she knows each and every doctor

Drabble: Sick

“I just saw the drabble request thing, and I am so excited for this! I think 22 and 49 would go good together if it was about the reader getting diagnosed with cancer. Kinda sad and angsty, but idk, i think you could do a really good job with this one. Love your writings by the way!!”

22: “I know you love me and all, but could you stop threatening the doctor?”
49: “Fight like hell.” 

(A/N): You haven’t said with who, so I’ll choose because I’m excited. I am picking Dean Winchester because it sounds like him, I think. Hope that’s okay ;)
& Thank you for the compliment, that means so much to me!<3

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Falling in love was easy, loving each other was too. Fighting for each other was too, and protecting came as if it was nothing. It began to get hard when she got sick. When Dean couldn’t fight for her. All he could do was hold her hand, be there for he. He hated being this powerless. Sam was searching for help, for anything. Dean would do anything, just for Y/n to stay alive. 

“Miss Y/l/n, we are so sorry, but the cancer is spreading. We’d like to start a treatment right now.” Dean got furious, he felt angry, because why couldn’t these doctors just step up their game. 

The words he spoke for the next three minutes where horrible, he threatened to kill each and every doctor in this hospital if she died. Y/n tried to calm Dean down, but he wouldn’t listen. 

“Dean!” She yelled, and finally he stopped. “I know you love me and all, but could you stop threatening the doctor?” She said, taking his hand. 

Dean glared at the pale doctor. “I’m sorry for that.” Y/n smiled kindly. The doctor nodded and left. Once the doctor was away, Y/n pulled Dean in a hug. 

“I’m sorry, Y/n.” He sighted. “I just hate that I can’t do anything for you.” Y/n looked up and smiled. 

“That’s not true. You can hold my hand. You can tell me everything will be okay.” 

“Then that is what I’ll do.” 

Her positive vibes didn’t last long. She soon lost her hair, he smiles became rare and she always felt sick, always had pain. It hurt Dean to see her like that. One time, he saw her break down completely. That was hard for him. Y/n wasn’t one to talk about feelings, and he wasn’t either. But then, he had to. And she had to, too. 

“Dean, I’m tired. What do I do? The treatment doesn’t seem to work. Not anymore. All it does is making me sick.” She sobbed against his chest, it was the first time she had in all their time together. 

“I’ll tell you what to do.” Dean said, rubbing her back. “Fight like hell.” He whispered. “You have too. Sam will find something, and if not, you fight until those crappy doctors cure you. You will have a long life. A full life. And I won’t leave you here. I’ll be there with you. I’ll hold you hand. Every day, every night.” 

Y/n looked up at him. She hadn’t realized he was crying too. 

“I’ll try. I’ll try and fight. But I can’t without you.” She wiped away one of his tears with her tump. 

“You won’t have too. I’ll be right here.” Dean said and smiled. 

“Oh, and just saying, but bald looks good on you.” 

Dear Student Nurse:

Today you came to our unit at an extraordinary time.

Scratch that, it wasn’t a day that was necessarily unheard of, but perhaps a day we would rather you remember as a heartbreaking reality, and not a day you were shooed aside and out of the way.

Dear student, we know you were scared when you scurried behind us, as we responded to the asystolic rhythm on the cardiac monitor, so instead of throwing you in the deep end, we found you a little place on the periphery where you could take in the whole scene, and learn everyone’s roles… we know you were a little annoyed, we know you wanted to stand close to the patient, we know you wanted to help, but the room quickly flooded with dozens of people who moved lightning quick to save this life. It wasn’t our intention to sideline you, but we have a hope that where you stood you were able to take it all in, not just the nurses, but the role of the doctors, respiratory therapists,  and nursing assistants too - so when you start out as a baby nurse, you won’t feel so lost, so when you have your first code, you will have the picture in your mind of the flow, and what each person should be doing.

We know you have a thousand questions, and we have every intention of answering every single one of them after we’re done, but right now, we are orienting a new baby nurse on the unit - one who was in your shoes not too long ago as a student,  where she had the opportunity to take all of this in from the periphery - so today is her chance to see it up close, to put in practice what she’s observed, for us to explain and correct her as she is doing it, to be right by her side…our focus right now cannot be split.

We understand your friend got “to do it all” with her own preceptor, and that’s awesome, but it’s possible that the unit she was on may not have had a new baby nurse on orientation and although you may not understand it yet, it takes a hell of a lot of focus and demand for attention when you are precepting, so we are not super men/women - we are prioritizing safety when we choose to have the new nurse in the thick of it, and the student observing.

We understand you’re hurt, we understand you feel sidelined, but please consider the family standing right next to you while you’re complaining about “not getting to do anything.” Please consider this is not just a skill to check off;  it’s a human life that’s fighting to stay alive, it’s a very devastated and frightened family that’s also taking in this very chaotic scene.

Dear student nurse, today you witnessed a patient crashing, and you witnessed a patient dying. It still hurts us, more than you will ever see from your perspective. Moreover, you witnessed firsthand how we are going to be there to support you when you are that new graduate baby nurse  - when it’s your first patient who codes. Today you stood on the sidelines, consider how powerful a tool that observation alone really is. As nurses, we don’t often get this opportunity, today you did.

All the tomorrows, you may not get that opportunity to just watch and learn. You will be on the frontline; the new graduate, the primary, secondary, or charge nurse - the adrenaline, mind racing, all the hands on practice you can take, the heartache, the stress, the responsibilities….so today stand back. Take in the bigger picture, for chances like today will not come often.

Elixir Vitae

AU XF fanfic set around the time of IWTB.

A/N: English is not my first language and I’m doing this without a beta reader, so please be kind and overlook language and grammar mistakes.

I simply had to post something today. Posting always makes me feel good, receiving friendly feedback even more. And since tomorrow is going to be a shit day, I need to enlighten today with starting a new story….

Chapter I

Her auburn hair is the first thing I see of her. It’s not done the usual way. It’s not neatly blow-dried in an effort to get rid of the frizz but has obviously been neglected. It falls oddly onto her shoulders in untamed curls, but it reflects the light of the afternoon sun as it always does when she sits on our porch with a cup of tea after a tough day, watching the sun go down.

I instantly know it’s her.

Her hair is quite a bit longer since the last time I saw her about three months ago before she had once again been taken from me. This time by a psychopath we’d been chasing together, not by alien colonists, nor by a bunch of governmental conspirators.

I’d been asked by the FBI to help out with my profiling skills to hunt down a serial killer and, of course, I had to drag her into the case with me. She’d been working as a doctor in the children’s ward at the local hospital close to where we’d settled down. She’d put the FBI behind her for good, hell, why hadn’t I let her? Well, I know the answer to that question: I simply didn’t know how to work on a case alone anymore, without discussing it with her and seeking her advice. And, as was expected, she had given me the final hint I needed to put the pieces of the puzzle together and identify the guy. I still don’t understand how I could’ve been so blind and not see that the killer had turned the tables and had started stalking me. It hadn’t even occurred to me that he might change the favorited target he’d been pursuing until then - brunette, rather plump women - to a petite, slender redhead. I, acclaimed profiler Spooky Mulder, had overlooked that taking away the person I simply couldn’t live without, might be the killer’s next move to react against me.

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Alexander  pt.6 [BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N)

bts members

Genre : angst/smut/fluff  

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again …

part 1 2 3 4 5


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this chapter has smut 

“can i come in” Katherine knocked the door she knew her colleague is so cold but it was something important for her to understand so she will not fuck up her work 

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The Fire Around Us

Inspired by @littleblackchat and her WWII Au Art (click right there and it will take you to her art! Send her lots of love!!)

His father thought that he was in England, working as a translator… His father thought he was far away from the fight. Little did he know that his son was in the forefront of the fight… Feeling the heat of every grenade, hearing the crying of a dying man and listening to every gunshot that was fired every minute. He prayed for it to stop, he wished that this war would stop. But it seemed to drag on, day after day, year after year… he had been fighting Nazi’s for three years now and it’s a miracle he lasted so long.

“ADRIEN! HELP ME!” A painfilled voice echoed through the war zone. A voice that Adrien knew from his home town, it was a voice that was there with him when he joined the army. It was Nino.

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The Simplest Things ( JB, Got7) P. 1

Group & Member : Got7′s JB

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Tragedy, Romance, Smut/Eventual, Interracial


Pairings: Jb & OC (You can imagine your name in there, too. if you wish.)

Summary: Single father, Jaebum learns to love again while struggling to raise his 4 year old son.  

AN: Older!Got7 (By like, 10 years) This chapter follows the last few days of Na-Young. 


Prologue- 1-2

~Three years prior~

‘’Are you sure you’ve got it?’’ Na-Young was worrying again. It was Jb’s first time being completely alone with Jaehwa. No Nannies, no other members. Just her. She looked calm. Even as he bedside doctor stuck the needle in her and drew some of her blood. And another nurse was checking her vitals.

Jb feigned a smiled and stroked the open side of her palm gently before throwing the diaper bag over his shoulder and leaning down to kiss her forehead. ‘’I’m his appa. Of course I’ve got him. It’s no biggie.’’ It should certainly be a lot easier than taking her to the doctors. The baby was just getting check up.

He looked at her one last time. Not wanting to leave her behind even though he knew she would be fine with the doctors and nurses. He stalked down the hallway to the nursey to peer down into the wooden crib to look at his sleeping son.  His pudgy little cheeks a puffed out. Jb carefully reached down to take him in his muscular arms. Something Jaehwa did not appreciate. He stirred in his sleep and nuzzled his head closer to his father’s chest. This caused Jb to smile to himself.

After getting little Jaehwa settled into his car seat and checking that he was secure at least 3 times, he was on his way. Checking the rearview mirror every 5 minutes or so the whole car ride to gaze upon the baby’s face.

Jb rocked Jaehwa as he squirmed in his arms. They were already in the lobby and were now waiting on the nurse. Jb was trying to wrap his head around a lot of things. Keeping the fussy baby calm and he was still hanging onto the words of the secretary.

She had penciled him in. he had scheduled in advance, of course. And the secretary looked up with deep black eyes and smiled before asking, ‘’Your nurse is a foreigner, is that okay?’’ she asked. Rocking his son, he raised an eyebrow. Why would that be any different? As long as they knew what they were doing and the safety of his baby was ensured. He didn’t care. So he told her that. And he did it with a smile.

So now they waited. A cartoon play in the background the noise cut real low and the colors were surely keeping Jaehwa’s attention.

‘’Im Jaehwa?’’

Jb Froze a little. The voice called from one of the big doors. It sounded a little unsure of the pronunciation. But it was okay. She had said it just right. Jaebum turned slowly to face the nurse. She was a petite woman a few inches shorter than him. She had dark curls piled on top of her head in a messy, yet cute bun. She looked young. A little too young to be a nurse. Her ebony skin peeking out from her white coat and her full lips pulled themselves into a smile. To his surprise, she continued into her unsure Korean. ‘’I’m Noelle, I’ll be your nurse today.’’

Slowly Jaebum followed her through the elongated hallways to their designated room and she sat them down.

‘’You look too young to be a nurse.’’ He said this in English. He couldn’t help it. It was just something he couldn’t help but to blurt out.

Noelle smiled and pulled out her stethoscope to check the baby’s lungs. When she bent down he could smell the sweet oil in her hair and her warm smelling body lotion. Her skin was probably really soft.  ‘’I’m 22. I’m studying to be a nurse practitioner.’’ She explained before an overly concentrated look crossed her face as she listened to the breathing of Jaehwa.

’Oh,  You’ve got such strong lungs little man!’’ she cooed to him in Korean. Jaehwa looked her right into her beautiful face and flashed her a two-tooth smile.  

‘’I’m going to check the rest of his vitals. You might have to bring him in two weeks for his flu shots. Babies with the flu are not fun. No they aren’t.’’ She cooed again before turning to grab more equipment.

Jb watched her movements. So.. exotic. Her soft makeup went so well with her scrubs. Her lips were full and pouty and soft looking. Jb felt himself blush a little bit. But he looked away quickly as she bent down to check the bay again. Jaehwa reached out to grab a stray lock of her kinky curly hair. He tugged it a little, causing Jb to gasp and pull him back.

‘’I’m sorry!’’ he apologized and bowed. And when he looked back, she was giving him a quizzical expression.

‘’I’m so used to people just reaching out and touching my hair it’s not even funny.’’ She said with a playful eye roll.’’ She looked at Jaehwa again. He was staring up at her with curious brown eyes. A smirk on his face. Jb recognized that smirk. It was his own. Baby Jaehwa smiled a little at her when she tapped his nose with a finger before picking up her clip board and writing some stuff down. Jb watched her again from the corner of his eyes. He desperately wanted to keep conversation going.

‘’Do you have any children?’’ He asked suddenly. Her full lips formed a slight pout on her lips and she slowly shook his head. ‘’No, Sir.’’ She said it slowly before looking down at Jaehwa again.

‘’Maybe in the future. But right now I’m too young, According to my parents. And too busy. I’ve got to finish school.’’ She said.

‘’What brought you to South Korea?’’ he asked again before she could put her clip board down. She closed her eyes and thought about it for a few seconds.

‘’I don’t really know. I was sick a lot and one of my doctors was a Korean man. And every time he checked in on me. He would tell me about his home country.’’ She explained before finalizing something and putting her clip board down. ‘’Alright! We’re all done here. Jaehwa is perfectly healthy. He’s got some strong lungs. But I will have you bring him back in two weeks for another his flu shots.’’ She told him seriously.

Jb nodded and took the paper from her.

Their fingers brushed against each other giving him a feel of her soft skin. He tried to find his composure. He cursed himself on the inside for feeling this way. Having weird thoughts when his sick wife was not too far away in their home. Probably fighting for her life.

He thanked her and took Jaehwa home. Not before the little chubby baby turned and waved bye to her. The whole exchange made Jb well up in warmness.

That’s only because he didn’t know what wait for him days ahead.


Hello! It’s me, Berry. I’m really, really happy with what kind of attention this story is getting already! I know I know. I probably got you into your feelings.

No. I’m not sorry. I really hope you guys will continue to follow my works :3

Why I like Sam Jones: a brief and incomplete manifesto
  • Sam starts out as a teenaged social justice warrior, totally misinformed and overzealous the way teenaged social justice warriors can be, and she grows and changes so much with every novel. Each new story has her thinking back on her actions in previous adventures, and facepalming hard at how naive she’s been. One moment, she’s telling Thal soldiers that war is bad and everyone should just get along — the next, she’s learned her lesson and acknowledges that life isn’t that simple. She’s like that with every topic, always learning, gradually growing up, and her development is generally fantastic. 
  • Sam stands up for what she believes in, going on protest marches, proudly wearing activism shirts to cling to her identity even when she’s lost in time and space. She always stays proud of herself and her moral compass, acknowledging her fuck-ups when they happen and incorporating new insights into her sense of self without ever losing her drive to be an activist. 
  • Sam is allowed to fuck up more often, and more severely, than 99% of companions out there, in all the ways we’ve all fucked up severely when we were insecure teenagers. And every new mistake leads to her becoming more confident, because she gets to know herself better, and learns to trust her own decisions more with each lesson learned. 
  • Sam is madly in love with the Doctor, long before other companions were into that sort of thing. And it’s adorable. And once she’s a bit older and less infatuated, they start randomly snogging at times because Eight is Eight after all, and it’s super adorable. 
  • Sam is, at age 17-ish, openly bisexual and a queer rights activist. Her orientation is never in any way a source of angst or drama, and once she grows up a bit, she has relationships with men and women equally, without anyone around her considering it strange. Men and women who aren’t even white! I mean, it’s 2015 and we’re still talking about how unusual it is that Night Vale is doing this sort of thing right — in a Doctor Who novel series from the 90’s, it was downright revolutionary. 
  • Sam calls people what they want to be called, and treats them how they want to be treated — sometimes clumsily, fumbling a bit when she’s confronted with otherworldly aliens and non-binary people and entities who downright terrify her, but she always makes an honest effort. No one gets this sort of stuff right on the first try, and Sam’s awkwardness in this regard — as well as her determination to get it right — is wonderfully relatable. 
  • Sam calls the Doctor out when he treats her like a child. He makes an effort to do better. The Doctor calls Sam out when she acts like a child. She makes an effort to do better. Sometimes, they’re both just big kids, and it’s all good. 
  • Sam’s timeline has been thoroughly fucked up by the Doctor, without either of them being at fault, and she struggles to retain her identity after the big reveal in “Alien Bodies”. But no matter what a certain dark-haired girl at King’s Cross is telling her at the back of her mind, Sam continues to love herself just for who she is. 
  • Tl;dr Sam Jones is one of my favourite companions in the world ever and everyone should read the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels right now. 

Yea idk this random AU happened in mah head and this came about… Probably another thing that defines a ‘Hero’ are the people who we see in our everyday lives. So I started applying it to bnha characters o v o;;;

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I want to watch a movie about a spoonie...

Where a girl tapes every doctor visit leading up to the one where she finally gets help. 

She finally finds a doctor who cares and knows just where to look for answers and will not give up on trying different treatments.

And she takes each copy of her visits and attaches the good doctors visits and sends each tape back to the doctors who brushed her off.

The doctors have to watch themselves be terrible doctors to her and then watch the one good doctor find answers that make perfect sense and know that they have failed at their only job in life.

I would totally watch that movie.

chocolatequeennk  asked:

Ooh, Kelsey... You are the epitome of every Doctor x Rose Tyler to me. You've written so many of them, and each time, I think, "Yes. This is the Doctor. And yes. They love Rose Tyler, and she loves them." Even in the dimension hopping stories where we only see the Doctor and Rose together for a brief time, I still get to the end and feel like if Rose had met this Doctor, they would have fallen in love just as quickly and been just as perfect for each other.

well, you know me, i love my rare pair doctor/rose ships <3

but asldkfajsdlkf this is the best compliment, thank you!! i always Worry about how the dynamic and interaction comes across when writing a non-canon doctor/rose pair :)

what’s the thing you remember me for as a writer? (a certain fic/style/characterization/line/just general stuff?) (x)

Stay With Me - Part 8

Word count - 3311

Warnings - Killings, blood, guns, abuse, smut.

Requests are open. 

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4      Part 5      Part 6      Part 7 

Hey! Hope you like the new part and so sorry for updating late, real life is getting a little bit busy but I will upload the requests and thanks for being patient with me. Thank you so much for reading! 

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever did it.

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Harley fell to the ground from the impact of the bullet, you tried to go towards her but his men stopped you. “Oh calm down, she’s dead and there ain’t much you can do about it.” Joker said, starting to laugh. “NO!” You said, bursting in to tears, hearing Joker laugh and you looked at him, seeing in red, you grabbed the guards wrists and turned them, yelling in pain, you put them down at your height and knocked both of their heads together, you grabbed one of their guns and shot them both dead, you laughed at the blood that was pouring on the ground, from their skulls. “Your turn.” You said, pointing the gun at both of the guards that held Harley and you dropped the gun at seeing her, you ran towards her as fast as you could and you realized that the bullet went to her shoulder, not to her head, making you sigh in relief, you lifted Haley’s head a little bit and kissed her forehead but you saw Harley whimper and you looked at her wound, blood was pouring out, you put your hands and added pressure, seeing Harley start to have tears in her eyes. “Puddin’-“ Harley said, and you shook your head, crying but still putting pressure on her wound. “Don’t you dare say goodbye, you aren’t going to leave me, not today baby, not today. Just stay with me.” You said and she giggled. “I love you puddin’ you know that right?” She said and you nodded, crying in her shoulder. “I know, but no, don’t give up on me.” You said, and she smiled, you caressed her cheek, accidentally and staining her white, pale face with blood. “Call Ivy, get me a private doctor, do not call an ambulance, or they are going to send me to jail.” Harley said and you nodded, grabbing her phone and trying to dial. “Hurry up Y/N!” Harley said and you managed to get Ivy. But then you realized Ivy? “What do you need her for?” You said raising an eyebrow. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the phone. “Hello?” You heard Ivy from the other line, you grabbed Harley’s phone and called Drake, your private doctor. “Done.” You said, hanging up and looking at Harley. “Y/N” Harley said, looking at your eyes, as you saw her, tears brimmed at your eyes, you were so afraid of losing her. “Don’t worry, he’ll pay.” You said, kissing her lips, being afraid that it would be one of the last times that you could taste her sweet lips. “Don’t.” She said, you looked at her and she smiled. “Don’t do it, he’ll kill you, if you do it and I survive I’ll leave you.” She said, you looked at her blankly and she swallowed, hissing in pain. “But, he did this to you.” You signaled at her, laying in your arms. She shook her head. “But you aren’t a monster, you saved me from him, you are my savior and that’s why I love you, that’s why you are the one for me.” She said, crying and becoming paler. “But, I don’t know what I would do without you.” You said, as you felt more tears dripple down your cheek. She smiled and you kissed her again. “You are so strong, I’ll fight, but you don’t need me.” She said and you heard cars, your doctor and Ivy went running, grabbing her neck and putting her in a bed. (A/N I forgot how they are called, so sorry.) You looked at her and she giggled weakly as she saw Ivy. “Red! Are you gonna enjoy the show?” She said, laughing but crying at the same time. “My little maniac, you’ll never change.” Ivy smiled at her and Harley grabbed her hand, pulling her closer and whispering something, Ivy nodded and you saw a few tears escape her eyes. You were on the ground, sitting down, Harley’s blood starting to dry up and you sobbed, you have never cried like this before, you felt a pair of arms starting to soothe you and you saw Ivy, smiling weakly at you. “She’ll be alright, she is a fighter.” Ivy said, looking at the doctor hurry as Harley passed out, losing blood every second. “I don’t know what I would do without her.” You managed to choke out, Ivy started to cry too and you hugged each other. “Me neither.” Ivy said, sobbing in your shoulder.

You both went towards the hospital, Ivy driving, of course. You hugged your knees looking at the road, when you got to Drake’s house, you stayed in his living room, waiting for them to stabilize Harley.

“Drake said that you can take a shower, I’ll go towards your flat and get some clothes. What do you want?” Ivy asked, looking at you painfully. “A black top, black and red sweater and what ever pants.” You said, looking at the ground, looking up you saw Ivy nod and go. As you looked at the floor you thought about Harley, looking at the floor, you remembered the first time that you told her that you loved her.


You heard screams from J’s apartment, smiling about one of his other victims. You entered his apartment, smiling at frost as you looked for Harley.

“Y/N! What a nice surprise, what brings you here?” Joker said, entering the room, taking off his purple gloves with blood, you smiled. “I’m looking for Harley.” You said, confident that he didn’t know about both of you. He growled, smashing a pot on the wall. “Harley’s busy, she’s getting her punishment right now.” He said, pacing in the hall. “Why?” You asked, worried by the inside but trying not to show any emotion on the exterior. “One of my men told me that he heard her moaning in the woman’s bathroom, she’s been cheating on me while I leave the city. Can you believe that! The nerve on that little slut.” He said, growling and looking angry, you heard screams, now recognizing that they were Harley’s. “Can I see her? I mean, who else is punishing her?” You asked, nervous, playing with your fingers. “Well just me, I mean, she’s mine. You can join if you want, you are straight right?” He said smiling and opening the door, you entered and saw Harley, lying down, her body exposed and full of recent cuts. Joker grabbed a whip and hit her, she screamed, looking tired and as you got closer you saw blood coming down her sides, she was sobbing. Joker hit her again but frost called him and he excused himself.

“Baby.” You said, rushing towards her, untying her and putting her on her feet. She threw her arms against your neck, trying to support herself. “Puddin’.” She said, sobbing and trying to walk. “Let’s go.” You said, trying to take her towards the door. Before Joker stepped in, smiling and applauding.

“I knew it! Harley always talked about you Y/N, it was obvious, now let’s get things going.” He said, grabbing Harley and she screamed, crying and being held by Jokers men, as same as you. “You shouldn’t have done that pumpkin.” He said, slapping her hard against her mouth, she cried as Joker went towards you. “And you, little bitch.” He said, grabbing the same whip as he used on Harley. He hit you uncountable times, you hissed in pain, starting to feel the tears well up in your eyes. “No please Mr J, I’ll stop talking to her!” Harley screamed, trying to get herself free, Joker started to hit her again and you sobbed looking at Harley. “Listen, I’m gonna give you a chance to leave.” He said, shooting the men that had apprehended you. “I won’t leave, not without her.” You said, standing up. And grabbing the mens guns. “What? Something wrong?” Joker said and you looked at him in disgust. He grabbed his whip and started to hit her, she was screaming in pain, crying and looking at you, pleading you to go home. You saw that blood was starting to stain the whip and you shot his men. “Stop it.” You said, pointing your gun at him and he smiled. “Go Y/N, stay away from him.” Harley said, tears streaming down her beautiful face. “No, I can’t-“ You said, Joker looked at you, cutting you off and you gave in, you outstretched your hands at him. “Take me, leave her alone.” You said, looking at him with tears in your eyes, he smiled and looked at Harley. “Don’t do anything! I promise that you can take me!” Harley said, trying to go with you. “I’ll be good, I’ll be yours Mr. J, just please don’t hurt her.” Harley said, she went towards you and hugged you as hard as she could, Joker looked at both of you and smiled. “I need one of you, who will it be?” He said and looked at both of you. “I can’t lose another person that I love, please Harley, live.” You whispered and she let out a sob. “I love you Harley, remember that.” You said, burying your face in to the crook of her neck, smelling her for the last times. “You love me?” Harley said, and pulled away, looking at Joker.

“Stop it, J, you ain’t gonna get one of us, you don’t own me now this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna leave and you will leave us alone got it?” Harley said, grabbing a gun, looking at him, challenging him. “What are you gonna do dollface, kill me? You’ve tried it before and it hasn’t worked.” He said smiling, Harley looked at the ground and smiled. “But I’ve changed puddin’, you can’t hurt me. What, are you the devil?” She said, shooting the Joker in his foot, he yelped in pain and Harley grabbed your arm, pulling you towards the door.

You got out and Harley smiled at you.

“What you said was true puddin’?” She asked and you nodded, she put her hands around your waist and pulled you closer. “Say it again.” She said, almost whispering, her voice husky and low. “I love you Harleen Quinzel, I’ve been in love with you from the first time we met, from the first time that we kissed, I love you and all your insecurities, I love you and all your imperfections, I love you.” You said, she smiled and you grabbed her neck, you were desiring her lips on yours, she smiled and pushed her pink lips on yours, you smiled in to the kiss, you enjoyed the moment and the taste of her lips. “I love you too.” She said and pecked you once more.

End of flashback

You gripped your cup of coffee, feeling one tear come down another, you looked at Ivy and she was with a pack of clothes.

“Here.” She said, handing you your clothes and smiling. “Thanks.” You said, quietly you headed towards the bathroom and started to change, the night was cold and you didn’t have a Jacket so you could only live with it and try not to freeze.

“Harley is okay, you can go in and see her, she is still sedated but she will be alright.” Drake said as you walked out of the bathroom and you went towards Ivy, she smiled and you smiled as well, you didn’t even have to talk to know what was going to happen.

You entered Harley’s room and it broke your heart to see her connected to all the machines, you let out a sob and ran towards her, you hugged her or at least tried to and Ivy sat down. “I think I’ll be going to my place and fresh up.” She said, looking at you and you nodded. She got back up and left the room.

“Oh Harley I’m so sorry.” You said, sobbing in to her one more time. You went to the side of the bed and laid down, next to her, her heat was low but at least you were perceiving it. “I love you.” You said and started to fall asleep.

As you were in a ‘peaceful’ slumber Harley woke up, she was afraid, not knowing where she was. She felt something, someone warm next to her and she turned her head, looking at you asleep, she smiled and kissed the top of your head, she moved her right arm towards you, hugging you. You went closer to her and put your arm against her waist, she smiled but her smile faded as she saw your face, it was stained in tears and she couldn’t help but be sad too. She scratched your head gently, then caressed your cheek, she thought of such a beautiful girlfriend she had and that she didn’t know what she would do without her.

“Good to see that you’re up.” Ivy said, towards Harley and walking towards her. “Did you do what I ask?” Harley said, curiously and gripping your tighter, smelling you and smiling. “Yes, gosh you should’ve seen her waiting for you.” Ivy said, annoyed but Harley smiled, she kissed the top of your head once again and smiled. “Did you give it to  her?” Harley asked, serious but feeling the need to smile because her heart was fluttering of the warmth that you gave her. “No, I left it in her car.” She said, sitting down at Harley’s bed. “Look at her, red.” Harley said, smiling and looking at you, Ivy looked annoyed but Harley ignored it, everything is alright as long as you’re there with her. “Looks like she really loves you.” Ivy sighed and grabbed something. “I know red, gosh I love her so much, she’s my other half, she’s the best girlfriend that someone might ask for. I don’t know what I would do without her.” Harley said, nuzzling next to you and smiling “Here, put it on, everyday, actually let’s start right now, I’ll put it on for you.” Ivy said, removing Harley’s shirt and smiling at her, once she put it on, Harley felt better and Ivy started to look in Harley’s blue eyes. Ivy started to lean in towards Harley, her breath and heart beat accelerated as she got closer to Harley. Harley didn’t know what to do, yes, she had to dodge Ivy but something felt right and Harley just stayed, closing her eyes. Ivy felt Harley’s lips graze hers and she pushed in closer, kissing Harley and savoring her lips, Harley started to move her lips in sync, Ivy started to pull away but Harley didn’t want to, Harley left your embrace and pulled Ivy closer. Once Harley realized what she was doing she pulled away, going back to you.

“I’m in love with you Harls.” Ivy said, and Harley shook her head. “No, you can’t be, I’m with my puddin’, I love her and she is the only one in my life, she saved me from that monster, she’s the only person who has loved me properly.” Harley said, shaking her head. “But Harley if it weren’t for her you’d be fine.” Ivy said and Harley shook her head. “If it weren’t for her I’d be with that monster.” Harley said and looked at Ivy. “I’m happy with her, let me be with her.” Harley said and Ivy nodded, she left her and Harley put her shirt back on. “I love you and only you puddin’” Harley said and leaned in for a kiss. That’s how Harley knew that it was you and that it will always be you, when both of you kissed, she felt fireworks in the pit of her stomach, she could feel electricity throughout her whole body and she felt warm.

Her lips were pushing against yours and she smiled, all those feeling coming back.

You started to open your eyes, looking at Harley and you smiled, you were kissing and that’s what made you feel better. You started to get up and you separated from the kiss. “You’re awake.” You smiled, cupping Harley’s cheek in your hand, nothing could be better. “Of course I am silly, you wouldn’t get rid of me that easily.” She said and you smiled, kissing her again. “I love you.” Harley said and you smiled, pulling her closer to you. “I love you too.” You said and you both kissed, nothing was wrong, you had each other and that was enough.

“I was so worried that I wouldn’t kiss you again baby.” You said, grabbing her hands, hugging her again. Harley tilted your head again and kissed you, slow and passionate, she cupped your cheeks and smiled, you smiled at her and caressed her arm. “Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore puddin’.” She said and smiled. Harley grabbed a T.V remote and started to flip through the channels. You started to suck on her neck, leaving kisses and little bites. “Come on Y/N, I don’t think that we can have sex.” Harley said and you smiled at her. “Maybe we can.” You smiled and Harley turned off the T.V, you sat on her long legs and started to kiss her neck again. “Puddin’ please, you’re gonna turn me on.” Harley said and you smiled, your hand travelled towards her pants, that Drake put her in so that it wouldn’t feel such as a hospital. “That’s my goal baby.” You said and stood up, closing the door and the curtains.

You walked towards her and pulled down her pants, smiling at Harley in lust. “Puddin’ no.” Harley said but you didn’t answer, you started to kiss her. She whimpered and bucked her hips, you grabbed her hips with your hand, and you started to suck on her, Harley was moaning slightly. She rolled her hips with your mouth and started to moan a little bit louder. “Baby, don’t make to much noise.” You said, against her and she moaned. You licked her again and she grabbed your hair, starting ty pull you closer, you shoved your tongue inside her, your hand went towards her and you started to rub her. “Fuck Y/N, don’t stop.” She moaned and you sucked on her once more. She moved her hips and you kept them still with your hands. “I’ll stop when you want baby.” You said, sucking this time harder and shoving a finger inside of her, she moaned and clenched, you knew that she wouldn’t last longer so you smiled and bit her, she grabbed your hair, pulling it once more and moaning. “I’m gonna cum.” She said, before panting and moaning out your name until her juices were on your tongue and you cleaned her up.

“Want to cuddle?” You said, smiling and looking at her, climbing her up. “Of course puddin’!”Harley said outstretching her arms, pulling you in to a hug and you lied down, next to her chest. Harley started to scratch your head gently and hugged you even closer. “I love you Y/N.” She said, sighing and kissing the top of your head. “I love you too Harley. Please stay with me.” You said, nuzzling next to her and enjoying the moment, the silence, the peace, the love, everything was perfect. “Where would I go? You’re the only one for me, you’re my other half.” She said and you smiled as she made your heart flutter. “Just don’t replace me for anyone or anybody.” You said and she chuckled. “Are you going bananas? Nobody is better than you, nobody compares to you, you’re the best person that someone can ever ask, now shut up, I want to enjoy this.” Harley said and kissed you, you felt her soft, plump, pink lips against yours and she took your breath. As your lips moved in sync with hers nothing could molest you.

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💗 (openwideandsayrawr. With or without alcohol being a factor( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ))

Send 💗 to kiss my muse tenderly without explanation  | Accepting

     “I know that look, and so help me, if you do it I’ll bust your kneecaps.”

     Chin planted firmly in her palm, Vin eyeballed the Nemean from a distance that was becoming less safe with each moment that passed and every wobbly step the apparently persnickered doctor took. She hated that weird saunter; people always did it when they were trying entirely too hard to be sexy, and it only wound up making them look ridiculous in the end, despite their best efforts.

     “Are you even listening to me?” Vin asked warningly, peeling her lips back in a sharp-toothed snarl, leaning away as Kalyana leaned in and draped a comparatively massive paw over her shoulder.

     Normally Kalyana would have been all banter, but it seemed to have been silenced by whatever horrid concoction was currently resting on her breath, enveloping the Midoan in an alcoholic cloud that had her waving her hand frantically to clear it out. And then, there it was: the glint in the doctor’s eye, that little tug of a smirk. Vin had exactly half a tick to turn her head away, and the instant she did her features screwed up into a mask of pure disgust as she felt a sloppy tongue rake a path the wrong way up her cheek, leaving the fine fur sticking out in every which direction in its wake.

     “I’ll take that as a no.” Vin snorted, letting slip a displeased little grunt as a massive chin rested itself atop her head and began yet another round of fond nuzzling, a routine that had become more common than she’d have liked lately. Frustrating, but if it kept the doc from trying to force her to make friendly with other people on the regular, then it was a fate she’d suffer gladly.

Rose Tyler Hates Love

The Doctor is appalled to discover that Rose Tyler doesn’t like marshmallows in her hot chocolate. 

861 words, Ten/Rose, absolute fluff, rated G
Part one of the Advent series that will run until Christmas. 

read it on ao3! 

The Doctor gaped at Rose, shock and horror welling within him and written on every inch of his face. He couldn’t quite credit what he was hearing. If it were true, he had been the victim of betrayal-most-foul.

“What did you say?”

“I said,” she explained, flipping a page of the magazine she was looking at, “I don’t like marshmallows in my hot chocolate.”

“But…I don’t…” he stammered, then rallied. “How could that be!?”

Rose shrugged, unconcerned by his distress. “I just don’t.”

“But Rose,” he tried to reason, coming to sit beside her on the jump seat. “Marshmallows are sweet little bits of heaven that float around in a sea of warm, delicious chocolate!”

“Very descriptive, Doctor. Well done.”

“It’s true!” he insisted.

She shrugged again, licking her finger (lucky finger) and flipping another page. “I think it’s gross.”

He stared at her for a few moments, nonplussed, then came to a resolution. He nodded in self-satisfied understanding. “Clearly you’ve never had it the right way.”

“No, that’s not it,” she said absently, still not looking at him, turning another page. “I had it every time it snowed when I was a kid. It was a tradition on Christmas Eve, too. We each had a mug, then left a mug out for Santa. I know well enough what I like and don’t like. I like the pouches - withoutthe hard little marshmallows inside.”

The Doctor was stricken, his hand brought to his chest in abject consternation. “Oh, Rose Tyler,” he lamented. “The next thing you’re going to tell me is that you made your hot cocoa with boiling water.”


The Doctor squawked in indignation - actually squawked. A manly squawk, but still…

Rose cracked a knowing smile at his expression. “What’s wrong, Doctor? You appear to be vexed.”

“You just… I can’t… Rose!” he finally managed, his eyes wide and shocked.

She blinked innocently. “What?”

“I should go have a talk with your mother. That’s…that’s…you don’t do that to someone you love!”

“Oi!” Rose sat up straight. “You sayin’ my mum didn’t love me?”

He crossed his arms. “Maybe she didn’t.”

“You take that back,” she growled. Rose’s brows formed a deep V between her eyes and he backed down, putting his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

“I’m just saying if she’d loved you the way you deserved, she’d have made your cocoa with milk.

She tossed her head. “Milk was expensive.”

He felt about three inches tall. He forgot, sometimes, that she’d had a difficult upbringing and money had been anything but plentiful. They’d fought for everything and hot cocoa was probably a big treat - however she got it. But Rose didn’t like to talk overtly about growing up poor, so he changed the subject.

Rather, took it back where he meant for it to be.

The Doctor shook his head in disbelief. “So you don’t like marshmallows at all?”

“No,” Rose said, as if he was a simpleton. “I like them just fine other ways. Like in trail mix or roasted over a fire. They’re lovely that way…when they’re a little crispy on the outside but all gooey in the middle. Mmm. Love that. It’s just in hot chocolate that I find them gross.”

“Why do you hate love, Rose? Because that’s all this is: a refutation of love. Marshmallows in hot cocoa are love.”

Rose snorted a laugh at his indignation. “It’s just in my nature, I suppose.”

“Blimey.” The Doctor sagged against the back of the jumpseat and let his arms droop, looking off into space. “You think you know a person…”

She finally looked up from her magazine. “You sayin’ you don’t know me anymore?”

He sat back up, agitated and animated. “I thought I did! But this revelation, Rose Tyler… this revelation has rocked me to the very core of my being.”

“Overreacting a bit, are we?”

“Not a bit,” he huffed, then he clapped his hands in front of him once. “Right. That does it. I’m taking you to Laimen III.”

“What’s Laimen III?”

He didn’t look at her when he answered, just continued his little dance around the console. “They have the best marshmallows in the known universe, and I’m certain that you’ll love them in your hot chocolate.”

She rolled her eyes. “Good luck with that.”

“We’ll see.” He winked, pushing forward the lever that would take them into time and space.

Rose still seemed unimpressed. “Yeah. We’ll see.”


The Doctor had Rose try multiple types of marshmallows in her hot chocolate, always finishing her cup when she turned her nose up after one sip. Despite visiting two other planets after Laimen III that specialized in Christmas, cold, snowy weather, and chocolate beverages, Rose was steadfast in her dislike of marshmallows in hot chocolate.

She did discover, however, that she liked a healthy dollop of whipped cream on top of her cocoa, preferably with chocolate syrup drizzled over the top of it.

The Doctor was pleased with this. He was willing to compromise, after all. And the marshmallows in the TARDIS were henceforth used - entirely appropriately - as projectiles during the boring bits of films.


Their relationship is like this soft progression. The love Clara had for Eleven carries onto Twelve, and so does her expectations. Clara doesn’t expect him to return her affections, but in this iteration of the Doctor, he doesn’t think he deserves them. Twelve, he doesn’t do hugs at first because it’s a lie and he hates them in his self loathing way. But soon he needs them, needs to mask what his face might betray. Still, Clara catches on and when she dies, she thinks she knows how much he loves her and tells him not to say it, or it would make it impossible to say goodbye. But in the Cloisters, Clara comes to the horrible realization that the Doctor loves her so much more, so much more than his own life. She knows then that they have to say it this time. Say the words to each other before it’s too late.

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Alright then! I just love shance so much ya know? How do you think they would react to meeting each others family?

@anime-freaks-can-kill Ummm, I never really thought about it because I’m a terrible family guy but let’s give it a go.

Shiro would be overwhelmed by Lance’s family at first, not because he isn’t used to a big family but because Lance’s family is really, really loud and tactile. Senor Lance might have a friendly test of strength against Shiro and is pleased that his son-in-law is strong enough to look after his son. Senora will constantly bully Shiro into eating more and more because ‘you need to feed your muscles, mijo! Or is my cooking that bad?’ Lance’s sisters will be all gaga over Shiro and flirt with him (pissing off Lance) while the boys will be begging for piggyback rides or teach Shiro weird phrases in Spanish while passing them off as benign stuff (Shiro might think he’s saying ‘you’re handsome’ when he’s actually saying ‘you have a hot ass’) Shiro gets a bit misty-eyed when he sees how in love Senor and Senora are with each other after so many years of marriage (Senor might be an old-world macho, but he can sing every love-song in the book and cook up a mean breakfast for Senora when she wakes up every morning).

I hc Shiro as Japanese-American, and his American mom is deceased (I know it’s sad, but bear with me!). His mom’s side is full of decorated servicemen and doctors, so Lance tries to act cool because hey, defender of the universe and all but inside he’s panicking like Shiro’s family won’t accept him because Lance doesn’t measure up. Until Shiro’s half-sister Megan takes a shine on Lance and warns Shiro: “If you hurt this awesome piece of man I will end you, Takashi Edward Shirogane-Edison!” And Lance is laughing his ass off because Shiro’s middle name is Edward and the sight of big, hunky Shiro cowering from his half-sister who’s half his size.

On Shiro’s father, well Shiro Sr. has Shiro ultra-tense and Lance terrified. The first meeting was in a traditional Japanese mansion and they’re all in suits and kneeling down on timber floors (Lance’s legs want to die.) Shiro’s dad makes it clear that he did not approve, picked apart both Lance and Shiro for a hundred and one reasons and firmly ordered Shiro give up on his ‘space travel nonsense’, take over the family business and marry a decent girl that Shiro Sr. has already chosen. Lance was sure it would all end in tears, especially when Shiro grabbed his hand and heatedly declared that he loved Lance so much that nothing short of death could make him forget Lance.

Then Shiro’s ancient great-grandfather started speaking in Japanese. Shiro translates: “I remember a young man, a long time ago, who fell in love with an American nurse in Okinawa. He defied his parents’ wishes and endured everyone’s insults. In the end, he still said, ‘I love Michelle will all of my heart and nothing short of death will make me give her up. Do you still remember that, Tai-ichiro?” Great-grandpa looks directly at Shiro Sr., who’s blushing very uncomfortably.

Shiro Sr. finally and grudgingly gives his blessings to them, and once in private Shiro just starts crying and hugs and kisses Lance forever. The end. - My brain isn’t working because i’m hungry.

I have this head cannon where the Avengers for some reason have to travel dimensions/universes with America Chavez. As they travel the dimensions get more and more unrealistic and yet EVERY SINGLE dimension they travel to someone knows America.
☆DC universe? She’s a member of the J.L.(when she’s around). When asked why she joined the J.L but not the Avengers she responds by saying she likes Wonder Woman more than all the Avengers combined. Jason Todd is one of her best friends because she knows what it feels like to have undying confidence in your family and have it ripped away at the last second leaving anger and pain behind.
☆Doctor Who? She and the doctor don’t get along because he feels its not right to be able to jump dimensions. Yet he begrudgingly accepts that she does what she wants because he realized that she knows more about it then he could ever hope.
☆Danny Phantom? She helped him beat Dan by showing him all the universes where he never becomes Dan, where he never loses himself to grief. She tells him that no universe is set in stone, each universe can twist and turn but in the end every person is in control of their life. She also beats up some observers later.

I just want everyone to know, respect and be in awe of America Chavez.
P.S I would love anyone who wants to add or talk with me about this

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Don't know if you're still doing these, but worth a shot. I wish you would write a fic where Soul Society finds out about how Isshin treats Ichigo. Maybe Unohana sees some bruises that look strange because she knows he wasn't hit there in battle. Or Urahara hears some pretty strange stories about Isshin attacking his son from neighbours. Or Rukia sees Isshin try a surprise attack and NO ONE treats her best friend like that. Basically I want someone to defend Ichigo and why not the shinigami.

(Please don’t send me anymore. I still have a few to get through but I’m not taking more than that.)

You people really love to bash Isshin. Even I’m almost feeling a little bad for him. Almost. But okay, Isshin is still technically under Shinigami jurisdiction and Shiba Clan Head jurisdiction so he would either have to run or find himself under arrest/punished if they find out. Kuukaku would eviscerate him. But maybe Rukia’s the one who finds out first. Urahara’s stayed out of Kurosaki business as per the request of Isshin. Isshin said he wanted his children to have a normal childhood, and Urahara doesn’t think this is the best idea but he agrees because Isshin is the father after all.

First night Rukia stays, she’s woken up at dawn by a crash and almost kicks the closet door down in her haste to see what’s happening and try to help even if she doesn’t have her powers anymore.

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Just Promise Me This (Steve x reader) (Part 3)

Part one

Part two

Heavily requested, I got some inspiration and managed to work another request into it. I just kind changed it up a little. Hope you don’t mind, lil anon.

request: Hey :) would you do an imagine with Steve where you’re dating but then you get pretty hurt during a mission and need to lay in the hospital for a few weeks. Then back at home you need to learn walking again and Steve is there all the time helping you and encouraging you when something doesn’t work. Also he then always gives you a kiss when you have a success during your practising :) I hope you’re okay with that <3

warnings: mentions of blood and death

word count: 1894

The whole world felt numb to Steve Rogers. The pain he felt was unlike any other. He was exhausted and he hurt to the core. You were gone and there was nothing he could do. In the end, he lost the one he cared for, again. His heart ached, as did all of the others. No one spoke in shock of the scene. No one had the courage to say a word.  Never in their life could they forget the amount of blood that stained the floor when they ran in the room to find your unconscious body in the middle of it. They will never not regret bursting in just a minute too late from rescuing you. They were all very traumatized, to say the least. Each found their way to cope with the tragedy as they all huddled into the jet. With Clint in the pilot’s chair, he was silent as he guided the rest of the team back to safety to the tower. His jaw locked as he gritted his teeth tightly, refusing to cower into a sob. Steve retreated into the back of the jet, slowly sitting himself down onto one of the benches in the back as he let out a shaky sigh. He could barely see throughout his clouded vision as tears pooled up in his eyes, not wanting to believe any of this. Yet everything was real. He couldn’t bear to tear his eyes away from your body, in fear he’d miss a catch of your breath, but your tattered, bloodied body laid peacefully on the couch as not a single breath escaped your lungs. You were gone.

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If you ever loved me, say it like you're going to come back.

Doctor & River Apreacion Day. April 19th - The Saddest Moment

If there is one thing that Moffat can truly claim his legacy, it’s timey-wimey love stories which show the value of time, and love and how cruel the fates can be when given the chance. And they are. As long as love has a beginning and an end there can’t be a happy ever after.

When the Doctor meets River for the first time in the Library, he has no idea that it’s the last adventure she’d have with him. And the first time she meets him, she is bound to kill the love of her life. No wonder they hate goodbyes and if fate had her way, they’d never be able to say theirs. Of course, it’s not like them to  obey the rules of time and space, so the two people who hate endings like no one else, do find a way to say farewell.

River: It’s hard to leave when you haven’t said goodbye.
The Doctor: Then tell me, because I don’t know - how do I say it?
River: There’s only one way I’d accept. If you ever loved me, say it like you’re going to come back.

However, instead of using the only time they’d have to give their story a proper ending, they don’t and she asks him to make a promise instead. One he doesn’t know how to keep, but he makes it nonetheless. To her. Because it doesn’t matter. He is the hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of impossible dreams and if she wants to believe they’ll meet again, no matter the odds, then he wants to give her a reason to do so.

They know their story is meant to be endless, they are meant to travel the stars for all eternity and have rendezvous at all the ends of the universe. At every single one of them. He knows and she knows they can’t go on. Even after the last chapter, the last paragraph, sentence, word and letter of their story is said and written and staring back at them, they simply refuse to close the book and acknowledge the full stop at the end of the page.