? Absolutely not.

And these animals continue to sit in the privacy of their own home practicing how to speak to a woman. They practice saying whatever they want to a female voice who will just shut up and take it. They learn pretty early what role women should have, and trust me I hear little boys practicing a lot.

I found it interesting that Siri’s voice by default in the U.K. is male. It seems like the world hasn’t ended over there last I checked. What is it about the American male that is so goddamned fragile and catered to that they need digital assistants to be female? Like there’s some kind of creepy sex appeal or something? Guess a female servant in every way is most men’s dream come true?

All of this is obviously problematic and I’m not the only one to write about this. There’s tons of research and articles about it. Still, the fact that multiple companies continue to use female voices is legit bullshit. Men are complete garbage.

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Tony "borrows" Pepper's clothes sometimes, when he wants to feel pretty. How do you think the Avengers would react?

Lmao “borrows” as if he either wouldn’t fill out her clothes properly or stretch them out in the wrong places. “You can borrow from this section,” Pepper says, motioning at a particular part of the closet. “THESE. ONLY.” And Tony meekly agrees because she could just choose not to let him borrow them at all.

(”These aren’t your sizes,” a snobby lady says at a boutique. Pepper’s evil eye makes the snobby lady shrink and obediently fetch dresses in the size she asked for or that could be altered to that size. She didn’t bribe JARVIS to help her get Tony’s sizes to be treated like this.)

I know how the Avengers better react unless they want me to rip through the multiverse to come kick their asses.

Natasha has seen weirder things as a spy. If Tony wants to wear a blouse or a skirt or a dress, she doesn’t care. What she cares about is him being comfortable. “And that blouse clearly isn’t,” Natasha says, looking down her nose at it. “What is that, polyester?” Tony hunches his shoulders. “It’s got cotton in it!” “Honey,” Natasha tells him pityingly, and then a bunch of new blouses show up in Pepper’s closet. (”Ninety percent polyester,” is Natasha’s only explanation. “I’m going to find that bitch and kick her ass,” Pepper hisses, livid, and also calls in a complaint to the boutique. Snobby lady is fired.)

Clint has also seen weirder things as a spy. He doesn’t get it, but he’s not gonna make fun of him for it. He just doesn’t mention it. He interacts with Tony the same as he always has. Tony appreciates this. (Okay, so, maybe sometimes he’d like it if Clint would say something, but nothing is better than anything mean.)

Bruce’s only problem is Tony wearing a dress or skirt in the lab. “That’s a safety hazard, Tony!” Tony frets. “You mean you don’t… care?” “I turn into a giant green rage monster and it’s a miracle I even have pants on when I transform. Why would I judge you?” Tony doesn’t understand how the two relate but Bruce has said he doesn’t care so he’s just going to take that as the blessing it is.

“Man of Iron! What a beautiful gown! Had I known you enjoyed dressing in such garb I would have brought a bolt of our fabric for you when I returned from Asgard!” ‘nough said. Thor is a Labrador.

Steve is the only one who has a problem with it and he’s smart enough not to say anything. So he avoids looking at Tony when he sees him wearing a skirt, or keeps his eyes just above Tony’s head when he’s wearing a dress. His voice is noticeably strained when he speaks to Tony, and his shoulders always sag with relief when he leaves. I like to think that Steve will eventually see it as less strange and just quirky, but wearing women’s clothes was considered a whole lot differently in the forties. (”This is what you fought for,” Steve tells himself in the mirror, ashamed of how hurt Tony looks when he can’t meet his eyes, ashamed of how Tony has stopped dressing the way he likes because Steve has made him feel bad about it. “You fought for people’s rights. If Tony wants to wear… that… he’s allowed to. Get it together, Rogers.”)

Viviane's High Lady "official presentation" headcanon

Feel free to add :) 

- Kallias had been thinking about it ever since the war: Viviane deserved to be a High Lady. Not because he loved her and she was his mate, but because during those awful years under Amarantha’s rule she had been truly the High Lady of the Winter Court 

 - After the war Viviane had mentioned just once to Kallias how she thought it was amazing that Feyre was High Lady of the Night Court on her own right. Just once she had done so. She didn’t want to press the matter and she didn’t want to beg either. Tittle or not she knew Kallias confided in her as an equal, and treated her as such in front of the members of her court. 

 - Kallias had already made his mind, his court, his territory and all of Prythian for that sake must know how important Viviane is to the Winter Court. So one day, they were supposed to have off, during breakfast he told her what had been on his mind. 

 - Viviane couldn’t believe it, and as Kallias said “Viviane High Lady of the Winter Court” she felt how her own power heighten to match that of her mate. Her own power, not a shift of power from Kallias to her. Kallias was not giving up his power or diminishing it so that Viviane could have some of it. No; it came from her all her new found power came from her. 

 - They both felt it would be good to have an official ceremony and invite all the other high lords as well as some festivity that would be celebrated in their territory. However this moment, in which she had become High Lady, would always be for the two of them. 

 - A couple of weeks later, guests arrived for the weekend celebration. Winnowing from most parts of Prythian. The High Lords and Lady of the three solar courts, with their respective entourage, the summer court was in attendance and an emissary arrived from the Spring court who apologised for Tamlin’s absence, who couldn’t come because he was working on building what had been damages during the war. 

 - The ceremony was brief, as it was only an official introduction: everybody had assembled in the great hall and were mingling when the great ice doors opened. Together Kallias and Viviane walked as the people parted and gave them a clear path towards the dais where there was one throne. 

 - When they arrived to the stairs at the bottom of the dais Kallias held put his hand and helped Viviane climb them up. He lead her to the throne and she (without his help or guidance) sat on the throne. 

 - From there she could see how Kallias dropped to one knee, followed by the rest of then guests. She could also see the Feyre and Mor, who, as the kneeled, were smiling with such pride. 

 - Near the dais was also the human girl Feyre and Azriel had saved from Hybern, who in the past months had become a close friend, and would no doubt be useful to creat a better relationship between the humans and the fae. 

 - It was a good party, however formal it was, it also provided a great opportunity to catch up with old and new friends. As soon as the formality was over, she went straight up to Mor who was already opening her arms for her. 

 - Mor was ecstatic to see her friend in the position that she was meant to occupy. They danced together for some time. And then they started planning for Viviane’s first official visit to Velaris as Mor longed to show her friend the city of her heart. 

 - Laughter and music filled the hall, while drinks were clicking (?) all over the place. 

 - In one moment Feyre got closer and asked for a private audience with the new High Lady, which Viviane of course granted while laughing at the formality Feyre had clearly meant as a joke. So both females retired to a balcony to talk. It’s true that they hadn’t known each other for a long time, but they could both feel this was the start of a good friendship. 

 - When they were finally alone, Feyre confessed that she had a gift for her aside from the “official one her court had brought”. And before Viviane could start saying that she didn’t have to, Feyre winnowed a miniature painting of a snowflake, big enough for a nightstand. 

 - Feyre had been working on it ever since the invitation had arrived and even though she felt it could be improved here and there, the sentiment of pride, happiness and friendship was cristal clear. A beautiful snowflake over a deep blue background that meant to represent the night. A token symbolising both their courts. 

 - Viviane though it was beautiful and admitted that she was quite happy that she would have her friendly face during the meetings between High Lords (and now High Ladies as well). 

 - Kallias watched as Viviane entered the room with the High Lady of the Night Court in her arm, and a smile appeared on his face. A smile for his friend since childhood, a smile for that female that had protected his court, a smile for his mate, a smile for his High Lady.


Characters: Dean, Reader, OC Patsy

Word Count: 2700-ish (whatttt?? that’s it??)

Warnings: Language, alcoholic consumption, sass

A/N: The morning after an alcohol-soaked case, the reader is doing her best to recover with little-to-no help from Dean. I wrote this for @seenashwrite‘s 200 followers celebration. Prompts are bolded throughout the fic. I also managed to sneak in the Hiatus Challenge prompt from @thing-you-do-with-that-thing. *Nash, although I didn’t sign up for it, there’s a bonus prompt in there, too!! Many thanks to @idreamofhazel and @kayteonline for being fabulous and helpful betas. As always, feedback and constructive criticism are welcomed and appreciated!

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I groan as I feel sleep drifting away from me. My head is rocking and bouncing with the potholes in the road, but I fight it, desperate to hide away from consciousness and the hangover that would come with it. The beginnings of it already start to creep in on me, my body sore and achy, the foul taste of hard liquor remnants coming alive as I lick at my dry mouth. My eyes scrunch further shut and my nose crinkles in displeasure as the heat from the sun beats down on me.

“Nooooo,” I moan, feeling the immediate jack-hammering to my skull, making my brain throb as I start to wake. “Oh. Bad.”

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Question About Cat Care

So I met the snobiest lady at the vet yesterday and I want to know how much of what she said is actually true
Apparently the only food you should feed your cat is called orejen (I believe that’s how you spell it), and mind you the cheapest you can get this stuff is $60 per 12 pounds! Now orejen is a dry food and it sounds good and all but when we asked what she feeds for wet food she said she doesn’t feed wet food, she only ever feeds it as an occasional treat (and the brand she uses for that is ridiculously expensive as well) and we were like but when cats don’t get wet food they can develop urine crystals. She was silent for a minute and then said her cats are fine and drink water and it sounded like she had never looked into it and was just being a stubborn know it all to us. We tried to tell her what we fed our cats and she cut us off and was like no you can’t match orejen you need to buy that. She also said all her cats are in their 20’s bc she feeds them orejen and they’re all healthy and we were like oh well that’s lucky our 12 year old cat is very sick (herpes, asthma, ear problems, arthritis, etc) and that we almost lost him in December and that switching his food to what we use now and giving him vitamin pastes along with getting him a better medication (which they are taking completely off the market nationwide by the way and I am PISSED) saved his life. She pretty much told us our cat shouldn’t be sick at all and that he’d be healthy if he was on orejen and that her cats arthritis was cured by orejen, and I call bullshit. She was pushing this food like it was nobody’s business and pretty much implying that by not buying our cats this crazy expensive food that we were neglecting them. She also pretty much called my mother stupid and irresponsible bc she had our cats on science diet for quite a long time, and I had finally convinced her to switch them to a better diet. But it’s totally understandable why my mother thought she was feeding them good food, vets promote it all the damn time, and also our cats and dog aren’t on it anymore so I don’t get why she thought lecturing a complete stranger was appropriate esp in the rude manner she did it in. Oh and also our cat was crying the entire time bc she is terrified of the vet and we explained that to her. Kuma and her sister are both absolutely terrified of the vet so that’s why Kuma was so upset. She said its bc we use a hard carrier instead of a soft fabric one and that we need to buy her a new carrier immediately. We explained that she would destroy a fabric carrier bc she would claw it and that it wasn’t like it was uncomfortable bc we put blankets in there. But nope not good enough. This woman made it very very clear that she thought she was better than us and could do know wrong. Also almost forget to mention that 2 of her cats are declawed. Like Jesus Christ did I want to tell this lady off she was so so rude to my mother and honestly kudos to her bc she was nice to this woman the whole damn time and just kept saying oh okay I’ll look into it, yet if we told this woman we thought she was wrong about something she refused to be open minded and said we were wrong.

Anyway can anyone tell me if everything or most of what she said was bullshit bc I really feel like it was, esp the not feeding wet food part.
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Maybe one of you would know?